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Pardus is a free Massive Multiplayer Online Browser Game (MMOBG) playing in a future where traders, pirates and other pilots of various races and factions strive to gain wealth and fame in space.

Total Rating: 8.04
Reviews: 47

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Review Archive

Post Date: 18:07 23-05-2010
Rating: 8
Author: tkolter
Comment: Ok first of all the good points:
Free, Easy to Learn the Basics Of, Player Friendly and No Need to Pay to Have Lots of Fun.

Bad points:
Can be Repetative, Is Slow a Bit with the AP System, You Do Kind of Need to Get Creative.

Overall a very nice game though for example say your a new pilot and there are lots of buildings not producing and a planet, you can just build one and supply and trade out of it yourself. Making nice money and its likely no one will care overall. If an area is mined out then build a production facility to make whatever is not there and make money. Fighting is fun to and you can be a decent member of the universe or a criminal or just roguish. So just look for the opportunities.

And anyone can start and lead an Alliance which are the political, social and combat factions so that is a plus adds new elements, but you must get enough experience and credits first. [Credits are game money you earn and save.]

A recent upgrade adds lots of tutorial help and some new things to balance things out some, I'm not sure about these but they seem to be ok.

Post Date: 00:08 15-12-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Mr.Pardus
Comment: Free MMORPG with no download,great online community,spaceships,pirates,bounty hunters,endless ship upgrades,and a fair playing system,What more could a nerd ask for? This game is AWESOME.I have been playing for about two months and i"m hooked.This game uses an AP system which makes the game fair for anyone who has a LIFE.POINT IS THIS GAME RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post Date: 21:58 08-11-2009
Rating: 10
Author: demonicsoul
Comment: response to Cryptos review
1. you get 24aps every 6 minutes it takes about 22 hours to regain all 5000 of them.
2. oh ya the warships like hawks are great for 1v1 fighting againsts other players and a behemoth takes all when coming to trading but the warnova is one ship you dont want to mess with unless you got some serius dodgeing skills missles X25
3. teamwork join an alliance they can help dont worry you can always change your characters life it just may take a while to go from pirate of the TSS to a goody goody as to speak of the EPS
4.never seen the image packs can someone send me a link on pardus im in arthemis and my name is demonicsoul
5. i personally hate ambushers but its a good way to get your foes.
6. i dont know about the advance skills yet not there
7. alliances work together in special areas called nooks like the "split" is where i work im making a lot of money without even doing anything they got suppliers to help
8. i love the community just stay a way from the punks who think they know best if your a new player find someone who shares your intrest and work together like if you want to trade talk to a few success full traders and they can help you i been playing for 3 months and i got over 1 million by doing a route that less than 1000 aps a day plus you can do more routes if your a trader. fighters i cant really help ya i got know idea talk to people who are bad to the bone when it comes to fighting.
i recomend it to all my friends its an aquired taste to some.

Post Date: 10:48 27-10-2009
Rating: 10
Author: teerere
Comment: The best and most exiting non-grapichal game i've played.

Post Date: 23:14 14-09-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Crypto
Comment: MMkay, ive seen a lot of buzz about this game, so im gonna set it straight, no bias.

This game, for me, rocks. Pardus is about teamwork, co operation, and logic. There is no undo button. Each decision made, is a decision spent.

You get 6 action points per 24 minutes. AP consumption can be decreased by the different drives you purchase. The drives have an evasion bonus which keep you from dieing in PvP and PvE.

There are many ships ranging from ultimate trader, to warship.

The graphics can be improved by using custom image packs which are produced by players.

Combat wise, the main form of combat is done through ambushing. You can set for a maximum of 20 rounds, without advanced combat skills (will explain later), and with the combat skills, 4. You use your guns and missiles to do that.

advanced skills: When you play 1,000,000 action points, you unlock this. You invest to get the points, and then distribute them to the combat skills you want. you invest skill points to get these points. there is also advanced trading points, they help your ship more, and you get that by making money.

Skills: Skills increase when you kill something, collect something ( for instance, the red gas is called nebula gas, and that increases as you collect it).

You can build buildings to make you money, and then nook them to keep them safe.

One can purchase premium, which isn"t too much of a step further, it just gives you a maximum of 500 storable APs and access to more weapons and about 15 sectors.

The community is amazing, bar none.

