Alliance of Valiant Arms

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Alliance of Valiant Arms is a new FPS developed by REDDUCK. ijji has acquired AVA for North American and European audiences. Featuring great, realistic graphics thanks to the Unreal 3 Engine, a Radio Chat system, customizable weapons, character classes, and unique game modes. There is the usual Annihilation (Team Death match), Demolition (Terrorist vs Counter-Terrorist), and unique ones like Convoy, Escort, and Survival (like L4D) and Prison Break (Like a story mission in Cod4). This free FPS has it all!

Total Rating: 9.00
Reviews: 4

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Review Archive

Post Date: 04:20 18-06-2010
Rating: 10
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: You can see why I like AVA more in my vote for CF. It's a REALLY lengthy passage. I'll also mention anything here that I forgot to mention in the other.

Firstly, AVA doesn't have as many hackers as Crossfire. Secondly, AVA has more diverse weapons, for example, the SV-98 (which is the sniper I'm currently using, because I liked using it to begin with), which I almost never see appear in other FPSs.
Thirdly, AVA actually puts a twist on some 'classic' game modes, and makes some new game modes that you don't see in other F2P FPSs. And they're all fun in different ways! The classic Death Match mode implements a 'dog tag' system where if someone dies, they drop a dog tag which you can pick up. Pick up three without dying and you'll score a point for you and your team! This is interesting, because these three dog tags can come from both fallen allies and enemies, so worst case scenario, they could have come from allies that your enemies killed, so your team's loss won't be as bad. Escort mode is another mode, where one team has to escort a tank to a target point, and the other team has to stop your tank by firing on it with rocket launchers (these are housed in containers in specific locations on the maps). You can go on the tank and use the machine gun emplacement on it, but it comes at a risk because then you're a wide open target to snipers. Also, the tank must have an ally near it to move, but this means the enemy will KNOW that there is someone close to the tank, possibly not looking in the right direction... AVA has a lot of things, and every single game involves a LOT of skill, but it also involves a fair amount of tactics as well. Crossfire rarely ever gets so tactical...

I can't think of any more right now, but I'll quickly summarise what I put in the other vote/review. AVA has better graphics, better gameplay, better choice of weapons, more tactics, better maps, more maps, and even a co-op mode. In comparison, the only trump card Crossfire has is Ghost Mode.

Post Date: 01:52 02-04-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Regret
Comment: Alliance of Valiant Arms is probably one of the best free FPS games out there today. They are several game modes that are really fun. From escorting your tank, to planting the C4, or maybe even simple elimination. One game mode that really sticks out is Prison Break. You can team up with 3 other players and fight your way through fugitives to break out. This game probably has one the most unique game modes. The community, as far as now, is pretty nice but is starting to acquire a bad taste if you know what I mean. The guns could have a wider selection because at the moment, there isn't really a wide variety of guns like other games but it is bearable. As far as gameplay and smoothness goes, this game gets my vote for best.

Post Date: 14:32 22-12-2009
Rating: 7
Author: blackvaultz
Comment: point man ftw i love this game not as cool head shots as operation 7 but it has a fun style to it

Post Date: 20:25 14-12-2009
Rating: 10
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: I have to say, this is the best free FPS right now. It is from ijji, who also made Soldier Front, but so far, ijji acquired a HECK of a FPS!

Here's my review:

