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Free MMORPG Game by CyberStep where cute animals sometimes evolve into fighting monsters! Eliminate the evil rampaging insects and restore balance to the world! Items shine and glow when they are enhanced. There are lots of interesting items! Players can trade items with the market function. Show your individuality with special skills and actions! Raise lovely pets who help you with your adventures. Lying dormant in ancient towers... Unlock the secret of ancient mysteries... Awaken the power of the Mystic Flight Jewel and Divine Essence!

Total Rating: 8.39
Reviews: 31

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Review Archive

Post Date: 03:21 19-06-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Delitear
Comment: I found myself liking HBO more than I thought I would. These are my reasons:

1. Good quests.
2. Nice graphics.
3. Battle system is fun.
4. Music rocks.

Post Date: 14:19 05-06-2010
Rating: 9
Author: xSilverRainx
Comment: Pros: great game. it's free. you can switch from human to animal which is awesome and the graphics are beautiful and the characters are cute. the balance of the game is really good. the community is great!! almost everyone in HBO is nice and the game sages and master are very nice. the game events are fun.

Cons: grinding takes too long, the only way to travel is teleport stones or walking

Char. Customisation: 7/10
Community: 10/10
Leveling: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10

Overall: I love it 9/10 :)

Post Date: 10:46 16-05-2010
Rating: 8
Author: thundemp2007
Comment: You can enjoy this game by fighting cute beast animals with extremely various quests in the multifarious maps.

Gameplay is simple, and excellent, containing both PvE and PvP elements (such as Quests, Ancient Towers, PvP Towers and the Beast Scramble to name a few). The game itself is quite grind intensive, taking MANY hours of hitting monster after monster just to gain one level. This may be offsetting to some players, but in the end, the long grinds are worth it as levels in this game make a significant difference. HBO has six different main job classes which you can become once you reach level 5, three physical damage based (Warrior, Thief and Hunter) and three magical damage based (Elementalist, Illusionist and Healer), with each class having their own specific strengths and weaknesses. What class you can be also depends on what beast clan you choose. The skill system uses SP (Skill Points) in order to learn skills, with each skill costing around 2 SP per level (some of the higher level skills costing 5 SP per level) and the player gaining 1 SP per level till they reach a certain point (around Lv. 72) when they begin to gain 2 SP per level till they reach the max level (the max level currently being Lv. 100. This, although it sometimes is annoying, puts a limit on what skills players can get and really makes the player think about what their skill build will be. There is also beast skills, which cost no SP to learn and are different for each beast clan (though they have similar effects) One thing you will not have to worry about in this game is stat allocation, as which stats are increased is determined by what class you are.

Post Date: 22:10 22-06-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Talgut
Comment: HolyBeast is a great free mmorpg! The graphics look great and the system where you can turn into animals is a blast to play. I am taking off two points bcuz the game just started.

Post Date: 05:17 21-06-2009
Rating: 8
Author: EpicDestiny
Comment: I give this game an 8 it's good but not perfect. My suggestions to maybe make it a better game

This should be posted on HB website somewhere.
List all npc's and their locations and if the npc gives out quests list which ones.
More Armor and Weapon details please on what job can use what.

Good points:
+screenshot feature is excellent!
+graphics are smooth and cute
+alot quests
+good mix of quests w/grinding monsters

Other dislikes
only 2 options for class this makes customization somewhat limited
magic classes hard to lvl solo at higher lvls

you should put the firework prizes that you are awarding for the reviews in the item mall.

Post Date: 15:51 09-06-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Sirnight
Comment: What can I say ?
Take 60g of an MMORPG with sooo beautiful graphics :D Add originality : awesome animal forms really goodly done ! A nice battle system and awesome (graphicly :D) bosses : put it in the mixer and some years of work after , you obtain 100 g of Holy Beast Online ... An awesome MMO :)
Oh my dog ! I forgot the awesome musics :D (daybreak valley :) main menu :) )
You can be animal or human at anytime you want with the skill Transform , you can grow up and evolve with levelups , and you can also have a Pet that you can also levelup and make evolve , if that's not awesome , what is it ? First time I played , I loved the fluidity (lag 0%) , the musics , the graphics and that Beast system , I found that awesome and that maked me wanna play this . Even before the Beta gets out , you (creators) gave us envy to play this game , by showing all classes and beasts forms ... that's why holy beast have so much players in some weeks :D
But also , i'll just say some modifications to do ^^ :
- First , why don't you make a window to see who is connected in our pack ? ^^
- Why don't you make a skin-changer when we create our character ? :o Black , Swarthy , White
..that's all ^^
I know it's a beta , and I hope that you will make more classes and awesome second classes like in Ragnarok Online :)
The quests in the game are also very enjoyable and funny to do ;) that's a good thing that we can kill boss at level 12-13 (legendary toad ^^) and we don't have to wait level 4354354354 ... By the way , legendary toad is Awesomely made . First time I saw it , I said "waw :D *no words* ... such a graphic PRECISION !!!
I wont continue just to win the price because i'm sure some other guys made better than me , and I said what I had to say now .
In fact , to be short , I put 9/10 because this game had awesome musics (yeah) , graphics , class-system , that lovely beast system that makes its originality , the richness of its content (clothes , ...) , quests , ... and that this game is gonna be a Reference for future game that are gonna copy all that .

