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Sword of the New World: Granado Espada is a new full 3D MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing game) from the creators of Ragnarok Online. This is the first English version of the game.

Total Rating: 6.44
Reviews: 64

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Post Date: 00:41 23-06-2010
Rating: 3
Author: timmy56
Comment: This game has THE BEST graphics of any other game out there and i would give a 10 rating just for that! HOWEVER...the gameplay needs some work. The mobs spawn like crazy in this game which is fun at first till you see the flaw. They respawn so fast to the point where all except for one class can handle it. The Fighter is useless without a Scout (healer) and vise versa. The mobs spawn faster than the Wizard and Elementalist can cast a spell so by the time you finish casting a spell you already have 2 more mobs attacking you and you're gonna die. The only class that can keep up with the super-ultra-mega-sonic respawns is the Musketeer with their instant long range shots. Seems like the creators spent WAY too much time on the graphics and very little if not any time with the gameplay. Oh well...played all the top 10 MMOs and they all got issues; whether it's bordem or just disgusting graphics. Gonna give this game another shot..hopefully they fixed the gameplay, if not, i just wanna see those Elementalist boobies bounce beautiful....

Post Date: 05:36 22-06-2010
Rating: 6
Author: pa_toxin
Comment: If ever a game needed to be revived, I'd go for Granado Espada every time. Last time I dl'd it and joined there was virtually 0 community - a sad thing, considering that there is evidently a lot of effort placed into this game.

Some things can be revised:
- Gameplay: you can practically keep your characters on auto almost the entire time, which is good considering the extreme multitasking that could be possible. However, it destroys a lot of the fun as well.

- Customization: I'm fussy on this. They give you preset characters with almost zero options. Bad call.

- Quests: Walking around to random citizens isn't a quest starter. Grinding isn't a quest starter. The lack of appeal denounces what could've been a great game.

All in all, this needs to be refined in the same way a diamond lacks luster without polish and decent cuts.

Post Date: 02:51 10-04-2010
Rating: 9
Author: nothing0021
Comment: Very unique and interesting concept, having control of three characters is not really a big deal , for RTS players specially doing micro-managing the multi-character control is not an issue.

has a wide variety of skills!

Recruitable NPC!

Has very good graphics.

grinding is fun because of the insane spawn rate. but really takes a long way to master a single stance.

Sooner or later you will have to find a squad(party).



Post Date: 07:13 07-01-2010
Rating: 6
Author: Moyun
Comment: I kinda lightly played this game.
The main attraction for me of this game is its stunning graphics despite it is a f2p. But other than that the whole game is on the average level. I think the 3 character system is interesting and unique(not necessarily good, but i like to heal, slash and burn at the same >=)time). The part you can acquire NPC as playable characters are also interesting.

The part that runs down for this game is it lacks a community(or is it just me?>

Post Date: 19:46 29-12-2009
Rating: 3
Author: lord jack
Comment: i think it sucks that you have to control three characters at the same time!!!

Post Date: 23:30 08-11-2009
Rating: 0
Author: Haara
Comment: The concept gets a 10, however the execution gets a -5. I was so excited while downloading this game, and even creating my characters, but once i got started i was incredibly disappointed. It kept me entertained for less than a half an hour, this game has a lot of walking, text based quests and just overall time wasting. sorry guys, 0/10.

Post Date: 12:56 19-10-2009
Rating: 4
Author: irut
Comment: Nice Graphics
Nice Stances, Sword with Gun, double Gun, Snipershot a lot of Chars and stances to use.
hardcore grind game.
using cashop give u more then a big stash, its unbalanced over all.
Rich people always on the TOP. If u stay f2p, dont try to deal with the best, just enjoy wut u have found and worked out for urself.
The Item Upgrade System is bigest bullshit i have ever seen in the MMO world.
It happend that u spend 60 dollars to upgrade ur item but everything fails and u ended up with the same before u wasted 60 dollars.
All Servers r dominated by a strong clan, the game mechanic dont support weaker clans. Strong Clan getting HP bUFF, Mass PvP Rewards. Every important raid is Open 4 all.u know wut it means....
The sozial dynamic goes to, join the winnig team or quit the game.

at least, playing afk a game is not a feature, i can say after playing sotwn about 2 years, its the dead of ur gamefun.

Post Date: 23:54 01-08-2009
Rating: 10
Author: boody2010
Comment: kk i just tried this game like 2 hours ago and itsjust gr8 its music really good and so far quests r really fun like had 2 dungeon missions by 8 and also a quest where i fought an npc so all try it really so far hadnt talked to anyone but didnt hve to cuz i like t discover stuff on my own and the map is really easy all who is looking for a gr8 game just play this one iam on the non pk server since iam a complete noob:D

Post Date: 00:48 29-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: boody2010
Comment: hi ok i was downloading this game but when i was reading the reviews in gameogre i found someone saying try the iah version it has better community so i tried the site and he was right..

the iah version offers better support newer patches and better community and its international so for all who was going to download this one download the iah site version its really better the site is httpwww.iahgames.comsitedefault.aspx so the rating is for the iah version just dnt download this :D

Post Date: 00:50 28-07-2009
Rating: 8
Author: boody2010
Comment: hi this game looks very good and iam dling it right now the graphics looks very good frm the vidoes th only thing tht made me really mad tht its download is so difficult tht all the mirros provided by the game site sux one tht u cant pause other must dl their download manger and another dld soem of the game and said error well my advice just download xfire and dl the game frm it its really gr8 hopefully the dl will finish soon:D

Post Date: 04:07 24-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: autopinoy
Comment: After playing several MMORPGs, for this one is the best.

