Lord of the Rings Online

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The first MMORPG set in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of The Rings universe.

Total Rating: 8.06
Reviews: 87

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Post Date: 16:50 25-06-2010
Rating: 9
Author: maurus
Comment: Slythez 0...Why? bad review dude
Lotro has got one of the best storyline gameplay is very good so rating 0 is very stupid

Post Date: 20:37 09-06-2010
Rating: 10
Author: blackmecha
Comment: Very good game for PVE players,you dont have to worrie about pvp players killing you,unlike in WoW and aion were every where you go u get killed.If your looking for a game that has fun quests good crafting system,Nice weapons that lvl up with you and alot of boss fights that requir a little talent.Then this game is for you,Soon to be free to play and vip and vet's accounts are there so i give this game a 10/10

Post Date: 19:29 24-03-2010
Rating: 0
Author: Slythez
Comment: Ran into too many issues really

Post Date: 03:02 12-12-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Exilm
Comment: I downloaded the trial of Lord of the Rings Online, and, after a few hours, was ready to fire it up. I'm running Windows 7, and I encountered no technical problems at all. So, after selecting my server, and loading the actual client, I was faced with a character creation screen.

Character creation was pretty average, on par with almost every other MMO on the market. I do like the Hobbit and Dwarf models, but I found the human and Elf ones pretty standard. I don't really have anything else to say about this part of the game. About the same as WoW, and pretty much all other MMO's, but nowhere near as good as Aion's. 6/10

The classes were pretty good, and they seemed very balanced from what I played. I was glad to see that there were none of the standard classes, like warriors, mages, priests etc. etc. The first class I tried out was Warden, as they sounded like Paladins, and that's my favorite class. I liked the feel of the character from the start, and I was at home with familiar spells and abilities. The next class I tried was a Captain. That was pretty good as well. Overall, they all seemed fairly easy to level with, and they were a refreshing break from the standard classes. 9/10

The graphics were good. I won't rave about them like some others do, but they were better than most MMO's. I usually prefer darker graphics, such as the graphics Warhammer Online had, but these fit Middle-Earth very well, and there's nothing to complain about. 9/10

The soundtrack for LOTRO was good. Some of the pieces, such as Tom Bombadil's, were amazing. Some, however, weren't as great. I suppose the same is true for everything, but I would have loved for every song to be as good as the aforementioned song. It may just be that I'm used to hearing Concerning Hobbits every time I see the shire, Edoras every time I see Rohan, and The Siege of Gondor every time a big battle occures, but it wasn't stunning. Still though, it was a worthy addition to the game, and I'm very pleased with what they came up with. 9/10

One of the things I was most pleased about was the immense amount of solo content in the game. I'm really a solo player, both in real life and in games. I group when I get to the highest level and need to raid, or if I'm doing PvP, but usually I'm alone when I play, unless I'm having a LAN party. Most of the quests in LOTRO are easily solo-able, and I barely needed to group at all. 10/10

Speaking of groups, the community LOTRO is great. Most players seemed mature, and most of them were willing to help me learn the ropes of the game. When I had to group, I actually didn't mind doing so. Usually when I'm playing WoW or a game like that, I have to literally explain to each member of my group how to play the role they're filling. I didn't have to do that once in Lord of the Rings Online. 9/10

When I started the game, I really didn't like the UI. After a few hours, I still didn't like it, but I could tolerate it. The elements looked very unfinished, and not very well thought out. Seeing as you spend a lot of time looking at the UI, I think it should be one of the most polished parts of the game. I do, however, like having the ability to modify it, and I'm running a custom UI right now. 6/10

The storyline. Now, I'm not really a role-player when it comes to video games, but I do love it if a game has a great storyline, and it really completes a game for me (Plus, it inspires my writing and drawing!). The storyline in LOTRO is fantastic. I understand that this is the main attraction of the game for many people, and boy, did Turbine deliver. I actually started reading the quest text, and paying attention to what NPC's said. The best thing was that it didn't change anything about the Lord of the Rings world, or contradict things that Tolkien wrote, but rather it added to it. Granted, the writing isn't as good as J.R.R. Tolkien's, but it's still pretty damn good. As an avid reader of Tolkien books, this was very important to me. 10/10

The PvP in the game was good. I must admit that I was skeptical about it when I first read about Monster Play, but Turbine really pulled it off. I'm writing this paragraph last, so I'm fairly exhausted and can't really spare myself the time to explain Monster Play, but basically it's where you create a high level monster character and battle other players in a different world. I wish PvP had been completely integrated into the game, but as that's not what the game is about, this is a good alternative. PvP is one of the most important elements of a game to me, but seeing as how good the rest of LOTRO is, I was fine with Monster Play. 8/10

The maps in LOTRO were also very good, so much so that I thought they deserved their own little paragraph. In many new MMO's, the maps get neglected. I believe this is a mistake. Blizzard did a good job with the WoW maps, and Mythic did a fair job with the Warhammer Online maps, but in most MMO's, the maps are treated simply as a way of seeing where things are. I disagree with this. Maps should illustrate the world around the character, and I feel they help give a new level of depth to the world. Tolkien's maps are better, but Turbine's one's aren't bad. They could do with a little more decoration, but overall, they're great. 9.5/10
As you can see from the generally high scores I gave it, Lord of the Rings Online is a great buy. For anyone who loves the Lord of the Rings books, and even the movies, this is a must-try. For anyone else, casual gamers, hardcore gamers and especially role-players, I'd give it a try. Overall, LOTRO is an amazing MMO and it's definitely a close contender to the no. 1 spot. If Turbine fix the UI, add more character customization (play Aion, and copy their system), and integrate PvP into the entire world, I'd definitely consider it the best MMO out.

Total Score:

Post Date: 18:40 19-10-2009
Rating: 0
Author: setTheory
Comment: Can't give it a rating because it simply does not work. After spending 2 days downloading the client I came across the dreaded error[201] when trying to launch the game. After spending 4 hours trawling forums for various fixes I eventualy gave up. I tried changing security permissions, access rights, turning off UAC, reinstalling .Net framework EVERYTHING and NOTHING worked. 15 years of installing and playing pc games and a degree in computer science simply was not enough it seems to get it working. If you can't develop a game for windows vista then don't claim that it's vista compatible! Just google lotro error 201 if you think I'm being over-dramatic - see the pain of others. Don't for heavan's sake buy it if your on vista, it'll waste your time.

