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Evony is a massively multiplayer online real time strategy game (MMORTS). It is highly popular because it is a persistent world. The landscape does not change each game or each time you log in, but rather you control your fledgling kingdom and direct its affairs. Your subjects will continue building, gathering, researching and laboring even while you are away. You may complete quests, attack barbarians or rival players, form alliances, achieve rank and title and expand your kingdom. Raise your Prestige and vanquish your foes. Your destiny is in your hands.

Total Rating: 7.02
Reviews: 90

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Review Archive

Post Date: 07:49 26-06-2014
Rating: 6
Author: najdan11
Comment: Its good strategy game,but nothing special.I played it a couple times.

Post Date: 15:15 13-08-2012
Rating: 8
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Very nice game. Played it few times. I think everybody need to try it. 8/10 for me.

Post Date: 03:04 14-05-2012
Rating: 7
Author: Alliendre
Comment: Been playing Evony for about three months now and have enjoyed it so far. The game should perhaps be classed as a "Freemium" game rather than totally for free. Yes, you can play for free, but there are premium items that you will need to purchase along the way.
Beginners Protection lasts for seven days, this gives you time to concentrate on building your towns defenses without fear of attack. It is important to get your walls as high as possible (level 10 is max, but you should be able to reach level 4 fairly easily).
There are a number of guidelines available on line on the official forums and the Evony wiki to help you if you need guidance and there is always the World chat, but be aware it will cost you "a speaker" each time you chat unless it is a whisper to another player or within your alliance chatroom.

Post Date: 02:48 23-03-2012
Rating: 0
Author: User Name
Comment: Terrible, just terrible. If you enjoy spending 7 days bored to tears. And if you enjoy waiting forever for stuff to happen, and enjoy that 7 days worth of hard work building your town, only then to be destroyed by a 12 year old who's mom gives him money to play this crappy game instead of watching him properly, then this game is for you.

Post Date: 01:02 13-03-2012
Rating: 0
Author: dannyking
Comment: evony is ripping people of im one of them im sure there are more hope by writing this it may get somebody to look in to it there selling u stuff then the next day there taking it back if u did that in a shop u wood go to jail so come evony is a lound to do it iv played the game for 2 year and spent good money on it but now the game has lost its way so bad iv never seen any thing like it ur lucky if u can get on the game and the lag is so bad but there biggest thing is there taking ur money and running iv asked them for help they dont want to no iv asked them for the address so i can send them a letter but there not even giving me than now all u out there like me whos bein ripped off its time we got are money back for server 160 or its time evony faced court action


Post Date: 01:35 18-12-2011
Rating: 0
Author: lumlehsumleh
Comment: Terrible game. Bad graphics copy of all other games, running out of ideas? I suggest you to not play this game, I wouldn't even call it a game. The concept of this... thing in my opinion is just like farmville but it's meant for older people.

Post Date: 14:17 17-06-2011
Rating: 3
Author: Kingsfield
Comment: I have always liked RTS games, so when I came across Evony I was eager to try it.
At first you start with plenty resources and when you run out you just hand in your quests and you get new resources. And you are even protected for 7 days! What a beautiful game.

But then, your beginners protection ends. What happens next is that you find that there is no limit to who can attack you. The biggest player in the game can attack you as soon as you're out of beginner's protection.

If you are lucky enough to survive (probably by not being noticed by big players) you start to try and figure out the game, which is very vague. If you find a good alliance you are lucky because of all the spam in world chat. But still with the help op a good alliance the game is hard.
When you're offline you can still be destroyed, so they have this thing called a 'Truce Agreement' which protects you for 12 hours, what a brilliant solution! Too bad you have to pay for every single one of these...

Another weird thing is the prestige and honor in this game, prestige is the main aim of the game, but when you upgrade your town hall, which should be a great thing to do, your prestige gain decreases for every building you build next. And even weirder is honor, the more honor you have the more of your troops during an attack...
Btw, for a good defence you need a couple 100k's archers, so if your happy you got a couple thousand, you still have nothing...

All in all, the game is weird and annoying to play. You don't have to take my advice, but I don't recommend this game.

Post Date: 20:27 10-06-2011
Rating: 1
Author: Vikeadyn
Comment: Please ignore the sexy female artwork that advertise this game. Not to burst your bubbles but they got nothing to do with the game at all, except lure players into it. Which obviously works, based on all the reviews.

Evony? Not much to say about it to be honest. At first it was a nice game, but that lasted close to an hour, before I got bored. It goes by Real time. Hence, (RTS=Real Time Stratgedy) so if something takes 8 hours to build, that is exactly 8 hours in real life.

It takes way to long to build anything in this game, and Evony also runs when you are not even logged in. So lets say you log on first thing in the morning, and pick a few buildings or armies to build, that take several hours to complete, log off, then go to school, work, or college, and get done your day, log back on to see if the stuff was built. Which is great, if you are still marked to be safe. After you pass the safe mode.

Upon log in, you find out another player that pays, and is unemployed, or works a different shift, cutting school, on a different time zone, etc, destroyed your whole village while you where absent.

This game revolves around those that pay, not skill. RTS games are IMO a waste to get envolved in. Some people love them most do not, and when it comes to an open window for anybody to come in and steamroll your village 24/7 loged in or not, it is not worth the download to play, especialy since, all RTS games are based on, real life time.

Post Date: 01:21 27-05-2011
Rating: 7
Author: Webber
Comment: Not bad but not great either. Evony is more crowded than most strategy intense games I have played. As Lions says, cash is king!

Post Date: 22:45 28-04-2011
Rating: 2
Author: Lions
Comment: I tried getting into this game on multiple occasions but I simply do not like it. It takes forever to build basic things, and if you do manage to have some success, an opposing villager who pays to play will crush you in seconds. This game isn't about skill, it's about who has more cash.

Post Date: 13:09 17-04-2011
Rating: 6
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: It looks better. It's similar to a game forgot the name.

Post Date: 03:44 17-04-2011
Rating: 0
Author: Death Vendor
Comment: Evony has started to change its own rules now and change its game in its "Age I" environment, much to the upset of its long-time, hard-core players. The game starts with a town, and progresses as other reviewers here note. The landscape and feel are reminiscent of Civilization. Where it used to show no changes to landscape between logins, the weaker "barbarian" cities are now being removed at Evony's discretion without warning during its daily maintenance periods, which, sometimes, happen more than once in a day. This gives advantage for items like teleports within the game, which are most commonly items purchased with game coin, which is usually available by paying real money into the game. As the game has matured and the company has put pressure for this "FREE" game (which can still be played free) to generate money for them, they are progressively destroying game balance so they can sell game coin to players, often crippling game balance. The company has many servers, but as those mature, leaning toward players who have experience on more than one, and to the paying players, the continuing distortions to the game make the game nearly unplayable without spending on the game, and it is getting beyond the reach of most first-time players to have a chance to play successfully without substantial help that may not always be available. While a deep level of complexity may be good, the complexity is not so much the issue as skilled players with deep pockets to spend on the game. Beyond this, there are players who violate rules with multiple accounts. Evony players do not always feel reports of behavior against the rules are uniformly handled well by Evony, further distorting the game environment. Player criticism seems the game has deliberately moved away from its core players and its roots, despite its "FREE FOREVER" slogan, without regard to some consequences, at the cost of game stability and enjoyment. The changes are continuing, and leave the current group of players with questions about its future, its fairness, and some of its practices of changing the game without notice as players have just spent on the game. The company site, evony.net, does not give a telephone number, and neither does their game site, evony.com, give a telephone contact for the company. The game also has a forum at bbs.evony.com as well as a feedback forum at feedback.evony.com. Apparently run by Evony employees, the forums do generate some ideas for company developers, but player sentiment runs heavily toward the notion the company isn't so receptive as it easily should be to general player sentiment and concerns, which, in the literal face of a changing landscape within the game, has provoked a troubling number of core players to leave. When introduced as a topic, the company representatives typically do not fully address the concerns leading to these player defections, which again has some players feeling snubbed. Looking at other reviews here, the impression it's going to require money, and loads and loads of time, is pretty accurate. So, if you're looking at playing something, ask yourself why you would trust a company that needs you to pay so much for their free game, and basically not listen to its players, and make your own choice simple. At worst, there are plenty of other fish in this sea, and even if this kind of game is to your taste, go get hooked on something else. Even what the game has done right in the past is being changed under the players' very noses these days, and it's not even a fair game anymore. Give it a miss.

Post Date: 03:23 06-04-2011
Rating: 1
Author: Spiral Storm
Comment: Another sad failure of a game, Evony gets people hooked onto it by posting ads showing half-naked exotic ladies. But when you click on the ads and actually register to play the game, you're given a village. Yes! Just like in Tribal Wars! Yep...This is just another game where players can gain an unfair advantage against other players by paying for premium options to play this endless and worthless game just so they can be the best on a particular server. Very sad indeed. And what's more is that you basically have to pay for just about anything in this game, including the ability to chat! Not good at all! And the fact that any player with any amount of villages can tear down a player who has less or far less villages than the aforementioned player. Seriously. If I wanted to play a game where I had to either use bots or auto-gamers or watch some little virtual villages I built up get wiped out by another player with hundreds or even thousands of these little virtual villages, then I would be playing Tribal Wars. But I have a life off this computer, and therefore, there is no need for me to play any games like this, nor will there ever be.

Post Date: 04:09 05-03-2011
Rating: 7
Author: sasuke24
Comment: This is an awesome MMORTS. I love the strategy using policy and the graphics.

Post Date: 04:36 01-02-2011
Rating: 6
Author: Adrian
Comment: This game is sorta like the online version of: "Empire Earth", "Empire Earth 2", and "Sid Meier's Civilization". Without the great graphics of course lol.

Post Date: 17:36 30-12-2010
Rating: 0
Author: Bogerm
Comment: This game is boring. It designed for those who have no life and/or work. It will kill all of your free time. I personally couldn't manage to play it fair for more than 1 week and found nice bot called autoevony. This bot and information from evony wiki allowed me to became top 10 player on two servers. I spend 1 hour a day in average, mostly to chat with other players or kill players who is unfortunate enough to be near of one of my 10 cities. I laugh at those who spend time and money playing this game fairly.
1. Game is poorly designed with many bugs and security issues.
2. It is very primitive, although it makes it addictive
3. Evony stuff is unfriendly and unhelpfull
4. They do not have skills to get rid of botters and acount sharers
5. You have to pay for everything, including world chat and holidays. Can you imagine you have to pay $1 for right NOT TO PLAY this game for 1 day?

Post Date: 10:27 22-11-2010
Rating: 3
Author: TXMadMan
Comment: Though Evony is a free online game, however, I feel that it builds the odds in favor of Evony. So as to enourage you to buy coins. To give you an example. If you want to increase the level of your armor, you must fine one of two types of gems: 1. Delicate 2. Flawless.

You then decide how many of the gems you want to use, as each gem increase the percentage of achieving the next level.

However, Evony has it set that you can only go up one level at a time. However, if you lose, the game can take you all the way back to 0.

If you play for free, it will increase the lenght time dramaticaly to reach each level within the game.

Post Date: 16:29 08-10-2010
Rating: 5
Author: SimpleSimon
Comment: Fun game to play. I enjoy the environment and the ability to have pvp.... you can attack your enemy's cities. I don't like the prices for goods and items. They are very over priced. You can play for free, but to be successful, you need to buy coins with real money.

Post Date: 17:52 22-07-2010
Rating: 0
Author: ice grim reaper
Comment: WHy does this game got a higher rating than other MMORTS like Travian,Tribalwars,Khan Wars etc.It should have a low score since Evony has false ads.And items you have to pay real money are overpriced and overpowered.The alliance system sucks and the building systems suck.

Post Date: 21:35 19-07-2010
Rating: 0
Author: thegreatgamer
Comment: This game happens to be the WORST game i have had the misfortune to play, they may say free forever, but dont be fooled. YOu need to pay for everything, even speaking in the chat box costs money. Luckily I wasnt sucked into paying for anything, another problem is that it takes hours to build a single building UNLESS YOU CAN PAY to get insructions. Definately worth a 0

Post Date: 06:52 18-04-2010
Rating: 5
Author: jared
Comment: i really thought it would be better than what it was i played it and it was pathetic it really wasnt good at all the graphics are bad and it is just a game that i wouldnt play 5/10 shouldve gotten less.

Post Date: 20:37 27-03-2010
Rating: 5
Author: Omaro714
Comment: Evony is a solid game, but fails at its main objective of offering the true feeling of ruling your own kingdom.

The game glosses over the city aspect and concentrates more so on a paper, rock, scissors war system. Your amount of fun in the game is dependent on your location. If you manage to cement yourself into a good alliance, as I did, the game then becomes fairly routine and eventually a chore as the game designers do absolutely nothing to add anything "different" to the game. Most of the time you are online, you are doing little more than participating in a glorified chat room, as there is nothing to do.

The lazy game design is encouraged by the way game's design forces you to have to play 24/7 in order to sustain your cities. Play is probably the wrong word. Babysit is more like it. As it is fairly uncommon for alliances to be located all within one location, you can very well be "on" an island mosto f the time. When I played, I frequently received requests from alliance members with their username and password asking other alliance members to sign on to their account so that they could go on vacation.

Like a predatory pack of wolves, others in your area can see how long its been since you've signed on and confiscate your holdings if you are not there to manually defend them.

Evony is going to be the inspiration for a good game one day, but it is hardly worth the experience now.

Post Date: 15:12 11-03-2010
Rating: 9
Author: jodram
Comment: Evony is a great online medieval city building strategy game. I’ll even admit that I was first drawn in by lets say the ‘flashy’ ads. ? To really be competitive you need to log in at least once a day so it’s not for the very casual player but if you enjoy strategy games it’s got a great concept and is a lot of fun. So far the community I’ve met has been great and while the game itself only has basic instruction on some of the strategy involved, it’s very easy to find information online or in the official forum. I highly recommend reading up on some of it because once you come out of the 7 day protection it gets hairy in a hurry. Also don’t get discouraged if you get attacked because the game will never let your last city be conquered and it offers a restart option which gives you the 7 day protection all over again. Just learn from your mistakes and try again. The two best tips I can give to a new player would be to read up on how to attack NPC’s and most importantly join an alliance; this is not the kind of game where you can go at it alone.

The graphics are good enough for the kind of game it is but it’s not a going to tax your video card if that’s the kind of game you are looking for. The game runs in a browser window and I’ve had some issues with slow downs sometimes but they have always been fixed by restarting the browser. The city building part is fun but once you’ve figured it out most of your cities will be exactly the same. The real fun of the game is the wars between alliances and trying to manage relationships with allies. In that respect it’s almost like real life. ? The pay aspect of this game offers you coins to buy items that can give you bonuses in the game but the game itself is free and buying them is not necessary to be a competitive player and valuable part of your alliance. Plus Evony offers you an amulet each day that allows you a spin on the wheel of chance to get a free item. This game is great, and you can’t beat the price LOL, my name is Jodram and I play on server 133 I hope to see you there.

Post Date: 09:58 28-02-2010
Rating: 6
Author: dominonation
Comment: Evony is fun, but you need a very good patients, which is something I don't have. It's kind of confusing because you need to constantly be upgrading this to upgrade that. It's not really th mass strategy game I wanted, but it was fun.

