Fleets of Anarchy

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In the year, 2071, terrorism was at an all time high! An enormous attack on all major cities in the world, led by an unknown bio-terrorist group set the world in motion for destruction beyond anyone's comprehension. No one knew that in less than 24 hours all twenty three billion people on Earth were going to die. What the terrorists thought would be a blow to all forms of major government, ended up destroying Earth and all forms of life that inhabited it. A civilized society was formed, but greed had taken over the leaders of the new world. Forming large fleets of ships, these leaders are fighting and destroying each other in hopes to become the richest and most powerful. The civilians call the ships in this great race to power, the Fleets of Anarchy. You… are the pilot of one of these ships. You must decide whether to join a Fleet and help conqueror all others or rise as leader of your own fleet and rule the universe.

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