Awakened Lands

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Awakened Lands is a browser-based text-game based in a criminal cyberpunk reality. Fight other players, join gangs, and commit crimes.

Total Rating: 5.40
Reviews: 5

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Review Archive

Post Date: 09:20 31-03-2015
Rating: 4
Author: Sle91
Comment: I really don't like text based games at all. I did try this one. Didn't know it was a text based game. For some1 who enjoys playing this kind of games it ain't bad, but I didn't like it personally. I rate it 4/10. :)

Post Date: 14:10 19-01-2012
Rating: 6
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Solid game. Not the best or worst. It wan fun in the beginning but got boring..

Post Date: 02:29 06-11-2011
Rating: 10
Author: myname
Comment: Very good game we have a new admin and coder named cipher now here is my link play this game

Post Date: 01:48 20-02-2011
Rating: 5
Author: EcLuD
Comment: Well .. I do not really like browser games, although I must admit that the story behind this game .. the modern era, gangs etc etc, like me, but not enough to play for a long time, I was bored with the game the browser, so I put 5 / 10 because to play it properly, they should donate.

Post Date: 03:28 30-12-2009
Rating: 2
Author: hrong98
Comment: Awakened Lands is not so fun if you are a combat realist. It is difficult to play unless you donate to the game.

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