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Illarion is a free graphical MMORPG that focuses on true roleplaying. Come and join the world of Illarion! You'll fully immerse yourself in the world of Illarion, as if your character is truly living each and every day. Everyone around you will act like real beings in this persisting world. You will hear stories about the mysterious mages, and their powerful magic; about ghosts and the thin line between this life and the next, or a clever fairy's tricks. There are many races you can play: Humans... dwarves... elves, perhaps an orc? or a Lizardman? Discover what your character's dreams are, and follow the role you wish to play. Perhaps you shall become a great warrior, fighting to protect the town and the people you love. Or perhaps you shall become a master smith, a name which all warriors know and respect. Or perhaps a mage, twisting the world around your fingers, with the runes of power. Practice makes perfect after all...

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