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Total Rating: 4.14
Reviews: 28

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Post Date: 02:49 22-01-2013
Rating: 3
Author: Nemesis DC
Comment: This game breaks the law PRIVATE!!!! mails can be read by admin and certain staff so the fact they advertise it as private is a joke.

The only saving grace this game as are the few nice people that play the game

Post Date: 19:27 19-01-2013
Rating: 5
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: This production is an old tiny browser game. We can play this game on any computer which have connection to internet. In this game we are making quests, battling monsters slaying dark beasts and many others. In this game we can become great hero, marchant and others. We still need to improve our hero to become more power full and learn more abilities. We can explore whole existing world of game. Not only cities but also the area outside the owns. There we can find monsters, treasures and other adventure. This game even very old is very nice and give fun from playing. I rate this game 5/10.

Post Date: 19:57 12-10-2011
Rating: 7
Author: JsonBlrt
Comment: This is a pretty fun game. It's very relaxed, but that's good. The game's staff constantly updates it and are on pretty often. The graphics aren't the best, but they are made by the volunteer staff artists, which is pretty cool. The staff members frequently listen to your ideas, one of mine was implemented a few days ago actually. As s5229 said, the small community is nice, a lot of the players recognize me even though I've only been playing for a month. I would recommend checking this game out if you want something to do with a little bit of downtime a day!

Post Date: 08:14 11-10-2011
Rating: 7
Author: s5229
Comment: Ranting:
wow, it seems like people on here are having pissing matches rather then here to give the game a fair rating.. I actually read all the reviews on this game, and all the people who gave it a 0 had at least 1 false statement showing to me they know very little about the game..

Author: le petit oiseau "I also find it funny that a person who has donated once managed to beat someone who donated thousands to become strong. Please note: that the person who donated once was an admin." FALSE

Im the strongest player in the game for over 2 years, and no staff has beaten me without some type of potions or temporary boosts.. with that said..anything else you have to say to me is rubbish because if you dont have your facts right here , one can assume your facts are not right about the rest.

I am not staff, but have now played the game for over 6 years..its very slow paced, but cant beat the game in a few days it takes time to make your character strong and unique, but if you miss a week your not forever behind everyone else, like a lot of games out there.

1) The staff do pick favorites, this one I will have to agree with. To make staff it's not about what you can do, its about how much they like you..and since most of staffers are around 20ish..its a unique calling..this is why the game progress as slowly as it does.

2) the game is always in a Beta you could do something find it bugged and have to do it again when they fix it..

3) The rewards vs the game time spent are kind of lame.. an example of this would be a lvl 150 account now at last stage of character, donated $30 and now his stats that are better then most.. he goes to the last zone.. and the monsters are direct damage..his stats did absolutely nothing..because they cap the game so getting stronger doesn't really add 100 attack the code adds 100 def..only stats that help in the end are max life.

4) small player base

1) You can play, relax, play, relax.. your not going to fall behind if you miss a week or 2.. I love this keeps me coming back

2) lost and lots of quests and little things to do not just fighting and leveling, as well as you can chat and role play in the tavern.

3) small player base, yes this can be a positive thing also, this means people will recognize you and remember you as there are not thousands of players.

4) unique smithing system, many combos to make your own unique items.

5) ability to make your own items and put them into the game through game artists. this costs money, but not many games have anything like this.

Post Date: 02:26 29-12-2010
Rating: 6
Author: EcLuD
Comment: The name says it all .. is a simple RPG, you choose your role in the game .. has many options throughout the game (too many ways to choose) is entertaining. 6 / 10

Post Date: 04:25 05-08-2010
Rating: 0
Author: KhanArtist
Comment: I played the game and most of the positive comments on this game is not what some of the posters said it was. At one point I'd like to say I had fun but it was a long time ago. Things have changed. There is now an army of staff members who are really regular players, but given a staff status. They don't do anything. many are feared in getting banned becaue of them. My rating would be a lot higher back then, but I've given my rating based on what the game is now.

PRPG, stop spreading your propoganda and stop giving the game a perfect 10 rating. This game is far from a 10. As mentioned before, this site is for reviewing the game ONLY. This is NOT a forum.

Post Date: 17:37 04-08-2010
Rating: 10
Author: PRPG
Comment: Get your facts straight. Sure, we have a low player base, so what? Those 20 staff are building, not watching over the players. Don't argue what you don't know.

