Heroes of Might and Magic V

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After four successful episodes, the standard in turn-based strategy games has been taken one step further with next-generation 3D visuals, groundbreaking strategic combat, innovative multiplayer features, and addictive RPG elements. Discover the perilous world of Ashan and ultimately lead your armies and Heroes to victory.

Total Rating: 8.29
Reviews: 7

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Post Date: 09:44 20-09-2014
Rating: 10
Author: arZ
Comment: Heroes of the Might and Magic V is one of my favorite games
ever. I played it more then 2 years so I decide to write a short review about it!

Heroes of Might and Magic V is successful episode released by Nival Interactive Freeverse Software and developed by Ubisoft. Heroes is a fantasy turn-based strategy video game. In this game you are controlling a champion or Heroe and the point in this game is to destroy all enemy castles and heroes. Like i say, the game is based on turns, so you have every day one turn with each your champion, and can buy every day just one building in your castles. The battle phase is turn based too. Every unit have just one move per turn, some units got special ability and can use for it two turns. Lets talk about a details.

Every champion is unique. Every champion got a special mastery for unit, skills and magic, so you need to decide smart. I am using mostly a champions who got special ability for slow units. With that unique ability the unit is stronger and faster. Not much but enough to be more useful. After every battle, with neutral units or enemy units, you gain experience point. After enough experience points you get a level and every level you can pis one of the special skills for your champion. They are two kinds of skills. Racial skills and regular skills. Every hero can have 5 racial skills and and every racial skill got a regular skill. Skills are divided into four levels: Basic, Advanced, Expert, and Ultimate. Each skill is associated with three to five abilities, depending on the race of the hero. You need to pick these skills smart. For example when you are a magician pick a skills for fire, earth, air magic and when you are playing with orcs pick attack, defense skills. And every level you got a chance to lvl up these skills. I give you a tip, find on web a skill tree it helps a lot to decide which skills you need to pick to be a really good magician or strong leader!

They are six different races in Heroes of the Might and Magic and two from the expansion versions.

Heaven, or we can say a human race. Some of the units in heaven are : Archer, Swordsman, Paladin, Monk and Angel.
This race special ability is face to face battle. The champion leader can learn a lot of magic.

Academy. Its a race based on strong Magic. Really strong race with many ranged units and many special ability on many of them. Some of the units are: Gremlin, Golem, Gargoyle, Djinn and the Mighty Titan.

Dungeon, or the race from the underground. This race is balanced between face to face battle and magic. Some of the units are: Minotaur, Hydra, Raiders and Black Dragons.

Sylvan, or race from the woods. Something like Elfs. This race got strong earth magic but its pretty balanced. Some of the units are: Pixie, Unicorn, Hunters and Greed Dragon

Inferno, or a race from hell. Really strong race based on fire magic but still strong on face to face battle. Some of the units are: Imps, Demon, Pit Lord and Devil.

Necropolis, or a undead race. Its a better face to face race then a magic but they got some special magic skills undead skills. Some of the units: Skeleton, Zombie, Ghost and a Ghost dragon.

Fortress, or a dwarf race. Really strong face to face race.
This race doesnt use magic, but they use runes to buff each of the units. Units in Fortress: Shieldguard, Brawler, Thane and Magma Dragon.

Stronghold, or orcs. Another strong face to face race.
This race doesnt use magic like fortress but they got battle cry. With other words its a buff for a face to face battle. Some of the units are: Goblins, Fighters, Centaur and Cyclops.

