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Metin2, a free MMORPG, leads you into an eastern fantasy world. Become a master of martial arts and fight as ally of the Dragon God against the dark influence of the Metin Stones, which are poisoning the land. Fight in wild battles for one of the three empires, conquer their land and possessions or reunite them and become the new Emperor of the land. Your destiny is in your hands!

Total Rating: 7.48
Reviews: 21

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Post Date: 20:45 04-08-2015
Rating: 8
Author: LosmiK
Comment: The game is very good, in everything:
Normal Music, Good controls, good gameplay, fun missions.
The combat mode is the best thing in the game, almost in every MMORPG you can fight only one enemy, in Metin 2 you can actually fight hordes of enemies...

Post Date: 13:13 26-02-2015
Rating: 8
Author: Xicor97
Comment: Metin is free to play MMORPG who is develop by gameforge .... I personally like gameplay its really funny but i gotta admit graphics are bad... :( so i give to this game 8/10

Post Date: 06:44 03-10-2014
Rating: 5
Author: arZ
Comment: Metin 2

In this review about Metin I will talk about the pros and counters, graphic, gameplay and more.Metin 2 is a free to play Multiplayer Online Role Playing game developed by Ymir Entertainment in Asia, and in Europe and USA the developer is Gameforge. The game includes different quests, guild battles and nation wars. The game is famous because of the buggy servers and the huge server crashing
but the game still got over 14mil registered accounts and around 9mil active players that log in every week.

Kingdoms and classes.

They are three different kingdoms in Metin2.

Shinsoo Kingdom:
Its located in the southern part of the continent.The main activity is trading. The former of this Kingdom is Yoon-Yoing and they are in a conflickt with the western kingdom.

Chunjo Kingdom:
Is located in the western part of the continent and its a theacratic kingdom. The former is Yoon-Young. The main power of this kingdom is magical power and they want to take control over the whole continent and take the Metin Stone.

Jinno Kingdom:
Is located in the eastern part of the continent. This kingdom is aggressive and militant and strenght is the main power of this kingdom. The leaders name is Ey-Ryoong. He thinks that he can take the continent with power of strenght.

At the begin you need to chose one of the three kingdoms and after it you pick one of the four classes. All kingdoms got the same four different classes and all classes got two trees to pick. All new players start in the neutral area and no one can attack then till lvl 15. The classes to pick are:

Warriors are strong mele physical characters. The masters of close combats. When you reach lvl 5 you can pick one of the two trees. Arahans - high attack damage and speed, can use two handed swords ... or Partisans - the masters of defense, tanky character with big shield.

Ninjas are characters with huge attack with high mobility. This character can use light armor. Depend on the tree you can pick a close combat master ninja (Assassin) or a master of long range (Archer).

Shamans are the masters of Spells and Magic. Depend what tree you pick you can be a support or high damage dealer. Mages are the high damage dealer and the Dragon mage are the master of healing, or supports.

Suras are magic power fighters. Black Magic Sura is powerful long range caster and Mirage Force Suras are mix of short range and magic mele attacks.

The gameplay sistem is like in the all other popular MMORPG. For every killed mob you get experience points and for experience points you get levels. After every level you can skill some new skills. The PvE is really easy. I never died to a mob. PvP is really funny part of the game. After lvl 15 you can PvP other players. Simple click on player what you want to duel and the fun starts, or find an enemy in the neutral territory and attack him. They are lot of different stuff you can do in this game like fishing, trading, creating clans ... But I would say they are lot of better MMORPG that you can play, but this
is completely free and you dont need to spend a single
$/€ for this game.

- Many different classes
- 3 different kingdoms
- Combat is the best part in this game
- Totally FREE

- to many bugs and servers are bad
- Many boring quests. Fishing is to boring for example.
- Music is bad and graphic could be better.

So this is my short review of Metin. I didnt play it to long, because I was really bored from the farming, lvling and different boring quests. I would say, they are a lot of better MMORPG like I say before. But you can try it, maybe you like it more then I do. My finally rating for Metin2 is 5/10.

