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NationStates is a free nation simulation game. Build a nation and run it according to your own warped political ideals. Create a Utopian paradise for society's less fortunate or a totalitarian corporate police state. Care for your people or deliberately oppress them. Join the World Assembly or remain a rogue state. It's up to you.

Total Rating: 5.00
Reviews: 1

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Post Date: 07:36 13-04-2009
Rating: 5
Author: shugo
Comment: Nationstates is based on a book by Max Barry. In NationStates you are the ruler of a fictional state of your choice and you decide how that fictional state should be governed. The decisions you make have consequences on the appearance of your state and all decisions involve a good deal of humour. Nationstates is a game that does not take itself seriously, but laughs at the process of political decision making. The game (if you can call it a game) can be entertaining if you are into this sort of thing, but if you think politics is serious business then stay away from NationStates.

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