Post Date: 19:48 09-10-2009
Rating: 9
Author: socialstatus
Comment: Lord of the rings, is one of the games that you have to kinda of get into, im not going to lie the graphics are below par for the time, but than again the gameplay is spectatular. Honestly this is one of those game where you have to go to the graphics thing and turn the knob all the way up cause lets face it the default settings for this game's graphics are outdated but the "ultra settings" can make this game seem life like and as kilico said "the ambiance sucks you in" that statement couldn't be anymore true. To buy the first month of gameplay is only 10 bucks and I would really advise you to invest in it cause, its not anything like wow, it is its own animal because i LOVE questing in this game unlike in wow where i just kinda of did it for the exp, I do the quests for storyline. This game is not mindless and before you shoot it down play it for free for a day, and just see what happens.

Post Date: 18:37 30-09-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Kilico
Comment: I'm on my second month of playing LOTRO... and I really love it. Didn't expect to. First 30 minutes I was really in the "oookay another messy wow clone" mood. Graphics seemed so-so, animations a bit silly and uncut.

But then I got out of starting zone, and everything changed. First of all, it is Tolkien's world, so it has a deep logic and a realism of its own. Unlike that other game where you soon realize they keep changing the story just to put new "cool" things for kids in. Plus, LOTRO is so well written, I actually read most of the quest stories: they are great, and involving. There is a good balance of solo and group quests, and it is easy to find people to do the group ones.

Graphics are a lot better than most other games. They depict a beautiful world, realistic, not cartoonish at all. Ambiance sucks you in... like a guildmate said, "wandering Old Forest at night is the first time I feel scared in a MMO"

Professions are more logical, and fun, than in wow. Until now (lvl 30) items made by players are superior to world ones, drop or quest reward. And in general, items look great. Far better than in... well you know where.

The classes are incredibly well balanced. It is fairly easy to lvl with any of them. They are original, and fun. No typical wizards and priests here. Let me give you a run of them:
Champion: melee DPS, heavy armor, secondary tank, powerfull skills depend on rage building, specialy good in AOE.
Guardian: Tank, heavy armor, powerfull damage skills depend on reactions (blocking / evading), can solo pretty well.
Warden: Tank, medium armor, builds a diverse collection of Gambits (combos), capable of healing himself and doing good dps.
Burglar: Stealthed dps, but also great debuffer, and starter of Fellowship Maneuvers (group combos)
Hunter: more typical ranged dps with some cool aditions
Lore-master: Crowd controller, secondary healer, pet master, debuffer. Cloth class.
Captain: Heavy armored melee, jack-of-all-trades, buffer.
Minstrel: You heal and do damage... by making music! Main healer, very good solo, buffer. Medium armor.
Rune keeper: Ranged magic dps (awesome dps) and secondary healer. As you attack more, your attacks get more powerful, but you lose ability to heal, and vice-versa. The damage-healing meter drops fast when out of combat, allowing you a change of strategy. Cloth class. My main is a RK.

One more thing: very few kiddos. Overall, population seems more mature, without the hypnotizing stupidity of some game's chat, nor the drama. My guild is full of 25+ years old people.

And... oh well. It is not pvp oriented. Only ways to pvp, are duel or monster play. In monster play, you create a lvl 60 evil character and go battle lvl 40+ players in one world zone called The Ettenmoors.

What more can I say? I'm having lots of fun with LOTRO, and feeling in love with a game for the 1st time in years. This is a quality game, not fast food for the brain.

But then again, it all depends on tastes.

Post Date: 20:31 15-09-2009
Rating: 8
Author: aramond
Comment: First off, let me say that if you only spend 15 minutes playing anything, you're in no position to say squat about it. And doing so just makes you look silly and childish.

As far as MMORPGs go, this one is right up there with the best of them. It has modern graphics, a decent combat system, a fairly good crafting system, auction house, player and guild housing, a massive world that gets bigger with every expansion, and more quests than you can hope to complete on any one character. It will keep you occupied for a long time.

It's not perfect by any means, no game is, but compared to any other MMO offering on the market currently, including the almighty WoW, it's very good. I'd rate it in the top 3.

Post Date: 00:32 10-09-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Fairrater
Comment: This game is fantastic. There is more things to do in this game then i have seen any other mmorpg i've ever played (i've played over 50 mmorpgs). They keep adding new things to this game so you will never be bored. I have never read the books but when i played this game for the first time i fell in love with it. I recommend this game to anybody that loves to play mmorpgs.

Post Date: 11:02 22-07-2009
Rating: 0
Author: flodis
Comment: I don't now if there are alot of kidz reviewing or Turbine are making fake posts...

Anyway it is a horrible WoW copy, played for 15 mins, got bored and erased it.

Post Date: 13:31 19-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: kingroan
Comment: I have to say I love this game. Only 2 years old and for me is on a par or in front of other games I have played (WOW, Final fantasy and EVE) and they have been around forever. It can take on the solo gamer, small team gamer or even the big raid groups and I can promise the future will be a lot bigger as this game is still a baby compared to others but is punching way above its weight. I have been playing bits to find my best game and all others are now binned as there is no come back from LOTRO for me.

Post Date: 08:01 08-07-2009
Rating: 3
Author: iADDiBeforeWORDS
Comment: Honestly, I just don't know what to say.
From the little I've played, it really isn't that good.
It never dragged me in, I was sitting there talking to myself.
"What the heck is this, five sixteen slot bags at the start?"
The graphics where Okay, but for the most part it felt dumb, not even worthy of the WoW-copy title.
Overall, it's pretty much a game for people who are fans of LotR.
If you really wanna try it, go ahead, but if you don't know much about LotR or don't really care for it, you won't hate it you'll just say:

"What the heck is this?"

Post Date: 06:56 03-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: SmellySpy
Comment: When I first saw LotRO on the counters at my local GameStop I treated it like i would a penny on the ground, sure its money, but not enough for me to care (translation: Sure its an MMO, but I have WoW.)

After a while I got tired of WoW (I am a big fan of all blizzards games too, hell, I still host wc3 games on BNet, and D3 is gonna blow us away!) because it just didnt grab me.

So I went on a quest for a new MMO, and went back to GameStop. I asked my Game Guru (Just some dude at GameStop who knows a lot about all the new games) if he had any recommendations for any good MMO's? Of course the first thing he said was WoW, then LotRO, then Guild wars, yadda yadda (I had stopped listening)

Lord of the Rings...I have always been a huge fan (I own the first print of The Hobbit still!) so I bought it.

So far its has been great. Great graphics, but still nice if you have to tune it down a bit. Some character animations are sketchy, it could be my computer, or it could be done on purpose to make the game run faster, I dont know. I love the towns, its funny to watch some guy sharpen a sword or dip hot metal into a barrel of water, and I can safely say I have met a baggins!

I havent played very long however, so Ill re-review in a few weeks.

