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Illarion is a free graphical MMORPG that focuses on true roleplaying. Come and join the world of Illarion! You'll fully immerse yourself in the world of Illarion, as if your character is truly living each and every day. Everyone around you will act like real beings in this persisting world. You will hear stories about the mysterious mages, and their powerful magic; about ghosts and the thin line between this life and the next, or a clever fairy's tricks. There are many races you can play: Humans... dwarves... elves, perhaps an orc? or a Lizardman? Discover what your character's dreams are, and follow the role you wish to play. Perhaps you shall become a great warrior, fighting to protect the town and the people you love. Or perhaps you shall become a master smith, a name which all warriors know and respect. Or perhaps a mage, twisting the world around your fingers, with the runes of power. Practice makes perfect after all...

Total Rating: 6.00
Reviews: 5

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Review Archive

Post Date: 07:46 27-04-2014
Rating: 6
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: Good game not bad pretty fun alright graphics nice story and gamplay 6/10

Post Date: 19:53 04-01-2013
Rating: 6
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Illarion is a free fantasy game based on roleplaying. We are playing in medieval country but with few aspects of fantasy. These few aspects are magic spells, dwarfs, elves and many others. Whole world is on one island. When population of games will become bigger more islands will be added. For me game is very nice but with poor graphics. Gameplay is very nice and give big fun from playing. I rate this production 6/10.

Post Date: 13:04 22-02-2012
Rating: 10
Author: b00m3rc4
Comment: A great game if you want some REAL ruleplay in a medival fantasy world.
The only problem is indeed the low number of player (average of 20 players online at the same time), but this doesn't necessarily spoil the fun!
It free, so try it!!!

Post Date: 10:46 07-09-2011
Rating: 0
Author: Buddy
Comment: This game is a NO NO. Taking out the fact that it has only a very low number of players, thus most of the time, spending hours in the game without even meeting anyone else, it is amazingly hard to gain skill, and when you do, you get punished for it! Yes, punished by the GMs, since they have this thing in the rules called “powergaming”.
Also, the few players it has, are very elitist, unfriendly towards new-commers and hating eachother all together. You should see the endless amounts of bullshit that their forum contains… makes you wish you didn’t know how to read.
Oh and.. GMs are promoted from old players. As such, they will have their own personal friends and enemies, instead of being un-biased. If you have the missfortune to have one of your “enemies” promoted to GM, you’re pretty much screwed.

Post Date: 06:35 02-03-2011
Rating: 8
Author: EcLuD
Comment: Another set of web .. this is kind Rol, something interesting the way the game is supposedly the daily life, but in a different world and fantasize, anyway. 8 / 10.

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