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Karos Online is a new free-to-play MMORPG set in the torn fantasy world of Asmara. Players take the role of a hero engaged in an epic war to defeat the forces of Malyx, God of Darkness, who seek to free their captured lord and conquer Asmara. Through questing, guild clashes and mass PvP, players fight for control of the world�s vital energy source, Fletta, with the ultimate goal of becoming the mythical Karos warrior who brings glory to the side of Light.

Total Rating: 7.61
Reviews: 18

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Post Date: 04:52 02-06-2010
Rating: 10
Author: takley
Comment: Karos Online is an amazing looking f2p mmo. I have been playing for weeks with a small group of friends. The PvP is our favorite part. See you in the game!

Post Date: 04:37 01-06-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Drawma
Comment: What is not to love about Karos? KO is free to play, looks incredible, and plays damn good. Anybody who says different is just picky in my opinion. PvE is less grindastic than most other f2ps and PvP is amazingly fun.


Post Date: 00:11 21-05-2010
Rating: 7
Author: soulykeeperr
Comment: First Look
Whilst searching the web for a free to play game i came accross Karos online. When i clicked a few screenshot to check out the way the game looked i was amazed. The graphics looked superb for a free game and the download was 800 meg which made me think it might look great but the game must be very poor as most free to play are 2-4 gig in size.
I decided to bite the bullet and give it a go. Once downloaded and updated you finally get to launch the game which takes ages to load up. The character creation screen gives you the option of picking one of six classes Blader,Paladin,Rogue,Sorceress,Bowmistress,Mystic more details about each class can be found on the official karos website. www.karosgame.com i picked my new character but could not pick if i wanted male/female character they are set to class. I found this a bit annoying but once ingame you soon forget you have become a woman. The first thing i did was check the cash shop as most of these games have a "if you pay you can be great attitude" I could not find anything in the shop that would give one player a massive advantage over another which was strange. There was no super mount or you cant kill me armour or weapons just optional xp boost healing,manna pots etc. So i was gobsmacked and decided to have a look around the first town Berneo. I could buy everything i needed from the npc in town including mounts,armour,weapons, and not for milliuons of coins either a basic mount for a lvl 10 was only 50k and this was upgradable if you had the correct items. So for now anyway it seemed everyone in the game was equal and had the same chance to progress.
The pve system is Karos is great plenty to do and early on not much grind you can hit level 10 in an hour level 20 in a few hours. most of the mobs you have to kill are unique and not all the generic mmorpg cliched ones. You still have some of the old goblins, spiders etc but most are unique. one of the first ones you will see is the three legged greenmouth this creature made me smile when i first seen it thinking "evolution was not to kind to this creature". as you progress through the levels you have to pick a path to follow pvp or pve each path unlocks new skills that will help you in your goal what ever that may be. one is aoe and the other is direct damage which helps in pvp.Each level gives you a skill point which you can add to your skills but they only open when you hit the level required. This feels a bit restrictive at first but it stops uber powefull low level players. the first town is pvp free so no pking. This all changes once you goto the second town Lupinel. Levels are quite easy to get until you reach level 36 then the grind hits home. at present i am level 37 and the quests are just repeatable ones that give you little xp reward and you just have to keep doing them over and over and over again. to reach my next level requires 1.8 million xp the reward for the quest of 4.5k and 450xp per kill will take you a while to get anywwhere. As you kill mobs you gain fletta points these can be saved up so you can add skill bonuses to your charecter beware to choose wisely as you only get one choice.
Once you leave the first town Berneo and reach level 10 you can enter PVP Most of the PVP i have encountered has been a case of high level's coming to the second and third town killing low level players and afk people. This can be very annoying as when you are pked "player killed" you lose xp and can drop items from your inventory the only upside is that the game has a moral system if you pve you build up a score called MV if you pk you lose it and head into the red this means other players know what you are and will try to kill you for the bonus of the chance of a rare drop also town guards (the only safe haven) will instant kill you. Add to this to the fact the more pk you do the futher red you get the town's npc won't interact with you. you can work off negative mv by killing other pker's or killing mobs. For high level pkers this does not take to long.Also there is other types of pvp Guild battles where one guild declares war on another this turns into a mafia type system where you can hunt and kill members of the other guild if you see them. the last type is mine take over once a week you can battle for control of the mines. i havnt tried this yet but i hope i will.
Crafting can all be done via mob drops or mining and fishing it is all done at this time via NPC interaction some have a very low success rate.
mining will give you a mass of materials some you can use right away some you have to store away for when they add it to the game. most areas of the map have a mining spot just beware if you leave the first town to mine you stand a vary good chance of being pked.
you get some good items whilst fishing like gold toads and toads these can be used to craft packs of health , mana pots. as well as clams these can be saved up in order to play carlotta or random exchange
Both mining and fishing can be done whilst you are afk some people mine and fish when they goto bed so they get lots of items for the next day. It does worry me that in the end having so many users online all the time might cause lag issues.
the game has a fair few dungeons solo and party the level it says is required is far from the level you actually need to be in order to complete it. i would not attempt a level 10 dungeon at level 10 more like lvl 15-20. A lot of the dungeons have no point to them. You kill and kill to reach the end and then.......... Nothing you teleport back out, Even dungeons with an end boss don't drop anything of value. they are good for xp helping the grind but don't rush down to see what is in there.
Armour weapons.
All the armour and weapons ingame are set to class at certain levels you get to upgrade armour/weapons these are all generic for all classes the only custermisation is adding scrolls and skulls to them to increase attack power and defence.You can also make Fletta armour/weapons is a crafted item that turns into an item for your level.
Final thought's
all i have to think when i am grinding away for hours on end hoping to avoid being pked is "Hey it's free" and all seems good in the karos world. The game still has many bugs and crashes but if you take it as it comes you should enjoy this game a lot. Player killing with no level restrictions is an unfair part of the game as one lvl 44 can wipe out 3 level 30's easy. I know this as it has been done to me. most of the game is well thought out although later in the game it seems to lose steam. I can honestly say that i don't have a clue about story of the game as it has never been a major part of gameplay. I know it's there but you know once you click accept you are off to kill mobs. There seems little point in trying to get involved in any story. I would recomend this game to anyone IT'S FREE and once they have fixed bugs and added the content this will be a great game with very few faults.