Post Date: 17:38 14-05-2009
Rating: 10
Author: clearshot126
Comment: ive played the american trial a bit but got alot of windows errors (im eu may explain it) and the EU version never worked from download, file corrupt, however thats my problem, the few hours i did get on a trail here was amasing, i just wish i could get the game to work

Post Date: 15:06 06-05-2009
Rating: 6
Author: zippedidooda
Comment: Haha I love this...
"Author: kazalor
Comment: Obviously, zippedidooda has never played this game"

I wrote a review for this game about 2 years ago now. As I recall I was one of the first to play it. I certainly gave enough detail to make it obvious I had played lotro before I ever reviewed it- in fact that was my whole argument, that people shouldn't review it in the first few days.
Anyway, I have used lotro again since that time. I used a different class etc etc, but I can't help but stand by my original argument.
Whilst Kazalor is correct about the positively astounding plethora of things to do at lvl 50 (can you say sarcasm?) he has completely missed the point I was making. Lotro does a fantastic job of playing it safe. The game brings nothign enw to the mmo genre. it doesn't contain a staggeringly original storyline, because it revolves around a world that already exists. It pretty much secured a fanbase before it even launched by associating itself with lord of the rings, and as such, it has completely failed to push any boundaries whatsoever.
That's fine for some people! Not everyone who uses an mmo want to see something completely different. Or, for instance if lotro is your first mmo, you're probably going to think it's pretty damn spunky!

Either way, that's the point I was trying (/failing) to make when I reviewed lotro a couple of years ago (take a look, if you want, it's just a few posts down). Whilst some people will adore lotro because of the middle earth-ness or the tolkien-ness, other will find the game very boring- a repeat of most other middle-line MMOs (which is at least part of the reason so many people compare it to WoW... ignoring the obvious interface similarities of course ;])

Post Date: 18:50 27-03-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Scythoro
Comment: Does a very good job not deviating from the original story line while still offering new experiences to those familiar with the story/genre.

Post Date: 09:06 24-01-2009
Rating: 6
Author: Mavrick2482
Comment: I played on a 2 week trial, Had a few problems with the download (Nearly 12 Hours) but was impressed with the gaphics when i did start playing (9/10). The char customization is very basic and wasn't brill cause although they look good only the face hair and eyes can be changed (5/10). The quests are ok a bit of a pain to begin as you have no idea where to go and just run around for ages but I was lucky and met a vet who was willing to show me the ropes (7/10). Teaming is good although you tend to play alot of solo play to begin with (6/10). The one and only thing that really annoyed me was at the chosing of type of char it tells you wat is for begginers, Intermediot and advance, I got really bored with both begginer type withing 15mins of playing them (3/10). Overall it is a good game for those of you who like LOTR alot, I dont mind the films and havent read the books although I did enjoy the game i dont think i will be investing in the purchase of this game.

Post Date: 21:51 18-01-2009
Rating: 1
Author: Karahandras
Comment: found it little more than world of warcraft in middle earth, with better graphics, worse animations and almost no pvp
the only thing original i saw when i tried it was the monster play, everything else was just a straight out copy of other games
if you are looking to rp in middle earth, are a huge lord of the rings fan or are looking for a n MMO that doesn't challenge you in any way this is for you

Post Date: 00:48 08-01-2009
Rating: 9
Author: alistaly
Comment: Great game for all even for those who aren't a fan of Tolkein's books which to me were great. If you think that since you've never ever read one of the Lord of the Rings books that you won understand the game thats not true but it will help if you have to get more knowledge about the characters and the storyline which you can also learn from watching one of the movies so there is no reason to avoid playing for one of these reasons.

There are a heap of great features in this game like WoW and Guild Wars it has a great way for players to like the sounds they put while adding in instruments for players to play like the banjo and to create there own tune.

The graphics are one of the best things about the game which get people attracted to the game. The graphics to me are one of the best graphics which make the environmental part of the game look amazing.

The game can get a bit laggy at some points but which now Turbine has recovered well and rarely ever lags unless I'm multitasking it also will depend o the computer you might have which will help o have a high spec one.

The gameplay is great to which will vary from which lord of the rings online you buy. I just loved the quest and great matching storyline to the books with the gameplay especially in Mines of Moria which ll of the games do well to keep with the stories.

The character creation is great feature which most MMO's do alright with as you have seen with games like WoW and Guild Wars. There are 9 different classes 4 different races which all are very cool races which of one the elf was my favorite especially being a hunter with one.

All in the game is ownage and you'll never regret yes you might have to pay for it but its worth it as every minute by minute passes by keeping you busy and and having a great experience with the game.

Post Date: 17:05 07-01-2009
Rating: 7
Author: Yabzee
Comment: This game is at best described as good, not fantastic but plain old good. My main concern with this game is how it holds your hand constantly and feels more of a solo rpg, i dont play mmo's to be a lone wolf. The graphics in lotro are as good as your computer, when i played this i had my old crappy gfx card so the results were pretty poor, but not distracting. The gameplay is fair, combat is as fluent as WoW's as you feel more disconnected with regular pauses between your mouse click and character reaction. The community of lotro is something i didnt see muc hof, i didnt notice it at the time but there were not that many people at all playing, and no im not just on about the starting areas. However those i did meet were polite and respectful. I personaly only played lotro for s few days before i was wishing to go back to WoW, this may be different for you if your into the whole lord of the rings thingy. Overal this game consists mainly of solo quests and some poor attempts of to bring players together, monster play...i mean wtf, please someone bring out a mmo that incorporates battlegrounds which are half decent. The end game i did not see but an educated guess would be that it aint all that. Here's the deal, love lord of the rings? play it. Looking for an mmo to replace that wow crave, dont play. Good day. Yabzee

Post Date: 10:56 25-12-2008
Rating: 9
Author: komgred
Comment: Lord of the Rings Online is based upon the books and so the game contains a great story. Some even consider LOTRO to be WoW killer.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very standard to the MMO format. Camera angles can be switched between first person and third person options. The main storyline is set up as a series of books, which feature quests called chapters. The story is very enjoyable as your character is actually involved and recognised in them. Quests are very fun to do with friends and solo. Instances are well laid and well designed with good bosses. The first expansion, Mines of Moria, has already been released which contains a lot of content. Characters can obtain titles and traits by completing deeds. Deeds are earned in each area of the game, by killing a specific amount of monsters, using a certain ability a set number of times and many other ways. Titles add a new layer of customisation to the game by adding additional information to your name. Traits give characters different bonuses or abilities. Any trait combination can be equiped as long as they have enough trait slots which depends on their level. In the crafting side of the game, characters cannot choose a single profession, but they choose a vocation which is composed of three professions. Most vocations include a gathering profession and two crafting professions that complement each other. It is the best crafting system I have ever seen in any MMO. When characters reach level 5 they can learn to play musical insruments. The instrument can be played in real time on three octaves and abc notation, with the music being broadcast to nearby players. PvP is in the form of PvMP (Players vs Monster Player). Monster Play is unlocked when a character reaches level 10; players can then play a level 60 monster. PvMP is based in the Ettenmoors where players fight for the control of various keeps. PvMP is very well balanced and the classes are also well balanced. 10/10