Gameplay: 10/10
Solid FPS gameplay, there's three classes, Pointman, Rifleman, and Sniper. And personally, that is a very good system. Pointman uses SMGs, and currently uses the only shotgun (I think) in the game (and it's a great shotgun at that), and they can run the fastest, and are meant to sabotage the enemy's backlines and engage in close-range shooting. However, they could do a lot of damage on the frontlines as well, as long as they are up close, if they have their shotgun! Riflemen are classic soldiers, they have the assault rifles in this game, and are the backbone of a team. They protect the snipers, and are always at the frontlines, killing people. I'm currently playing as the Sniper, because I love sniping people, Snipers have the Sniper Rifles in this game (duh!), and are very deadly from long range, as the starting sniper is already an almost 1-hit kill gun, and most of other snipers are 2-hit kills (except for headshots). I also like how you can change class for the next respawn, which is much like Modern Warfare.
The game modes are great as well, plus there a few really unique game modes. Annihilation is classic TDM, Demolition is Counterstr- I MEAN Plant the C4, the other team have to disable it, and Free For All is everyone VS everyone (Basically, shoot anything that's moving, everyone is against you!!!!). Then you have the cool ones. Escort is one team escorting a tank to a certain point, while the other tries to delay it, then you swap sides. The tank is damaged by two shots of RPG (which can be taken from lockers), while you can go into the tank if it's operational (you have to repair it when it's damaged) and use its minigun. In Convoy, you have to pick up an object and transport it to a designated area. I'm assuming you then swap sides and the fastest time wins. Survival is like Left 4 Dead, you will have waves and waves of zombies come and try to kill you and your teammates, and you have to survive for as long as you can, picking up ammo and health by killing zombies, which drop them (don't ask how). Prison Break is like a mission, you are trapped in the Prison by zombies, and you have to break out, killing zombies that get in your way, and unlocking doors to allow your freedom to the waiting helicopter outside. Survival and Prison Break is co-op against the AI, which is very unique for free FPSs.

Graphics: 10/10
Best out there for current free FPSs, in fact, probably rivalling several commercial FPSs as well. I think AVA would be almost reaching even Modern Warfare in the graphics department. They use the Unreal 3 Engine, which means very good, dynamic graphics. I won't comment much since I'm no expert on graphics, but all I know is, this game's graphics beat even America's Army! By the way, here's a tip, if you're in a dark area, then people in the lighter area cannot see you unless they come into the dark area. This means it's possible to be INVISIBLE!!! MUHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry.

Weapons: 9/10
GREAT! There aren't even that many weapons in the game currently, but there's a BRILLIANT selection at the moment. In the Pointman Department, you have plenty of great SMGs each with their own individual strengths (some are more accurate, others are more stable, and others have huge magazines), and the shotgun, Remington 870 for close-range one shot kills (technically, many shots, but whatever, I'm counting each round as one shot). For Riflemen, there are only assault rifles, but each one has its strengths as well (AK-47 has high bullet power for an assault rifle, and good accuracy for its first shot, but is very unstable and must be shot in bursts, the M16 is accurate, fairly powerful, and has good stability, the M4 has a very high rate of fire for assault rifles, but still has pretty good stability and good accuracy). For Snipers, there are only snipers on offer, but each has its own strengths as well (The SV-98 is ALMOST one-shot kill, is one-shot kill in the chest most of the time, while also being very mobile for a sniper, scoping pretty quickly, and VERY accurate. The TPG-1 IS one shot kill, I think anywhere on the body, highly accurate, with a VERY long range, even for a sniper, but is heavy, so limits movement, and scopes slower, and has a smaller magazine. Then there are a few semi-automatic snipers, and the M24, which is the weakest sniper, two-shot kill unless its at the head, but is also the most mobile of them all.) And I haven't even mentioned the side-arms and explosives, or weapons you can pick-up on the battlefield only.
The weapons in this game are all very nice looking as well, and each one can be customized with scopes, barrels, grips etc.

Community: 8.5/10
AVA has a pretty friendly community so far, and I haven't seen a single hacker. However, the community is quite small right now. All of this could change as more people join AVA however, it could turn into a hacker-fest (unless ijji does something about it), with unfriendly players, and lots of them. For now though, the community is pretty good.

Conclusion: 10/10
AVA is the best free FPS out there currently in my opinion, and there are still many ways it could improve, meaning it could stay best free FPS for a long time. The only bad thing about it is that ijji is in charge of it, and ijji has a bad history with FPSs (Soldier Front), and hackers could easily ruin this game. Here's one player hoping that doesn't happen, because this is a great game and it would be a shame if that is ruined. Anyway, enough speculating, I give this game a 10/10 for being a near perfect FPS experience (for me).

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