Dark Throne

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Total Rating: 5.70
Reviews: 20

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Review Archive

Post Date: 17:46 02-07-2015
Rating: 5
Author: LosmiK
Comment: Something I do not like this game, I do not know why.

Post Date: 23:16 06-10-2012
Rating: 2
Author: Dmt_2000
Comment: This game is ok could be better the games graphics are pretty crappy the games art style is cool the game play style i like ed

Post Date: 12:11 06-10-2012
Rating: 2
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: This game isn't really that fun. To be honest, it's kind of boring. The only positive thing I can mention about this game is Free to play. Can't really come up with something else that's good about this game. So I really don't recommend this game to anyone. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of games that are a lot better then this one.

Post Date: 09:42 08-07-2010
Rating: 0
Author: shadowshnull
Comment: i have to create an account before i can even see a screenshot of the game, let alone a omgwtf ... video ? nah, next :)

Post Date: 12:20 29-04-2010
Rating: 4
Author: thundemp2007
Comment: A massive online adventure game that interacts to thousand players.Although most players counts graphics to make a game nice.So those players who loves graphics will not expect you this much.But it has a customizable profiles, an expansive alliance system, online friends lists, a message center, and forum

Post Date: 11:22 11-05-2009
Rating: 0
Author: nizan012
Comment: People dont play Text Games :( they boored!!!
Only if u use msn its ok, but Text Game- will make you boored and stupid!

enjoy the 3d MMORPG lifes will end, so enjoy the most.

Post Date: 01:08 10-08-2008
Rating: 4
Author: jjdragon60
Comment: dont beileve this this does not have 3d graphics. anyway, dosent look like trash but still, dosent look to good to me. i hate text games.

Post Date: 23:57 28-12-2007
Rating: 8
Author: jaysthename
Comment: I can only review the beta, since I haven't reached the level 20 prerequisite to test the omega version; having said that, the Dark Throne (beta) is fun, and quite addictive! This is a turn-based game played through the use of statistics, strategy and patience.

What's most interesting about Dark Throne is how different players approach the game. "Citizens" are the units of men that each person's land can generate. They can be trained into soldiers, guards, miners, spies, or sentries, but when and how that is accomplished is up to each individual player. Some people "hoard" the number of citizens their land generates and appear to be planning massive attacks later in the game, while many seem to train most of their men into soldiers to attack other players. Some prefer a more evenly-distributed ratio across all types, but you can also build an army entirely of spies to infiltrate other lands from within. A few careful souls even train all their men to be defensive agents. How you choose to equip your various citizens is up to you as well, and affects the strategy used on both offense and defense.

Yes, there is a limit to how much you can do on any given day, and no, there aren't any real "graphics" to speak of because nothing is animated, so if you're looking for a RTS game or a true "video" game, this is not the one for you. It's closer to Zork, or to a pen and paper D&D game in that respect, although there is no real story arc or mythology as of yet, which is something that would make a nice addition. Also, the alliances are presently very loose and sporadic, and not nearly as social as something like a guild on WoW would be since there is no chat function, but the beginnings of such a social network are there. If and when these things are addressed and some sort of goal, I would rate the game as 10/10. Right now, though, the game is still a welcome diversion, and highly recommended. 8/10

Post Date: 21:15 03-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Kartor
Comment: Yes D&D was greatly original and i love this game. Just i could do without the some odd minute turn thing :)

Post Date: 02:13 16-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: emok31
Comment: ok, to start with, the omega test does exist, you just need to be a high enough level or have been on the alpha to be able to play it, or, test it, and this game is awesome, because you can do whatever you feel while having alife, like the guy before said, You can become in active for a couple omnths, come back, and it will look like you never left, except for the extra citizens, but there are constant players coming in, and I cna say, that it is good enough raphics, because the game is not for the graphics, but your brain power and imgination, the names are what should be rated, the creation of the names, because that is what triggers your mind and imagination, and that is what I like about this game, because of its originality and variety of players. you have the campers and the higher level people, you have the power defensive people, and the power offensive people, the balanced people, and you have the ultimate spy offensive, and defensive people, you have the richer with many miners and constantly having lots of gold. you have the patient people that click the 350 licks to get there 250 extra citizens, and the ones that build up allainces and actually give the game morecharacter for the ones who have less imagination, but one thing you won'T see onn this game, and that is an immature good player, if the person is good, he will at least be mature, or have respect. and probable be older you have the inactive, active and super active. like usual, there are wars and small fights that make us enemies and allies, this game has got all the essences we are the ones that bring our imagination into it so we can have fun, the ones who don'T like it usually quit and become victims or farming:P so we don't all have to worry about the haters of that game, they leave pretty quickly and then we feed off of them to cheer our selves up. hopefully this review was good enough and I said what I had to say, so good day

