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Ragnarok is an online role-playing game based on Norse mythology. Users can create characters and venture off alone or in groups in far-flung fantasy worlds full of adventure.

Total Rating: 7.98
Reviews: 52

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Review Archive

Post Date: 19:09 01-05-2010
Rating: 8
Author: Regret
Comment: Ragnarok Online is quite a fun game. I was honestly hooked in the beginning because I was just blazing through the low leveled monsters. It was amazingly fun but at the same time I was confused half of the time. After I had blazed through my low levels, I had no idea what to do next. Nothing helped me at all. All the higher leveled people were preoccupied with something else rather than to help me out. So I did what any other MMORPGer would do, grind! I spent hours grinding but I was gaining levels slowly, very very slowly. I decided to stop because the grinding got so boring. I could only train at one place because the other places were either too hard or too easy. I was addicted to this game just in the beginning but later on it got pretty boring. To be honest, I should have looked at some guides or something but I didn't know. If you know what you're doing and know how to read guides, you should play this game because it looks like a keeper.

Post Date: 19:25 13-03-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Abraxas
Comment: Epic game, I've been playing this on and off for 3 years. I've tried pritty much every mmo: World of warcraft,Eve online,FF11 and I'm going to make a bold statement. This game was way funner than those. It just has so many different options in terms of character builds and the guild system is amazing funnest game ever

Post Date: 17:39 23-11-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Astruil
Comment: well this was the first mmorpg that i played , i love everything for it :D the differents skills , the differents races and well , was hard to get good cards ans armors but well i worked a lot on it xD , now i dont play it anymore but this game is awesome.

Post Date: 10:14 06-04-2009
Rating: 8
Author: causeimbored
Comment: I've played many different MMORPGs and I have to say that I prefer this one over all of them. For me, it's not the graphics or storyline. (Both are are good, but not the best out there.) It's the class system.

Nearly every game that I've played, there's no line between jobs. One can choose to be a magic-user one day, then chage to a healer the next. I'd see little novice suddenly use some high level magic and/or swordman skill out of nowhere.
I love the fact that in RO a job is a career. You choose a path and stick to it. Every job has a weakness; no one's all-powerful. Plus, it means that one has to party to get anywhere in this game, making it easier to form friendships.

Post Date: 12:58 01-04-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Bandole
Comment: Ive played it for 3 years, now Im playing WoW of course.

Lots, lots of players in every city, MANY cool places in the world.
WoE is the best thing EVER implemented in MMOs, every single game should have something like it.
Commerce is pretty intense, it looks like a kids game, but its not.
Every single idea in the game was well implemented.

Grind, grind and grind.
You take too long to starting playing WoEs (the best thing in the game.

Post Date: 16:54 27-01-2009
Rating: 10
Author: FreezingHazard
Comment: This game is one of the best, no wait, is the best MMORPG out there currently. I have high beliefs in that, the only reason its not on top is because its hard to understand at first and the game is not quite popular.

Post Date: 03:27 26-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Gamerdudet
Comment: Yo, the only reason the ppl that gave a bad score is cause they don't get the main point or Ro.
All they think is just to kill and level, and just keep going, the a few more skills... NO. THERE IS MORE TO IT THAN THAT. you got many different kinds of jobs to begin with, and they have different parts of the game. And along with that, they got 2 more higher jobs after the first job (and 2 different paths for each job). and along with that, you got MANY different builds to make within each job. For example, A archer can go for all speed and power (agi and dex), or skill power (int and dex/agi). AND ALONG WITH THAT, you got different armor builds and crap. you got a lot in there...


