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RuneScape is a massive 3d multiplayer adventure, with monsters to kill, quests to complete, and treasure to win. You control your own character who will improve and become more powerful the more you play. RuneScape's graphics have been improved with the introduction of RuneScape High Detail (HD).

Total Rating: 5.37
Reviews: 1321

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Review Archive

Post Date: 19:04 29-06-2010
Rating: 7
Author: Cleanser
Comment: I've played this game for a longgggggg time, have the max level you can currently get, and have skills to match the amount of time I've played the game. In the honest truth, I find myself constantly looking for other things to do as I play the game. With it being a browser based game, it makes it easy for me to surf the web or watch basically anything that's on just to go through the seemingly endless leveling one must go through to surpass levels higher than 80. The only reason I keep playing this game right now honestly is because of a few key friends that make me laugh and want to spend more time with them. I don't wanna make a huge comment about the game but if you're interested in playing it know this: without friends that you know either in real life that will play or in game friends who actually aren't 10 year old rich kids (most likely fat too) with common human regard, the game can get boring fast. Because though of the regular updates and the company trying to reach out to the players, I will give it a 7 overall.

Post Date: 22:23 25-06-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Ichigohollowfied
Comment: Its a great game, Dungeoneering added a lot of new features to the game, and on the second dungeoneering update its going to add even more. I do think it needs to be changed a lot because Jagex doesn't listen to their people....OH and I hate PVP! lolz. skilling for the win! (sad face @ rating because we won the golden joystick last year lol....)

Post Date: 16:34 24-06-2010
Rating: 8
Author: sharkmenteam
Comment: I must say this is quite an impressive game. I can't say it is the best, but this is certainly not bad.
All you people who keep on posting that it is bad probably means you haven't even played it or experienced a tenth of the game.
Many people keep talking about the graphics problem, which in case you haven't noticed has already been upgraded, and one thing about this game is the quest system. It clearly is unique, and really makes you think other than simple and dull quests as in 'Go kill 10 of these monsters' or 'Collect ten of these items'.
But a bad thing about this game is the community, if you dont have friends (in real life or in game) to accompany you, you'd seriously have some trouble pulling through. The behavior of most of the players really tick you off. But as I said, if you have friends with you, it is much better.
Also, it might be kind of boring at the start, but once you get to mid-to-high levels, everything is much more fun.
I know all of this because I have played this before, I've tried out members version, and I must say, there are TONS of cool features and mini-games such as Pest Control, Castle Wars, and much more.
Try this game out!!

Post Date: 16:11 17-06-2010
Rating: 8
Author: khalloud1997
Comment: runescape is filled with alot of animation, adventures, quests, raids, friends, and a great community wich you can call as (friend like) but coming to recovering a account could be a little hard >.< (ask a tryer) :P, and way i think it is a really good game and you should try it, of course there is a free gameplay method and there is a "members" method wich is pay to play, of course the free to play is kinda boring coming with time reaching the really high level and stuff.. still its really fun to try.. coming to members.. for a web based massively multiplayers i rate it just as i rate worldofwarcraft a HUGE ammounts of skills to train even making your own house and inviting chicks!! ;), making potions fishing swimming discovering the great seas and lands and gods and bosses its really terrific!. coming to the fighting style, for non members its really. nothing to talk about.. just normal nothing "special" with it.. but to members you could use gods weapons special attacks really awesome destructing power spells ranging using cannons old style weapons its like a dream come true when becoming a member,im sure you will be a little exited about all this speech , but still you will not find much for free members , well i could just say its.. FULL OF ADVENTURES! and really awesome but with an end. give a try to the game and have fun :)

Post Date: 16:15 04-06-2010
Rating: 4
Author: gamefreak5656
Comment: Community 1/5 - Terrible community. If your an adult or anyone above the age of 14 you will not enjoy what is in store for you. Constant E-Peen and leet speek followed by a poor selection of clans will leave you expecting more.

Graphics 2.5/5 - The graphics are among the worst you will see for a MMORPG. Do not expect anything above extreme mediocrity here. They are however not demanding on the PC and are based on a quickly loading broswer format, which does mean this deserves a pass.

Sound 3.5/5 - Is unfortunately the best aspect of the game.

Storyline/Lore 0/5 - There is no story line or lore.

Content 3.5/5 - There is a lot to do, tons of quests etc. Some of them make you think and are quite involved. This is an appealing aspect of the game.

PvP/PvE/Combat 1/5 - Has to be the worst combat I've seen in any of the MMOs I've played. Even classics such as Meridian were better than this.

Development 3/5 - Things are constantly being added and buffed up, to no real avail on the general gameplay though.

Gameplay 2.5/5 - Do not expect lightning bolts here. The gameplay is point and click, and after a few hours can become very dry. It will not leave you with a sense that you want to play more.

Overall 49% - This game does really not deserve a pass. The community and the gameplay really bring down the aspects of the game that could make it unique and worth playing. I would not recommend this game to first timers or the experienced gamer. This will not leave you with a good impression.

Post Date: 17:47 01-06-2010
Rating: 5
Author: 506dude
Comment: runescape is a browser mmo which gets very repetive and boring. First of all the graphics are terrible. I know you can not judge a game by graphics but they are. It is a click game which means you have to use the mouse to move.
This makes me frustrated and mad. The worlds are open but takes to long to travel. Also you have limited running, which means it counts down from 100 to 0 when you run. It might look bad but the truth is yes it is bad. Ok at first then all of it is crap.

Post Date: 20:22 30-05-2010
Rating: 9
Author: BT786
Comment: What can I say about this game? It's come a long way.

Players can fight monsters for Combat XP in this case Ranged, Attack, Strength, Defense, and Magic. You can make money by cutting wood, fishing or mining. There are other fun skills such as Stealing (thief), Hunting, Dugeoneering, Slayer.. then there are building skills such as Smithing, Fletching and Runecrafting. You can build your own house and have a wide range of things to do in the game.

There are many many monsters but they all have cheap names and can kill you fast.

boring part of the game is almost everything. It's a massive grindfest and skills can get old really really fast.

PvP is outstanding. They now have tournaments were players can play for cash, yet it soaks up alot of time training for it.

Post Date: 21:32 28-05-2010
Rating: 10
Author: A7x Cyanide
Comment: Ok, I have been checking the rating and comments of others. There are some people saying within an hour, they quit then rate it low. That is not an excuse.

Have you ever became member?
Ever hasd a total level of 1k?
Didn't think so.
If you haven't experienced the game overall, then don't judge it poorly.

Runescape is a great game in many ways.
~Browser Game.
~Free, with option to play $7 a month.
~24 Skills to train, including the new Dungeoneering Skill.
~Epic Gameplay
~HD, People are still thinking Runescape has crappy graphics, well no. They upgraded everything.