+ Unique concept
+ Superb Sountracks
+ Shaped Community
+ Control 3 Characters at the same time
+ Not your typical MMORPG
+ Outstanding Graphics

At first most of the players encountered this game was too negative. Because they are afraid of "CHANGE". This game is not the typical MMORPG that controls a character. The concept and story line was unique. Even NPCs in the map has their stories. NPCs can be recruited if you want them to join your family. The PVP system was more challenging because it demands multiple control. Raid Boss here were not the typical Boss in other MMORPGs that when you found them you just kill them down. But here, Raid Boss requires different triggers to summon the boss and they are all unique. About the grinding issue, there is no such thing as exp penalty when your characters die. The costumes were outstanding and the sprites are not pixelated unlike other MMORPGs. The community of players was more interesting because the game is not just a game but community oriented. In addition to community oriented, this game makes creative possibilities because you can do comics, wallpapers, cool screenshots, and even Machinima (in-game animation) which other MMORPGs cannot match this qualities as a game.

All in all its a 10/10 to me.

Post Date: 08:27 05-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Indispensable
Comment: The storyline is unique and interesting if you spend time reading it and doing quests which now drop polish (Trade for weapons/armor) which for the grinder keeps you leveling to the end faster or an incentive for those who like to know the game's storyline. The combat pve wise is not that challenging but the pvp is fun, to me it was the most fun of all the mmorpgs I've played. (About 50 free/p2p in all). However the game is killed by its small community which is filled with the good and bad as always, slow to action GMs (Called AMs in game), and the difficulty to beat the older clans. (Issue in every game). Oh and there is a huge need of cash shop (tradable, doesn't mean you're the one who has to buy it). This game needs devotion and an open mind to truly enjoy.
Oh but enough of the negative things, here are the positives.
If you're interested in reaching end game instead of staring at the screen, afk leveling is a godsend. Those who complain its boring need to realize that grinding is boring everywhere. However with such a small community, there needs to be less afking to be honest.
The beauty of the game's scenery is astounding, and the characters don't look bulkier as they level. The armor and weaponry is finely made and I would personally say, needs to be put into more games influence wise. The ability to recruit the 30 some npc characters into your party is also a cool feature. The music is something you'd listen to even if you left the game because it's just amazing to be put into an mmorpg. The theme is the best I've seen but not taken to the extent, but hey it's not a bad try considering its one of the pioneers into it. (No pun intended) Ideal if you're sick of the traditional medieval fantasy or martial art stories.
Also people who complain about characters showing too much skin need to realize that it's not just for Korean games it's for every game. And Korean games shouldn't be called grind fests, ALL MMORPGS free or p2p, American, Korean, Japanese etc WILL have some grind inside.
This game is definitely worth a try. But seriously only those who can see through the negatives can enjoy it for what its worth.

Post Date: 08:35 24-04-2009
Rating: 5
Author: jash27
Comment: I remember this game, it was ok. Not very engaging and your characters dont realy seem to be yours, more of there own. Just turn your scout to auto heal and your mage and what ever else you want to auto attak then go to sleep.

Post Date: 00:30 01-12-2008
Rating: 2
Author: Thoughtful-Cooperation
Comment: Sword of the New World (SotNW) is a Korean MMORPG, published in the United States by a licensee, with heavy Lineage II influences. The game features wonderful visuals, techno-type music themes in each playable zone, a deep cast of playable characters to discover, and, depending on which server you choose, care-bear PvM or full time PvP.

There is no denying that SotNW is full of problems: items on the Auction House disappear occasionally; players are banned by lazy or inept customer service representatives because they do not respond to ambiguous questions in what seems to be a half-hearted attempt to address the significant bot problem in the game; the engine appears to use the hard-drive of a player's computer to store costumes seen in-game, slowing performance on even the most contemporary personal computers; forum board moderators, who presumably watch over the only customer service avenue available to players, are the absolute bottom of the barrel volunteers, their posts filled with sarcasm and contempt; and the player community is extremely immature. I could go on, but I don't really think it's worth it.

Despite the incredible number of reasons to simply skip this game, it did have it's moments. I played 'families' on several servers over a period of about four months, one was a PvP server which was incorporated into another PvP server, another was the PvM server. The story line is very nice, the graphics are lovely, and I'm quite sure that if you are Korean and play it in the original language, overseen by the original publisher, it is truly a great game.

The gameplay is very similar to Lineage II, from which SotNW borrows heavily. It is a grind-fest. Simply set up your family in an area appropriate for your level, and leave the computer for several hours. No kidding. Some people will like that. I was one of them, to be honest. But the significant problems with the game over-shadowed any enjoyment I derived from playing the game. Bots are expected, non-existent customer service is understandable for a free game, but the single biggest detractor from the experience was the community.

Thankfully, teaming is absolutely not necessary to play the game, unless you are raiding, or in some instances, unless you want to level while away from keyboard on a PvP server. Essentially, several families will group up on top of each other, usually having one or more players not AFK. If a player-killer attempts to kill the AFK players, the at-keyboard player will attempt to fight them off, supported by the AFK characters's, auto-attacks.

Additionally, and unfortunately, there are as many cheaters in the game as there are bots. Here is what I mean: Botting is forbidden. If you are reading this review you can probably understand and appreciate that, but in order for customer service representatives to ban a player they believe is botting, they must witness the player in the act of botting. Because there are rarely customer service representatives that will actually even respond to messages in game, reporting botters is relegated to an email message created by players to customer service. Needless to say, many of the bots go unreported. Indeed, if a bot account is banned, they simply make another one, and begin leveling again, after all, it is free to play. So botters can go unnoticed for a long time, and when they do get caught they simply make a new account. But here is a portion of the meta game that many don't talk about. More than half of the people that I knew on the PvM server ran a legitimate family, then also had a bot family that they would run for in-game money. A software application would farm for in-game money for them, and occasionally they would transfer the money to their legitimate family. Thanks, but no thanks.

