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Free Realms is a free 3D MMORPG world with stunning unique graphics and fun, quirky activities. Free Realms is an attitude. It's innovative, dynamic and deep. Welcome to Free Realms, where there's so much to see and explore!

Total Rating: 5.50
Reviews: 24

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Post Date: 23:35 20-03-2012
Rating: 2
Author: kingj0n
Comment: I haven't paid to play this game as it sounded Free just by the name.

You can only play to level 4 which takes no time to get. It's just to try it out, but once you take a long time to get something, you cannot play unless you pay. I thought, the max was level 4 and you can still play a little, but no, in order to use the character, you must pay.

If you enjoy soccer and racer games, you'll quickly level to 4 and will be unable to play that type of role.

I didn't get too far into the game because I quickly got to level 4 on a few classes that you can choose from.

My brother plays, just to beat the little kids for calling him a noob. He pays and has his daughter with a prem account, along with his wife.

They seem to enjoy the game, well, mostly the two females.

To a regular gamer, this isn't worth it. $5? Really?
I think that's how much it cost.

I was giving this a 3, but now dropping it to a 2, kinda expensive for this particular game.

Post Date: 17:08 30-01-2012
Rating: 6
Author: isnortmana
Comment: all i can say is this game is good for kids looking for their first mmorpg but i couldnt judge this solely on what i like the community in this game is good classes are pretty fun i suggest it to ppl looking for an in between game of their first one my personal rating is 4 but im going to give it a 6

Post Date: 12:02 30-06-2011
Rating: 10
Author: cooldude671
Comment: I love free realms because of the 3D MMORPG world with stunning unique graphics and fun. I also like all the jobs and my fav job is ninja.

Ninjas are masters of the ancient art of combat and deception. Wielding swords, shurikens and other exotic weapons, they can vanish from plain sight to perform damaging sneak attacks

Wizards summon the elements to attack their foes from a distance. They use magical wands to channel elemental energy into spells that can confuse enemies. They can even shoot lightning

Up close and personal: that''s how Brawlers like it! Rough and rugged, they always mean business and are up for fight anytime with anyone. Brawlers are tough stuff! They use hammers, clubs, and powerful kicks to defeat enemies no matter how large or scary.

Strong in battle, protector of the weak – that''s the Warrior! Warriors use heavy armor and weapons such as swords and axes to defeat opponents. Warriors are usually at the front of the team, leading the way and taking on tough enemies.

I love Free realms:)

Post Date: 03:45 11-05-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Kidz LOVE free realms
Comment: free realms is good for kids.But the only thing is u get in free but cant do much but to become a member is only 1.00 per month great right. Anyway dont judge free realms by how it looks just sign press become member pay then HAVE FUN AND PLAY

Post Date: 09:15 15-08-2010
Rating: 6
Author: Morex
Comment: Free Realms is ok if you don't expect much as a free loader. You will be reminded every 2 mins that you are not a member so it can become boring quickly.

Post Date: 17:12 29-06-2010
Rating: 3
Author: katastrofa
Comment: Well.. When I saw an advertsment of this game for the first time I was exited and immediately clicked the link to sign up and start playing.. I mean that it looks Addictive. I started to play and yeah I noticed its target for kids and its good.. for example ... the cooking missions+recipies.. slicing, frying and stuff.. It also has an option to play as many characters which from 1 side is good but from the second side is bad because me and Im not the only one.. like to invest in ONE character instead of millions and not get nothing exept wasting of time.. In some point it makes you get bored and makes you understand that you're standing in a blocked way with nothing to do..
-And there is not PLOT AT ALL so it takes all the meaning and the fun of the game..

- In conclusion: If the creators want to make it popular in possitive conditions they should've make a plot, change the graphity, fix the game play- many characters in one - Split Personality and try to make it more interesting and not for young kids..

Post Date: 09:27 13-06-2010
Rating: 7
Author: Joker
Comment: What is with the zeros down below? Free Realms may not be the best MMO ever, but zeros are absurd. To me, Free Realms is more fun if you pay. You just have more to do and more items to get if you pay.

Post Date: 17:19 11-06-2010
Rating: 7
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: Free Realms... Ah, how I would love to like you. Free Realms is an MMORPG from SOE, who also created Everquest, so you would expect it to be EPIC... Until you hear that they've targeted it at children. Now, this is no bad MMORPG by any means, and in fact, it's pretty good. But I'll explain my feelings about this game:

Gameplay: 6/10
The gameplay is pretty dumbed down, and REALLY simple. I played as a Ninja, so when I went into a dungeon, I tried to take down the enemies one by one, almost stealthy-like. However, the combat itself is pretty simple, even more so than many other MMORPGs. You simply click the enemy to attack, and you can use your skills with hotkeys. This is a lot like other MMORPGs, but from what I could see, you would eventually only unlock 6 skills! After seeing MMORPGs where the entire screen is filled with tiny icons of skills, this seems little indeed. However, the gameplay is still fun, the dungeons look cool, and the game doesn't seem to resort to forcing the player to grind. There are also a huge number of other options apart from combat to do in this game, but I was a bit confused from all the things saying 'buy membership' or 'buy coins' or whatever (can't actually remember too well). I went to a racing car garage, but it looked like you need to pay real money for it, which dismayed me. Still, the world looks cool and it's fun to explore it!

Graphics: 8/10
Graphics are pretty bright, and the game looks good and fresh. There are a variety of climates, and during my time, I walked across meadows and icelands, even into some kind of Yeti Spa place that was covered in ice, but had a hot pool in the middle! Free Realms is certainly a good game to look at, even though it's no Perfect World.

