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Based on the extremely popular internet novel, also titled “Zhu Xian,” Jade Dynasty features a unique martial arts style game play wrapped in a huge, evolving game world. Jade Dynasty offers players a multitude of features and systems not commonly found in free-to-play MMORPGs. Once inside the crisp, clean game world, players begin their quest to uncover the secrets of immortality as they first assume the role of a simple paladin. Players delve into a system where choices between good and evil begin to shape their game play experience as they obtain different skills, items and ultimately, a story that is unique to every player. Among the many great features, the classless character progression system allows players to focus on the skills you desire to create the ultimate warrior.

Total Rating: 9.50
Reviews: 10

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Post Date: 00:06 19-10-2009
Rating: 8
Author: many702
Comment: OK REALLY GOOOD GAME i got to give it to Perfect world entertament theve made so far some of the best MMORPG ever perfect world ether saga now this one WOW....so lets get on with the review graphics are good alot of quest so u dnt get really boared nice KO system you hit a monster 1 time and KO lol also nice auto track system although alot of the ideas in jade dynasty are similar to the ones on perfect world but still good story line and nice factions also up to level 30 it is supter easy to level up almost as if they want you to get to level 30 quickly took me 4 hrs to get to level 30 when i started lol
but ya also runs good on older PC's if you have 512 RAM and 64mb of video grpahics your good to play this game also the pet system and mount system AWSOME well in total this game is great could be better actually all MMORPG can be better but i think jade dynasty will be around for a while and will only get more popular

Post Date: 22:58 15-07-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Cheg
Comment: There is an overwhelming number of MMORPGs today that are based on Chinese mythology and culture, but only one stands out among the rest. That is of course Jade Dynasty; a beautiful game set in an immense world that’s filled with danger and extreme adventure.

There is often a comparison between this game and other MMORPGs. Though there might be some similarities, this game is still far more superior in terms of game play as well as overall features. For those who haven’t played it yet, there are many things you can look forward to. Graphically, this game is excellent. The colors are bold and enticing at the same time. The contrast between the terrain as well as the animated objects are fantastic. It is fitting to describe it as an eye-candy.

One of the things that make this game really good is the fact that the game play is well balanced and there will never be a dull moment for those who are playing it. As you progress, the game moves forward but it doesn’t become too hard either. There is even challenge in it for you to be always on guard.

There are five factions in this game and each of they offers a different kind of rush. Each of these factions have different sets of skills, weapons and armors that makes their job class unique. Of course with those differences also comes the adaptation of different strategies. As a result, there is always something new to do and learn each day.

It cannot be denied that most of the fun factor in MMORPGs comes from the social interaction of its community. Jade Dynasty puts emphasis on this fact by giving you the ability to join or create your own clan. Though most of the games have this feature too, JD takes this one step forward by introducing an Alliance system that enables a group of clans to join under one standard. Because of this feature, the battle system can be quite intense.

There are a lot of things to enjoy in Jade Dynasty. This is one of those games that are destined to be played for years just based on its fun factor.

Post Date: 16:49 15-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Milai
Comment: I'm really hard pressed to find a game that I enjoy these days. Much to my suprise, Jade Dynasty is actually a game worth playing. It never gets boring and the bot system is awesome for those of us who like to keep up with the other players and have a life at the same time. I love how you dont have to be teamed to do everything in the game. You can solo or you can team, it's all up to you.

Post Date: 07:48 15-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: KrOoKeDx
Comment: This game has it all, clan and alliance system, alliance wars, battlegrounds and LOTS more. Not only is this MMO free, but it actually gives back to the players! You can embark on HUNDREDS of quests with your friends and clan members. Jade Dynasty also has a wide variety of weapons, armor and various accessories! You will never find yourself just grinding like the usual MMO. Jade Dynasty developers (Perfect World Entertainment) are always giving us players the chance for prizes and they are very considerate when it comes to leveling on the game. The possibilities are endless! Lastly, if you have played Perfect World International then you know that the developers at PWE work hard for us, and always make the best games.

I would SURELY recommend this game to any MMO player, or someone thinking about joining the Jade Dynasty community.

