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Gekkeiju Online is a Free-to-play Fantasy based 3d Multi-User Dungeon. The game is full of totally unique features never seen in any Graphical Online Role-Playing Game before. Meet your friends online, go hunting together, form clans or maybe just explore the huge world full of challenging quests, amazing treasures and unique features.

Total Rating: 4.50
Reviews: 10

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Review Archive

Post Date: 08:36 25-06-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Sirian66
Comment: Lovely game and community.

What I don't understand is all the whining about the admins. During the few weeks I have played I haven't even seen any admins around other than at the forums. To me they have been very helpful since I had some problems getting the game to run in Windows Vista.

I really can't wait for the next version. It looks so cool.

Post Date: 07:16 28-05-2009
Rating: 0
Author: sidian
Comment: played this game for about 2 weeks and its crap.

first off everyone is mean on this game, even the admins.....its like takeing a trip straight to hell when you play this.

second...the graphics are not waste your time with this game

Post Date: 01:14 07-02-2009
Rating: 0
Author: jasong
Comment: This is the worst gaming experience I've ever had. Horrible admins! They don't see reason. There's higher level players in Gekkeiju who will bully others and if you try to report it the admins will blame you for startin the whole mess with those highbies and then threaten to ban you from the game for telling them about the bullying. A couple of buddies and me used to play this game before things turned ugly. Some highbies had issues with us and it messed up the fun we were having. They ran around with this attitude that they owned everything and that no one is allowed to be playing in the same place where they are. Those highbies threatened, pkilled, stalked, and stole stuff and the admins did nuthin to put an end to it. There was no other server for us to play on so we ended up going to a different game. Trust me. You do not want to play Gekkeiju. It isn't a game. It's a breeding ground for hatred.

Post Date: 04:39 28-11-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Makui
Comment: Honestly I take graphics as a must. Not that the game is bad but you have to admit those graphics suck. If you can't admit it then wow you obviously have some problems.

Post Date: 02:05 27-11-2008
Rating: 0
Author: goru
Comment: ive tried this game for at least 2 months and have alot of complaints about it.
this game is horrible a many things that need improvements

0/10 combat is complete crap there are few animations even the skills all look the same casting is just a big circle around you melle is just a swing of the sword
0/10 graphics are horrible runescapes hd is better in my opinion another fact of their graphics is all the characters look like girls... wow
0/10 community the people you see above is the whole community... a whooping 10 people on at all times
0/10 patches this game does not kick you out when a patch comes it just bugs you to death.... aside from that the patches are usually very minors only adding new items... from what ive heard it takes months even years for the developers to make a single town... some of the players also say this because the creator wants to make this game herself (your basically playing a game that some no life made not a companies game)
0/10 stuff to do everything is based around combat... theres no fishing
0/10 level balance... while you can recognize it at the start from the people i talked with a person with 200mil exp can easily kill someone with 1bil exp
0/10 level system your level does not determine your skill... the levels only give you stats and guild points
0/10 class system warriors are about the only thing most people experience since the other classes need at least 10mil exp(since your new this will take you about 1 week if your hardcore to about 3 months if you play 1 hr a day)
0/10 starting you start as weak as a worm
0/10 combat system a low lvl monster can easily kill you... unless you manage to wear the correct armor that corresponds to their weapon making you have to spend all your money on armor(which to be honest will take you a week altogether to even afford 1 piece of a set)
0/10 areas to goto from what ive seen/heard theres not even alot of places in this game you could basically travel the whole world in less than 30 minutes on a mount
0/10 admins(to admins if reading this *facepalm*) the admins could care less about you if you try to suggest something they consider it whining and there is 2 admins in the whole system one being the creator who could really care less if you quit she even uses the term noob heavily
0/10 storyline ?is there even a story in this game?
0/10 events the events for this game are really crappy its usually a dueling tournament or boat wars the rewards for these are as crappy (2 award points things you need to buy if you cant win a tournment)
overall 0/10 this game has been up for 6+ years and still is complete crap its 3rd but it has box like graphics, the combat is worse than runescapes,levels mean absolutely nothing, the people playing this game are also retards ;) so do yourself a favor and hit the backspace before you waste your life

Post Date: 04:16 10-10-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Roto
Comment: A fun little game, can play on just about any working PC right now. If you can allow yourself to play for more then an hour and talk to people in the realm its a ton of fun. I started playing a few days ago. *I've been looking for a new game since TurfBattles* And I'm really enjoying it. I'd say download it and give it a try, it's about 140MB download, and a fast install. Can hurt to give it a shot.