Overall the game is a great game.

Post Date: 13:59 25-05-2010
Rating: 7
Author: Xardin
Comment: I personally think this game is nice, i played it back in 2003 and quited in 2004 because my member expire......
well, it still a great game with many stuff to do, except the fact that you need money to play. other than that, this game has a nice gameplay to it. People who like games due to their grahpich might not like this very much and find it childish, but for real gamer out there that ignore the fact it has bad graphic, they will find this game entertaining

Post Date: 03:17 19-05-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Ichigohollowfied
Comment: I have played for 3 years, really good imo. but it does sorta suck thx to pvp -.-

Post Date: 05:02 26-04-2010
Rating: 0
Author: ice grim reaper
Comment: Too bad Runescape is still one of the most loved and hated game in gaming history(begin in the 1970's).Sure it got great graphics,but I don't care about graphics!And it's browser based.Those are the pros of Runescape!

Fighting in Runescape is click and wait and switching weapons and attacks.
Skills are just click,click,click.You don't need to focus on doing skills,just wait and see.
Weapons are broing looking.
Too few weapons.
PVP is boring
Monsters are a bit ugly and boring looking.
Quest and Storyline is boring.
And more stuff why Runescape suck!

Post Date: 04:33 25-04-2010
Rating: 4
Author: boredum1029
Comment: runescape was fun for a while then i realized that my fingers hurt from SO MUCH CLICKING *twitch* *twitch* anyway... it really fun until u finish all the free quest and u get to a higher lvl then u need membership or it is completely pointless
nobody ever talks, quest barely do anything xp wise and everything so expensive...
i bought member ship and...
a bunch of people alk to you, quest give around 10k-1000k xp to each stat and (its magic!) you get money so much easier to buy the still expensive things, you can finally do other quest type things.

so wat im trying to say is this game is fun but to get anything u needa be a member. but even with membership u still can only have 1 char per account which gets annoying cause it u get bored u needa make another account to redo everything. so i give a 4.

Post Date: 04:41 15-04-2010
Rating: 10
Author: kirsion
Comment: I don't know why people rate sooo low, because they never played it before, play it from 2005 and you LOVE this game, god damn, too bad it sucks atm. I have so many fond memories of this... no joke

Post Date: 00:34 11-04-2010
Rating: 1
Author: clydeaglide
Comment: RUnescape has gone down the drain limiting item trade by cost i remember when u could have newer people working under you and u could by and sell how ever you wanted. Grand exchange stops inflation in runescape and made it a very communistic game if anyone could figure out how to: (a) make jagex make some servers for us that liked the old ways or (b) make a private runescape server with all the same thing as runescape and no mods

Post Date: 22:40 09-04-2010
Rating: 8
Author: cygnus17
Comment: Runescape is a 3D... ok i don't know what the graphics are called because they are.. interesting. The game is pretty good if your bored. It's full of monsters you never even thought about( or you ever need to). The one thing that sucks about this game is that the only way to acually enjoy this game is to buy the member's expansion which is about 6-7$ a month. It's full of these quests that will take you further into this giant story which leads to this other story which will lead to a huge story that practically leads back to the old story because the company probably ran out of twinkies to eat. This game says it's the 1# MULTIPLAYER game... ok if I told them that 114,100 is probably less than what other MMORPGS population rate is they would cry or maybe try and rape a rock in my backyard( they can do that now :O)Let me tell you I play runescape. I still do( the only reason my laptop broke) it's good in some ways but in others such as classes nah.

1.Questing good
2.The Mods are friendly( just not friendly about sharing twinkies)
3.The minigames acually entertain some people who like watching numbers pop out of people's chests
4. This whole constitution damage change is beyond me but people seem to like it.

NAHHHHH( Not to play)


Post Date: 16:57 02-04-2010
Rating: 2
Author: Alper123
Comment: Very boring. Quit after 20 mins of playing.

Post Date: 12:25 28-03-2010
Rating: 5
Author: Papertrail
Comment: i actually agree with endo322the graphics arent bad but the gameplay is just strait up boring , yes theres alot of thing to do but it takes a full half year to 99 something ... i calculated it if a player plays atleast 2 hours a day

Post Date: 04:03 24-03-2010
Rating: 2
Author: endo322
Comment: No matter what you"re doing in this game, all that is involved is waiting, waiting and more waiting. How do you mine? Click the rock and wait. How do you pvp? Click the enemy player and wait. How do you cook/craft/quest? You guessed it! Click and wait click and wait click and wait.

This game was good back in the day when the graphics were 2d and it was virtually the only mmorpg on the market. But now it"s just sad. Good if you want to waste some time every once in a while, but if you"re looking for a game to actually play and enjoy, then you need to search elsewhere.

Post Date: 21:57 14-03-2010
Rating: 10
Author: jsdodgers
Comment: Z0mg runescape is the best game ever i play 76 hours a day 8 days a week it pwns everyone should play it!!! ITs only $350 to be a member for 70 months!!

Post Date: 23:24 13-03-2010
Rating: 8
Author: psufootball
Comment: One of the best free to play MMORPG's out there. RuneScape has skills, quests, clans, minigames, etc. all in the free version! Then you go to the pay to play version and its simply overwhelming. The only downside is the grinding that you must do at the beginning of the game, but once your up on your feet, its hours and hours of fun!

Post Date: 18:35 06-03-2010
Rating: 2
Author: elvis10909
Comment: its alright until lvl 50 when all you do is defend strike cast spell ive heard it was more cool before as in easier to make money and get xp.

Post Date: 20:01 21-02-2010
Rating: 5
Author: seattlelove
Comment: This Game is not how it used to be. The fruition of the game was 5 years ago. I no longer play. It has been 3 years that I haven't.
The game lost me when they cut PK. That was one of the most fun aspects of the game. So When I tried to play again I learned of server PK's which are no fun b/c all you find is people with NO life and constantly play this game.. There is a trade limit now which is incredibly stupid. This game is fun for awhile but it has limited to many things.

Post Date: 15:54 17-02-2010
Rating: 3
Author: blastoise466
Comment: look i rly DO NOT care about the graphics as much as you do but you must get it that this game is the combining of AQ and that habbo hotel(a game where you can add friends play minigames) and this makes it suck. I say what you do:

hmm open RS. then go to milk a cow. Then do fletching. Yay you skill up fletching and level up! Now you can make silver arrows!! Then you milk some cow. Sell it. Then do some fishing to gold. Then you kill some monster.

and a story based on WoW:

you are a dranei and went to exodar you learned a new skill and got a new bow. Then you used the PvP tool find some enemies and fight with them. How exciting.Then you went to dungeon to lv up and got a unique item.