So, in addition to the rampant cheating, the global chat is filled with the worst sort of sarcastic, condescending snarkiness that you will see online, this side of 4chan. It's like barrens chat, to the fifth power.

Final conclusion: I love grinders like this one, but if I would have it all to do over again, knowing what I know, I wouldn't even waste the time. I give this game a 2 out of 10.

Post Date: 16:56 26-11-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Uhlik
Comment: Sword of the new world has several amazing features to it. Here is my review.
Graphics: 10/10 They are amazing, and you don't even need the settings to be all the way up.
Gameplay: 8/10 The actual game was extremely innovative, especially with the ability to play with three characters. And as all gamers can say, its auto attack function was amazing.
Lag: 7/10 I did experience some small lag pockets, but it was nothing severe
Community: 5/10 Sigh, the sad part, i played this game for quite a long time, i never talked to one person. Why? Because everyone was just using the auto attack function to AFK level and made no friend whatsoever.
Overall: 8/10 It really is a good game that is worth a play, but only if the community of a game doesn't mean much to you.

Post Date: 01:24 21-11-2008
Rating: 10
Author: temozarela
Comment: Sword of the New World or Granado Espada has amazing graphics and music and finally, an original theme. No more human vs orc, dwarf vs elf, dark elf vs high elf scenarios, it gets old. The game also has pretty interesting pvp which people who try the game for 2 days can’t really see. Each character has a max of 5 skills per stance. But they can change their stance while fighting and with 3 characters and usually at least 2 stances per character (per weapon, for example a fighter has about 65 skills if you include all weapons), that’s already 30 skills (using only one weapon). Using 3 characters is a challenge because it makes you have to have a plan when confronting the enemy. Maybe use invisibility to take down their Elementalist to get rid of their aoes or a shield wielding fighter to take down their musketeer’s dps. But this game requires you to actually play longer than a week so it may deter many gamers seeking instant gratification in low quality mmos. And people complaining about afk killing? Yeah if you really want grind by clicking on every mob you come in contact with, be my guest you can do that too. Gameplay is boring? Help me find a game where its fun to grind to lvl 100, without any raiding or pvp in between cuz that’s where the gameplay of most mmos are.

Post Date: 21:08 23-10-2008
Rating: 10
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: very good game, the gamersfirst version is actually the best one for free players, cos the IAHgames version needs you to pay, the combat system is unique and quite good, it enables you to play with three characters simultaneously but quite easily as well. there are lots of quests to do too so barely any grinding at all.

at the guy underneath me... i am really shocked... wow... this game deserves a rating of 2 because it is hard to move around??!?!?!?!?! even if there is a game that is hard to move around i wouldn't rate it 2, and anyway, its NOT hard to move around, the point and click system is in practically all good MMOs anyway, i mean, WoW has it, Guild Wars has it, heck, even Diablo 2 has it!!!!!! and its quite easy to move around this way... man, you erased a good game just cos its hard to move around? that has got to be the stupidest review ive ever seen on gameogre!

Post Date: 05:16 15-10-2008
Rating: 2
Author: DamianRocks
Comment: This game is nice to look at... and by that I mean the designers put a lot of time into making provocative characters. However, the plot is thin and the movement... HELLO you point and click to move!!! It sucks!! What game does that. Hmm, 1984"s Monkey Island! Geez, I erased this game after two days... to hard to move around.

Post Date: 08:53 19-08-2008
Rating: 9
Author: evilshenzero
Comment: With the number of massively multiplayer online RPGs growing exponentially, few have the ability to stand out anymore. One of these latest standouts is Sword of the New World. It introduces a new system called Multi Character Control (MCC) which allows each player to control up to 3 characters at a time. This is a great new concept that sets it apart from all other MMORPGs. Combine that with beautiful graphics and possibly one of the best game soundtracks ever and you'll quite an enjoyable game. On top of all this, it can be played completely for free!!

This game is great for both the average gamer or the hardcore player that wants to put all his time into it. Three characters allow you to slowly level passively while you are away at work or school, or you can play all day and reach the higher level raids much earlier.

The only drawbacks of this game thusfar seem to be that after level 100, the leveling becomes a little more tedious, and requires much more dedication to the game. Also, since the game is a port of a Korean game, some of the translations are poor and the names of items/characters/etc don't always match up as they should.

But in hindsight, these are small drawbacks for such an amazing game that is FREE to play.

Server: Bristia
Family Name: Bonlux

Post Date: 00:05 13-08-2008
Rating: 8
Author: ubermensch
Comment: This game was awesome for about 3 days.
I became really repetitive and sometimes ridiculously difficult. But the beauty was unmatched.

Post Date: 23:28 09-08-2008
Rating: 1
Author: blazzer101
Comment: this game looks awesome!! but its fucking almost impossible to download this shit. they give to u in 6 prts and i have to install it manuley! idk how to! and the one site that offers the full client requires me to wait 5 hours to start the download... -.-

Post Date: 05:19 01-07-2008
Rating: 9
Author: bisurge
Comment: I heard you can go AFK and train and it worked! Taking a dump and getting exp... what more could you ask for? Eventually however, you can only leave for like 20 minutes before your people wander away from each other (don't know how this happened) chasing monsters... it was not a pretty sight.

Post Date: 06:49 29-06-2008
Rating: 8
Author: penosaurus
Comment: everyone heres dogging on this game. Frankly you have no taste in gaming.

Post Date: 04:05 05-06-2008
Rating: 10
Author: snowball.norma
Comment: Play the IAHGames version instead - they get faster updates and game patched and tons of events and activities. the community there is great and the item mall prices are cheaper too.