Just make a skin-changer , I want a black'n'white character (white tiger with white hair and black skin :D) (

Post Date: 23:39 01-06-2009
Rating: 10
Author: cloud8339
Comment: to be honest i actually think the game is really good, i played world of warcraft and got bored of that game in about 2 weeks but this game is really good. the lvling system is good, the classes have a wide variety, and the quests are extremly good due to you never really run out, in my opinion HBO exceeds world of warcraft in gameplay, and i think HBO could be one of the best MMOs!

Post Date: 02:45 29-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: soutadayoshi
Comment: A new breed of MMORPG Game with a title of "HolyBeast Online" developed by a game company called "Cyberstep" has turn into a trend and make a significant breakthrough. The Closed Beta released in 2008 was a blast of success leading directly to an Open Beta which also on the the very first day of Open Beta Launching has been exploded with people waiting to be connected into the game.

The game cooperate the standard quality of wide variety of Races and Jobs to be chosen. The Character Creation was designed simple to navigate but still looks fabulous with lots of option to differentiate your own character from the rest. Highly Developed Graphic enriched the game play time and bundled with Cuteness as a spice to the Graphic, ensure many quality player migrate from their previous game to HBO (HolyBeast Online).

Environment of the Game were made easy to be explored with Pathway which show the way to move from one map to another map safely. Monster are designed with Cute Skin but still challenging to Us. Hotkeys are provided more than enough.

Clan War also provided in more organized form in an arena and there is ranking through out the week with gift as a reward for the winner. New Market Area to trade item with other player. Skill to be picked by ourself, so there is no definite game play of one job or race.

Try this new breed of game, tell us your story once you've tried them.
We, Your comrade in this adventure will wait for you at the front gate of Holy Beast Online.

Post Date: 17:06 27-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: fazuma
Comment: I now a days play mix master but after play holy beast online i stop and think why i play a 2d game wen i can play 3d game better and free this is the best game ever!!!!(SOrry my english i am portuguese )thi first one portuguese playing here.Keep coming games like holy beast online

Post Date: 11:55 26-05-2009
Rating: 7
Author: flores1987
Comment: Connecting to the game: It needs some modification because you need to logged in there website before fully connecting to the game. I preferred the normal log in style where it can be in the patcher.
Character Selection: Its give information for each beast clan you choose. It had a variety of choices in modification in the character. I just suggest to add some other choices in modification such as in face modification, heights, color and some other choices for hair styles.
Interface in the game: I believe it's very informative and everything is their from quest to commands.
Graphics: Nothing to comment for it's GOOD nothing to say.
Quest: This game doesn't give decent experience rewards in the quest but the quest give very decent weapon status which is very useful in the game.
Jobs SELECTION: Much more I believe the mage type used to spam skills but in lower level for other job such as warriors it didn't emphasis in skill user but in normal attack. The skill of choices are very few for each of the class job.
Leveling: This game for now I believed is pure grinding. It gives very low experience point per monster.
Game Facilitating: Game Administration had less in game event.They are much more focus outside promo event. I suggest they must balance the game event they give.
Increase EXP per monster
Increase drop rate of mysterious treasure chest
Add other game relaxing past time

Post Date: 08:06 26-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: shadowcat
Comment: I love the games graphics and its the only online game I found where you can actually change between Human and animal at will and I love that there is different skills for each; however my rating is only an 8 for now ,because the item mall isn't working yet and I think you should get more than 1% exp for quests its almost a waste doing them in lvls 20 up also I wish the site had more info on map enemies and what drops what