DON'T you see.You just do some lumbercutting when you lv up the skill and now you can cut magic trees. and zoraxbrooks in number 2 it is crazy

Post Date: 01:53 14-02-2010
Rating: 10
Author: zoraxbrooks
Comment: runescape may have worse graphics than all those downloadable games,you may think tht the community sucks,you might think that the grind leveling& combat system sucks; but let me tell you:
1) the graphics in downloadable games are good, but, paired with the fact that NOBODY says anything to you that ever has anything to do with anything other than trading, or going humting/killing on them, really good graphics make me feel disconnected to the game.

2)most of the comunity actualy talks to eachother about JUST STUFF, ?!IS THAT CRAZY?!?(sarcasm), its nice to see other ppl talking, to see that THEY DO HAVE A LIFE,(especialy because if they didnt have a life, they wouldnt be playing...
as they would be dead)

3)you dnot need to wroy buot splling wehn yur triying toi takl fgast


5)grind leveling is somewhat more realistic, its not like you can get really good at math and then thrade your experience in math for athletic skill:|

6)having a life has nothing to do with non dangerous activities.

if your not convinced, then use YOUR life hopwever you want

Post Date: 17:40 01-02-2010
Rating: 7
Author: komgred
Comment: Graphics: Sure the graphics may not be as super as AoC but you have to take into consideration that it is browser based and made in java. Since the launching of the HD version of RS the visuals are simply amazing. Great lighting effects, the cities seem to come to life, environments stand out and it is just simply amazing for a browser game. 8/10

Gameplay: What can I say? Extreme grind? Yep you heard me. It is extremely annoying to just click and wait for 28 inventory spaces to fill up and then run to the bank and back to the spot to wait again. When you first play the game it was just awesome as you can level any way you want but after 55+ the xp becomes tedious and there is only one way to level up efficiently. With the huge amount of skills to change your attention, the grind shouldn't b much of a problem. Lots of skills makes it this game addictive. Combat is boring as it is always the same animation used for the different styles of attack. Good thing is that you can be a mage, warrior or ranged or even all three if you prefer not to be a pure as this is an important factor in pvp. I absolutely love PvP is RS, it constantly makes you think all the time. You need to change weapons at the right time and quickly activate the right prayer to reduce some damage. This is a warning, pking is addictive in this game. Quests are not your traditional 'kill/collect x amount' quests. The quests in RS provide an actual story and some resemble famous stories in books. With the cut scenes in quests it will provide an unforgettable experience especially the grandmaster quests (2 so far have been released). 8/10

Community: Some are good but most are bad. You get a lot of spoilt kids in this game, the rich kind. It's only virtual money, it's not going to benefit you in any way. Once you find some nice people you will be friends with them for a long time. Once your members prepare to make a lot more friends as they are an extremely friendly community. 6/10

Music: It is good but often annoying so I normally play RS with the sound off. I only turn it on when I do quests as the music is just simply amazing especially when you do the 'While Guthix sleeps' quest. 7/10

Over all: 7/10

It may not be one of those super games but if your new to MMO's then try this game as it will lead you to bigger better MMO's.

Post Date: 00:15 28-01-2010
Rating: 10
Author: grublex
Comment: Runescape is the best game ever!

Post Date: 15:58 23-01-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Bhittersweet
Comment: This is the most awesome gam ever. It blows any other game out of the water!! it will get even more populer when the POHs come out and when everquest closes up shop. Everquest should get killed by the burning crusade. The remaining players that didnt go to wow will go to runescape. Thus making it more popular!! Whats tibia anyway! i dont see that on the highscores this game rocks better than ay other mmo (maple story and ragonack online look like stupid rip offs maple story cant even run on mozila and ragonack online cant doesent have a free fersion and is like 13 to 14 bucks a month)the only one that that can come even close to how good this is is wow Thats why you install virus protection for it (combined all of member s reviews into one)

Post Date: 15:56 23-01-2010
Rating: 10
Author: sandmasny
Comment: This was my first online game. I got addicted and burnt out. Even though many will say "errr this game stinks" it is actually a very big, in depth game. Let down by graphics and community. Graphics: Not very good. You get use to them though. There not really somthing you go MY EYES HURT, but if your use to other graphics that are better. You might dislike them. Sound: Battle sounds are poor. Swords sound like metal agaisnt tin. Monsters growel when they attack, all they do. When you get hit the sound that is made doesn"t even sound human. Very poor. Music on the other hand is very nice. Cheerful and suits the mood well. I personally like it alot. Gameplay is a mix of many things. You have a million possible things that can be done. Chop wood, eat, cook, fight, fish, go PvPing. But after you"ve done it all its reapeat again and again to get to the next level. Community- Poor. You"ll meet some good people. Usally new people. Its a game that you wouldn"t put your trust into anyone. Grinding is a big thing and making money is hard to come by. This leads people to scam you in trade and to back stab you in PvP. Even if there are adults playing they dont show it. Childish people all around. You might even come to the point you feel you have to scam others as well. Hacking is common to. Lasting Appeal- addictive. If you get hooked you"ll be at it for a while. Though if your playing in the free world you"ll be about lvl 40-50 intill you reach a point where nothing is new. You basically have to become a member. If you do become a member the world is expanded 10 fold and updates with new quests and items are very frequent. Verdict - 7. If another game came out with better graphics id give it a go. If you have time on your hands give it a go. If not i wouldn"t even try this. At lvl 50 things take hours to lvl just one thing. It"s very good in some points, terrible at others.

Post Date: 08:40 23-01-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Mighty t
Comment: WOW!! This is the game that all mmorpg's want to be like!
Runescape should easily make it to the final

Post Date: 20:01 22-01-2010
Rating: 10
Author: jaredkrfm
Comment: LOL, why do you bother disrespecting this game? Cause you were scammed or die too much? sure.. Scamming aint cool but your a spaz if you let that affect your initial interest in the game. Scammers exist everywhere, thats a fact of life... anyway, as for the graphics.. they are good - if you have dialup and you disrespect this game for having poor graphics your a nerd! Does anyone honestly expect a game with amazing graphics and storyline to be free? Not only that, all you need is java and wait a little while for the browser to load this game. I have spent hours downloading and reviewing numerous mmorpgs, infact I have wasted more time downloading games then playing them, because the quality is poor and the task is time consuming. All & all boys and girls is this game is by far the BEST free version game on the net. ( especially for the unfortunate dialup users ) Here is a thought for all the geeks who love to disrespect runescape; Walk into the computer shop and spend $50+ on a game that may interest you. either way you will grow bored and disrespect that game, and then complain.. " oh the hacks man the hacks.. i got hacked i got scammed! " well, it was fun while it lasted.. Maplestory is a sorry game, you spent 10times longer downloading it and the game is 10times shorter.. better combat system? by what.. as opposed to tapping ctrl or shift repeatedly?

