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Endless is a 2d anime based online mmorpg. Once playing our online rpg you can become rich and famous, fight evil monsters, become a hero or live as a normal citizen.

Total Rating: 4.79
Reviews: 143

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Review Archive

Post Date: 15:21 29-12-2012
Rating: 6
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: It some kind copy of Tibia. This game isnt for everyone becouse of its classic made. Only thouse who played Tibia and other old classic RPG games will be interested in this production. Graphics are very simple, but better word to this grapphics is primitive. This game is entirly free to play and we dont need to pay for anything :) I think that this game can be clearly recommanded;) I rate this game 6/10.

Post Date: 06:44 03-12-2012
Rating: 4
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Endless Online is a game with some pros and some cons. It got low system requirements so about everyone can play it. The community is quite small, but it's pretty nice though. The graphics are clearly dated. The characters in the game are made badly. The controls are quite hard to learn too. At least it was hard for me when I tried the game. But that was a long time ago, so it might have changed. 4/10

Post Date: 10:52 25-06-2011
Rating: 5
Author: cooldude671
Comment: Is a good game

Post Date: 06:24 25-02-2011
Rating: 8
Author: EcLuD
Comment: Haha made me laugh, because this game despite its bad graphics, it is interesting! is about winning money! powers! defeat the other, is that the graphics are bad, but remember that is based on anime jeje, 8 / 10.

Post Date: 04:53 18-01-2011
Rating: 1
Author: Absinthex
Comment: Just downloaded the game to try it because it looked cool, and while installing, my computer's virus program popped up warning me about a Trojan that was in the installation file... -.- Yeah... Might still play it, but not sure about it now...

Post Date: 08:38 07-11-2010
Rating: 9
Author: ceralen
Comment: cute rpg that rocks!

Post Date: 22:32 30-06-2010
Rating: 10
Author: i<3EO
Comment: I've been playing this game for a while and i absolutely love it. Even thoe i'm only level 8 in the game i have a cook outfit and much more.I love it because of the friends I meet in - game.I also love this game because of the way the economy dramatically changes. If you play this game and you want to talk my character's name is crulldemon . Add me ;D

Post Date: 00:43 22-12-2009
Rating: 10
Author: killer563489
Comment: I dont friggen care what others say. I think your all idiots. Yes, being lvl 21 with like 4x unlore turtle, 2x lore turtle, 3x baru, 4x cook, like 1.8billion gold and lots more and getting hacked is... (Thats what i lost when i got hacked ;-;) but seriously guys, the GAME alone is really good. and Semidetathed, ur a dumbass. Arvid draws well. Guys, Endless Online is a very well thought-out game. Sure, it would be awesome if the admins would get on a bit more than they do, but the game is fun. I rate 10/10 for all aspects of this game. Thank you, gameogre, for letting me post this comment about the wonderful game, Endless Online. :)

Post Date: 04:01 17-12-2009
Rating: 4
Author: Vermatrix
Comment: Graphics wise this game is simular to Dark Ages but D.A. has more content. This games ok if you you want to play this type of game for free since a full player account for D.A. is about 9.95 a month.

Post Date: 01:59 05-12-2009
Rating: 0
Author: lullaby
Comment: This game is absolutely horrible.

Post Date: 15:14 17-10-2009
Rating: 3
Author: SemiDetached
Comment: I'm wary of this game. I played on it when i was bored cause it was something to do, really. Armour means nothing. There are only 3 ranged weapons in this game... And if you hang around the enemies they drop from, you'll probably get one of them free from bored teenagers who are killing the enemies. Weapons DO mean things, however. And some weapons that are really easy to get are a lot better than ones that aren't. Magic is hard to track and so are stats. It really isnt a game to sit there and play all day. Say, if you're a bit bored, just play this for a while. My friend got on it about a year after i found it... He's not a sensible, stable nor particularly intelligent boy and he ended up getting into an online relationship that caused mental trauma... so... Yeah. I guess this game is also a bit of an idiot magnet.

Tends to be a lot of anime fans are those idiots, but i won't divulge.

Graphics - As i said... i wouldn't play on this all the time. 4/10
Gameplay - Point and click, hold control, click on drops. 2/10
Community - A bunch of hormonal puffters talking about anime sitting there crying over each other shouting "I love you, don't go", running around naked in the Fekkin' bank. 0/10
Music - I honestly did not dare to turn my speakers on after hearing the combat noise. No thankye. 2/10

I don't recommend it if you are easily led by the way people act online. this is a cyber-sex game. Don't play on it if you're not prepared to see naked people in the middle of a building shouting "UNF"

Post Date: 04:38 18-07-2009
Rating: 3
Author: Zosc
Comment: Horrible game! I got to level 3 then quit because of the endless grind and little quests to do. Graphics aren't a problem to me. The community is the worst! People still hack and there are cheaters. The forums are clogged with nothing but spam as well(there are some helpful topics such as a General Playing Guide Forums->General Discussion->General Player Guide). Finally, the GM's never touch the game anymore, the game is failing and they don't even care. The password recovery doesn't work anymore, so if you lost your account to a hacker then you are basically screwed. If your items were scammed or hacked then there's nothing you can do, even the GM's say that. Guilds aren't very helpful and some people will even try to scam you if you join them. It takes ALOT of time to get to the next level and grinding is your only chance, the quests give such lousy experience and some don't give any at all. Once your level 20 you basically have everything and can go anywhere and easily kill things, with the exception of players that are higher leveled than you. Game is poorly managed, you have to rely on the GM's/Staff for updates which is about once a year, and when they do get a new version all they have in that is trashy items and maybe a few new sprites made by Arvid who can't draw. Lol, just don't bother with this game! 3/10 for effort put into the game.

Post Date: 22:49 17-07-2009
Rating: 0
Author: Thisgame
Comment: I have basically reviewed the game few years ago on here. But guess what...
You see that I mentioned it is v.28 there? Ohh...It still is v.28. Yup, moderators just gave up on this game, leaving it to hang out like a dirty piece of trash it really is. Community only got worse, 25% are hackers and cheaters, 25% are scammers, and other 49% are just stupid. Seriously, please, for your own sake skip this game. Game had great potential, but it failed like no other game.

Post Date: 02:58 23-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Freecol
Comment: havnt played the game in a year or two, it was a fun game, community was alright, didnt get into it that much but it was good.

Post Date: 04:41 24-12-2008
Rating: 5
Author: stealthsage
Comment: sucks, ever since quests and stats mattered this game turned upside down. this use to be a game where everyone loved playing and idnt care how much damgage they did. sucks period! i started in v.15 and i loved playing back then and now ppl want glory and money!!!! ITS SUCKS I FEEL SO SAD!!!! THAT I GET BORED SO FAST BECAUSE I KNOW WHERE EVERYTHING IS NOW!

Post Date: 11:11 02-12-2008
Rating: 6
Author: ChaoLingshen
Comment: To be honest, this was quite an enjoyable game back in the day when I played it [v.21-v.24]. A nice, friendly community..a bit of grinding to get stronger but it wasn't entirely necessary as EO was primarily a game for social interaction. Sure every now and then you'd go work your ass off for some stuff to look cool or so you could 1 hit the rocks in the desert but it was good. That was until an extra 700 people came onto the server at a time and completely crowded the Ice Caves, Reaper and Aeven, people used speeders more frequently, bots that allowed you to pick up other peoples drops and walk through people instantly, etc. Now it's just full of people who grind excessively to get to insane levels [Level 20 was a high level back in the day] and go around calling everybody noobs for having inferior equipment.

Post Date: 23:50 24-11-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Pirate_Lunchbox
Comment: This is pretty terrible

Post Date: 18:51 24-11-2008
Rating: 4
Author: Hustler0ne
Comment: Light and easy going gameplay is one of the best features of EO, but the first thing that comes to mind when firing up endless online is grinding, lack of variety and the less than flashy graphics. If you want to get the most out of what Endless online has to offer you better pack a big can of patience and time.

bad ass/cool factor: 0
Graphics: 3
Gameplay: 5
Grinding: more than you'll be able to handle

Post Date: 08:32 20-11-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Sashiku
Comment: This game... is terrible. It is mostly for bored children around age 12. This was my First MMO i ever had. In the beginning, before the jobs, and all the dumb quests, and rediculous things they added, it was pretty fun. I used to sit around and just talk to people.