Post Date: 00:26 23-01-2010
Rating: 0
Author: condor2199
Comment: A few short points I have to make about his game's incapability

1.staff-whenever you sign up for a game, you submit all this personal info. This is monitored. they know this personal info. You expect the owners of said info would at least tell you their name, right? WRONG. they are a totally untrustworthy company. Not to mention the incapability to track multiple accounts. The founders are very widely alleged WoW gold farmers. why join a game with these corrupt owners?

2.Game flaws-if you arent constantly logged into this game 24/7, you city is destroyed. gone. This is 100% not supposed to happen, in any game. progress can be easily halted, and you will become just another farm for some1 who stupidly spends money on this horrible game. What fun is a game that follows you ball and chain? NONE. NO GAME IS GOOD IF YOU CANT "SAVE IT". in essence, your progress is deleted if you leave for a meager day. WTF????

3.Ad Campaign-do i even need to comment on this? This game's Widespread use of boobs and adporn is demeaning and simply despicable. THIS GAME HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH BOOBS!!!!!! and its "10 million player fanbase" consists of mostly players who saw the adporn, went to the site and made an account, and then quit after realizing that boobs were nowhere to be found, or players who joined, played for a week or so, realized the flaws, then quit. if anyone would like to see this ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE AD CAMPAIGN in work, either take a look around you, or go to

thank you for your time.

Post Date: 23:50 21-12-2009
Rating: 10
Author: bsep1
Evony is a lot of fun and can be very addicting. There are many different servers that you can play on and within each server are many different alliance. You can play by yourself, start your own alliance or join an already established alliance and make new friends. A good part of the game is diplomacy and how you and or your alliance interact with the other players of the game. This is a very important aspect to the game, you must be careful of your actions, or you can start a war. Another fun aspect is the chat. There are three different channels to chat on, the beginners channel, world chat and alliance chat. Alliance chat is only between your alliance members, where as world chat can be anyone on the server. Beginner chat is a way to learn the game from others and to obtain knowledge of how to do certain quests. When you are in an alliance, strong bonds between members form, as you must help each other out, and it really feels like a second family, You chat to people from all over the world and get to learn some of their culture and ideas concerning the world. Many lively discussions are held in chat, from politics, to just being silly and joking around. You also learn deductive reasoning, as you must learn what troops to send to attack another player or an abandoned city. There is also a lot of competition in trying to gain prestige and build a bigger army than the next player and also in the ability to use the troops you have made to their best advantage. Evony really is a fun game that many people play, so far it has probably well over 3million players. And if you start to play Evony, and your friends too, eventually it might break Runescape’s record of most players in an interactive game. And I think that anyone that like to play this type of game would enjoy it. So even if u think you wouldn’t like it. Just try and head on over to www.evony.com/index.do and log yourself into the fastest growing and soon to be most popular game ever.


*When your starting Evony work on following your quests and getting the free beginner packages. Newbie’s Package is free while Lord’s package you need level 3 town hall.

*When seeing an npc as a beginner, you’ll want to attack it, hold of attacking until you can refer to having ballista or enough archers to think you can withstand the traps. (At such a small researched stuff. About unit ,warrior, worker, archer, scout, [on attack not scout] swordsman and pikeman die per 1 trap

*Ballista are used for attacking npc. For no losses look below, try to have level 9horseback, 9archery for no losses.
Level 1 npc-50ballista 25transporters
Level 2 npc-200ballista 40transporter
Level 3 npc-300ballista 135transporter
Level 4 npc-400ballista 250transporte
Level 5npc- 500ballista 445ballista
Note-anything above 5 you will have losses
* When you start out work on making as many resource fields as you can, it’ll help you out a lot.

Post Date: 16:54 12-12-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Adam II
Comment: Evony is a excellent game and very addictive. It is frustrating at times when you run out of supplies but make up for it by trading. Other games such as Runescape you run round with a player which is harder than Evony where you just click on something and your there. The quests are medium level and fun if you enjoy working on it. The fact that you can have more than one city if you manage to capture a flat makes this game even more exciting running 2 cities at once. Also not having to stay where you are permanently makes it better as well as you can use the teleport to go wherever you want (provided its on the list) An Improvement could be that building stuff: E.g. Relief station. Doesn’t link to having to build like 5 other things... E.g. Relief station-Horseback riding-Level 5 academy and level 5 Military science-Level 4 forge...
War- This is fun if you like war but can be annoying if you just building up to build massive cities and people start attacking you over night.
Quests- Excellent as usually a quest leads to a chain of 5 more or something like that and then they continue and they fall into different categories so you know what you want to do.
Time- This game works in really time so you know that if something says it will take 5 minutes it will take 5 minutes not 10 or 2 minutes
Resources- These are- Food/Lumber(wood)/Stone and Iron. Each of these contributes to building or upgrading something. They also contribute to training troops.
Population- These are the people that occupy your city. They are used for collecting resources and training into troops. An improvement to these could be they don’t run down so quickly as I often see that it was 2000 now is 1970.
Last but not least- Town hall is the cave behind the boulder (metaphor)Using this you can levy your resources(lets you get more of the selected resource for 20loyalty) Comfort your population (this lets you pray, bless, raise, or disaster relief you pop) Rename city (self explanatory really) and Tax rate (lets you change the tax rate :L)

Overall i think the game is brilliant, and the concept is clear, keeping me going in the game is my alliance and friendships built. I give the game 10/10. The roulette wheel is awesome but getting cents is hard. Only downside is resources needed to build and Building chains. Thanks, Adam II

Post Date: 16:44 12-12-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Johannius
Comment: This is a very good game that you will really have to be good if you want to survive among the best. Surprisingly you will find not only kids playing this game, but mature aged people who works, have a family.. and know a LOT of strategy. It's good for casual playing too, but if you get too lazy, you have a good chance to become somebody's farm.
You will be in the command of a initial city that you'll have to grow conform your gameplaying, increasing the tax rate, production of resources, almost everything to survive and feed your troops. Not so, you'll have to face enemies who surely will want your head or your resources, so it's good to form a strategy before acts! And you can count on alliance stuff that is one of the best things in the game, you'll meet lots of people from around the world and make good friends, as i made and make the game more enjoyable!

One thing that i dislike is the fact that is hard to earn medals on fights and that's make some difficult to rank among the best. In adition, every day you receive a medal and plays a 'spin' that you can earn some prizes, from ingame resources to 'cash' items, the cents. And if you want to spend some money on cash, it will fit in your pocket or eager to spend!

This is a very addictive game and make lots of fans around the world because it's simple to play and have lots of options and upgrades that can really modify your strategy in battles and all! Give it a 9!

Post Date: 19:34 11-12-2009
Rating: 5
Author: grower50
Comment: I think that evony is a very good game. Its very exciting for me, as i feel its not just like any other games where you can complete them and then just toss them too the side.
The main thing i like about evony is that you get to have a little competition. I like being able to compete againgst other real players within the game as it makes the game more fun, plus you can attack other people and gain stuff from it.l like the idea of being able to build alot of troops so you can attack npcs. The quests idea is great. When i started off i did not have a clue about what i was doing but the quests really helped me understand what the game is about. Having an alliance is a really great idea too. You feel that your all one with your alliance and that your alliance can help you, give you resourses and have fun attacking other members from other alliances. Another great thing about evony is prestige. It helps you get motivated to build more as you can progress within the prestige leaderboards. One thing, however that is quite annoying with the game is medal drop rates. Its really hard to get some medals when you attack valleys and npcs, and I feel that i have done all that work attacking for nothing. I think that to improve evony, maybe the medal drop rates should be much higher, or you should be able to trade gold for cents, so players don't feel that we have saved all that gold for no reason. Or, you could make it so that you can swap gold for medals. For example, 5 mil gold for a lion medal, or 3 mil for a rose medal. This would make the game more popular as people could rank easier and less players would give up, instead they would be able to build more plus spend their money on stuff like adv city teleporters and things.

But overall, the game is quite good. I like the whole thing overall and its a good game, plus its very addictive. The amulets per day thing is really good, as it motivates me to go on the game more as i know i can gain soldiers and building upgrades, plus i can use the amulets on the game so i can get a random prize draw. I find this game really fun, though so this game is awsome! I would love it if the game became more advanced, even though updates are already happening to make the game even more good. If i could rate this out of 10, i would rate this 9/10, this is one of the best games i have ever played! thanks for creating this game. Like i said, the only downside is medal droprates, but if it werent for that i would rate this 10/10. Thanks,

grower50 (server 102) email: [email protected]

Post Date: 10:20 25-11-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Dreadbeard
Comment: I played this game for several months and held a position in the top 3 prestige on a server for a long time. To really be the best you do need to spend a little money & learn to farm level 10 NPCs. You also need to eventually convert all your cities to level 10 npcs. Oh--and you'll be farming NPCs a lot. You start with level 4-5 npcs, and eventually you have to focus on level 10 NPCs to provide enough food for your troops. You'll also need to learn high end strategy once your server matures--this involves a lot of teamwork & coordination for timing attacks. The crowd that plays this game is surprisingly mature, my alliance for example was mostly people age 25 to 35, although there were others both younger and older. The demographic playing was incredibly spread out as well, we had teachers, professionals, business owners, and even a priest (actually a rabbi) in our alliance. I enjoyed the game & made many friends. The social aspect is really what kept me playing. I had fun in my alliance crushing our opposition, but I eventually quit when several spies compromised my alliance. We were #2 and challenging the #1 alliance, but they had several sleepers in our alliance, due to a traitor who gave the other alliance access to several of our inactive player accounts. They used the inactive players as launchpads to attack us, even though some of us (like me) surrounded ourselves with hundreds of miles of pure NPCs (no empty flats). ANyway, the game is fun, and you can do fairly well without spending money, so I'll give it a 9.

Post Date: 15:53 22-11-2009
Rating: 3
Author: many702
Comment: STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok guys look i playedthis game for almost 1 year the most addicting game ever everything was great everything until the rich people came they got a super adgvantage over you and got stronger than u nd took over ur citys nd basically they beated u or if not the strong alliances bullied u into joing them nd well after everything u basically lost everything u wokred on hard to create so basically it was 1 year of waste of time for me now tht rich people spend up to 400 dollers per week on tht game of course there gane have an advantage over u so for tht i give this game a 3

Post Date: 23:55 21-11-2009
Rating: 6
Author: The Winner
Comment: I really enjoy these types of games and this is a pretty good one but there are no human beings seen anywhere in the game its buildings and empty streets also whats with all the woman with giant boobs in the ads when it has absolutly nothing with the game itself.

Post Date: 16:48 15-11-2009
Rating: 10
Author: timothytjmon
Comment: Tales from Lord Sauterberger, server 87, Allinace SnB, I rate it a 10+
email [email protected]

As a candle burning outside your window...The setting sun falls as the night sky begins & hammering fills the air as your workers build the wall of your castle to new hights towering into the sky,several scouts rush to you vomiting, faintly saying of reports of an enemy army approaching. You call to arms as your army rushes from the baracks. Archer towers begin to fill up as your army falls into formation, for months now, the active players have survived as the in-active or week gamers fall to the wayside, this world itself is continueing in real time, only the strong will survive.

(A very good strategy game indeed, your choices made have results, some which are good & some which are bad, but you have the choice.)

Suddenly you hear a clacking sound behind you as you look to see your alliance flag being raised into the sky as several of your soldiers kneel before the regiment flag colors. Hoping your alliance name will strike some fear, but to no avail, your scouts yell from the beacon tower, the enemy army approaches, you yell traps ready & prepare the archer towers.

No word from your allies(allies maybe in different time zones, or countries such as the u.s., asia & europe, great way to make friends from different countries), you suddenly realize that you are alone in this fight, as the sound of war drums fill the air. Your people look to you with worried faces as they cling to safety, you comfort them for their loyalty,& wonder are you up for this challenge, can you survive, you tell yourself, you have to survive you, then you realize you must survive as you yell, prepare to open the gates feed them what they have been waiting for!!!

The challenge is waiting for you as Lord Sauterberger brings a candle burning outside your window, are you up for it?

Post Date: 02:32 13-11-2009
Rating: 10
Author: ssmith88
Comment: By far the best MMORT game. Highly recommended!

Post Date: 15:42 05-11-2009
Rating: 10
Author: DeSangre
Comment: Evony is an amazing game. I found out about it about 3 months ago and since then I’ve been addicted (in a good way!). It is a real-time online massively multiplayer browser-based game, where the goal is to expand your empire and conquer other players’ cities.

For an online flash game the graphics are pretty impressive. The buildings are meticulously detailed and the layout looks awesome on a big screen monitor. The gameplay draws you in from the moment you begin. It’s easy to pick up for the casual gamer, and yet still challenging for you strategy enthusiasts out there. Simply follow the in-game “quests” and you will become an expert player in no time.

I’ve played on about 5 different servers and I still can’t seem to get enough. Evony also holds contests and promotions where you can win Evony cents to spend in-game to buy items. The game is also FREE, but its addictive factor, replay value, and overall fun rival that of most games that will charge you money to play.

What I love most about Evony is the fact that it takes place in a persistent world. Even when you are NOT online, your city is still growing. This is great for people like me who are busy working full time, as I don’t need to constantly be in front of my monitor to be a successful player. I’ve gotten a few player at my job to join and now they are sucked into the game as well. I dare you to try this game for one day, and I guarantee you will come back on for more!

The goal of Evony is to be the most powerful player in your realm, and you compete in real time with millions of other people around the world. You can build castles, raise armies, form alliances with other players, attack nearby cities, and much more. Joining an alliance is an experience all by itself... You get to team up with other players and support each other in your global conquest. Each server is divided into “states”, and there is ALWAYS a constant power struggle as players war with each other to become the dominant player/alliance in the land.

You have the freedom to become whoever you want in Evony. Will you be an evil lord that crushes any and all in his path? Or will you be a powerful hero that protects his alliance and their claimed lands? Or maybe you are the Sim-City-Builder type, and prefer to maintain peace at all cost while building massive cities across the land… The choice is yours.

What’s not to like?

It is fun, addicting, and most of all – it’s FREE! Sign up at www.evony.com – and I’ll see you on the battlefield.

Server 90

Post Date: 09:47 02-11-2009
Rating: 0
Author: seth7969
Comment: This game is LAME! It is sad when you have to advertise your game with images of lusty ladies in lingerie even though that has nothing to do with what your game is!

What is more, there is ABSOLUTELY NO POINT OR END GAME! Thats right. Nothing to work for, nothing to accomplish but building and attacking endlessly without any real point to the game. Persistent? Yeah, sure.. Persistently pointless and boring! This IS NOT a strategy game. I am a strategy enthusiast, and this is anything but! In order to qualify as a strategy game, you have to have something to work towards! In this, the most you can hope to do is dominate a server, and even that is relative and pointless! You can just create a ton of multiple accounts to aid you there, and there is next to no administration to monitor cheating! And besides, why bother? Even if you were to somehow be the best in a server...what is the point? Why bother? What do you get? What is the goal? NOTHING!

This game is a total waste of time and nothing more.