All in all, amazing game. Ive been playing for well over four years and I am hooked. The moderators and devs can be a bit biased sometimes, but that happens in many other games too. Just don"t do anything stupid, and youll be fine ;)

EASILY, 10/10

Scorpion Guard

Post Date: 03:28 21-03-2009
Rating: 10
Author: masterblob
Comment: AWESOME GAME! I just can't get enough of it. There is too much to do and explore that even after months of play I still feel like a newbie.

I highly recommend this game!

Post Date: 17:42 02-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: matias
Comment: a great game been playing it for half a year now and i cant stop!


Post Date: 08:16 19-07-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Andri
Comment: Oooooh a Sci Fi game!Nicely developed!You don't have to be a genius to play but lets face it folks this game is for the more thinking and EXTREMELY patient kind of pepole.Yes I do play it in my free time when I got nothing much to do.It takes about 30 min to drain those AP as best as I can.So here are my reviews:
Graphics:8/10(nicely done)


PVP:Everywhere exept in Wormholes and Planets.Starbase owners can make an exeption and turn their Starbase far from a safe zone.

Skills:After using like 1 000 000 AP you can develop skill which reduce AP costs,increase attack and other stuff.

Comunity:Very kind and helpful.There is a help chat for the first 50 000 AP you use in which you can ask any ingame quetion and always get a helping response.

Misions/Jobs:They change as you gain rank and experience.I reccomend starting a transport mission with 5000 AP cause you never know when you have to take a detour.

There is a tutorial in which not only you complete the tasks you can also fool around and go anywhere you want cause AP will be reset to 5000 after every lesson.There is also a newbie protection which stops pepole from blasting you into space or robbing you.

Another feature I like is the customizable profile in which you can put almost anything and do almost anything.

That is why I give it a generous 8/10.

Post Date: 08:33 23-04-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Klaus
Comment: I have played a lot of MMORPG browsergames in the past 10 years and Pardus simply excels.
I have been playing Pardus for almost 2 years now and there are so much things I haven't tried out yet, that I'll have to play for a couple more.

I'll try to give some help for deciding if it's a game for you or not.

Pardus is for you if you:

-like games that don't give advantages for sheer onlinetime. It has a fixed amount of actionpoints (AP)(24 in 6 minutes, so 5760 for a day) which can be slightly boosted by (expensive) drugs. The AP system enables me to enjoy this game while I have a real life that's pretty time consuming. And I don't have to worry about 24/7 players speeding past me.

-like efficiency and calculating. It's not a prerequisite. You can fly around as you like with your APs. But if you want to reach a set goal pretty fast, you can shuffle some numbers around and you will find a more (AP) efficient way to do what you want.

-like to have moderated forums without a bunch of idiots proclaiming "freedom of speech", which means that they can curse at other people in 1337 speech. This includes an inCharacter forum that's actually inCharacter. You will not get banned for posting something out of character into the Tavern, but you might receive a warning or a few days without forum access for it.

-like games with a place for "old people". Since I am pretty old compared to the average onlinegamer (I'm 30 and I think most people of my alliance are in that age), I like the maturity of most players and moderators the most ^^.

-have patience. To get one of the top ships you will need about half a year if you don't do much else. And this doesn't mean that you got the cash to buy it or the stats to use it in an efficent way. If you like to follow specific goals, prepare to spend some time on it.

-like working with a group of people. There are single pilots with very good skills who can kill almost anyone in a 1-on-1. But a bunch of well equiped mid-level pilots will be able to take them down if they learn how to play together.

-like a friendly and helpful community. Someone can be my worst foe inCharacter, but when I need outofCharacter help he will still help me. Of course this doesn't count for all players. But for a lot. For the first ~14 days of the game you will have a help chat in which experienced players will answer your questions. It might take a few minutes to get a reply but you'll always get one.

Pardus is not for you:

-if you have to much time on your hands, which you want to fill with action. The fixed amount of AP will limit your time in the cockpit. After you have spend those, you will have to enjoy the Chats (inCharacter, outofCharacter or in your alliance) or forums

-if you like your "freedom of speech" above all. All people I have encountered, yet, who spoke about their "freedom of speech" basically meant that they want to flame others if they want to, get off topic in threads they don't have any useful input to post or spam crap out of boredom (preferably in a forum it shouldn't be in).
And of course cursing at moderators or devs in the public forums is not welcome. You are playing their game on their server. If you don't like it you can add a thought out feature request in the forum or take your hat. Or you can play on for a while and check if maybe the rules are there for a reason..

-if you need a game in which you can R0XX0r. Nobody will crown you king and you will always be mortal. Especially after your first 3 months of play ;).