Post Date: 14:43 07-01-2008
Rating: 8
Author: jeejee
Comment: in my opinion one of the best free mmo's. leveling isnt too slow and classes are great. graphics are nice and world is big and colourful. one of the major problems is lack of quests.. (not sure if its that way in official servers, cause i played on free Qro server)
i havent done pvp much excpet that pvp room where all just nuke others like crazy.. i have been in few guild pvp too and i gotta admit that that was great fun. the reason i quit was my character .. i had lvl 70 priest which i found out to be too hard to solo lvl.. if u like mmo's u should try this one out

Post Date: 04:04 07-12-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Kaiton
Comment: The game was really fun for me at first. Once you learn how high the bar is raised, you begin to miss the point of this game and it only becomes a competition of who can get the best items.

Leveling these days in RO is cheap. People find loop holes, and exploit them until the Game Masters finally decide to do anything.

Lots of people buy accounts on ebay, then walk into the game like they are a god. If you take the game as seriously as most RO vets, you find yourself being a really lonely nerd with no life.

Post Date: 09:04 05-12-2007
Rating: 0
Author: moomoocow
Comment: See the comment by 'Evil the Cat' below and you'll know how I feel about this game.

It's sort of fun to begin with, but then it hits you that you're just clicking stuff, hoping it dies, picking up the loot, selling it, buying stuff, repeat repeat so on. You realize you're WASTING YOUR TIME on this game.

Also, you can barely customize your character.


So what, there are going to be 134,452 characters who look JUST LIKE YOU.

No redeeming points for me personally. ZERO.

Post Date: 20:25 24-11-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Beoulve
Comment: Now THIS is a game.

Ragnarok online so many memories.. Its an extremely fun game. With an extremely fun PVP system. Dont mock it because its 2D this game can easily hook you. Thats for sure. The bad thing is that its P2P even though i enjoy this game it isnt worth the money.

The music is fine, its mediocre.

If you ever decide playing this game i suggest you find a ''build'' first.

I had no problems with this game and i found it quite fun its worthwhile.


Post Date: 12:37 21-11-2007
Rating: 5
Author: naoren
Comment: Well, you all don't need to play official RO, well, official ro is fun... I played official Ro, it is good, pRO, kRO, iRO, mRO... It has private server too. Private server is fun because level up very fast and easier to play, and FREE!

This game is awesome, I played online games start at 2000, 7 years of playing, I found RO is the best to play, I start to play RO at 2004 until now, quit because need to study and try play other games.

Post Date: 01:36 14-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: juanchoon
Comment: this game is best than WoW cuz it haves new system game its awesome is the best i hope this game get first place on 1 MMORPG on the world, great work gravity this is the best game and now ragnarok 2 omgg amazing (bow)

Post Date: 02:47 09-08-2007
Rating: 9
Author: xXCheungXx
Comment: go for private servers people.They're free, have their own customs and a huge variety of jobs

Post Date: 14:17 13-07-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Evil the Cat
Comment: This game is only fun for the first few hours.
It becomes boring when you find that there's only combat.I don't know why people like this game.It's always the same thing.Kill,kill,kill, then buy something to help you kill more.
Sure, there's guilds and the War of Emperium, but that's all.The community is bad, there are only powergamers, most people only play to level, not to enjoy the game.
In fact, one of my friends have a hunter lv 86.
The only thing he does in his life is sleep, eat, go to the bathroom and play RO(Most of the time is the last option).
The graphics, however, aren't that bad, actually.
Cartoonish, of course, but at least they're better than Tibia.
There are two major flaws in the game:The fact that the focus is on combat, and the community.
Do you think people will help you?No, if you don't know what a Card does, most people will laugh on you.They won't call you a amateur.They will call you a noob.
Don't expect to see much people roleplaying.Most of the time, they will be saying ridiculous gibberish.
What I want to say with this is....don't play Ragnarok Online if you are human.

Post Date: 11:08 12-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: higyhigy
Comment: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Once I played it there no need for me trying to find all those other games. Great gameplay, graphic ect. This is a million times better than runescape lol(i hate runescape it so boring!)....HIGH PRIEST RULEZ!!!!