Post Date: 15:03 04-08-2010
Rating: 6
Author: Meech
Comment: I've drifted in and out of this game (currently out) since early on and it has been slow on the updates. At times (in the past) there were problems pretaining to staff, but currently the staff list looks stable with a set of more devoted players volunteering to improve it. The current site design is dated, but over the years I have seen small strides in the gameplay. The battle system has been improved, magic is useable but unbalanced. I have heard that that issue will be addressed though so it is a relief.

Overall the game still needs to be worked on in terms of both gameplay and visuals but the quantity of reliable staff has been in, and most likely still being questioned by former players. Dispite being online for nearly seven years, and the active player count dwindling it still shows some potential to be a great game.

I have high hopes that this game doesn't go under so if this assembly of staff and any others who decide to join can make it what I imagine.

Post Date: 05:35 02-08-2010
Rating: 0
Author: le petit oiseau
Comment: Having a staff from the game comment on the game is quite biased itself. Why not look at all the players who have played and given the game a poor review? If I do recall, Kraxxia and Clyrate also gave a poor review for the game. They weren't noobs having each played for at least 2 years before going inactive.

I have given my honest opinion of the game. If you noticed; only you, a staff account from the game and Dentrala (another former staff member) have given the game a 10. There might have been a few decent reviews from players, but the majority have given the game a low rating.

Staff working out a way to balance the game? Well, as mentioned before; MANY other players had noted that staff balance the game only to give them an advantage, their 'ideal way' to scam players into donated. Removing stat boosting items was a great start, right? What a great way to cover up the fact that you want to keep the majority of the best players on staff and leave the regular players squabbling in fear and never wanting to PvP.

---> This is a tactic pretty much to force users to donate to the game to get stats through points.

I also find it funny that a person who has donated once managed to beat someone who donated thousands to become strong. Please note: that the person who donated once was an admin.

As for my attitude when I came into the game? It was optimistic. I had high hopes for the game, but eventually it died.

Honestly, look at the players. You get the same guys logging in each day. The game is going nowhere. I suppose you are going to say the game is in beta. Bullshit. That's your excuse for everything. This game has been up since 2004, 6 years, entering its seventh; not far from now. And you can barely attract more than 10 players. That has to say something about the game.

Maybe it's the lack of advertisements or maybe not. You do have 20 staff members in the game looking after a game with 10 regular players. You guys must need 2 staff members to look after each player, right?

Before you can further comment on this and say that these are active staff. I would like to point out that: The Music Artist is doing a fine job. Since the game started about 5 whole midis have been created (short and in a never ending loop!), the Graphic Artists are doing a superb job continuing to "borrow" images and claiming license on the GNU. The helpers are doing a superb job too by helping players level 100+ by answering their non-existent questions.

Also, you “claim” to know me, but I have never spoken in the Chat Room before. And as mentioned before, if you give your honest opinions or suggestions you will be banned. Staff members enjoy people who act gayly by "huggling and glomping" them, but they will not tolerate being questioned.

After rating the game twice with a 10 rating just as an excuse to argue with me, I see how desperate you are. I'm not going to argue with you on whether the game is a good game or not, this site is for OPINIONS ONLY. This conversation is over.

Post Date: 00:07 26-07-2010
Rating: 10
Author: PRPG
Comment: Wow where do I begin on this one..

"They did change staff members... from better to worse, I'm afraid. At least the initial team was productive... now you make the staff team through connections and not skills."

Old staff were inactive.. unproductive, and removed.

"(who seems to do more playing with an advantage than working)"

Couldn't be way off. All dev staff are near constantly working.

"The game is also very unbalanced. If you start early and are active well you are strong for life"

As blatantly pointed out in the updates (which have been more active than the past), the staff are working to balance out the imbalances.

And last but not least..

"As mentioned by some of the other posters. The game has many images that are stolen from other copyrighted games.

Don't get me started on class abilities. Basically good abilities belong to the staffs. Enough said."

All images PRPG doesn't own are under the GLP, thus not stolen by legal definition.

As for abilities.. they are not account based, they are class based. ALL players with that class can use abilities.

Your review is biased, as I have seen your atrocious behavior in the chat room.

That reviewer came in with a negative attitude of the game from years past, and constantly berated the game under completely false pretenses of knowing what was going on.

Basically.. a noob who thinks they know everything after playing for a week.

Post Date: 03:29 25-07-2010
Rating: 0
Author: le petit oiseau
Comment: Notice that the mose recent poster's username is PRPG. A sad and blantant attempt to promote a pitiful game.