Post Date: 22:42 31-10-2009
Rating: 10
Author: CrazyLord
Comment: First of all I got to say WOW this is the best MMORTS game I have ever played. Took me a while to start playing it. I seen the advertisement every where I go on the web. So finally I jumped into it, and I sure am glad I did. This game is really free forever. I have been playing it for quite some time and have never had to pay anything. The map never changes, and you control every aspects of the game such as , Taxes, Soldiers, Heroes (which increase in level), and Production. Building a wide variety of buildings such as, Barracks, Stables, Workshop, Forge, Marketplace, warehouse, And Cottages. Build an Inn to recruit Powerful heroes. Build a Feasting Hall to house your Heroes and appoint one as mayor to gain very helpful bonuses. Also build an Academy to research very power up-grades. Build farms, Sawmills, Iron mines, and quarries to obtain resources to better yourself. Up-grade all your building for even more advantages. Complete in game quests to advance quickly (recommended). Increase your rank and Title, build more cities and become all that much more powerful. Gain Prestige and become well know amongst all the world. Increase your Honor through war and let the world know just how powerful you are. Train soldiers of all different types and send them on marches to obtain valleys and gain extra bonus to your recourse production, or send them to near by towns to take the resources. Build Wall fortifications to bring your attackers to there knees. Join an Alliance and defeat your foes together. Plan out a strategic attack with your allies. Reinforce your allies and send them supplies so that they can build more soldiers to aid in the war. Or create your own alliance and recruit people to help defeat your enemies and use Diplomacy to obtain allies with other Alliances. Of course there is always that other option of Diplomacy…War….You decide. Communicate in secret with your allies through the in game mail system and receive a little extra advantage in war or discuss other players about promotions. Of course if you want to talk in private there is also the traditional whisper. You also of the option of gaining special items in game to have an advantage over your enemies. In fact there is always special deals they give you to help you achieve victory. You may be thinking a Game like this it might be slow. Nothing could be farther then the truth. I have 4 cities and several allies and I am at war with several strong alliances. Needless to say there is almost always something to do. Whether its send marches to my enemies, recruit soldiers, up-grade buildings, or to simple discuss War strategy with my allies. No Download just sign up and play! It’s that easy.
This truly is the best MMORTS and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Server 80

Post Date: 00:20 31-10-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Sir Argus
Comment: When I first started seeing banners for Evony, I had no clue what it was and no real desire to know. A few weeks went by and I was still seeing it advertised more and more and not just on gaming sites. With my curiosity peaked, I clicked on a link. I found that it was just another online RPG. I thought, just what everyone needed, another civilization game.
I researched it some more though, to be fair, and found that, unlike Civilization this was strictly an online game and was running and active even when you were not actively playing. The game did not pause while you were back in the real world. So your town was still producing and thriving while you are going to school or work.

The game was offered as “free forever”, but like all good skeptics, I figured there was a catch to that somewhere. Who would offer the servers and bandwidth needed to host this without making a dime? As long as it was free though it could not hurt to create a dummy email account and sign up.
So, I signed up and logged into the site, fully expecting to be bombarded with advertising. No advertizing was found just a small scrolling banner at the top giving game info and a shop at the bottom where you could purchase items.
I setup the account and played with it a little, nothing real exiting to it, so I logged off.
At this point, I left the game and figured it was not that interesting.

A few weeks later, I received an email from the game system urging me back to give it a real chance. They even gave a very decent free offer to get me back. I came back and gave it a go again, but mostly just to use the free goodies. That was it, I was hooked.
No, it wasn’t the goodies that got me hooked; it was the involvement, the strategy. I did not have to download anything, and I did not have to pay to play. Sure you can pay for things to speed up the game, or you can take it slow and easy and wait it out. I opted to invest to get things moving, it was way too interesting to just wait the set time when I could speed things up with just a nickel in the game. Granted the nickel cost a dime but it was well worth it before they offered freebies and bonuses.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a game that offers strategy, interest and fun for little or even no money, I highly recommend this game.

Sir Argus
Server 84

Post Date: 02:29 23-10-2009
Rating: 10
Author: lezania
Comment: I was searching for an online MMORPG or MMORTS game to play. What drew me to Evony was the fact that there was no long waiting for it to download and then install. It loads fast and you get to begin playing immediately. Even while in my first days I met many helpful players who helped answer my questions on my server (88). I had people ask me to join their alliances. It seems to draw out the competitor in a person yet, it brings together people all around the world and they play with no biased thoughts about the other players. The atmosphere and over all game play is exactly what I was looking for and have recommended Evony to several relatives and friends alike. Lady Lezania on server 88 isvery pleased with this game since it is free and no long wait on downloading/installing the game. This is far better then having to wait anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes for game to actually be ready to play. Evony is one of the best online MMORTS that I have come across and I hope to bring more players along for the ride.If anyone joins come to server 88 on Thuringa and join the MeSSiAH Alliance. The strategy in building cities in the first 7 days and joining with an alliance to help protect one another fits into the game. You actually see the growth of your own city as the buildings grow and your population grows right along with the city growth. This review was written by Lezania on server 88.

Post Date: 17:29 16-10-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Stavus
Comment: Evony, a game of challenge, patience, frustration, and most of all fun. At first glance it may seem as if Evony is yet another slow, browser based “simulation” game, but that first glance would be terribly wrong. During the initial “beginner phase”, in which you cannot be attacked by anyone, you will spend much of your time clicking build, and then waiting for a timer to count down to zero, this is perhaps as boring as it sounds, but believe me it’s well worth it in the end (you should also join a good alliance as soon as you can, so that they can both help you, and supply lots of entertainment via chat while you watch those dreaded timers). After you have been in Evony about a week you will uncover its true glory. Evony is a game, while short of stunning graphics and visual innovations, in which the world is literally yours (or can be, if you play it right). You can build an army of epic proportions, resort to diplomacy, be a trade tycoon or anything else really. The more cities you have the wider your options essentially become. The number of cities one can control is determined by a ranking system in which one ranks up using medals that they obtain from attacking non-player characters (barbarian cities/valleys). The higher ones rank and title, the more cities one can control. This system while, at first, seemingly unnecessary and impossibly difficult, is in reality not all that unachievable and adds an immense sense of accomplishment (as well as respect) to those with high ranks and titles. Medals among other things CAN be purchased to speed up the experience, but EVERYTHING is 100% achievable without spending a dime. This means no imbalance, no people buying their way into virtual invincibility, just pure fun at an unprecedented level of equality. In short, Evony is a game that may be slow going at first, and while it has its share of problems, is a game that is extremely rewarding and will provide you with countless hours of entertainment and fun.

Post Date: 10:08 15-10-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Azriell_playerORangel
Comment: Evony.com is a ground breaking new way to build a medieval empire, try your hand at diplomacy, or just ruthlessly crush your neighbors! This 100% free! Flash based game has absolutely BOOMED. With the Evony community now numbering in the tens of millions; this truly is the best time to start your own medieval adventure.
Evony in game play is easy to learn and easy to use. You’ll be building castles or demolishing your neighbors in absolutely no time at all. Starting with one town you have a small tutorial of beginning quests that teach you the game, as well as give you rewards to get you onto your own two feet. Sometimes it’s difficult to stand after strapping on a whole suit of plate mail.
You can build anything from economy in Evony , to public works such as academies and houses, or military buildings like the barracks, watch towers, and relief stations.
Once you’ve built up your city undoubtedly you will be wanting to attack something or someone. I know I couldn’t resist the urge once I had a whole army of swordsmen, archers, and even catapults!
The Evony battle system is flawless. You gain honor for attacking and other players but you are also penalized that same honor for attacking players smaller than you are or attacking the same player multiple times after you’ve already defeated him or her.
As well as attacking and building communication with other players is highly encouraged in Evony. You have the option to join or even create your own alliance, You can say hello to an entire server using world chat, or you can talk more privately with a friend using the whisper feature.
Evony even has it’s own in game Email! You can send mail to anyone on your server! If you know your friends name your message is only a click away.
Attack, defense, building, economy, and huge potential for growth are the reasons I give Evony a 10 out of 10 for free online games. Go try it out and I know you will be as pleased I am while your soldiers hack and slash their way to the top of the evony community.
The only thing you need is an Email account and with the G rated nature of Evony’s community and gameplay your child would love to join you and play too.
This is truly the only online game I’d recommend to every one of my friends.
Azriell server 64

Post Date: 06:39 15-10-2009
Rating: 10
Author: clb7us
Comment: Evony-Free Forever
Game Website: www.evony.com

Evony is a free web browser based MMORTS game set in medieval times. You slowly build your city, and army to conquer land and other players cities. When the game begins you start off with nothing but a town hall and a couple thousand resources. Everything you do from your attacks,building, and researching is displayed with time remaining. As you progress and upgrade your buildings and research it takes longer and longer to finish. The game becomes pretty self explanatory as you follow the routine quests gaining rewards through each achievement.

Build Your City:
City building is divided into two separate fields. The town and the city. The town contains all your buildings (barracks,town hall, market..etc etc) while the city part contains all the resource fields you build for gaining resources. You can only build one thing at a time so it requires you to continue to come back and check on your progress rather then playing for hours straight.

Manage your city and hero:
The city and the cities heroes must be managed well. Once you create an inn and feasting hall, you can appoint a mayor or hire a hero to lead combat missions. The stats of your hero effect multiple things. Politics increases resource gains, attack increases attack rating as well as shortens troop training times, and intelligence shortens research times.

Once you build an army they will begin to drain your food production and your hero will require a salary from your gold gains. You must set your tax rate accordingly as to not lose your hero. Beware that when your troops are outside your city they require twice as much food so try to return them back as soon as possible.

Once you have an army you can begin to start attacking valleys for resource bonuses or conquer flats to build new cities. It is always important to scout the area before you attack to determine whether or not you will be successful. After you scout it use the exercise option to get a rough idea how you will fare in the attack. The combat system can be a little tricky so feel free to visit the forums for feedback on any issue, the community tends to be very helpful.

Special Items and Medals:
Evony although being a free game, has a shop feature where you can buy certain items and medals to progress further in the game. This tends to be the only set back I"ve ran into in the game. Although buying items is not required or needed, it gives the users a drastic bonus but you can earn the medals from attacking valleys or earn items of the daily roulette wheel spin.

Ive been playing this game for about a month now. At first game play can seem slow and uneventful but after you get start to acquire an army and more cities it draws you in. The game is very smooth running so its something you can have in the background at work or while your on myspace or face book. (even offers your the ability to change the name displayed by your browsers for added stealth!) Its a game that seems to make you want to come back and continue to achieve new victories. The best thing I"ve discovered about this game is the Alliance feature. It offers new users protection and advise as well as you meet some interesting people that makes you totally forget the waiting times. Check it out, It"ll be well worth your time.

[email protected]
Server 71
Host of alliance RENEGADE
Prestige: 135,973
Honor: 57,654

Post Date: 20:10 14-10-2009
Rating: 10
Author: chris10218
Comment: well what can i say about this game it is absoultly amazing there is so much to do you will never get bored first of you have your very own city to look after you have all difrent types of buildings like your genral cotages and your town hall and you have your population to uprase next you have the outside of your city where you build resorce buildings you can upgrade all of these buildings the better the upgrade the more the building will do next you have quests i vital part in this game there are over 400 quests so you can never complete them all they difer from upgrading your buildings to atacking your enimies and every quest you complete you get a nice big fat juicy reward you allso have an alliance you can join you can chose to create 1 with your freinds or just some random people in this alliance you attack other alliances you can talk to other people and so on and so forth.this game is a must play for any browser game fans it has many members the staff are very freindly and you will never get bored my lord name is DJcRiZ im on server 1 my email is [email protected] and i love evony and so should all of you so if you decide no i wont enjoy it think again :)

Post Date: 22:14 12-10-2009
Rating: 7
Author: scape53
Comment: sizzle server 33
This game is very fun for about the first 4-6months then if anyone has read the forums at all, u reach what is called the end game, everyone has a bunch of cities full walls 200k+archers in each city and u can send a max of 90k units unless u use a 50 cent item on ur rally spot so that u can send 100k units and if u also use a one time use war ensign u can send a maximum of 125kunits if u send 125karchers against 125,001 archers then u lose 125karchers and they lose like 45karchers, this game is really awesome when u first start, but is so completely f-ed up eventually they will make a change into evony 2 or seomthing like that, but i'm not waiting around, so play it but don't pay money, u won't b playing for very long, also Kindomofloathing powns and i will trade somone a totally awesome server 33 acc for stuff on kingdomofloathing i have put like $40 into evony so even if somone makes an acc and then donates $10 to the game then switches accs with me they would b getting an amazing deal

Post Date: 04:57 11-10-2009
Rating: 9
Author: flamewarrior
Comment: I have been playing this game for quite a long time, and even after a month and a half, it is still holding my interest. You begin with a small town with no more than a town hall, but you are given plenty of space to build with. Like many other games, the objective is to collect resources, build an army and defenses, and finally vanquish all of you enemies. At the time of writing this I am on the 85th server under the lord name Fastasgod. One huge advantage of Evony is it’s many servers. It is constantly making new ones as the server I am on is only 5 days old and yet there is already a server that is even newer.
Unlike other games, people who play this game are encouraged to help beginning players to get on their feet. As if that were not enough the players are given an entire week with which to amount an army and enough defenses to withstand those of your enemies. On top of tat, there are multiple packages that help to quicken growth as well as strengthen other important aspects of your society.
The attack engine is unique to Evony, and it is like no other. Instead of directly pitting army against army in a single skirmish, the attackers range actually comes into play. For example, If you send archers in alone they will mow down the first few ranks, but then be massacred by the opposing army. However, if you send them in with the aid of foot soldiers the foot soldiers will help block the opposing army giving your archers even more time to knock more arrows and strike down more men. It is a very unique system, and one that is more realistic than most.
For those who are willing to shell out a measly 5 or ten dollars there are great benefits to doing so. 5 dollars will buy you 50 in-game cents, which will permit you to speed up construction or research, temporarily strengthen your army or even help with production. It is, however done in such a way that does not offset the balance of power within the game and although paying a little will help you, it will not make those who do so impossible to defeat.
The final aspect I would like to touch on is the ability to teleport your cities. If you join an alliance, but you notice that the rest of the members are a world away, you have the ability to teleport to a local much closer to them. This in turn will allow your alliance to assist you and provide you with reinforcements.
Overall I give Evony a 9, it only misses the mark of being a ten because of it’s occasional lag problems, but even they do not seriously affect gameplay.