Post Date: 06:06 31-07-2014
Rating: 8
Author: ivekvv256
Comment: Metin2 is an awesome MMORPG, and the best one I played so far. There are 3 kingdoms in the game. Blue kingdom is always the biggest one, and that's always where I play. Then there is also Red and Yellow kingdom.

You can choose between 4 characters, each has got some strenght and weaknesses, and I'll explain some. Also each character can choose between 2 types of skill.

Warrior: He is a strong attacker, very skilled in dueling multiple monsters or players. You will be able to farm best with him at earlier lvls. If you are a starter I would reccomend that you start with warrior and build body skills for him. You will level up pretty quickly with him, but the items and books for warrior are the most expensive from all the other characters in the game. That's why if you want to be a strong guy you'll have to do a hard work for warrior. At later levels he doesn't get so strong, but just the opposite, he can die pretty easly if you don't focus on PVM items, except if you build a mental warrior. He has got an ability called strong body, which allows him to have LOTS of aditional defense. Mental warrior has got also other abilities, but they are mostly for PVP combats. Body warrior is specialized in killing stuff quickly, and he's the best at doing that in the whole game. His damage is really powerfull, but his defense on the other hand isn't, that's why you must build him really well so that he doesn't die. Strongest ability from body warrior is Aura of the sword (AOS), and the books that builds that skill are the most expensive ones in the game. These are most played characters in game.

Sura: I'll start talking about PVM sura (Weaponary). This sura isn't really strong at the start of the game, but it isn't expensive aswell. So when you build it, don't be worried if you aren't strong untill lvl 50-60. After that you will be able to kill almost everything, becouse sura is kindoff a mixture of body and mental warrior. It's got Enchanted blade, skill which improves attack, and enchanted armour and fear, which increases your defense. This is the best PVM in the game, and sura can kill everyone at high levels, that's the thing that warrior can't really do. Besides Weaponary sura, there is also Black Magic Sura (BM Sura). This is a sura that only focuses on PVP combat, and it's nearly impossible to be attacking monsters with it. He may not be strong vs beasts, but he is a beast vs other players. Each skill that he's got are vs players, and deal loads of damage. That's why if you want to kill everyobody. These are 2nd most played characters in game.

Ninja: It's easy, there are 2 types of ninjas. First one is assasin, he can go stealth without anyone seeing him, and attack with great damage, but he's got low defense. When you build him correctly, he can even kill strongest BM suras. The other type is archery ninja. It's not so played ninja, becouse it's hard to farm with assassin ninja, and even harder with archery ninja. This archery ninja can also deal loads of damage, but you can't level up really easy, if you don't already have an account from before. These are the 3rd most played in game.

Shaman: One type of shaman is often called "buffer". That is becouse that shaman is practically made for buffing other players, giving them better critical chance, and stronger defense. Many players build shamans besides their main character, just so that they could buff themselves. But these guys can be strong aswell. I've died many times by shamans, and I can say that if builded nicely they can deal tons of damage.Other type of shaman is healing shaman. He isn't used as buffer, but someone play it as a PVP guy. That's becouse he can heal himself while in duel, while dealing damage. They're both not effective for PVM, but they can be a help to other players in battles. It's the least played character in the game.


There are lots of weapons in game, but before lvl 30 you won't have any expensive weapon. At lvl 30 there is a weapon called Full Moon Sword, which you can hunt, but many players don't know where to find it. You must hunt the Bestial Archers and Bestial Specialists to have a chance of getting one. The reason why it's so expensive is becouse he can have either AVG or Skill damage, which can increase your skills, or your basic attacks. Further on there are lots of stronger weapons, that you need to level yourself.


There are a lot of events that will be held in game, but you must look for it at the forum. Events are really nice and you can get lots of cool and expensive stuff.