Post Date: 00:36 01-06-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Opresser
Comment: Not a bad game but it has recently been invaded by asians.

Im not usualy a fan of cash shop games that require you to pay for good gear as it makes the spoiled children more powerfull then a hardcore gamer. Never the less.. here is my calculated review.

Community 55.56565%
Graphics 87.5685%
Sound 54.5968%
Customer service 20.4546%
Innovation 77.78574%

Overall 48.5656% - Not reccomended.

As the community is constantly deteriorating the game will eventually die. But for now its not bad. I wouldnt personally invest my time in this game as it isn't going to be around for awhile longer.

Post Date: 19:09 26-05-2008
Rating: 8
Author: kaage1
Comment: you know, its a good game, but whats with the asian "boom", as we'll call it, there almost no mmorpgs that aren't asian anymore.... curse you asia, and trying to cloud our minds of good mmorpgs (*Note: some asian mmorpgs are good, bad and whatever but now there's too many)

Post Date: 03:55 23-05-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Davion0031
Comment: Those who haven't even been to lvl 84 should shut up. They say that is bad and that is bad and that is bad. Try this, on one of your games, play like there's no tomorrow and try to be the strongest then watch other players who play other games, you'll say the game they play sucks. Right??

Some people only say the game is great when they are strong at a certain game. Those who says this game stinks are noobs.

I hate you.. :)

Post Date: 00:17 23-05-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Doddodd
Comment: This game is great its surprisingly an underrated game. I was looking at some other comments and ratings and a lot of you guys are just judging the game because of your own crappy computers or your operating system or whatever...but you have to judge the game for what it is... a game. Now, on to buisness.

This game is pretty good in my opinion, for a couple of reasons. Most things are good
Graphics are great, one of the best I've seen, pretty good detail. The only problem is everyone of the same class has the same face(except recruited NPCs). One guy below me was complaining that the outfits look frilly/sexy and the reason for that is because the armor for this game is Victorian era, which is why it looks

The battle system is very...unique..this game uses MCC(Muliple Character Control) which I find revolutionary. This is the first MMo I've seen with that type of battle system, and I like it.(It really helps when facing bosses)

Music is undeniably the BEST music I have EVER heard in an MMO in all of my gaming experiance.

Now....I've only been playing for about 2 weeks..but there's one negative I've seen. The community is..about...0. Don't expect a lot of communication with other players in this game....after playing for two weeks I've only talked to THREE ppl who actually responded. I don't know if there's some sort of secret community where everyone talks to one another exists..but..relatively new players dont join.

The only reason this gets an 8 instead of a 10 is because of that.

Post Date: 20:30 11-05-2008
Rating: 8
Author: kuriboh666666
Comment: I second that smooth12; you people should really explore more what GE is all about & not just judge on what it can or cannot do. Sometimes you"ve got to think outside the box, it"s just really common sense think about it, if there"s no auto loot can you pick up ALL the loot manually while attacking the fast mob monsters at the same time? & even if you say that it"s super easy to level up w/ the kind of strategy GE has to offer, then can you level up ALL characters up to the 5th barracks in just a month or so? I doubt it. Also YOU have a choice if you want to leave your character in AFK mode, but there IS a disadvantage in that you know, what if a super rare item, unique & elites dropped then you couldn"t pick it up because your character is on attack mode. Another disadvantage is that there is NO safe spot in GE if you AFK, your character will DIE sooner or later because of the ability of the monsters to cause knockback & once your character is hit & stood up again the command will stop. Also some people think that it"s not okay if there"s no death toll (except for PK player kill)then let me ask you this, can you count how many times you have DIED from lvl 1 to 127 just because of the lag, colony wars, boss raids & super mobs that you can"t handle? And lastly this game has finally solved the looting problem that some MMORPG still has (e.g. Ragnarok) you cannot pick the item not unless the other family kills or had the first attack on the monster.

Then there"s this appearance problem, it"s true that you can"t change the faces of your characters but there"s one thing I DO know that all other MMORPG couldn"t do that GE characters CAN DO; Its through their poses. You can choose your pose and print screen it so you can create comic strips out of it. You can change the way they look through wearing glasses, wigs, backpacks, costumes or whatever accessories.

So how come this game is just like all the rest of the MMORPG you"ve played? There are tons of differences especially the very unique RNPC style & the very genre of the game set in 17th century time, where all the places were actually REAL & existed in the real world & not just created for the sake of playing it.

The sounds were awesome & practically the music synchronizes w/ the events depending on what is happening, also another difference w/ other MMORPG is that there is a jukebox where you can CHOOSE what ever song you like & not just repeat & repeat the song w/c you hate until you puke.

The only disappointment for me is that when you talk to the NPC there"s no voice & some bugs here & there. Also I have to admit that GE has some money grabbing tactics that shouldn"t be sometimes proper & also has a long way to go to achieve a perfect MMORPG game. I"ll rate this 8 for now!!!

Post Date: 13:40 11-05-2008
Rating: 0
Author: whiting1289
Comment: How this cookie cutter Asian MMORPG scamming cash shop game got a head of Runescape is beyond me.

I can not believe anyone would even call these types of cash shop cookie cutters games at all. There is not even any need to talk about it!

It¡¯s a cookie cutter KMMOROG and a cash shop. Enough said.

All I can say is that gaming has died at the start of the 2000's when games started to e played by common idiot and thus they got made for the people who were the most.

Post Date: 17:31 13-04-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Heavy Mc Guy
Comment: I played this for like 2 weeks (my normal playing time for every MMORPG, and then goodbye). Well, i´m leaving the game. Here´s some plus and minuses of the game:

+Works even on poor machine
+Unique characters
+Various of fighting types (stances)
+Big World

-Don´t really have to level yourself, just leave game open in hold mode.
-Doesn´t feel like real MMORPG, needs to leave MMO out
-Doesn´t feel like roleplaying at some point.
-Community (most just go afk)
-Nothing hard/needing teamwork
-"Armor", more like some tea party outfit.