Post Date: 07:48 08-10-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Vipervirus
Comment: Evony is an awesome challenging massive multi-player online real-time strategy game. It is highly addictive and has a constantly evolving challenge that keeps the player interested for hours on end. There are over one hundred plus servers to play on with massive continents to explore and populate.
The objective is simple: Use your prestige to increase your rank, and Build up mighty cities and create massive army to conquer the lands. Are you afraid of being conquered by the older more experienced players? Beginners protection offers a 7-day period to build your army and defenses. You start out small with just one city and not a lot of resources. From here you can follow a 220+ quest guide to build your city, or forge your own path and click away. Build a massive army and conquer with brute force, or build up your city to make a special army to strategically erase your enemies. It’s your choice to make.
Whether you’re a casual gamer or hardcore gamer you can find many challenges. The resources are time based so as to let the casual gamer still be involved where as the hardcore gamer still can find challenges by micromanaging his efficiency and population. In Evony it is possible to get ahead in life by having money and purchasing game cents. Game cents offer a selection at a store where you can purchase items. You don’t necessarily have to pay to get items though. Each day you will get an Aries amulet which you can use on a wheel of fortune to gain the same items that are available in the store.
Wage war by yourself and be conqueror of all or join an alliance and crush your enemies. Get together with your friends and create your own, or join in with some new people to make new friends. I (Vipervirus, World 77) have been in multiple alliances that were foreign to me, and found them to be kind, courtesy, and a blast to play with. With your alliance build up your glory and crush your enemies.
The graphics are simple and crisp. Navigation are user friendly. Provides many hours of entertainment and challenges to keep a user occupied. It is one hundred percent absolutely free to play… Forever! Best part about it is: There is no installation, Instant access, and you can play anywhere with an internet connection via browser. Have fun, and Join NOW!

Post Date: 00:25 08-10-2009
Rating: 10
Author: death2
Comment: Evony is an amazing game. It is extremely fun and never gets old. You can fight wars in 50 different servers and new players get a head start with a 7 day grace period. I will never quit Evony- it never gets old with new wars. You can join an alliance with other real people or join an alliance at war with one of your friends and see who wins! Recruit archers, warriors, ballistas, and cavalry to defeat your enemy and take their city!
Also, there is an option to spend money but it is not necessary. As it says its Free Forever! You can spend money to advance quickly but the game can still be amazingly fun without spending a cent! Plus, the items are relatively cheap to buy(in USD) and special reward programs and other incentives can get you even more Evony Cents.
This is a 10 star game. I have found no problems with it in my first 6 months. And when they do have problems, such a server crash, they make sure to reward you with special compensation packages. The Evony community is one you don't want to miss out on being part of. Join the other 9 MILLION PLAYERS already enjoying this remarkable game! Why do you think there's 9 million players? Because its a GREAT game!

Post Date: 17:58 06-10-2009
Rating: 9
Author: binks310
Comment: Evony. The best online multiplayer game I have ever come to play and ENJOY every minute I am on it. I find that i cannot get enough of researching through the academy, building forces, resources, and mingling with my alliance via the embassy. All while doing my best to build my Prestige and impress myself and my alliance to be the best we can be. I am Lord Binks of Server 80.

Post Date: 11:24 30-09-2009
Rating: 8
Author: periwinkle
Comment: Evony Review
My info:
I am: Lord perriwinkle
Alliance: Skykings
Located on: Server 23

I have always been an RPG freak, so when I heard about EVONY, I thought why not give it a shot and so the quest begins.

Once signed up, I was placed in a "city" which contained the Town Hall and nothing else. Of course as with any new game, I simply pointed and click around to figure out what to do next. (Who reads the manuals?) It didn't take long. My quest was to build, build, build! The creators of EVONY have made these first steps really quite simple by placing a Quest button on your menu. If you follow the quests as laid out by them, you will grasp the game very quickly.

If you are like I am you will of course make mistakes in the beginning but these are relatively simple to fix as you play the game longer.

I would offer a rather important in my opinion (this is a review any way) bit of info and that is no mater how shy or anti social you may be in real life, throw it away and get into a good alliance (a group of game players like yourself)! A good alliance quite honestly is crucial in the beginning stages of growth. The other members will help you with building materials and answer questions you may have as you move along in the game. One of the best is Skykings and one of the worst is....well I can't tell you everything can I?

The game is marketed as free, which it is, you can however purchase packages which contain items for use in advancing your character and upgrading your city - these are not truly necessary but if you desire to purchase them then feel free er I mean pay the price.

I have here-to-fore used what is lovingly referred to as the WOF. To use the WOF, you will need what are called Aries Amulets which you will get one of daily. You will see a wheel outside of your city, click on it and it will ask you to input the number of amulets you would like to use. Once the number has been entered it will automatically "spin" and present you with a "prize". No you can't press stop, just let it finish. An explanation of what it is used for is given if you hold your mouse over it. To use it select items and apply it. Side note here, Battalion "blue flag" items which show up in your chest are troops of some sort, when you apply it you will receive troops that are yours forever or until they get killed. I have seen several questions about them so there you now know.

As I have gone on forever with this review, I shall end it now by issuing 5 warnings!
1. You may find yourself addicted. I spent the first week while under beginner protection working on my city nearly 24 hours a day - forgot I had an alternate life - mine!

2. You may feel like you are getting no where when it comes to advancing, don't give up, it will happen!

3. If you are attacked and all your belongings are pillaged, don't give up, if you followed my advice in the beginning and joined a good alliance, they will help you rebuild and more importantly retaliate!

4. Have fun!

5. Join now!

Lord perriwinkle of the Skykings alliance

Post Date: 17:38 28-09-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Xenvin
Comment: Title: Evony Online
Rating: �8 out of 10�
Lord Name: �Lord Xenvin�
Genre of gaming: MMORPG/MMORTS.

1.) Story � The game is not so much story oriented, though it does value time specific elements with its research and method of order when building/constructing cities. The who game play value is solely in its competitive time based online timeline.
2.) Game Content - The game is like most RTS, though considering that it is online and free it is a bit simplified and time consuming. However, if this is not a concern for a future prospector I would say it�s simple, yet fun. Yet, in its early stages I find that the system of building and time consumption works out well. You start out with a walled city and your objective is to build and micromanage the construction of multiple buildings while amassing a wealth resources and population to further your status as the �reigning� lord. Game features include building/upgrading buildings as well as farming/mining etc. Resources are provided, early on, for completing simple tasks that teach one about the game. Also, a player can create an army, workforce, trade caravan and hire heroes�. Hero�s can govern a town politically, guard it, or fight abroad.
3.) Graphics � The game graphics are simple and static in nature. TO elaborate if you build say a cottage you can upgrade it, but upon upgrading it the building is still visually the same. Only statistics change. Over all the city and world views are well put together for a free game. The world is massive with hundreds of coordinates on the map that a player could possibly piece together a masterful empire.
4.) Additional content � If a player is not satisfied with his/her resource counter or items held they can earn/purchase in game �Coins� that allow purchase of said in game content. Also, once a day a player receives a gift which is �Amulet� that allows the user to play a roulette type of mini game that gives prizes each and every time. Sometimes it�s wealth and sometimes it�s items.

5.) Final Thoughts � Over all this game is fun, simple, and addictive. If you like free MMO�s and RTS I would recommend this game. Thanks for reading.

Game review done by �Lord Xenvin server 77�

Post Date: 15:43 22-09-2009
Rating: 8
Author: emyaqua
Comment: This is my review for Evony.
my lord name is : Emilita
My Server is: Server wn1

Evony is a online game that you can play for free.They have loads of ads everywhere, so you've probably seen one somewhere.

You start off with an empty city that has only a town hall in it. Throughout the time you play the game you slowly build it up so it gets better and bigger all the time. Your population rises and falls with the decisions you make. For example, if you raise the tax rate to 30%, the civilians may not like it, so your loyalty and or population may start to go down.

Sometimes the waiting for the buildings to get built is annoying, but its not a game to go on for long sessions at a time, its a game that you check regularly. Its good that recently they introduced a new way of getting cents called ievony, Where you can invite people to play via email. For each invite you send you earn 1 credit. If you get 10 credits you can exchange them for 1 cent.This also can be annoying, because you can end up running out of people to invite, and end up with under 5 cents. 5 cents is the cheapest item you can buy.

You get quests to do, and if you complete the quest you get a reward. This is an example of one of the quests:

Quest desciption

The higher the level of the Academy is, the more technologies can be researched. Upgrade
Academy to level 2, then you can deal with Masonry, Mining and Military Tradition.

Quest Guide

Academy reaches Level 2

Quest Award

Food 300,Lumber 5000,Stone 3000, Iron 400.

Everyday if you login, you can get a Aries Amulate. With an Aries Amulate you can get a random item that ranges from 10 master guide lines, to 300 cents. This is a good feature, because it encourages people to use it daily.

You can also create Alliances, Where you can make a sort of group of you friends and or other people. You can warn other people in your alliance about enemy alliances, and people that are attacking you.

If you get to a certain title and or rank, you can conker an empty flat and create another city. This is a brilliant feature, because people might get tired of there old city they can make a new one, without having to reset there account.

as a conclusion, I think Evony is a game worth trying, though some people might not like it.

Post Date: 14:45 21-09-2009
Rating: 10
Author: small
Comment: playername: rack
server 41

Evony is probably one of the most user-friendly games i came across in the last few years. the basis of the game is not that new, there are plenty games based on this theme, however this game has an edge.

i've only been playing this game for two months so i do not know all there is to know about evony but i found it particulary usefullthe game has an ingame link to it's forum where you can find allot of background information.

the game starts in a random town settled in a chosen province. it all happens in the dark ages where chariots and archers ruled the killingfields. so in order to get your sel started you'll have to build up your city and town to become bigger and eventually grow your empire.
you can choose to play this game the way you want to, whether it is conservativly idling or building a huge army to play rather agressivly.. there is no set format on how to play but one thing you realy need to know before you start of: this game is an 'Eat or Be eaten' game. for sure not for cry-babies ;)

you can play alone if you want to, but as anti-social i am in real life as uber-social i am in these kind of games so i choose to play as a member of an alliance. the great thing about evony is the ingame multi-chat where you can consult with your fellow brother and sisters in medieval arms.

some people choose to pay a contibution in order to recieve some advantages but this is not an obligation at all. as i said play it the way you want to play.
now stop reading other revieuws and get yourself started on the newest server.

Post Date: 21:50 20-09-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Aesus
Comment: Evony is an addicting massively multiplayer online real time strategy game (mmorts) where you take your place as ruler of a small town and lead it to greatness.
In Evony, you start with a small town, nothing in it but a town hall, and you increase its prosperity and power by building and upgrading various structures such as cottages to house your populace, barracks to train your unstoppable army and to increase your military might, walls for defence, embassies for alliances, markets for trading, and so much more. There are also a number of resource fields outside of the town on which you can build and upgrade farms, quarries, sawmills and iron pits in order to increase the income of your resources. The number of fields increases as you upgrade your town hall.
It seems at first like it is too much to wrap your mind around, but you quickly adapt to its addicting gameplay with the help of the routine quest, which is basically a tutorial. The tutorial is a collection of quests, each designed to get you acquainted with game concepts, such as resource management, population growth, military expansion, and so on.
The layout of the Evony world is quite simple; there are big regions with names like Burgundy and Thuringia, each comprised of thousands of small valleys, each with a resource production bonus, if you have conquered them. Deserts offer increased stone production, mountains increase iron production, forests increase lumber production, and swamps and lakes increase food production. There are also “flats” which are basically places to found a new city on.
Evony also has a unique tech system, which creates a world where armies that are small but well equipped and trained can destroy other armies many times their size with minimal casualties. An academy is required to research techs. Each tech helps with things like the speed at which an army moves, attack and defence of different soldiers, resource production, build times and things like that. Each technology has prerequisites like needing the academy to be upgraded to a certain level, other technologies to be researched to certain levels, as well as a cost in gold.
One of the best things about Evony: It’s free! There is absolutely no cost to create an account, and no trial period. You start and finish when you want to, although the finishing part probably won’t happen since you will be so absorbed in the gameplay. There is, however, one part that you can pay for, and that is basically points, or cents, that you can buy extra things with, like things to speed up construction, training and research times, objects that increase resource production for a certain amount of time, and even objects like the city teleporter, which lets you teleport and entire city from one region to another! You are not obligated to buy these cents, and many of the objects that are available you can also acquire from other ways, like completing a quest or winning them with an amulet.
If you ever have the chance, defiantly give Evony a try. I guarantee you won’t regret it. My character’s name is Aesus, and I am in server 69 if you ever want to play.

Post Date: 14:04 20-09-2009
Rating: 10
Author: jabbers420
Comment: This game any gamer can LOVE!! After reading some of the reviews the have all missed something. This is a thinking persons game. Yes you do build cities and armys. But it is how you use those cities and armys. You can go in any direction with the game. It has good graphics and I just LOVE it. Now when it comes to your armys and you want to attack a city it becomes a thinking mans game. You have to understan about troop movement and what they can do. Once you understand that the game becomes more fun than you can imagine. You will have no more frustrating events.This is the best RTS game I have ever played. Now this is coming from a First Person Shooter. Since I have started play this game to try it out I have been hooked. I havent touched any of my FPS games. And Im a gamer.There are more pros than cons with this game. The best thing I like about it is its FREE FOREVER. Another great thing about EVONY is that the staff of EVONY are always working hard to improve the game. For me that is a real big PLUS!!! So I do recomend this game to everyone. You wont be dissapointed. Great game!!! I love it!!!!!

jabbers420 server 45

Post Date: 21:23 19-09-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Foulsbane
Comment: When I first heard about Evony it was splashed in front of me on a banner from my Facebook homepage. At first judging by the picture of a scantily clad Lady enticing me into clicking on the banner I really didnt give it a second though. But as I was spending more and more time on Facebook the banner eventually got the better of my curiosity. Now usually things that sound too good to be true are. This was different. Evony promised to be free forever and generally it is.

As you click on the link to Evony you are presented with a very nice graphical page (still with scantily clad Lady) where you enter some extremely simple registration details. Thats it, email Lord or Lady name, password and thats about it, you are good to go.

When you first enter the world of Evony it seems a very daunting place. However the game developers have included a very nice little "Quest" button that is basically your tutor throughout your first few weeks of Evony. It will tell you how to build cottages, upgrade them, buy market items, upgrade you castle and so much more. It really does lend a helping hand to your Evony experience. If you are the type of person like me you will benefit immensely from this "Quest".

Evony does not just concentrate on one type of gameplay. If you are the sort of player who likes to have a group of friends around him you can join an Alliance. Alliances are the things that really control Evony. If you can, pick a well established alliance that has plenty of members and you are sure to have lots of fun. While you can go this route you can also stay a loner and do your own thing. Through personal experience this is a dangerous game to play as your enemies are so much more vast in numbers. Some players will not hesitate to attack an unknown loner minding his own business.

Players in Evony are distinguished by thier "Prestige". The higher thier prestige the more you can be assured that they have built a lot and progressed very well through the game. The other factor is "Honor". This is an indication of how many battles the player has won. High honor is a good solid player who usually wins his fights.

There are many more aspects to this game, all of which I couldnt possibly list in this review. I have been playing the game now for over 2 months and I am still highly addicted to it. Although I have lost and won battles even down to my last few archers I still wanted to keep on playing, there is just something so appealing about Evony.

For free it has to be one of the best games out there at the moment. Requiring only an internet browser to play that surely has to be one huge advantage. While it is free to play there are options within the game to spend real money to progress you character just that little bit quicker and have a bit of an edge over your neighbour. Although it is real money you can spend Evony's prices are very reasonable and I for one have purchased one of thier many special deals that come up from time to time.

Give Evony a go, I seriously doubt you will be dissapointed!