Post Date: 21:47 23-08-2008
Rating: 6
Author: itz_Jessiica_mOn
Comment: This game is a fun one. I love the duke lol. Peace.

Post Date: 19:33 15-08-2008
Rating: 2
Author: EOsucksalot
Comment: This game has terrible graphics, like 50% of the weapons do the same amount of damage, same with clothes, theres also these things called charms that are worthless. sheilds do nothing except for arrows, which shouldint be a sheild. A lot of the stuff you put on your person dosint show up, like rings necklace, and stuff like that, also there are only like 7 quests to do, and some can be repeated which just shows that this game has lazy quest designers. Also, this game has a VERY small variety of NPC's, they all look the same! Plus leveling takes forever, theres only 3 different attack types, which is the most obvious 3, the magic, the melee, and the archer, which is like the same as melee, plus there are speeders and ghosters everywhere, which is retarded, THIS GAME IS NOT WORTH DOWNLOADING!

Graphics 3/10, at least you can see yourself
Gameplay 4/10, its boring and not much to do
Quests 2/10, there a not a lot of quests, and they all are pretty boring
Weapons 3/10, they are all differnet in looks, but not whats imporatant
Armor 3/10, the same as weapons
Leveling 2/10, Takes forever, and the only thing you can do for it to go faster is to do quests.

Also, to sangerspyro, How are the graphics good?, you dont even mention gameplay, the weapons, armor, or amount of quests, so your review is absoulutly terrible, why di you even borrow to right one?

OVERRALL: 2/10 NOT FUN, especially for something that you DOWNLOAD! Just play runescape, at least it has a variety of quests, skills, weapons and armor

Post Date: 06:21 08-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: endlessscape:P12
Comment: the game is awesome the only problem is i havn't played in a while because i have to reinstall it. but i have had no success. anyone have any ideas?

Post Date: 17:03 10-06-2008
Rating: 4
Author: stuza
Comment: not worth bothering with realy un less you have alot of time and commitmint but if you do grate its quite a good game good, gaming system and gameplay can be fun at times but beware you hav to be semi blind to put up with the bad graphics but overall it is ok

Post Date: 22:57 22-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Sumerai
Comment: Alright i've been playin this game since like v26 and im only level 5, its hard for me to level but i really LOVE this game its awesome besides dissapearing when i run into people and getting booted because of hackers all the time my names Sumeria pm me if you want to help me level or just talk
10 out of 10

Post Date: 00:28 14-04-2008
Rating: 9
Author: sangerspyro
Comment: Hmm what can i say Its a good game Has good Graphics,Fun to play,Lvling isnt much of a hastle if you put your mind to it,I got lvl 5in just 2 days.. so
Game Play(9)
Ammount of Quests(8)

Post Date: 08:00 04-04-2008
Rating: 10
Author: kristinleann
Comment: It's a good game. The site doesn't not accept donations, thus not letting the game grow into something bigger. It's a real good game, you just have to be nice and earn instead of beg. Bad thing is, leveling is a hassle. I have been playing about two years, and I am only a level six O.o

Post Date: 22:45 27-03-2008
Rating: 0
Author: thetruth
Comment: terrible
rather play on my handhled games instead this

Post Date: 22:53 23-03-2008
Rating: 3
Author: GameReviewer1994
Comment: This game is not very good, the graphics are lousy, the stats are lousy, and most of them do nothing. Making progress and money is slow, theyres alot of work to be done here.

Post Date: 19:11 16-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Emoking
Comment: This game is one of my favorite games i ever played started playing v25 and havent stopped playing i admit the leveling system is pretty bad and the h4x0rz and speeders get annoying but all and all this game is pretty good...oh and if you need help training ill power level you on test server from lvl 0 to lvl 90 ill help as much as i can~Emoking

Post Date: 00:16 15-03-2008
Rating: 6
Author: akiflyer
Comment: If you wanna talk with others go to fashion shows, arenas okay...but if you want a real Fighting games its worthless..you can even insert a Normal code to get Magic!! nO hack! just type something arena/magic/fire...also getting armour its HORRIABLE..xD if u want something to play on a school Library this is it!

Post Date: 02:46 20-02-2008
Rating: 0
Author: akamaterasu
Comment: This game is PATHETIC bottom line, no questions asked. First of all, the graphics are lousy. I"ve seen better graphics on my Nintendo gameboy color. You cant even friggn run in this game. Therz mad hackerz, spammerz, laggerz, helpless N00BZ, and experts who have no lives. There are only a few stats to level up and half of them dont even do anything. I mean seriously, it only took 10 people about 3 seconds to design this game. Dont waste the next decade of your life on this miserable excuse for an mmorpg.

Post Date: 21:21 17-02-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Yawnier
Comment: Honest here... too much leveling up! It's a complete waste of space and waste of time.

Graphics 0/10
gameplay 0/10

I give it a 1 for the stupid company actually trying to make that game

Post Date: 05:26 03-02-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Terra Schnitzer
Comment: Hmm... What can i say... I've played it for 3 months because some of the players i got to know irl so I sticked up with the game for a bit while longer but to tell you the truth... This was the worst mmorpg i ever played >.<

1- Graphics: (0) makes you wanna kick something
2- Comunity: (0) makes you wanna kill somebody lots of pervs, scammers and jerks who have fun teasing newbies
3- Fighting System: (0) will have you mental cuz lots of speeders in the game
4- Sound/Music: (0) Heh... The only thing you'l hear is swoop when you hit or if you enable the music which i seriously advice you not to then you'l smach the keyboard XD
5- Skills: (2) You just get to hit, bow or speed at casting a spell tis the only way
6- Chat: Always spammers who d/c you from game(0)
7- Leveling System: (3) Very hard to lvl... I reached lvl 21 and gave my stuff to the newbies in tutorial island/noob island.
8- Money Making: (0) Heh... The only way to make money is for you to gamble your stuff aka (gain in trading/Scam) No other solution or you'l be spending your whole week killing stuff who give 80g MAX! Reached 2 mil then the hell with this game -.- i made like 10 drop parties got famous XD and deleted. Was a serious waste of time...

Lots and lots more disadventages in this game... Trust me... You'l be wasting 10mins/10hours/10days/10months...

Geh... Everyone has an opinion but i say try it and quit befor it's too late rofl I'l rate it 1 just for the people who i know... Who are still playing this game......

Post Date: 21:03 15-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Bettis_36
Comment: this game is awsome!!!!!!!

Anyone who needs help pm me my name is Bettis on endless.

Post Date: 01:39 03-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Hotsta
Comment: Its a great game and the idea of it being hard to lvl and hard to get money i think is good. games ain't spose to be easy. what do u expect to be able to log on one day and get to at least lvl 10??? well this ain't one of those game big deal. it takes a while to lvl and takes a while to get money. if ur that stupid u can't wait 5-15 minutes for ur first lvl (0-1) then don't play. if ur a serious player once lvl 15 it does start taking approx 1.5 days lvl 20 2 days and and anything past lvl 30 3+days. i mean i have a friend who is the 5th highest lvl in game and its only taken them 1 year to get there no hacks. of course now yes it is a major fix me upper becuz of all the hackers and scammers becuz the admins haven't bought a hack protector. also for those idiots saying it takes 1 hour+ u got majorly slow pcs it takes mine 5 seconds to download i think its 15mb now. thats not even a tenth of a gig. i am lvl 21 on game and don't play never often. also its KS protected now (u can't kill a monster someone else is killing unless ur in there party) but u still can take other peoples spots where they r training. watch out for losers like medusa (highest lvl) who try and make u thier dogs.

Hope this explained a bit (its 2d so u use up down left right arrows keys ctrl is to attack and there are no skills for anything but mage and priest but u can multi class and have all skills)

Post Date: 12:32 01-01-2008
Rating: 9
Author: sue123cool
Comment: Wow! I never before played a game like this. Its free forever,interesting quests,and real easy to catch up how to wear clothes,get golds and everything.I agree with Trixic,all the admin didnt even do their work.Too many scammers out there doing you know what and god knows who.But admins didnt take any action on it.The good news about this game is its free,the graphics is good but i hate when i bumped with people the window will be slow for a moment,it have many monsters and the highest lvl is..erm..how much?is it 100?I dont even know.I like the weps,especially the bows and lens..so cool!and we could even do emotions too!not so many games can do like that.I disagree about hard to find golds.Actually,u just need some patient and skills to be rich.Example,buy low sell high.So thats mean the only problem is about the admins and scammers.For overall,I think I'll give 8.5..I mean 9.

