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Phoenix Dynasty Online is an MMORPG set in the world of the Warring States period of Ancient China. The game is presented in an eye catching and realistic style of 2.5D paintings; this along with the time genre of the game allows you to experience the decor and setting and feel of such historical events and the scorching conflicts and warfare among the seven vassal states.

Total Rating: 8.17
Reviews: 18

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Post Date: 07:39 09-06-2009
Rating: 9
Author: grymm420
Comment: id have to say pdo is definitly a must play type of game,the graphics are out of this world and sometimes too eye catching to believe,the quests are very challenging,in fact,i just finished a lvl 50s quest wich spanned many lvls,an took me about two weeks,and the help of another player to finish,in wich afterwards i literally leaped from my chair with delight and a great feeling of
there is an excellent concept to help newer players lvl more quickly wich is called the turbo exp,its nice because if you are 40 and under,you get quadruple your normal exp rate for 8 hours a week,wich you can pick how much time you would like from 1 hour to 5 i beleive,maybe the whole 8 im not sure.
also the other players ive encountered in my almost two month excursion on this game,have been very friendly and helpful to myself and alot of the other new people ive seen come along,wich to me is a big thing,because ive played alot of games where noobs where down right second an third class citizens to the high lvls.wich as we all may well know can be a bit discouraging.
also the mobs on this game span many different kinds,and lvls,not just a few different ones rendered different colors or given different names to make them appear different,although there is a little of that,wich should be a given because who would want to think up that many different monsters and name them,and draw them out,and then animate them,too long of a process,but,the creators of pdo,did a pretty decent job of mixing it up,and keeping them fresh and new.
there are many different maps to play on,and you even get to pick not only from 5 classes,but also like 4 or 5 different states of origion(wich all have different quests for them)and 5 different elements wich give you all kinds of different skills and attributes to use to your advantage when lvling or pvping,and when you reach 50+ you can minor in another element,and get a skill or two from you new minor element.
also much like runescape,but with much much better graphics,you can create your own equipment,and the cool thing is,the mobs you lvl on,drop the materials you need to create your next lvls equips.
all in all id have to say pdo is a two thumbs up,must play,try it for a week or two,and see how much you like it.

Post Date: 01:46 15-01-2009
Rating: 8
Author: thundertree
Comment: Phoenix Dynasty Online
This is a pretty good MMORPG. It has the same look and feel of WOW but a much easier interface. The graphics are the best I have seen in any MMORPG. The visual effects can however be a little over the top. Everywhere you go people are shimmering and shining from head to toe. The more people that are around the more distracting it is. You get used to it though pretty quick.
The questing engine is simple yet challenging. The quests are never impossible to figure out but you always get to a point where you can not finish them by yourself. You either have to grind a little bit which is always fun if you are a true MMORPG’r. The way it is set up you are kinda forced to do a bit of both. It keeps the game fun and interesting. In WOW I just quested and rarely grinded. In EQ it is grind grind grind.
UO was pretty fun with the no level s thing and will always have a place in my heart for being the first MMORPG that I played. This game is like UO a little bit too. It is 2D but the graphics are on the opposite end of the spectrum, if ya know what I mean.
One of the things that felt like was holding me back at first was the limit of 4 classes. I hope they add more with the release of the game or in the years to come. As I played I learned that what it lacks in classes they makes up in variations. There are 5 Elements that you can choose, each with drastically different skill sets. For example you can be Metal Element for attack prowess, Water for Manna efficiency. You can apply the elements to any class and get specific bonuses and spells per Element. If you become a Metal Paladin you will do more damage with your sword and get skills that do more damage. If you become a metal wizard you will become the most damaging type of character in the game. Another of my favorites is the ever popular Water Priest. Healing ability with seemingly no end to manna! -Infinitely useful! The Assassin I have only dabbled in so far. It seems to be a good class. You can do a lot of damage and have way more hit points and armor class than the weak wizard. I wish I had stuck with that one off the bat, it was my first choice, but then I left it behind. I will have to put some serious research into the Element before I choose that one.
Well it is nearly time to, once again, ditch the old MMORPG that you have for all intensive reasons beat and join up on PDO when it is finally released. Enjoy!
-Stronghammer Water Priest

Post Date: 22:01 13-01-2009
Rating: 7
Author: alistaly
Comment: A fun game to play I really liked kept playing for 3months and didn't get bored once.

