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The Action RPG that started it all with Battle.net.

Total Rating: 7.66
Reviews: 29

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Diablo Forum

Review Archive

Post Date: 23:48 23-02-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Joker
Comment: One of the best PvP games ever. I still have found memories of chopping off the ears of other players and then tossing them on the ground for everybody in the room to see.

Post Date: 08:59 27-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: OGC-Bricks
Comment: Diablo I , ahh, doesn't it bring back memories :)

Great games, built up a good, strong story for Diablo II.

Can't run though :( :P

Post Date: 04:47 16-12-2008
Rating: 9
Author: clickmehere
Comment: I have to give this game credit even though the only hot keys were S,1,2,3, etc. It started the legendary free battle.net and was an inspiration to all RPGS it even has an effect on maplestory

Post Date: 17:27 19-05-2008
Rating: 5
Author: HeartKingdom
Comment: A click and click game...

Post Date: 12:23 21-04-2008
Rating: 5
Author: DivineSaint
Comment: what can i say?? it did in fact start it all, a classic rpg that will be known as the original for years to come.


Post Date: 18:34 19-01-2008
Rating: 7
Author: neoshogun
Comment: its a good game but i have to tell you IT'S AN OLDIE! game play is good and story line is more or less the same from character to character (it changes a little for each of your characters) I give it a 7

Post Date: 02:17 26-07-2007
Rating: 9
Author: S1ck0rSan3
Comment: i remember watching my brother play this game all the time. it was really cool to watch. i never got to play cuz i was only like what... 4? it was sweet to watch him fight all these skeletons and stuff and kill them really, really fast. after what i saw him play, those many years ago, and if i got to play it i'd give it a 10, but since i personally never played it, i givei t a 9

Post Date: 17:59 12-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: philonus
Comment: I can see how people don't like this game, but i personally liked it. The Game has an interesting storyline and an interesting gameplay. However there are flaws in this game, the fact that you can only walk in this game makes it more boring, and when you attack monsters it seems to get boring and redundent. This game overall is OK, it's just not the best there is compare to its sequal

Post Date: 04:15 10-06-2007
Rating: 9
Author: rob619
Comment: I played this when it was just coming out with my cousins up the street. It kind of scared me at first but now I play it and I;m older. Very fun! :P

Post Date: 18:01 06-01-2007
Rating: 7
Author: oneyx
Comment: Oh yea, Diablo. I Honestly never found the need to buy it cause I get quality as good as this on my DS. ( And DS is not hightec mumbo jumbo it is just a type of gamebuy )

Post Date: 21:43 24-11-2006
Rating: 7
Author: Knightwolf
Comment: I agree with many of the people that say Diablo 2 was better

Post Date: 22:47 06-10-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Heeya13
Comment: also, if you can, buy number 2, but if you cant, this one will do

Post Date: 03:51 14-09-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Heeya13
Comment: its great, but the hole thing how you can hardly equip anything pisses me off

Post Date: 08:46 02-09-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Elfable
Comment: Old but Good try Diablo 2 and exp are better

Post Date: 17:22 25-06-2006
Rating: 7
Author: ddof5
Comment: Get Diablo 2, its way better. I am lvl 20 in it.

Post Date: 22:15 02-06-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Cams69
Comment: Very good game back in the day. But try Diablo2 instead now.

Post Date: 18:23 12-03-2006
Rating: 5
Author: Kuba
Comment: none

Post Date: 15:52 22-11-2005
Rating: 6
Author: jemsangeles
Comment: none

Post Date: 23:10 16-09-2005
Rating: 0
Author: hamid
Comment: none

Post Date: 20:00 12-08-2005
Rating: 6
Author: Banger
Comment: Great game but showing its age.

Post Date: 18:48 31-07-2005
Rating: 6
Author: fragmaster
Comment: number 2 was better and i cant wait for number 3

Post Date: 18:10 23-06-2005
Rating: 10
Author: charlottesayshi
Comment: WOW! This game is sooooooo cool! Loved it.

Post Date: 13:47 15-05-2005
Rating: 10
Author: janda
Comment: none

Post Date: 21:57 26-04-2005
Rating: 0
Author: sonic99
Comment: none

Post Date: 02:29 06-04-2005
Rating: 10
Author: hydro 600
Comment: none

Post Date: 22:26 09-03-2005
Rating: 10
Author: coolguy48457
Comment: love it

Post Date: 15:14 21-02-2005
Rating: 10
Author: flamelord71
Comment: none

Post Date: 03:31 10-12-2004
Rating: 9
Author: uberman
Comment: One of the best games ever.

Post Date: 02:12 10-12-2004
Rating: 10
Author: jet_rock_000
Comment: none

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