MMORPG Previews and New MMORPGs

Want to learn more about new MMORPGs coming out in the future? Take a look at each game's screenshot and see which features catch your eye. will also comment on each future MMORPG to give you an even better idea what to expect. You can also comment on the games yourself. 

Top 5 Upcoming MMORPGs to Watch

  1. TERA
  2. Star Wars: The Old Republic
  3. Guild Wars 2
  4. Warhammer 40k: Dark Millennium
  5. Stellar Dawn

MMORPG Previews

A Mystical Land First Impressions
"Imagine that you’ve been wandering the World Wide Web for hours and you stumble upon a Renaissance Festival in your browser. Knights in shining armor, gleeful and gamboling flute music with lutes, grassy fields, cartoon medieval villagers beset by all manner of wolves and boars…"

Picaroon First Impressions
"If you imagine that, you’re a step closer to understanding Picaroon, a tactical-combat and resource management MMORTS.Actually, it’s a lot like Farmville injected with steroids sold by Sid Meyer’s Pirates."

Realm of the Titans First Impressions
"Games like this are essentially entirely arena match-up games fought for control of a map. The player controls a hero character (a Titan) who assists screening units as they advance from spawn points across the line of scrimmage and attempt to take enemy territory."

Grand Epic Online First Impressions
"There’s a particular nostalgia connected to 2D sprite isometric games that suits itself well to browser-based MMOs."

Black Prophecy First Impressions
"Up next to fill up the cold, dead vacuum of space fighter simulation MMOs is Black Prophecy and a beautiful vacuum filler it is indeed. Developed by Reakktor Media and published by Gamigo Games, this game looks like it could be contending for the an amazing space fighter simulation, with a strong graphics engine, an okay ship control system, and a spellbinding science fiction narrative."

Wakfu First Impressions
"It presents persistent worlds where the character’s decisions can affect the ecology of areas, social dynamics that include citizenship of various towns and regions."

Pockie Ninja First Impressions
"Fans of animé have a new stopping point on the web if they’d like to live vicariously through their favorite characters from Bleach and Naruto with the newly minted browser-based free-to-play MMO, Pockie Ninja."

Spiral Knights First Impressions
"This game looks like it will prove to be an extremely solid offering into the free-to-play MMO market. Three Rings happens to be the developer of Puzzle Pirates, a puzzle-based MMO I thoroughly enjoyed during the time that I played it."

Faxion Online First Impressions
"The game presents a vision of the afterlife styled after Western contemporary mythology of Heaven and Hell with all the trappings: the heavenly realms are replete with nacreous clouds and ivory architecture, whereas the hellish lands set themselves with volcanic skies and jagged black masonry."

World of the Living Dead First Impressions
"You play a group of survivors who belong to the grimly acronymed NECRA (National Emergency Control and Relief Agency) who survived the undead holocaust in save houses tucked around Los Angeles County."

Top 5 Online Games to Watch

  1. Diablo 3
  2. Call of Duty: Black Ops
  3. Huxley
  4. Get Amped 2
  5. Cosmic Break

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