Redline Rumble

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Redline Rumble is a fun quick and small racing game created by Shockwave. You begin with 1 car but race against other computer controlled races to win there cars. There are nine different racers you may battle at the start your aim is defeat them all and win there cars but be careful each time it gets harder and on the higher levels you might find yourself with the police.

Total Rating: 5.00
Reviews: 1

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Post Date: 03:11 14-01-2009
Rating: 5
Author: alistaly
Comment: An ok game for a flash game but its also very fun which makes it better. Yes it is a small game and can be beaten very quickly but it's also pretty fun to race the other cars even though there computer controlled. Its also has some alright features they added to the cars like nitrous on the last 2. Its an ok game but since its a flash its a bit better than ok that is why im rating a 5.5/10 since it's a flash game but if it was to be downloaded i think it would deserve and 2.5/10 to 3/10 depending on download size if it was to be downloaded.

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