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Travelling along a murky path, you notice the effervescence of glowing torches in the distance. As you proceed further towards the source, you notice a group of adventurers huddling around a campfire. Your battle wounds leaving you tired and weary, you sit and join your future comrades to rest a spell. The adventurers begin to spin yarns about a beast that was long since vanquished, and upon the ashes, a thriving kingdom was built, a land that only once existed in your dreams. The Dreams world is a fantasy filled land of courage and cunning. Where your sword is your trusted ally and a fireball may prove your last hope. A land where the clans unite in revelry and brotherhood to combat the torrid evils of a cruel moret of maladictions. Dreams offers an atmosphere that is extremely player friendly. Our excellent team of coders are constantly updating the mud to offer the most glorious adventures of your dreams. Our friendly team of Immortals offer the most innovative and exciting assortme

Total Rating: 1.00
Reviews: 1

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Post Date: 20:46 23-08-2006
Rating: 1
Author: Dreamer
Comment: A fun atmosphere, and friendly and helpful immortals. This MUD has been down for several days now, and even when it was active the coders reboot the game several times a day, detracting from the gameplay. You can find better elsewhere.

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