Overrall: Good graphics, but game is not challenging. Also, most players in clans inactive, so leaves you to chat with only couple of guys. Leveling can be done by leaving the game open and leaving your family in hold/defense mode. Also, with assault mode, this seems more like onslaught than real fighting. Also, so called "Armor" looks more like sexy/pretty suit, so armor, doesn´t really look like armor. 6/10

Post Date: 20:08 02-04-2008
Rating: 0
Author: feast
Comment: worst game rappelz etc...all same control and graphics...updates take days..and again the control of the game is horrific. take wow for the come in second place ...gameplay comes first...these korean shitgames are made without any real thinking

Post Date: 12:51 28-03-2008
Rating: 5
Author: o0nene0o
Comment: *ahem* ive played this game for 1 year now, and i admit the grind is evil after lvl 30 but most games (ace) music (ace)
BUT!!! every1 is saying ,oh theres a fighting bot blah, plz read the forums now, theyve removed that so u have to pay attention when fighting now!!!!! also different armour give a different look (they removed the costume system in character create) except that doesnt work if your character was created before this new patch..also the player bots have been removed so its easier to lvl ^^

Post Date: 03:22 11-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: smooth12
Comment: yea there is an in-game bot. but you won't be able to level up fast, you won't be able to pick up loots thus no money in later game. For those who say we all look the same, there is new costume for every stock character and also new costume for almost all RNPC. And the stock characters can wear a wig and spectacles to change look other than costumes. You say the armour all look the same? that's because you never bought a costume to wear over the armour to look different. E.G you use lvl 84 armour since all have the same armour, wear mutant costume to look like you are level 1 but different colour.
Who says we have no community?
You should see the weekly colony wars.
Who says we almost have to have a scout?
we can always party with another family who have scout. And in higher levels, scout is USELESS for PVP as the heal is too slow and little. Unless you equip it with dagger and attack.
And scout is boring to play with. I rather use pots.
People cannot get enough as they want to train all the characters. More characters= more fun combinations.
You don't deserve to say the game is boring when you don't mix with people and don't fully know the capabilities of the game.
You will keep playing as new updates are always there. like the new lvl 92 elites, new baron RNPC and also alot of events! More maps are also coming out!
i think it is the best free mmo can give other than the too heavy graphics that my noob pc cannot handle.>.

Post Date: 03:36 05-03-2008
Rating: 4
Author: IceXII
Comment: There were aspects of this game that I really loved and really hated. Some of the things I really loved were the graphics and the music. The graphics were unreal for a free MMORPG and maybe even for a P2P one. When I first tried out the game the music almost brought tears to my eyes (in a good way). However, the gameplay is absolute garbage. Theres an in-game bot built in to the game so that you don"t even need to "play". The grind is pretty bad and the quests are boring as hell. My recommendation? Download the soundtrack and screw the game.


Post Date: 03:14 04-02-2008
Rating: 5
Author: anigous
Comment: Semi-Good Graphics.. Not the worse but its certainly not the best. Everything in this "MMORPG" as they call it has been done already and 100x better in games such as Guild Wars and World of Warcraft (And I hate WoW due to the repetitive non-sense involved where a real story takes no place). Not to mention the fact that P2P in this "MMORPG" makes it completely passable on the playable level considering so many other fantastic "MMORPGs" that have no monthly fee. The possiblity of having 3 NPC Henchman has been done already and much better in other RPGs and MMORPGs. As for replay value there is none, unless your into constant grindfests just like WoW. As for the sound, another semi-well done aspect that proves sound can be better then graphics in this wannabe MMORPG. Graphics these days can only be called fantastic and over-whelmingly surpassing if they match the expertise of games such as Hellgate London,Guild Wars 2,Oblivion and Neverwinter Nights 2 on terms of the RPG level. This game has hardly anything to offer to the veteran "RPGest" and I do not reccomend it those who are already playing far superior mmorpgs like Guild Wars and the coming soon Warhammer Online which will be an expected pre-WoW clone. As for free-roaming this game ties you down to a linear plot somewhat the same way Guild Wars does even though there are side quests you still feel as though you must do one thing to attempt the next instead of mixing and matching like hearty rpgs allowed you to do such as divine divinity, NWN1 and morrowind. Overall this game deserves no real applause and is only worth trying to those who prefer a grindfest over a real RPG like experience.-EliteSummit

Well theres is only one problem! The graphics "ARE" the best. Just crank up options more xD

To my review *ahem*! This game is to easy and montanious Here are some formations u noobs need!

(2 muskeeters, and 1 scout)
(2 fighters , and 1 scout)
(2 elementalists, 1 scout)
(2 wizards, and 1 scout)

Look here everything is succsessful if it has an auto healing scout.PERIOD! This game is boring none the least and hardcore mmoers like something in between!

Post Date: 14:34 18-01-2008
Rating: 5
Author: batty
Comment: ok im deffinately not new ro the mmorpg world i have literally played dozens of them but this one is different... it goes way out of the way to make itself very very user friendly... a little too user friendly infact. its just to easy they tried to make a game that even a 10 yr old could play and now its just to simple the bots do it all for you there is absolutely no need for you even to be at your computer "playing" (if thats what you would call it) this game is not only to simple but has no major goal, its like your just looking out for number 1 (or 3 as it is in this case) to me the game seams boring and pointless.

graphics 10/10
gameplay 5/10

not worth the massive download!!!

Post Date: 09:16 31-12-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Jasenpo
Comment: Game what game this is not a game. This is not a mmorpg it is a mob a massive online bot. You point your family in the right direction and go get groceries. Seriously that's what I did and because I left the screen off I forgot about it. A game has gameplay this bot there is no gameplay.