Post Date: 16:13 19-05-2010
Rating: 8
Author: mikesd411
Comment: ever since open beta i have been playing this game and it looks very promising. for one thing the people that run the game actually know their stuff and keep the game running stable more than most mmo's I've seen out there and the game play is getting better and better as each passing week. not to mention the community is growing fast.

Post Date: 06:29 19-05-2010
Rating: 8
Author: momoxxen
Comment: i played this game almost a week now. fairly to say, it's a nice game with refreshing concept.
each player start in the land of Asmara where we battle against monster and PK :) each kill earn player with Fletta points which can be use to upgrade your skill power.

the effect are awesome but some area where it's still bugged. hopefully they will improve it soon. but i'd like to highlight some criteria in this game which i don't like. most character are fixed with gender making it somewhat unattractive. i think it is much better if they can vary it a little making it possible to actually choose both gender and class for each type. nevertheless it's fairly enjoyable. can't wait to see next improvement in the land of Asmara ^_^
perhaps a new tribe?

my rating 8/10

Post Date: 05:20 19-05-2010
Rating: 8
Author: Varishnacoft
Comment: Im giving this game an 8 out of 10. Its a good f2p game and has exellent graphics. also the leveling makes it interesting. it keeps the players that really wanna play this game have to work to become higher level. Some games its just way to easy to level. The PvP is amazing. the fact that u can just run out of town and kill someone cause u can makes you just wanna play more and keep ruining other players days. This game is not all about who spends the most real money on it, you could spend a good bit but being the low lvl wont do u any good. I think this game is great because the ppl playing it have to spend time in playing to Level. and There is no Plvling to much in this game. You Actually have to Earn u makeings and Save ur items to make better ones. This is not a game for someone that just wants to see what its like and just wants to go lvl for a day and quit the game. Im a Big fan of it. Tho it does have some glitchs and some bugs. but for a new game being out its doing Very well. Very well maintained and Friendly GMs.

