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Now known as Destiny Online. This is a cartoon-style MMORPG focusing on community game-play. You never play alone in Desiny Online! It is all about team work! Destiny Online is the best game of team work! You can gain up to 5 times the EXP when you team up with 4 other players (of similar levels) to fight the monsters. Also, capture monsters and turn them into your pets, and train them to become your best helpers in battle.

Total Rating: 8.56
Reviews: 16

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Post Date: 06:22 07-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: niheisan
Comment: At first glance you might think, "Oh it's just another Trickster ripoff, with it's 3rd person eagle eye view and cutesy graphics." But if you actually play the game you'll realize how wrong you are. The game offers an automatic tracking system which is very new-player friendly. The quests provide enough experience to keep a balance between collecting items and grinding. Also, players are rewarded with bonus gifts every 5 levels starting at level 10. The different classes are similar to any other game and each has its own benefits and downsides. Overall, this game boasts several features other games do not, and yet it's a game similar enough to others that it can be enjoyed.

Post Date: 20:30 22-10-2008
Rating: 0
Author: zapleaf
Comment: Was woundring why this game got a huge score. I can see now it attracts a very odd group of gamers. Not for your every day gamer, or casual gamer.

Post Date: 07:34 30-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: evo
Comment: Hi guys.. do you wanna play a great MMORPG game?? This Legend of Golden Plume (LGP) is a 2.5D MMORPG that set itself apart with the abundance of unique features available. It provides players to choose from 5 different and exciting classes such as Warrior, Priest, Mage, Swordsman and Taoist with the ability to increase your level and skills using the same experience point.

The large amount of quests available to players boosted the experience of playing this game. Quests such as the Main Quest, Class Quests, Scroll Quests, Tribal Quests, Bounty Hunter, Military Rank Quest and etcetera add to the fun in playing this game together with events such as Chicken Run, Bunhill, lucky draw from the merchant and quizzes from the Bamboo Dolls too. To help user with the quests, there is a cool feature known as the auto-tracking feature which enables a player to click on an NPC name from the Quest Interface, or search through the Search Interface, and the character will route itself to the desired NPC.

The Pet System in LGP is also worth mentioning as pets will be one of the greatest assets a character can have. Pets can be captured by using Fairy Ropes on normal monsters, once captured you can summon them from the Pet Interface. There is another system called Master-Apprentice System that can give you extra experience and benefit.

LGP also offers player with the Marriage System, which enables user to marry with another characters (of a different gender) with some requirements. Once married, there are great skills that can be learnt, one of skill is called Telesthesia, a skill that enables you to teleport your spouse directly next to you. This skill will ensure that you and your spouse will not be separated too far.

With all these features and many more available, what are you waiting for? Come join LGP and play this really great and unique games =D.

Post Date: 00:52 29-09-2008
Rating: 9
Author: weicheng
Comment: LGP online is a FREE cute 2D MMORPG hosted by Ingle Games which also hosts other games such as Magic World Online and Phoenix Dynasty Online. I was introduced to this game and initially, i thought that its just going to be another normal MMORPG but it is not! This is a highly addictive game and it is really easy to learn for new players because of the auto tracking system where it leads you to the monsters your level as well as NPCs with a click of the button. There are 5 classes for you to choose from which are Warrior, Priest, Mage, Swordsman and Taoist where every class is important in teamplay and levelling. Monsters are easy to kill and they get more challenging as you level. Graphics isnt probably the best feature for this game but the game and skill effects are good. The interface and layout of the game is also good and easy to navigate and control the character.

After reading all these, you must be thinking what is so great and special about this game? There is a never-ending amount of quests and things you can do in game. You can solo, team, quest, kill bosses together, explore maps, capture pets and train them up. There are many cute pets you can capture and use to help you level. Any class in game can use pets but the taoists are the specialists where they have skills to enhance them. There is also a Master-apprentice system in game where you can get a master to teach u the ropes of the game. Crafting system allows you to craft rare armors and weapons in the game. One of the best features of this game is the marriage system where you can marry your loved one in game as well as get the many bonuses that come with it. Up to a maximum of 150 levels there is alot of things you can enjoy in game all day, not to forget the free world chat that will keep u entertained when you are playing. You will never be alone and can easily find a party to train with. The community is really friendly and if you have any questions feel free to ask on world chat. There is free pk mode as well as duel fields in game and with the new tribe war coming up really soon, there will be lots of PK fun in the game if you enjoy PVP. Loaded with cute costumes in the store such as Sailor girl uniform and pretty wings, you can customise your character into cute girls or strong warriors.

