Decayed of Zombies

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Based roughly in a fictional rundown 1920-1950s, Decayed of Zombies -or DoZ for short- takes place on a large island with British-American style cities. The world is steadily falling apart, and is in a state of semi-chaos. The undead walk the world and many other creatures and things as well, some which are better off left unmentioned. The two main factions of the game, however, are the humans and the zombies. The humans and zombies are at war, with the zombies currently coming out on top, but in place has been set a mutual cease-fire that is shaky at best, and non-existent in most cases anyhow, with each side killing any member of the other on site.

Total Rating: 6.00
Reviews: 1

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Post Date: 12:38 29-04-2010
Rating: 6
Author: thundemp2007
Comment: An MMORPG game that will enjoy by many players that create interaction and enjoying environment.Your goal as a new zombie is to make for yourself what you can in this world with your inherited powers as well as weaknesses. Blood is the source of your power as well as your physical strength.
Aim for the power and glory for yourself.

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