Gameplay: The gameplay Is great with heaps of quests to do and novice quests which can be repeated making It easier to level and less grinding.

PVP: PVP is a great feature yes players can only PK out of safe zones but thats what makes the game better so there are no random PK's but still fun for PVPer's. There is also Guild Wars were a guild from every state goes to war which is a great aspect of PVP making it very fun for players while if they win they may enjoy some great prizes.

Graphics: Graphics aren't the best feature but still keep the game great. The graphics are very similar to EuDemons graphics but this game has kept it better with cooler special effects when using skills.

Pets: In this game players may get pets from using skills which allows them to summon pets. Players also can buy mounts. These mounts are usually horses unless you have PP. Since I had PP i had bough a bear which was very strong but slow so each pet has something special about it.

Community: Great community friendly and helpful if they know the answer. There is also great customer service one of the best I've ever seen in a game. They will always answer your questions within a day and if you dont login for a month they ask you why. When they asked me I told them I had stopped playing since I had now reached level 70 and all the good items that I would like to get from now require PP. They replied to me they will now hold once a week special things that will give out new players PP items. So that is why I think it has the best community and customer service.

All in a great game recommend it for all. So I'm giving this game a 7.5/10

Post Date: 03:15 11-01-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Kiya
Comment: Phoenix Dynasty Online

In my opinion PDO is the best online game I have ever played. I definitely give it a 10. I have been playing for over a year and still enjoy it. It has Elements, Living Skills, Crafting Skills, Mounts, Guilds, Guild wars, PvP, and team and solo Quest. All of these make the game fun but so does the many of people you get to meet.

You get to Choose between 4 different Types of characters: Priest, Paladin, Assassin, or Wizard.

There are 5 different Elements to chose from for your skills. You have the choice of Metal, Fire, Water, Earth or Wood. You get to chose one once you reach level 10 that would be your major and another at level 50 that would be your minor. Each element has it’s own advantage and disadvantage.

Living skills in this game are nice and fun. They include: Weaponsmithing, Armor, Leather, and Jewelry making. You can choose one of these to do. You collect Items from creatures to create whatever your skill is. You can also set up a booth for other characters to use to up your living skill.

Crafting Skills such as Smelting and Alchemy which you can learn both of them.

Quest: There are lots of quest to do. Some can be done Solo and others require a team. Some are for your skills and others for Reputation points and Experience. Reputation points allow you to hold more in a team and give you more Armor and Weapons to choose from.

You can join a Guild once you are level 10 or make your own. Guilds are nice because they give you members to do stuff with and help out each other.

PvP is of course player vs. player. It can be good for learning how to fight and defend, making you a better player.

Mounts are nice and many to choose from for traveling or just showing off. Here are a few of the mounts to choose from: horses, bears, tigers, quad-horns, and of course the Phoenix.

Hope to see you there

Post Date: 03:12 06-01-2009
Rating: 8
Author: invisi1407
Comment: PDO is a MMORPG with alot of potential and is really fun to play! I have been playing the game for about 6 months and I was looking for a not too complicated and free MMORPG since I have never played one before. PDO has it all, nice gameplay, nice graphics, cool special effects, team based play and alot of things to do!

Game graphics are pre-rendered environments with mobs and characters presented in a 3D-like manner. Special effects from skills are very nice and pretty to look at, but can be disabled for slow computers.

The game story is set in ancient Chinaand and many of the things found in PDO is from that time. The 5-Element idea gives this game a unique twist on how your character takes shape and your skills and so on.