Post Date: 14:32 12-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: pwn2survive
Comment: Jade Dynasty is the newest game of Perfect World Entertainment, the creators of Perfect World and Ether Saga, two popular online games.You can enjoy this new, exciting game for FREE!
Unlike other mmorpgs, Jade Dynasty offeres players many unique features, never met in traditional online games, and of course, high quality.
One of the features is the so-called "invigorate", wich allows you to grow your character whithout even being on the computer.You can also do this by "meditatig", allowing your character to gain experience while you are going "away form keyboard" or by making your character "dream", so he/she can grow while you are logged out.
Leveling up is much easier and fun in Jade Dynasty because of the unique quest system and daily double experience lasting 2 hours.Theese quests are interesting and they reward the player with exp and all kinds of usefull items.Also, quests are easier, because your character can go automaticly at destinations with just a click of the mouse.
Jade Dynasty offeres you more diversity with the "espers" that your character can have.An esper is an object that revolves around you increasing your power.It can be upgraded, giving you more strength and more skills.
This game uses the pet system, allowing you to have an animal that helps you through your adventure.The pet can be leveled up and it has its own skills.
Another great feature of the game is the auto-route.This way, the character goes where the player tells him by clicking anywhere on the map, making traveling and quests easier.
You can get at certain destinations by teleporting with the help of a npc or you can ride a mount, like a beautiful white horse, a tiger, a dragon-like creature or many more impressive creatures.
In Jade Dinasty, sky is not the limit.You can fly, using a "skyblade", an ancient sword that allows you to see the world from above and admire the beautiful lanscape, making you feel like part of a legend.
You have the freedom to choose between five factions:Jadeon,Skysong,Vim,Lupin and Modo, each having their own skills, espers, weapons, clothing syle that changes with rank and many other differeces.
Jadeon are the ones who fight on the side of good.They channel magic through their swords, making them use ranged atacks.You can join them and become noble warriors and bring justice.
Skysong are the ones who heal, who help others.They fight for the good forces, using ranged atacks.By becoming a Skysong member you can fight evil and help other warriors of good.
Vim are melee fighters, being worthy oponents.They use double swords and heavy armors, giving them defense.You can join them and descover their great powers.
Lupin are skilled assasins.They use blades to defeat their victims.Lupins have heavy critical hits, but they have a weakness:limited defense.By joining them, you can learn their deadly martial arts, becoming a master.
Modo are fierce, evil warriors.They can take the form of demons and ghosts, allowing them lots of skills like life draining,curses, ranged an melee atacks, unleashing hell upon their foes.They are dark, misterious and unpredictable.If you join them, you become an undying spirit, feared by enemies and master ancient fighting techniques.
Each faction pursues imortality, having different ways of achieving it.You can decide wath path to take.
The factions are equal in power,PVP is balanced.Another great thing is that you can choose a PVP, PVE or trade realms and change from one another everytime you want.
If you are a new player, this game gives you a detailed guide that can help you if you're confused.Jade Dynasty is the kind of game that respects players and helps them.
Jade Dynasty is a diverse game that has lots of features, good graphics, complexe animations and gameplay.
This is a high-quality game made by a popular company, by profesionals.
In Jade Dynasty you find an adventure, make friends from all around the world.
I've played lots of mmorpgs and I came to the conclusion that Jade Dynasty is my favourite.This is the game that I recomend to everyone.

Post Date: 13:45 11-07-2009
Rating: 9
Author: mazaandrei
Comment: I stumbled upon this game 3 weeks ago, by seeing it on an advertisment on a regular site. I saw the Perfect World Entertainment logo on it and i remembered my days as a Perfect World player, another game wich i enjoyed.
I decided to click that ad to see how the game is. The website was really promicing so i clicked "download" as fast as i could. When i first stepped in the world of Jade Dynasty i was pleasently surprised. The game was different than other MMORPG games because of it's great community and amazing graphics.
As I advanced into this game i observed the vast number of quests who really help you understand and appreciate the game, and help you grow too. Also this game offers a large quantity of events, both "solo" and "party".
Also Jade Dynasty has 3 things I've never seen in other MMORPGs: The Lagre number of avalable Pets and Espers, mistic orbs who empower you and can also control your character while you make yourself a tea, and the possibility to change from PvP to PvE realms, on the same server.
This is one of the few games i fell in love with, and i reccomend it to everyone seeking an adventure encovered in magic.