Initially I had high hopes for this game, but as time progressed... well that's all that happened really. Time progressed. Nothing changed.

Well, I guess that's a lie. They did change staff members... from better to worse, I'm afraid. At least the initial team was productive... now you make the staff team through connections and not skills. The most ridiculous part of it all is that it takes 19 staff members (who seems to do more playing with an advantage than working) to run a game with a population of 15 people (most of the time a max of 5-7 are online!).

The game is also very unbalanced. If you start early and are active well you are strong for life. The only way a newer player can have a chance of catching up to the elderly players is to donate to a game with minimal updates.

As mentioned by some of the other posters. The game has many images that are stolen from other copyrighted games.

Don't get me started on class abilities. Basically good abilities belong to the staffs. Enough said.

If you enjoy a slow updating game with minimal amount of players then this is the perfect game for you!

Post Date: 00:03 21-01-2010
Rating: 10
Author: PRPG
Comment: After four years of loyal playing, I give PRPG a 10. It may be slow in development, but that's naturally due to the busy lives of coders. I would only guess that the low ratings are from past frozen players with a grudge. It is true that volunteers are mostly not chosen, but it's at the discretion of the lead staff member. Whether it be imagination, cooperation, skill, who knows. Theres gotta be a system behind the desicions!

This year has been a big one for us, as the staff have released many new systems, including a brand new battle system which will provide the foundation for many new additions to come!

People are not as snarky as depicted above in the reviews. We are a friendly community.

Oh, and I don't like that nobody RPs (skillfully.. one liners with horrid grammar and spelling.. grr.) anymore in public. Otherwise.. I'm addicted and no other game has torn me away in my 4 years of playing.

-Loyal Denzarian

Post Date: 04:36 04-12-2009
Rating: 2
Author: orangesquashzucchini
Comment: This is the worst browser based multiplayer game ever made.

Some sort of silly fantasy game. There are four playable races.

1) Rhizards: The anthropomorphic lizards. Males are green and females are purple. If you play a Rhizard, in chat you always have to be snarky, sarcastic and tell everyone how their race sucks and Rhizards are better.
2) Humans. They're human. Males wear armor and females wear none. Not much to see here.
3) Eldron. Basically "elves", but if you call an "eldron" an "elf" in chat, you'll be speared and flamebroiled.
There's some sort of spinoff race of the Eldron called the "Shyde" that can only be female. They have wings, and reproduce by "mixing energies" with other Shyde according to canon.
4) Hounzalid. The anthropomorphic wolves. Everyone hates them. Everyone detests them. The idea of the game being racist towards these anthropomorphic wolves was introduceds and everyone ran with it.
P.S. Not only do they Hounzalids have no special abilities, but they also can't use magic. What a rip-off!

There are four stats. Attack, defense, hit points and magic points. If their attack is higher than you defense, you get hurt. That's it. That's all there is to the game. Later on, you'll fight things that completely bypass your defense, making it a useless stat. The only stat that really matters at that point is Hit Points and Attack.

Magic Points are useless because magic has not been completed by the volonteer staff. They've been working on it for about six years now. That's a long time for some attack animations and some coding.

The staff is also making unique abilities for the 100 different classes in the game. They've only released four so far. Probably forgot about it.

The chat is patrolled by volonteer moderators who don't appreciate prolonged arguments and they also attack you if you suggest that the volonteer staff hasn't been doing a good job. (Constructive critisism counts as attacking the staff.) These people have "frozen"/banned dozens of great players for talking in the chat.

Stats are endless because permanant stat boosting items can be consumed. Stats can also be gained through donating to the game. You also get uber equipment by donating. Basically, if someone has been donating AND eating the stat items for a long time, nobody can beat them in PvP.

PvP is terrible. Click "attack" in the "battle arena" and the fight is over. One person dies instantly after a comparaison of the stats. There is no interactive part. Despite this, some people still try to be the "strongest player".

The game has worse graphics than Nexus War, despite the team of dedicated Graphic Artists.

Still, despite all this, the folks at PRPG have tried hard to make a good multiplayer browser game. Let's try to respect that.

Post Date: 20:50 28-11-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Temptre
Comment: Pretty good game. Development has picked up in recent months. New areas are coming out pretty frequently. Global contests are becoming more normal. I would suggest this game if you want a very good community, everyone is very friendly on the game.