Lord Foulsbane signing out from Server 41

Post Date: 17:30 19-09-2009
Rating: 10
Author: scruffy19
Comment: Lord Scruffy
Server 070

I just started playing Evony online and I love it so far. The game is free and does not cost any money what so ever. The game has the option to purchase game coins with real money but one can create more than a successful city without money.
I'm in an alliance with good people. Most users are very helpful and friendly. This game is very strategic and anything you do will affect your game in the future. The important aspects of this game are building up your resources and army in the first few days. The great thing about Evony is that they give you a protected week to build in safety. During this week you can follow quest guidelines which are extremely helpful. These quest guidelines teach you all about your city and how to manage it. There’s plenty of information provided by the quests to figure out what to do. If you’re still confused join an alliance to ask questions or go to one of the many great help sites. Alliances are an important part of the game because with out an alliance you have no one to watch your back. Evony makes creating and joining alliances easy. The benefits of being in an alliance are truly great. An alliance provides protection and friendship with other members. Alliances also provide the opportunity to trade resources with one another. Trading vastly helps in creating a city and earning money. Evony is based on “real time”. The reason for real time is so that nothing occurs too fast. People can manage their cities for 5 minutes and set tasks to be performed. Advanced tasks can take up to an hour or more. Evony is a real time strategy game that won’t take up all your time. You can spend an hour a day and come out with a great looking city. This game takes patience and thought to find it rewarding. Evony is a massive multiplayer online game so there are millions of people to make friends with or attack.
The game contains lots of different building types that will create weeks of fun exploring and upgrading. The defensive capabilities that a player can create for his city are numerous and contain everything from towers to rolling log traps. Players must concentrate on defense and building an army. Armies can consist of 12 different unit types. Armies can contain 1000’s of units and maybe even millions! This is a great game for building a civilization, upgrading it, building an army and grinding your foes into dust! Remember to make friends and to join as one to crush your enemies. Evony online can be played at www.evony.com

Post Date: 07:43 19-09-2009
Rating: 10
Author: hipphappy
Comment: I started playing Evony simply by accident i saw an advert of this AMAZING game and tried it out. I admit that when i started playing I didnt really know what to do or how things work but simply after 2-3 weeks of playing I could say they I was addicted and could not complete the day with out jamming a bit of evony.

The game has a vast variety of different tactics and stratergies that each player can find suitable for his/her wants and needs in the game.

when it comes to battle its just the most fun part of the game besides getting ur Rank,title and prestige up.

So for thos who are already in the game keep on playing and if some attacks u that u cant defend against dont leave the game just stay strong and rebuild...

well ill leave with this final note...
this is a game for anyone and everyone to play its fun and challenging and it takes some time but the benefits are great I know of people playing from the age of 8 years old to 52 years old so u can imagine the fun that the game offers in order to get all these age varieties to play...

Will see u there and if u are not a Evony player come in and join the game at www.evony.com.

i warmly suggest this game to EVERYONE AND ANYONE!

Yours truely
hippyhappy server 24
server 24

Post Date: 12:37 18-09-2009
Rating: 9
Author: H4zz3t
Comment: After having played PC and console games for years I, for the first time, decided to start playing online.

This was after I had seen an add for Evony that caught my eye.

My first thought was, this is for kids but I decided to join just to check it out.

I very soon discovered that Evony was much more then an online game and definately not just for kids.

After having played now for several weeks I am completely hooked and have made friends from all over the planet.

Evony is so much more then an online game, it's a social network and a meeting place for people of all ages, both male and female.

My own kids still will not believe that I am not the oldest player being 42 but I have made friends on Evony ranging from 20+ to 48 years old.

Sure we do play the game, building cities, creating armies and engage in war but most importantly, the part of the game I find most rewarding, is the social encounters you make and the "talks" you have with other players.

I warmly recommend trying the game out!

Post Date: 14:59 16-09-2009
Rating: 8
Author: atrakaj
Comment: Posted above are some very good and detailed reviews that probably discuss every aspect of the game. So instead of writing about the game itself, I am going to focus on the part of the game that makes it fun for me...alliances.

Anyone can make an alliance. All you need is a level 2 Embassy and 10k gold. Very few alliances, however, make it with any success. I am in the Psycho Alliance on server 44, which is currently ranked 5 out of 780 alliances. We Psychos are different from most alliances, in that we work TOGETHER. Most alliances are just a bunch of city-states acting under one name, but remaining individual, like the Saxons of old did. They fend for themselves, and care nothing for each other.
Psycho, however, is one nation. We are 100 players who pwn as one. If one of us needs some supplies, or resources, within 30 seconds their 'Allies Info' Reports page is filled with incoming transports, cavalry, scouts, and an old granny with resources. We are constantly watching the reports page, and if we see one of us is being attacked, we don't just stand by. We send troops to reinforce their city, even if they're offline. As some of us send reinforcements, the rest of us turn our eyes to the attacker, and make him wish he'd never heard of the Psycho Alliance.
The other thing I don't like about other alliances, is that their chat is dead. No one talks. In Psycho, however, if there are people online, we talk. We talk about Evony, of course: battle tactics, possible targets, scouting, etcetera, but that is not all. We talk about anything and everything, from the most philosophical, like the meaning of life (we determined there are two answers to that question: 42, and google it), to what we look for in a spouse or mate, or even what we're going to eat for supper.
In the Psycho Alliance, you are never alone. If someone starts being annoying and rude, we kick them. By annoying and rude, I mean such things as USING ALL-CAPS ALL THE TIME or cursing someone rudely. We tolerate cursing for emphasis or enjoyment (very much so for enjoyment :P) but not when you're just being a...jerk. Yeah, let's go with jerk.
So, yeah, Evony is an MMORTS, and yes, it's not very animated, and even yes, the boobs advertisements are false advertising. Whoever thought of that was a genius though, I'll give him that. I am one of the few players that joined before they had those adverts, so :P . If you enjoy solo games, games with lots of graphical action, or games with sound, this is not the game for you. In fact, if I just played this game solo, with no interaction with others, I would have quit on day 2. Because of my interaction with others in my alliance, however, it makes it fun for me. I have been playing since May of 2009, when server 5 was brand new. I am now on server 44, and am loving my alliance.

I am Atrakaj Doppelganger, the Inimically Mimical.
I am a Psycho.

Server 44

Post Date: 18:18 15-09-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Vistal
Comment: Player: Vistal
Server: 26

Evony started slow for me at first, thinking it wasn't going to keep my interest, but it soon got addicting. The graphics are fairly simple but the beauty of the game is in the strategy. I find myself returning to it more often than I thought I would and staying on to play longer. It runs in real time, so both good and bad things can happen to your little settlement while you are offline, but there are items that can help you with that, if you can't be online all the time, and alliances that support you rather well. I found that it was good for seasoned players and also those who have never played a multi-player game before, because even though the playing field is massive, the quests are easy to follow and guide you through the initial building stages. If you follow along and pay attention, you end up much farther, especially with the first week of truce when no one can attack you.

You can purchase additional items i.e. through paypal, but I've seen players go very far without paying a cent, especially since each quest gives a reward, and each night at midnight server time you are given a random item for free. You can play without paying at all, or you can pay and get some extra items that have been elusive.

I find the game enjoyable and find myself going back to it more often than I thought I would, and staying oline to play it longer than I expected. There are enough strong players to have a good, tough battle, but you can always build up again, and never lose your last city entirely. You can build up to 10 cities, and it's advisable that you try and build prestige as quickly as possible, because that seems to be the bottom line for getting into a great alliance. Then you have others watching out for you and reinforcing you in battle.

Great game, that I expect I'll be playing for some time.

Post Date: 16:05 14-09-2009
Rating: 9
Author: cripplord
Comment: Lordname: Cripplord
server: 44
Ok this game has allot to talk about so for those after brief summary here goes my attempt at summarising.
Summary: Brilliant game but not for the impatient. Has the difficult to pull off "easy to learn difficult to master" down well. It may take you a while to get into it (maybe a week or 2) but its well worth the time and isn’t exactly bad to begin with.

Here’s a full review for those who want to know all its ups and downs
OH ANYONE TRYING GAME OUT QUICK TIP : Anything you build under 5 minutes (excluding buffs but you won’t get them for a while) can be speed up free!!!!

There’s lots to do but everything requires a wait period of ever increasing time depending on level unless you pay for speed ups(you get loads free at the start but not for long don’t waste them!!!) which to its credit(believe it or not) are not cheap to buy allot of. I say they are to its credit because if it was cheap everyone who paid even a small amount would have massive advantages over free players. With the evony price scheme to get so far ahead everyone hates you; you would have to pay outrageous money. So no one is running around with their £30 account killing everyone else good good. Also as the price is affordable to gets you limited items it makes you think hard what you want. Do I buy 5 level 10 barracks and do heavy armies or level 10 walls and be defensive.

The combat:
It’s simple to play but complex to master without using the forums (your life saver)! you see when entering a battle you won’t know if you will win unless you either have an IQ in excess of 200, you sent wayyy too much to a small enemy, you done it before or you read the forums carefully if you have none of these very often 10's of hours of work disappears in an instant because you didn’t realise horseback riding could put you in range of towers and make you lose EVERYTHING. Losing everything isn’t the end of the world though but is does slow you down.
This game is to be played over many weeks at a minimum some upgrades actually take 12 days!! you can join or create alliances free of course and I would strongly recommend getting up you prestige as fast and you can (do quests and read forum) and get above 50k which will take you probably a week or more but once done find your nearest neighbour who is strong and message and ask to join there alliance once in a good alliance everything gets much much much much better suddenly you’re not slowly playing away on your own no purpose in life but to get stronger your alliance will have needs and will very soon you will make friends real friends who play and chat in the in game chat window you will help them they will help you suddenly you will realise how close to being a real town or country leader you are arranging diplomacy agreements reinforcing your neighbour at their time and need and them saving your bacon when the big guys point at you hurray!! it’s hard not to run on too long about this game there’s just so much to it and allot take you time to find it my favourite part is the community in alliances and its great strategy which I shall quickly address and leave you to you tea and biscuits.
This game has more strategy than at first glance you would imagine however it does eventually drain away once you have the power to produce the biggest army and then diplomacy is very nearly your only worry. To start of planning your build order and how many off which building you will want I recommend 10 cottages as high level as you can one of everything else and as many barracks and you can for extras cities by time you do them you should have learnt what they need. if you do pay or to a small degree if you don’t deciding what is more important stronger army or more numbers or more defence or more resources because a choice as you will have say 2 scripts to build level 10 buildings and your choice is final!! This makes you think and choose a route. in combat you can attack in waves or with strong units but this is where the combat is a little short on the variety because you will be able to try any method but once you get so far there is only one way really to play and this is numbers beat strength build 400k archers and 400k warriors 9 as cannon fodder) and your set to kill anyone and the only way they will survive it to outnumber you that’s it! That said it’s still a good combat system that you will only really understand how good and how varied it is generally once you have played it and played it for many days.
Finally: there’s much more I could take bout but by now if anyone is reading I’ll be amazed and may even jump in a pop a wheelie to celebrate lol any feedback or questions email [email protected] please no spam I never read or open so don’t waste both our times lol

Post Date: 08:11 13-09-2009
Rating: 9
Author: vortekxz
Comment: Overall Summary: Evony online is a game that at start is very confusing and nerve-wracking with many logos and links that scramble all over the page. However if you can look past all these logos and links, you will see that this is a strategy game that"s worth sticking around for. The main point of the game is to construct buildings with the resources you have, the buildings all have a certain purpose that will help you expand your cities and town(s). Your character has an attribute called prestige -this raises your overall rank in the game- which is gained by constructing buildings and going to war. Speaking of war that brings me to the fact that certain buildings help you build troops, and get heroes who will lead and fight for you to concur other cities and resources that you will see on the map. Helping you concur other cities and resources will be your alliance which you can join or create in-game. But to accomplish all this you need resources as i have stated before make your buildings. Resources can be obtained by trying your luck at the wheel of fortune -no pun intended- or creating buildings outside your town to help you gain resources. So does this game have a lot of different parts? Yeah it does as you can see with only my overall summary, but beyond all is the fact that this game is VERY addicting and there should be a user caution warning. lol. That being said let me continue to my detailed review.

What I think of the graphics-
the graphics are very basic but I cannot imagine them any other way, they perfectly fit the whole "strategy game" idea and I frankly enjoy them a lot and its not too bright or too dark like some other games so its just right. my rating Rating 8/10-because of the basic imagery

What it think of the Game play-
the game play is a little confusing at first, but you soon get the hang of it and its very enjoyable with a lot of different options that you can choose to do.
Rating 9/10
What i think of the Community-
the community is always very lively and has a lot of new players trying out the chat, the alliance members are always very helpful and everyone is very friendly. Rating 10/10

My overall rating: 9/10

Post Date: 05:22 13-09-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Riotstar
Comment: Let me start by saying this game is awesome. I have been playing it for about a month now and have enjoyed every moment of my time spent playing. The designers of the game have gone the extra mile on this game. You start with one city placed at random in the area you chose to be located in. Cities have a town hall, cottages for your little people to live in, walls for the defense of your city, barracks to train your world dominating army, so on and so forth. Some building / upgrades require that you have other buildings or upgrades already developed. Out side your city you have resource slots where you can develop into Sawmills, iron mines, quarries, and farms. These structures increase the ammount of lumber, iron, stone, and food that your city creates per hour. These resources are key as you need a certain amount of these resources (baised on what building or upgrade you're going for) to build and grow your city. The more you upgrade your town hall the more of these resource slots you will have. There is also research you can do at your academy to make your army stronger, decrease the construction time of buildings, and much more. When you get down to it, Evony is a prety in depth game. The game is quickly developing a vast online following. More people means more targets to attack on your quest to become great. The graphics of the game are decent, but the gameplay is well implememnted and everything flows in a logical way, very easy to get a grasp on. Want to expierence the game with others, well there is an alliance system as well. Each alliance is limited to one hundred members which has two main benefits, first is that as you chat with the members of your aliance you develop a good little community of players willing to help one another out. The second being that no one aliance can become so rediculously large that it can never be toppled. The aliance leader called the 'host' can set other alliances to friendly, neutral, or hostile. Cities of a friendly alliances are shown in blue on the world map with hostile ones showwing in red. This makes diferentiating friend from foe quite simple. Through the course of the game alliances will grow and fall just like some of your neighboring cities. This makes for an ever changing enviroment for you to grow your city, maybe even expand out to more than one city. Though it’s quite possible to do well playing Evony for free and to do well without spending money, there are extra perks available if you’re willing to shell out some of your hard-earned cash. Personally I think the current prices make it prohibitive but in all fairness some feel that this means it’s also less likely for anyone to gain too much of an advantage by buying stuff. Evony is subtitled “Free Forever” so there should never come a time when playing the game for free becomes impossible, and it seems from all indications so far that in terms of actual game content, there will never be anything that needs to be unlocked by buying extras. Overall Evony has proven to be quite the addictive yet rewarding game, definatly something that you can use to burn hours on. (reviewed by Riotstar - server 59)