So pick smart a race what you want to play.
The game begins mostly with one castle and one champions with 2-3 units. Sometimes you dont have a castle and you need to find one and take it in seven days. Every day you got a basic movement time. After you use your movement time you buy every day just one building in every castle. For building you need money and resources. On the field you can find small amount of resources or you can take a mines. They are seven resources in Heroes V. Wood, Ore, Sulfur, Mercury, Gems, Crystal and Gold. Gold you are getting from you town population and the other you need to fight for them or simple pick them, but the most are guarded from neutral monsters. Sometimes they are a special artifact to get. Artifacts are special items. You can get some extra magic points, or attack points when you equip you hero with them. Most of them are guarded by neutral units. The most funny part comes when you finally find your enemy and the real battles begins. This game is sometimes like a chess. The stronger units not wins every time. Magic is really important in this game. I give you a tip, read every single magic skill in you book and use them smart. The battle finish when the enemy dont have any units, surrender, or run away. The best part in the game is when you are attacking a castle. The defender got three towers that are attacking you every turn, stone walls and a big river.
Its much harder to fight in walls but you can destroy the walls with your catapult. In this battle the enemy cant run. When you destroy the enemy units the castle is yours!
Point in most of the games are to get all the enemy castles.

When you are playing a Campaign the story is is really cool.
It includes all of the different races and you need to play with every race in this campaign mode. But i enjoyed to play with friends a multiplayer game.

So this was a short review of best game of whole time xD .
Hope you like it ... and I rate this game with 10/10

Post Date: 20:18 03-08-2014
Rating: 8
Author: FrendlyLeBlanc
Comment: This very great game and i thisk to start her... I watched gameplays and other things and think to god game.. 8

Post Date: 13:15 03-08-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Glorious
Comment: the next step in heroes of might and magic franchise. i am a really big fan of heroes 3 and have played if countless hours and consider it to be one of the best strategy games of all time next to age of wonders 1. so i will be comparing heroes 5 to heroes 3.

story - i havent played the campaign of the game so i wouldnt know, so im going to skip this part and leave it for those that have actually played the game through.

gameplay - well its similar to heroes 3 with one nice change - the combat maps are bigger which allows for more tactical maneuvers, which is good. again, like in previous games, you chose from several races, deploy their units in tactical turn based combats akin to chess, and try to siege and defeat your enemies. its a simple and fun concept. main main problem here is the pace of heroes 5 compared to heroes 3. it feels like i can play 15 turns in heroes 3 for every single turn in heroes 5. im also not a fan of the whole 'hero joins the battle' thing.

environment/graphics - graphics are really nice as well as the overall design of the game. cities look amazing and units are very detailed and yet kept simple. im not used to the design of maps thou, they arent as clear as they were in heroes 3, but maybe im just too used to heroes 3.

sound - soundtrack of heroes 5 is very good. im not all that sure about the sounds in the game, but some of its music (especially main theme) is really memorable.

overall, heroes 5 is a good game by itself, but it just doesnt FEEL like a heroes game to me. i cannot say that its bad in any way it just took a waaay too large of a step forward compared to the older heroes games, same as age of wonders 3 - its a great game, it just isnt like the previous ones.

Post Date: 10:56 30-03-2014
Rating: 8
Author: AdcProPlayer
Comment: rly nice game

Post Date: 22:01 07-12-2012
Rating: 8
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: This game is very nice RPG good made production. I must say that I was expectng better made III part but this is still aceptable. We have many nations to choose and also many free units to join our trups :) Graphics are very nice and game play have something from old versions:) For me game give fun to player :) I rate this game 8/10 :)

Post Date: 19:39 29-07-2012
Rating: 8
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Fer me better were older wersions. Still good but with no charakter like III part. Nice game play good graphics. For me 8/10.

Post Date: 06:37 03-11-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Fly Boy
Comment: I have to say, I was rather skeptical getting this game. I was pleasently suprprised with exelent graphics and a rich world. The maps are exquisitly complex and beatuiful. The cameplay itself is a little like AOE but turn based-ish...one thing that might imprve this game is a free play mode. It is all campeigns. Each faction is interesting and unique, each with its own campeign. The battle interface is easy to use and intuitive. Be prepared to maybe shell out extra for a new graphics card to enjoy the game fully.CONLUSIONGraphics: 9
Gameplay: 8 Value: 7.5Overall Experience: 8

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