Post Date: 17:18 05-06-2008
Rating: 0
Author: tankmaster
Comment: This game surprises me that its about 6 years old and still in the dump, and it suprisingly resemblers runescape in a lot of ways

this is a mud with graphics

-there are no side professions(i.e fishing cooking etc)
-this game is 6 years old and only has at most 10-20 members on at any given time and only 1 server
which can tell you off the bat that this game is crap
-the graphics remind you of n64 their really bad
-not to much gear basically its a variety of boss loot with a bunch of armor named after minerals and ores(ruby, sapphire etc)
-not to original theres nothing in the game that is unique from other games
-combat (OH MY GOD) it resembles runescape in so many ways basically from what i heard most people dont recieve skills until they have 30mil-200mil exp(oh wow you only get 200-5000 a kill from what i heard which)its basically point and click... except when you fight players then its ctrl and click =)
-from what i hear terror923 is RIGHT there is only 2 admins working on this game (2 producers) in 6 years time of making the game their map is still incomplete... they basically say their out of the beta phase but guess what their still in it =)
-this game is just fight fight fight which gets boring and repetitive there are only about 5 little quests that have no story
-for hardcore gamers there is no story line nothing to explain what gekkeiju is who that scary girl is on the loading screen and why you start in the inn near a orc that says he was sleeping with you..
-at first the loading screen and the orc make you think this is a dirty game(my roomate even claimed i was playing a strip tease game)


graphics(3/10) cmon this is 2008 noto 1900's their graphics are only getting a 3 since their 3d and beat runescape

gameplay(0/10) its so repetitive all you do is fight fight fight when your sick of it you fight some more.... you cant even switch to a mage or anything else until at least 25mil exp(on a new player standing MONTH OF GRINDING)

combat(0/10) oh wow this combat is like runescape in all ways except they dont have food(yes no food at all)

sound(0/10) i turned mine off after 10 minutes of playing

admins(0/10) i asked terror923 what he meant by admins are evil... he said they stopped caring about what their players think whenever one of them so much as makes a complaint the admins automatically claim them as noobs(HUH WTF ADMINS... THE PEOPLE THAT EXPECT YOU TO PAY THEM DONATIONS CALLING YOU NOOBS?!?!?!?!) terror923 even got me a screenshot i cant post here showing lamex(the gamecreator) calling people 60 minute noobs.

conclusion: this game is probally one of the worse 3d games i have ever played they dont understand the concept of why muds went out of style that is because players want now results by making them carry unsafe exp(exp you lose when you die) that subjects them to dying with massive amounts of exp (from what i heard the highest player salvation needs 100s of millions of exp to level which takes him about a week to grind imagine getting pked right when your about to turn it in)they also dont have many features other 2d f2p mmos would offer you which says a lot =) if i were you i would click the back button and avoid this game at all costs

Post Date: 16:25 11-05-2008
Rating: 3
Author: terror923
Comment: this game is good it grabs your attention for the first few days but in my opinion there are better games

pros:um >.> i dont think there is any except for the fact that its a mud with graphics
cons: 1)the admins are evil they dont listen to the players much
2)its made by 2 people only no one else although it does have some shared stuff like music making anticipated patches take months sometimes years to come by
3) recently the admins have been severly making it hard for players both on the low end and high end of exp really weak
4)you can solo the whole game
5) your basically a warrior until 50mil exp which can take months

theory find another game this one isnt worth the space on your hard drive

Post Date: 11:28 14-04-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Banger
Comment: There are more in depth MUDs with no graphics but I prefer this one.

Post Date: 11:13 26-01-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Pellnell
Comment: A MUD with graphics! Also pretty fun because you can do so much.

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