Thank you for reading my review I hope you are informed and if you don't believe me try it out.

Post Date: 20:52 24-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: lib53
Comment: Gameplay
Very fun. Enjoy limitless possibilities with Multiple Character Control, great skills, coupled with stances. Hard to not enjoy. 10/10
Love the music. Not the gay medieval fantasy stuff, but techo theme music. 9/10
Excellent. 10/10

This game is amazing.

Post Date: 07:42 15-12-2007
Rating: 4
Author: mmorpg-man
Comment: It's not all that. I'm sick of seeing comments from people who don't know what they're talking about.
Unless you have a valid point don't share half made up info.

I'm not going to go too much into detail
This's not a game... Sure the graphics are "almighty" But a game is not appearance. A game is how addicting the structure of quests are, how easy it is to have fun.

This game is beyond complexity. Now I've had experience with games before, tried over 10 different mmorpgs. But with this game... I didn't get a gist for anything. I mean it's like there's nothing your meant to do. All games, even the grindy ones have a main goal.

For those of you thinking it beat runescape... pfft that wasn't a fair contest. This game is a 3.6 GB download... DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT IS..?
Runescape's whole cache is around 26.7 mb which is just server settings and such.

If your ready to spend hours of learning, and can deal with frustration... not to mention a weird way to play (families? wth?) then you should try this game.

Post Date: 15:57 15-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: d3lrith
Comment: It's the most innovative game of 2007 with great graphics and a lot of it is f2p

Post Date: 23:00 10-11-2007
Rating: 8
Author: davidnvn
Comment: I'm really glad this game left P2P! this game is awesome. The graphics are nice and the game play is interesting. the thing i sort of don't like is that you kill things too fast (you have more than one person on your side fighting, after all), which makes skills hard to use. It might get a little tedious after a while, but it's absolutely worth it.It's probably going to be a LONG time before something like this comes out, so enjoy it.

Post Date: 11:50 23-10-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Rockdelver
Comment: Graphics - Very good.

Game sound - Adequate

Music - Good

Character Sound - Very bad. I detest the "running" noise, which sounds like every character you control has a wooden leg. It grates on me that the characters spout drivel every time you tell them to go somewhere.

Gameplay - Hordes of semi-random mobs appear out of thin air, to be slaughtered without you having to do anything at all, really. Over, and over and over again.

Quests - Pretty dire.

Overall - Nice concept to control 3 characters. Eye candy is nice. Gameplay is too simplistic to hold interest. No incentive to group whatsoever. No community at all from what I have seen, as players are happy to use their 3 characters and ignore everyone else.

Post Date: 15:04 21-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: TheGameReviewer
Comment: One Of The Best MMO's Ever

Graphics 20/10
Community 10/10
Gameplay 10/10
Sound 7/10

This Game Is Awesome..I Only Played It For 2 Days Then It Got Boring. But You Should Give It A Try ,I Downloaded It When It Was FREE..I Hope It Still Is.

Overall 13/10

Post Date: 04:08 30-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: skippy1010
Comment: You need a freaking disc, did they tell me that on the site? no, why? because they"re stupid!!! they waisted 8 hours of loading time on my computer because they said it was free to download free to play..... so it get"s done downloading, right, and I was like " oh good, it"s finally done" and then I was like, " great, im going to install it now", so i hit install and it pull this...." please insert disc 1" and I was like, "wtf!", and i said it just like that, letters and all, "wtf!" so all in all, they weren"t clear that i needed a disc, which they don"t sell on the site, mind you, so i waisted 8 hours of my life loading something that was pointless, because I needed a freaking disc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0/10, no doubt, they stink!!!!!!!!!

Post Date: 06:57 28-09-2007
Rating: 7
Author: nostalgicBadger
Comment: I am only with some reluctance giving this game a seven out of ten. Granado Espada was, in some respect, one of the most impressive MMOs I have ever had the pleasure of not paying a dime to play during beta. The graphics, particularly some of the spell effects and certainly the environments, are beautiful, the music is well above average compared to the competition, and the gameplay is somewhat original. So why not give it a nine, even a ten? Granado Espada, for its many wonderful qualities, lacked what should be a priority for any online RPG, particularly one so ambitious.

Anybody doing research about Granado Espada while eagerly waiting for the massive download to finish will hear plenty about the auto hunt system. Basically, players cannot avoid active participation in regard to completing quests, although quests are really only necessarily to gain access to special characters, many of whom, aside from those purchased from cash stores, are no better than the starting characters. Most of the leveling early in the game, however, will be accomplished by auto hunting - the player more or less stations his characters in an active area, presses space bar and walks away. One major disadvantage to passive leveling is that leveling as a whole takes considerably longer since the developers felt the need to compensate for passive play via the experience curve. Another disadvantage is the need for most players to use a scout.

The reason the need to use a scout is a problem is, character selection in Granado Espada does not impress. Parties consist usually of three characters, one of whom will almost always be a scout. In choosing a scout, players are presented with two options : a male scout or a female scout. That is all. All male scouts look the same. All female scouts look the same. The only exception is that every thirty or so levels a new set of clothing becomes available. Faces are not customizable, nor is hair.

Despite the fact that only scouts are able to heal, and their auto heal stances become invaluable for anybody who wants to auto hunt since the only alternative to stay alive is picking up food drops and auto hunt does not auto pick up loot, a problem often solved by botting, some players do manage to effectively build parties that function without the scout. One popular example is the three musketeers setup. Like the scouts, all musketeers look the same. Again, new gear every thirty or so levels, sometimes a new hat in between to keep things interesting, but basically no variation, and three musketeers in the same party will usually be the same level, the result being lots of people running around in parties of identical twins.

