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Face of Mankind is an MMORPG set in the 24th century. You are invited to play out the ageless battle of good and evil, and witness all shades of grey in between. Role playing and your real life skills are the raw ingredients of game play. This MMORPG uses the first ever player generated mission system, and combines it with sophisticated economics. Only your ability to shoot, bargain, politic and otherwise duck and deal will make the difference! The success of each and every mission will determine your rise to the top, or otherwise. Whatever path you take in this astonishing world, plan well: one day, one minute or a single second could bring you to your destiny as the true Face of Mankind.

Total Rating: 4.24
Reviews: 17

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Post Date: 09:02 29-05-2010
Rating: 8
Author: TSamee
Comment: wtf?! alright, let"s get a few things straight here...

FoM runs off one server. Even a few thousand people are enough to make is feel massive, as everyone"s playing in the same universe. Having played it about a month ago, the game"s population is alive and well, and the forums are still very active.

The game"s heavily faction-driven, and your faction are essentially the only people you can trust. Think EVE, but with pre-created factions instead of player corporations.

There"re literally no NPCs in the game. I"ve never seen one, ever. The police are players (though some are arseholes), as are the politicians, traders and military. It"s a game where objectives really are generated by the player, and it actually works quite well.

If you don"t mind following orders down to the letter, and enjoy lots of combat, then go with the military. Fancy smuggling drugs and fighting the law? Join the Brotherhood of Shadows. How much freedom you get to do what you want is decided by your faction; the military (I think they"re known as the FDC) are all about obedience and organisation (though, make no mistake, they welcome newcomers and they"re fun to hang with), the cops really should have more infrastructure (but they don"t), and the mercenary organisations are hostile even to their own, but will accept you if you prove you"re hard enough.

There"s a lot of stuff to do, and the game really needs a large population, as it would increase the possibilities tenfold. EVE flourishes because it"s got an incredibly dedicated fanbase, and thus the universe is filled with people to ally with, people to scam and people to trade with. As more people come in, the scamming, trading and alliances all diversify until you"ve got something as beautiful and complicated as EVE.

FoM might not have the infrastructure that helps EVE to be so complex, but please, give it a shot. The graphics are bad (by today"s standards), and combat feels a bit clunky, but nothing feels better than truly interacting with your fellow players, and knowing that what you do is actually making a difference to what happens in the game world.

Sure, the combat and graphics are dated, but there"s serious potential in FoM, and it"ll only be realised if more people give it a shot.

Post Date: 06:11 27-06-2008
Rating: 0
Author: draghster
Comment: this game looked so great just reading about its like the style of game ive been waiting for but whenever they come out with a game like this it dies so quickly

Post Date: 19:47 25-06-2008
Rating: 0
Author: oropher
Comment: The game is dead. See their announcement on their website. And an other sci-fi mmog buried in the graveyard.

Post Date: 12:52 16-12-2007
Rating: 4
Author: mmoking
Comment: Gameplay is crummy, but the graphics are good. Is it made on the source engine?

Post Date: 20:24 01-12-2007
Rating: 1
Author: kwupkake1234
Comment: i didnt play this game yet. i dont feel like keeping an account on that website. it is just a waste of my time.

Post Date: 02:46 06-01-2007
Rating: 2
Author: oneyx
Comment: Honestly i played this game for a short time and I have to say... I did not like it and i would not advise any plays this game.

Post Date: 17:07 15-12-2006
Rating: 5
Author: MontyDon
Comment: I have played FoM for over a year, and i am sorry to say but the has been slowing dieing it need to be shot.


Post Date: 08:54 05-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Jarisoni
Comment: This is coming from a FoM veteran whose played since Closed Beta.
FoM has gone through many changes, good and bad.
The game has been striped into a movie script. One of the recent events, many people were kicked ingame for getting near the event. No, I don"t think they will have a Kick/ban in real life. I remember a friend of mine went in there, he was kicked from the game and carded. He was new, just joined that day. The game is awful now, the gameplay is bad, interface is awful, too many bugs, lag, staff that disrespect players, and a small community. The game was forced into a early retail, and should have gotten atleast a couple of months. So you will be paying 15 dollars a month to beta test a game. DPS isn"t even receiving the cash, Ojom is. And they are barely getting any money, because there is a bug in the subscriptions. If you canceled your credit card while playing the game/cancel world pay account, you will be able to play due to a huge bug. Meaning they are getting 25% of all funds in all. The game was better in pre-milestone.
Anyway, the new game is awful, the old was is excellent, too many 10 year olds running around with faction leader status, a bad auto-promotion system that will promote faction spys and rogues. And the good faction leaders can do anything about it. To end it all, the staff doesn"t listen to the players, so stay away from this game, don"t get it, maybe wait a year and see if they fix it.