I really enjoy this game and hope you will come join this wonderful LGP community with us. This is probably one of the best games i have played and i would definately recommend it to everyone. See you in game! ^_^

Post Date: 13:43 26-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: LittleFairy
Comment: This LGP Online was the first 2.5D game I’ve ever play. There are 5 jobs you can choose (Mage, Taoist, Warrior, Priest and Swordsman). After I play this game, I found that this game is very interesting and fun to play, especially with your boyfriend, girlfriend or even your husband or wife (^o^).

Why it’s fun and interesting to play?? Unlike other games that only fight and fight to get high level (that was the reason why I stop playing several game that I’ve played), in LGP Online, you can do main quest and side quest such as training scroll quest, capturing thieves, exterminate the demon quest, etc which can make you not easily to get bored. Of course from those quests there will be a good reward once you’ve completed the quests. What is the good reward? The most common reward you will get is experience, so you are not doing quest only for the stuff reward but you will also get experiences. The other reward is treasure map!! Where you can go to the location written on the map and reveal what was inside. (I’m always excited of what kind of stuff I could get with this reward!!)

Also there is auto-tracking system, so we do not need to always clicking, looking to the screen or stay on the table to arrive to the new location map. While we are waiting to arrive to another destination or location, we can chat/talk with our partner (MSN, phone, in game chat box, etc), checking our work/email, watching movie for a while and so on. Of course there is also a fast way to arrive to new destination/map, by using telepoter.

This game also have the marriage system for the couple, we can wear the wedding gown, ring and celebrate the wedding with your chosen guesses. But hold on, it is not just an ordinary marriage system, if you want to get married there is a requirement to have 2000 Friendship Point, level 30 and 268 gold! Woww.. what is that?? sounds abit hard?? Hohoho.. don’t worry this is the special part from the marriage system in LGP Online. While you fight the monster together to complete the entire requirements, you also can see how serious your future wife/husband is, in order to complete the requirement before get married ^^.

Another special system is pet system. In here, you can fight together with your pet without need to worry whether the experiences gained will be shared with the pet, which means the owner will still get the full experiences even though you fight with your pet. That’s why it is different with other online game pet system (Online game that I’ve played so far).

Since it is still beta there will be unexpected error and bug in this game (It’s apply to other game to rite ^^), HOWEVER the development team and GM in this game always solve and fixed the problem very fast =D which made me loves this game more and more!

There is still plenty of good, fun, interesting stuff in this game such as skill system, pet skill system, etc and also new stuff in the future!! Curious?? Why don’t you try to play this game?? I believe you’ll love this game ^_^

Post Date: 13:56 20-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Tatiana
Comment: Legend of Golden Plume is a 2.5D MMORPG that is F2P. In addition to the usual fighting, questing, guilding, and PVP'ing, this game has a pet system where you catch and raise pets to help you with all of the above. Also, there is a Master/Apprentice system where you can help players 30 or more lvls below you and gain virtue points for it. To be able to marry you must earn 2000 friendship points with another player. Earning friendship points is simple - you have to kill monsters while in a party with that person.

Obviously, this game still has bugs (it is closed beta) and a few language translation errors, but they are constantly working to improve those areas and are still willing to listen to suggestions.
That brings us to the next point - Community. This game has a fantastic one. They are always willing to help new players complete quests or just to answer questions.

I have played many, many MMORPG's. But this is one of the few I will keep on my desktop as a long playing game.

