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The Realms of Loria is a totally free online role-playing game experience. It is Browser based, and no plugin required. It is known as the ONLY RPG of its kind with high quality 2-D graphics. Start out as one of six unique base classes, explore a vast world, fight monsters, help the side of good, evil, or just stay neutral! Level up and gain spells, weapons, armor, powers, and unique abilities! The game is still in the works, and is getting better every day!

Total Rating: 7.00
Reviews: 4

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Post Date: 19:31 23-01-2013
Rating: 7
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: This production is a free online browser RPG game so we dont need to dawnload ant instaler. In game we can choose bettwen six unique classes. In game we have meny oportunities to choose our way to become most powerfull and greatest player. We can explore very big world, fight with many types of monsters. Like in many RPG games we can choose are we going to fight on side good or bad. While gaming our character will be leveling and gaining new items, abilites and spells. I think that this game is very nice and give big fun from playing. My rate of this game is 7/10 :)

Post Date: 04:53 11-03-2011
Rating: 7
Author: EcLuD
Comment: typical RPG web upload experience, fight, collect items .. clear no download is required everything is web .. is the only comfortable .. 7 / 10

Post Date: 08:38 07-11-2010
Rating: 5
Author: ceralen
Comment: nice and easy to play

Post Date: 05:52 19-01-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Demisemiquaver
Comment: This is a very imaginative game which is in development.

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