Post Date: 14:39 30-12-2007
Rating: 8
Author: HMVman
Comment: endless is a good game but can be hard 2 make money for those who r starting out yet once u get the hang of it ull be set but there r also to many scamers but over al i think its a great game so ill give it an 8

Post Date: 11:24 16-12-2007
Rating: 2
Author: booternerd
Comment: it takes way too long to level up i was like lvl 5 and it took my like 2 months just to get up there. poor graphics and some very lame things inside it

Post Date: 05:32 30-11-2007
Rating: 9
Author: GUsGus32
Comment: this game is pretty good once u relly get to go around to new places.Well im only lvl 3 but it fun. There is many pplz to meet and if u unfortunately get hacked/scammed some nice pplz might give u free items but some pplz might just laugh at u and call u a noob/newb and curse at u but ignore them and keep going. Ive been hacked a few times but i got some stuf bak like now i got Dragon Armor and i used to only have a Bucanee and the dragon armor i got for free cuz i was luky and found a good person hoo actualy gave it to me. And for all the newcomers i got a word of advice: if u turn lvl 1 in the first place BECAREFUL AND DONT DIE becuz if u do u automaticly go to the mainland and cant go bak and then the only thing u can do is go a prety long way to find goats or fight rats and crows wich will mae it hard to lvl. But any ways if u can fight stronger things then u might still take a whille to lvl because of the exp system wich i think should be changed.

Post Date: 16:56 23-11-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Dill1015
Comment: I hate this game, i just hate it. Its freaking stupid, I mean the graphics stink, there is only like 10 quests, and everyone in the game is a jerk.

Post Date: 03:55 28-10-2007
Rating: 7
Author: trixic
Comment: Developing into a decent game... Vult-R is slowly managing to fix all the things players moan about, like ksing. Pity he can't fix the community. All the admin except Vult-R are disrespected and scorned upon by the EO community, and frankly, I don't blame them. The rest of the admin are never on, and don't tend to do much about all the speeders and hackers and scammers. Well, except Arvid. He is known to jail a few scumbags whenever he is on (I never see him on though). When the rest of the admin are on they ignore you if you try to ask them questions, and all they do is send global wild and stir up general chaos. Those who claim there are no hacks for this game are lying. There is currently unlimited drunkenness, tsearch, WPE pro, SCAR, multiclient, speed, unlimited party invites, unlimited trade requests, unlimited SP and arena blocks. Anyone who says they have other hacks are scamming liars. There used to be a glitch used to dupe gold. Right now the hackers are trying to figure out a way to downgrade the client back to the version when it wasn't fixed. I hope they don't. The community is screwed enough as it is. Avoid people in the guild You Fail Life (YFL). They are a guild of scammers, and are good at it too. Speaking of the community, it consists of scammers, arrogant jerks, hackers, attention whores, and golddiggers. But there is the odd person who is genuinely nice and won't call you a noob just because you are a level lower. But don't let that discourage you. Endless is otherwise a great game. Right now it just kinda lacks in things to do... it is really limited to merchanting, training, chatting and arena. Don't worry, though. It's getting better by the day and is always under construction. On the topic of leveling, who cares if it takes ages to level up? That's the point of it. It is a challenge. I'm lvl 17 myself. If you can't stick leveling to at least 5, you have the attention span of a hamster. Want to level but want to take a break from grinding, and would rather use your logic? Try getting lost in the Castle Maze. If you talk to the Maze Master beforehand, you gain around 3.5k exp when you get out... that's if you ever get out. It took me a good two hours to get out, and I was following a guide. Do well in this game, and you can conquer ANY game.

Post Date: 10:27 13-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: thedarkprince
Comment: Really fun game...

yes its hard to gain lvl and gold in the start but the gameplay is so funny... and its based on manga do it even better...

i have played this for 1 year im only lvl 5 (yes im not interested in lvl'ing) but im a rare and gold and information collactor (just seek out Wisemann) sorry for my bad english

Post Date: 00:30 13-10-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Pumpernickel
Comment: OK, I play this a lot, I don"t know why. The game is bad, the players are stupid. No skills, no races. Barely classes. No good RPing.

And for you X10,000tears10,000dayzX, there are plenty of hacks. Speed, Ghost, and of course, account hacking.

Post Date: 00:54 06-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Archexile
Comment: Alright here it goes...

EO has some huge problems as a game, a community of players, and unfortunately as a hang-out spot for hackers trying to develop their skills.

The administrators actually reward hackers that come clean about what they did, even if they continue to do more hacking.

Leveling is nearly impossible past level 5 unless you find something horrendously repetative to do over and over for hours on end.

Equipment variety based on looks is decent, based on names is slightly worse, and based on stats, almost non-existent. The best armors all cost around the same amount and there are quite a few people dedicated to scamming other people.

Now we get to the largest problem with the game. The individual players. Over half the community has a one-track mind revolving around flaming other people for stupid reasons (think of one, you'll find it in the game). The other half of the community is divided up into a few different catagories: 1) People that use the game to buy items and money in other games; 2) People that flame the idiots; 3) People that try to ignore everything because they know how to act intelligently (these people tend to stand out as very few of them talk in a public chat of any kind, for them it's mostly private messages and/or the guild/party chat system)

If you join good luck, it's hard to make this game worth playing unless either you can derive entertainment from pointless and inumerable arguments or you have a severe lack of things to do.

Note: I myself play the game currently.

Note: The rating of this game depends on your willingness to put up with all the problems and still be able to find enjoyment in the game, thus I give it a 5.

Post Date: 20:06 26-09-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Opset
Comment: Terrible game that tried to clone a much better game made by Nexon - Dark Ages.

Post Date: 11:53 17-09-2007
Rating: 2
Author: clayez
Comment: has potential but not much to do.
All you can do is level.
There is no armor stat, so the worst armor and the best offers the same protection. The weapons however do have a stat, but is very annoying to attack as you will see if you play this game.

Post Date: 20:11 31-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: adio01
Comment: this game could be good but the movement system and killing are terrible i got so annoyed by this i quit

Post Date: 02:04 29-08-2007
Rating: 7
Author: guNmyriaD
Endless Online isn't that bad of a game; a lot of people give it bad reviews, and I understand the game isn't the greatest, but it isn't the worst. It in fact is very entertaining for a while. Most people look for graphics and stylish gameplay in MMORPGs, but I say a nice, laid-back and simple MMORPG is always good for a change.

Graphics 7/10

Alright, graphics are 2D. Since we are in the age of 3D entertainment, it brings it down a bit. But not by a lot, because the graphics aren't completely horrible. They are smooth and polished, and I experience no unwanted choppy graphics. The interface also doesn't seem to fit with the actual feel of the game; I think it should be revamped a bit.

Sound 5/10

Background music is very calm, which makes sense for the game, but the quality isn't perfect. Sound effects are also a little monotonous as well. But they all fit well into the game.

Gameplay 8/10

The gameplay is my favorite part about Endless Online. I like the simplistic combat system that doesn't leave you staring at your screen all the time; it keeps you moving your fingers. I also like the environment of the game: players cannot simply walk through each other, which makes crowds actually become as annoying as crowds.

Community 7/10

I love the community of the game. Since there are only 2 servers (that I know of) players are forced to do things together. That makes the game a much more closely knit community. Players are also very friendly, excluding the few perverted and immature players. Overall, I find the game to be quite amusing with its community.

Overall 6.75/10

This game deserves the 6.75 because it is clearly an underestimated game. Sure, it has bad points, but every online game does. Endless Online always has good points, though, like every online game.

Post Date: 13:59 28-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: X10,000tears10,000dayzX
Comment: This game kick butt 1,000,000% and if u don"t think so....well, than...Why are you here, taking up space...Get outta here, noobs....If you can"t handle E.O than you shouldn"t be on the CPU cuz YOU CAN"T HANDLE IT!!!!! Seriously...Why are you here complaining "bout it? You don"t know what a great game is...Just go back to Runescape...

This game"s Awesome, But i think they should of stuck with v27 cuz v28 isn"t as good as v27. I liked the disco, why did vult-r have to make a fake moshpit? That was dumb...