Besides events, you can also find cool stuff at places such as Demon Tower (DT), Grotto of Exile, but you must have strong items and skills to be able to make a DT run or kill The Dragon.

The reason why I left the game are the hackers. There are so many of them, and they ruined the game constantly. Each time I went for farming they took all items and money that droped. That is the only reason why I'll rate it 8/10.

Post Date: 17:42 29-06-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Ckalja99
Comment: Metin2 is Free MMORPG game .Game is really good.I am playing it and i am satisfied with game.Graphics isn't really good but all Maps and every detail is well explained.It isn't too hard but it isn't too easy.You need to think what items will you buy and what should you build.I am usually on Blue Kingdom.The key of succeeding is in farming.There are 2 kinds of servers : PvP (Player versus Player) and PvM (Player versus Monster).Both are different in PvP (Player versus Player) the experience is between 300 and 500 % But items are really expensive.In PvM (Player versus Monster)the experience rate is between 5 and 25 %.Money is hard to collect and you need to farm day and night so you can get some good gear.You need to build the best gear if you want to be the best. You have : Weapon , armor , Boots , helmet , earnings , bracelet , necklace , and boots .You can add bonuses onto your items and you must make your bonuses as best as you can. With low bonuses you can't kill monsters or other players in duels or in some tournaments .On every item you can have 5 bonuses . You add bonuses with Bonus adder and you can change bonuses with bonus changer. Fifth bonus is added with blessing marble. Also you can vote on websites and get coins and with coins you can upgrade your weapon , buy gold or buy some items that you need. On website you can also donate , but with donating you get special coins . With special coins you can make bonuses without using changers(you can put every bonus as you want ) .I honestly like more PvM (Player versus Monster)server but i am good in PvP (Player versus Player) servers too.If you know how to farm you will succeed and you will become king of your kingdom.Unfortunately i didn't become kingdom of blue nation .I played on a lot servers: Metin2 Phobia , Metin2 United Kingdom , Metin2 Nirvana , Metin2 3Nations , Metin2 Singapore .I had best experience in Metin2 Phobia where i was level 125 and i participated in tournament to level 125 players and i won tournament because i had really good gear.In that Metin max level was 150 but i had a plan going to 150 and becoming a king of Phobia but they shut down server so i started playing Metin2 3Nations. My brother and I found this game on internet like 3 or 4 years ago and we started playing it.We didn't know anything about the game but now we know everything(I think he knows a little more because Metin2 is his favorite game and he plays it all the time)Admins on the game are really friendly and they will always help you.They organize events all day and they give out prizes for most successful ones( for example there are OX Events , Metin Stone Shower Event , Metin Boss Event ,Golden Frog Event , Tanaka Event and more ...). However if you brake a rule you will be banned:You are not allowed to spam,you can get ban for 3 days when you annoy Admins and you can get permanently ban if you trick some players in a dirty way.Admins can ban only your account(pray for that) or they can ban your IP address so you cant play on their server again.Lucky for me i never got a ban .In game there are also ranks : Positive ones (1. Friendly ,2. Good ,3. Noble ,4. Chivarlic ) and Negative ones (1. Aggressive ,2. Fraudulent ,3. Criminal ,4. Cruel ) You can also go on raids , most popular is Demon Tower Raid ( You kill monsters and you pass floors ,when you get to final floor there is final boss and Blacksmith ( You can upgrade items there for free , but only one per character ) . Also there are Devils Catacomb Raid ( You hunt one of most hardest bosses Ezreal ) However hardest boss is Red Dragon . So that would be my review on Metin2 . I am going to rate it a perfect 10 :)

Post Date: 16:59 28-03-2014
Rating: 8
Author: tothadrian94
Comment: i played this game a lot of times but its get boored after time in to hard to lvl up after lvl 20 so i stoped it but its a good game also good grafics :)

Post Date: 15:40 26-03-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Peyp
Comment: Game is played in 3 different nations and various neutral maps, all featuring different mobs. You can choose nation at the start of your adventure. Every nation has it's story and they are all in war with each other, meaning enough PVP for anyone!

