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New concept MMORPG with in-game video chat and a bot for grinding. Other features include growing weapons that will upgrade together with you, infinite weapons and armors, multiple class transfers, and a massive state war with thousands of players.

Total Rating: 7.41
Reviews: 17

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Review Archive

Post Date: 10:10 14-08-2009
Rating: 7
Author: game master
Comment: ok i havent plyed it yet but i knoe i have a good eye and this game looks awesome!!!

Post Date: 06:23 31-07-2009
Rating: 5
Author: emiu
Comment: Great game! Everyone should at least try it. Its easy, and practical, but at the same time it has the typical-boring-hardworking griding (which this problem is "solved" by the BOT system). The only thing that I would like to see is the classes more detailed in the homepage.

The rest is GREAT! MWO!

Post Date: 00:29 27-05-2009
Rating: 6
Author: heidrek
Comment: Pros: bot
lots of jobs to chose

Cons: gathering system
really boring( why play if you can use a bot)
slow leveling
crap graphics(i wonder why this game needs a installer with 2gb of size)
bad movement animation

Post Date: 15:14 15-02-2009
Rating: 3
Author: theonlylbm
Comment: well this is a really good game unfortunatly it is full of bugs and the gm's dont acually know much about the game itself there is no help file as i said it is a really good game posibly the begining of a new era but often players become frustrated with all the bugs and just because theres a bot dont think that u dont have to grind it can take up to 200 hr to level at higher levels in wich if u dont have good equip not just equip for ur level u get stuck and cant level the game is very unbalanced like that and the game owners only care about the item mall u have to spend cash on its to bad cause most dedicated players have left making it harder for new comers sucks im about to find anoughter game to play cause of all these problems hope this game dont go to the mmo grave like other good mmos :)

Post Date: 05:11 06-12-2008
Rating: 0
Author: gibboxox
Comment: great idea bad managment bugs from ages ago repeated over and over again in the forums with no fixes all they care about is the money not the player this company needs to have a think about what kind of reputation they want

Post Date: 22:40 10-08-2008
Rating: 9
Author: midos0355
Comment: this game resembles a 2d world of warcraft!
download took 9 hours for me lol

9/10 here!

Post Date: 08:51 21-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Cloris
Comment: If you are looking for good F2P games, 2D games are probably your best option, since most 3D F2P are Korean Grindfest games. This game is worth a little peak into. :)

Post Date: 02:22 18-06-2008
Rating: 2
Author: c4wilson
Comment: It has neat features, and was fun to setup the robot to play for you, but then when you actually play its really not that fun. Atleast not quite what i was into.

Post Date: 19:25 15-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: muhaimenr
Comment: Amzing.One of the few note worthy point and clik games. Graphics may not be top-hotch, but with no lag.. this is a gamer's dream! all the hours i spent downloading and installing are totally worth it! and ive only played for a few hours.. amazing...

Post Date: 05:06 05-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: ZhugeLiang
Comment: I give this game a 10/10. This is a very suitable and addictive game for people of all ages. With its ingame intelligent bot, i can now do the things which i wanna do while i'm actually lvling up ^_^ Totally a suitable game for even the most busy ppl. Try it out u wont regret ^_^

Post Date: 06:36 26-04-2008
Rating: 9
Author: phaedrons
Comment: this game is awsome. love the gameplay and the layout of how things worked out. honestly though if your going to have that bot you really need a bigger inventory :) it also has great graphics

Post Date: 08:25 24-04-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Vaultar
Comment: Let me start off by saying this game is great!

Like Acacia said, the main attraction going for this game would have to be the ingame bot system. As long as u have the game opened and the bot properly set up, u can be sure that ur character is gaining exp while u are keeping urself occupied with other things. Now u can leave the game on while sleeping and still level :D.

May I add to Acacia's review that botting system by itself, wouldn't have been enough to make this a fun, addictive game. For me, its also about loot collection and in terms of loot this game more than delivers.

Mobs can drop completely random stat- enhanced weapons and armor which are color coded into blue (uncommon), gold (rare), dark-gold (very rare) and green (legend). U can also find special stones that u can insert into weapons and armor with a socket in it (yes, mobs can drop armor/weapons with a socket too!). The higher level the stone the better the stat of the stone is.

As well as that, the mobs drop different treasure maps relative to ur lvl and if u collect 3, u will be given coordinates which u can follow to locate the treasure and find stat enhanced weapon or an armor. There are also different levels of pandora boxes that can be found and when opened with a key (purchased from grocery merchant), besides the chance of getting a stat enhanced weapon or armor, u also have a chance of getting a set of magic stones (the higher level the pandora box is, the more magic stones u might get from it). If u collect 50 of these, u can trade these off for a legendary ring with HUGE stat boosts that really help with training.

With such a great looting system, there is always that tendancy to check up on ur bot just to c what it picked up while u were away^^.