Graphics: The graphics are very good looking. They make the environment stand out, which is what I usually say. Nothing else, it is just simply amazing. 9/10

Community: One of the best I have seen in any MMORPG. Most of them are all LOTR fans, very friendly and the game has a very warm welcoming atmosphere. 10/10

Difficulty: A bit hard to get started out in this game but you will get the hang of it after 30 mins. Quests are simple and soloable just the way I like it. 8/10

Overall: 9/10

Post Date: 13:32 21-12-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Fivealive
Comment: I played Lotro for about 6 months. During that time i pretty much didnt leave my house other than to work and appease my GF with some flowers or something of the sort.....we're no longer together!haha. Anyways, to put it short LoTRo is an amazing game. Questing and gameplay is very similar to WoW but a lot more involved.....it follows the Tolkien storyline pretty nicely if you loved the books, or even the movies (lame!) then i highly reccomend this game. It's so well pollished. I eventually got a little tired of it but dont let that hold you back i could only play WoW for about 6 months before i wanted to puke on my keyboard but apparently some people dedicate years of their lives to that title. Do yourself a favour pick this one up the graphics scale up pretty high, i just got 4gb Ram and gtx 280 1gb video card and it looks SAWEEET

Post Date: 21:21 05-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: ultimategia
Comment: Very good game.

Graphics are one of the best out of every mmorpg.
Crafting is excellent much better then wow or any other game
Gameplay is pretty good quick and not much lag(for me)
this is only from the demo so dont get angry at me but it is still a vey good game

Post Date: 14:45 22-11-2008
Rating: 10
Author: donfrantzen
Comment: Great game love it

Post Date: 16:51 23-08-2008
Rating: 9
Author: davidrizzo
Comment: Great game and nice graphics. Lotro and wow are my favs. I alternate between both - as the both have fun game play that keeps me coming back to them.

Post Date: 06:13 23-08-2008
Rating: 8
Author: clickmehere
Comment: Im back for a second review of this game and I have to say the game has is getting worese but its alot better then WoW and has more things to do. Graphics are way better then WoW i wish they werent due to alot of lagg and stuff but i could live with that. The game is amazing. I only wish the monthly prices would go down. If u ask do the 3 month deal its the best one. If you are poor do the $100 deal its the best one if u ask me.

Post Date: 21:42 21-07-2008
Rating: 9
Author: clickmehere
Comment: Graphics look amazing I here the gameplay is pretty good. Im going to download the trial soon. World of Warcraft sucks. WoW has too cartoony graphics and its boring. Im pretty sure Ill like this game.

Post Date: 04:16 15-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: xcriminal013
Comment: Personally, every1 saying wow is better than this is stuck up idiots who cant let go of all the time they've wasted on wow to make themselves feel better about themselves. Very sad, because LOTRO is the new wow my friends, get used to it :D!

Post Date: 02:12 10-07-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Xenosaiyan
Comment: Great game, the graphics are dreamy, lush, very beautiful, makes me feel like I've escaped the real world and entered into a dream land, with beautiful quests, and interesting combat. If you buy this game, you'll never play another because the PvP is a bit bad, but the PvE you'll never get bored.

Post Date: 18:14 26-06-2008
Rating: 9
Author: preston244
Comment: i would play this game
but i just convincde my freind to play WoW

Post Date: 02:38 01-06-2008
Rating: 7
Author: opresser
Comment: Well to keep it straight this game is definatley deserving some credit.. However this is not a Title that is going to bust some balls.

I've got to say my first impression of the graphics was ...mhmm. Yes I have seen graphics similar to this before.. Guild wars and lineage 2 operate on the same platform however I did see some signifigant pixel cuts (choppyness) throughout the character models. Even on its highest settings.

I really havent explored the community as distinct as I should have to review it but the game just doesnt 'do' it for me. So I'll leave the community out of the review completely.

Graphics 72.4355%
Sound 66.5656%
Innovation 70%
Customer service 70%
Idea 81.5454%

Overall 74.454% - Would I reccomend this game? Possibly.. there are games that will flatten it in the near future and it would probably be wise to just wait for them.. however for a hardcore LoTR fan - Go for it.

Post Date: 20:13 30-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: muhaimenr
Comment: Toally awesome game. As soon as I get bored of WoW im on to this one. Totally awesome, amazing storyline, graphics coudnt be better.(The real reason im not playing this very instant is becase i need to upgrade my computer.) See you in Middle Earth!

Post Date: 21:27 23-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: sillygoose223
Comment: i"ve playing for like one month and im almost 50 ALREADY I LOVE THIS GAME... wen peole say its just a copy from WoW, well its not its PvP system is AMAZING the graphics are insane, and it just beets WoW at everything. It only takes 35 levels for a mount and is easy to get the four gold with friends or a kinship in order to get the money for your mount. The quests are more fun than WoW"s and the Dungeons are also insane, also the classesin racess are fun too, i have a dwarf guardian he is 47, you can buy a house or your kinship house (if your kinship bought one) is very big. But the best part and every1 probably agees with me on this, the PvP system. After a little while Monster where able to startfight the free people of middle earth, the monsters are orcs spider uruk, ect. But the mosters start ut at lvl 50 so when the freeps started reaching 47 it was the best thing apparently What you can do is, you can form or get invited into a raid, you can use your mic to talk there are four main fortresses Like thirath raw or lumber camp, or Isen Deep, and lugazad. But the MOST important and the best fortress to controll is defenidly Tol Asciarian weel its spelled something like that also known at TA what you do is you need to get into the fortress fight you way through to the tyrant, but if ur playin as a monster you need to fight your way through up to the Hero, but there is usaually the opponent in or near the forts , the free people and the monsters. but there are guards in the fortresses, they are computers. but once the tyrant or hero is dead the team who was attacking the base will gain controll and there guards and there hero, or tyrant, will spawn in the base and the side your fighting will have to run or die. One last thing you should know. Instead of having the elite then boss system its alot different. if your playing as a monster the powerefulness of your gaurds will go like this, Signature, Elite, Master Elite, Nemissis, and Arch Nemisses (Arch Nemmises is what the tyrants are. But if your a free people it goes like this Signature, Defender, Master Defender, Avenger, and Hero (Heros are the people that the mosnters need to kill to controll the fortress there attacking.) SO GO NOW AND BUY THE GAME ITS the same price as WoW, But the monthly fee is only 10$ whil WoW"s is 30 or 20$ so GO NOW SOON THIS WILL BE THE DOMINANT MMORPG TRUST ME IVE NEVER PLAYED ANYTHING AS GOOD AS THIS!