O yea...If it takes you 1 hour to log on, are you seriously that stupid to forget your password after 15 seconds of making it? Mi god GO HOME !! wow...

But it is really hard to go up lvls in E.O...But not if your level 1..so if you gave up cuz u can"t get past level one...You"re not gonna survive in the gammers world...XD

ok,ok,ok,ok....People are asking me this all the time, and lemme get this straight...

*oh, and a spare account really comes into play here...so make 2...

Lag and bad graphix are caused by attempts to make hacks, so...GOOD JOB JERKS!!

My acc is Xemoxrock...p.m me if you want to complain...i need to have a good laugh anyway.

Post Date: 21:55 23-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Thisgame
Comment: Do not play this game, I repeat DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME, you"ll regret you even had it installed on your HDD. Poor modification, stupid gameplay, newbs, lamers, rejects, beggers, scammers, hackers, attention wh*res, gold diggers, and now, even new CAMPERS. Yep, they grab their bows, and just CTRL till a monster spawns in their line which is so stupid...You cant even get a kill without your bow, so that makes you do the same freaking thing. This game is sad in every possible way. But hey! This game has potential, I just hope it won"t be shut down in few months. The new v.28 adds some items, and quests, and stuff... BUT ALL THE GOOD ITEMS ARE DROPPED BY 1 SINGLE MOB - DRAGON that hits 50"s and is located in area in which only lvl 15+ can enter. OMG. If you want to get to lvl 15, you need to commit to EO like to no other game. And plus, if you want a drop, you"ll have to be there for atleast a week. For only 1 single drop (IF YOU ARE LVL 15 OFFCOURSE, AND IF YOU ARENT USING SPEEDER). If you arent using bow and you are lvl

Post Date: 18:36 13-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: The equal
Comment: Ok this game isnt ment to be.
Ok listen ive played the game only because i lost my RS account.

Here are some bad things

-When you get armor IT ALL STINKS! Lot of the armor do the same stats!

Same thing with wepons. Lot of them are ALL THE SAME!
-Next up, The admins are hardly EVER ON!

-Also, if you go to The pk zone and kill some one, you dont get a damn thing! No EXP NO items NO ANYTHING all you get is some guy cursin at you for killing him! If you go to PK good luck making it 10 seconds due to spawn killing!

-The graphics are just sad.

-Theres lag every 5 seconds!

-Scammers, Hackers and other people who hack up the place and cause lag.

-The fighting system is ok..I mean at least you can attack in at more then 1 way.

-Leveling is almost impossible. And when you do level, you can only increase 3 stats...

Also,There are only like 9 quests to do! 4 of which you can only do once. The rest are repeatable, making this game increadably BORING!

And theres no point in being in a guild other than having the slot filled out.

-getting married is for people who can"t get a girlfriend in real life.

-The map is ok but theres only like 5 towns.Each easily to get to.

Post Date: 22:59 07-08-2007
Rating: 1
Author: chocomaniac5
Comment: ive played it, it is still bad even with the new version, its hard to get money when u just started plus its freakin lvl grinding even hard to travel in a highly populated area since u cant go through ppl without waiting for like 5 extra seconds

Post Date: 02:31 05-08-2007
Rating: 9
Author: legendrocks
Comment: i like eo but the only problem for me has been smart mouths

Post Date: 08:40 04-08-2007
Rating: 8
Author: BlueKirby

First of all, many of these posts aren't relevant because the people who wrote them played the game a while ago before a massive change in version 27. That means anything related to killstealing, leveling, not enough spawn, not enough drop, and no good stat system do not apply anymore!!

All I can say about Endless Online is that it is really one of those you love it or hate it games. As with alot of mmorpgs, you need to stay a while to really get the feel of it and understand it, then you can decide whether or not to stay!

I hope that helped newcomers!!

Post Date: 22:32 31-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Thisgame
Comment: This game is horrible. Community gets worse day by day (and I thought it couldn"t get worse). Hackers just roam around the server and hack people. And since players with good items, lot of money, high lvls, are "loved" by other rejects, more and more losers try to scamm, but fail. For example, you enter the main town "Aeven" walk around for 10 minutes and you already have 2 scammers on your back trying to trust scamm you or w/e. GM don"t care about the game, all they care is for lvl 40+ players, and offcourse, about themselves. Not to mention how there are 1500 players and a very small world. Everything is stupid. If everything was 500000x better, i"d still rate it 0.

Post Date: 13:39 27-07-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Lefton
Comment: The game itself is okay. But what is really lacking in this game is a good community. Kill stealing was a big problem for me. Level 30+ players killing all the weak monsters so newer players can"t level. And being cussed out and called a noob over and over. What really caused this game to be bad was the community. The graphics are not the best, and the sound is repetitive. Leveling is not well planned out. The creators thought nothing of protection against kill stealing, the monsters take too long to regenerate. I stopped playing the game at level 3. I don"t know how well this game is in later levels, but one of the most important foundations of a game is the game play for the new players.

If they added a system where you can"t battle a monster/animal someone else already battled in the past 10 seconds, if they made regeneration faster, and if they had better admins/mod then the community wouldn"t be this bad.

The graphics are nothing special.

The game play itself is nothing that special.

The sound is repetitive.

This game is pretty average, all for the community which itself is bad.

In a nut shell:
Graphics: 5/10
Sound: 3/10
Community: 0/10

Post Date: 18:42 21-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: game_and_watch
Comment: sup yall its me again well blazzer maybe u just are terrible. ppl dont listen to him its a great game but hint:DONT DIE IN MAINLAND TILL UR LVL 2 and DONT FIGHT SHEEP TILL UR LVL 2 k thats all ^__^

Post Date: 19:57 20-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Blazzer101
Comment: this game is pathetic, if u die on newb island, u go straight to the mainland and u can nvr return until your like lvl 45, and there are sheep there that kick ur butt. dont bother...

Post Date: 15:04 20-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: game_and_watch
Comment: its a great game ive been playing for a while im only level 9 but its awesome the only downfall is that its really! hard to level up and that the community is full of hackers scammers and jerks but overall its beast look me round if ya need some help when you start my username is americanfool so enjoy the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post Date: 14:24 19-07-2007
Rating: 4
Author: Sanrack
Comment: I've played the game so i will say somes pros and cons pro: lots of weapons and armor to get con: their very dear its hard to make a living as monsters have low gold drop rates and most armors cost over 1k of gold even hp items are dear at 50g when a monster drops 5g every 10 kills pro: you can get marryed which is good for rp con: you need to be about lev 5-10 i think to do it pro: monsters are in some way creavtive con: sheep at the start can pwn you at lev 1-3 pro: big population with loads of players con: their like runescape players mean young and say noob well newb in endless theirs lots of more pros and cons but i will find them later in part 2 review.

Post Date: 01:32 18-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: critic101
Comment: First off: Check out those FREAKING AWESOME GRAFIX!!!!!..........-_-. Let's get serious: the graphics literally will make you kill your monitor. Here's a few things the community will do for you in your experience with this game: you are called a noob every 2 seconds, cursed out cause the game literally lets you turn off your curse filter, the game is freakin overrun with hackers, scammers, rulebreakers and ppl with no freaking lives. All admins lick ballz with the exception of Vult-r. Arvid jails players until the cell cant hold anymore ppl everytime he logs on. Mizzy acts helpful and has events for players, which would be awesome if all events werebt player made (All events made by admins are scams to steal your items). Every weapon has the same sound and animation except bow and cross bows. PvP is pathetic ( there is no level protection and all strong players wait on the PvP zone border to OHKO weaker players.Kill stealing protection is gay. There is only one server which only holds 1500 ppl then arvid rolls back time and then you lose all gold, items, and play time. My only regret is that I can't give this game a -100, and then piss on the staff and creators. If you serious play this game past lvl 3 you should be taken out back and shot excecution style.

Post Date: 01:13 18-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: masterlink1103
Comment: Aw this thing only stops at 0 -_-. Ok heres a day of Endless:You log on, you take 5 tries to type in the password, then you log on and then you into a group of people and then your trapped, you waste 10 secs of my life to walk through the guy and move on, you want to craft some thing such as a TB, you go get all the ingredients along with 500+ other players that want it too, if you get lucky and gvet all ingrendients you get cursed out. >>>>Long story short this game sukc the balls so hard that i almost ran away from home to a mcdonalds in feeble "No more gayness, no more gayness".