Post Date: 19:59 22-01-2010
Rating: 10
Author: markxemsn
Comment: I have to say first that I ve played this game for over 2 years and have gone through several accounts in RS1 and RS2. It is a wonderful and epic way for many youngsters to begin their MMORPG hobbies. By this I mean there are bigger, better MMORPGs for nearly every age group. The quests are entertaining and comical, and the multi-skill system keeps players busy and it constantly rewards them. I never thought I d grow so addicted to this charming little "MMO that could" to the point where I d be playing it so long. As far as the amount of items and weapons go, it s pretty wide. The NPC combat is fun and easy to manage, but I d like to not hit so many 0s at Lvl 65 on some dumb Goblin. As much as I want to say only good things about this low-budget baggy of joy, I also want to say the negative side quite a bit. The list is VERY long, thus giving this baggy of joy a hole of anquish... For one, the economy in members and free is... bad. Unless you ve been playing the game since it came out, you ll be running around listening to the cruel voice of the high level players burning down your high hopes with high-priced items that should really only be like... Nothing. And anyone who is reading this knows damn well what I mean if you ve played the game for atleast a few weeks. Another problem is the annoying language filter that will block out your text almost randomly... For a game that consists of animated blood and heavy drinking, YOU WOULD THINK THEY D ATLEAST LET YOU SAY BUTT! Another thing is that nearly everyone playing this game is a lazy 10-year-old that will verbally harass, scam, and spam you... >:( Seriously, everyone is out to get you O_O Nevertheless, one major problem remains... It s horribly unbalanced. EXAMPLE: Lvl 30 can kill you on Lvl 70 just because he brings along tons of food, which he ll constantly eat, and runes to shoot the "Rigged to Hell UBER-SPELLS" at you at such a high speed you can t react because of all the lag. Then you wake up in Lumbridge after surrendering your hard-earned Rune Platebody to some stupid kid with a Lvl 70 Magic! C mon Jagex! The whole point of being a spellcaster is to be weak and easy to kill by a strong melee juggarnaut once you engage in hand-to-hand. This is where the ability to plug in any kind of armor and learn any skill once you get the required stats has its giant gaping hole of n00bish ego... Once again, unless you re one of those 10-year-old idiots who blames their own stupidity on hackers and bugs, YOU KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT I MEAN! Despite all the horrid mistakes Jagex made when they planned this MMO, I give it a 7 just because I had a lot of fun while it lasted... As soon as the new Ranger and Mage "toys" were released (disgusting), I packed my MMO bags, flipped the bird to Jagex s masterpiece, and moved onto WoW... BTW- The same goes to for both Free and Member servers. I also would ve voted it to be Best Free Online Game of 2004...

Post Date: 19:57 22-01-2010
Rating: 10
Author: lilyuffie
Comment: really what is it with people and graphics? I freakin played a good graphic game and most of the players arent on the dang comps! Also u n00bs giving 0s and just saying stupid stuff about graphics... u sicken me!!!! OK I"ve cooled down now on to the rating... sound:2/10 okay well u get the idea gameplay:4/10 click... quests:9/10 100+ quests and most give out good stuff u know!(F2p has only one quest with good reward but still...) graphics:... i dont care about graphics moving on addiction: well at least we aint on drugs runescape has a economy that has inflation and prices going this and that; i wouldnt be suprised if theres a "great depression" or something. people that gave a zero to this game should try and get off lindsey lohan or paris hilton.and this game is adapting to people around the globe, they have german now! some parts of this game that noobdy has is the players DECIDING HOW RUNESCAPE SHOULD BE PLAYED LIKE(ss riot of 07) also the community wont help u cuz the awnswer is getting ur tiny brain working and WORK IT OUT YOURSELF. So all u whiners and complainers and paris hiltion obssers get ur lazy but on the chair and just play without sound and everything u hate. Also if u h8 the community just turn ur public chat off(best to just go to a empty world, trust me)

Post Date: 19:54 22-01-2010
Rating: 10
Author: jakebar
Comment: Most people think this game is totally lame, but i have been playing for about 4 years now and i have got to know the game. it started with classic, very poxy graphics pritty dodgy and now theres runescape2 basicly the 3d version with better graphics then the classic game. This game can be very addictive once you have your levels up. You can talk to people make friends and add them to your buddy list, so when they are online you can send them private messages and meet up with them. There is also a and ignore list so people can talk to you which will come in handy. BEWARE: there are alot of snobs on the game which you can stop by reporting abuse, but once you level up you wont be called a noob as much and it should"nt be too bad. There are also alot of scammers so you shouldn"t give out detials including passwords or even your personal details, if you do it can be very dangerous. Dont feel too bad if they call you a noob. Most of the people on the game don"t know the meaning of the word. It actually means newbie or new person. You"ll mostly get called this if your under level 45 or so. Once you get to know the game it is really fun. Also runescape is totally free unless you upgrade to a membership which goes up to $12 depending on where you come from. Members is much funner, you can go to a whole new area and will take more than a month subscirption to explore it. So getting members on runescape is alot cheaper than basicly all of the other games, and is worthit. Runescapes graphics arnt that great but there not as bad as dragon fable or diablo and you can change the veiw too. But they are always updating there graphics and soon there will be a better version of runescape. Runscape is probally the best free un-downloadable game so far, it"s like a mini game of W.O.W . You can move your person around by clicking on where ever you want it to move, so it"s much better then Adventure Quest and other games like that. When you die from battling, you end up in the same place every time, so you dont have to go back and collect your sole and i wouldnt bother about getting your stuff you lost (unless it was uncrowded and close to you) because ass soon as you die someones taken your stuff. Overall runescape is a very good game for people without broadband, and you dont have to pay for it or download it monthly And the reason there are younger kids playing is because last year the rule of being 13 and over to play wasnt there. There are also alot of adults addited to the game, I know tons of people that are over 17 years of age playing. I think runescape has came a far way and i have been looking for about a year now for a game that is small download and like runescape, and not many free sites can beat it. So i gave runescape a 10/10 i could go on all day about runscapes features but that would take too long, so if you really want to know more about the game, make an account for yourself and search the manual of Runescape, U"ll be suprised.