Post Date: 12:51 17-05-2008
Rating: 9
Author: zzX MMORPG Xzz
Comment: Graphics 9-10
World 10-10
Pvp 6-10
Quests 10-10
Community 9-10

I miss the pvp otherwise its Great!

Post Date: 10:18 15-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: drnelotrofan
Comment: What can i say...WoW is...i dont know..bad grapchic..basicly wow sucks.
But Lotro i ve been playing 4 a month and i can
say it is the best game ever played.
Good grapchics but a little lagging in towns or
outpost where are lots players.
Got 21 lvl guardian (Maharat)...

Post Date: 02:00 14-04-2008
Rating: 10
Author: jofuzle
Comment: This is the best game ever made. The community is great and just the game in its self is good. They do need to improve but thats why i quit great game but i need to work on school i can't wait til i get back!!!!

Post Date: 15:37 16-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: elletts
Comment: LotRO has to be the best MMORPG there is by a county mile!

Nothing even comes close imo.

Post Date: 22:17 25-02-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Utos0
Comment: What Lotro Is Good At:
Interaction with Environment
Environmental Graphics
Sound Quality
Character Creation
Storage Room
If you like everything here, buy LOTRO!

Post Date: 00:50 22-02-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Solint
Comment: I tried the game demo, since I was currently playing WoW at the time, and I absolutly loved it. I haven't actually renewed by subscription, but the gameplay was pretty similar to WoW, and the storyline is interesting because it follows the same general story as the LoTR movies. I give it a 9 because I never got into the later levels and I can't give a full opinion of the game until I have at least tried it a bit more.

Post Date: 03:59 24-01-2008
Rating: 7
Author: GuersomR123
Comment: I give this game an 8 not because its a bad game but its just very pleasant to play. Feeling is good and graphics are also very impressive. Though Ive only played the trail it is enough for me to say this game isnt as bad as anyone thinks it is. Paying for me if off becuase my soul it with WoW =P. But either way I strongly suggest anyone playing this game have fun, Its not that bad anyways though WoW still owns =D

Post Date: 23:44 18-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: spudpuffin
Comment: i give this game infinate tens because it just plain
disurves it

Post Date: 23:03 13-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: spudpuffin
Comment: man this game rules!
In responce to someone else in the forum I do have a
70 in WOW and this game kicks its ass in EVERY
the only downside I can think of is that you have to
have a mideum to high rate computer to truely appreciate it.

Post Date: 05:23 16-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: mahoogleman
Comment: all u haters who keep sayin "oh wow is totally leeter than this bulls**t, its way funner this game blows" how can u say that? the only difference in the hame is this, LOTRO has better graphics all around, better better story and loads funner stuff to do. the crafting is fun, combat is good not too fast you cant keep up with it, the quests are fun seeing as how you meet people you already know and love, especially the hobbit quest with the Ringwraith in it. I love how the important things in the story instances the screen gets all cinematic and the HUD goes away. It's far better than wow in all story/quest related aspects. graphics too. gameplay is similar although i like the fact that in LOTRO its not, run through instance lvl 5 lvls wield that dagger for 1 level then sell it buy a new one. the normal mobs drop halfway decent gear in LOTRO which is good for the starting players. All around, i say its better then WoW. solid 10.

Post Date: 05:31 09-12-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Xirus5
Comment: 5 min after my last comment i downloaded LOTRO free trial and played it for 7 hour straight + some hours the day after to get a feel of it.. what i like about it: best non "WoW" MMORPG tested so far, good world and char grapics,good char making system, music above "ok",feeling you are a bit part of the story as you bump into known persons (im sure there are more to this game then what i have seen with the free trial) =) what i did not like about it: to few classes,not being able to play evil,you dont have the freedom to run out into the world at lev 1 even tho im sure its not smart but its about the freedom feeling.. battels are slow and tend to get really boring and the "magic" over the game i lost kinda quick.. some small other stuff to that i did not like but i will not go further into detail.. this game can improve alot but its not bad and many firsttime MMORPG players who got a love for LOTR would love it.. but in the end i found WoW still to be nr1 for many reasons.. i dont know if its the cartoonish grapics in WoW that makes the gameworld more "magic" but something just capture me more and make me wanne play it more.. i know many people think its wrong of me to compare these 2 games but i dont care, im abit hardcore player and when i get bored of wow i wanne know what game i can choose that gives me the feeling "this is just as good if not better" i give it a 8 for being very close to and maybe with some improvement better then WoW someday.. sorry for my long review..

Post Date: 06:59 07-12-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Xirus5
Comment: played WOW for about 1 and a half year and reached lev 70 for the 2th time pala/lock.. no big fan of raiding.. maybe it was the way the guild raided or something.. anyway i got bored.. tested eve,runescape,camelot, and some others people said was good.. but i found them not to compare to WoW.. i have been without WoW for 5 months now and kinda miss it.. but i would not start again before the EXP-pack comes.. LOTRO made me come to crossroad.. will it be LOTRO or WoW when exp-pack comes out i wonder... so my Q is this: does anyone here have a high level (70) in WoW (or had) and would rather pick LOTRO over WoW??? i would really like to know.. cause simply choosing LOTRO over WoW because they loved the movie and like the story better is not good enough for me..

Post Date: 04:06 08-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: kazalor
Comment: Obviously, zippedidooda has never played this game because there is plenty to do, even at level 50. Let me just name the things, well first off you can do PvP, you can help others, you can do raids ( Helegrod/Rift) or you can craft. Yes, this game can get a tad boring, but not enough to let you quit. And you wont be satisfied with WoW either so dont even try it bub. Currently I run a kinship on Brandywine, and my name is the same as my author name on this.

May there be a light in all dark places, where all other lights go out- Lady Galadriel, Fellowship Of The Ring

Post Date: 17:52 04-11-2007
Rating: 7
Author: zippedidooda
Comment: It's tricky.

I've played this game for about 2 months now, and I'm preparing to leave it tbh. At first, I wasn't too impressed, because the intro was very dull. To be fair, it was misleadingly so. The gameplay is very good; the music/sounds are one of the ebst htings about the game. You can buy intruments and actually play them in-game. I'm actually going to switch to WOW which I've never played before. I'm just bored really

I understand why people really like this game, I do honestly, but I think perhaps they need to leave more time before they review.