Post Date: 13:59 06-06-2009
Rating: 1
Author: RandAlThor
Comment: Extremely dated, if you want to see a real modern free browser MMORPG give Eternum Online a go

Post Date: 18:27 04-03-2009
Rating: 1
Author: Jalast
Comment: been playing this game on and off for a couple years...

I quit not too long ago but I bet magic still hasn't been put in the game even though its five years old, so I started asking around and got a few mails.

apparently there's a lot of abuse in the game that went on and on unchecked. Not sure if it still goes on, but even admins were in on it. I even read they break their own Terms of Service to read player mails (it states they are private) and have banned players because of it. they messed with banned accounts, taking items off them. the magic system has been taking so long because corrupted staff kept having their way with it, changing it to let them have the advantage.

I never saw the owner of the game, but he has other sites. He shut them down apparently for not caring to maintain them and phantasyrpg is basically the last one he forgot to shut down. He avoids the game because of drama but he creates it in the same sense. rofl

I give the game a 1 because it can occupy you for a while, but in the end you can easily find a better game to suit your time.

Post Date: 03:53 19-05-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Little_Johnny
Comment: I've played this game for years and I really don't recommend it. I keep coming back hoping for change but nothing.

It's like an abusive relationship. I come back because I put so much work into it. But I leave with my heart broken. And I keep coming back for more!

The graphics are very low grade. The game has a serious lag monster. And the purpose is scarce at best. Its just slash and bash who can get the highest levels.

And if the game wasn't boring enough you should meet the people. There not boring they are just children. The make big deals out of little things and act foolish in the chat rooms. The horror of a serious conversation. When ever you do the Moderators start hollering warning warning, Because they believe your fighting... If you looking to have an intelligent conversation the public chats are not the place.

Ok you could share your ideas and invest your mind in the development of the game that sounds like fun..... WRONG! It is far from fun unless you enjoy politics and bickering. People below me have said oh they've got new staff its all going to be better... Wrong again. They're the same. Power corrupts.

I put my faith in Dusk, he always has the answer. But he's not around. Noone has seen him for 6 months.

I just feel as if this game is doomed to failure iless some serious changes are made. They sure lost my vote.

Post Date: 22:41 14-10-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Eldorin_Redbark
Comment: PhantasyRPG is a pretty good game despite what some before me have said. First of all, the game is pretty basic, the combat system is not very advanced, and the world is not very large. The choice of items is somewhat limited at this time, as well as many features are not finished and released yet.

What is to come is a magic system that looks pretty good (The head writer posted it for critique among the players). Currently he’s been fixing any mistakes that we point out and is making it better each day. We’ve heard brief snippets of the Hounzalid potion system, but from the little information that’s been heard, well it sounds very amazing. Not only that, but there are quite a few features being added on a semi-regular basis.

The staff members, many have complained about them; I’ve been playing the game for close to 3 years and can see that many of what is said is biased. Out of the below reviews 4 of the posters were frozen for breaking the terms of service, and one of them is from a rival game site. Basically, what you see in their reviews is biased.

The current staff set-up a much better change from the previous staff members, first, the head coder, Darbon, he is a bit quick to judge and has a temper, but unless you cause problems or outright attack the game he is very easygoing. He does a large amount of work on the game, even though it is completely volunteer based. The head graphics artist, Einon, is a recluse. He is not in the public light much, but his work speaks for itself, the graphics department is almost always up to date and produces high quality work. The head writer, Shuck, is always in public. He is by far the most helpful of staff and will always try to solve any problem you come across. His work is very good and he is the one who is currently shaping magic to its current splendor.

The administrators as not as well set up. The owner of the game, Dusk, is nearly never on due to outside circumstances. The newest administrator, Hope_Anihilator, he is a very fair staff member. His main priority is coding, but assists as many players as he can with his current busy schedule. The other administrator, Cally, is the worst of them all. Her judgments are sometimes biased and she does favor her friends over who is right. The reason she has become like she is now is because, for a long time, there was no other administrator to check her power.

One major reason that some people have a grudge against the game is because of the past head writers. Before Shuck was a man called Arcus, his version of magic completely favored his class and was terrible overall, luckily, somehow, he was overthrown and his place filled. Even before him were two people who shared the title, Jayde and Eaving OLarkin, these two were the cause of the vast majority of problems on the game. Jayde is now frozen for violating the rules numerous times and Eaving stole much of the game’s code to create his own game (Which is a mirror image of PhantasyRPG). A large portion of the unbalances in magic and whatnot came from these two who tailored the entire game to their advantage. Though, luckily, Shuck is the opposite of these past head writers, he doesn’t care for his character at all and spends all of his time helping players and working on the game.