Post Date: 19:53 22-01-2010
Rating: 10
Author: xenyuno
Comment: Having played RuneScape for four years and being a member for three, I have a fairly good understanding of RuneScape and have seen how it has developed over time. RuneScape has many good aspects, but yes like every game it does have bad aspects as well. The graphics may not be the best, but RuneScape has brilliant story lines, which not on their own make up for the lack of advanced graphics. You have to take into account on the graphics that RuneScape is a java based browser game and can be played from almost any computer with internet access (this is ignoring network banning) and due to not having advanced graphics does not require a powerful grpahics card to run well and smoothly. The RuneScape community has rocketed in size and now has over a million members. I must admit, even on members worlds the sense of community, politeness, helpfulness and kindness has overall decreased, but that"s what happens to expanding games, a game becomes popular and undesirables come with that popularity. The economy is in a bit of a mess with discontinued items reaching plain ridiculous prices now and updates causing big problems. However, this can all be overlooked if you want to. RuneScape can require you to use your brain and even teach you things if you want to, but only if you don"t use fansites regulary. Examples being the Quests (of which there are over 100), Mini-Quests and Mini-Games. The PvP is in bad shape, but it is hard to improve it as RuneScape is updated so frequently. The skills may be a very big grindfest, probably one of the longest around, they do change a bit and can be interesting and you get an enormous sense of achievement when you reach a goal. RuneScape is updated almost every week, a great increase from four years ago, making it one of most, if not the most vastly changing games around. I am giving RuneScape 10, because despite its many bad aspects and flaws, I think they are vastly outweighed by the good aspects and that is why I have been playing so long. I advise you aleast try the free version. Beware, RuneScape can be VERY addictive.

Post Date: 19:50 22-01-2010
Rating: 10
Author: sorksnelman
Comment: great game!!! for all you who are giving it a low rating: 1. because the graphics=the graphics arent that bad for a f2p, sure alot of games have better graphics, but rs graphics are better than some games(maple stpry, which is lame) and besides the gameplay is awsome. also if you play games like w.o.w (world of warcraft) i dont blame you for giving it a bad rating (compared to w.o.w runescape is lame) But if you play games like maple story well then...YOU NEED HELP!! ive seen flash games on addicting games 10 times better than maple story 2. its addicting=what!?!?!? you give it a bad rating because its addicting! that doesnt make much sence if a terrible game is addicting. the reason why its addicting is because its a good game. 3.scamming= you have to be stupid to get scammed(like "give me ur best item and i will give you money for free)(this being after you give them ur item) how stupid do you have to be?!? 4.everybody is meen= well the reason why alot of ppl are meen is because there are so many ppl playing it. there has to be some mean ppl if there is so many ppl. chances are there will be. 5. not enough quests (not much for non-members)=well its not that there is too little things for non-members, its that for non-members you get the basics and a little more too. there are some games ive seen where there are no quests and there isnt even bows! (eternal lands, no offence) for the quests i find it very hard to believe that ppl say they beet all the quests by lvl 25. reason being is because the lowest player to beet the hardest quest is lvl 37 (highscores). the average person beets the hardest quest at lvl 45-50 so i add-mit the game gets boring after about lvl 60 because you beet every quest at lvl 45 then you start getting bored then you start doing random things like running through the pk maps yelling "wilderness ruuun!!!!!" so fine the game will get boring after lvl 60 (i think that all games once you play for a while you start you get bored) but then its time to start something new!:)

Post Date: 19:32 22-01-2010
Rating: 10
Author: sarkgkin
Comment: The world of runescape isnt actually as bad as the people here make it out.. so it takes time to actually train and mae money and if u played longer ur richer thats how its suppose to be u just know the game and can make money. I can bet that half of the people who have said its hard to make money havent played for over a month. Once the game is learned and u spend time training money comes very easily. And yes i have played WOW and i played it for 2 days maybe 3 and i just stopped. i seen about 5 people maybe in the world i was in and also all you did was attack things and skin them requiring nothing and no skill to do it. The leveling in RS i think was made very well so it takes a month to get a skill to max out at 99... once you aheive the skill you can buy a cape that shows ur acheivement and u make a load of cash depending on the skill. I agree the graphics could be better on Runescape much better to the technology today and yes runescape did lose many many many players when pking was taken away , i dont play as much because of pking now but when i do get on now i have more enthusiasm to play because im not on as much as when i was player killing. I beileve this is a very well made game and if you are annoyed by the "10" year olds that play this game they made the ignore system for a reason use it and turn ur chat on freinds .. problem solved. Give runescape a try take time to play u wont level up max skills in a year u wont get bored if u mix it up a little and have freinds to talk to while u do ur thing.

Post Date: 14:47 17-01-2010
Rating: 6
Author: bernlak
Comment: I hate killing stuff, because all you do is click and watch until it kills you or you kill it.
What I do like is the PvP, because a vast majority of the players are under 18, and they take things to seriously... so I pk and watch them lose their items. (and imagine them getting upset)

Post Date: 13:41 17-01-2010
Rating: 8
Author: lord jack
Comment: ill rate this for my top 3 games ever!!! when i was younger

Post Date: 11:51 12-01-2010
Rating: 6
Author: Vzionn
Comment: I thought the graphics were terrible, the clothes and people looked tacky, and I am not sure how many hours I spent getting to level 85.

But something kept me staying and paying real money and even though I have quit for awhile now, I recommend anyone who has time to waste.

Post Date: 08:26 09-01-2010
Rating: 0
Author: mmorpggamer815
Comment: The gameplay graphics and stuff was ok. But the game is full of immature name calling 10 year old immature brats who have no respect whatsoever. So i quit after 2 months.

Post Date: 04:28 05-01-2010
Rating: 2
Author: govols1t
Comment: There are so many great free games out there that there is no reason to play this one. The game itself in F2P mode is ok, for a little while, but the players that play this game are the bottom of the barrel. If there is order in the gamer world, then people who play runescape cling to the lowest rung.

The PVP is soooo bad that people call you a 'safer' for eating too early. Seriously, people insult you for not letting them kill you and then run away calling you a coward. I get the issue, which is that pvp in general is an eating contest, but the players make people go to other games. The group PVP is better and can be quite fun, but it is so hard to organize.

As far as high end PVE content goes - there is none in F2P. Once you finish the initial quests you are done with the game, unless you want to mindlessly grind for no reason.

The game does have one interesting part, which is that you can PVP at level 20 and up. I had some good fun with a low level toon in the bounty hunter worlds, but eventually the fun got real old and I got really tired of the of the people who cried when they lost or felt that you weren't PVPing the right way. How can a game mechanic be sooo bad thay players have to invent their own rules to make it work?

Post Date: 03:46 03-01-2010
Rating: 0
Author: WoWftw
Comment: This game sucks. The graphics are terrible. When you fight stuff, all you do is click and wait for it to die or you to die. It also takes forever for new players to get arrows and runes. This game is perfect for you if you have no friends.

Post Date: 14:25 01-01-2010
Rating: 7
Author: EggOrBacon
Comment: As others have said, the graphics are fine. As a client game, the graphics are pretty good I'd say. However, I stopped playing this game, last week, in fact. The community really let me down in my opinion. The mods are unhelpful now, and Jagex seem to apply more Pmods to every random person. They may as well take it out of a hat.