Leveling in PDO is easy on the lower levels (

Post Date: 21:19 05-01-2009
Rating: 8
Author: KIRA_BR

I shall give here some suggestions in point of determined systems & functionalities of the I play , such as the five elements PVP , quests , presents etc.
I should like what on the Bayers & into the npc Firedrake Emissary also can you include dots of minor , as it's too much difficult upar the points of minor into the element Master , what he might have more skills , you'd ride different , but reputations on the quests , what they might be major the quantities of quests and that on it the characters in addition to gold , experiences & etc , you profited skill books , you'd ride & Gem , and that the armors about to reputation they might be you completed ex : level 1º: armor (level 1º), boots (level 1º), ring (level 1º), necklace (level 1º), helmet (level 1º), gauntlets (level 1º), weapons (level 1º)
What also on the npc about to Item Crafting he might have all of the light of lvl 1 the lvl 10 or mais but , being on the npc you could charge Phoenix points , no a good deal in the region of 5pp + for materials.
Believes that if all the guilds they might be inimical the system of pvp if she'd become mais competitivo & interesting on the Bayers. These are mine suggestions & I hope what somehow or of another they may be help the improve more and more the development of the I play PDO ).

Post Date: 00:11 05-01-2009
Rating: 8
Author: cage99335
Comment: PDO
I give this game an 8.....
I been playing this game for more than a year now and when i started the game had lots of errors but i still loved it as the GM's where constantly working on making it better.and as for right now it still has some problems but with a little more work i believe this could be the best on-line game ever made.wepons and armor system in this game are just awsome.and the mounts are even better.i think if someone is looking for a place to go online and make friends as well as enemys...
this is the game that can make that happen...I have made lots of friends and i have made some enemys but without the enamys the game would be pretty boring.Other good points to the game is the making of your guilds.when the guild is fully tuned in right it will truley top the list for games with this point i think you can only have 90 people in the guild.(personally I would like to have more)but 90 is a pretty good number all the same.
Now lets talk about the this is the first game i have played with crafting I have nothing to compair to but I just don't see how they could make it any better than it already is except maybe make the chance of getting green weopons a little better.
Though I like the idea of refinning your goods it is not my favorite aspect in the game..I like how the seystem works but the chance of success i feel may be a little to small.
As for the minning and strengthening of your gear this is an awsome idea but the leveling rate is a little tough it has discouraged some people{me for one)but i think if the Gm's fix this i can get into it.
1 more thing we can talk about is the rep system i absalutly love this idea...rep gear and the rep system is an awsome feature in PDO this but i think it needs more ways to get rep cuz it is really hard at this point to get it but the rep gear you get is an awsome incentive to working on your rep and let leveling wait while you is very smart to try to keep your rep and your level somewhere in the same area so you can matchup to those people who are at such high.

Also the quest in this game are some of the funnest quests i have ever played in any on-line game thus far....You will have to play the game to find oput more on the quests in this game
Have Fun With PDO

Cajun Leader of The Warriors

Post Date: 07:07 04-01-2009
Rating: 10
Author: northstar
Comment: PDO Review - NorthStar (Fire Server)

Phoenix Dynasty Online is definitely the most unique, creative game I have played to date. Currently in Open Beta, the game has room for growth and development, but has progressed enough along the way to solidly compete with other solid MMOs in terms of gameplay.

Service: PDO is a free to play MMO, which is a win in anyone’s book. This is one of the greatest aspects of PDO, allowing for free access to players around the globe without restriction. Players can purchase Phoenix Points through the official website to obtain special Phoenix Point items within the game. However, PDO runs on an economy determined by players. Thus players who choose not to purchase Phoenix Points with cash can do so by exchanging items and gold with players who do have Phoenix Points.