Post Date: 02:08 12-09-2009
Rating: 9
Author: johnnybegood
Comment: I want here to offer up a review of the online game Evony. I play as Billybobbaner on server 33. The one thing to note from the beginning is that there is a whole host of comparable games like this. The question is why would you choose this one over them? In other words you will not come to this sight to play an original game. And I think here you get to the heart of why I enjoy this game over others of comparable sort, the packaging.
If you go into any store today you are bombarded with all sorts of choices. In most cases our choice will not be done on the base of whatever. We will chose the one that gives us what we want with the oomph factor. This is where evony comes in. I have played other games like this. In one of these games in order to enjoy the screen set up that comes close to evony I had to pay extra. When you log in and the screen pulls up your sight all is right before you, at no extra cost.
This leads to my next point, which is I am writing as a novice to these types of games. If you know how to play and how they work, you can probably work without this information. But if you are like me, you will be learning as you go. This game provides the information that you need, without overwhelming you.
Again I am writing as one new to these type of games, so I am picking up on those things that aid not just in the game play, but the learning of how to play the game. This game excels in this with the quest function. You will have to play to fully understand and appreciate this function. What this is is an in game tutorial, and yet it is not like those annoying ones you often find in computer games. You know where a box comes up and says you need to do this and this. The tutorial in this game rather hides behind a system of rewards. When you grow and develop your city you gain bonuses, as you gain bonuses you begin to see where to go next. So without being heavy handed it is helping you to see how the game unfolds. Now for experienced gamers and players this isnot necessary, but for noobies like me it helps.
If you are going to succeed in a game like this you have to belong to a great alliance. I belong to what is now known as Re-Made alliance on server 33, I am Billybobbaner. This is not an individual game, it is a group game, but what use is a group game if you cannot communicate. Evony has smartly put the chat window under the game sight. This means you can be playing and communicating at the same time. This is where a new player like me can further develop my skills and understanding of the game. The bad is I need to be told what not to do (like not sending scouts on attacks), the good is to work as a team to conquer enemies.
Lets face it graphics are what make computer games - or break them. I have heard people complain about the graphics on Evony. The people who are doing so are probably serious gamers who play games like Halo. This is an unfair comparison. The graphics on this are smart, sharp and clear. Look around and compare this with comparable games and this one stands out. Again I come back to my main point for people new to these types of games this is an asset.
Let me conclude with this thoughts. Games like this are much more than the game itself. We would not be here if we did not like the game, but if it was just the game, most of us would lose interest over time and move on to something else. Evony is a great game in a great package. And if you are ever on server 33 say hello I am Billybobbaner.

Post Date: 22:06 11-09-2009
Rating: 7
Author: moodius
Comment: New Online Game Review- Evony - Free Forever

Object of Game -

Build your Cities into empires, Join the evergrowing and vast number of alliances, Kill or be killed, an "Age of Empires" Rethought and remastered IN REAL TIME! Soon to be one of the greater online games to be known.
Build your empires train your peasants into elite soldiers and send them against your rivals crushing and taking over more and more cities growing your empire into a force to be reckoned with, Join the over 1 million combined players over many servers
into battle, make friends and better yet make enemies! You'll find this game easy enough for the Novice player, and advanced enough for the even most hardcore gamer. Join us now, before you lose your chance to succeed!

How I got to Evony -

So the other day I run across a banner ad, that actually didn't annoy me as much as most do. Nothing flashing or telling me that I'm a winner of something. Just a nice looking banner ad telling me to take a look at this game I had not heard of before, so I did. Let me give you a basic rundown of how it went from there starting slow and moving
toward the more critical areas and aspects of the game. Right away I noticed I wasn't going to have to hassle to signup, it was a simple process, Quick and easy. From there I signed up got in and started playing.

Age Requirements -

That's the greatest thing about this game, it can be played from ages 13+ and above, I'm personally 23 and found this game to be easy enough for the novice gamer, and fun enough for the advanced Gamer. It mixes a great ratio of intelligence and fun, wrapped in a single online game that can be played at anytime or anywhere you have internet access

System Requirements -

While the game is not screaming out 3d graphics such as your major MMO's or other Online RPG's or actions game you can play online, it does have a Very nice User interface, which is quite user friendly and very easy to understand, Within a couple of minutes and maybe a couple of questions to the community you can chat with on your server, you should know what your doing with quite skill, very quickly.
and who's to say things won't get better as time goes on, I'm quite sure they will.

Beginner Gameplay -

So once I got the main things down (like learning where to start and object of game (pretty simple)) I went ahead and started building up my city. Each thing you do gives a "Real Time" queue. Meaning that in order to build something its gonna take real time and not just instantly, And I think what makes this game interesting beyond that, is they realize the tediousness of the beginning when queue times are quite fast "5 minutes or less" that they actually allow you to speed the progress up to get you really started, now once you get up and running you Queue times become larger and larger but there are ways to also reduce them aswell making it diverse, Items that can be acquired either through rewards or online "cents" (which is Evony Money). Starting an army and building resources was a great way to get the blood flowing in this game, they don't hold you back from Attacking non-players right away WHICH IS GREAT! and they give you a nice 7 day grace period to keep you safe from rival players until you can get your feet in the ground.

Advanced Gameplay -

Just the mere amount of time and planning that actually was put into what seems a simple game is quite remarkable. I didn't come to expect this game to be so in depth when I saw it on that banner ad that day. Just the amount of quests and different things that are possible, the amount of players, the amount of options to build and create your own little (or Big) Empire, was just astounding, and folks this is all for 100% FREE. some games say they are free, and maybe they are but you can't access like 80% of the game unless you pay for it. This here is not the case. Now you can buy the ingame money which can greatly increase how fast you build at the start or how powerful you can become. But anyone that didn't buy the money can have the same luck, because there are certain ways in game such as quests to earn you some ingame cash, and of course win the roulette wheel which can give you great prizes!
They give you a free spin of the wheel everyday! Which you can win even 1000 Evony Cents, which is actually 100 dollars if you were to buy the ingame cash yourself! Just think of the possibilities :)

Location Location Location! -

Another great thing about this game is all about location, and what I mean by that is where you can play this game. Do you have internet? Then you can play! Home , work, office, school it doesn't matter, and with a nice little built in devise you
can actually take the task bars and make them whatever you want! Instead of it saying "Evony Free-Forever" You can have it say for work "Sales statistics and charts" or have it say for school "Autobiography of Shakespeare", The options are endless!
Like I said before they make it easy enough for a kid and advanced enough for a hardcore gamer. They make it so you can spend all day managing your cities, or just a few minutes a day.

Overall Gameplay and Thoughts -

Well to be honest I actually liked this game a lot more then what I thought I would. I was thinking there is no way I'm gonna spend REAL money to buy some ingame money either, haha that went out the window, I got so addicted to the game I actually went out and purchased 10 dollars worth of ingame cash, which they offer as low as 5 bucks for ingame cash which is great, its just a mere pack of smokes a stop off at McDonald's in my opinion. Its a great game for everyone which make the community vast and full of different people from all over of many ages and backgrounds from a high school kid to a stock broker looking to kill some time.

***** 10* Rating system *****

Concept - 9*/10* - While its not a brand new idea, they have definitely made it their own and completely stands apart from any other online real time game.

Graphics - 6*/10* - While the graphics are not great it still makes for a great game

Sounds - 1*/10* - While its not very important to me weither there is sounds or music ingame, it may be for others and may be a future project to look into for the Evony Dev team.

Playability - 10*/10* - Very easy to understand major concepts and the great user friendly Interface makes this game not only interesting but fun, and that's what we are here for.

Entertainment - 9*/10* - Only reason this isn't getting a 10 is because I know that there's much more to come outta this game that we will see in the future.

Buyability - 9*/10* - While the game is free in every aspect and you are able to get anything that a player that may want to purchase ingame money gets, I think you'll like this game enough to invest some cash into it and make it even more fun.

Overall Game performance - 7.3*/10* - Like I said before a great game to pass the time with to actual invest some good hours into. I personally enjoyed this game in a lot of aspects, while its got some flaws to work on I think that this is just the beginning of
A great game and I can't wait to keep playing and watch it grow into what I know will be one of the best online real time games we've come to see.

Author and Contact info:
[email protected]
Ingame Profile - Moodious Maximus - S66

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Post Date: 06:10 11-09-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Deucalion
Comment: Deucalion, Server 24
Evony is an adaptable game where players get to choose their own style and technique of gameplay. A combination of large maps/servers, thousands of players and hundreds of alliances allows individuals to become that which they've always wished to be- a Lord or Lady of distinction.
In style, Evony is in no way unique. In fact, there are hundreds of games out there that are similar. Yet Evony is a stand-out amongst these. The variety of choices a player has to make allows each individual to become sui generis, and make their own impact upon the game. Diplomacy is often an important skill, as is aggression, and in Evony it is generally necessary to find a balance between these two polarised options. This creates a challenge for a majority of players, and presents opportunity for the development of beneficial abilities when negotiating the often treacherous mire of Evony's political heart.
Evony reminds me somewhat of old-style Age of Empires. Players get to test their skills against each other in a pitched battle where wits are as important as brute force. Strategy often enables new players to even the battlefield against older individuals, and so becomes an important instrument in every Lord/Lady's arsenal.
The ability of players to communicate with others worldwide gives Evony a broad cross-section of society. While there is potential for modifications in the communication areas of Evony, they are adequate for most of the gameplay. Potential changes could be made in regards to alliance and individual chat, with the creation of a chat option specifically directed at friendly aliances. Otherwise, Evony's communicative ability is sufficient for the requirements of the growing game population.
The fact that Evony is free often blinds people towards fact that it is often necessary to invest financially in order to enhance gameplay. Evony often gives advantages to players who invest, creating an unegalitarian advantage for individuals who are able to place invest their finances. This may make it difficult for many players who are unable to match this investment, but it is also necessary for the continuation of the Evony society. Players who are unable to invest often have to work harder to maintain their status in comparison to those who do support Evony monetarily. However, this does not place players who play Evony merely for it's free aspect at a disadvantage. Instead it makes them appreciate what they have achieved even more.
A world of breathtaking scenery, where intelligence is as important as brute force, Evony brings something to the table for everyone.

Post Date: 03:44 11-09-2009
Rating: 10
Author: shirshak
Comment: (Review by: lord shirshak, server-world19) hey all... I’m very happy to be the part of evony as it is very nice game. Paying for playing in the game is not necessary as you can play this game without paying also is the very good feature of this game which i likes the most. you have to first built you town, collect the resources, upgrade all the buildings, conquer the valleys and flats and NPC cities, research all type of activities, and defeat all other players, and help your alliance to become the great lord. I am playing this game from many months and i like this game very much as you can also chat from players of every country and it does not include any cost. This game helps me kicking out my boring time and it also help me pass a good time with my alliance friends who are very helpful and kind towards each other and they also help at times you are under attack. In my opinion everyone should play this game so that everybody can get to know about this game. I love this game very much and this game is the best game I have ever played. Everybody can play this game even if you don’t know how to play this game as this game has got the tutorial. Some people (including myself from time to time) complain that it takes too long to build things – but that really is a part of the game- planning things out and learning to use your time wisely. I can’t express you how fun it is to see your rank getting higher and higher which helps you to gain your energy. One of the nicest aspects of this game is that you can leave it open in the background while working on other things and you can check in form time to time and keep things going. One better feature is that you get one daily amulet (it is the wheel of fortune) free and you can get a random prize which is decided by the amulet. The creators built in this really nice feature with a roulette wheel spin which requires amulets. Another nice feature is the ability to move your city anywhere else on the map. Another nice feature is that you can teleport your city anywhere else on the map in any state. The crew of this game is very nice as every time they come with great ideas to fill game spirit in the players. I personally recommend everybody to play this game. So join evony today, build your empire, conquer your enemies, have fun while doing so. Look me up when you get there; I go by name LORD SHIRSHAK on the world server w19. I will help you with all my efforts. -HAPPY HUNTING! And HAPPY EVONYING!!

Post Date: 22:07 08-09-2009
Rating: 3
Author: Mercelin
Comment: Evony: Pay-to-Play Forever Evony is what I term a template game. No Frills, No Chills, No Content, No Service. The potential is there for a truly enjoyable game but due to a massively unbalanced Player vs. Player environment Evony falls short on all aspects of gameplay. As a player and an alliance Host I believe that there must be a place for serious gamers and the casual player to enjoy a RTS game side by side. Evony does not provide a stable enough environment for casual “non-paying” players to successfully build and maintain a large enough force to be successful in the current combat environment. The use of the phrase Free Forever is deliberately misleading. Because of the excessive amounts of time required to build a base, weaker players are easily preyed upon by paying players who have much larger armies. This promotes the Evony strategy to kick you while you are down and pump you for money. Evony gameplay CANNOT differ to far from the company"s very own strategy. There are a few technical issues yet to be addressed. The browser is prone to lag/crash due to heavy memory use and buffering. Frequent reloads are required and no option to stay logged in is provided. Other issues are due to players creating multiple accounts. When players have more than one account they can be in more than one alliance thus allowing for the player to pass vital information along. Spying becomes the strategy which eliminates all programmed balance of play. Alliance chat mode becomes useless thus removing the only enjoyable feature of the game left, as of this writing, which drives people out of alliances and many out of game entirely. The Evony staff has failed to identify themselves by name at every encounter thus lending to their high lack of credibility. As the customer they have all of my information. It seems to me only polite and courteous to give me your name as well. At no juncture in our communications has the Evony customer service team directly addressed any issue I have given them. Every reasonable attempt I have made to intervene in the continued loss of players with the Evony staff has failed. Evony is fast to request money and information with 0 intent to deliver on a promise of service and satisfaction. All games do go through growing pains. The burden of responsibility falls upon a stellar customer service team to lead the way to a triumphant game. My vision of customer service clearly differs from that of the folks at Evony. With the proper direction Evony could certainly be RTS Game of the Year, but I cannot see that happening in the foreseeable future given the current business practices of Evony Inc. Server 34 Mercelin Quantum Alliance ©2009 Gerod L. Martin all rights reserved

