Merchant Empires

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Set in a vast galaxy, with hundreds of star systems and thousands of planets, merchants can construct bases of operations; buy and sell almost fifty different types of goods to create and control trade routes; establish a center for scientific and weapons research; pilot one of ninety ships in fleet warfare; co-ordinate attacks on rival bases; mine up space lanes; or prowl through deep space on the hunt for enemy warships; play alone, or in alliances with other players; be a trader, or a warrior; build up their own small area, or be an empire-builder; be a lone wolf, or a Fleet Commander; be the scum of the universe or a hero of the Empire . . . the Merchant Empires universe has it all!

Total Rating: 5.00
Reviews: 4

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Post Date: 21:17 09-01-2013
Rating: 5
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: This production is a free browser space game. Its very much like economic and politician space game in one. We are starting as amrchants but we can become who ever we want. a politician lets go, A spy, thief and who we want to be. This game is preety simple and boring. For me there is nothing special in this production. good graphics and game play. But not too big fun from playing. For me 5/10.

Post Date: 23:11 05-04-2011
Rating: 2
Author: Tyr
Comment: Game play would be great if it wasnt full of bugs. No active development team from what I saw. Admins are players who appear biased and it seems they abuse their power. Has potential, but not with the people running it at the moment.

Post Date: 18:11 06-03-2011
Rating: 7
Author: Adrian
Comment: Twas was fun, the graphics are okay, gameplay is okay. Kinda like a RTS.

Post Date: 07:11 06-03-2011
Rating: 6
Author: EcLuD
Comment: haha another game in the space .. because most are like that? lol anyway it's typical, and boring, 6 / 10.

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