You can play as one of the 4 classes (Mage/Shaman, Assassin aka Ninja, Warrior and Sura). Sura and mage class have 6 abilities, while warrior and assassin have 5.
While lvling you'll encounter many different quests, some harder, some easier.
There is various music in the game, many events and many updates.

But, game get's quite time consuming as you need money to get items, which you can most easily get by fishing (time consuming part). After that you can simply farm items and sell them.

Graphics and effects are pretty neat themselves. And combat is fast-paces.
Overall, you should try the game. 8/10

Post Date: 14:00 20-03-2014
Rating: 10
Author: ivekvv256
Comment: A great game for me... I play on Metin2 UK and I play over 4 years now. You can do so much of diffrent stuff like fishing, mining and duel other players, also you can kill many monsters. You have to play this game for long time but its a really good game when you learn it.

Post Date: 13:41 03-09-2012
Rating: 7
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Meny of my friend play it. For me is nothing special. I dont like this kind of games. Eaters of time. But its good 7/10

Post Date: 19:57 07-05-2011
Rating: 9
Author: portakal
Comment: well i played US server, ES server and 2 P servers, so i kno that the community n the staff performancez differ from server to server. in game, lvling are not too bad, especially if u r in party with 1-2 people it can be actually pretty fun. wen i 1st started the game, i thought "wtf, warriorz lvl so easy n me, as a mage dont hav powerfull skillz to lvl :/ " but actually the charaz are balanced, even tho warriorz can lvl faster, as a healer i could kill them pretty easily :P it dependz on ur eqips, and stat&skillz;. graphicz r not bad, u can marry n kiss n dance etc ( u can do em in weddingz, u dont need to pay any real money 4 em) actually, u d need real money only if you are a high lvl chara with messed statz or something, n it s too troublesome to make a new i think it worths playing. has nice pvp, u dont get killd at low lvls, u have horse skillz, number of mapz. i think it s cool to play ^^

Post Date: 16:19 12-04-2011
Rating: 10
Author: sasuke24
Comment: One of the best graphics game. I really like the gameplay and the multiplayer effect.

Post Date: 22:57 19-02-2011
Rating: 8
Author: Adrian
Comment: This is a great MMORPG, I've been playing it for about 2 years now. Lots of quests, map is huge.

Post Date: 15:51 09-04-2010
Rating: 10
Author: mariann97
Comment: I love Metin 2!

Post Date: 16:54 02-04-2010
Rating: 5
Author: Alper123
Comment: The game is OK, but if u don't pay, u do not reach anything. If you pay, u can get imbalanced and overpowered. The classes are also imbalanced. Like mages(shamans).

Still, fun game to play. But gets boring. :/

Post Date: 07:10 22-07-2009
Rating: 0
Author: cuquini
Comment: Metin 2 has bad graphics. I played for two hours and I made level 30. Not good because the max level is 99!

Post Date: 11:23 13-03-2009
Rating: 1
Author: astha
Comment: I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about a free MMORPG called Metin 2.

This was the first real MMORPG experience for me, the reason for searching for a free MMORPG was that I was not sure if I would like/have time to play as much as a paid subscription would require me to do, to be able to justify the cost. I did try alot of different games before finally downloading the metin 2 client, the reason why I stayed with this one was that it was easy to understand the interface while it was powerful at the same time. You get missions at the start of the game that help you get used to the controls and help you explore more of the world, while giving some experience points and some ingame currency.

The graphics are very good and can even match several of the games that actually cost money and you dont need the latest graphics board to be able to play the game in a decent resolution either.

The sound effects are pretty basic, but I can honestly say that they are more than enough for a game of this kind anyway. All monsters and player classes do have their own sounds and i suppose the only thing to wish for is that the monsters would actually say the things they show in speech bubbles above their heads ;)

The music is very soothing and have in some way managed to get very nostalgic for me, I used to have it running all the time when I was a low level player just starting the game and now when i pause my mp3 player and actually listen to the game music again I get a very nostalgic feeling of hearing the tunes from the first maps.