Post Date: 15:05 23-06-2007
Rating: 8
Author: HinaFLY
Comment: Yes, I admit Vult-R has been extremely hard-working and very tempted to work in EO, but as a critic, I must say this game is o.k for it's stage: Alpha, so far. And I must also admit that most of the community is great, but most kids, that have been playing the game for a while, try to scam others, alas the word NOOB comes in. Obviously, There are some areas that son't make sense and are under construction(The Event Area) and most of Aeven is laggy because of Town Square. These are things Vult-R needs to fix. Centaur Village is also ruined because of the spawning time. The monsters do not come at a fast pace or are any challenging at all. By the way, My main account is Hinatahiyuga, Guild Tag: FLY. I am a Level 5 Warrior, With Ultima. Players at hot spots like Town Square, Witch House, or even the Traning Grounds(Where you left off when you die)are places where you get Disconnected, or your computer automatically closes Endless online. And you are completely right, about Endless Online's uniqueness and originality. I hope, that by Beta Version, Endless Online will have some more bug fixes and maybe some less lag:)

Repeat to: Roudan

Post Date: 13:24 23-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: roudan
Comment: I have dedicated my time on Endless Online for a very long time :)
Endless Online may not be the best of online games but the ammount of work and effort is huge.
Arnoud (vult-r), the main developer of Endless Online has worked hard to ensure the server keeps running.
He has gotten through many walls and barriers which were thought to be impossible to get through.
There has been nothing that he hasn't been able to do and he should be well respected because of this.

Endless Online has something which most other other online games do not. Endless Online's community is extremely close. Durning your time on EO you are most defantly going to met alot of new people with alot of different personalities.
You are sure to make alot of friends!Although not all players are kind, but that is what the ignore list is for :)
Overall I support Endless Online, Arnoud and all the rest of the admins of Endless Online all the way!
Good Luck for the future :)

Post Date: 18:57 20-06-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Hina-FLY
Comment: Well, this game was extremely interesting and addicting to me. The graphics may be a tad cartoony and such, and the community is a tad bit annoying and so "unbearable." But, if you take away all the pervs and all those golddiggers that say they love you and ask you for ur account info, well, the game, frankly is very, accepting of my gratitude. Even though some areas in the game are under construction, the game is simple and easy to learn, even though it gets harder to learn after level 3. Once you reach Level 4, you can enter many new places:D. EO also has a variety of PK Servers, so you might wanna watch out for players in there.

Post Date: 21:20 08-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: The_guv_na
Comment: This is the worst game that was ever made. Everyone"s main problem with this game is the community. I don"t blame them for that either, the community has the collective personality of a dog"s butt. I once went to this ruin to train, this monster was attacking me, so a few players thought it was funny to huddle up, and trap me into a corner with the monster. It takes 10 seconds to phase through a player who is in your way, so when the monster was about to kill me, one of those jerks said, ""freaking n00b.""

The fighting system is total trash as well. You will spend a really long time fighting goats just to hold your own against a sheep. With the exception of bows, every single weapon has the same animation and sound effect as any other one. I did meet one player who wasn"t a douche, and she was on level 8. Level 8 is very powerful in this particular MMO. Despite the fact that she put in an immeasurable amount of time and effort into the game, she still didn"t have too many abilities to show for it.

This game isn"t worth a second of anyone"s time at all.

Post Date: 10:50 08-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: urallnewbs
Comment: First of all anyone who insults this game or says its a waste of time never got past lvl 5 otherwords they were noobs and wussed out the game rules the community is slowly getting a lot nicer

Post Date: 16:30 25-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Feralheart
Comment: As I have played this game for over a year, I have a few tidbits for you all. First of all, ksing of any sort has been stopped on all mobs aside from bosses- but then bosses take multiple people to take down anyway. The spawns are faster then they used to be, and I always get the drops I need when i need them. The community is 'okay' if you know how to iggie all the bad eggs. "hackers" are almost obsolete now, they are reduced to a program titled "t-search" which is just a bunch of variables. If you know how you don't even have to waste stats on spells, some equipment will give you the stats needed. There is a huge revamp going on in this version, so pretty much all of the below comments by other people are obsolete... and btw, I have an anger problem and I have no trouble playing... you just have to watch your ego while your playing and you'll be fine.

Some of the downsides. ARVID THE ADMIN! omg how many people does he jail a day on main server? of course he does get a lot of shit to begin with, bugt if you see his pics he should be used to it by now >.> classic stereotypical nerd. Mizzy isn't so bad unless she gets into a tissy fit. Vult-r is a legend in my eyes (this isn't a down side but since I am on the subject of admins...)

Some more uppers. It is way easier to level now, like seriously. of course i don't play main server, so I can't honestly vouche for that >.> tons of people running about there, but test server is THE BEST if you watch your ego. Trust me, ego is a bad thing in this game because you will get shot down during your first week if you don't watch yourself. It's all about being on the low low until you've gotten to know people better. Newbies should avoid global chat for the first few weeks, until they get the grand design of EO's society down.

Over all, as a seasoned player, I give it a ten outta ten, and anyone who says different is probably too impatient to really get into any type of game.

"In this version we may all very well find ourselves to be newbs"- Vult-R. Keep that quote in mind.

Post Date: 11:19 25-05-2007
Rating: 6
Author: kakushin84
Comment: honestly this is not a bad game. The idea is heading in the right direction. there seems to be good incentive to level up(although it takes forever and if you have a life, forget about mmorpgs all together.nonetheless, it can be addictive as hell. but once again, like most mmorpgs, the community can be somewhat childish- doing things like calling you noob everywhere you go and half of the kids are looking for cyber....sad, really. Alas, you can feel good about yourself knowing that you are not the same 13 year old hormone fest living in your mom's basement compromising for low self esteem with a rockin' costume in Endless online. overall an average game that takes some patience

Post Date: 06:12 03-05-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Rogue┬žora
Comment: game is all about making friends...cause leveling is just too tough after level 3 XD and money is hard to come by

Post Date: 23:18 01-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: expoence
Comment: I play this game every day IT ROX :D
These guys just don't like it cause they just started... That happens in every game. Im level 10 ( thats alot >:o) and I joined an active guild, made about 500 friends, and hang out. If you level up to about 4 or 5 (takes about less than a month) become a mage or warrior, use spells, hit high, then you'll become highly addicted.

Post Date: 21:50 01-05-2007
Rating: 8
Author: medapodz
Comment: sup people Endless Online Hmmmm?here are da cons and pros....
has good graphics but not the best at least the graphics are beter than runescape right?but mpalestory graphics are way beter....lots of weopons very addicting if u like adventure thyis is the game for u has spells healing plowers extc,...

Post Date: 23:20 29-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Aldins
Comment: w0w this game is boring i try killing a sheep on this but everytime i try to attack it keept turning around really bored me out and i dont think anybodys gonna last at least a month playing this or a week if your smart like me just quit

Post Date: 11:10 28-04-2007
Rating: 0
Author: orasis
Comment: Something funny and wrong about tough guys on a 2d cartoony RPG.. - Skip this one, save yourself the nonsense.

Post Date: 01:02 23-04-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Nayao
Comment: Endless IS a good rpg

Ok, so most of the people there are really mean, but there are some that aren't. When I played it, there were people giving me stuff because they knew I was new. Some guy even escorted me to a place I wanted to go to personally. Also, if you team up with people, they can help you in really hard mazes and such.
About the connection, it only took me about 15 seconds to log in, so I don't know if it differs with computer type, but my computer was really old.
This is an overall enjoyable game if you take out the jerks, perverts, salespeople, or goldiggers..... or you can beat them with your sword ^_^
If you know where to look, you will find this game enjoyable.

One last thing before I forget!!!!!!!
Before I got this game, my computer was fine and was working flawlessly, but after I downloaded the game, I got a lot of tracking devices, viruses and I couldn't even open my wonderful program Paint.. /_
Don't let this stop you from playing it though, just trust your gut or heart or whatever you trust most. Thank you for reading this if you did and sorry for wasting your time if I did.

Post Date: 19:03 19-04-2007
Rating: 5
Author: apocalypse053
Comment: This game can be fun and can be bad at the same time. It all depends on how you view this kind of a game. Ask your self these questions before you even remotley start thinking about playing.