Post Date: 05:03 17-04-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Royal Pain
Comment: An interesting and cool game but bores the players when they are already strong :P

Post Date: 21:01 26-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: sassylady
Comment: Proud addict 3 years +, I love this game. You can pay to play or you join the free servers which you have the option of donating to the server. However each server is different. They have many different rates that are set to whatever the admin wants them to be set. The game masters will do some events which anyone can be a part of. it may a pvp event or just a hunt for some type of items. The major draw back to this game is the hackers. They mostly dupe (copy) items. which they can make a pretty profit off of in game. Their are several classes you can pick from in the game. You can also to pick to be a baby class, which appear to be smaller next to the regular classes. Try out different servers, they all are ran differently. Sometimes your starting town will be in pron or it may be in payon. IF you do not like how one server run but you love the game, try a different server. Some servers require that you run a KRO as compared to an IRO client. Read the servers web page and it will tell you what you need for the game. The clients can be a little hard to track down, if you dont know where to go, but in the end its all worth it!

Post Date: 02:16 06-01-2007
Rating: 8
Author: oneyx
Comment: I am an addict to Norse mythology so when i took it up in school i like aced the class :) But if you are lookin for a good game play this one! It is very good. And if you want to learn more about mythology buy " Age of Mythology " its an awsome game.

Post Date: 01:22 31-12-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Miakko
Comment: Arrgh, I love this game!!!! The graphics are great, it overall fun.

Post Date: 20:28 02-12-2006
Rating: 4
Author: IndoAss
Comment: Extremely cheap because when youre a blakc mage and you use like meteor it takes like 20 seconds to actually cast and by thhen the monsters are already attacking you and you are almost dead. and then black mages are so cheap because they just cast fire wall all around them and nohing can get to them.

Post Date: 02:21 03-11-2006
Rating: 8
Author: KayMaster
Comment: Its a good game for a half 2d/3d.The sound is good,battle system is really great,each character has their own advantages,They hav character build stategy(example:assasin can use critical by using 3 soldier skeleton card+3 slot jur or they can use sonic blow by adding a little dex, also they can be a poison based assasin by using 2dagger wich deals more damage than katars,but slower and lower hit rate).the community is nice,the gameworld is really huge.Guild system is really cool.Addictive game(maybe its just me)but i dont really like the monthly fee,its just not worth it.

Post Date: 04:59 08-10-2006
Rating: 6
Author: RPGgamer
Comment: i played the free trial for this and its fun and has a really great community, i also like the graphics even though itsnot fully 3d, its kind of like a old final fantasy type graphics. but for the monthly fee its not really worth it.

Post Date: 06:12 03-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: staple
Comment: one of the best MMORPG~

Post Date: 02:24 16-09-2006
Rating: 10
Author: fargothciA
Comment: the best mmorpg ever created ever no matter what. i played it for a while and its really fun really good community and reallly user friendly. the interface is easy it has a drop down menu with all ur menu buttons sp hp base and job xp and base and job lvls right there extremely easy but the GMs r kinda lazy but its not a problem cause not many ppl need them and the only time their important is when theyr having a find the GM comp.

Post Date: 23:08 14-09-2006
Rating: 7
Author: hellomoto
Comment: looks like a really good game Also Loven how you can get your chars married LOL yea looks like a more developed MS game

Post Date: 15:07 19-07-2006
Rating: 7
Author: xintricate
Comment: very nice game; kind of like a more developed maple story; the classes are basically the same but theres tons more skills and things in ro do, mvping/pvping. Not 3d but not exactly 2d either, some people might not like this style but at least the graphics are aesthetically pleasing and not horrible pixelized things (referring to rs lol). game was fun for a couple months but then i changed to a different private server where the exp was mad jacked up, so got to 99 trascedent in like...2 hours lol. after that the game just lost its appeal for me. (no challenge)

Post Date: 00:07 15-07-2006
Rating: 4
Author: blloodstain-boi
Comment: this game looks alright.... Ive never actually played it BUT i got some reviews from what they said... They said it was a HUGE game wiht loads of stuff to do, lots of classes n weapons... They said it was alright the only draw back was the graphics..... TOTALLY LAME... I Think ragnarok should close for about a couple months so the game desighners can make it a 3-d game. That would make it a million times better... But till then......NO

Post Date: 00:17 21-06-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Dr_Review
Comment: Haha, nice one, tottalyloco! This game looks cool, but has... zelda like graphics how tottalyloco, here, commlimented on it...