I have played many, many, many MMORPG's. But this is one of the few I will keep on my desktop as a long playing game

Post Date: 03:39 17-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: touyakito
Comment: Interested in a unique kind of online RPG game? I played a lot of online games but this game is different. This game is 2D and really is unique in its own way. There are 5 characters to choose from (Warrior, Mage, Taoist, Swordsman and Priest). There are tons of items in the game that can be used for quest or creating weapons or armors. Unlike other online games where you can add your skill points when you level up, this game lets you decide whether to use your EXP to level up your base level or level up your skills. That’s why this game has a lot of source of EXP and that’s why this game is very unique.

Another good thing about this game is that all players are willing to help you, just type any question in game and set it to world, and it will be broadcasted to all. GMs are very helpful too (Hi GM heidi ^_^ v), they even message you just to answer your questions.

Post Date: 05:38 14-09-2008
Rating: 8
Author: oobearknight
Comment: this game seems fun, except as you progress higher level monsters seem to hurt quite a bit so you have to party.

Post Date: 02:44 08-09-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Asuarah
Comment: I love this game actually..

of course the XP system kinda sucks a bit.. bu the pets are cute, its easy to get skill sand quests.. plenty of monsters, Awsome respawn rate.. tho of course there are still glitches during this Beta.. bur hey there is potenial for this game!

I am Yokoallue in the game by the by

Post Date: 17:00 03-09-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Piper70
Comment: Legend of the Golden Plume is a fun game with eye pleasing graphics. The game now in Beta Testing is fun to play, reasonably simple to learn, and has a great community of players to help you get started. With one person hunting, and team play for more experience you can play the game in anyway you chose. The Auto-tracking feature in the game is awesome making remembering where everything is unneccessary. Choose a class of hero Mage, Taoist, Warrior, or Priest all with different skills an abilities. Pets are the thing that drew me to this game...you can catch monsters ingame and tame them to fight at your side. The effects are nice to look at, and the characters are cute. It takes a bit to get started running from this quest to the next but once you get the hang of it you'll be hooked just like me. The GM's are responsive and helpful, and the accompanying forum with WIKI written by players can help you get the hang of things. Great game great community..so come have fun with us.

Post Date: 14:50 03-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: newcomer
Comment: Have nothing to do on the weekends and after school got low speed computer and looking for a simple online game then u found it. Then u should try Legend of the Golden PLume or LGP for short.This game has 5 Classes to choose from weather its Warrior, Swordsman,Taoist,Mage or Priest they all are easy to level,cause in the game theu many quest you can choose from like the bounty which give you hundred of k's of exp or the scroll quest weather its a normal,gold or bluesky training scroll u get massive exp by killing the monster to get exp.

And if your nt sure wht stat to put to your character u can just check out LGP reference which tell you what stat and all u need to know about LGP.THen there the Mall in which you use bullion and gold to buy which 100gold is equal to 1 bullion in the mall u can get scrool,gems and costume adn other precious item.THen there marriage which is easy party adn train together to get friendship point up and htne buy th emarriage pakkage and get marry.

Then finaly there the composing of equips which u can also name it yourself like using cool name e.g. (bloody sword or icy blade) and there then forging gem which gem are dropp by any monster at a good drop rate where you can get +1 or even to +10.

Post Date: 07:47 03-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Ryee
Comment: Legend of Golden Plume, where your pet is not only your friend but your protector as well...they fight at your side till the death!

LGP has a unique skill/level system...once you reach level 10 you will no longer auto level up. You will have to manually use your stored experence to gain levels or get and upgrade your skills.

The quest system is far better than most games in that you gain good experence when they are completed. There are always new quests to get from your skill mentors and other NPCs.

Being part of a group is a plus as well. LGP is a refreshing change from other run of the mill games. Come and join us and become a Hero too!

Post Date: 16:09 02-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Kimano
Comment: Do you ever play game for a purpose? Unlike other game where grinding is the only thing you can do in game for war ,for the people you like and etc. In LGP online, the game focus grinding for skills and level. Having a balance of level and skill would earn you the ability to survive harder maps. You are not alone in LGP , relationship system earned you a well deserved partner or even get a master to tag on the benefits of grinding up strong. You will make lots of friend and this interaction feature greatly enchance the gameplay in game. Mysterious Scroll reward of completing 100 training scrolls give u a word of congratulation whereby the system will annouce to the world of your hardwork been paid off. Mysterious lucky stars will also give you random surprises when you find them during the training. Whatmore the pets is an added advantages where u can use them to assist or defend in your battle which pet this game even unique. So you have to do is to join us in this very special journey to be a Great Young Plume Hero.

