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Strategic turn-based MMORPG where you need to unlock the secrets of Atlantis to save the world.

Total Rating: 8.60
Reviews: 20

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Review Archive

Post Date: 21:25 31-05-2010
Rating: 7
Author: 506dude
Comment: i have played over 18 online games and this is ok. First off it is free so that is good. But it is turned based like wizard101. If you read my review on wizard101 i gave it a 9 cause it is the best. But this is not as good turn based. the enviroments to me feel really weird. leveling up is aslo kind of weird. it is a good game but not for long.

Post Date: 06:38 16-05-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Regret
Comment: This game is awesome, period. I played for months but then eventually got bored. The crafting though, took way too long. It could take hours depending on what you made. The combat system was fun though. I found that later on, if you didn't have good equips, you were pretty much screwed because the monsters got hard, really hard. I got to the point in the game where I just couldn't pass a boss so I just quit. The PvP is also fun but once again, hard. You would sometimes go against players wayy higher leveled than you. For example, I was like level 50 and went against a level 100. Atlantica is definitely a game you want to try because it won't disappoint.

Post Date: 23:39 05-02-2010
Rating: 10
Author: kzat
Comment: Atlantica Online feels like an oldschool thrill to me. I love the turn-based combat. Every game has grinding.

Post Date: 15:02 23-11-2009
Rating: 6
Author: bushwhacker2k
Comment: Atlantica makes me sad, it takes one of my favorite combat systems and makes it boring.

This game had potential, but for some reason, people who make Korean MMOs don't seem to understand that copying other games is bad. The quests are stupid and it's really just a grindfest. I enjoyed it for an hour and quit before level 10.

Post Date: 07:53 05-05-2009
Rating: 5
Author: Indispensable
Comment: The quests first of all are terrible.
Now that thats out of the way, the pvp and pve is great in the begining I would say. Overtime when there are about 27 enemies to fight, it becomes a hassle to spend all that time. This game however has pretty quick leveling with the grind aspect only secretly popping in. However in the end the storyline made me disappointed and the lack of customization is a killer.
In the end, the thrill of the game ended up feeling like chess 2.0.
This game is not that bad but not that amazingly good.

Post Date: 13:40 03-04-2009
Rating: 9
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: This game has good graphics, good gameplay, though as usual, it wasn't special, apart from the turned-based system, which is very unique, as no other MMORPG has a turn-based system like it, i don't like turn-based games in this style (final fantasy style) much anyway. I recommend you try it if you want to play a good free turn-based game, as it is very good in that aspect.

Post Date: 22:57 27-03-2009
Rating: 4
Comment: I-hate-this-games-interface, its horrible! Well, nice with some new thinking at least... But overall it isnt much difference from 90% of all other mmos out there + The quest storys are horrible 2, and the npcs voices sounds lame. I gets 4 from me

Post Date: 09:45 27-03-2009
Rating: 6
Author: goru
Comment: this game is definitely one of my favorite f2p rpgs and heres my rating

crafting 0/10: crafting is one of the main things i look for in a game and frankly this game fails hardcore at it...

fishing 5/10:

quests vs grinding: this game does not have alot of grinding instead they pretty much hold your hand with what is called main story quests... and to make things better theres almost always a side quest that has you do something similar to the main story quests but from a different person

omg wtfness 10/10: theres a lot of things you will hate about this game
-one being they throw the cash shop in your face(from lvl 1-30 they give you stuff only obtainable from the cash shop from quests then when you pass those quests they stop giving you those items making the game feel slower and unattractable)
-two being the main storyline bosses are SOLO no one can help you if your not good at strategy
-three after 95 the levels get incredibly long(you go from getting 2-5 lvls a day to only getting 1 lvl a week =( )
-four being the whole mercenary recruiting thing... when you want to create a new build and dont have mercenaries from before(lets say your a lvl 90 and fire your spear) if you were going to replace that spear with lets say a viking that viking will start at lvl 1**** with no upgrades itll probally die all the time and not get exp except from quests making it very very annoying when you change your build

guilds 10/10: guilds play a very very important part of this game being in a guild just doesnt mean you have more ppl on your friends list a guild is needed for certain dungeons(shrine of snakes, marksburg), quests (dark archer upgrade), to get a town, to run nation dungeons, a good source of income, etc etc

pvp 0/10 the pvp in this game is turning into crap basically all those noobs out there try to copy the leading builds such as all melle before it got nerfed, aoe dot, dual monk, other builds giving this game a lack of creativity(ppl even laugh at you if you dont have a monk)

original game? or just a clone 5/10: this game is in the middle of being original and being a clone.. by doing the quests youll easily recognize the story... for instance one of the storyline quests involve dracula lol however they do try to add their own touches

cash shop = god? 0/10: the cash shop in this game wont make you a godly play simply by buying from it... maybe a rich player... but not a godly one.. since the cash shop only offers convenience and not power.

end game content 0/10: from a lvl 112 this game lacks endgame content there are a lot of non storyline dungeons for ppl over 100 but after 2/3 times of doing them they get old especially after you finish all the quests in the game lol

overall this game gets a 6

Post Date: 00:05 12-03-2009
Rating: 10
Author: jmlyan
Comment: great game i like the turn based strategy

Post Date: 23:53 19-02-2009
Rating: 9
Author: terror923
Comment: This game has gotta be one of my favorites...
although this game has many flaws theres alot of good features about it

First of all, Atlantica Online brings back an old school type of combat system which is turn based. In a sense, this system is like Final Fantasy"s combat.

