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BattleKnight is a free online browser game. Become a paladin in shining armor or a dark robber knight accepting no laws. Only you can choose your fate.

Total Rating: 4.91
Reviews: 11

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Review Archive

Post Date: 14:49 03-04-2015
Rating: 2
Author: Sle91
Comment: The game was really boring for me at least. U create your own knight and customize it as u prefer. I didn't enjoy the game and rate it 2/10. :/

Post Date: 13:00 24-08-2014
Rating: 5
Author: FrendlyLeBlanc
Comment: This game is nothing special for me... Not so much good and not to much bad but its bad... Graphic is bad and gameplay too :/

Post Date: 21:01 03-01-2013
Rating: 5
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: This game was not what i thought it was i thought it was a first person game not a upper view game i still had some fun but i stopped playing it after while because it got boring

Post Date: 19:24 13-12-2012
Rating: 6
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: This game can be easly named as "Knight simulator" :D This game was made by Ogame producers the Gameforge from Germany:) Our hero can become a real knight after trainings. But for this trainings we must pay :) And to pay for them we must earn that money. To earn we have not to much choices. We can work hard for that monay or steel them :) But in first steps of play I would consider earning becouse we can easly be killed by more expirienced players ;) game have not too good graphics for our times but its good production for me. I rate this game 6/10.

Post Date: 23:10 25-09-2012
Rating: 8
Author: Dmt_2000
Comment: This is an okay game if you like browser games which are good sometimes because u don't need to download it u just type it in and play simple as that

Post Date: 13:04 25-09-2012
Rating: 5
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: This was an okay game. It's a browser game which is very good, since it doesn't require any download. It's free to play too. It gets a bit boring though since it kind of lack action. The graphics (pictures) are average I guess. Some of them look good but some other look really bad. So it's average. I don't recommend this game since there are many other games you can try instead.

Post Date: 19:26 24-09-2012
Rating: 6
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Nice game. Simple without seeing that shining armor on your hero. 6/10

Post Date: 23:35 19-03-2011
Rating: 0
Author: HireCaliber
Comment: I have played the new version, Server 8 for about 2 months now. Not exactly the most exciting game, it is at least challenging. Or so I thought. The game breaks the players into "orders" which can play against eachother. The thingis after awhile, you find out the top team players, ergo top players, actually work for the game itself, often game moderators. They constantly attack & taunt you to improve yourself faster in order to beat them. The only way of course to keep up with them is to spend money. I donr mind playing against real players, but playing against company players that can moniter everything you do, just sucks & is unethical.

Post Date: 05:44 21-02-2011
Rating: 7
Author: EcLuD
Comment: Well, to be a game the browser (most do not like) is very interesting history, images, the idea of choosing between a warrior or a thief is great. 7 / 10

Post Date: 23:50 15-01-2010
Rating: 0
Author: ice grim reaper
Comment: This game sucks that it doesn't deserve to be a game.Because you can't see your character moving!!!

Post Date: 08:28 06-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: hman
Comment: loving it

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