Mercenary Wars

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Mercenary Wars is a new and exciting online Military First Person Shooter. Developed by NM Productions and published by Uforia, Mercenary Wars takes place in the not so distant future in a world where order and society as we know them are a thing of the past. The economies of the world have crashed and have been replaced with total chaos. New alliances have been forged and the world is now controlled by well-trained groups of mercenaries. You determine who to swear your allegiance to and fight side-by-side to the death, if necessary, in the quest to ensure you become the new global powerhouse. Unlike other FPS games on the market, Mercenary Wars features a unique stat system that you can use to upgrade and customize your character. This game allows you to adjust your speed, accuracy, and health stats. Mercenary Wars is the next-generation of first-person shooter games. Mercenary Wars also features an innovative Artificial Intelligence system. Computer controlled “bots” can be used in several ways ranging from practice to enhancing game play. You can, via four difficulty modes, select the desired skill level no matter what your previous FPS experience might be.

Total Rating: 6.20
Reviews: 5

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Review Archive

Post Date: 11:59 24-06-2015
Rating: 6
Author: axwellshm
Comment: Graphics are kinda outdated, reminds me on Crossfire but not completly. 6/10.

Post Date: 23:10 28-11-2014
Rating: 5
Author: Mihajlo
Comment: Mercenary Wars is online FPS game developed by NM Productions. Mercenary Wars features 5 game modes (Death Match, Plant the Bomb, Mercenary War, Free for All and Mercenary FFA) with up to 16 players at one time. Graphics and game physics are done poorly (imo) so i rate this game 5/10

Post Date: 23:22 18-10-2013
Rating: 7
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: I like this game alot it could be improved however for starters it could get better graphics there is alot of glitches and some lag but it is still a great game the weapons are really good and balanced and the few people who do play are very nice

Post Date: 21:46 01-02-2011
Rating: 3
Author: Adrian
Comment: This game sucks, it was very glitchy when I started playing it, not a lot of weapons. And loads of hackers.

Post Date: 19:15 25-08-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Sabkiller
Comment: I am really excited to see a new F2P FPS that looks decent. Can't wait!!!!

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