1-"Do i like making fun of people for my own personal enjoyment?"
Well if you answered yes then you might like this game [personally i dont like tht part but it is nice to let out my anger every now and again...just not here]

2-"How do I respond to others calling me a noob every 5 minuets?"
If you really have a bad teamper or are in an anger managment program of any sort i advise you do not place this game because you WILL be called a noob.

3-"Do I like MMORPG games?"
Well for all you people reading this review it stands for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. I really dont care who you are and what you think but that is the real meaning of it. I think everyone likes mmorpg games because they normally are always changing.

4-"Do I like epic long quests?"
Well lets see,would you rather have some quests in a game were you can get it done and over with or play a decent length of time on one a quest or would you rather have a fricken week long project quest all the time!!!

5-"Do i like variety?"
Ok this game does have a decent size variety of items but i have seen much bigger.

So like my review? do i care? no i really dont but ill admit i do play every now and again cause it gives you somehting to do. Give the game its props its not easy making an entire mmorpg game tht is addicting in a way. However they should get with the times. I mean really the gameplay kinda sux the visuals look kinda cool depending on what you wear so yeah im done.

Post Date: 00:45 18-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Asamii
Comment: Ha ha I played this when i was a noob at MMORPGs. Ive long since quit because all of the players are kids that are just cruel. Being 20, here is what i think of the game:

Pros: They (FINALLY) have a newbie island.

The monsters spawn too slowly
Hard to Level
Hard to earn Money
A (Pro) On this game is level 10+
Very stupid quest system
Horrible Graphics
No place to train without getting ksed
I still get on once in a while to hang with my cousin but i dont actually play it.
If your this bored, prehaps you should Try Maplestory.

Post Date: 19:51 13-04-2007
Rating: 0
Author: ThisGame
Comment: Community in this game is the worst problem in EO. 99% of community are idiots, kids, jerks, begging newbs, scammers, hackers, botters, suck ups, attention wh.....I suggest you DO NOT PlAY IT because it is very addictive. If you are lvl 0-10 community will hate you, won"t pay attention to you, call you names (noob, newb...) that might happen even if you are higher lvl with all those jerks roaming around. Gms dont really care about their game, if they log in, they log in to kill everyone in pk zone, or to ban/jail some blockers/hackers. Back to the jerks of community, well, most of popular players are really jerks, but if they attack you (90% no reason at all), don"t try to fight back, because theres alot of suck ups that stick up for them. Greedy people just keep lowering down the prices. Like example : DarkBlade was 1mil, and now it is 20.000gp. All items are like that except for discontinued. I guess this is the game for all the world"s rejects (most of them play this game i guess), cuz this is the only place where they can get some friends - with same social statsu READ : REJECTS.

Post Date: 11:55 11-04-2007
Rating: 4
Author: GameHax
Comment: This game isn't very good at all, the community are stuck up, the graphics, well look for yourself.. There not bad for a free game but come on.. Good at the start, gets boring after a few hours. But i would suggest giving it a try.

Post Date: 16:15 04-04-2007
Rating: 6
Author: vhs321
Comment: pretty good but the gameplay kinda stinks. if you wanna atatck something, you gotta hassle around with it until you face it directly. WHILE ITS TRYING TO AVOID YOU. before you can attack it.

1.The whole game isent crowded with 3.5million registered users.
2.2d graphics, NO LAGG AT ALL
3.step-by-step to-do-list for beginners
4.its not like "turns", its how lond you play, so its pretty fair.

2D graphics;not as good
not much of a "community"
takes alot of getting used to

Post Date: 23:33 01-04-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Aldins
Comment: this game is pretty darn boring as soon as i loged into it i was like i am out i dont like the graphics and i dont like the gameplay needs more improvement i give it a 3

Post Date: 03:53 31-03-2007
Rating: 4
Author: Danno
Comment: The gameplay is alright... as long as you have some friends. If you don"t make any friends, the game will be boring and frustrating. Holding Ctrl to kill a monster isn"t exactly fun.
The graphics are cool, I don"t know why everyone"s complaining. Horrible 3D (like in Runescape) doesn"t make a game good.
The community is absolutely atrocious. The vast majority of players are total jerks. Many players hack and scam and nothing happens to them since the admins are rarely online. Most of the players are simply rude to all the other players for absolutely no reason. The people who play play only for themselves, and don"t give a damn about anyone else. They"ll sink to any low just to advance.

If the community improved, the game would be very good. The only way for it to improve is for the admins to punish those who break the rules, but that probably won"t happen any time soon.

Post Date: 07:25 28-03-2007
Rating: 9
Author: rezdead
Comment: this game is great i started to play this game since version 1 or somethin i noe im n oldbie but still i think its great i quit in v2 tho coz i got bored came back in v12 big change everythin looked great but 1 thing was still the same crap graphics hard 2 lvl n no big events lots of hackers n etc. but i thought hey at least its still pretty good i eventually levelled up 1 more lvl to lvl 8 but it was still really hard i thought to myself y not quit n play again next year so thats wat i did came back in v22 n continued to play everythin had improved cept graphics but hey lvllin was slightly easier n i got 2 lvl 22 in bout 4 weeks not that hard i played until v 25 eo was great fun i was even up in number 1 possie as best player of the game for a few months then v26 i downloaded played for 1week n it just died my computer shut down i restarted went back on my account deleted everythin gone i couldnt download eo again i hated it but when i heard v27 was out i decided to try it out i tried it man i felt so weird as a newbie again but hey i got to lvl 6 in 4hrs so easy they updated so much u cant KS now good thing 2 so much easier to train n magic takes longer 2 do so ppl cant steal monsters that easily so i rate this game 9 out of 10 but i agree needs better graphics n music so i suggest u turn off the music in eo n listen to ur own thats wat i do

Post Date: 20:24 22-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: blackarcher1337
Comment: Boring boring boring. this game is incredibly boring. there is absolutly no point.

Post Date: 14:34 22-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: The_guv_na
Comment: This game is a big steaming pile of trash! Every weapon, (Which there aren"t even that many of.)Has the same animation, and sound effects. The community has the collective personality of a dog"s butt. The customization is very shallow, so more often than not, you"ll see a gang of people who look just like you runnin" around. Also, the leveling up is extremely hard to do, you will spend a week fighting goats just to be able to hold your own against a sheep! I tried to tell newcomers about how horrible this game is, but I got booted from the server! I mean, can"t those guys take a little criticism about their game?

Post Date: 07:01 20-03-2007
Rating: 9
Author: BlueKirby

Ok, give it some credit man. The graphics aren't state of the art but, ITS FREAKING FREE. Same goes with everything. The only income for this game is on the main site there are 2 adds.
And it's good anyways. It has lots of items, clothes monsters. It's pretty imaginative and fairly unique.
Also, of course there is no storyline; the point is U MAKE ONE. Give it 2 seconds will ya? Chat with some people, join a group, do anything and you will eventually stumble onto some neat dramas.
This game is amazing for free. And most rpgs if they became free, id still play this one more.

Post Date: 19:14 07-03-2007
Rating: 3
Author: aba77
Comment: LOL you all say downloading tacks forever well stop companing get a better internet conection it only was like 3sec and i got to play is. oh ya and not all games that are good u need to pay for but most i say you get diablo if u want a good free game(you must buy in stors) and the games you half to pay for just use a pre paid game card buy it from a store like EB-games.and when u get the game lets say world of warcraft just click payment options and type in the number its basicly free only cost $29.99 and for about 2-3 moths i think.

Post Date: 04:33 06-03-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Kraxxia
Comment: Bad players rule this game. Can get harrassed constantly and see them running around weeks later. Really rude people.

Maps are massive. Huge. Tons. And confusing. I died as a newbie and ended up exploring some beach, fighting lobster crab things. There are a few quests to do, but they're almost epic in themselves. EVERYONE does them, so you always have competition in just about every single area.

Leveling takes days after level 3. There are tons of things to get and places to do, but the actual POINT of doing those things is just preference.

Post Date: 22:59 16-02-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Animekirk
Comment: i like to give props to anyone who makes games even if those games arn"t so good. Cause hey, they can always get better right?

But that doesn"t change the fact that the game is bad. so many people have so many reasons for why this game is not as bad as it "IS", and here are my answers to those people:

"It"s still in alpha!!"
Ok then its bad in alpha and maybe ill come back and play when they finish it.