Another past problem was the moderators. The main issue was a player named “phandude” who was Arcus’s roommate in real life; Arcus used his power to have Cally hire him. He was basically the most corrupt moderator in the history of the game, playing favorites for his main character and making the game rather bad for a few months (he was later fired). Though, with exception of him the moderators are extremely fair.

With people complaining about the slow development of the game, all of the staff members are volunteers. Not one of them gets paid. The only thing that would allow the game’s development to speed up would be to have some programmers hired to help with the burden that lacking coding department is facing. Other then that there is no way to speed up the game’s development.

Overall, the game is getting much better. With the current staff members the game is smoothly going along and I would recommend this game to anyone searching for a “break” from the typical MMORPGs, it is more relaxed and the community is wonderful; there are close to no scammers on the entire game because they become virtual outcasts the moment they scam. It is really fun, plus, if you have any questions you can mail any of the online staff members and they will be upon the most polite people you have ever met!

Post Date: 21:03 12-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Ashia_Vantassle
Comment: Ive played phantasy rpg for the last 2 years i was working my way to three. I wasnt very active my frist year so i wasnt able to see how corrupt the staff was untill my second year playing the game. After many bannings from fights in which other people started with me, i soon relised that if you arent freinds with a staff memeber they ban you for fighting with their freinds. They give you bogus reason for why you got banned and they tell you to take your problems up with an admin the only person higher then them who never logs on. Our Game creater never shows up to anything having to do with the game, while his sights are set on other games. he leaves the work up to someone else who never logs on, and when she does its for a few minutes before she runs off again never solving any problems. Hope is the only one who, im my oppion trys to make the game better but is blinded to the wrongs of his staff. Yet another staff member had become worse, and has now started to fight with players, and instead of working on coding magic and developing the game he works on poor layouts and menus. A fourth staff member is another coder who i have nothing against but the time she is online is speand in the tavern with players and not on coding for the game. We have 8 graphic artist in which 4 log on regualry and only 3 work while others only were made staff becuase of freindly ties to the head graphic artist. The staff from before who im not saying were all good , were fried for unjustly reason and were also the only staff members who were working to improve the game. We have 6 mods 3 rarely log on and 3 log on but only act like mods when people start complaining. We have two music artist who havent logged on i ages and prpg still doesnt have music. We have 6 writers, 3 long on and 3 dont. Nothing new had been writen in a long time , cajar doesnt even a have a back ground story , nor do its characters. and when a player trys to help and submit info it is rejected becuase the head writing doesnt think its needed. Some of the staff have quit due to the power struggles and the corruptness of the game. Players at one point were even being abused by staff but were to afraid to speak up. Even when an admin told them they could speak they all refused knowing nothing would change. Leveling is a waste of time becuase after a final promo of 130 levels nothing happens , no abilities have been coded, weapson are rare, new items are even rarey, customs have been taken away,so that no play can make a new one. Magic stil isnt in the game, along with new places for higher levels to play. They spend all their time on the dev forums that they created to get new ideas. They are to worried with small petty things then what really matters. In short if you waste two years like i did only to be unfarly frozen the game isnt really worth it. Nothing will ever be dont unless the game is given new staff memebers minus the few who actually work on things as staff members. PRPG is corrupt and always will be, unless staff changes are made!!!

Post Date: 05:07 12-07-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Firefox Prince
Comment: The staff is all corrupt, they dissuade any kind of hints or actual action to finish something. Most of the magic has been done for two years, but no one will get around to coding it. Plus, it is completely imbalanced, one of the written up spells does 5 damage, plus 5 more for ever point of wisdom you have, and it was written by the person with the highest wisdom in the game, and only works for his class. I find that very odd.

The character images are almost all ripped, as are many of the other items.

Hardly any of the Moderators or admins care about players, and break most of their own rules.

Many volunteer"s are hired, then fired for stupid reasons, such as not working when they weren"t given anything to do, being used as a scape goat for an error in an update, etc.

The combat system is pretty basic.

Well... the game itself isn"t so bad, but like all program based problems, it"s human error.

Post Date: 04:17 12-07-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Allsaidanddone
Comment: A decent game in what it is and beginning to move again now that certain problem areas have been fixed. I give it a 3 though for a variety of reasons.