Personally, the botting system and the loot system is enough to keep me interested in the game, but the game offers some of the other more noteworthy features such as growing weapon which u can get from a level 20 quest and which can be really customised as u level it up and upgrade it (i doubt u would find any two same types of growing weapons exactly the same in terms of stat modifiers); video chatting (i still havent tried it yet); auction house (putting up ur found loot for sale at the auction and not having to worry about setting up ur own stall just to sell items off to players); MANY quests and random guild quests which when accomplished, does not only give u guild resources to donate and to improve ur guild but will also improve one of ur base stats permanently (like +5 to min attack to keep it fair, u can improve one of ur base stat areas up to 5 times and no more to avoid overpowered characters); class transfer that allows u to get better skills when u reach certain level i.e at level 15, 30, 50, 65 giving u incentive to continue playing this game (in addition to botting which eliminates a great deal of grinding as mentioned earlier); and the navigation system which allows u to navigate around the world simply by clicking on the expanded map making it easier to move from point A to point B or finding ur way to an npc.

That's of course not to say that this game doesn't have its downsides. For one, there is almost no ambient sounds such as wind howling, birds chirping and other such sounds that could add to the atmosphere as well as having only one looping music which quickly gets repetitive.

Since u can advertise ur items in chat (there is a system where u can actually place a context sensitive name of ur advertised item so when people scroll over the name of the item, they can c all its details like attack and the stat enhancements), the auction mall feels pointless; it is much quicker to literally show ur item thru chat by holding shift and right clicking on an item and pressing enter than to set up an item in auction mall.

Lol just realised i haven't mentioned anything about the graphics (got too carried away about its great gameplay...hopefully that tells u something :P). The graphics, eventhough 2d, are simply great! Very sharp and VERY detailed. Some of the best 2d graphics i ever seen in any 2d mmo IMO. Unfortunately the downside to the great graphics is that the animation of u and the mobs moving and battle animations are rather choppy. While that put me off when i first started CB II, i found the game all too absorbing soon after and it became easy to oversee the choppy character/mob animations until finally, i simply didn't care.

O yea one more thing...this is the first free mmo game i have seen in which the GM is actually active and friendly! He either trains, or sits on his pet in the town and helps to answer any questions that people may have (mostly newbie questions and such) another thing is that the GM can actually ban people from the game for poor behaviour (one person got banned for swearing in country chat excessively). This definately helps with the already great community in the game ^^.

I have tried quiet a number mmo games before this one including last chaos, tales of pirates, dream of mirror and perfect world but all those f2p games were either tooo heavy grind, had a lack of quests, had boring mob drops (mostly materials and such) translation problems or players talking in their own tongue (in the case of the last mmo game i mentioned) as well as the usual scammer bot problems and players illegally botting.

Hopefully it's easy to c how MWO solves all those problems as well as adding some features never before seen in other free mmo games out there.

Having said all this, i find it easy to c myself playing this game for a long time to come and im saying this when both my characters are in their early 40s in terms of levels.

Please take note that the game is in its early stages of CB II and will only get better with time. I wouldn't be surprised when its current problems are fixed later on ^^.

Anyways, I really hope many of u will at least give this f2p mmorpg game a good solid try and hope to c u ingame ^^! My ingame characters are Vaultar and Valdor.

Post Date: 23:00 23-04-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Acacia
Comment: I'm currently beta testing this game.

It's been a while since I've played a game that doesn't bore me after two weeks of point and click. I know there are many gamers who feel the same as I do. Magic World Online has been able to keep my attention since the start of closed beta II. The main reason for this is the legal bot system that allows players to leave the grinding to the game.

To keep my review fair, I'm going to address some concerns I have encountered during my time playing.

First off, though there are pop-up help windows every few levels, the game is not very 'newbie friendly'. Many players ask questions in Country chat that should have or have been answered via the pop-ups or other quests. The game would really benefit if it advertised its many features to new players, such as the auction house, guild wars, state wars, video chat, etc..

Some people might also be turned off by the botting system, seeing it as unfair. The botting system turns what could be a grindfest into casual, hands-free gaming. I leveled up to 25 manually, thinking I didn't have to use the bot, but after that the leveling curve got steeper. I left my bot on overnight and finally understood the value of it.

The botting system is not perfect, and is not intended to be. As I get into the higher levels, I find myself in need of party members, therefore I must communicate with other players.

Another plus for this game is the community. While there are a few bad apples in the bunch, most players are very willing to help new players out.

Hope to see you in game!

Post Date: 14:37 17-04-2008
Rating: 9
Author: ^DarkAngel^
Comment: This game is great! Tons of in game quests, and a bot for leveling so that even people who don't have alot of gaming time can compete with everyone!

Post Date: 04:10 16-04-2008
Rating: 10
Author: AUSTIN
Comment: The battle system is standard point and click, and hit the shorcut keys for skills.

Post Date: 14:21 14-04-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Phoenixdabaggins
Comment: Its a fantastic game with lots of never seen before features such as a robot for everyone and in game video chat.

Post Date: 07:37 11-04-2008
Rating: 10
Author: rayntiny
Comment: it just looks so awesome...

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