Avalon: The Legend Lives

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Welcome to Avalon, the most detailed, original and immersive online RPG on the internet. In existence for almost two decades, it is also one of the oldest RPGs. It has evolved consistently over this time, boasting the highest standards; as an online RPG, it's unparalleled in its creativity and diversity. Only by your own merits can you rise above the rest and only the best ascend to the stars, becoming one of the all-powerful immortals. Are you ready to make history in this breathtaking world of legendary Avalonians and Gods? This MUD requires a monthly fee.

Total Rating: 8.67
Reviews: 6

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Review Archive

Post Date: 13:25 08-04-2015
Rating: 10
Author: Salvadorbard
Comment: I started playing Avalon (www.avalon-rpg.com) in 2007; clueless and unsure what to expect. Eight years later I'm still playing and still as hooked as ever. The world itself is alive -- a living, breathing environment with its own characteristic and of course --characters.

Going free to play has made a HUGE difference lately and the
period of development the game is undergoing is very exciting.

The biggest draws for me are the combat and warfare systems. Combat is purely based on player skill - there's no question of gear or levels really and this makes things a lot more equal. Anyone can be the best fighter if they're good enough and the system is amazing.

Thousands of skills and abilities, afflictions and effects that often have undocumented components for the inquisitive and intelligent players to discover - ensuring that Avalon combat is CHALLENGING.

Warfare is equally as challenging. Raise armies. Besiege cities. Conquer territory. All while using carrier pigeons and runners to send dispatches to your legions using trenches, tunnels, siegetowers, landmines, water transports, barricades and infinite military strategies that can culminate in the successful conquerer wiping parts of the land from the map.

Avalon's history is decided by the players and the game is without doubt the most immersive and challenging gaming experience I've ever seen.

Post Date: 00:25 08-04-2015
Rating: 10
Author: aryianna
Comment: This month marks 19 years of my having played Avalon. I never get bored as the creators are always adding new content keeping you coming back for more. Do you enjoy PVP? Rising ranks in your guild or city? Legion warfare or commodity collecting? Those are just a taste of what Avalon has to offer!

Post Date: 14:21 06-10-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Belgarath
Comment: Avalon just recently became free to play. It has to be one of the most thorough and entertaining RPG MUDs in existence. From the moment I first logged on in I have experienced challenges of unending varieties. Wars waged between bretheren, guild and city. The Gods listen to players feedback and add new interesting challenges for all mortals. 5 years in and I have yet to explore everything this realm has to offer. With a background combining Tolkien, Arturian and Lewis Legends along with geninuely unique and very in-depth history, Avalon weaves a tale of mysticism and keeps the players both entertained and wanting more. I am a true Avalon Addict. Bravo and congratulations on 25 years. May you never change.

Post Date: 21:45 20-03-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Lord13500
Comment: This game is the best :))

Post Date: 02:44 25-02-2009
Rating: 7
Author: TheNotze123
Comment: i loved this game every moment i played it because unlike the other muds ive played it wasnt too hard to learn at first which i liked. yet, i hit a wall when i found out you cant play free forever... and at the time i didnt know how much it actually was since.. its in pounds not american dollars but its what ev great game if you can stick with it

Post Date: 07:33 30-03-2008
Rating: 7
Author: boston_celtics
Comment: I played it for the time it was free, and it is probably the best MUD out there.

The scale is massive. Guild and city wars, ordinations of Gods and all that make it seem like a real world. Easy navigation system too, no pointless wandering for 2 hours finding one city, and nice skill system.

But I wouldn't pay five pounds for any MUD, no matter how great, when I can use that money for City of Heroes.


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