-if you like runescape

Post Date: 05:43 03-02-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Terra Schnitzer
Comment: I used to adore this game and I still love it but I got an Admin job in another game so I had to leave Pardus...

It's a great game played it for 2 years as a Pirate hehe luv teh pirate work ;D
Players can make it addictive or just play it for an hour just to spend AP's on something usefull or you can sit and role play in the tavern my favorite place where you get to know people and build some respect towards you or... you can just be rude as a pirate and get lots of bounties on your head.... like me xD

Wars! I love pardus wars but it seriously takes time you'l have to wait till theirs a problem in the galaxy...

I rate it 10! love it love it love it but ain't playing it no more >.>

Cheers! ^_^

Post Date: 14:59 31-12-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Baldfist
Comment: The game mechanics are nice and promising, but the administration of the game is extremely poor. The paying features are mostly balanced when compared to the free players' abilities with the exception of competitiveness. If you just want to play a game for a short while without worrying about being online all the time, this is a good game to try; if you want to spend a significant amount of time playing it and don't want to automatically adjust your opinions to those of the moderating team, or, God forbid, your ideas about game development are not exactly the same as the developers' and you actually mention it, better not bother. I love my freedom of speech too much to give it more than a 2/10.

Post Date: 23:22 15-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Lemi
Comment: AWESOME browser game. I was sucked into the world of Pardus from the moment I signed up. I especially enjoy the community...there is no other place like it on the net. Definately a 10!

Post Date: 13:33 04-09-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Distant
Comment: it is unfair to compare pardus to games you have to buy; it is one of the best browser games that i have ever played

Post Date: 19:44 23-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: littletimmy
Comment: In response to post by jsknight,I would like to say:

1: The graphics are fine for the type of game Pardus is... a game in which you use imagination. It reminds of my favorite old games I grew up playing, the original Ultima, 7 Cities of Gold, etc.

2: The Action Points are one of the best things about Pardus, for players like me, who have lives outside the game world and limited time to spend ingame.

3: Yep, if you are foolish enough to leave your ship disabled in open space you will probably get raided or killed. A really easy solution to this is, don't leave your ship in open space.

4: There are no 'quests' in Pardus, there are jobs. And they change as you go up in rank or xp. There is actually quite a variety of jobs.

5: There are far more than 10 ships to buy. Ships available to you depend on your xp and rank.

6: The game is GREAT, as thousands of players can attest to.

7: The combat system seems just fine to me. Matter of personal taste.

8: I feel completely immersed in the game. Pardus has a way of sucking you into the game world from the momemt you start playing. Again, this may have something to do with one's ability to use imagination.

9: Yes you do have to open another window to chat... I don't know why this is a problem, it works just fine.

I would, and have, recomended Pardus to all my friends. And some of us are pretty serious gamers. Pardus is not like Guild Wars or World of Warcraft... but that doesn't mean it's not fun. I encourage everyone to give it a try! :)

Post Date: 19:53 03-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: jsknight
Comment: This game deserve"s a good zero...and i shall explain

1: BAD GRAPHIC"S...i mean seriously...i know 10 year old"s that can design better stuff than that..

2: you get AP"s (action point"s) you got five thousand then you gotta wait a day to re-fill way to increase ur max like you fight a couple things then ur stuck

3: leave urself outside of a base (say out of AP"s in space.) ur SCREWED, someone will come and take all the stuff you got on ur ship!!

4:EXTREMILY repetetive quest"s

5: only like 10 different ship"s you can buy..

6: this game is just flat out BAD

7:terrible combat system

8: i NEVER felt immeresed into the game"s just point and click...

9:you have to open a friggin other page to chat to players online !!! you can"t talk to ppl and "fly" ur ship at the same time!!! what the hell is that?!

SO i would NEVER recommend this to ANY serious gamer. you kiddy"s can play ur little can find me on Guild Wars

Post Date: 23:15 24-07-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Nalmid
Comment: no point
no goals
no stop
you upgrade everything you have
and upgrade..and upgrade...and try to upgrade more than others and after 10 years when you finally upgraded enough and your good to go war you understand that there are other 100.000 players that upgraded the same as you so you need to upgrade even more.

Post Date: 04:59 21-07-2007
Rating: 8
Author: suggamon
Comment: Great free game where you use your imagination rather than looking at eyepopping graphiocs.

Post Date: 20:04 10-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: jamessals
Comment: I have been playing Pardus for a year now and I too am hooked - a truly clever game and the people that fail are those with no patience.

