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Aeronauts happens in the sky. Players has to control an aircraft and shoot down the enemies. Background of the game is important because it determines the mobility which again determines the characteristic of Aeronauts. Let’s imagine that you just slammed the brake and made a u-turn to shoot down an adversary that has been following you. More complicated key-control is required compared to games that hunt a monster by simply clicking a back button. You could never imagine how excited you would be when you have succeeded doing it. This is the excitement that Aeronauts brings.

Total Rating: 5.00
Reviews: 2

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Review Archive

Post Date: 03:53 17-12-2009
Rating: 0
Author: Vermatrix
Comment: This was a decent game but the game's no longer avalable. It went bust and closed down a long time ago, probably due to a lack of players. I'm surprised the review for it is even still on here.

Post Date: 05:00 12-12-2009
Rating: 10
Author: W911
Comment: AWESOME!!!

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