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Akanbar is a fantastical realm who's creators are both experienced in both playing and creating MUDs. This promises to be the best of the best. Still in early beta testing stages, this world just begs you to come in and see for yourself how immersive Role Playing can be.

Total Rating: 4.46
Reviews: 26

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Review Archive

Post Date: 06:46 30-04-2014
Rating: 6
Author: Frozen
Comment: I pledey this game when i was little :D

Post Date: 21:54 25-02-2011
Rating: 3
Author: Adrian
Comment: The idea was nice...but...this game, it just sucks. Terrible graphics, gameplay wasn't all that great. Game could be improved on.

Post Date: 13:53 25-02-2011
Rating: 2
Author: sasuke24
Comment: This is a fine game. The gameplay is good. But the game really has a horrible graphics........

Post Date: 03:48 10-01-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Badratings
Comment: HORRIBLE!!! graphics= 0 there are none! gameplay = 0 Just typing in random junk. Overall = 0.
Hmm... it was a hard choice but in the end i"d rather die then play this horrible peice of junk.
It is such junk i thought it was a joke when i played it. If there is an opposite of good game. this is it. Rating= 0/10

Post Date: 19:33 23-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: moooo566
Comment: eeeeeeeeeer..... How can i say this? a complete load of you-kow-what. why bother. i dunno. i take a prettty dim view of most text based games. why spend hours typing in commands that dont work into a game you dont understand, and then die when you kick a rat.

Post Date: 05:17 25-05-2006
Rating: 0
Author: fire_of_satan
Comment: my god why even bother downloading this junk!

Post Date: 13:51 05-01-2006
Rating: 5
Author: Lord Akkarin
Comment: none

Post Date: 22:48 29-12-2005
Rating: 10
Author: gangsta876
Comment: none

Post Date: 21:09 28-12-2005
Rating: 0
Author: sydney
Comment: this is junk, not a game

Post Date: 05:14 23-11-2005
Rating: 0
Author: wuheros
Comment: hahahaha... this is a game?

Post Date: 00:36 16-11-2005
Rating: 1
Author: Kila Renalia
Comment: Huge bore.

Post Date: 21:22 07-11-2005
Rating: 10
Author: hazziriz
Comment: none

Post Date: 19:09 24-10-2005
Rating: 0
Author: info
Comment: its SO boring.oh oh its so boring why am i reviewing this junk

Post Date: 08:14 14-10-2005
Rating: 5
Author: lochas4
Comment: none

Post Date: 09:24 13-09-2005
Rating: 8
Author: frizbiz1
Comment: look lke its going to be good

Post Date: 11:42 07-09-2005
Rating: 5
Author: Aria
Comment: none

Post Date: 00:23 25-01-2005
Rating: 1
Author: qnecromancer
Comment: none

Post Date: 10:43 19-01-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Ralmandor
Comment: sure, the game does have its bugs, but all beta games have bugs. The game and its players are cared for by its creators and with a growning player base its and it shows alot of potential.

Post Date: 10:38 19-01-2005
Rating: 8
Author: Malos
Comment: Even though it is still small, the creators are active and diligent in making Akanbar great. They consider player input, and encourage suggestions. The player base is growing in quantity and quality. Very cool

Post Date: 16:51 09-01-2005
Rating: 9
Author: uly
Comment: fun fun, much fun, i been playing for a while now and dont want to leave. must dash, i am currently burning to death whilst waiting on my brain to explode.

Post Date: 20:15 02-01-2005
Rating: 8
Author: Nydarvien
Comment: none

Post Date: 21:21 10-11-2004
Rating: 5
Author: Ganve
Comment: none

Post Date: 22:44 04-10-2004
Rating: 4
Author: Mr. Peel
Comment: Not good at all.

Post Date: 11:45 04-10-2004
Rating: 0
Author: spunkdood
Comment: none

Post Date: 08:14 04-10-2004
Rating: 6
Author: jubei
Comment: I like the potential of this game but its too buggy so far to be a 10 already.

Post Date: 03:48 03-10-2004
Rating: 10
Author: risikia
Comment: none

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