The game is free, but you can buy a currency in their "Item shop", this currency you trade for other items that can help enhance your gaming experience. There is absolutely no need to spend money on this game, you can reach high levels without it since no items lock on to any characters, this means that enhanced items can be bought for the in game currency or traded for other items with players.

Items can be upgraded with the "help" of a blacksmith, the items can require different materials to be upgraded together with some ingame currency, this also helps bring the game forward as it gives you goals to obtain to finally be able to try your new shiny sword to the next level. Although a word of warning, the items can break and then you will lose it completely, there are ways to avoid this and you will learn after managing to grasp the more advanced concepts of the game.

The only regret I have after managing to reach level 76 is that I started playing on the United Kingdom server. There are several different servers and the most advanced one is the Korean server since that is where the game is developed, sadly that version is only in korean, so unless you can read that you are pretty much stuck in one of the other versions. The difference between the american version of the game and all the european versions is that the american version is licensed by G4BOX, which means they have access to the source code and can fix bugs and add features themselves. The european versions are run by Gameforge, a company based in Germany which did not license the game and that is why they need to wait for the korean developers to fix the bugs and implement features for them.

I can NOT recommend to anyone to start playing Metin 2 on a server that is run by Gameforge and especially not the United Kingdom server. The item shop prices are much higher on the european servers compared to the american, the american server has a much bigger team ready to help all players and competent developers able to fix bugs and implement new features as soon as they are needed. The american server is far more advanced than any of the european servers as well and that will make the game last much longer than any of the european servers. Remember that you can not transfer your character to any other server.

Another great problem with the United Kingdom server is that the team responsible for supporting the server are corrupt and are using their powers to ban, create items and characters for their friends. The top team members recently fired all other members to make sure their power can not be removed easily.

It is a great game and I am sure you will enjoy playing it.

Post Date: 08:32 09-03-2008
Rating: 8
Author: skylinez
Comment: Have played this game for awhile my summary
Good parts
#tough mobs make you actually think while grinding they can kick ass
#fighting on horseback
#decent grapics
#nice war concept 3 kingdoms fighting each other and guild wars
# good combat system
# community is oke but not very social but not bad either
#QUest are fun at times but not perfect some quests items dont drop at all not in a century
i advise caution picking quests ...they pay well but are super time consuming and you would level million times faster skipping them

# not much character customization you pick 2 colors of shirts and thats it at the log in...

# metin-2 can be very hard for the people starting out mobs kick ass and in general leveling isnt very fast except for the first few levels

I think this is a very good game besides
the minor flaws its actually playable and fun
the combat system is well worth it
pvp is really good

Post Date: 21:13 07-01-2008
Rating: 9
Author: belcher45
Comment: this is a really good game. the players are really cool and the comat system is great. graphics are good, but not the best. after lvl 13, it takes a long time to lvl. monsters are original and some are really hard to beat. i have a male warrior named soronjid that is lvl 34 and its great!!

Post Date: 03:35 08-10-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Jrod
Comment: Good gameplay but terrible quest and charcter design.

Post Date: 04:53 03-08-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Racero
Comment: Great graphics and I love to fight on horseback. As the last guy/girl said, mobs are awesome butt-kickers :p

Post Date: 11:50 12-06-2007
Rating: 9
Author: slim25
Comment: The good
Great game!, nice graphics, nice combat system "no face to face combat, you have control" , nice skills, nice armor and weapons. Mobs AI is good, they will kick your butt if you don"t perform right, they fight in groups!!.
The some what bad
Every one looks that same, no good creation screen "just pick a character with 2 selection of clothing colors", but you can buy hair dye to look different but it cost. the Mobs will piss you off if you fight a group and another big group appear they will all gang you. the other jobs in the game is hard to get into for me "crafting".

forget the bad, the game is great. lol

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