Post Date: 21:16 03-03-2007
Rating: 9
Author: h0LyCoW
Comment: Well Icono, no offense but you have no imagination then, because this kinda of game is like old school, really this is what games use to be like in the 70s, like Dungeons & Dragons I mean come on that game was played on a Piece of paper and some dice but still everone had a imaginations, that they were atually in the game themselve which made it fun, just like this game, but instead its played on the computer and you click on stuff without a dice. Also what I like about this game is that it keeps people for living on there life I mean do something and wait, so while your waiting go and do something while you wait unlike Runescape, EQ2, WOW, and vanguard how people have no life and they just stick to there computer on their lazy butt and get fat, but no this game does no do that it makes you want to get up and leave and get on with your life instead of thoses games with graphics, b/c i really cant see anyone having no life in this game, but thats just me, thats what I think.

Post Date: 23:06 03-07-2006
Rating: 10
Author: GamerM2
Comment: i love this game sooo much, it has to be one of the greatest turn-based games i have ever played.

Post Date: 14:58 02-04-2006
Rating: 10
Author: 69EPSILION69
Comment: none

Post Date: 17:21 31-01-2006
Rating: 10
Author: coldasdeath0
Comment: its a good game, its not just clicking as "Icono" said and people role play as and when they please, the ame will always be free as confirmed by lazurus (people that make it) creating a stratagy to get a good player does require some brain power which is probably why Icono doesnt like it.

and lastly "dorkthrone" your reviewing a texted based mmorpg which you have obviously failed at

Post Date: 17:56 24-01-2006
Rating: 9
Author: raynarok
Comment: i hate when games become pay to play just like in PT(priston tale) i was lvl 50 then i got to pay so i just delete my file and started play flyff and gunz.

Post Date: 07:55 01-01-2006
Rating: 1
Author: MMORPG Expert
Comment: i agree with icono..dont bother with this..try something with graphics..thats the modern world
..lol..this will probly become pay to play too LOL

Post Date: 13:18 12-12-2005
Rating: 0
Author: Icono
Comment: Okay, let me fill you guys in on Darkthrone or as I love to call it. "Dorkthrone"

It s apparently a beta tested game? Correct? Wrong. It s been in the "Beta" phase for a long time now. They launched what they call an "omega test", if I m not mistaken there is no such thing as an "Omega Test".
Sure in my life I ve seen Alpha .0 to .40, Beta v.1 to v.12, but never something so pointless as "Omega test!".
The game itself.
Please, don t listen to the people who enjoyed kings of chaos. Frankly, the game has no plot, no story, no driving force. It s you, clicking a button countless times to gain citizens to increase your attack and defense, train spies and sentries. That s it, there s no world to explore. There s nothing telling you why you re doing this.

Oh, you can attack people for more money, join a clan that does nothing but attack people.
I m guessing I did nt say anything, but it s not newbie or new user friendly game. Upon joining the game you will find yourself completely overwhelmed.

The Admins of the Game : Well, at times I thought there were -no- admins over the game, due to the countless breaking of the given rules and enforcement of only a small portion.
Clans: Ah, nothing says boring and pointless like a group of people who sit around calling other users newbies and gloating over nothing.

User Interface? You click, there is nt much more than that. The Graphics? A few sprites stolen from Lunar the Silver Star Story and other videogames, nothing really original.

The forum? Filled with people who are focused only on keeping the mindless tedium the way they like it, Mindless to the point they enjoy it.

It s lacking the things that make good games good.
Yet, it has everything the random fanboy or fangirl needs to drool over.
I give it a zero, there s just nothing there for the non-obsessive , hardcore game player looking for something worthwhile, and there s nothing for people looking for a casual game they can play.

I d avoid this like the screening of Shazam if I were you.

Post Date: 02:54 12-11-2005
Rating: 10
Author: corpse grinder
Comment: i like this game alot it is entertaining if you like kings of chaos you will like this game this game is 20x better than kings of chaos

Post Date: 21:43 17-10-2005
Rating: 8
Author: lordhighchao
Comment: Complicated and addictive. It takes many, many tries to make a decent status character. Also getting troops is lengthy (10 at start per day.)
The greatest players have over 1 billion attack. Its satisfying in an odd sort of way, despite the lack of (any) graphics.

Post Date: 19:29 14-06-2005
Rating: 2
Author: Wibbl
Comment: none

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