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Deco Online ia a free MMORPG with an item shop that has two nations: Rain and Millena. Rain uses magic while Millena uses weapons. Three letter keys are used to attack enemies rather than simply clicking on an enemy.

Total Rating: 4.50
Reviews: 2

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Post Date: 12:43 29-04-2010
Rating: 6
Author: thundemp2007
Comment: This free MMORPG doesn't focus on story and quest dialogue rather it will give u credits on more PVP and gameplay.The feature of this game is auto looting and Combo system.Since PVP here is the important aspect of the game,it has fast,simple beginner quest.

Post Date: 04:22 17-11-2008
Rating: 3
Author: Draconais
Comment: Bah, don"t play unless you like Silkroad Online and everyone remembers that as a bot fest. Well, this is totally the opposite...There are no people at all...Enjoy your souless heartless MMOless experience of Deco!

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