Post Date: 03:02 26-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: [email protected]
Comment: This Game is well made because its seem like a mix of games(mabinogi,trickster3D) but overall it speaks its own words how it portrays its graphics, characters, and the attack move or spells the formation is what i like how the power charge surrounds the Beast with aura, but as well the monsters and leveling up interest like the configuration isn't stiff even though yall havnt added nothing to holy beast yet its still nice and i also like that i can be tacky with my cloths no one whole outfit design, no other game is like yall so keep up the killa work, this game bangs...honored player [email protected], and i would like to also get into this one day, you need a high scale of how good(excellent) the game is but im not the critic just a player here to help u keep your game running, and to tell people that they should play HBO,

Post Date: 16:56 24-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: pitti
Comment: Hello and welcome to the world of Holy Beast Online!
Holy Beast online(HBO) Is a free to play cartoon style, 3D, point and click, Free to play mmorpg! that's right, stop with paying to play video games and download Holy Beast Online today!!
The Six Elemental Immortal Clans stand strongly together as they defend The Holy Beast Castle from being invited by the incests!
So if your looking for a laid back type of mmorpg, and wanna get down and dirty and fight off a few mobs, or keep it smooth with keeping up with many quests available to you.
HBO lets you customize your own character, and also lets you choose a beast to transform into! You get to choose between six different types of beasts! So no matter what at all time in this game you can transform back and forth into a human or beast character! As you level up, you evolve and get bigger and stronger!
Come join the open beta of Holy Beast Online Today!

A big thanks to EASYFUN Entertainment for developing this game, and another thanks to CyberStep for releasing this game in the Northern American region!

Post Date: 07:53 24-05-2009
Rating: 6
Author: stickman
Comment: Well this game is good but it has some things that need to be improved:
1)Quests: from level 15 and above all quests become useless and don't even give good money. (the exp they give is just a real joke)
2)Leveling from 25+ becomes REALLY hard, I can't belive people will get to high levels with this low exp.
3)The game doesn't offer any special things like let's say in Dragonica there are the dungeons that make the game special and in Maplestory there are Party Quests that makes the game special and in HBO there's pretty much nothing...
4)My personal opinion is that ALOT of people will quit the game once they get to levels 25+ and 30+ because they will see that the game doesn't offer anything interesting, just griding. And even the grinding is REALLY hard...
5)The maps are big, which is ok, but where are any teleport places? if I want to get from Holybeast castle to Wind Taurus Castle I need to walk all the way? HELL NO!
6) I recommend to raise the level needed to talk in Global and Trade chat to 20 because after a month from now that the game will get into it alot of spammers and hackers will float the chat and it will be impossible to talk there...
In overall the idea of the game is good, just needs alot of improves.
My grade for this game is 6/10 because the idea is good but needs to be improved, as you will see in the past few weeks alot of people will quit the game because of the reasons I mentioned above.

Post Date: 01:11 24-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: raulflores
Comment: ingame name: Coronel
rating 8.5

Comments:they transforming animals was a fantastic idea but its like the classic kinda buy skills and clik to atack and wait till he dies.

Comments:need more skills and clan skills, and a way to have more access to them.diffrent fighting styles like each clan with its own ways to atack and diffrent char movement to attack.

Graffics: 9.0
Comments: pretty cute graffics buts needs more char cuztamisation

Post Date: 00:25 24-05-2009
Rating: 5
Author: Jetex
Comment: Holy Beast. A new MMORPG that has taken the hearts of many. From cute furry animals to It's proud strong warriors, Holy Beast gets a 8/10 from me.

The graphics are pretty good and it's gameplay is great. You can change from animal to human with ease. Whoever thought up this concept is smart cause it gathers the attention of both the male and female perspective. You can play with friends, make a pack, and you can work together to become the best beast in town!

Over all of the open betas' or the MMOs i've played over my years, Holy Beast is one of the best. The animation is pretty great. How could you resist cute chibi characters fighting Packeys or Marla's? (By the way those are 2 monsters in the game :p) And how could you resist playing as a cool animal? They range from Tigers, Monkeys and Taurus to Birds and Dragons! The concept of being able to change in and out of them is just really cool!

Out of all the MMOs i've played this one is the most diverse. In others you can only choose between certain races or male or female. But this you get a choice to become a cute cuddly animal that can kill things! What more could you want?!

This is a really fun game and I highly encourage anyone else to join and play Holy Beast Online! You will not regret it! It's also free! Did I mention it's free? XD

Post Date: 19:38 23-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: iamposeidon
Comment: I have played almost all major mmorpgs there is to offer, and have been invited to many closed betas, but this is one game that truly sparked my interest. With 6 clans to choose from, and 5 classes to develope into, this game will never get boring.