Interface: By far the easiest to use interface. Many games get way too complicated when it comes to world and battle interface systems. PDO's interface is simple and easy to learn for anyone. Thus, the gameplay relies more on a player's skill and timing in PVP in using combinations rather than competency with the battle interface. A struggle with interface is a problem for many players that just cannot adjust to extremely complicated gaming interfaces. This factor does not exist in PDO, allowing for higher quality of gameplay and enjoyability for anyone.

Combat: Hands down the best aspect of PDO is the PVP combat system. The world is essentially open PK, however killing those who do not wish to participate in PVP is frowned upon. Players killing those who do not wish to PVP will gain wickedness points, which in turn allows that player to drop items/lose gold. The official Guild Battle PVP system is where players can have the most fun. Guild battles occur on weekands, where guilds fight over control of towns, districts, and the capital. Most of the excitement around PDO involves joining a guild and fighting for control of Bayer, the land where such battling takes place.

Quests: Plentiful amount of quests in the game all the way through. Questing is a good alternative offered by PDO to take the edge off of grinding. I personally found myself questing up till level 50 with virtually no grinding. Also Team Quests can be activated by a group of five who fall in a certain level range. These quests are highly worth it as they give large amounts of exp if completed with an effective team. PDO encourages teamplay through its questing system, as most higher level quests are best accomplished in teams of 2 or more.

Community: The community of PDO consists of players from around the globe, giving it a unique diversity of people with a wide array of personalities. I never had trouble finding help from experienced players as many of the players from the original server started new characters on the new Fire server as well. Once a player chooses a guild or forms their own guild is where the community aspect of the game really comes into play. Guilds work together and level up togther and gain guild activity points ultimately to participate in the Guild Wars in the land of Bayer.

Classes: PDO offers four classes - Paladin, Assassin, Wizard, and Priest. What is different about PDO is that skills are not only based on class, but also elements that the player personally chooses. Players choose a major element early on in the game, and a minor element at level 50. The element you choose determines your strengths and weaknesses in the game, as well as the type of skills the player acquires in addition to class skills. PDO's element system is so unique that it allows players within the same class to personally customize the players strengths, weaknesses, and skills. For example, my paladin is a Wood paladin, thus I receive a higher HP bonus per level. My minor is Metal, thus beginning at level 50 I receive a higher damage bonus per level. Being a Wood/Metal paladin, my character now has 4 wood based skills, and 1 metal based skill (Note: Minor element only gains 1 additional skill).

Crafting: The second most unique thing about PDO is the crafting. Crafting in this game has literally limitless possibilities as it incorporates the aspect of elements into crafting materials as well. Materials dropped from mobs are associated with an element and may carry bonuses. I’ve seen some amazing items crafted by fellow guild members. As gear players a large part of PVP, crafting good gear is an accomplishment that other players will admire. Crafting can be done either through other players who have learned the appropriate Living Skill you wish to use, or on your own if your Living Skill matches the item you wish you craft. For example, a player can choose one Living Skill for crafting. If the player chooses Blacksmithing, he or she can craft Weapons for himself and other players. The crafter can also charge other players for using their Living Skill. Crafting also has a leveling system built in, the higher level the better the materials you can use.

Bottom Line: Worth the download, period. PDO is worth a try for anyone into MMOs, whether casual or hardcore gamer. I myself have work full time and manage to play PDO casually and yet competitively. The best aspect of PDO is that it never seems to move too fast, leaving you feeling like you cannot catchup to the rest of the players. The playing field is even, as opposed to MMOs where you begin playing just to realize you will never be able to compete with those who have started before you. Even with limited time, players can manage to stay competitive with the right help. Friends matter a lot. In large battles, numbers matter more than level sometimes. In other words, the game is well balanced. Its definitely a must try for those who enjoy guildplay and PVP, what more is there to an MMO?

