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EUO is a multiplayer, persistent-world RPG inspired by Ultima 4 & 5.

Total Rating: 7.22
Reviews: 9

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Review Archive

Post Date: 23:53 19-03-2012
Rating: 0
Author: karastar
Comment: Didn't support my resolution...

Post Date: 05:07 30-10-2010
Rating: 8
Author: hercludes
Comment: He, Draco, I believe they are making the game graphics better, and they added some new stuff like the ability to become a monk and a priest, with their own spells, though they weakened sorcerors allot, ah oh well. Oh the community is a piece of **** when you get right down to it.

Post Date: 17:21 09-06-2010
Rating: 7
Author: herc
Comment: They've improved allot, and I haven't even logged in a long time. They made a new class priest, with sweet spells, but they made being a mage harder, and possibly made it one of the worst classes to be. While the community is full of asses, it's still pretty good, they've made a 3D version though I'm not sure if it works any more, and can only be played on newer computers, they've also changed the look of euo, adding a map, changing health/mana bar ect. They also have a perma death server(Die and your character is permanently dead X10 exp though), no-grind server(Experience only can be gained by skills, like woodcutting) and the regular server. They also made many new races that are great. 7/10, ONLY because the community is practically made from assholes, for example is you ask a simple question like, " Where is (insert place here)" you get replied back with, " With the manual dipshit."

Post Date: 17:01 15-11-2009
Rating: 5
Author: Dracoprye321
Comment: ok..... I see alot of 10's but if they r going to remake it they should at least make better graphics

Post Date: 19:42 11-10-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Devaad
Comment: The first word Zilverlight couldn't translate was "blobby" I'm not sure if I spelled it correctly, but it means to have characteristics in appearence that resemble a blob. The second is "basicly", and the third it "community."

Wow, I never thought I'd see EUO again! I played intermittently for a few years, but eventually stopped because... well, I don't really know why now that I think about it. Maybe it's because my old friends had moved on, or I couldn't find them because they had new characters.

It is a really great game, the combat involves clever use and timing of spells if your a mage, and it is easy to use the terrain to your advantage with any class-and I don't mean to "cheese" monsters to death though that is unfortunately possible once you get a feel for monster pathing. Each class has it's own style, but mages are a bit overpowered. (Difficult to get around due to the nature of the diversity of spells, but this has been fixed to an extent by cool-off times.)

Quests are excellent as well as the other role-playing elements in the game, though there are a few quests where the conversation with NPCs is there, but the actual quest was never coded.

The community is rather nice, but as has been said in earlier reviews most get pissed if you ask something that can be found in the manual. Another thing that potential players need to be warned of: while acronyms are accepted, proper grammar is a thing very stressed by most of the community. Especially some of the more ornery game masters. Be especially aware of Kodiak! He has no qualms about banning someone merely for bad grammar, but it does not stop there! He takes no crap while dishing it out, including GM punishments for the smallest of things, like saying "lol" too much. Of course, it has been over a year since I last played, and Kodiak could be gone for all I know.

I would give this game a 10 if it weren't for the bad aspects of the community, so here's an 8.

Post Date: 23:01 05-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: herc
Comment: It's a awesome game. Theres a tons of quests and monsters. The P.V.P is good too. It has lags a lot but usually you can log out then log back in to fix it. The level cap got changed to level 200 so you can't make it to the score boards. Theres clan halls
its good... it's just too hard to get in one. The picture you see above is not all the game today..
they made some changes. (and still do!)

Post Date: 02:52 05-08-2007
Rating: 9
Author: kaiser566
Comment: err i was about to rate it bad but its not i got band for geting mad its my fault but i have to say it isnt fere low levels get to keep really hi taming levels only a cople should be aloud alot of them where abuseing the taming glitch only the fighters should be aloud to keep there hi taming im not a bad person so im not going to say bad stuff about the game becuase i got band its a good playable game with nice players some are butt heads thow i rate it a good review of 9 oh and befor you start playing sorry for caps but READ THE MANUAL and im not rateing this a good review becuase i whant to be unband ill go on the forums for that

Post Date: 06:44 14-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Zilverlight
Comment: I'll give it another review later on, but for now, all I can say is it's a pretty good game. It's like tibia, but better. If you ask me, it's free and only takes 15 seconds on my computer to download, so shouldn't take long on 90, 2000, or any other computer. The game has ****** 2D graphics so don't get mad because it's not 3D or really good 2D. It's not suppose to be. It will say that on the web site ******. All I can say is it's good, has a kinda good ******. Some are really nerdy, but you get use to it. The game doesn't use the mouse, just the keyboard. Also, before you start play, read the manual. I didn't know they had one at first, so I asked some people. They told me about it 'cause if you get on there and ask stuff, the players get mad at you and say read the manual. So here's my rate, gets a good 8 in my book because it reminds me the regular nintendo games.

****** = words I couldn't translate.
Someone shoot the original post so we don't have people stabbing their eyes out from reading this.

My rating is pretty much the same. Read manual, be nice, it's a great game. I've been playing for a few years now and the community is really nice as you become a natural. Just play until you get to level 50 on a character before you stop. Usually by then you've made a few friends and the gameplay gets much better.

Post Date: 18:00 30-04-2007
Rating: 8
Author: blaze577
Comment: ill give it another review later on but for now all i can say is its a pritty good game its like tabi but bater if you ask me its free and only takes 15 secints on my computer to down load so sholdent take long on 98 2000 and ine other computer the game has bloby 2d graphics so dont git mad becuz its not 3D or relly good 2d its not sopposed to be it will say that on the wab site bascle all i can say is its good has a kindu good camut some are relly nerdy but you git use to it the game dosnt use the mose just the keyboard also befor you start play read the manule i didnt no they had one at 1st so i ask some ppl they tolled me about it cuz if you git on there and ask stuff the players git mad at you and say read the manule so heres my rate gits a good 8 in my book becuz it reminds me the reglure nentedo games

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