I think this game relies far too much on the fact that it's LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE OMG!! AS IN YOU CAN GO IN THE SHIRE!! Yeah, that's great for a while, but the novelty wears off! Of course it does, that's what novelty does afterall. Once it has though, you're left with something that isn't very gripping. Once you asccept that you're in middle earth, you find there isn't a huge amount to do. You quest, you hunt, you do instances... you hunt... you quest. I know that you ight think it's all you do in other games as well, but there's something different about this game. It can be a bit of a grind, but you upt up with it because you know once you reach level 30 you'll be able to make it through the spiders and into rivendell yay... So what about when you're not that interested in exploring Middle earth anymore?

What you're left with is a skeleton of a game. There's simply not enough to it. It's very gripping and impresive for a while once you finish the intro, but after that it's just plain boring in my opinion.

p.s. the customer support for this game is the one MAJOR thing that lets it down. It doesn't run well with vista (though they might have fixed that now), and the support is just horrific really.

Post Date: 18:37 03-11-2007
Rating: 9
Author: xcriminal013
Comment: There isnt much to say about this game, its a better version of wow. Better graphics, better quests, better gameplay, better Sound/Music, WAY better crafting system, better EVERYTHING. One thing to say, bored of wow? try something better than the number one game itself, LOTRO! (I had to stop playing this cus icouldnt afford, but dont let that stop you!)Also, I rated this a 9/10 only because turbine copied wow, but in fact it was good that they did that! lol =D

Post Date: 17:40 01-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: mad_indian
Comment: Alot of fun, Alot of solo quests and multiplayer quests. Community is packed and friendly.

Post Date: 04:45 24-09-2007
Rating: 5
Author: excalibar
Comment: The game really is't for me, but it's much more indepth than World of Warcraft.

Much like World of Warcraft, its PvP system is horrid, but it's an improvement in various ways. A must for all LOTR fans, and a very user friendly MMO experience to all.

Note: Any else seem to realize that all great MMORPGs fail terribly when it comes to PvP?

Post Date: 17:11 13-09-2007
Rating: 9
Author: jackin9
Comment: GREAT GAME!!

This game is cool, i bought it when it came out and i love it,

Gameplay: 10-10
wonderfull, i love the part that you can make your own skills. the world is also great, just like i expected!

Graphics: 9-10
Great stuff, but you need a good computer to run this game.

Sound: 9-10
I totally love the music

Post Date: 02:08 10-09-2007
Rating: 10
Author: pedro4prez6
Comment: An incredible game taken from the books context, the only problem I have with it is that you aren"t able to play Evil characters such as Uruks, orcs, goblins, easterlings, haradrim, etc. (as a main character in the world and its entirety). However aside from that this Game has beaten every other game in the other aspects it holds. It offers incredible flexibility with graphics which are the best I have ever seen. Even playing in the beta I realized how hard this was going to hit, and when it hit, it hit. WoW has lost so many players they are becoming desperate, coming out with "the wrath of the Lich king" haha does that sound familiar to anything from this game? aside from those comments LOTRO has mounts, extreme crafting and gathering, questing, fast travel, seamless/instanced technology, an enormous PvP Battle area, and even offers an evil side in which a pre-leveled avatar may be chosen to fight against the free peoples in order to gain better skills and items. Rank/prestige in the games PvP honor system. ranking allows you to obtain more items and the like, and prestige displays the skill you have shown by winning certain amounts of battles and the less you are defeated the higher your prestige is for victory (you can"t grind for this). What more could you want? read the books if you haven"t and see how much it really plays true to it, It"s amazing and I doubt any other game will take on this one for game of the year!

Post Date: 03:35 07-09-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Fatalis67
Comment: This game is truly fun, good graphics, fun quests, and locations that are accurate to the films and books. There are actually quite a few things that are very similar to WoW; the crafting system, currency system, etc. And that isn't a bad thing! It combines tried and true aspects of a successful game with fresh new ideas that encourage more Role-Playing than most MMOs out there.
But like all MMOs, it has it's bad sides. The graphics, for an unknown reason, will not run on my PC when I have them set so they appear to be on-par with Guild Wars, which runs perfectly on my PC. Because of this, players with lower-end PCs will be forced to use low graphics settings. Also, Turbine must not like humans very much, they make all of the lower level Human pants into leather tights with a strange pattern stiched to the crotchal area. Believe it or not, some of us don't want our character to look like an idiot until level 15.
But in the end, the game is a fun, rewarding experience that most MMO fans can enjoy. The monthly fee could be lower though.

Post Date: 09:33 04-09-2007
Rating: 9
Author: D0J0
Comment: As I walked through the Shire as a lvl 11 human, it dawned on me that I was walking on the exact same street that Gandalf came down in his horse cart in the first film when fireworks blasted out making the children laugh and smile. That is how I felt. The game takes the graphic details from the films and adds it to the detailed description from Tolkein himself. The best MMORPG I have played so far, considering I have played 6 previously =D. My score of 9 will become a 10 when the rest of the world is revealed!!!

Post Date: 14:36 24-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: kazalor
Comment: My god this game just gets better and better, I just got my epic Halberd off the Castellan's Chest in BG ( barad Gularan) and I also am level 50. With the new big patch and the future expansions, we fellow Free peoples can defeat the evil Alliance and Horde together if we use our wits and strength. WOW MUST FALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Post Date: 01:00 21-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: theblackkid123
Comment: This game still has a while to go and it's getting better. :P

Post Date: 00:08 11-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: D4nTheM4n
Comment: Id say this game is really fun to play when you have some free time on your hands. This game is a lot funner then WOW.

Post Date: 01:29 01-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: xcriminal013
Comment: This game is the best game out yet... I fell in love with it! I had a small little hobbit guardian (the tank class in LOTRO) and he was the coolest little dude ever. Dont listen to the people who said it sucks, try it! The game rocks! I used to play WoW, but it got repetitive and BOOOOOORING in the end. LORTO is diffrent quest wise... WoW and its quest made me sigh and say sarcasticaly "Another quest where i go and gather something..." or "Oh boy, another quest where i go and kill this many monsters.... Whoopee..." LOTRO quest were exciting and unique. I do admit, their are some similarities to WoW in the game, but it is very good and makes up for that with awesome graphics, quests, and a SUPERB crafting system. The crafting system is so AWESOME! MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better than WoWs... In LOTRO, you can craft your own BOW or even your own STAFF!!!!! Remind you WoW players of how stupid it was you couldnt make your own staff or bow in WoW? Yes, the WoW crafting system is good, but not better than LOTRO... It is a game that i believe will go farther than WoW. The only downsides to the game is that the graphics are SO good that it was a little laggy unless you put it on low graphics, and the combat system was a little like WoW, but it is a much better game than WoW, I give it a 10 and you should definetly try it out!