Post Date: 01:07 19-05-2010
Rating: 7
Author: RedGear
Comment: Author: shadowolf

i gave this game a eight out of 10. this amazing game is a free game.the classes are human,shadows, or seroine. one downside to these classes is that for the seroine there is only a female gender.
the graphics for this game are pretty good considering that this is a free-to-play game.
this game helps its players learn quickly by giving it a guide till level 6 so even if this is your first game you will get the concept quickly.
the leveling on this game is average , but at level 30 the game becomes a lot harder.
another interesting thing about this game is the mining and fishing part. i think those skills make a big impact on the economy of the game.
this game dose not have a auction house,but it has player stores. the downside to this is that a player can not easily find what he or she wants.
karos like most games has a cash shop the cash shop is a fun thing to play with. it gives players fun things to wear and do. it may also help the player level by selling exp cards which give different amounts of xp during different times.
the player of karos have a good part and a bad part this seems to be an unavoidable thing in every game out there today.
though there is a few problem with this game it is that there is a lot of bugs but the programmers are working as fast as possible to fix them. also since beta karos has had a problem running on Intel based chip sets making many people unable to play the game, this problem is being solved
as you are reading this review of karos online.

Post Date: 19:56 17-05-2010
Rating: 8
Author: DustinK
Karos Online, the recently released Free-To-Play (F2P) MMORPG from GalaxyGate and NHN, puts players on the world of Asmara in a conflict over the powerful resource known as "Fletta". This fantasy-style game gives players the chance to play as one of three races, each of which can start as one of two classes that later branch out into more distinct sub-classes.
The Human race gives players the option to start either as the male Blader, a two-handed melee fighter who can later specialize to become either a Swordsman or Spearman, or the female Paladin, a defensive melee character who can follow the path of the Defender, who plays the more defensive of the roles, or the Holy Knight who supports her parties with her powerful auras later in her journeys.
The Shadow race represents the darker side of Asmara and their class options are indicative of their sinister nature. Shadows are able to become male Rogues, stealthy melee fighters that can specialize in off-hand daggers as Assassins or off-hand swords as Duelists. Lovers of the arcane also have the option to play as the female Sorceress who can hone her skills at weakening the enemy with de-buffs and curses as a Banshee or make her enemies suffer with the damage-over-time spells and curses of the Spellbinder.
The half-elemental Seroine race fills out the cast of characters offering only female options for its two playable classes. The Bowmistress gives players a chance at physical ranged combat and allows them a chance to develop their skills either as an Archer who specializes in mesmerizing and distracting her foes, or as the Ranger who trains to maximize the amount of damage she can deal out. The Mystic class offers two very different branches of play following the first class-change. Players playing as a Mystic can choose to follow either the path of the Mage who focuses on magical damage, or the Cleric who focuses on magical healing.
While there are obviously choices for every style of play, some of the limitations imposed by Karos may be disappointing to some players. For instance, locking class choices to race choice so tightly is something that may turn some players away, but even more so is the lack of ability to choose one's gender if they intend to play a specific class. However, we must try to keep in mind that this is a F2P game and undoubtedly some corners are going to be cut. If a player is willing to forgive these relatively minor shortcomings, they will likely enjoy the rest of what Karos has to offer them.

For a F2P game the graphics are actually quite good. They're not cutting edge, and shouldn't bring your computer to a grinding halt, but they quality of the models and textures is certainly respectable. Casting and combat animations are decent as well and overall the game’s graphics are satisfying so long as it is remembered that the game is F2P.
Weapon and armor upgrades carry noticeable visual changes, as they should. In addition, enchanting weapons will provide various glowing and particle effects for more distinct appearances.

Karos offers game play that will feel very familiar to those who have prior experience with MMORPGs. The standard health and mana bars are present as are an action bar and minimap. Combat is fairly straight forward and even players new to the genre should be able to pick up on it quickly with the assistance of the in-game tutorial system that helps players until they have reached level 6.
Like the rest of the game the inventory system is also fairly standard. Players are given a bag to start with and may acquire up to three additional bags. Personal, guild, and account storage options are also present with all but the latter being expandable for an in-game fee.
The quest system features the now standard “!” and “?” marking of quest NPCs. The quest log allows a player to mark certain quests to be tracked which also shows a general area on the map where the quest may be completed. This feature allows players to be much more self-reliant and certainly reduces the frustration felt by both the new players, who have to ask where everything is, and veterans, who have to see said new players asking the same questions time and time again.
As a player advances in levels quests change from a significant source of experience to little more than a minor supplement to the experience gained from “grinding” mobs. By level 30 the amount of experience required to level increases notably and that trend continues throughout the rest of the levels. While this may certainly cause some players to look elsewhere, others will embrace the distinction that obtaining a high level offers them.