Post Date: 16:45 03-01-2009
Rating: 5
Author: paradaisi
Comment: best to pvp -

I'm here to call all the bests to pvp of PDO ...

to have a good pvp u need good weapons ... (not need a strongest attack - if u have a good stun hate ... )

ribbons - ribbons is very good to battle ... they give stuns and if u use
for u use ribbons u need reputation ....
no-ribbon - 200 reputat ...
white-ribbon - lvl 1 reputat ...
blue ribbon - lvl 3 reputat ...
yellow ribbon - boots , gauntlet and ring lvl 5 reputat ... - armor , weapon , helmet and neclake lvl 6 reputat
purple ribbon - boots , gauntlet and ring lvl 7 reputat ... - armor , weapon , helmet and neclake lvl 8 reputat ...
Colorfull ribbon - boots , gauntlet and ring lvl 10 reputat ... - armor , weapon , helmet and neclake lvl 11 reputat ..
otther good for pvp is the element ...
u need train your element for be more strong ...
u buy or trade with otther players new element scrolls for your major or minor skill ...
i'll call the best element for the combos in pvp ...
paladin combos - wood/earth , fire/metal , metal/wood , fire/wood , earth/wood , metal/earth ... this is the best (i think)
assassin combos - earth/metal , metal/earth , water/wood , metal/fire , fire/metal , wood/metal
priest combos - fire/water , metal/earth , earth/metal , water/wood , earth/wood , wood/metal , wood/earth.
wizard combos- metal/wood , metal/earth ,
wizard combos- metal/wood , metal/earth , wood/metal , wood/water , earth/fire , earth/water , earth/metal , water/metal , water/fire , water/earth , fire/metal , fire/wood...
thanks for look my post =)

Post Date: 06:28 01-01-2009
Rating: 10
Author: rakamaru
Comment: In my oppinon pdo is a 10 since ive been addicted since day one. This game is similar games but has those features in them which is what I love this game.

The people I meet in this game are the friendliest in any game i ever played. The liege and vassel is a great and uniqe idea. I say community system
10 out of 10

Now the quest system is about 8 out of 10 since some quest are too hard even if you have a team. I personal like the quests but there are alot of them that take to long and it could be bad for some players since people don't have that much time to play. Also when you gain some items from quest I can't get them out of my inventory which is very bad since I allways have things in my bag.

Since we're done with quests im going to talk about player vs player or pvp. I love the idea that you can switch your mode from peaceful to compete or pk. I love player versus play espeacially in guild wars or bayer war i think it's called. When you go into bayer and get rewards is the best part in it. But my favorite thing in bayer where you go into the area for afkers and get exp.
10 out of 10

Now onto my point of view in this review (hehe I unpurposely rymed)
I love this game more then any i ever played on a computer platform.I will say no one can beat this game for years to come.Though there are problems in this game like the the lag that every one experiences.I kinda (if that's a word) wish mobs or (monsters) drop more money because I'm a newbie ate this game and I'm very poor at this game.The most thing that I dislike about this game is that the reputation lev goes up slowly and I'm a guy that gets caught up in fighting monsters than going on quest. I've seen the wepons that requires reputation at a certain point which cheeses me off because I'm not very into the reputation levels.I would prefer the reputation levs to be lower to be abled for equiping the swords.I though I know that you've increased the exp. but as I earlier I love to train off of monsters intill i'm high enough lev to do all my quests with ease so can you please please eligable for the prize I love this game like no other.I wish you can fix these problems.

My toatl review from is 9.99999 but still no game like any other.I will remain a PDO player for life or intill my computer brakes down till it brakes down
good bye and good night from your friendly neiborhood molorito (my main) happy new years every body hope pdo experiences many more years then any other game will!