[9/10][-1 rates for zeldaish grapics]

Post Date: 10:57 20-05-2006
Rating: 2
Author: tottalyloco
Comment: We all know that zelda had a big impact on the graphics of the game industry...This game is what we call proof.

Post Date: 10:14 28-04-2006
Rating: 10
Author: truelight
Comment: This is an incredible game.

Post Date: 23:33 09-04-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Luem
Comment: i played this game for 7 days but i have to say:i ts so cool and the jobs are coollll,10 of 10!

Post Date: 16:46 27-03-2006
Rating: 9
Author: azn_boi
Comment: I haven t played this game b4 but i ve watched my cuzins play and its a really good game.I just finished rating RS but RO here is better.I m not putting RS down but u gotta admit that RS s graphix compared to RO are terrible.Also in RO u don t lose any equipment wen dying and lvls go past 128 and the hp systems make a lot mor sense and u don t use "runes" and fling ur hands to do magic.This game is like an original how could it even rip off of RS.RO s chat system is also easy to understand and they move the sentence to like this where u type then it puts it in this form if u rote to much.Monsters r also better and the battle system consists of mor then just stab slash or wat ever.Also it has boss monsters that actually drop stuff.RO s lvl systems r easier to use as well.U lvl up faster and there is no need to have a really high lvl to do sumthin.At least i think.(Haven t seen my cuzins play that)U can even private chat in groups this helps the clan alot and u don t have to be retyping like crazy to over 50 other clan members.

Post Date: 06:21 18-03-2006
Rating: 8
Author: hyoni
Comment: This game is great. Its graphic is okay. It is fun as you level up really fast. This also means that you get to learn new skills faster. I loved Mages.. the skill is so great. You can kill the monster around you in just 1 attack. The way it attack with skills is so nice ^^ And the pvp.. This game can also be played for free. Many free server to choose from.

Post Date: 19:06 23-02-2006
Rating: 8
Author: Miranda
Comment: The game itself it quite a lot of fun. Nice system, and great variety of professions and skills. Community is bad, though. Lots of item- and kill-thiefs.

Post Date: 18:45 13-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: ttussok
Comment: sprite based isometric games are always better than their fully 3d competition. These types of games are easier to customize, they don t require massive programming staff, they can easily fix bugs in the game, add new things, etc. The only thing they need a 3d designer for is landscape. Want to add a new monster? Simple, just draw it in 20 different poses, and you re good to go! No need for 2 GB of RAM like most other MMOGs either, and the game starts and runs like magic! Fantastic music too.

Post Date: 03:43 10-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: joey908
Comment: I love this game because it is cute and the graphics are just fine...

Post Date: 03:02 02-02-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Tabbing
Comment: none

Post Date: 14:26 31-01-2006
Rating: 10
Author: NineBlades
Comment: runescape? better? lol that just makes me laugh.

compare the grapgics. is it polygonal? no. they re cell shaded, which has a better look than polygon people you see and play on runescape.

i dont mean to put down runescape, but its graphics and battle style is pathetic.

Post Date: 21:50 31-12-2005
Rating: 0
Author: runescaperocks
Comment: I mean who would play this eh? This looks like a cheap cartoony rip off of rs. How it even made the top 10 is a mystery to me and also 13 bucks a month! Seriously, who would play this?