"It"s so hard to make an online game/you couldn"t do any better!"
I agree with both of those statements, however...
I"m not a game maker, I"m a game "player". And when i play a game i must decide: "is this game any fun to play?", in other words, "Pathetic or not pathetic?". And this game falls under "Pathetic"

"But it has a great community!"
Err... No... it doesn"t. Most of the people who play this game are bored out of their skulls and so resort to screwing with you to ease their own tensions. just because you are friends with a group of people and they are nice to you, doesn"t mean they arn"t jerks to everyone else.

All in all I see potential in this game, and I"m interested in seeing where it will go in the future as the creators finish it and start pulling all the loose ends together. But as of now, this game is not very good.....at all.

Post Date: 19:44 10-02-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Josh Pwns
Comment: ive briefly played this game and i hated it.... its a downgraded version of runescape. i dont get the point of playing a game thats that bad but i played it for about 2 hours so i might be wrong but this game was not worth my time

Post Date: 01:17 08-02-2007
Rating: 2
Author: David758
Comment: Heads up! The game itself is addicting and constantly, althugh slowly, adds new features. The bad news is the moderation. Harassment, stalking, the use of cheats, and outright threats are common. This is not the environment for your children. There are no moderators and the administrators favours players that they like to the extent where they create private playing grounds for them in this overcrowded world. They also ban and jail on those players command. In my opinion, there's nothing worse then bias admins. Rating is due to such actions, not the game itself.

Post Date: 17:57 03-02-2007
Rating: 3
Author: tigerblood92
Comment: This game is horrible, to say the least. You may think I'm just another critic bashing a game and maybe I am but I actually spent time and played it.Combat is lame, hit ctrl and swing your weapon.... oooooh, scary. I've heard people say they loved it and I just don't seem why. Runescape is a lot better, and theres few games where that is true... But, if you're determined to try it, I'll let you form your own opinion.

Post Date: 03:46 24-01-2007
Rating: 3
Author: johnnyboy414
Comment: This game is cool at first but when you get to lvl 3
its almost impossible to gain another level. So there you have it.

Post Date: 07:55 15-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Slashx
Comment: This Is The Best MMO i have every played... WAY! better Than Runescape (cause runescape has a bad server) i recomenad this to everyone... all weapons and armour have thier own stats... its easy to level, great communtity (as long as you stick to the right people) my in game name is MxPxboy... come talk to me sometime :D

Post Date: 01:33 15-01-2007
Rating: 6
Author: mmoking00
Comment: Surprisingly this game aint as bad as it looks. I have been playing it for a day and its really good. It may not have 3d graphics but still fun. i would have gave the game a better rating but there is no tutorial, the community isnt the best, and if you play the game for a long period of time the graphics give you a headache. So I gave it a 6.

Post Date: 02:02 11-01-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Sirhiro
Comment: As compared to everyone elses reviews I will be the most detailed:

Music: The music is a bit buggy and dosen't play often but do not worry about it, the game dosen't need it.

Graphics: As you can see from the screenshot the graphics aren't state of the art but once you begin playing the game and actually get into it you get used to the graphics.

SoundEffects: The sound effects are medocre, they are diffrent depending on you're weapon and the enemy you kill, but their not great.

Gameplay: Gameplay is what everyone cares about ( unless you're a graphic junkie ) and this game has gameplay. If you read other reviews they state 'No Tutorial' well if you actually look and interact with you're enviroment you'll see you can read signs that tell you what to do and how to play. This game has recently been updated and now contains lots of dungeons, lots of new weapons and armours. This game also contains a very intuitive crafting system to make new items and weapons.
+ Lots of armour and weapons to choose from
+ Each armour and weapon has it's own stats ( yes they have updated it ) with each armour and weapon you get diffrent stats.
+ Now with a new class system, to choose you're class depending on how you want to fight.
+ Not a laggy game.

- Bad community. LOTS OF HACKERS!
- Not very good music / sfx
- the game is still in beta, so some thing are still a-bit bugged.
- you can't walk thru players unless you walk into them for about 2 mins.
Overall: 9
If you go and play this game already thinking:
"These graphics suck, this game is going to suck" Ya you're not going to like it. Give it a chance.

~=Long time EndlessOnline Player=~

Post Date: 00:03 10-01-2007
Rating: 1
Author: emojoe
Comment: the graphics stink,gameplay is so stupid and weapins and armour do nothing.Takes so long to lvl.when u start out ur like wtf man where do i do or what to do no tutorial.Also u start out with nothing in some tidywhitys. 1 from EMOJOE man.

Post Date: 02:31 03-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: gamefreak
Comment: this game is ridiculos...the armors and wepons still don't give any stat points and a person i meet in it from my country became lv 22-24 in like 2 years omg thats crazy and it looks stupid>:(

Post Date: 00:08 31-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: oddone65
Comment: omg..i installed this game... and i got like 3 trojans that destroyed my computer

Post Date: 13:32 22-12-2006
Rating: 5
Author: kupochan
Comment: this is really bad. i was very lost becuase there was no help,no tutorials or anything,and all the males hit on you and ask for your number if you have a girl character >_>

Post Date: 11:08 21-12-2006
Rating: 6
Author: kingdavy999
Comment: Cool game love it!It's wonder but it get's jamming up!

Post Date: 18:18 18-12-2006
Rating: 5
Author: cholocoy135
Comment: this game is so great but the problem is lack of events like free gold or items. For example
droping items, gold from the sky. and one of the prblem

Post Date: 17:47 16-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: yanbo
Comment: okay.. so ive just started this game and i appear in a completely random room with nothing not even clothes! i find some clothes and leave the room and im outside i then start a quest to make a knife with goats horns and thats it... their is absolutely no tutorial or anything you just have to ask players what to do and where to go so idecide to keep walkng and i endup somewhere i sont know and im lost with no money no way of making money and no monsters weak enough for me
also the graphics hurt ure eyes when u walk
this game is totally pathetic.

Post Date: 10:29 06-12-2006
Rating: 2
Author: Xavier Valtiel
Comment: Yet another game that could be good, but makes one huge mistake that causes it to fall short.
The gameplay is pretty good. Especially since it"s in alpha. No the weapons don"t have any stats and the armor"s just for style but that just brings up the character customization. The game as a really cool maze that takes like an hour to finish that I thought was a nice touch. But the problem, and no, it"s not the graphics, is the spell system. Basically if you cast a spell like "Small Thunder" you can kill anything in a small number of hits. And since there are no restrictions on killing other people"s monsters, many users with these spells kill the monsters before a noob can do anything about it. It took me four weeks to get from level 3 to 4 because of this and I uninstalled the game out of sheer depression. Don"t play this game. Not because it stinks, but because a vast majority of the players do.

Post Date: 19:18 05-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: tigruma
Comment: this game is ridiculos...the armors and wepons still don't give any stat points and a person i meet in it from my country became lv 22-24 in like 2 years omg thats crazy

Post Date: 23:44 01-12-2006
Rating: 3
Author: murfyy
Comment: Its not the best to look at but it is a bit of fun, the only problem is that it is too easy to get lost once you get off the starting island and thats when its too hard to level

Post Date: 23:58 09-11-2006
Rating: 2
Author: Club
Comment: This game is for poor people, who do not want to get off there butts and get a job to pay for a game thats half decent. Every game that is worth playing, u need to pay for. If you like this kinda graphics, stick with a game that does not run on donations. A huge mistake. Thanks for being thoughtful of makin this game free, but whats the point? Sooner or later theylle want to expand. You think this game is gonna stay free?? You are sadly mistaken.....The fate of this game is either, it will die of no donations or it will start askin for money. ANd if you still dont beleive me, take 3 hours to downoad and try this game. And then tell me what you think. If you like these kinda games, at leat play Maple story. Never ever play an rpg that runs on Donations. Because you can never trust the producers, no matter how hard you try.

Post Date: 00:29 03-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Zirotecha
Comment: AjaXiCe is right you just run around in your underwear killing goats.
Runescape is such a better game that this.

Post Date: 10:10 01-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: AjaXiCe
Comment: This has to be one of the worst games i'v ever played.. i mean theres much better things id rather play then a game where you walk around in your underwear killing goats.

Post Date: 08:32 30-10-2006
Rating: 2
Author: Splintakill
Comment: 3 seconds to download?!?!? when i tryed to download the game it had taken me 1 hour. I still havn't even downloaded...i'm going to do it next saturday when I have an hour.
The site is hard to get around and ticked me off when I couldn't get into the chatroom to see what the players think of this game..
Grr i'm ticked I think i'm going to play Runescape now..