One comment on Andovers post.... he is right there are ways to make more money , one of which is to steal goods from noobs .... Im surprised he didn't mention that

Post Date: 13:01 20-05-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Gibberish
Comment: While I don't pretend to be informed about graphics, coding another things like that I feel that I can express my opinion regarding Pardus and hopefully provide some useful information for potential players as well as some who play it currently.

Pardus was the first MMOBG I played and it is easy to get lost in the wonder of the universe of the game. It is large and varied. It would take one months to fully explore it and get the feel for each sector.

It allowed for a person to choose any career they wished. While the ships could be divided into two classes (Fighters and Traders, with a more indistinct Hybrid class existing) there is no need to follow the same path as another person that has the same ship. One person may fight for justice, the other for personal gain.
Thanks to its many options and flexibility, it is rare to come across two pilots who are the same.

The community is truly the highlight of Pardus. The players are intelligent, funny and always fun to talk to. The General Chat is where many pilots spend most of their time when logged in. As one spends more time with the others in "GC" they begin to be seen more as friends than fellow players.

However, there is always two sides to a coin and that is the moderation. The Developers are very wary of criticisms and tend to ban any person who expresses a negative view. I'm reminded of the typical SF utopias where everyone is kept happy by not hearing about the sinister side of the world.

As of late the 'Devs' alterations to the game seem to be for the worse. While they seem to increase game's entertainment level, they actually have the opposite effect causing many old or experienced players to lose enjoyment for the game and driving them to quitting it.

At the higher levels the game becomes monotonous. Players are merely repeating the same actions as they did in the lower levels but with no visible result this time. For example the skills system. At 20 Hit accuracy (HA) a player could expect to gain 3-4 points a day. However, at 50 HA, a player would struggle to gain .3 a day.

Pardus is not a bad game and the community makes it so much richer but I highly expect to be hunted down and banned for my comments.

Post Date: 12:40 20-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Orphen
Comment: Boy... I've been playing this game for more than 1 year and I can't stop... Believe me when I say it's one of the best MMORPGS I've ever seen in the net. It has everything, and you can choose unlimited ways to make your own life in Pardus. As Dream said, ignore those who give it 0, 2... Because most of them are people who got banned from the game after breaking most of the known rules there. Just play it and see it for yourself!

PD: Greetings to all those pirates in E.R.A.! :D

Post Date: 12:36 20-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Dream
Comment: Awesome game, high quality but simple graphics, intelligent community, open ended, big, and enjoyable. I've been playing it for 6 months, and I've enjoyed every moment. Ignore those who give it a 0-4, they barely played past the tutorial and got mad because they died of their own mistake and blamed it on others

Post Date: 16:58 29-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: ghalich
Comment: fun game, if you like graphics, go play barbie horse adventures or my pretty pretty princess. pardus is a game built on rich, emergent mechanics, not sparkley shiny fluff.

its not the sort of game that rolling a new char is never a good option, your actions are limited, theres no reason to throw away a few weeks worth of accomplishments for a new picture. the tutorial does a thorough job for new players, as well it should because your aims should extend well beyond what you see on your screen at the moment.

Post Date: 01:59 15-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: andover
Comment: Hello MY Name IS Andover and I have been playing this for four months.

I have played ALOT and I mean ALOT of browser based games but this is BY FAR the most addicting game.

It makes you work for greatness and makes you take time to do so because you need to develop into a member of the community.

If you rank from the time you get out of newbie protection you can easily get to a decent trading ship and then start raking in the profits.

My Babel Transport makes me 200-300,000 credits per day plus my Robot Factory adds an addition 100,000 credit of profits per day!

Theres way to make more money than that per day but it usually involves more dangerous stuff or going into the illegals trade and transport.


Post Date: 21:40 24-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: chelicerae
Comment: i gave Pardus a 10 because it has everything i want in an rp game- commerce, fighting npcs or pvp, ranking to get better items, and most important- it's totally open-ended!!

Post Date: 20:50 23-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: astrosmash
Comment: I've been playing Pardus for about two months now. The tutorial was great and really helped me get off to a good start. Though the beginning sector was stripmined and over-populated, I followed people's advice and moved to a less inhabited sector where I quickly made money and got a lot of rank.

Pardus is the only browser game that has managed to keep my attention for more than a day or two, and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon!

See you in Pardus!