RuneScape is better =P

Post Date: 23:15 30-12-2005
Rating: 10
Author: holeymoley
Comment: this is one of the best games i have ever played in my whole life! it surely deserves a 10. by the way if u didnt know theres a free version of ragnarok. no pay. just download and play. the site is: clownphobia.com. it has less servers but way more items than the regular paying one. it does take a awful lot of time to download. took me 7 hours. might take u guys less. even though its free its totally virus free, its just like the paying version, except less servers. and its legal.

Post Date: 19:11 12-11-2005
Rating: 7
Author: Denn
Comment: Long download, I had to download serveral programs to get it. Took me 3 days with my DSL. I enjoyed the game though. I like the anime based characters and it s easy to figure out what is worth what and what quests you need to do and where to train. Not the best because I tried this on several severs and most of them are under constant maintanence.

Post Date: 02:17 31-10-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Swift
Comment: I have spent 6 months straight addicted to this game. Where the game lacks in full modern 3d graphics and free gameplay it makes up for in community. Everyone is nice (99%) and it is extremely ez to "pick up and play". Altohugh I quit b/c of GW and the news that Ragnarok Online 2 is coming out next year. There is one major flaw though. You need to be a high lvl (80-100) to stand a chance in the guild wars. Guildwars over castles among the land is amazing PvP gameplay. Yet the GRIND it takes to reach that fun outways the rewards. In short, this is one of my favorite MMORPGS and like Zooland said "one of the greatest MMORPGS of all times.

Post Date: 05:33 26-10-2005
Rating: 10
Author: Zoolad
Comment: I can t see why this game isnt on the top 10 MMORPGS. Compared to Runescape, this game is absolutely amazing. Great, simple battle system (does vaguely resemble that of Diablo); the class system is awesome; visuals are great; sound is great; the 2d characters demonstrates an excellent use of Anime (Japanese Animation). I say this game should be one of the greatest MMORPGS of all times.

Post Date: 18:52 24-10-2005
Rating: 9
Author: visitor
Comment: ive always liked this game.. but i never played it cuz i have to pay. but wouldnt it be cool if they let u pay by phone and they charge it in ur phone bill?....well.. maybe not.

Post Date: 15:35 15-10-2005
Rating: 9
Author: Dirge
Comment: CONCEPT: Become involved in a simple though entertaining storyline. Choose from an aray of various classes and battle many innovative monsters. RATING:T, mild violence, mild sexual content. ANIMATION: 8 of 10 GOOD SIDE: buetiful enviroments, good stat custimaztion, and interresting techniques. BAD SIDE: bad player support. SOUND:10 of 10

Soooo...would you want to be a selfless knight, who sides with his fellow race without fail? Or the mysterious theif, whose true intentions are unknown to any but him? these and many other options are open to You in Ragnarock. When you choose to become someone or perform an action, it WILL effect your future. just keep that in mind...

Ragnarock has plently of monsters and ways to bring them down, and an easy to learn battle system. things are a bit to expensive, but otherwise a good RPG. If u like this game i also recomend going to Rose.com, which offers another masterpiece by Gravity.

Post Date: 16:09 09-09-2005
Rating: 8
Author: kawaiikaren27
Comment: Very cool game. There are an endless array of things to do. The story is amazingly simple and easy to follow and the maps have wonderful details. Gravity has brought to life another world in this game. Lots of cute equipments and special skills to unlock. :)

Post Date: 00:04 05-09-2005
Rating: 8
Author: gameboy man
Comment: this is a kool game nothin to amazing though

Post Date: 21:04 25-06-2005
Rating: 9
Author: grunger
Comment: great game!

Post Date: 21:56 22-06-2005
Rating: 9
Author: Mr. Peel
Comment: Fun game but a little too cartoon-like for me to give a perfect score.

Post Date: 17:56 22-06-2005
Rating: 10
Comment: none

Post Date: 03:10 02-06-2005
Rating: 10
Author: cpt2
Comment: An awsome game kinda like Dungeons & Dragons

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