Here's my opinion of this game, as I feel I should give a long review for a game I spent 7 years on. (Getting hacked several times along the process)

Graphics: Since Jagex have released HD, I feel the graphics are fairly good, considering you don't need to download the game. However, I still feel they can be improved 7.5/10

Community: Several worlds can be fairly okay, but the lack of respect I feel players have now is frustrating. I was always being asked for free stuff from lower level players, everyone swears, and although Jagex try their hardest to stop this, you can still swear an awful lot. The rich, high leveled players, on the other hand, are vain, and snobby, and they do not give any help at all. Although I found a few players that are different to this, I found it hard to, unless I was a high leveled player myself.
There are hackers everywhere on this game, and it's even more frustrating. Over 7 years I have been hacked 9 times, due to keyloggers and the like. I've even lost two accounts from it, which makes all my hard work seem pointless.

Sorry Jagex, but for a game you think the community is the core of your game, it's not a very good one. 2/10 at a struggle.


I found the audio fun to listen to at first, with a wide array of different music to unlock and listen to. Although it can get annoying at times, I can just switch between my music player and Runescape. The fighting sounds are mediocre, but the whip sound is fairly annoying now, as other players next to the person wielding the whip can hear it too, and it sounds like a screech rather than a whip being flicked. The sounds can be turned off too however.

I'll admit, I was impressed with audio, from the dawn of my arrival to Runescape. :) 9/10


The quests, in my opinion, are fantastic. They are great fun to complete, the rewards are mediocre, and the questlines themselves are imaginative and well thought out. There are also a wide focus of quests to choose from, with new ones being released every few weeks. This is the sort of thing I found fun in Runescape. The new diaries are great fun too. 9/10

The gameplay is decent too, although the amount of grinding with each skill, I found exceptional. Although there are a wide range of skills to choose from, each one takes a fair few hours to get to a decent level. Some even take days, or weeks.
However, like me, if this is your sort of thing, you will love the skills available. Great fun with the minigames too, which take your mind off the grinding involved.

Gameplay gets a 7/10 from me.


The F2P is fun, and not limited. However, you can't experience the most out of Runescape, as a lot of the great things require a monthly membership. However, overall, it's a good game to play for an F2per. 6/10

P2P: The membership is low, and great to buy. The new skills and things that are now for P2pers is amazing, and new releases get put out every couple of weeks, which makes it even better. Although, once you run out of membership, you will find F2P very hard, due to lack of bank space. 7/10

PVP: Although I rarely PVPed, the PVP system is now poor. Due to RWT, jagex have limitated the rewards from PVP, and lost a lot of commited players when they changed the game. However, PVP is still very fun to play, and gives a great experience to the game. 6/10

So, overall, I like this game, but the community really let it down for me, which is a pity. This long review sums it up for me.

Avg score: 6.68 -> 7.

Would be higher if the players didn't ruin the game as much. An incredible pity. However, a fascinating and intriguing game to play for a range of audiences.

Post Date: 03:53 30-12-2009
Rating: 10
Author: hrong98
Comment: Hey, for a massive MMORPG that don't require a download, i'll say its pretty darn good

Post Date: 19:13 29-12-2009
Rating: 7
Author: lord jack
Comment: These are my thoughts of runescape:



fighting fun:9/10


Post Date: 13:25 29-12-2009
Rating: 6
Author: Master jack
Comment: I think runescape is pretty good but after a certain amount of time it lacks intrest.But i have to say a lot of people are saying the graphics are bad,but in my opinion i think tthe graphics are fine.

Post Date: 04:07 27-12-2009
Rating: 2
Author: rekras
Comment: i agree with most of this stuff said by neeyick and tasori. they do need to make adjustments like getting rid of the trade limit and making day and night. as an avid player of runescape, it sucks because its hard to level up after all ur quests are done then pretty much all there is to do is kill stand around or chop down trees. its pointless and neverending but a good timewaster

Post Date: 23:50 23-12-2009
Rating: 10
Author: tasori
Comment: ATTENTION! all you people who have played mmorpg's this is not the game for you! honestly this game was made to help out and prepare noobs to mmorpg's so for those of you who are veteran mmorpg players this is not for you....enough said...

Post Date: 16:05 23-12-2009
Rating: 1
Author: neeyick
Comment: i just got back to playing this game and if a game this gay can keep me hooked for this long jagex might have actually had a brain...
with all the skills to grind on and your life to throw away and the quests(if your a member)..cuz there are 2 f2p quests...or thats how it seems. and what the hell is with the trade limit???????????????????????????????????
why the hell do we need a trade limit???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
at least it made the market better if your trying to make money off of killing stuff..but the trade limit???i mean what the fuck???????????
and the combat system is gay. you can click on a monster and go off and eat chips and then come back and it will be dead............NO SKILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and pretty much all of the rest sucks.
the only good thing is membership which is why im giving this a 1...

Post Date: 15:45 21-12-2009
Rating: 8
Author: punkychilla
Comment: Overall this is one of my favorite games of all I have played. It is fair to the player in the sense you can free play and get a good idea of whether your interest will hold before you lay down your money. The death penalty is a tad harsh since even your peripheral eq is pretty pricey at higher levels so replacing them can be problematical if one has bad luck in combat.
There is so much content for paying players that my advice is to take occasional breaks from the game just to prevent burnout.
I am also pleased to say that the folks in the forum seem to be decent and willing to answer questions courteously.

Post Date: 21:59 19-12-2009
Rating: 5
Author: Mirkwood3
Comment: I have played RuneScape for almost six years, and I have seen a lot. In response to what Cutinglife said earlier, he is partially wrong. RuneScape has been out for more than 7 years, so he's not one of the original players. Zezima was not either. His history and main events of RuneScape are wrong. Teh Fally Massacre was a bug with Cursed You's house, when he was the first player to achieve 99 Construction. I remember I attended his party, but then later I got bored and headed to Varrock. I heard about the massacre, and Mods kept shouting to tell everyone to log off. These were Player-Mods, but eventually the Jagex Mods came and banned the main guy, Duriel.

Now, for my review of RuneScape.

This was a great game, well at least it was two years ago. It was pretty much the time of the new skill Hunter and some Farming and Slayer. But then along came a new CEO, and he promised some new stuff, a more vocal Jagex team, and a lot of other stuff, but that really hasn't happened. We haven't had a new skill in like two years. They have one, but it's not due for another half year or so. Updates make the game fun, but lately, they have stunk. They have been getting worse and worse for the past year.