Post Date: 17:26 30-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: hozer
Comment: I give this game a ten because its so unique in its own way. There are four classes to choose from such as Paladin, Assassin, Wizard, and Priest. Each of them have unique attributes which help them in their own way. There are also five elements that you can choose for that fits your character they are fire, water, earth, metal, and wood. When you first start off you will choose a major in an element. Each of these increase your characters ability which I think is very unique and like alot. When you hit level 50 you can choose a minor in an element. The quests in this game are flow quite well, even thou the quests get slim around level 55, it is still fun to play because of the PVP action. Pvp is most likely the best aspect of this game and I say this because you don't have the ability to spam pots and such just to keep alive there is a 30 second cooldown so you will have to use technique and knowledge to kill your enemies. Crafting in this game is also a unique feature in this game, there is blacksmithing which creates weapons, Leatherowking which creates helmets and gauntlets, jewel crafting which necklaces and rings, and there is armor crafting which can create armors and boots. The best items in the game can from crafting your own items with unique materials that you can acculumate throughout the game. The community is very helpful if you find the right people, at first you can complet most of the quests by yourself but after awhile with the bosses you might need some help and there are always people willing to help out. There are also alot of fun events that the GM's run within the game which they give out prizes, the prizes aren't much but its fun to do. I really just started playing this game about 2 weeks ago and I feel that this game was the best choice for me and one of the best Free to Play games out there. This game has a lot of potential in the furtue. You should give it a try and see what I am talking about.

Post Date: 08:53 19-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Badboy_
Comment: hey guys how like to play this online game i give som tipps how it is :) it s a cool game its 2d crafic but the places are great they are color full and have always a important rolle(4 quests) - the caraters(wizzard-the cool powerfull guy but weekst defence have a lot of nice looking skills ,paladin nice guy how has a lot off power but not much magic atacks, assasin this careter is prety cool he is smart and can do a lot of stuff like make traps , the priest this carater can sumon monster for helping by the fight and he is the only one who can heal a nother carater- you can couse between 5 elments wood fire water meatl and earht ally carater can youse them is nice too see the caraters with another element because the skills are realy difernt and look totay differnt and gaves all a indiwiduell power :) i hope you join the game the game is only in englisch so you meet a lot of friends from differnt nations dont give up when you dont understand at first you can post in the forum and then you get help :) sorry for my englisch i cant write realy good in englisch but i hope you understand me :)

Post Date: 06:24 12-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: carlo5
Comment: PDO review by carlo5

The game is the best out there. Not only because its history, but cuz each day u spend here u will find new things to do and be happy just for playing it.

Quests: 10/10

There are many quests, u will have much fun and be happy for playing these great game. These game got many quests, u will never see ending to them, and u will never get bored on these much fun game.

Community: 10/10

The community is just the best, they are good people and gentle. There are many people who will help u out and u will never be left out. And it is the best community, there are never fights and all talk properly.

Crafting: 10/10

The crating system is just great. U can make ur own equipment and be the best in short time, with just reading the guides on homepage u can become a master on it.

Pvp: 10/10

The pvp is really good. It is fun and noone can beat everybody, it takes skill to master it. U will never get bored of it, its the best pvp on MMOs.

Bayer War: 10/10

Bayer War is really fun. U can get prizes from it and u never know who will get it. It is well done and anyone can take it with a good strategy. There are no downsides on it, its just too good and very well done.

Personal View

These game is the best. No game can beat it, if u try it u will never leave it. The game system is very well done and the GMs alwayshelp u if u have troubles. The game is very entertaining and u never get bored, because theres no way to get bored, it just too fun and u enjoy every second playing it. Stop wasting ur time on other MMOs u playing and join these great game and community, we all are waiting for u, so come and be happy as we all are.

Post Date: 22:55 19-08-2008
Rating: 9
Author: muhaimenr
Comment: This is one of the best games I have ever played. When I first saw this game, I thought "Naw, this game will suck" But I downloaded it anyway, just to check it out, and I am so glad that I did.

The 2.5D graphics are perfectly synchronized, with hundrerds if not thousands of quests. Each quest gives you botloads of experience, and the leveling rates are virtually notexistent. The skills are numerous and spectacular.

Im not really into PK, but from what ive seen and the little time i spent in it, this was one of the best. Three are many aspects of the game I havent gone into yet, like having mounts, and many quests which I have yet to do.