Post Date: 15:38 02-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: janjanchan
Comment: Legend of the golden plume

LGP is a really cute-anime like MMORPG.First of all, being a NEWBIE is not hard at all and the SYSTEM is very helpful while you get around getting to know how to play the game.You can choose CLASSES (MAGE, TAOIST, SWORDSMAN, WARRIOR & HEALER).It levels fast and easy.You dont have to click a lot while running around because tracking mode is there to help you.Once you get your first pet its pretty fun and cool to see a cute animal following you, bounching around and you are tempted to CAPTURE a much better pet! A BABE! A babe is a level 0 pet that you can arrange the statistics yourself.Born with a much more stronger statistics.You can only store up to 4 pets in your pet inventory but you can make more pet space in the future using an item from the shopping mall.When you hit level 10, you can talk to your CLASS MENTOR and ask for class quests.Its fun and easy so you`ll never get bored and you`ll never RUN OUT of quests!While doing quests , it gives you the oppurtunity to meet new players and team with them to help out each other and get more experiences.Once you level to level 15 you can finally use a TRAINING SCROLL (level 15-UP),it helps you with your training and level up and one of the easiest way to get EXPERIENCE!And if you are scared of losing experience when a monster kills you, you only need to pay SILVERS (game currency dropped by monsters)and you can choose to revive on the spot you died without losing experience or item durability.Convenient huh? xD.Once you level up higher you can participate in the DAILY EVENTS like BUNHILL EVENT( you turn into a bunhead xD rofl), CHICKEN RUN (ruuun like theres no tomorrow roflmao xD) you also turn into a rolling chick so cool =p.and much much more!!!PLAY & EXPERIENCE THE FUN YOURSELF!!! =)

Post Date: 11:19 02-09-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Noble
Comment: Do you need a game with low computer specs? Then Legend of Golden Plume(LGP) is the perfect game for you! Altho this game is not as visually stunning as other games with this 2D/3D camera angle, it is actually pretty good overall. The biggest flaw with the visuals is that the skills are not as stunning as you would like to see. However keeping in mind, this game does have low graphic specs so if there was a vamp in skill visuals. It would only increase specs aswell.

LGP is very much a community based game. One of the most i have ever seen. This game forces you to get a full party(5 ppl is a full party) to bring the maximum amount of exp. There are alternate ways to gain exp which is unique to see in a game. You can go to a grocery store and pick up a few scrolls. Scrolls when used, provide a quest in which you kill a required amount of mobs that are around your lv, to gain a big chunk of exp once completed. These quests go extreamly fast once in a party of 5 ppl all killing mobs. Hence the reason why its better to be in a party. Or pherhaps you need some extra money in your pocket. There are escort quests you can do which once completed you recieve cash. If you wish to be involved in a smaller community whithin the game then perhaps you should join a tribe(guild). Or if you think you have what it takes, how about you create a guild. Altho you will need to reach a certain lv requirement, be prepaired to shell out some silver, and destroy a Boss(Great Joss) to recieve a courage badge to prove your worthyness to be a leader of a tribe.

There are a tottal of 5 classes to choose from in LGP. Warrior, Swordsmen, Priest, Mage, and a unique class Taoist. Taoist is a class which uses the pet system in this game to the fullest, as he can buff up his pets to help kill in PvE or even PvP. Pets in this game are not a necessaty to have, however can make ur life a little bit easier when soloing. It is quite easy to capture a pet in this game aswell. Simply purchase a fairy rope and go find a mob that is equal to your lv or less and use the fairy rope on it to caputure your new companion.

Overall this game a lot of differnt aspects to the game and is starting on a path to become a great game. Come check it out and experience it for yourself :)

Post Date: 10:51 02-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: weeman11
Comment: LGP is one of the best multiplayer online game which base on team work.It is a well distributed game of both leveling skill and leveling yourself and your pet.This game is easy to lvl wide vrieties of pet, skill and quest which help us level quick.

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