Conclusion: 7/10
I only covered two areas here, but those two are the most important ones. Two more things. Free Realm's main highlight is the abundance of activities to do. I don't like how overly uncomplicated it is though (there's even an option to auto route to your destination, so you won't see any of the cool stuff on the way!), and how you need to pay for a lot of things. If I had to recommend an MMORPG, there's plenty of other better options out there, but for a young child, this one is perhaps one of the best choices.

Post Date: 03:10 11-06-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Syrup
Comment: The 0s are too harsh! I have played Free Realms for two weeks and loved it. I can do all sorts of different activities. I have bought a couple of cards but I did not spend much. I love how you can travel the map just by pointing.

Post Date: 03:01 11-06-2010
Rating: 6
Author: Ichigohollowfied
Comment: this MMO was okay, i just think its too overrated because of all the commercials with the little squirrel.... i give it a 6

Post Date: 20:53 07-05-2010
Rating: 10
Author: master561
Comment: Free Realms is amazing

Post Date: 16:51 02-04-2010
Rating: 1
Author: Alper123
Comment: The game is too boring to play. Not even close to a "mmorpg", If the developers know what this wird means. -.-

Post Date: 08:22 09-01-2010
Rating: 0
Author: WoWftw
Comment: In free realms, you can be free to be be stupid

Post Date: 20:39 30-12-2009
Rating: 0
Author: blastoise466
Comment: its worseeeeee you need to be member to do everything it SUCKS

Post Date: 09:33 30-12-2009
Rating: 0
Author: lord jack
Comment: in my opinion they shouldn't of even made this game!!!

Post Date: 11:10 15-11-2009
Rating: 6
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: Tried Free Realms, it's got a really clean interface, and I tried out being a ninja. It's a nice idea, being able to not do combat, but I want to do combat, so I went for the ninja. However, they may have focused their efforts on non-combat activities, because the combat isn't really that entertaining. It was entertaining for a while, but then it wore off quickly. I'll give this game a 6 however, simply because I haven't tried non-combat, and it may be a good game.

Post Date: 20:08 11-11-2009
Rating: 3
Author: Avascar
Comment: Really targeted to kids.Usually,if your 13+,you shouldent be playing this game.This is for little kids ONLY.And besides,if you play it,all you can do is like talk,fight,and do quests! The map is really little.And when you want something like the cards or pets or most features of the game is you have to pay real cash! This game aint worth it.But its a good idea for the developers to stop making kids bored on games,though.

Targted for kids +1
Must pay for most features -3
Little map -5
Not addicting for 13+ -5
3D that -13 like +4
Not the best game -2
Very poor story (usually this is the CORE to online games) -8
You can barley talk! Like when you say "Im lvl 9!" You get the lvl WRONG and the 9 WRONG.-5

got my reasons?

Post Date: 17:09 12-10-2009
Rating: 6
Author: Pad
Comment: Free Realms is more like an amusement park for kids than a serious MMORPG. You may get in the park free but you still have to pay to ride all the rides.

Post Date: 20:31 25-09-2009
Rating: 7
Author: idr99
Comment: Let's take a closeup on FreeRealms, shall we?:

Graphics 9/10 - Amazing graphics for young children, but adults could hate them the instant they get on.

PvP 6/10 - You can request dual to others, but it's not an all-PVP world.

Community 1/10 - Okay, RARELY anyone EVER talks on this. It's boring when it comes to communicating. So if you're a talky person, DO NOT PLAY.

Miscellaneous 10/10 - There are TONS of things to do in this game! Tons of jobs, like cooking, fighting and mining; if you feel like cooking, you can cook, if you feel like fighting, go ahead and fight, and if you want to mine, just find some ore and mine! Another cool trait is exploration. You can explore and explore without the worry of ever being attacked by other players or wild beasts. Along with exploration is collecting, which is fun to see the variety of thinks you can pick up in the world.

Overall Gameplay 6/10 - It's not really the best game ever. A few downsides: this game is targeted on young children! It would be excellent to see a game for older audience that has the same gameplay as Free Realms.

Post Date: 05:16 18-09-2009
Rating: 4
Author: Willwo
Comment: Ack! Too casual for its own good. Iwouldn"t even call it a game. All of Free Realms players are just little kiddies. Does the "game" even have a story?

Post Date: 16:05 07-09-2009
Rating: 7
Author: pwnz
Comment: For being "free", Free Realms can be uber expensive quick! You have to spend money to get the most out of it. Traveling is a cinche and the graphics are mouth watering. Care bears should love it!

Post Date: 17:53 02-08-2009
Rating: 8
Author: buzzsaw
Comment: Free Realms is a fun free MMORPG. Unlike Runescape etc you are not stuck to boring jobs and quests. You can be a kart driver, treasure hunter, miner...whateva you feel like playing. You move around in an open are really only limited by annoying membership reminders.

Post Date: 06:09 31-05-2009
Rating: 6
Author: zapleaf
Comment: I tried it out. It was almost perfect to. Unlike most MMO's were you have to grind all the damn time this game actually tries something new and steps out side of the big corp scheme of scamming everyone and makes a decent game. The only down side is it targets a young group of gamers =/ can’t really join up with people your own age and have fun. Also lacks gore and violence. So maybe one day a game like this can branch out to a older crowed.

Post Date: 22:02 12-11-2008
Rating: 8
Author: webber
Comment: Very cool idea! Free Realms may be in beta, but it looks great so far.

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