Post Date: 17:56 23-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Valyrin
Comment: If one takes cute animals and the fun Role Playing environment, then fuses them together, they will get HolyBeast Online. HolyBeast, in general, is a new take on the already well-traversed genre of RPG. The new take, however, is being able to become different animals, and also to evolve them over time.

The system itself is, even though it's still in its Beta Stage, already well developed. One of the good things about it is that it doesn't allow one to equip items while in Beast form: Don't like it, then try picturing a Cat holding a sword, or a Dragon wearing pants. One bad thing about the system, however, is the fact that there is no apparent filter in-game (Unless I was mistaken, I saw people cursing occasionally in the Global chat channel).

Aside from the system, the actual game play makes the game more desiring to play. The player can, at any time when they've learned the ability, transform back and forth between their beast and human forms to fit the situation. The beast form itself has the ability to evolve up to three times as they achieve higher levels of experience. Although the human form is more appealing than the beast in combat since it deals more damage on average while also only having Berserk for the beginning of the game, out of combat the beast regenerates their HP and MP faster than human. As I have yet to evolve myself, I can not state wether it becomes better balanced in combat later, but I would still consider it an upside to the game play. A downside, however, is the fact that it doesn't appear possible to repair equipment that has been damaged in combat, nor is it stated what happens if the durability happens to reach 0.

To summarize what I've said, I believe this game has the potential to go far. Although there are some minor bugs and fixes that should be fixed, there are many more positive aspects of the game: The beast evolution up to three times (Young to Adult, then second and third stages), realistic restrictions (like not being able to equip items while a beast), and the community in general. I give this a 9/10 for the great aspects of the game, but a few fixes and other changes that could be made to make the game better still exist.

Post Date: 17:26 23-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: momizi
Comment: To all the games I had ever played I never had as much fun as I do with HBO.This game holds the ability for you to change your character from animal and a human form. The characters look absolutly adorable. The game is good for all types of gamers. The hardcore gamer would probly enjoy the constant grinding, for the soft gamers the adorble animals, characters and the community will be more then enough for them to enjoy themselves. This game deserves a 9/10

Post Date: 16:07 23-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Nytes
Comment: This game has made my day. Or week. You play as a human/beast from 6 zodiac type of clans, working your way to be the BEASTLYIEST. :P Though a few flaws still are needed to work out. First off, the maps are quite large making it a bit dull to travel, if you want to level up you have to work hard for it which to some it can be quite a drag. I would also like to include that mouse-clicking is the only form of movement. A little 'WASD' should be given. Though the flaws are so-so. The game is GREAT.

Post Date: 15:12 23-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: lilpyro155
Comment: ~.:* This game is amazing, you get to play as an adorable creature when you start off (Like no other game). The game is fun to play with friends because you have so much space on the map that you can explore with people. Not only do you get to be an animal but you can get pets who help you throughout the game (or just there to look cute). The visuals are really pretty and eye catching. *:.~

Post Date: 14:13 23-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: HBOlove
Comment: I thought the best part of Holy Beast was the graphics. Not many games out there show you the exact graphics that you're going to get once you start playing! I was recently hooked to a different game though, and I miss the customizable stat points when you level, how you can only click on the ground to be able to move, and how you have to click "Alt" before clicking another letter to easily open the bag or quests. Even with those minor annoyances, I love how the beast form evolves! You can wake up one day and be a cute little baby dragon and evolve into a large, fierce dragon by the time you log off!

Post Date: 13:05 23-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Zethena
Comment: It is quite good but there are still some unsatisfactory in the game like the maps are sure big for a lot of people to train but takes a lot of time to move from one place to another so during that time,people in parties might kick you because the World map does not display where r the party members so it is an disadvantage to all the players as sum people might be leeching exp but on the effect wise,it is amazing because of the skills,buffs and transforming the music is soothing and nice to hear,characters are quite cute if u zoom them close up.

Post Date: 12:42 23-05-2009
Rating: 5
Author: aviin
Comment: Holy Beast Online is a role-playing game from (MMORPG),The main gameplay feature is the ability of players characters to switch from an animal form into a human form or vise versa (Taurus,dragon,bird,tiger,monkey and dog). the game is cool with its new concept and
the equips with its easy crafting style,easy to hard quest and cute characters.

Post Date: 07:05 23-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: NetSage
Comment: I would just like to say I started playing this game as a filler before joining it. Well honestly I fell in love with it and I don't know why. I don't even like the anime/cartoonish games that much.