My recommendation is to check this game out. You wont be dissapointed.

Post Date: 06:39 25-06-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Broken
Comment: If you are familiar to the 2.5D gaming scene, then at first glance PDO looks like it fits the cookie cutter. Delving deeper into the gameplay, however, you soon realize that this is not an ordinary 2.5D "PK everything that moves" style game. The quest system will keep you busy all the way through the 100 levels. There are daily quests that can be done over and over, 1 time quests, and clan quests which can be completed repeatedly to improve your clan.

The skills are numerous and have spectacular graphics. The 5 element system ensures that 2 players of the same class are not necessarily the same. This brings a great amount of diversity that you don't see in most other MMORPG's. Each element for each class has a different skill set. Skills are fixed so you don't have to worry about leveling your skills as well as levelling yourself.

Perhaps the greatest feature of PDO is the impressive clan and state system. As you progress through the game you can claim allegance to a state. This grants you access to defend your state in State War - a massive PK battle where clans of a state work togehter to fight other clans. Clans are allied with a state, or for a fee may become allied to no state. Clan war is an impressive battle ofer several castles that grant your clan numerous benefits. The state/clan system adds an intersting level of complexity to the game, as your interactions with the other states are greatly limited (i.e. you cannot team with anyone who is not in your state).

If PK is your forte, then PDO is the place to be. It features specialized PK arenas (team or free for all) complete with rankings. High ranking on the PK boards comes with special titles and rewards.

If you like 2.5D games and are looking for a game that is easy to play, fun, and always keeps you on your toes, come play PDO. You won't be disappointed.

Post Date: 03:10 24-06-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Lonelywolf
Comment: PDO at first seems like a chore but once you get into it you're creating things like crazy. I found that the quests were a bit boring but later you get better ones, At first you feel like an errand boy. You're running here and there asking people for things but later you can choose what quests you want to do and venture deeper into the world of PDO acquiring new quests as you go. The skills in this game are unique, Each with it's own effect and each with it's strength and weakness. Elemental skills also give it an "Umph" in the direction of Player Killing, And again each has it's own strength and weakness depending to what element you choose giving the game a sort of uniqueness to other games in that area.

Mounts are also unique in this game giving you a very nice selection depending on your element, From Mystical Birds to prowling Tigers each player has their own mount which reflects their character. (Mounts are customisable and have different colours.) I have found throughout my gaming time that 2D games attract me the most and give me the most fun, Games with Great graphics and complicated gameplay dont appeal to me anymore. Simple games like this grab my attention and keep me involved, With a great community and great support you cant go wrong with Phoenix Dynasty Online.

Post Date: 22:46 04-01-2008
Rating: 0
Author: pokefan92
Comment: This is only concept art, the real game is so stupid! it"s 2d!!!!!!!

Post Date: 23:08 02-11-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Darlyle
Comment: I have been playing PDO for about 16 days now.. Currently a level 31 Metal Paladin...
The game as stated above is a Chinese set, state against state game...
There are 4 Classes, Paladin, Assasin, Wizard, And Priest...
Each class has it's own unique style and abilities.

The game has a unique feature, that revolves around 5 elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, And Metal... Each class can major and minor in any one of these elements... Which elements you major and minor in depend on what skills you will use. As I said each is unique.

The graphics are not the best in the world, but are nicely applied to the world... Even a old Toshiba A65 lappy runs it nicely.

The story line has been thought out very well...

Other features include majoring in a life skill...
You can either go to the black smith, and create a weapon with materials you have collected... Or you can major in Black Smithing as your life skill, and make better weapons... Other Life Skills Are: Armor Crafting, Jewel Crafting, Medicine Making, And Alchemy....

Over All, this is a very well designed game...

To get the most out of it, you have to buy PP (Phoenix Points).

I highly recommend this game for someone lookng for something new and fun...

Darlyle - Lvl 31 Metal Paladin... Wudang Temple Guild Member - Title: Vicious Blade.

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