Post Date: 20:05 07-08-2006
Rating: 5
Author: dan9
Comment: ok they expect u to first download this game well 44 minutes not to long for a 676mb download then pay the monthly fee something like 7 Quid which is alright but u havnt even tested the game u dont have a free trial and u dont get anything u just have to pay for a not that well nown game without nowing anything about apart from the website which is a bunch a garbage to be honest. plus players are unhelpful. to sum it up make it exp based DO NOT CHANGE THE GAME PLAY it is great but its imposibble to play this great game due to the people in charge and give the first month free trial so people no if they want to play the game.

Post Date: 00:49 25-03-2006
Rating: 3
Author: jocksteeluk
Comment: The way this game is run absolutly ruins anychance you may have of having fun unless you are a high rank in a faction (this doesnt go by EXP this goes by you faction leader promoting you and the criteria for this depends on whether they like you or not). Missions and tasks are made by high ranks in each faction and often these people are not playing meaning you have nothing to do. Players also get fined penalty points in this game meaning you have to go to jail for a certain amount of time which can vary from 2 minutes to 1 real life month, players often find themselfs fined for no apparent reason. All in all this game has no viable story, the leading players can often be corrupt and lazy which totaly ruined my experience of this game and alot of the players play this game like it is real life eg, wake up - go to work - go to bed based in the game world which is something i find realy strange about this game and some of the players that play it. If you are willing to pay for an mmorpg then i advise you look elswhere and pick a game where leveling up and doing missions and having fun are cotrolled by yourself and not other players as you will totaly hate the experience this game has to offer

Post Date: 03:29 24-03-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Pending_Enigma
Comment: This game is fantastic now that it has been revamped. The graphics and gameplay are greatly enhanced compared to the prior version. Now in Brooklyn you can wander around reading game guides, while feeling protected due to the turrets. After about a week of playing you will get the feel for the game, and know how everything operates. If you are heavy into roleplaying and are into the military try the FDC. I played for about 8 months, this game is a step into the new generation of MMORPGS. Worthy of a 10! Anyone who gave this game a bad review didn t take the time to really play the game.

Post Date: 02:10 15-03-2006
Rating: 10
Author: D15TUR83D
Comment: This game was really good.. . .. .

Post Date: 03:42 15-02-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Seph
Comment: Avoid FoM unless you like rerolling a character every hour or so. All the factions work the same for new players: no one will back you up, get equipped, answer simple questions, make a mission so you can get credits, and you ll be lucky if you re not gunned down by someone in the same faction as you. Most of the time you ll be wandering aimlessly with nothing to do anyway.

Post Date: 08:00 01-01-2006
Rating: 9
Author: MMORPG Expert
Comment: yes..has a few cons..but doesnt everything..heck..mg..this has the best graphics ive ever seen for a free downloaded game..just learn how to play and make some friends in the world..and you ll be having extreme fun in no time :D

Post Date: 03:38 17-11-2005
Rating: 9
Author: hydracorp
Comment: i dont know what your people s problems are but this game rocks you just have to play a while and learn how to play. this game has great gfx
and had easy control s and pvp rocks and making your own missons is cool. but it does have some down sides the world is pretty small and dieing sucks but thats it.

Post Date: 20:49 18-10-2005
Rating: 1
Author: gusu
Comment: This game was horrible. The PvP was garbage. Dieing was horrible and loading takes forever. The games story line is... wait it had a story line?

Post Date: 13:15 09-08-2005
Rating: 5
Author: bombs007
Comment: This game is only PvP and death is a big toll is this game, also its not that fun and takes a while to download

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