Post Date: 22:02 09-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: CatInBoots314
Comment: Jade Dynasty has an Oriental setting using Chinese legends as a background for its storyline which makes it even more interesting. The game lets you choose your side, your faction and how you play the game depending on your playing style.

Let me talk about the different factions or classes in Jade Dynasty. They are the Jadeons, who has powerful AoE spells which are good for long range battles. The Skysongs, the healers of the game. It is a good idea to have healers when you are in PVP and Battle mode. They help you heal when your life is low. The Vims, which are high in defense makes them effective in one on one battles. The rogue type, which are the Lupins. Lastly, the Modos, which are the spell casters of the game.

Personally, I like the Lupins. They are ideal for beginners and they are easy to level. They have a high critical rate which makes heavy damages on opponents.

I am the type of player who enjoys PVP. It lets me experiment different playing styles and use the different skills that I have. It is a player versus player mode. The game also has City Battles which lets you play in battle mode in groups. The ability to form strategies and team effort is needed to win.

Some cool features I like about the game is the auto walk feature. As it is a role playing game, the character is expected to walk around the game but because of the auto walk feature it makes it easier and fun to play. It is also useful when questing.

I also like the marriage system which lets 2 different characters, a male and female to wed. This is enjoyable and quite interesting.
Aside from these, there are so many items to choose from, avatars, mounts and accessories. You can never go wrong playing this game. You can mix and match the accessories and the mounts you use.

Overall, Jade Dynasty is the game that I play over and over again. Many things to do, many things to choose from, many classes and styles to experiment with.

Post Date: 11:01 03-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: nickthompson
Comment: Game Ogre gamers Enter the Jade Dynasty
This is a New and rapidly growing ancient Chinese based MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing) and did I mention its FREE, yes FREE! This game has everything from Getting Married ( if you want to be tied down) to Open and Organized PvP. You can choose between 5 factions Vim (warrior), Lupin (assassin), Modo (necromancer), Skysong (healer), Jadeon (Wizard).
For the casual player there is a thing called an Esper which is a legal bot.. that’s right a legal bot. Which means you can go to sleep and level or take a moment to go to the bathroom and finish your quest at the same time and there no ban when you use (Its encouraged). For those in to Cosmetics and Graphics the looks are unmatched to any Free mmorpg out there to date. You can mix and match fashions and there is a new and fresh look for every season. The game also implements Guy and Girl quest called romance quest which helps you make Friends and rewards you with Romance points once you have enough Romance points you can get married.
For the PvE players this game has so many quest It would take years to finish. The Max Level is 150 but after that you ascend and start back at one to become even more powerful with more powerful Skills. There Mounts, Profile Customization, An Awesome Auto-pathing. Can’t find the Monsters or NPC you are looking for? simply Press Q for your quest, select the quest and click on the green link and the character will automatically go there, and if its far way you can go to the bathroom…again :D. There are Dungeons, Clans and Alliances, Mounts, flying swords ( you can ride on the swords so no longer bound to the ground) and pets. Also if you are not interested in PvP there are PvE only realms. Where you can enjoy the game and not get PKed but did I mention you can go into a PvP realm at anytime you don’t have stay in one genre you can bounce back from PvE to PvP at anytime you like.
For The PvP Player there are PvP realms where you can attack someone at anytime if they are outside the safe zone. There are Murder counts and titles that go with your PvP kills. There is even a ranking on how many people you kill on the website. If you are not in to just PKing there is organized PvP with no kill count but there are great rewards that include awesome armor and new skills that go with your PvP triumphs. Also if you like some ones build you can just simply look at him and see what items and build that he/she is using.
For those that like to craft and be Merchant you can make items far beyond just weapons and armor and set up a vendor and set your own prices. You can also level up in town with the “Meditate button” feature so you can just socialize and still gain experience. You can also fish to gain items at allow you type what you want in the socialize center for the whole server to see and gain popularity.
There is just so much in this game you have to play it and experience Jade Dynasty yourself. I hope to see you in the game but for now I have to go to the bathroom. :D
Nick – Shura Server
Sneak peak - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hI796DL1NA
Download at http://jd.perfectworld.com/