In fact, every class of character in Granado Espada has only two customization options: male or female. Otherwise, new clothing every thirty levels or so and that is all. Perhaps many gamers find this acceptable. I do not. What makes an MMO enjoyable for me, what makes me feel involved, is the ability to identify with my character. After a long day of classes and work and whatever else I need to do, what I want in an MMO is to relax at my computer, maybe smoke a bowl, and escape reality for a bit. Granado Espada never provided the opportunity. Within five minutes of being logged on I can find at least one player, several, whose party looks exactly identical to my own aside from the name. Where is the motivation to level up? At level ninety my party will look like a dozen other level ninety parties. Just another face in the crowd. Not my idea of fun.

Granado Espada may boast many qualities over a game like 9Dragons, but where Granado Espada falls short even to 9Dragons is 9Dragons, which is completely free other than a cash shop which provides mostly unnecessary items, offers plenty of customization options. The different stances offer some variation, or at least something to look forward to until around level forty when all the stances that will be available until thirty grueling levels later are attained, and the community is not unfriendly, but ultimately, while Granado Espada itself may look and sound like a work of art, what the gamer experiences is little more than a painful sense of repetition and feeling like a face in the crowd.

Post Date: 04:18 24-09-2007
Rating: 6
Author: excalibar
Comment: This game has great potential, but the concept of built-in botting ruined it completely.

A very decent game for main-stream players (or, in a crude term, noobs), but relatively lacking toward hardcore players.

Post Date: 23:38 23-09-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Elite Summit
Comment: Semi-Good Graphics.. Not the worse but its certainly not the best. Everything in this "MMORPG" as they call it has been done already and 100x better in games such as Guild Wars and World of Warcraft (And I hate WoW due to the repetitive non-sense involved where a real story takes no place). Not to mention the fact that P2P in this "MMORPG" makes it completely passable on the playable level considering so many other fantastic "MMORPGs" that have no monthly fee. The possiblity of having 3 NPC Henchman has been done already and much better in other RPGs and MMORPGs. As for replay value there is none, unless your into constant grindfests just like WoW. As for the sound, another semi-well done aspect that proves sound can be better then graphics in this wannabe MMORPG. Graphics these days can only be called fantastic and over-whelmingly surpassing if they match the expertise of games such as Hellgate London,Guild Wars 2,Oblivion and Neverwinter Nights 2 on terms of the RPG level. This game has hardly anything to offer to the veteran "RPGest" and I do not reccomend it those who are already playing far superior mmorpgs like Guild Wars and the coming soon Warhammer Online which will be an expected pre-WoW clone. As for free-roaming this game ties you down to a linear plot somewhat the same way Guild Wars does even though there are side quests you still feel as though you must do one thing to attempt the next instead of mixing and matching like hearty rpgs allowed you to do such as divine divinity, NWN1 and morrowind. Overall this game deserves no real applause and is only worth trying to those who prefer a grindfest over a real RPG like experience.

Post Date: 02:03 16-09-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Fatalis67
Comment: I feel compelled to go really in-depth about this game, so grab the popcorn and get comfy, because I"m going on a rant.

Graphics: 10/10 Look at the screenshots! Have you ever seen anything in a free MMORPG that looks so spectacular? The graphics don"t hamper the performance and adjusting the graphics down one quality level doesn"t affect the graphics much, but still can greatly improve performance on your computer.

Music: 8/10 Has some good tracks, but some that are bizarre Asian tunes that sound like a GameBoy being eaten by a starving bear. Thankfully, the game has a jukebox functyion so you aren"t bound to hearing outdated technology be devoured by large, carnivorous, mammals for more than a few minutes.

Gameplay: 9/10 The concept of controlling 3 of your characters at once is fun and is one of the game"s fresh new ideas. Instead of waiting around for a healer who isn"t a whiny 11-year-old from Ohio, you can team up with two of your own characters who act as NPC alllies that will follow orders with satisfying effectiveness. You can also switch in between your characters to position them in a certain spot to preform something other MMOs prevent you from doing: strategy. You can coordinate attacks on powerful enemies for quicker and safer battles with more EXP gain. Great gameplay overall, and lag is almost never a problem, except in certain areas that are overcrowded.

Value: 10/10 It"s free. From installation to play. 100% free. It has no level cap, so you can keep on enjoying the game as long as you want. Currently there are areas that go up to level 127, more than long enough to keep you occupied until new areas are released. It"s the source of hours of entertainment and infinite fun. So try it, what have you got to lose?

Post Date: 16:32 04-09-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Manokha
Comment: Graphics are beautiful, and I love the world. Playing with three character is very fun, I don't see anything bad to say about it. Maybe some lags.

Post Date: 23:39 22-08-2007
Rating: 9
Author: l0wryda
Comment: ATTENTION! implimented on AUGUST 21!

the north american version of granado espada "Sword of the New World" is now FREE TO PLAY! no level cap or trade restrictions. Ive been playing this game since s:ge beta and i love it. If you play past 30, you'll see that theres actually a lot to accomplish and the pvp gets crazy once you get multiple stances. its free now, so go play!