Post Date: 22:57 25-10-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Chrisnelle
Comment: I have been playing this game for a while and I would recommend it to any one. the graphics might be a little bad but the game play isnt. every new version that comes out everything gets better. More detailed information on what your supposed to do, quest, new armors, hair styles, monsters. It might be a problem getting money for a while, but it you work at it, and not be lazy everything turns out to be easy. Long log in times might be due, to poor interent connection. So I give this a 9!!!!

Post Date: 23:14 19-10-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Beelzebub99
Comment: Honestly, this game is terrible. It is incredibly boring and maybe it's because the lack of a good tutorial leaves you confused on where to go or what to do. Slow leveling, bad battle system and traveling is slow, makes this game even worse.

Post Date: 00:28 19-10-2006
Rating: 3
Author: Mr. Unknown
Comment: Please read this :)

I dont reccomend this game to ANY I repeat ANY person who wants to play an RPG for a long time and be able to stick wit it. The graphics are a rip from the RuneScape classic game and it takes so long to get started off. The only plus to this game is that it takes 3 seconds to download.
The first thing I thought to myself was, "whoa did I just take a time machine back to the 1980s!"

Post Date: 03:01 16-10-2006
Rating: 1
Author: ILoveGunzxP
Comment: lmoa this is kinda of like a knock off runescape graphics that went terribly wrong.

Post Date: 18:25 04-10-2006
Rating: 7
Author: gam_master_88
Comment: This games alright ive been playin for about 2 weeks now, and the problems ive found are yes it needs a better server and yes i can see how getting money at first is time consuming, but their improving it still. Give it time and it will be great.

Post Date: 16:22 29-09-2006
Rating: 7
Author: jackpole
Comment: played for awhile to hard to earn cash but fun when pple arnt jerks but try it not much space used so

Post Date: 15:23 24-08-2006
Rating: 3
Author: Viewer06
Comment: easy to play.. easy to download but its 2d and the graphics are no way as good its pathetic but its ok gameplay but id give it a 3 because of the terrible graphics

Post Date: 04:57 19-08-2006
Rating: 6
Author: kevin565
Comment: Ok this game is kinda good very easy to download but major problem with fighting and lvling up. everyone swarms around the enemies who give alot of exp but overall i found to be a good game, if you have no space on your computer definetly get this game

Post Date: 01:33 13-08-2006
Rating: 0
Author: joe owns you!
Comment: ok i wouldnt play this game if people payed me. first off leveling is rediculous.the graphics are bearable, but hardlyi got to level 2 and quit.

Post Date: 14:11 30-07-2006
Rating: 9
Author: dannmaster
Comment: it is very funny and i rate it very high
the graphigs are not so good

Post Date: 15:30 08-07-2006
Rating: 10
Author: shippogurl
Comment: i happily rate this a 10 because it may be missing stuff but hey news flash guys they're still makeing it so you cant exactly say than an unfinished game isnt fun

Post Date: 01:18 04-07-2006
Rating: 2
Author: blloodstain-boi
Comment: This game is really really boring... I downloaded it, after much difficulty then closed it right away. The movements are so boring and is very bad. You cant even see your character swining its sword. Nice attempt on a good free game...But not even close. To bein good. ( The pople in the start menu of this game is butt ugly, obvioulsy the person who made this gaem cant draw manga proprerly)...>< If you want free Play Thang

Post Date: 08:51 21-06-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Raiketsumaru
Comment: I've been playing this game for over two years. You people say that "oh its bad because its missing stuff"

WELL GUESS WHAT? It's still in ALPHA!!!

The game IS very good. Have you ever tried making an MMORPG with a stand-alone client that isn't made from PlayerWorlds or something of the sort. It is actually quite difficult. You say they need a better server, but they cost a lot of money and this game's creator is paying for it from his own pocket. So give it a break.

And the if the community on the main server gets to you, try TEST!!!
Go to your Endless Online folder, choose the "setup Endless Online" prgram, and on server, change it it "test.endless-online.com".
And there is no need to memorize the IP, just change it to "game-endless-online.com" when you would like to go back to main.
Peace, Raiketsumaru.

Post Date: 16:09 31-05-2006
Rating: 10
Author: shadowpulse
Comment: This game is awesome beacause of the numbers of hours ull be spending playing on it. Although money may be a problem for some players its not all that hard. Just make some good friends join a party and kill some bigger monsters with alot more xp than a lame goat... xD LoL p.s. my name in eo is shadowpulse i might give ya some help.

Post Date: 23:40 17-05-2006
Rating: 9
Author: ownag3
Comment: the game is great but the things i dont like about this game is it is too hard to get money in this game and things are too pricy.

Post Date: 16:25 14-04-2006
Rating: 10
Comment: none

Post Date: 09:21 28-03-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Ruij
Comment: The game is okay but far from anything good. Then there is the community which is terrible. And the admins are worse then the players that misbehave. I wouldn t recomend this game to anyone!

Avoid this game at all costs!

Post Date: 17:21 24-03-2006
Rating: 5
Author: DawnSedai
Comment: I m still trying it out. But, i ll give you my first thoughts on this game: CONFUSING. No real decent instructions, you have to constantly fight other players to get to anything, and I don t understand it as well as a toad understands mathematics. I will keep you informed if anything improves. Rating of 5 right now.

Post Date: 01:58 10-03-2006
Rating: 5
Author: farinafazyra
Comment: none

Post Date: 20:41 29-01-2006
Rating: 9
Author: SOTGCreator
Comment: Very good game... but theres a thing...
DOWNLOADING takes FOREVER!! But other than that its very good.
Nine out of ten.

Post Date: 13:53 17-01-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Julez
Comment: well all i got to say is this game copied RSC(runescape classic) exactly the same graphics same gameplay and also one of the worst games ive played in a while.

Post Date: 04:05 11-01-2006
Rating: 10
Author: WOOT
Comment: REALLY good game
best mmorpg ive ever played but.... very addictive(not a bad thing...)
only 1 bad thing sometimes its real hard 2 log in most of the time its not 2 hard.
You should download it and try it out
Its great :)

Post Date: 23:24 06-01-2006
Rating: 2
Author: dac280
Comment: This game needs major improvment. Bad graphics,terrible gameplay and it has no storyline! No good or evil! This game needs to get to the 21st Century,before it loses players. The only game I hate more than this is RuneScape. That needs improvment as well.

I give this game a 2...out of 10.

Post Date: 15:55 29-12-2005
Rating: 6
Author: Renmak
Comment: Its ok....The graphics are a little out there but oh...And no sound....BUT!!! Its a great game to meet people and killing things is fun too so yeah ill give it a 6 =)

Post Date: 11:44 06-12-2005
Rating: 8
Author: Wallice
Comment: It s cool, but the server has a player limit. And it s anime based!

Post Date: 18:27 10-11-2005
Rating: 5
Author: Ankandor
Comment: Its a rip off of Dark Ages. It has the same style as dark ages, only Dark ages is much better. Dark ages doesn t exist anymore (I think) it was really fun and had much better graphics. this game is ok, but its kind of boring. the opening screen as some of the worse artwork I ve ever seen. but the drawings don t matter that much I guess.

Post Date: 07:39 25-10-2005
Rating: 9
Author: info
Comment: its SO much fun but you nerver win

Post Date: 12:39 25-09-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Tenzi
Comment: Endles is very good game

Post Date: 23:01 22-09-2005
Rating: 5
Author: brutaly honest
Comment: gotta give a 5, cannt download nething

Post Date: 18:58 16-09-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Lullaby
Comment: This game is awesome.The only problem with the game is that it takes ahwhile to log in.

Post Date: 06:56 20-08-2005
Rating: 1
Author: weirdymike
Comment: my computer freezes when I click on login.. Or sign up..

Post Date: 01:40 14-07-2005
Rating: 8
Author: kaitori
Comment: the game is alright the thing i really hate is the login time. it takes forever but besides that its a real great game and its really fun to trade and to get different equipment. this game is really good game. the makers should get a bigger server though.

Post Date: 11:21 13-07-2005
Rating: 6
Author: GILdaOGpimp
Comment: it is good i can see my guy and u can met new ppl and stuff the hink i don t like though is the lack of getting in the game u download then u spend 5 min to login what is up with that

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