Post Date: 07:45 05-09-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Ghost09
Comment: Evony..!! Review by Ghost09 (Lord name: Ghost server 64)
Well to start i will say that evony is a top mmorts.The game is basically a strategic war game, that does require some thinking, despite this it is rather easy to play and enjoy.The game is not for the impatient as it does require some waiting but this can be good as you can do other stuff while leaving the game work in the background checking in every now and again or you can just stay with it chatting in the world or alliance channel (the world chat does require speakers) either way the game is very enjoyable.It has some very interesting features,but it does have its cons. You start off as a small village with just a town hall inside, but your aim is to build your village into a thriving city filled with barracks,cottages and various other buildings. There are also farms, sawmills, mines and quarries on the outside to provide vital resources. You can attack other cities to plunder resources also. You can follow the quest list to get rewards for completing certain things as in upgrading your town hall or other buildings, or researching things or training a certain type of troop. But overall your aim is to build your army and defenses, build up your town, and conquer and destroy your enemy"s. The game starts out with a beginners protection (BP) period of 7 days that gives you time to learn and grow where you can"t attack any city and they can"t attack you. You can end your protection early by upgrading your town hall to level 5. I feel it is always best to wait until the 7 days are up. When starting out it is probably best for you to join an alliance becuase they can be very helpful and can answer a lot of questions you might have. The game has a prestige system where you can gain it from building, attacking, researching e.t.c and it also has a honor system which builds from attacking and defending, the game has a ranking system, where the higher your rank the more cities you can own you must meet the requirements to gain promotion to new rank, which is usually having a certain number of medals and some gold which you must give in order to get promoted, this is one of the games biggest flaws, as in the medals are quiet hard to come by,and it can be hard to get the amount needed but if you have the patience you will get them, the forum offers quiet a number of strategy"s to gain medals, but having tried a lot of them none seem to work much better then others in my opinion, the forum also offers other helpful info and tips, so i would check it out as well.Now the game as you might now is free forever which it is, but you can purchase game coins for real money, which can help you progress or give you that head start in the game,you use the coins to buy things in the shop, like helpful items like guidelines(which speed up building and researching times)or you can buy resources using coins which can help but buying coins is in no way required to enjoy or be successful at the game, the evony staff them selfs are quiet generous as in the fact they give you 2 free packages, with some helpful items and also a daily amulet, which is used to spin the wheel which can also provide you with items,resources,game coins and also things thats aren"t available in the shop like battalions which is a pack containing a certain amount of various troops. Talking in the chat can be very helpful to you, but to chat in world channel you must use speakers, they can be bought in shop but you get some free, and can win them with amulet e.t.c so you might never need buy them, the alliance chat is free, it is a chat where member of your alliance can chat to each other, you should use this to ask any questions because you can find out lots of good info of your fellow members. Troops are of course your army, there are numerous types of troop each with there own different advantages/disadvantages, another small flaw is the strength of archers/balistas compared to other troops, and also archer towers which are fortifications (defenses) you must build up your walls and then fortify with towers, traps and other things my biggest piece of advice would be build lots of archers towers as they will wipe out lots of opposing troops who are stupid enough to try attack your city ha ha.Oh and another bit of advice always scout before you attack, oh and one more thing, this game has no cheats what so ever, so it is balanced out that bit more, there are always some newer people in the world chat typing in cheat/lumber/1000 or something pay no attention to it, the game has no cheats and hopefully stays that way,Oh and 1 other little annoying thing is how evony advertise, the amount of people who sign up solely because they saw the girl in advertisments in quiet shocking, well it can get annoying, but it is a smart piece of business i suppose,well i think i will end my review now with a small summary, evony is a good,enjoyable free game, with lots of interesting features and many enjoyable aspects, it is not a game for everyone, but most will find it provides hours upon hours of fun strategic game play, despite this it is not perfect and therefore it gets a very good 9 from me

Post Date: 00:51 05-09-2009
Rating: 10
Author: rings48
Comment: Evony i believe will become one of the next best games, it can be better then runescape ever was if they keep it updated. The game has an interesting jest to it. I have been playing everyday for over three months now and i still fins it entertaining. If you end up getting stuck on a server or get tired of the owrld you can always switch to a defferent server, and with a new server every week you will bever get bored. The fighting is very well evened out, and since it is based in real time I can have my account building or collecting resources even when I am off. I think the only flaw in Evony is the attacking ability of high players andn how there is a cap on how many troops you can send at one time. I think the best part, which few people think about is the fact that NO ONE hacks. I have never seen or heard of anyone be able to so now one has a advantage that is not avalible to anyone else. In other games people hack none stop, where as in Evony no one can. I love the game play and how easy it is to find a alliance or someone to play with. Rings48, World 14, [email protected]

Post Date: 05:44 03-09-2009
Rating: 8
Author: hansdrocken
Comment: First and formost, this game is one of the best out there. It is extremely addicting. It definatly takes time to build yourself the city of your dreams and more time to fortify it with enough troops and defenses. It is also a great game for new RPG gamers because it has a quest tutorial that you can follow. It doesnt matter if you play for a couple of hours a day, the game keeps playing for you when your not there. Joining an alliance is another benefit of the game. You can talk with other players and learn more about what it is you need to do. There are so many different ways to play that it truly is endless. I hope that you will come play evony and look me up. I am part of an alliance called Talon. We are a friendly and active group. I would strongly erge people to play evony just for the fact you can get lost in a fantasy land. Good luck and best wishes to you. I look forward to playing with some of you soon. My alliance is on server 49 and again we are called Talon and Talon2. There are about 160 of us in this alliance. My name is Hans Drocken.

Post Date: 17:11 01-09-2009
Rating: 9
Author: greenbaggins
Comment: This game is highly addictive. For one thing, the scope is epic, and I love all things epic. You are your own king- or queen-maker. The game is not for the impatient. The game takes weeks and months to develop your cities, and conquer your neighbors.

You can join an alliance and experience the comradery of helping other members of the alliance fend off attacks either by good advice or by sending troops. Alliances in turn can be friendly, neutral, or hostile to other alliances. Within the alliance, there are various positions that allow promotion within the alliance and foster loyalty. The alliance chat is an extremely helpful way for beginners to get help from other more seasoned players. You can also chat with other players from around the world, thus making it a truly global game.

It is an easy game in terms of learning your way around the game, and yet the complexity develops and deepens the further you go into the game. There is a beginner protection period of seven days to allow you to gear up for attacking other players and for defense against their attacks. During this period no attacks may be made on you or by you. The steps are laid out in an orderly fashion, so that you know what the prerequisites are for the next item in the series. The guidebook is the list of quests, which give you rewards when you finish each quest. However, once you get into the higher levels of attack and defense, fine points of strategy often make or break the battle. There is an excellent forum for discussing these points, and there is also a Wikipedia of sorts for the game that has articles on most of the things about which players would need to know.

The heart of the game is expansion. Obtain medals by conquering valleys and thereby getting promotions and higher ranks, the latter of which allows you to control more cities. Build cities and fortify them against attack so that you will not be vulnerable. Plan attacks using a wide variety of infantry, cavalry, and siege engines. This game is almost entirely a strategy game. As such it is a thinking game. The only real element of chance is the daily amulet.

The game is free to play. However, there are options available for those who are very ambitious. You can buy game cents, which will allow you to progress much more rapidly. However, it is not necessary to buy game cents to enjoy the game.

The game operates whether you are online or not. So you can set your long building times to coincide with the time you will be away. Furthermore, the game does not require your complete attention all the time.

There is only one point of real criticism I would have of the game, and it is a fairly common criticism: the medals are too difficult to obtain. This is the only reason I would not rate the game at a full ten. It makes the promotion of rank extremely difficult for all but a few players. Of course the reason is obvious: the makers of the game desire that you should buy game cents. But for the patient, who desire to make this a long-term game, a leisurely game that still has many moments of excitement in it, this will not be a huge turn-off. Eventually you will get the medals if you are persistent.

All in all, an engrossing game, full of invention, variety, clarity yet depth. I highly recommend it.

Lord Isidore, server 53

Post Date: 05:46 01-09-2009
Rating: 8
Author: hansdrocken
Comment: Evony Forever is by far one of the best RTS games I have played in a long time. There is a wide variety of different directions you can take your town in. It is all up to you. I would definatly encourage anyone looking to play a RTS game to try Evony.
-Hans Drocken
Server 49

Post Date: 12:23 31-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: bob8899
Comment: Evony is one of the best MMORTS I have played. It offers a great level of complexity and an interwoven world where you can’t blindly walk through and succeed. This is a thinking person’s game. The use of the alliance feature offers you the chance to team up with others, even when you are just starting out. I learned most of what I know of the game from my alliance members, and they helped me to grow- sharing resources and advice… now that I’ve grown, I now help to grow others. You start the game with a 7-day beginner’s protection- meaning that no one can attack you for 7-days. This offers you the chance to learn the game and build yourself up before you are thrown to the wolves. The two best ways to learn the game are to join an alliance and also to do the quests they have set up within the game. The series of quests are designed to teach you how the game works and what is important. Pay attention to your quests and you will learn a lot. If you just want to hack N’ Slash, this may not be the game for you, but if you want to think through how to grow your own kingdom and slowly take over- this is a really fun game. One other nice feature is that this game is FREE… unlike others, you don’t HAVE to pay in order to get all the features or some items. You can pay, and it helps you to grow faster and get specific helps, but you don’t have to do it. There is even the chance to win items each daily by spinning a wheel of fortune – so nothing is completely out of reach. Some people (including myself from time to time) complain that it takes too long to build things – but that really is a part of the game- planning things out and learning to use your time wisely. You can make mistakes and survive, but well used time is really a bonus in this game – if you randomly produce things you won’t get the most out of it. I used to play CIVILIZATION (a DVD based game) and thought it was complex and well thought out, but Evony offers aspects that I never found in CIV- I find myself playing it more and more and other games less and less. One of the nicest aspects of this game is that you can leave it open in the background while working on other things and you can check in form time to time and keep things going. So- this game doesn’t require your constant attention, but then when you decide to make a move there is plenty to keep you busy. Overall, I can only think of one thing that I would suggest as a change and that is the ability to sell some of the random items you win from the wheel, but don’t need. They have a great market feature where you can buy and sell resources – it would be simple to offer the ability to auction off these items as well. This would allow you to get other things you want more of when you get something you don’t need. One great thing about the market feature is that the prices are driven by the market, not the game… you have the ability to sell or buy and you make offers- if someone wants to sell or buy for that price, they can, otherwise they will trade with someone else offering for more/less. You get to see the prices most recently sold and bought for each resource and then you make an offer… prices change even depending on the time of day. If you want to check out the game- check me out on server 13. I am part of the “Dusk” alliance and my player name is bob8899. We are located in the country of Swabia – so if you get the chance- come and join us. If you want to learn the game, just mail me… we’d even welcome you into our alliance and we will grow you… not just in terms of giving you resources, but also by giving you the knowledge to help you succeed in the game. Oh, one last thing I love about this game.. . there are no cheats… it’s just you against other players. Check it out- you’ll love it too!

Post Date: 20:28 30-08-2009
Rating: 10
Author: dustin333
Comment: Hey i play evony pretty much every day. my user is dustin13 and email [email protected] and i play on server 50.Evony is a massive online game with you in control. the game is refreshing to me when i have a bad day. when i play i feel welcome and powerful. evony gives you that chance to be powerful and mighty. it is realistic to the real world around us and even back to the older times. with taxes you can set and cities you can build. promotions you can get to knights captains and many more. alliances you can make also with resources and gold which allow you to build many cottages town halls barracks and many more buildings for you to build. the evony crew and creators and very considerate of their players. recently every player recieved a package of 100 free cents and 10 amulets allowing you to spin the wheel of fortune. the wheel of fortune is a wheel you spin to be awarded many different things. like amulets gold game cents resouces soldiers and many more things.you get an amulet every day from the makes and crew of evony which shows how much they care about you. you can recrit a varaity of soldiers from swordsman to catapaults and build your army to attack other users from the map on the right corner on the game. also when you first start you get a 7 day trail before any one can attack you so you can learn about evony and how to play. when i was introduced to evony i quickly learned the first day. you have quests to follow which gives you awards as well once you complete what the quest has told you. with chat to others in the same server as you and sending mail to your friends it makes evony more great in the time that i have played i haved told many people about it and they liked it too. i cant wait to get home every day and play evony because it is a great game that i recommend to every age and everyone. ive might have confused you by this review but i just happy i finally found a perfect game to play and im just trying to say play it, you wont be disappointed. once you start playing youll be ready to dominate the evony world in no time.

Post Date: 13:49 29-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Natrix
Comment: When I say "Evony" I’m sure everyone remembers those revealing (yet refreshing) ads which are planted everywhere online. I had been ogling these ads for a good month or two before I took the plunge and gave it ago. I am yet to be disappointed!
For once there is an MMO which does not focus on how much time you spend playing rather how many strategic times you log into the game. To be more specific each town has a 1 building (being constructed/upgraded) at any one time. The higher the level of building the longer it takes. For me I like to flick the switch on my bug builds just before I turn off the lights, so when I wake everything is there on a platter for me.
Although Evony is free, you do have the option to pay a little bit here and there to get a bit of a head start. I have done this on a couple of occasions to fast track my expansion.
Game play is simple and everyone should grasp the concept quickly. The mountain of varying level players gives so much choice if you wish to take the pillaging and plundering path, or if you are the placid type you can quite easily spend all your time dedicated to the in game quests and watch your city expand and grow.
The biggest and best thing is the Alliances, join a multicultural team of fellow conquerors and rage war against other evenly (and not so evenly) matched places in the race for dominance and bounty.
9.5/10 from me – given the young age of this game I cannot wait to see what it looks like in 12 months time. Get yourself an account and I will see you on there.

Post Date: 20:10 27-08-2009
Rating: 10
Author: potiusmori
Comment: Evony is probably one of the better MMORTS games i have played. Upon starting my account I realised that not only was it easy to get started but it wasnt one of those fluke games where you can easily breeze through all the quests and complete the game in a couple days or weeks. Evony to me is like an alternate univers it allows you to play in real time and give you realtime problems to overcome. I have been playing the game now for almost a month and I havent gotten bored with it once. Theres alwas people online in the game and on the forums and Evony has an outstanding community of members that lend the game that extra special something. Lets face it every game has its assortment of spammers and general players that you would rather not play with. The difference with Evony is that the moderators actually pay attention and do all they can to keep those type of people from interupting our game play and keeping the atmospere generally pleasant and enjoyable. Upon starting the game I suggest new players just follow the quests to get the hang of the game which trust me wont take long. The alliance feature is a huge help cause it allows less experienced players to get help and teachings from more experienced players. After your beginners protection ends is when the real fun will start though. Evony offers you a wide assortment of different members to recruit into your army with each specific unit having its own special atributes. The game is made even more enjoyable with the ability to purchase specialty items with game cents and free amulets. The creators built in this really nice feature with a roulette wheel spin which requires amulets. The prize giveaways fo said spins vary depending n your town hall level. Plus if your ever at a stand still in the game for some reason or another you can enjoy a very nice chat and mail option and the endless hunts for medals and items through valleys and flats. The main goal in the game is to advance through honor and prestige and basically to become the biggest player on your server. Evony is great for all players and I have personally seen every age of player from 8 years old up to 60years old. I would say though what sets this game apart from other MMO's is the attention the creators give to the game. If any glitch comes up where the player is affected the creators have no problem fixing on very fast time schedule and heck even tossing you some items if you are affected.
The gameplay is very interesting also and quite unique. You start like other games in its genre by building your town up with an assortment of buildings which each have a specific purpose and ability. You also have to build and watch and upgrade all your resource field. The academy provides very nice tech in which to speed up build times and troop training and comined with all this theres some npc city all over the maps so you will always have someone to attack and plunder. Another nice feature is the ability to move your city anywhere else on the map. The game has a variety of different semi states(burgundy,bohemia,tuscany etc) and with an alliance change it makes for a nice feature to be able to change locations to be closer to alliance members and resource valleys. All in all Evony is a perfectly rounded game for all ages. It has unlimited options for players to build and learn their way and at their pace and a nice fast paced friendly atmosphere for just about anyone. I recommend this game for anyone. Oh and for all you new players out there come on to server 30 and join Alliance Rapture. Its one of the best plus im there lol (lord PotiusMori). My cord is 40,475. Everyone come an join!