Post Date: 22:04 20-01-2007
Rating: 7
Author: elrohir
Comment: The tutorial doesn't teach you enough, the game is confusing and slow paced. The screenshot at the top of this page looks nothing like the game. Did they change the graphics or something? Reserving judgement incase I missed somthing.

Post Date: 13:34 15-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Simpson3k
Comment: I never was that dissapointed from a game, as i played the tutorial, i thought well the game there after will be more difficult coz of the better players and a more dynamic tradesystem and such but, i felt like falling in cold water, all natural ressources were mined away, the map was full with space struktures wich seems to stop to produce anything. And the very rare buildings wich still produce, selling their warez for overprised, that its useless to buy them coz it wont mean profit. I guess the first 100 players there harvest the universe empty at every restock of the resources with their super fast and big cargo ships, my first suggestion in the forum was answered with a link to the rules.

Post Date: 10:10 04-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: quentil
Comment: Great game with an admin that is top-notch and player interactions that are simply awesome.

Post Date: 03:54 26-10-2006
Rating: 6
Author: Kanbei
Comment: Great game, a bunch of things to do, but the tutorial is bad. Experienced players wanting a fresh start still need to do the first 6 levels(its not hard, but it is a waste of time). Money is hard to get if you"re new(about all you can do is sell energy and ore or trade between buildings). It does get a bit repetetive, and the AP thing is pathetic: when you"re out, you"re done for the day. It takes almost a full day just to get all your AP"s back again, but it takes a while to use them all if you"re not harvesting or moving around a lot. Only play this if you have a fair amount of time: otherwise forget it.

Post Date: 21:18 25-08-2006
Rating: 10
Author: estrella
Comment: This game is awesome!! So many ways to play... I really never liked online games before, now I spend all my time on this one. I recommend it to everyone!!

Post Date: 22:29 23-08-2006
Rating: 10
Author: seb
Comment: great game. best MMOBG i ever played.

Post Date: 15:07 18-06-2006
Rating: 0
Author: dumbo
Comment: After playing various MMORPG like WoW, EQ2, various MUDs and browser based games like Planetarion/Ogame/Earth2025 i tried out Pardus thinking it was going to be different...

Well, its basically the same grind fest all over again. Repeat the same action over and over again to up your stats, experience level or wealth. The community boost of its "roleplaying" experience which is basically non-existant. There isn't much to do except grinding and grinding like back in the old days of Everquest. When there are roleplaying events, the benefits do not outweigh the cost of participating!

Moderation is harsh. Any criticism, however constructive, will not be tolerated. Even old players have been banned and labeled "trolls".

My advice is to try out Pardus if you're interested. It might interest you for 2 weeks or up to 1 month. But soon you'll realise the endless repetition associated.

The game isn't without its merit. The creators tried to make a entirely player driven economy and try to induce roleplaying. But sadly, the many ships and buildings do not differ much from each other. Reducing the game back to the fundamental problem of: buy-sell for $ , kill for EXP , rinse and repeat to infinity.

Many suggestions have been made to remove the reptitive nature of the game play and the redundancy of the many ships/buildings but have fallen on deaf ears or gotten the person banned. In this aspect they can truly boost to have a troll free community as bans are used rather freely.

Pardus really have the potential to become a great game which i had hope would happen when i started playing. But sadly the developers got in the way.

Post Date: 16:37 01-06-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Marco
Comment: WOW this is THE best browsergaem Ive ever played! And its FREE!!!

Post Date: 22:49 22-03-2006
Rating: 10
Author: millMan
Comment: Im greatly enjoying this one, and I have tried a lot of free online games before. Definately the best one so far!

Post Date: 20:36 12-03-2006
Rating: 10
Author: HavocDaGod
Comment: One of the best games i played this year

Post Date: 04:09 13-02-2006
Rating: 9
Author: RedCarpet
Comment: I very much like intelligent community in pardus. Very good game played in your internet browser.

Post Date: 13:39 21-01-2006
Rating: 4
Author: jubei
Comment: Fairly disappointed with this one. Did not like the graphics or the gameplay. Would much rather play Eve Online than this.

Post Date: 13:32 16-01-2006
Rating: 6
Author: Mr. Peel
Comment: Pretty fun but I would only call it average. The graphics need some work.