Post Date: 21:06 14-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: AceWhite
Comment: Excellent game graphix=10
3characters and conntrolled well=10+
If you dont rate this game good your nub k?
i love it accept i got to levle 29 before the beta got over and i dont wanna play anymore becuase it'd be useless its not free though after level 20 you lose alot of priviledges and you cant level anymore =[

Post Date: 19:58 13-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: d3lrith
Comment: 10 because THIS IS THE BEST FREE MMO OF 2007
grapichs=9/10(almost perfect)
community=i don't care bout it
gameplay=i don't like the bg but the rest is perfect9/10
+espandible team
+no more boring grinding

Post Date: 22:23 08-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: nhalde
Comment: This game is pathetic! You use 3 people at once and each one only has a few spells.
idk its like 50 skills for my elementalist.wat do u want a million skill?

and there are loading spots every where
whu u complain bout that? pointless ..they serves
as mini portal u can any place in town just by using them no need to walk

this game is awesome...
can control 3 characters
great graphics
can collect more than 20 npc"s
can summon monster
hard quest
build in auto( carefull though if u leave ur character coz bosses randomly appears.and some monsters well drive ur healer(scout) away from the troup.

its free actually here in our country

Post Date: 03:05 06-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Fatalis67
Comment: What is with all the hate for this game?!? You don"t have to worry about waiting around so you can find a halfway decent healer or tank because you can use your own characters as NPC allies. The attack and ability animations are great (scope the Warrior ability Deep-Straight, your chacracter kicks the enemy at least 10 feet backwards with a loud sound effect). For those who complain about lag, try to get your simple mind to overcome it"s massive fear of the dreaded GRAPHICS OPTIONS BUTTON that can make the game run perfectly on even low-specs PCs like my laptop. And one last thing, if I hear one more person mention Ragnarok in their comment, I will drive a stake through your spine in 5 places and wrap your broken neck around a tree twice so I can stuff your skull with candy and use it as a pinata. Just because a company made a bad game doesn"t mean all it"s games automatically bad too. The game is fun, addictive, looks great, and has a monthly fee of only $9.00.

Post Date: 22:02 31-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Caphiathas
Comment: This game is pathetic! You use 3 people at once and each one only has a few spells.

Post Date: 23:12 21-07-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Wesleyzornen
Comment: Aside from the graphics and music there is nothing special about this game. The graphics are amazing. but however the interface is lacking. the click to move is incredibly annoying and the hot keys are hard to remember. and there are loading spots every where. It is not very new player friendly. because if you stop to take a break it throws you out into the world and you can never learn how to play the game. the battles stink. you attack everything in sight and there is no way to stop that. And the fact that it will be $20 a month. that is freakin expensive. Hardly anyone plays so it will be very lonely. If you wanna pay $20 dollars to play a game play WoW. it costs less and is a better game. But i would not recomend it.

Post Date: 00:02 30-06-2007
Rating: 2
Author: specialist
Comment: Ragnarok = Lag
Granado Espada = 3Characters = 3x Lag

Imagine 20 players in the same area with high graphics and all that stuff. 60 characters moving.

I have 3MBPS connection and its freaking Lag

Not to mention a possible premium game after beta test.

Post Date: 10:01 27-06-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Nalmid
Comment: good graphics
3chars..that a lot of work
as the last guy said, seems it will turn like wow.
and most people hate xbox style-games on pc.
also it says from the creators of ragnarok online.
have you EVER player ragnarok ?you gonna regret it

Post Date: 06:45 25-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Spoony
Comment: A good game. Great graphics, remind me guild wars. Concept is great as well. Sound isnt a thing you can complain about either. Why the 5?
It's gonna be like Eve online or WoW, later you'll only be able to level up to 20(for a total of over 100++ lvl), there WILL be retail(so you'll have to order it instead of download it) and monthly pays. Something that makes a game disgusting.

Post Date: 11:35 17-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: mmoking
Comment: This is truly the game I have been waiting for! The graphics are something like x-box 360 quality and it"s got the coolest concept ever! Seriously! I would love to meet the genious who decided to let us gamers play as 3 of our characters at once.Plus, it eliminates alot of lvl grinding. But the best thing about this game is the fighting. When ever I kill something, I get this warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach, telling me i"m having a great time playing this game. Luckily, you kill stuff ALOT! In conclusion, this makes me look back to every other game I have played in my life, stare it straight in the face, and say "YOU STINK!!!!!!"

Post Date: 16:14 09-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: truestory
Comment: i really wanna play it but too huge of a dwl for me...over 3.2gb

Post Date: 20:29 07-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Clinton
Comment: Holy freakin Christ this game looks ewber. 5 classes, great graphics, and one of the only mmorpgs that incorporate guns to a success. I mean you can shoot the enemy, you can butt-bash them(Hitting with the butt of the rifle), or attach a bayonet and stab. Or you can dual-weild pistols and fire away fast, but at the cost of accuracy. You can also use rapiers, 2hand swords, sword and shield, staffs, or bare freakin fists. I cant wait till June 15 when this game goes open beta, Im gona be one of the first 100 to get the game XD. I give it a perfect score because it is the most original mmorpg I have seen in awhile.

Post Date: 22:52 06-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: MetalEd
Comment: Here's my rating:

Graphics 10/10
Absolutely amazing, eye popping graphics. The graphics open up a realism not known in any other MMORPG. You get pulled into the game just looking at it.

Concept 10/10
An amazingly revolutionary concept. My favorite parts are the fact that you can play as 3 characters at once and UPCs (Unique Player Characters). With 3 characters out at once you don't have to worry about finding a half-way decent healer, fighter, or whatever you're looking for, just bring in one of your other characters and you're on your way! Finding UPCs is a great feature because you don't have to be like everyone else. You can have your own skills, stances, and look.

Gameplay: 10/10
It may just be me, but this is some of the best gameplay of any MMORPG I've played. You never run out of things to do like leveling your alternate characters or searching for UPCs.

Community: 9.5/10
The community may not be perfect, but then again what community is? The community is, however, friendly and helpful. They share secrets with each other and are there to lend a hand to a new player. You immediately feel welcome when you join the forum or enter the game.

Overall Value: 10/10
This game is fast paced, fun, adventurous, and beautiful to look at. Look out WoW, here comes Sword of the New World: Granado Espada

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