Crafting appears to be still in relative infancy within the game. At this time the only crafting that can be done is through NPC crafters who allow you to craft more advanced materials as well as armor, weapons, bags and mounts. The items needed to craft are all found as drops from mobs and, in some cases, through gathering.
Two special items may also be crafted called Fletta Armor and Fletta Weapons. These special items can be used by any class and, when equipped, change to a suitable type for that class. They also upgrade as players reach certain levels increasing in power. These Fletta items can also be upgraded further themselves. Starting at D-grade they can be upgraded to C, B, A, S, and eventually SS-grade each of which increases their power even more at the risk of being more and more difficult to successfully craft. The main power of these items comes from their ability to be used for every class along with their automatic upgrades very easily making up for their high cost if passed on to level up multiple characters.
Gathering offers players a way to make use of their characters even while they aren’t actively playing. Players are able to rent mining picks and fishing rods from NPCs that last for 24 hours and allow the player to mine and fish, respectively. Once set to do either activity the character will continue to do so until another action is taken by the player, the pick or rod expire, or the players inventory becomes full. In this way players are able to gather valuable resources (along with some useless ones as well).
Karos does not have an auction house system as is found in many other games. In lieu of that system, the developers have decided to implement the player shop system whereby players are able to list items from their inventory for sale at a set price. These shops remain open only while the character is sitting down and running it, therefore their use is limited to times when the player does not wish to actively play the game. This system, while inferior in many ways to the auction house system, at least provides some basic functionality to allow the economy to function.

The Cash Shop offers players ways to make the game slightly easier if they are willing to spend real money to support the game. These items are in no way required to fully enjoy the game but they are there as an options. Among the most useful of the items are the EXP UP and PLATINUM EXP UP potions that boost experience gained by 30% and 50% respectively. On top of that, the PLATINUM potion will stack with the standard potion to provide a (100% + 30%) + 50% experience gain which amounts to 1.95 times the standard gain! Again, these items are not required to enjoy the game but when leveling times in the upper tiers of the game are likely to be measured in days, cutting this amount by nearly 50% is certainly a benefit that some individuals will choose to pay for.

Thus far, interaction within the Karos community has been largely positive. Certainly the game has its share of players with poor attitudes, but that is not different than any other game of its type. The player base is widely varied in nationality which makes for a more interesting community from which there is a lot to be learned.
The guild system in Karos limits the number of players that a guild may have until it has been upgraded to allow for more members. This limitation, which is in place primarily to stop a single guild to dominate PvP based on sheer numbers alone, has the added benefit of creating tightly knit groups. Finding a guild with members that are like-minded and who you can go out with time and time again is a great experience. It’s a great feeling knowing all of the members of your guild rather than being part of a large collective where you only know a small percentage of the members. This, while not entirely unique to Karos, still helps to make its community that much better.

Overall, Karos brings a slightly older paid MMO feel to the free MMO market. Players are able to truly enjoy every aspect of the game without spending any money if they so desire and gameplay is only enhanced if they choose to do so. The game does suffer from various bugs and glitches but overall the stability is very good. The issues that the game does have do not outweigh the entertainment the game provides, especially for its cost! In addition, being very recently released, NHN and GalaxyGate still have plenty of time to fix these issues before they become to large. If you’ve never played an MMORPG in the past, or if you have and are tired of paying monthly subscription fees, then Karos is certainly a game worth trying out.
~Ralnosa – Asmara

Post Date: 15:38 15-05-2010
Rating: 8
Author: melgamis
Comment: increase the carat drop since the items for sale are very expensive, implement some craft items that are not on any side, such as Goblin Soft Belly Meat, make changes in climate and the landscape is snow and rain these things and increase the drop of craft items for which eject the mobs, that's all, thanks

P:D: Srry for my english, is very bad ^^

Post Date: 13:44 14-05-2010
Rating: 7
Author: ridingant
Comment: Karos review

Incomplete, yet strangely addictive

Karos is a free to play MMORPG by NHN. The game has some interesting features skill and Fletta progression systems, varied PVP options and well thought out crafting and gathering systems. The game is still in development, and is missing important features like auction houses, in-game mail and keyboard customisation, yet there is something magical about Karos, which makes it strangely addictive. The levelling curve is quite steep and level progressions gets quite slow after 30. There are varied gear improvement methods available, like adding enchants, runes and jewels – and players can buy items from the cash shop to prevent gear from being destroyed during enchanting and upgrading. The PVP system seems solid and although you can kill anyone if you feel like it, ganking is very rare because it carries severe penalties. The crafting system is brilliant – you don’t have to spend hours “learning” a profession – anyone can craft any item, provided you have the right materials. Gathering is painless in Karos, you can leave your character mining or fishing over night without having to sit in front of the screen for hours and watch it – two thumbs up for that. This is not a “pay to win” type game. The cash shop items are well thought out and are all aimed at letting your character progress faster rather than improving it directly ( like extra XP potions, fishing rods at catch 2 fishes at a time etc.). All in all it’s a solid game and I look forward to future updates.