First of these being the admin Cally. She holds the position as she has for some time and has begun to "decline" in her ability to do the job. Whereas she once hired people that would be good for staff when she was head Moderator, she now hires friends who have not only broken rules, but harass and goad other players. Such things like this are not only done on alts, and go un-warned but are even allowed when the staff member is on their staff account.

This leads to a second point which was brought to my attention. It now seems that said admin is keeping good people off staff for personal feuds she has with them. Whereas the other “non-owner” admin would accept these people as would the heads of the different staff sections would, she keeps them off for personal vendetta.

The creator of the game is a rare find and when he is around it is apparent he chooses to delete any mail from players and at time even staff, without reading them. It"s in this that disruption comes in many forms. Whereas many have gone to him about said abusive staff, nothing has been done by him, nor has the "faulty" admin been removed.

This game could be a wonder that goes far, but until things are fixed and staff is put straight I"ll stick with a simple three. To any prpg players that read this, "My best wishes go out to you." For any staff that read this, "You either know who they are or you know who you are."

All said and done for now.

PS: In response to something said in a past post, if you don’t see any lag on prpg then you are blind. That comment is not only wrong, but being used to suck up to the game owner, by one of his own staff. It gives no true information about the game and is merely to boosts a false appeal, by one of the games volunteers.

Post Date: 17:43 05-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: PrPGDEVLooser
Comment: With too slow of development and Abusive devolopment Fourms - I give a low rating to this Online RPG game, for now anyways.

Maps are not up to date, most who apply for volunteer work do not get accepted, the servers are way to out of date and need replacing, the PrPg mods and volunteers agree usually with the one who starts fights. this GAME needs to be monitored!

Post Date: 04:10 06-03-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Kraxxia
Comment: Magic system and promises made well over two years ago were long forgotten and removed, or just finished being put on paper. Only 6 class abilities even known of since four months, and 3 of them implemented. Just one of three administrators are active, or you wait a month or longer for a single response if you ask a question. The game is very neglected and needs major improvements, in terms of non-development.

Complaints against staff are almost completely ignored, essentially making staff the worst rule-breakers of the entire game. A lot of images are taken from many games, and although legal, no credit is given unless you find out yourself. Some images are indeed stolen from copyrighted games, as well. Players can"t challenge an update or mindset without being brutally disrespected or mocked. Mypsace profile lies about incredible magic spells when there are none. Ads in the game display half-naked women and promote other games, while the rules state that even speaking about those things is not permitted. In just two months of playing, I made a suggestion and the result was a threat of being banned and sued by former head writer staff.

If you play the game alone and avoid tavern chat and ignore game politics and forums, its fine. It can get boring very quickly doing just one thing, so switching between mining, digging, smithing, and battling can keep it interesting enough. Very easy and simple unanimated battle system with just physical attacks is pleasing. None of that sophisticated stuff, just outright brute force until you win.

Promoting of classes is really neat, being able to change the image of your character with each promotion as well as other equipment gives it a cool feeling. Eggs (stat items) make the game a bit too easy... but still a cool thing for players who don"t know better on what to put their stats into. Some players and staff are worth getting to know, making it sort of a "close-knit" friend get-together. Randomality factor of gambling, recieving prizes, and player-made contests (watch out for scammers!) make it strangely addictive.

Post Date: 04:11 06-01-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Clyrate
Comment: Hmm - last comment is in June and doesn"t just not respond it"s non-existent. Got to give the developer credit, He wrote it then recruited free MODs - Free writing and Free programming while he collects the monthly cash on the ads that are forced and push via the online client. To be fair its reasonably ok for what it is but the developer pockets all the proceeds and puts little to nothing to enhance the game.

Post Date: 19:12 22-05-2006
Rating: 6
Author: wolfy_god
Comment: I think it a pretty good game as far as some games go as long as you have never played runescape or a game with good graphics its does get boring pretty quick but overall its ok as long as your not to picky

Post Date: 05:44 05-03-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Dentrala
Comment: Wow. Gotta love ya Dusk... Best part is how it isn t all text, but doesn t lag like purely-graphics games...

Post Date: 08:02 04-02-2006
Rating: 0
Author: flash
Comment: unless ur into games were u hear no music, u move with ur mouse by clicking on this space u want to go(not like runescape)cant talk, and cant move freely

Post Date: 00:24 25-11-2005
Rating: 7
Author: Dio_bear
Comment: its an all right game but i still dont hae the hang of it yet

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