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Japan's most popular online card game, filled with interactive and very strategic battles, this game consists of a complex dueling system, but once mastered, it is an entertaining challenge to duel against players all over the world. For those who are sick of Yugi-Oh, and want a new challenge, Alteil may be just the thing you have been looking for!

Total Rating: 10.00
Reviews: 2

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Review Archive

Post Date: 04:04 02-05-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Marco91
Comment: I agree with ShimoriGagoua, this is an amazing card game, one of the best i have ever played.
If you like this kind of games you should give it a try.
You wont be disappointed.

Post Date: 05:43 05-06-2009
Rating: 10
Author: ShimoriGagoua
Comment: as the person who recommended this game be added to the archives, i believe i should give the first rating/ review. first off, this is an amazing game, once you play it and get the hang of the dueling system it is very very addicting. not only is it addicting it has the capacity to keep you entertained for hours! like a good game should mind you. i enjoy the deck building system of having to balance powerful units and life card abilities, play the game to get what im talking about, all in all, this is a great game, and i think im gonna go play, also, if any of you ever duel someone with the same name as on this site, its me. anywho! enjoy!!

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