Post Date: 08:09 26-08-2009
Rating: 10
Author: carebears
Comment: A lot of the newer games today try to grab your attention with its dazzling graphics and realistic effects. But what about the content and gameplay? I am a game junkie, and in my honest opinion, Evony is one of the most intriguing and fun games to play. Not mention its free. Evony doesn’t have the hyper realistic graphics, gizmos, and doodads, and you don’t need the world’s fastest computers to play. Evony is simple, yet intricate in its own subtle ways, and not to mention you only need a modest computer to play. What Evony lacks in superficial aspects is definitely made up in its content—it has all the elements of a genuinely fun game: an intriguing gameplay, diverse interactions between players, and most importantly, it’s always changing.

Evony in a nutshell is a MMORTS. But the game play is drastically different than other similar games. In the game you play the role of a “Lord.” You start and maintain a town, which includes resource gathering, troop training, technology research, and defenses. As you grow, you join alliances which can be thought as “teams” and battle other teams. The most interesting aspect of the game is the interaction between other players and yourself. Because the game is usually players versus players, the battlefield is constantly changing. In addition, If you’re a type of person who loves anything technical, this game is just for you. A lot of the game’s action involves attacking your enemies with your armies, which all revolve around the technical advantages you have over who you’re attacking ( distance, resources, army size, what kind of units..etc). Though it seems complicated, I’ve known players who are little kids to senior citizens.
The game is fairly light load on your computer, and is played directly in your browser. It is especially perfect if you like to play Evony discretely. ( I play at work and school almost everyday without anyone knowing) Evony in a sense is its own small microcosm of players, who are often very passionate about this game, with its own steadfast community. What really drives interest in Evony is the constant change. One minute, you’re at peace, and the next minute you’re at war. Your enemies are always changing as well. A lot of the battles in Evony is surprisingly driven by politics and diplomacy between two alliances ( who attacked who, and who took over what). Most other massive multiplayer games usually involve just the action ( hack and slash, attack..etc), but that is where Evony greatly differs: it involves a lot of diplomacy and player-to-player interactions. This interaction between players is what really drives this game forward and what intrigued me the most. Why else would hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people would play?
-CareBears ( Server 34)

Post Date: 16:08 25-08-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Porkchop
Comment: Evony truly is a great game. It has potential to evolve into one of the greatest free games online. The fact that all the functions are available to you for free is a huge bonus over other games. Now yes you can pay for the game and get extra cents (kind of like a premium currency in the game) but you do not need to. When you start playing you have many servers to choose from, so you can play on one or many at a time with one account. Now I would suggest you look at the evony site before playing and read over any guides that you can find. There are many posted online but the evony wiki has been the most helpful to me. Just remember that this is only the first age of the game so it will proboly be changing a lot. But in my overall opinion it is one of the best games online at the moment because it will keep your attention and is very addictive. I hope you give it a try and enjoy it as much as I do. I am currently playing on server 38 with the name Porkchop. I invite everyone that reads this to start an account on server 38 and send me a message. Ill help you get started and with anything you need to learn about the game.
Have a good one...

Post Date: 14:44 25-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Mattathlon
Comment: Greetings, fellow knights and lords of the land, I am here to tell you about Evony, the rapidly growing browser game. Set in medieval times and with a persistant world, this MMORTS is challenging and tons of fun. You start off with a fledgling city, a meager amount of resources to build with, and seven days before you are thrown into the fray. But no need to panic, much of the fighting and conquering is based around alliances, or groups of players. Find yourself a good one soon, as they offer protection, advice, and resources which you may find yourself short on early in the game. Build your castles strong, and train your army well, for they are your key to survival.

There are many potential targets in the world of Evony, including valleys, Barbarian cities, and other players. It would behoove you to use your scouts and scout the targets before sending your army to attack them, you never know what awaits you on the other side of the wall. There are many different types of troops, from the lowly Worker to the mighty Cataphract(Heavily armored Cavalry), and everything in between. Warriors, pikemen, swordsmen, and archers all answer to your authority. Cavalry and cataphracts are at your beck and call. Then comes the heavy artillery, ballistae and catapults. The army is rounded out by battering rams and transporters(horse-drawn wagons to haul your winnings from the battlefield).

With the multitude of troops available to be recruited, castle defenses are a must for your population's protection. These include walls(absolutely essential for survival), Archers Towers, Traps to kill off infantry units, Abati(long spears mounted in the ground to slow and kill mounted troops), Trebuchet that fling giant stones at an advancing army, and Rolling Logs that cruch anything in their path. While some may think that battles favor the defender, don't be fooled. A little bit of strategy and a large army can crack even the most heavily fortified castle.

All in all, Evony is a very fun, very startegic game that you don't have to play all day long to be successful. Even while you are away from the computer, or in your bed sleeping, your empire will continue to grow. The world of Evony never sleeps. So join us today, build your empire, conquer your enemies, have fun while doing so. Look me up when you get there, I go by Matty on the world server w17.

-Happy Hunting!

Post Date: 23:13 24-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: cvial
Comment: Find me on Evony: claire15 server 032

Evony: Age1 is one of my favourite strategy games so far. The thing that really drew me in is the fact that it is in real time. The game keeps playing even when you are not there. It adds an element of surprise to the game since you are never sure what might happen while you are away. Someone previously reviewed saying that this game is for people who can play 24/7 citing the fact that their cities were destroyed over four days. While attacks on one's city can be fairly common, simply building up strong city walls are a pretty surefire way of making sure your city will be there when you get back. I would say that you could play 24/7 or just occasionally and still have a great time playing.

The game interface is set up very well and is simple to use. The strategy of the game is quite complicated which I think is one of the main reasons it is so enjoyable to play. When I initially started playing, the I thought Evony seemed fairly straight forward but the more I played, the more things I discovered. For example I learned recently that the amount time it takes to construct buildings can be shortened by increasing the politics score of your hero and researching construction at your academy. There are so many variables involved in every aspect of the game that it is a challenge to figure out the best strategy. For example there are many different "valleys" and cities to battle which are at varying levels of difficulty. Finding the best combination of troops (could be archers, horsemen, pikes, etc.) to conquer a valley or city is my favorite part of playing the game. The only thing would change in the game is to make "medals" more common. They can be won from battles on occasion but I wish that I could receive them more often. I enjoy the huge array of items that can be acquired in Evony. There seems to be an item for pretty much everything although some items are harder to get than others. The daily gift of an amulet which spins a prize wheel is a great way to get these items.

The graphics are good and all that I would want for this kind of game. They are clear and detailed without slowing down gameplay. I like the medieval feel that the graphics give to the game.

Interaction with other players
Evony has a very active player community. The ability to join alliances and to attack other plays really adds to the excitement of the game.

I would recommend this game to anyone who likes strategy games or rpgs.

Post Date: 20:48 24-08-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Caase
Comment: I have been playing Evony for a month now and I am completely hooked. This speaks volumes as I find most online strategy games pretty dull and they tend to get old after a short while. Not so with Evony. I am so obsessed with this game and I highly recommend it to ANYONE to try - you'll be sure to get hooked. My lord name is Caase and I have been playing most consistently on Server 46. The game is so popular there are nearly 60 servers from which to choose from!
Evony is a completely free Massive Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy game (MMORTS). You choose a lord name and avatar and build up a city located in any number of regions on the world map. Research technology, train an army, recruit heroes, and raise your population to eventually build up to TEN cities and rule the world!
Everything about Evony really puts you into the world it creates. You can form alliances, start wars, and communicate with alliance members as well as other players in the chat box. Everything is in real time and there is so much you can do that it doesn’t matter if you have a few hours or a few minutes to play. Just build some cities, train some men, begin a research and close it for later. The game saves itself!
There are also many rewards you get for completing quests and even for just playing daily. Each day you can spin the wheel of fortune and get a number of items that helps the game play. After building up your cities you can conquer squares on the map which provide you with a boost in various resources, or you can conquer other cities. This helps you gain prestige which in turn improves your rank. I can’t express how fun it is to see your rank get high the more you accomplish. It keeps the game interesting, and it never gets old! There are so many players that even if you felt a little tired with one area, you can actually teleport your city (if you have that item in your collection) to somewhere else on the map.
It’s been a while since I have played a game that I enjoy this much. And once again it’s completely free so I highly recommend checking it out. I will warn you though, it is very addictive! The beauty of it is you can set certain things to be done in a queue so your city will be advancing itself as you work or sleep!! Such a cool game!

Post Date: 12:35 23-08-2009
Rating: 10
Author: petargameman
Comment: Let me introduce you to one of the most thrilling MMORTS games anyone has evere seen. Evony is an MMORTS of the highest rank , it sends you back in time where great battles took place , and Lords were fighting for bigger lands and greater power. The general idea is to become a great lord who is respected and feared by all his neighbours.
The game itself is very easy to play and understand, in the biginning you get to do a serie of easy quest that introduce you to the gameplay. One of the quests helps you get an alliance which is the next step of the game. Once in an alliance you get to meet expirienced players , with whom you get to talk on the chat. The game features also include gift packages for all players , an easy to use design , and a lot of other pleasent things which I'm sure you will discover as you play in the world of Evony.

Post Date: 02:41 23-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: soundninja
Comment: Heya im a player of evony server 14 Lord name is Leonardo. This game,evony, is based in the Mediaval era. This game is the best MMORTS,i think it is called,I ever played. Well anyway its the best mutiplayer online strategy game I ever played. If your the person who likes going around fighting as an avatar or something this is NOT the game for you. This game is about building up a city which you rule and you control. You can build up your own army to conquer flats to build more cities attack other people's cities and attack resource fields which are made for upgrading your resources. Why would you need resources? To build up your buildings of course! There are many buildings to make and also Evony will also give a short descripton of that building.(Also they will describe your army's troops too.) You'll learn to make peace with other players by joining an alliance(I would suggest Honor2 if you think you will join on server 14) or even make your own. Also one of the best part of it is it's free! Yep you heard me right free. You can go the whole game without paying anything. But if you have some money to spare you may buy some special items to help build faster, bigger, to make your "rank" in the game higher,etc.. If you dont have any money to spare you can get an amulet to have a chance to get premium items. Another great thing about the game is there is nothing at all to download. You also earn gold to research technology, buy resources at a market(a building you can build) and pay for heroes to lead your army into an attack. But the only way to get gold is to have a population of people to collect taxes from.And the only way to have people is to build homes for them. But you dont just build homes. Since the game is based in the Medieval era you build cottages for them. Most of the time though you can just get on for a liitle while since some most of the buildings take long to build. So pretend your building something nice a lot of the building for 20 minutes. You have 20 minutes to do something while the buildings wait. If next time you get bored try evony. The url is http://www.evony.com/. (No period at the end.) If you join and need help remember I'm Leonardo server 14. Contact me if you need any help at all. If you do join and like it recommend it to your friends. Because the more the merrier!

Post Date: 05:45 22-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Sir_Bones_Alot
Comment: This game is a great game. I would recommend it to anyone who likes MMORTS games. Basically you get dropped in this very in depth virtual medieval world. You have to build buildings to house your general population. You can build many or level up just a few. You have to have farms and, mines and such to get basic resources to do a array of things, such as build buildings and upgrade them, amass a army to protect your keep, build up your walls and, perform research and development on new techs to unlock new armies and special enhancements. You can even form a alliance with all your strong nearby friends to go to war with powerful enemies. Everything in the game is in real time so you can even play this from the office if you wanted and it doesn't consume all your time. In the same not though you want to spend a very small amount of money you could also buy items to speed up your building and enhancing times. I would recommend it if you wanna get to the top fast. Don't fear though because even tho it's nice it's not something that will make you fall behind either if you don't have it because this game is very balanced in the long run. Pretty much you just join a alliance and stick together. You do get one free cash shop medal aday though so even non paying people get a chance to get premium items. They have nice gift system set up to so if you spend so much money under certain requirements you get freebies from the cash shop. Non paying users get 2 for free too to make sure the balance is still maintained though. The game also has a refer a friend system with good benefits to it. You have the chance to get a promotional code so you can refer friends for credits. You can't beat that by any means. All in all I would say this is one of the more epic RTS games I have played in a long time. You have good graphics for a browser game. You don't have to download anything. You get a balanced friendly community with a cheat free atmosphere for once. There are plenty of worlds for everyone too so there isn't a over abundance of crowding. It doesn't consume all of your time to play nor does it require hundreds of hours of constant screen watching to be good either. The customer support is very helpful and they care about their fan base and keep up with updates and such. They are always having new contest and such to keep you active and happy. So try it out. If you want someone to guide you through the game look me up. My name in game is Sir Bones Alot. I'm on server 57 all the time. I hope this review helped and I hope to see you there.

Post Date: 02:50 12-08-2009
Rating: 2
Author: Urrthelurr
Comment: Dont be fooled by the ads. There are no boobs involved in any point of the game. I decied to click on an add to see what the hell this game is all about. So im redirected to a page that has boobs all over it. So i regester. I get on. You build a city! What does that have to do with boobs??? I"m thinking were are my boobs. Forget this. Oh and by the way it sucks.

Post Date: 10:32 28-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: vanlong441
Comment: THE FEATURES I like most in this game are NPCs (the virtual villages controlled by computer) and the FORUM (check it out, they have the most 'talkative' forum in the whole world!)
Good sides:
*If you have time in your company and like to have live-chat, the chat box here is nice and friendly (only the alliance channel is free to talk, the others are pay-2-talk).
*The game-play provides players with some clear purposes to reach to in the game.
*Ranking system is very good.
*PvP items can be OPTIONAL (I guarantee for this). Items only help children that wants to be on top of other people.
Bad sides:
*This game is addicted. DON'T TRY IT IF YOU DON'T HAVE TIME.
*Everything here is dirt in the wind. Your army, your resource, your citizens and stuff are nothing when you come to a certain level, so you won't stick to the game for long.
*This game's only fun if you play it from the beginning of the servers.
In summery, the first days being with it was so exciting. However, you go on, you lose that feelings gradually (for me it takes 1 month).
I'm looking forward to hearing about patch 2 released. Hope they will make a big change then. So... still 10 :)

Post Date: 13:05 22-06-2009
Rating: 1
Author: chukwa
Comment: looks good, but developers just want your hard earned $$

need to spend real life $$$ to progress

no a game of skill but which school kid has the most real life $$ to splurge..

Post Date: 15:51 17-06-2009
Rating: 2
Author: LightAnge1
Comment: I played for 2 weeks, I joined a large alliance.
Built up 2 cities to a decent size, after hours of play.
I had to move from my apartment to another location so I could not play for 4 days.
When I logged on at my new place (had to get internet setup)all my cities were destroyed.
This game is only for people who can stay logged in 24-7.

I was pretty mad when I logged on to find everything I worked for destroyed.

There is no defense against players who play 24-7 and have a Giant army, so the run rampant on all new people.

Post Date: 18:07 23-05-2009
Rating: 5
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: Bah, TECHNICALLY, it's an MMORTS, it's massively multiplayer, it's online, and it has real time strategy, but it's not the RTS you would normally expect! It's just another game like OGame or Tribal Wars from the looks of the website, don't try it if you're not into those kinds of half-text, half-pictures games!

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