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A free-to-play 3D mmorpg with a dedicated community and GM staff, Gate to Heavens features 8 balanced classes with unique skills, multiple PK/PvP options, over 15 leveling areas, and a guild system that includes guild wars. Even with lightweight system requirements, GTH boasts stunning visuals, and its simple interface lets you get right to the action with no learning curve. Accelerated experience and drop rates make high levels accessible while still rewarding hardcore players, and premium items available in the webstore add even more dimension to gameplay.

Total Rating: 6.50
Reviews: 2

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Post Date: 17:54 02-11-2008
Rating: 5
Author: b1az3
Comment: My game is downloading now, it looks nice and i hope it is

Post Date: 08:10 30-03-2008
Rating: 8
Author: o0nene0o
Comment: pros:
easy lvling till lvl 25
good graphics 8/10
nice music 7/10 can get repetitive though
ace skill graphics 6/10 (mostly for mages)
monsters on most games you would see on lvl 50+ are lvl 15+ on this game 6.5/10
easy to make money 10/10 u can make 1million by
the time you are lvl 30 purely on monster drops ^^
2 classes you can get after lvl 30 for each class
u can make your own quests 7/10 but they have bad rewards compared to npc quests
nice equipment 7/10
tiny community 4/10 u get lonely after a bit but when you find some1 thats not afk they want to party with you or talk, once out of the whole server there was 40+ people on (tiny ammount) but it is brand new came out on 10th of feb so if you want to be one of those players that max lvl before the floods of players come in.
mages are over powered, my mage could kill monsters 6+ lvl above her
classes are gender fixed, mages and hunters = female, warriors and assasins = male , the actual class names are mage=water hermit,hunter=wind hermit,warrior=soul hermit and assasin = earth hermit, i dont call them by hermit names though.
grind grind grind (some players might like this) 5/10
strange installation, infact theres no installation, you just download the client and download the ob client and click the client button and your away 4/10 can be confusing

if you wish to pm me in game pm o0Seika0o
ty and gl on trying this game ^^

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