Post Date: 20:36 03-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: jockybroon
Comment: Not a major fan of MMORPG, however, tried WoW 2 years back and although I was really impressed with my initial impressions (1st day of play). 2nd day I had game.... 4 hour update..... game would not boot again..... online support absolutely ignorant and completely missed the point of being support..... reboxed the game..... threw it in the bin.

Lord of the Rings online. I'm a massive fan of the books and loved the movies. Hesitated buying this game but have had no regrets. Absolutely brilliant and immersed in Middle Earth. Seems to be alot of people comparing to WoW - not too fussed if it is better or worse as I think this game was worth every penny. I didn't expect to be hooked on an MMORPG but it is pretty addictive once you get started. Top marks from myself. Running up an ever growing electricity bill but not to worry, can always get wasted in the Green Dragon.

Post Date: 05:22 30-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Big Mo
Comment: Tried for two months. The game is great but did not run well on my system. It got on my nerves watching my dwarf start and stop constantly when he was just suppossed to be walking. Dont have the problem with WoW. This game is also not for solo-minded players. I like teaming up with people but sometimes I just want to experience the world myself. LOTRO is not for solo players as you get higher in levels.

Post Date: 16:42 16-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: christwarrior
Comment: Flick did you even play it? GMs are awsome and no 30+solo content? its called a massively MULTIPLAYER online RPG ffs! if you wanna play solo stick to console games! as for me, im gonna go play LotRO :P

Post Date: 17:42 15-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Juggernott
Comment: Pretty cool game. Another one that kind of gets old after a while. Its cool because you know the story and stuff but definately not quite as good as WOW.

Post Date: 17:50 26-05-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Flick
Comment: good side:graphics, deed log, titles

bad side: bad customer support, rude GMs, bad crafting system, no lvl 30+ solo content

Post Date: 22:12 12-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: kazalor
Comment: Level 24 Human captain on Uldum

I think this game rules and will go very very far.

Post Date: 04:21 09-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: experimental_420
Comment: dont listen to the haters who just played the beta go out and buy the real game

Post Date: 12:09 01-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: christwarrior
Comment: a VERY smooth launch! this game is so awsome! to all u people who say its a WoW clone, WoW is an EQ clone and did u see people complaining about that? there is alot more here than what WoW has to offer. you can have titles, for example if you kill alot of spiders you get the title spider-foe and if u get to level 5 without dying u also get a title. than theirs traits, monster play, crafting professions, i could go on. i love this game ive already paid for the lifetime membership. and they've already announced the 1st content update!!! at launch they are already adding new quests new monsters to kill etc. thx turbine for a great MMO!!!!!

Post Date: 23:39 28-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: sappa
Comment: IMO this game beats WoW. It takes the good parts of WoW and throws out most of the bad. I actually care about the world and stories in LOTRO where I couldnt care less in WoW. My only complaint is that performance is a little choppy even on my big rig.

Post Date: 16:40 27-04-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Jirel
Comment: I gave this game a 9 because I haven"t played any other MMORPGs. But in my heart its a 10. I love the game.

Each race starts in a different area and has different types of quests. I laughed out loud when I finally retrieved the chain from the brigands for the old man in the wood camp and he mentioned that the Sally he mourned who owned the chain was his hound dog. :)

Hobbits hunt for lost cows and ferry mail - unless they go for the heavier quests and start killing spiders and the "evil" dwarfs. Elves fight to clear out ruins overtaken by darkness while Dwarves fight against encampments of goblins (naturally). Its all a blast and I"m as hooked as anyone can be despite my age (52) and sex (female).

Post Date: 16:05 26-04-2007
Rating: 8
Author: juvenile
Comment: How can people who play beta, which is not the real game, have any opinion on the matter. I understand you feel like it's a copy of WoW which i have seen glimpses of, I have also noticed a lot of EQ2 references. But every MMORPG, is going to have some concept copied from another game. Spending one hour playing a MMORPG, is just scratching the surface. You have to find what else is out there to experience. So suck it up. Get a job, spend 50 bucks for the game and 15 for a one month subscription, and give it a real try before you bash it forever.

Post Date: 08:20 26-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Banger
Comment: Very smooth launch! Having a blast playing. It does have a lot in common with WoW but that is a good thing. You can start playing immediately without scratching your head trying to figure out what is going on. Better use of stories than WoW and 100 times better than DDO. I guess Turbine learned something. The free update in June should make this game even better.

Post Date: 20:09 24-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Gunslinger
Comment: You said it Avenge65. Your 1 hour of disappointment. If you think you can make a good judgement on a game of this depth in an hour then you really are stupid. Comparing this game to WoW is like comparing a 747 to a paper airplane. Don't worry, we are glad that your close-minded, hypocritical, online self will not be playing. I played this game since beta 1 and there isn't another game that comes close to the beautiful in-depth game play and graphics involved in this game. Thank you for playing WoW.

Post Date: 06:12 22-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Avenge65
Comment: as i pushed the "exit game" button tonight after about an hour, all i could think of was how glad i was to be rid of this game. With all of the people below saying how it is like wow, i wish that it was. WoW has perfected its system over a two year period while this game is just starting. That is the only hope that this game has, to survive the first few months with a fanbase and upgrade its platform.

The combat system is slow and repetitive, while the quests are the same ones just with different wording. If I could see fun content in the future I would consider buying it and racing to the fun stuff in the "end-game". But with the repetitve quests and the "push a button, wait 5 sec, shoot an arrow, wait 5 sec before u can cast, push a button, wait 5 sec, ..." i cant see it being fun.

Go ahead and say, that is exactly what WoW is, but it is not at all. WoW is all about immidate response.

Last thig is that, below it is said that WoW is easy, grated the combat system is easy to learn, there is nothing easy about end game raids or High level content for people who like the game. Which is over 8 million by the way.

(just to say i am a tolkien fan and was awaiting the arival of this game, only to be let down severly. guess it is time to go back to WoW after my one hour of dissapointment)

Post Date: 22:58 19-04-2007
Rating: 2
Author: BleachedRadiance
Comment: I waited for beta, and never achieved it my friend got it and was playing it for a while he said it was entertaining. He got a buddy pass and gave me it and I joined after what seemed like quests that were enjoyable, and some other uniqueness I found it is too much like wow. So disappointed I left.

Post Date: 01:13 15-04-2007
Rating: 3
Author: jsim92480
Comment: beta is not an excuse for poor graphics. It is like you went back in time, at least pre-World of Warcraft. Its very similar in graphics to Quest for Camelot. Won't come near taking away World of Warcrafts massive population, can't compete. The only good side about it is that it will be cheaper, and if you're a huge LOTR's fan its fun for that.