RuneScape was so much better with the old PvP system. Jagex took it away becasue of Real World Traders (RWT) who traded money and used people's credit cards for RuneScape Gold. The elimination of the PvP Wilderness system was terrible, and instead we got a lame Bounty Hunter Crater, but then now a re-vamped PvP system that stinks even more. The Trade limit obviously limits you being able to make your prices, so you are dependant upon the Grand Exchange for selling your wares. The prices fluctuate, and the PvP system creates higher prices for food, potions, runes, and gear. Prices have increased for so many items, and players can either get really rich or really broke off the G.E.

However, the graphics have changed throughout the years. The RuneScape HD looks really nice now. The Music isn't that bad either.

The quests are long and challenging, but can be fun. The minigames are really exciting, and there are over 25.

It's hard to make it past the first stage of the game as a noob at levels 3-40, but after that, it's really fun. The high-level content has gotten better, with Grandmaster Quests and some elite areas. But the one thing that changes the game is being a member or not. Being a member let's you explore at least five times more stuff, and it's really so much more to see and do. It's only $6.00, so it's considerably less than other MMO's.

Overall, it's a fun, yet addicting game that has room to improve, but it's definitely not how it was a few years ago. If I was doing this a few years ago, I would have rated 10/10.

Post Date: 08:32 15-12-2009
Rating: 5
Author: whiting1289
Comment: Errmm... I’ve already done a review for Runescape, so this is not really a review but to get something strait that Cutinglife said...

1.) He was not one of the first Runescape players since he says that he has only been around for 7 years when Runescape came out in 2001 and is 9 years old.

2.) Runescape never had a hacking problem, unless you call hacking idiots downloading keyloggers because they tried to buy items from goldfarmer sites...

3.) That so called (small) riot that happened when they did all those disliked updates was not even a huge event at all... The only riots that were huge was the very first ever riot when they said that they would ban user’s using SwiftSwitch and that Pking riot when they deleted PvP for a while.

4.) The Fally Massacre was not even a hack, it was just a simple bug that was found by pure luck, only about 20 or so people could attack other players because of this bug, and only one attacked people, the rest just reported it. And only about 2 or maybe 30 were killed.

So don't believe an idiot that made up so many lies.

Oh and off topic from what I was saying, isn’t it funny that the only users that give Runescape a low rating have immature names or only write at most ten word and have grammar and spelling skills an 8 year old would be proud of.

Post Date: 04:04 13-12-2009
Rating: 5
Author: Silence18
Comment: Endless gameplay, loads of content, fun by your self and with friends. 5 of 5 stars. Highly recommended, especially the membership, easily the best value for any online game. Preferred over World of Warcraft and other MMORPGs.

Post Date: 20:11 26-11-2009
Rating: 8
Author: gamermaster2
Comment: runescape is very good but the trade limit has made it worse but i like it anyways.
P.S. if you are bored of runescape email me your user and your password:)

Post Date: 01:51 25-11-2009
Rating: 5
Author: Hippie408
Comment: Well, some people say its a bad version of WoW, this originated before WoW. Its browser-based, so of course not the best graphics (although its the best game you'll ever get if you don't have a good hard drive/RAM). It has tons of gameplay, weekly updates, very involved devolopers/staff. They actually take suggestions and it doesn't take them years to add them. Different events. I enjoyed it for years, but yes. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of other MMOs after now beta-testing a new game, Grand Fantasia. One game, Rappelz, had a great community of users. The game developers weren't focued on the American servers, so people complained a lot to them, but to other players, they were very nice and helpful. This made me realize how not good of a community RS has. Don't get me wrong, some of my best online-friends play RS, and I like them a lot. I'm lv120 with a couple 99s, so I've played a long time. But lately? It seems like there are so many, for a good term, noobs. Just plain noobs. They're either immature, complainy, don't realize anything, or just have no common sense. So lately, I've been back to RuneScape classic (yes, I'm an old player, they recently re-released it for 2 weeks for new members, but I used to play it as well), because RSC seems to have a more mature community, seeing as on the old servers, all members are at least 4 years older than they were then they joined. That pretty much guarantees an age group of 15+. Its much more relaxed, with just simpler game play, nice members, etc. Also no trade limit and pking is still there, which some people complain about in the latest RS (which I don't mind, pking was unfair to those who actually did everything they could in the game, not just grind in 3 skills so you can kill people in 3 hits that are 40 levels higher than you).

So if we jump back about 2 years, I'd give it a 10/10, no question. Right now? Maybe a 7 or 8 out of 10. Not really sure. Its a good game, but my friends and I have come up with many ideas that could be easily implicated into the game that wouldn't be that hard to code and wouldn't have any negative effects to the economy, etc. (I used to code a lot in RuneScape Private Servers, or RSPS, don't call me a loser or cheater because of this, I did it to open up my imagination on RS and add ideas I would've liked.) When I coded RSPS, I learned the basics of how Jagex codes (RSPS's are coded differently than REAL RS, but its the same programming language, so you can see similarities.)

Anyways, thats my review. Its terribly long, I'm sorry. But thats my overview on the game. Oh, and by the way. I'm only 13. I consider myself to be more mature on MMOs then most of the 14/15 year olds, and in some cases, even people older than that.

Post Date: 01:14 24-11-2009
Rating: 2
Author: Stupidfart
Comment: This game used to be fun, until the introduction of PvP. After the trade limit shit started to rush into the game, all of the sudden it turned into a skilling mecha. Snooty 12-year-olds walked around with there level 99 skills which took them days of sitting in front of the computer clicking.

In it's hay-day, I would've rated this game a 10 with no question. But the community turned snooty, and prices are starting to sky-rocket thanks to the trade limit, the Grand Exchange, and the PvP update.

My overall rating right now would be a 2/10.

Post Date: 18:47 23-11-2009
Rating: 7
Author: anymotion
Comment: Fun game, but members get the bulk of equipment, skills, quests, and items. Very member oriented, but a good game.

Post Date: 02:14 20-11-2009
Rating: 2
Author: ice grim reaper
Comment: I only good things about Runescape for a browser game is the graphics,skills and chat.Everything else is very terrible!

Post Date: 16:56 15-11-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Dracoprye321
Comment: well,if your not a member this game will get really boring.but this is one of the only 3d mmorpg thats basically a bit free,AND MEMBERS IS UNFAIR!!!!!!!!but its still fun and addicting

Post Date: 01:42 12-11-2009
Rating: 10
Author: gamermaster2
Comment: Runescape is a really gooood game and have really good graphics for a browser game. i like it a lot.
P.S:if you get bored of it email your user and pass to [email protected] so that account dont get lost forever.

Post Date: 17:33 03-11-2009
Rating: 4
Author: Turiko
Comment: I played runescape for quite a few years (5 or so), but i quit due to WOW-ification.