But, the great system is probable what did it for me. I mean there are so many possible combination's that I have a feeling the replay will be fun. They also make it almost impossible to play and have fun with out meeting and working with others.

Although I'm still learning it just gets me more excited. I originally feared that there wasn't any pvp. Well I then found out that pvp is how you get your pack to get a better ranking, which will open up more features. The pack(guild) system is a little different but makes it hard but makes a pack actually work together to get ahead.

Well all in all I'll be sticking with this game rather than playing the games I was originally waiting for. The community is great the only thing I really don't like is the their site forums. But, I'll probably open a pack/fan forum soon anyway.

Post Date: 06:01 23-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Kon
Comment: From Close Beta to Open Beta, Holy Beast Online has gone through a lot of trouble : bugs, errors, date delay.. but the players still stay loyal to the game because of its unique features and its friendly community.

Being a MMORPG, Holy Beast Online (HBO) has a lot of "common" features like : a variety of character classes and monsters, easy to hard quests, ect.. but it also has a lot of unique features that distinguish itself from other MMORPGs : the major and the best feature of the game : the Holy Beast system, you can transform yourself into a cute Beast (either Dog, Dragon, Bird, Taurus, Monkey), your beast form changes as you getting stronger and your lvl gets higher, there are a total of 3 evolution stages!

But the one thing that is really important : the community. HBO's community isn't that big, but not too small either, the people in it is always there to help you whenever you need them, always there to encourage you and talk to you. Also, the Game Masters and Game Sages of HBO are awesome, they're really helpful, you just need to ask them one question and you'll get the answer in the next 3 seconds!

Overall, HBO still need to improve a lot of sides and fix a lot of bugs, but join now and enjoy what it gives you, don't worry, it will give you more than what you expect!

Post Date: 05:40 23-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Xenoa
Comment: I've been playing Holy Beast Online since Closed Beta.The long wait was really worth it.The game has an awesome interface and the transformation skill cant stop me from saying 'Wow'.The towns in game are well textured.I do have a suggestion,the exp and gold rate should be raise by 2-5%.Last but not least Holy Beast is like my own brand of Heroine its very addictive xD.So what are you waiting for? customize your character and embark on a journey filled with cool transforming beasts.

Post Date: 05:23 23-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: rthebird
Comment: Holy Beast Online from level one plunges you into a amazing world full of battles and yet maintains a sense of peace in the towns. The story is completely logical(unlike most mmo's) and actually has the player involved in it. The music is outstanding, no doubt in my top three music in mmo's. The controls are above average but could be worked on. The evolution and beast clans is this game's ace in the hole. It lets player's actually bring out the beast inside of them. The only thing wrong with Holy Beast Online in my opinion is flight. Think about it. Dragons fly right? Shouldn't they be granted the right of flight along with birds? Hovering will not cut it for me. But overall It is awesome.

Replay Value:10

Overall Score:37(about a 95/100)

Continue to grow and live a long life Holy Beast Online!
You can reach me at [email protected]

Post Date: 05:08 23-05-2009
Rating: 7
Author: Firzen58
Comment: I think this game is fun and enjoyable as there are lots of helpful people.I think the game attracts me is that the animal forms are very adorable.The animal forms are able to evolve at certain levels.The reason i rated it 7/10 as the problems are when there is lag and i had to wait for a while to see anyone chatting in the "chatbox" and some problems where i kept returning to the same spot continuously.Even though there are some problems,overall i still enjoy it as the scenery are beautiful and lots of quests to keep you from being bored.

Post Date: 04:16 23-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: bgdsto
Comment: Hi, my name is Keith Stokes and my review on this high quality, simple interfaced 3-D game is short, sweet, and to the point. My review is: Have you ever wanted to become a animal and roam a mystic earth? Adventure the farthest plains, and venture into the deepest jungles? Well, in this well thought out and smoothly crafted game, you do just that! Fight along-side pets and friends, work together to defeat awesome monsters, and explore many different caves, seas, and castles. starting off as a small version of the animal you choose from the choses of a majestic dragon, brave bird, curious monkey, powerful tiger, rock-solid taurus, or even a adventurus dog, you can grow as you progress with knowledge from a veriety of different NPCs and gain more and more power. Overall, this game is the type of game for animal lovers of all kinds, no matter how big or how small. So come on over to http://hb.getamped.com/home and start your journey today!

Post Date: 14:45 22-05-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Pad
Comment: Great mmo game from the same company as splashfighters! Open beta just started. HB should be as good as sf if not better:p.

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