Post Date: 15:17 13-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: bohican
Comment: You guys are stupid. The game is still in beta test, you still havent recieved the CD"s that have better graphics. So shut up about the game being back and lets learn to play

Post Date: 08:41 12-04-2007
Rating: 0
Author: daskinnybear
Comment: Waited for ever to beta test this game and when it finally came I was soooo disapointed. I wasnt playing LOTR it turns out it was just WoW with new terrain more lag and slighty different toon chars. Im gonna sit and wait for a REAL AND UNIQUE ORIGANAL GAME TO BE MADE, not some copy of a game already out that is bad as it is already dont buy this game dont even try it for free you will be so disapointed with it. this game was all hype they just crammed WoW down everyones throats and called it something else. i mean the world map doesnt even look like middle earth and the UI is a exact copy of wow too couldnt even come up with a original interface or lvln system sad just sad game made me wanna cry almost installed and erased off hard drive same day thank god i beta tested it for free i feel sorry for those that pre ordered it hope they can get a refund =P

Post Date: 04:05 07-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: nevarine
Comment: EVERYTHING that "d00rag" just sayd was totally wrong, i dont know what computor your playing on, but on a good computor, the graphics are beautiful, the quests are fun, the crafting is a bit like wows, but i guess every mmo is doing that now for some reason... this game is so much better than wow, its one of the best mmorpg's i have ever played, i pre ordered the game and its awsome!

Post Date: 19:57 02-04-2007
Rating: 0
Author: d00ragg
Comment: Don't be fooled by the screenshots. I've been playing the beta for months, on and off, and I am very sorry to say that in my opinion this game is garbage. Yes the world looks nice, no it doesn't lag. The player characters look terrible, the monsters look bad, and the ui looks like windows 95. No evil races except pvmonster. The few classes available are uninspiring. The combat is slow and extremely repetitive. Travel is slow and boring, music is bad. Crafting system is the same old a+b=c. Almost no customization in the UI, you can't even zoom the map in and out, the area map is a rough drawing which servers of little use. Anyone who played DDO should expect nothing better here. I think I should add that I am a HUGE Tolkien fan and was looking forward to this game for a long time. I tried very hard to find something in this game that would make me want to buy and play it but I can't. The very idea of exploring Middle Earth in an MMO sounds exciting but they didn't pull it off. Also I should mention that during the beta most players would play for a while and then stop completely, they can't even keep people around when it's free.

Post Date: 02:06 02-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Flame_boy
Comment: lol yes middle earth!!
!!!!!LORD OF TEH UBER BLING BLING IS an undiscribable [hehe]awesome thing that i cannot discribe!!!!!this game kicks Wow butt!!

Post Date: 18:06 01-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: christwarrior
Comment: harry potter is deeper, darker, and more complex?!!!!!! im sorry but u must have just pulled that comment right outta of the air! no one here gives cares about harry potter so get outta here!!!!

now to the game! This game is awesome. Beta was insane. Almost everything was perfect!

Post Date: 11:49 26-03-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Trasta
Comment: Uninspiring, shallow, condesending, trivial; just some of the words that I would use to describe this game.

Turbine have taken one of the richest worlds created and turned it into a kids fantasy themepark with as little imagination as possible.

Prepared to be held by the hand as you "explore" the tiny and linear "world". This game plays like a module from Neverwinter Nights 2, without all the features that make NWN2 fun.

Unimaginative classes, few classes, practically zero character customization, horrible animation, mind-numbingly boring combat.

Harry Potter is deeper, darker and more complex than this piece of drivel.

Post Date: 03:23 17-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Nevarine
Comment: This is the best mmo ever created, its interface and crafting are like wow's but if you play it, that doesnt even matter, because you just realise they made it better than wow's! its a lot funner to play, and ITS IN MIDDLE EARTH!!!!!

Post Date: 20:03 10-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: jackin9
Comment: This game is a Wonderfull game!! this is one of a kind, a little bit like WoW, with the skills and the payment, but because of the skill costomization, this game is great! wonderful graphics, wonderfull gameplay and quests, great playing area, it is just perfect!

Post Date: 14:38 23-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Bohican
Comment: THANK YOU Mienja. This game compares NOTHING to any other game, For one, as stated below, you don"t have to rely on gear and there are unique things such as instruments. Lord of the Rings online is it"s own game. People may say we couldn"t know what its like because its only in beta, but DUDE BETA IS GREAT!! I would quit every game I play (Except BF2) and play this game 24/7 if i could. I PERSONALLY garuntee that you will enjoy this game 100times more than WoW. Unless your a hardcore PVP then this game may not be for you since you can only pvp once you hit 40, or monster at 10. This game will be the beginning of the END for World of Roguecraft. World of Unbalancedcraft will no longer be the most popular game. WOOT GO LOTRO!!

Post Date: 22:23 22-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Mienja
Comment: This game is NOTHING like WoW. If you took a Minstrel, the healing class in LOTRO, and put him up against a WoW warrior with both in their skivvies the minstrel would beat the socks off the warrior, why? Because in LOTRO your char stats are not mostly based on yur stupid gear. LOTRO char stats are based on your char"s exploration, usage of skills and completing accomplishments, the gear helps some but it"s NOT the greed based environment that WoW is, thank gawd. And when in WoW did you ever get to play an instrument cept that stupid harp that made everyone annoyed? LOTRO is awesome and imo there is no comparison to be made between it and World of Greedcraft

Post Date: 14:36 22-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Bohican
Comment: Dude, I finally got my beta invitation along with a few of my friends, I don"t think we stopped playing for 4 hours... Yes i agree some of the quests get tedious in the beginning but after 10 the game just gets that much better. If your looking for a new RPG and want to get away from WoW then you REALLY need to take a look at this. If you pre-order the founders addition you get GARUNTEE"D access to the OPEN beta and your character will roll over when the game comes out. Projected release date is April 24th so you better get on that Founders Eddition pre-order.

Post Date: 03:58 12-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Barqers
Comment: Great minds think alike, as the saying goes. I have played Lotro in the beta for about 1 and a half hours and I must say it is the game I've been looking for. Great graphics which can only get better, great combat tactics, realistic movements/realistic in terms of Lotr. This game will top WoW by far. The great thing is that there are lots of Lotr fans who have long waited a game for the computer I can tell. Me myself being one of them. Who cares if Turbine has made a mess of other games in the past, this is not the same game at all. I have tried many other mmorpg's and none compare to this. I must say WoW is a fun game, don't get me wrong. But if you are open to a new experience give this a try it'll definitely be worth the few bucks a month you pay.

Best regards people =D.

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