Post Date: 08:03 13-05-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Celtis
Comment: Karos is one great looking MMORPG! Gameplay is great too but could stand improvement due to a few bugs. PvP is a blast and the world is HUGE!

Post Date: 03:38 13-05-2010
Rating: 8
Author: tinyf101
Comment: Karos Online is my top MMORPG game I have played yet. This game surpasses Runescape and World of Warcraft by far. I have played this game for about 5 days now. I am very pleased with the graphics and quality gameplay. The events and quests Karos has have very pleasing rewards when completed. I really appreciate the user shops, it's an easy way to gain money, help other players, and dispose of items in a good way. Another reason this game is well made is because it has a large, open world. This is not all. I enjoy the Fletta weapons you could create. First of all, the Fletta weapons look freaking awesome! Second of all they level up with your player so you can forget enchanting. Finally, they are quite simple to create. The guilds can be very well managed as well. There are some issues though. There is a bug that refuses me from attacking. Another issue I have with the game is that the MV (Morale Value) is difficult to gain when it is in the negative region. I would have liked to see player vs. player specified areas though. Overall, this game can please any gamer that plays MMORPGs.

Post Date: 18:39 10-05-2010
Rating: 8
Author: Fomal
Comment: Karos Online is an exciting new MMORPG set in a nearly seamless, and a quite large fantasy world. With top rate graphics, one is quickly immersed in taking on and developing a character to fight mobs and to gain higher levels, game credits, cool weapons, body armor, and items to sell or to make things with.
Overall game play is fun and well done. One simply takes on mission quests from NPC vendors in the main towns (some are in safe areas at other locations) and each has lessons/jobs that are fairly self explanatory. Most involve fighting mobs (monsters) that randomly drop loot, but will always drop coin credits. Some involve fishing or mining for needed items, which is an unusual, yet safe new twist for these types of games. (Similar games include World Of Warcraft and Gates Of Anderon)
On the negative side, there are many, maybe too many items, to find in ample quantities to make enhanced items with. Teleport documents purchased at NPCs or that are won by doing quest missions can transport you from anywhere to that named city location by moving the document to a hot key (1-+ key slots at bottom), but transport tokens and token slots have no in-game help documentation. Also, at an early stage one is offered a sub-class specialization of two to choose from, but no description is offered for one over the other at least in-game. Either choice it seems has certain skills that only that character type and sub-class can perform, which makes team play (in joining group hunting parties or those in free Guilds one can join) interesting strategically. One generally is on their own however to fight 1 to several mobs at a time, which may suit some players fighting style anyway.

So, after the early going, expect more documentation to be made available in game and well as a few bugs remaining to be fixed. Then, it has the potential to be as good as some other favorites of this genre.

Post Date: 05:22 21-04-2010
Rating: 7
Author: mmowiz
Comment: i like karos. here is my review:


1. its free
2. pvp moral system
3. guild wars
4. graphics
5. cool mounts


1. heavy grind
2. boring quests
3. laggggg

Post Date: 16:00 19-04-2010
Rating: 8
Author: beredcool
Comment: Karos Online deserves a higher review score. You have to grind like other MMORPGs, so what? KO has not been out long so most bugs will likely be fixed soon. The graphics are mid range to me.

Post Date: 14:51 12-04-2010
Rating: 6
Author: CowTail
Comment: Karos Online, another free to play game out of the hundreds already out there. What separates this one from the others?

The game features most of the standard fare you'd find in the other MMOs. Clusters of monsters roaming the area for no reason, NPCs standing around giving you quests. The combination equals a grind-fest, forcing you to kill hundreds of the same mobs over and over in order to level up and get gold (Carat) or special items.

