Race War Kingdoms

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A free massively multiplayer game with a huge world, rich graphics, plenty to kill and conquer. Build kingdoms, wage war, slay dragons, craft items, or just chat with new friends.

Total Rating: 2.50
Reviews: 8

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Review Archive

Post Date: 08:10 06-02-2009
Rating: 0
Author: Magic Hobo
Comment: First of all there are no graphics, just some pictures of random monsters and other random stuff. The players are rude and obnoxious, there are no admins or anything to keep order. In order to make a good character for this game, you have to be prepared to spend a lot of money to buy items and unlock new levels. The map is too big with useless amounts of kingdoms, which are impossible to take over from other player, let alone find any other players to PK. There is also no resets, so you will never be able to catch-up, unless (like I said before) you want to pay $100's of dollars. Take my word for it, this game is not worth it at all. The RWK1(glitchless) was so much better than this piece of trash.

Post Date: 14:57 03-08-2006
Rating: 0
Author: massiveowner21
Comment: WOW! lookie here a game with no graphics ^___^ oh yeah my reveiw.


No graphics.
No sound.
Internet links.
No players.
No community.
No story line.
No graphics=No pvp
No characters.
No features.

this game is garbage if you can call it a game.

Post Date: 01:15 17-07-2006
Rating: 0
Author: runerocks
Comment: Worst Game Ever!_______if u want a fun free mmorpg play runescape.

Post Date: 20:14 01-06-2006
Rating: 0
Author: catwings91
Comment: I've played some bad games, but this is the absolute worst. Players are rude, crude, and mouthy, probably because there is no penalty for dying (you lose no EXP or gold) and there is no administrator to enforce civility. You spend hours clicking buttons to get to level 1 so that you can use the chat and become a full player, which isn't so hot because, as I said, the players are generally vulgar as a rule, and especially so to females. This game comes with no instructions, and you are required to ask another player for help if you can't figure it out on your own, and they just might decide to kill you because you're a noob rather than help you.

Post Date: 04:04 03-04-2006
Rating: 0
Author: thorin492
Comment: No one wants to pay 100$ for a game that only has one picture (the map)

Post Date: 18:49 21-11-2005
Rating: 4
Author: slayer0273
Comment: This game can get boring and there is almost no land to build on. if leveling is hard then this game is very dissapointing.

Post Date: 14:54 11-11-2005
Rating: 7
Author: corpse grinder
Comment: ok it takes a lot of time to play this game it is fun but i dont like it that much i sat there for like 3 hours trying to get past level 1 so i can be a actual member and all and i got 1/4 of the way there i dont have all that much time to kill time playing this game if you have time this is a realy good game

Post Date: 03:14 05-09-2005
Rating: 9
Author: Banger
Comment: Although the graphics need a serious upgrade, the gameplay is just awesome.

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