Post Date: 18:41 10-01-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Joey32
Comment: Ive been playing this one for a couple months now and i gave it a ten because:
1) great player base, and because it is still in alpha the devs are active and receptive
2) APs (or action points) allows casual gamers to keep up with the hardcore gamers
3) Very easy controls and great tutorial
4) Player run buildings, the Paradusian economy is almost completely fueled by player buildings and trade.
5) Variety, ambush for peaceful traders to steal their cargo. Bounty hunt for smugglers. Or get rich running the interstellar trade lanes
6) And best of all, Its free =)

Post Date: 12:13 08-01-2006
Rating: 8
Author: matahala
Comment: none

Post Date: 21:47 10-12-2005
Rating: 8
Author: skippynlc16
Comment: none

Post Date: 22:05 08-11-2005
Rating: 10
Author: vertex
Comment: I joined pardus a few weeks ago, and I have to say: pardus is a very cool game, if not the best I have ever tried. The userbase is the most intelligent and friendly I have ever encountered in an online game. You will not find any annoying trolls or leet-people there.
The game is *still* just in alpha with a lot of good developments going on, which is unbelievable compared to many *gold* versions or *premium* versions I have seen.
From the pardus about page, the game features I like most:
- Step-by-step newbie tutorial for learning the basics playfully - this one really helped me!
- Dynamic economic system with adapting prices
- Piracy, Bounty-hunting, Ambushes, Cloaking, Drug and Slave Trading, Smuggling Contraband - increase or decrease your reputation the way you like it!

The developers apparently did a lot since the alpha began a year ago, but pardus is not finished. With all the great new features being added week by week, lets hope that it never will be! For an alpha this gets a solid 10/10.

Post Date: 01:11 21-10-2005
Rating: 9
Author: Lara_Mouse
Comment: This game has lots of new ideas which I have yet to see in any other multiplayer games. The economy system is a blast. I like being responsible for whole planets by supplying them with food from my space farms. The community is real nice too - many people are traders or fighters who concentrate on protecting us from harm (by hostile space creatures or pirates). Of course there are those who pillage and destroy, but usually you can avoid them.. depending on the sectors you travel in most of the time.
9/10 from me, just because no game is perfect, and this one has new developments almost everyday.

Post Date: 23:24 10-10-2005
Rating: 10
Author: tom75
Comment: i ve been playing pardus for a few weeks now and i m completely addicted to this game. you start out with a rather small starship which is less than mediocre in fighting and trading. fortunately you can make enough credits to switch to a new ship soon. now it s not just a plain level-up game, but you have lots of possibilities and can decide on your own whether you want to fight and join huge space battles / ambush innocent traders or remain peaceful. a trader like me is transferring goods between player buildings, planets, starbases.. and makes a decent profit out of it. in addition there is the federation who i can support by doing various missions which is another nice income. of course i also have my own buildings which support the economy at my home planet and the surrounding starbases. these should be secured by defensive modules due to the threat other players pose who don t follow a peaceful way like i do. all in all, a beginner friendly game, which gives you lots of opportunities if you want to use them. especially recommendable for scifi fans!

Post Date: 02:19 06-10-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Passguy
Comment: The game is a mix of Privateer / Elite and Master of Orion. There is much more player interaction than in any other online games I have played, and the community is awesome.
Another thing I really love about Pardus is the limited number of action points you have. They slowly increase to a defined max but you don t have to play much to keep up with the other players. Logging in once or twice a day is sufficient, however, you can also participate in game politics on the integrated forums and chats.

The game looks fantastic and it s still only an alpha version. My recommendation is: check it out and see for yourself!

Post Date: 20:29 04-10-2005
Rating: 10
Author: landon
Comment: rulez

Post Date: 22:23 25-08-2005
Rating: 2
Author: landor
Comment: Pardus was my first MMORPG. I played for several months before I couldn t take it any more. Yes, the user community is great. In fact, I would have left after three months instead of five if it weren t for they GREAT people I met. The game is feature rich. Unfortunately, the coders are a group of thin-skinned college kids who think it s really cool to be the gods of their own little world. A game is NOT a bunch of bits on a disk somewhere, or images on a screen. A game is the enjoyment of the players. Someone started a "Whose the greatest pirate in the game" thread. I would have nominated the devs, but I expected I would have been deleted for my troubles. The devs cannot stand that the players have different ideas about how to enjoy the world they have created than the devs intend. So they regualarly nerf whatever features people enjoy, and use the few pompus jerks in the community to justify their actions. Log in, and go way, way back in the archives. See all those early, respected players that flame out? They got fed up. Gaming should not be running a treadmill with the devs lifting the high end all the time. I walked away from MMORPGs for six months after giving up.

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