There is also the crafting aspect to this game. You can collect materials from monster drops, mining, or fishing. With these materials you may upgrade your weapons, armor, pets (that function as armor when not mounted), potions, and gems that stat boost your gear.

Mining and fishing is your typical deal. Hack away at a pile of stones for hours in order to gather raw ore and gems. Fish for hours in order to gather clams that can be traded in a karlotto or random chance game that swaps the clams for a random item. Fortunately Karos Online allows you to toil away while you're away from the keyboard without booting you from the game.

The quests range from delivering letters to killing mobs for quest items to going to special dungeons and killing the boss. Dungeons, like in most other games, are separate maps that allow you to roam castles, sewers, or caves until you find your objective. Obviously there are plenty of monsters in the way. Unfortunately, the Karos team did a horrible job with the level matrix for these quests. A level 9 quest is far too hard to complete without a huge party; it took me another tank at level 34 to complete it, rewarding us with 50 Carat (woohoo). The other dungeons are incredibly lopsided as well, and incredibly unrewarding.

The character classes are somewhat evenly balanced, thankfully. You can be a bowmistress, paladin, blader, rogue, or sorceress. Yes, these classes are gender locked, with limited customization options for only the face and hair. There are different subclasses you can choose on during your adventure, giving you a choice between single or multi target attack/buff specialization.

PvP is allowed in most of the regions, meaning you always have to watch your back if you're out farming mobs. Fortunately, there's a Moral Value system, in which you gain moral value points slowly by killing mobs, whereas you lose a tremendous amount for killing a single player. If you go in the negative, your name gets colored red and you can be killed by other players without them being penalized. Not only that, but you get attacked by guards and can't shop at the shops in town if you're in the red.

A large part of the game is the guilds feature. You can join a guild or create your own. These guilds can wage war against each other, allowing PvP without penalties for killing other players of the enemy guild. Guild events also allow the winners special benefits, such as owning mines for a period of time. Whoever wants to use the mine must pay, and the money goes to the guild.

A large part of the game not mentioned yet is the Fletta portion. Fletta is kind of like a magic essence. You build up Fletta Points slowly as you kill monsters, which you can assign to stat boosts, invest in your guild, or refine it to use as craft material (almost all weapon/armor upgrades require Fletta crystals).

Graphics-wise it looks about mid-range. Nothing spectacular but certainly better than others. You have options for low-detail/low resolution gaming, allowing players with old computers to have a go at it.

Performance-wise, the game is still buggy. Personally I feel they could have had a few more rounds of debugging phases and content building before they left the Beta stage. If you don't crash at least once in a day of playing, you should consider yourself lucky. Network performance is actually pretty decent for most players, though the dungeons have frequent lag as far as my experiences went. I'd also find that occasionally I can't attack or use items, requiring a complete restart of the game. Some players can't even play the game, having problems due to their operating system and hardware combination being incompatible with the game engine.

There are a lot of aspects missing in the game. No customizable hotkeys (just the number keys, then alt+number keys, etc. for the spell/item binding). No auction houses to go to (though you can set up shop locally), huge cities with hardly any NPCs or content filling them, and level 5 restricted items and crafting in level 6 and beyond regions. Some regions have purely repeating grinding quests until you level up enough to go to the next town and get those grinding quests. I swear I never want to see another Gaiger, Snow Freak, or Owlbear again.

Like usual, there's a cash shop where you can buy points ($1.00 = 100 points) to trade for unique items. These items will make your questing a bit easier, such as potions with 30% exp increase, items that prevent penalties from failed crafting, regular hp and mana potions, etc. The developers got this part right at least; the items are fairly expensive and don't give huge bonuses to those who pay. So you won't find players wearing decked out unique gear that totally outshines any gear you can get in-game for free. The cash items mostly help players to get better gear faster in-game; they still have to do the work.

All that said, it's a decent game and you get it for free. At the time of this review, it's been offically out for only 3 days, so I'm sure the developers have plenty of to-do lists in mind that'll make all our experiences much more enjoyable when completed. It's not very original, a bit buggy, and has tons of grinding, but will I keep playing it? Yep.

Post Date: 04:21 03-09-2009
Rating: 8
Author: buzzsaw
Comment: What are you talking about? Are you referring to every fantasy mmo being a copy of something else? Have you even played the beta yet?

Post Date: 19:58 21-08-2009
Rating: 3
Author: bruce5890
Comment: Did the world run out of good mmorpg ideas!!?? XD

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