Post Date: 18:26 28-06-2009
Rating: 10
Author: tranmanhan13
Comment: Jade Dynasty is a new game from the creators of the popular games Perfect World International and Ether Saga Online. Although new, the game features things never seen before in the gaming community. There are currently 5 playable factions in Jade Dynasty, each with their own unique traits. The factions are The Jadeon, The Vim, The Skysong, The Lupin, and The Modo. The game offers a large variety of quests for the player, from career quests, to voyage quests, to even treasure quests and fits everything nicely in the storyline. Jade Dynasty has a great combat system, mixing martial arts with powerful magic, and even a pet to help fight off your enemies. The pet has it's own stats and skills to fight with as well as hunger, age, and affection so you feel like you're actually taking care of it! Another strange but amazing feature is the use of Espers. Espers are treated as special magical tools or companions used to make ur adventuring a lot easier. An esper increases your stats and resistances as well as give you the ability to auto-grind while you're AFK! That's right, it's a built in Bot for when you're just not up to leveling yourself. Amazing right? But thats not all! If botting isn't your thing, you can make your way to a city or town and meditate to gain experience points. Although not as effective as your esper, it's still a great way to earn exp without risking death. And if that isn't enough, there's the Dreaming feature which allows you to gain exp while your logged out! With all of this, you would expect an easy road to getting high levels, but the game offers enough obstacles to keep players challenged. The mounts in this game include both land mounts, and flying mounts. Horses, bulls, even flying swords! These mounts will ensure you get to your destination in no time. But if you don't feel like holding the forward key the whole way, there's an interesting feature called Auto-routing that lets your character move to your destination hassal free. You can even auto-route to quest destinations through the quest list by clicking its name. Class progression in this game is divided up into Tiers. You start with tier 1 as soon as you select your faction, and get to the next tier when certain requirements are met. Jade Dynasty also offers the opportunity to join forces with other players and form clans and alliances. A clan is a small group of players(limited at 15)that can communicate via clan chat and have access to clan skills. Alliances are, basically, alliances between clans to form a much larger group. Alliances are useful for a lot of things, including being able to participate in wars, which are battles between alliances. The game features a marriage system for those players that wish to get closer with each other. Marriage opens up quest opportunities and special rewards to those who decide to marry. The scenery in this game is phenomenal! The first time i set foot in the world i was in awe. The brilliant array of colors and attention to detail just blew me away. The special effects are unbelievable and I definitely recommend this to gamers of kinds.

Post Date: 11:04 27-06-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Haxus
Comment: Jade dynasty – PWE

Jade dynasty is a really well made game all from the character to the spells. The game has influence from perfect world and almost looks like 9dragons.

You begin as either a female or a male character at Sunstream which is the first city. At the beginning you have the starter quests which gives you a set for the first levels. You will gain a pet at level 7 which every class can use. At level 15 you gain the option to join a faction, the faction you will join will be your class. The diffrent class have diffrent abilities, my favourite is the Modo which is one of the evil factions. The modo is a curse class. To join a faction you will have to find theyre leader and speak with him , he will let you join and give you a weapon and class gear. The higher level your pet gets the stronger it gets but, you will have to feed it! A pet can be used for tanking, increasing your defence and attack. The esperate which youre class master gives you will help you with increasing your strenght and also it will give you attacks. The dailys in J-D are good and will give you exp and items, you can also contribute to ure clan for stuff. The best with the game wold be that everyone will be at the same place no mather which class or anything! Everyone starts at the same spot and levels at the same spot.

The navigation system in this game is really good and will help you alot when you cant find where your suppost to go. By simply clicking a point at the map the navigation system will automaticly lead youre character to the point where you clicked, it will follow the roads and go arround curves for you. However if you use the navigation system you should look out for mobs that may aggro you.

The paying system in this game is surprisingly good, you cant buy weapons or gear shich is the best part! In this way no one will be able to buy theyre character up to the highest level. But you can buy outfits, healing pots, skyblade(which gives uou the ability to fly) and mounts. If you dont have anything to kill you can meditate which will grant you a little amouunt of exp , butt killing goes faster. You can also use ure esperate that has the ability to make your character kill mobs around you automaticly.

Modo - Curser/ spell / transformer. One of the evil factions.
Jadeon - Long distance spell user. One of the good factions.
Vim - Close distance Physical attack user. Originally allied to the good factions.
Skysong - Healers / buffers. One of thee good factions.
Lupin - The assasing, high crit, sneakers. One of the evl factions.

Rate- 4.5/5 GREAT! Good graphics, fun to play and lots of amazing features!

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