Second of all, it has enough areas for you to get from level 1 to over 100 without needing to farm on the side.

Also, the PvP in this game is good. Players can fight in wars against each other and can compete in the free league or championships that happen quite frequently. In addition, players can challenge those pesky GMs that don"t answer your questions with real responses on weekends =).

finally having a guild in this game MEANS SOMETHING finally a game that focuses on the guilds =D basically if you dont get a good guild in this game you wont be doing any of the real dungeons except maybe individuals

the market has gotta be this games best feature i wouldnt know what to do with my inventory if it wasnt there the market is basically in all towns that have the right building(most do)
now that you heard the good things about this game there are also a few bad ones

-crafting: crafting was a big turn off for this game(although im always crafting) you will rarely have the materials on hand at any time to craft something(infact you would but you commonly sell them before you even want to craft)and after you get those materials you have to either auto-craft(max auto craft gives 2000 crafting per tick) or battle for crafting points (doesnt sound bad but some loads come as low as 2000 per item up to 200000 per item, with only 1-100k crafting contribution per fight; depending on level and how much mobs you are fighting)
-cash shop = god?: no it doesnt in this game everything you can get on the cash shop IS tradeable in game however most of those prices are really inflated (one fact of this game all mounts are aquired by the cash shop =( you can however buy them from other players) overall the cash shop wont provide any HUGE advantages but can make your gameplay, but a buyer would have more things
-limited storage: god the worst feature of this game is your inventory you basically get 9 characters(including main at 50+) each of those characters gets 10 slots which is 90 slots total ;D however thats the only spaces you get for storage unless your guild owns a town, or you feel like going to rome and using the warehouse(rome is about the only place you can store items without a town with a warehouse)
-stupid noobs: omg!!! i lied the storage wasnt the main problem its all the noobs lol they sell their items for under 10 gold (all merchants buy ANY item except gold coin bundles and pvp coins for 10 gold so pretty much your giving others money if you do this)
-boss fights: ever play WoW and go into a dungeon having a group of people(5-40) fight a boss... ever suck at games... if you answer yes to any of these your gonna be let down =( bosses in this game are SOLO except certain bosses (individual dungeons guild dungeons nation dungeons and shadow dungeon bosses)so if your really bad at gaming the hellish fairy will pretty much make you wanna quit. to make things worse most bosses have some sort of AoE attack(hitting your whole group at once) that can easily kill anyone in your group lower than 75% health

Post Date: 20:23 16-02-2009
Rating: 10
Author: buzzsaw
Comment: Great game where strategy actually matters! Not everybody is crazy about the turn based sytem but who cares? We need more different games like Atlantica Online.

Post Date: 03:55 24-01-2009
Rating: 8
Author: blackvaultz
Comment: its a great game and all but cities dont look that good but fighting gets repetitive

Post Date: 22:39 21-01-2009
Rating: 10
Author: nerdboyxxx
Comment: this game looks very impressive, cant wait to see more of it in the future :) Ive been looking forward t a solid, strategic-based mmorpg like this one for a very long time, and I found it w00t to me lol.

Post Date: 08:23 20-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Skizzik
Comment: this game is amazing, the turn based aspect makes it very different from other MMO's. there are always quests to do so gameplay doesnt get boring, crafting is fun and easy to do, and the economy in the game is very strong. i am very addicted to this game now! i love it!

Post Date: 07:14 25-11-2008
Rating: 10
Author: My2Teeth
Comment: This an utterly awesome game! If I had 5 thumbs I would give them all to this game. The graphics, PvP, gameplay is definitely unique and very entertaining however, some people may find the turn-based battle system, but regardless this game is definitely addicting and great fun.

Post Date: 13:57 02-11-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Tamitra
Comment: Great gameplay. Finally a strategy MMO that is fun to play. Every games needs mercs that level with your character so you dont have to be alone if you cant find a group. Definitely a must try.

Post Date: 04:45 19-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: KunehoMan
Comment: two thumbs up!! a very exciting mmorpg with its challenging quests and storyline. i loved the gameplay, turn based platform and controllable mercenaries.. its a mmorpg with micro.. also to add, the graphics, almost made my tears fall. rate is full scale up!!

Post Date: 04:14 19-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: frenchmilkmaid
Comment: this game is just stunning!! very good graphics and gameplay.. this is what mmorpg is about.. there is a lot of interaction among players needed which makes it very interesting.. you are also able to control other characters called mercs, and also towns when you upgrade to higher level.. lots of interesting things to do, definitely worth checking out!! I'd give it a perfect 10!

Post Date: 03:20 19-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: twyxted
Comment: Before CB round 2 was launched, I saw about the beta key give-away of this game. At that time Im looking for a different type of mmorpg because i was so sick and tired on the concepts of all of the mmorpg's spreading in the online gaming community. I gave it a try although Im not a fan of turn based type mmorpg and I was very amazed on the concept of this game and the graphics were really good. If you are a fanatic of Final Fantasy, you gotta try this out because it has a vibe of it.

Post Date: 01:04 02-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: jocksteeluk
Comment: Currently playing the CB round 3 and I can honestly say this will be a very very popular game when it becomes fully released, defiantly 10/10!

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