There's no longer a free in-game market, graphics were "updated" (they look worse now) and the updates keep aiming at a lower and lower age of players.

In a nutshell, put your kid/little brother/little sister on it, but it's nothing for anyone 13+, even tough it advertises as a teen game.

Post Date: 10:52 27-10-2009
Rating: 10
Author: teerere
Comment: It is fun at first but continuing it gets boring. But the only thing making it good is the UPDATES the updates are monthly and are great. Events are also always different.


Post Date: 15:25 26-10-2009
Rating: 10
Author: nas275
Comment: With Runescape, you either love it or you hate it. If you can see past the slightly worse graphics and combat (compared to other MMO's) then it's possibly the best game I've ever played. It's certainly the one I've played the most, and it's by far the largest, with thousands of hours of things you can do, plus weekly updates, a thriving community and, on the whole, a rewarding experience.

The Free-to-play version isn't very big, but is enough for a decent game that's worth about a 6 or 7. When you're pay-to-play though, there's so much stuff you can do, once you've played it for a few hours, you're absolutely hooked.

It's 'childish' image also isn't justified. Nearly everyone I talk to on it is either in high school, college, university or employment (i.e. 15+). That's more mature than a lot of other games I know.

So Runescape definitely deserves a 10 :)

Post Date: 21:59 15-10-2009
Rating: 0
Author: slo1506
Comment: Crap, crap and more crap, u wanna play with little kids (not like that pedos) this is your game, seriously crap.

Post Date: 23:08 11-10-2009
Rating: 1
Author: Yuge87
Comment: this is just a terrible version of WOW

Post Date: 05:18 22-09-2009
Rating: 0
Author: Mrhappy
Comment: This game is horrible, graphics suck, gameplay sucks, process of life and death sucks. Pretty much almost all of this game sucks, would only recommend it to those who really suck at other, more complex MMOs. To them, and anyone under the age of 10, this is the game for you. Everyone else, go play a real MMO (and no, not necessarily WoW, cause that pretty much sucks after a month or so tops). Just pick any other more interesting game.

Post Date: 21:13 20-09-2009
Rating: 10
Author: fsadfasdfdsafdsaf
Comment: Best game in the world!!!!!!! Those of u who give 7"s and under r idiots and fools!

Post Date: 15:36 10-09-2009
Rating: 10
Author: VaLiA99-RuneScape
Comment: I have been playing RuneScape for ever 5 years and get bored but still play,I have big goals,lots of friend and thanks to it I'm popular on YouTube I'm happy of the new graphics becouse of it,RuneScape gained over 500thousend players in 2008 and there are less ass holes that say it sucks. RuneScape for life!

Post Date: 00:10 10-09-2009
Rating: 5
Author: cybermunk
Comment: Played for about 2 years got bored by the monotone actions and quit playing.

All scores are up to 5
Gameplay: 3
Graphics: 3
Quests: 3
Overall: 3 From me below i give it a 5

Post Date: 14:01 31-08-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Hyp47
Comment: This was my 1 mmorpg i ever played, after that iv tried other 10 f2p mmo's n serioulsy this was the one who made me play for longer n have 100x more fun, know with HD graphics its awesome!

This should be 1# not guild wars...

n btw this is the MOST POPULAR fps mmorpg in the world, now in the

Post Date: 18:41 21-08-2009
Rating: 7
Author: Matt5069
Comment: this used to be my fav game ever. The graphics are good and everything. But quite honestly the game is limited if u dont pay. As a non member you get like a tenth of the full RS world. And once u hit a certain lvl u kind of stop there b/c the non memebr monsters lvls only go so high. I stuggled getting to lvl 40 because after that the only monsters left were too high of lvls (like 60+) Then when ur a member it gets kind of overwhelming at first because of all the places u can go and all the quests and u just want to see everything before u have to stop paying again. Much of the member world is only accesible by completing a quest, and member ones are usually pretty long. Also the traveling takes forever. I was on one end of the map then for a quest i had to go to the other end and that took like an hour of walking/running. Its a good game dont get me wrong, but if u dont plan on paying its not very much worth it except for holidays. And theres no updates for non members except for stuff like graphics and that small stuff, not like new quests or items. Those are members only. and once u stop paying ur member stuff is useless (i lost everything in my bank except for my money when i canceled my subscription)

Post Date: 03:41 18-08-2009
Rating: 5
Author: kingsblade42100
Comment: this game sucks becuase once u die ur most important items will go away and u will need to recover them and i died by some old lady and i got pissed off

i only gave it a five because besides that its got great fighting and graphics and even the weapons and sometimes the quests

Post Date: 05:12 16-08-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Bonscott
Comment: qaz (2nd comment below) pretty much summed it up. overall a good game, does just about everything well (not related to sound, that is).

Post Date: 23:55 12-08-2009
Rating: 8
Author: allen12
Comment: For about 5 years, I played Runescape. The overall game isn't bad, but there are a couple of flaws.

Graphics and Sounds - 6/10

The actual graphics aren't the best ones, but they are pretty good, considering it is a free, browser-based, and Java-written game. Awesome 3D graphics in HD mode. No big complaints here.

The sound is not very inviting. The music will want to kill you. There might be a couple of exceptions, but most music will make your ears bleed. The sound effects aren't that great, either. It's just really bad.

Gameplay: Free-to-Play - 7/10

When you first start playing Runescape, you will like it, and may get addicted. After a few months or so, you will start to get REALLY bored. The stats are extremely repetitive. Getting a skill to 99 isn't hard, but more annoying and repetitive.

Game updates happen about once every two weeks or so, more often with members, but they don't pay too much attention to the Free-To-Players.

Although there are many things to do in the Free-to-Play world, you will still get BORED. After a year of playing Free-to-Play, you will either like it and subscribe to members, quit the game, or just stay being Free-To-Play forever, and be bored.

Gameplay: Pay-To-Play - 10/10

You can choose to subscribe to members starting from a mere $5.99 a month. If you like it, I highly recommend you to subscribe, because Free-To-Play isn't very good.

Pay-To-Play overall, is AWESOME! There are a lot of things to keep you busy. You can play hours a day for years, and can probably only complete half of what is there to be done! There are 8 more interesting skills to train, adding to the fun.

I don't have much to say on the subject of Pay-To-Play, but you can subscribe yourself, and see how good it is.

Community - 5/10

Although the community actually has been improving over the years, it's still not too good.

You will always expect to see someone shouting "Hey n00b, what's that? Why would you wear bronze armor? I got 6 sets of full zammy, n00b. Ok, cya!" This is not untrue. If you play about a couple of hours a day, you will most likely see someone saying things like that. The best thing to do is to ignore it, even if they're saying it to you. However, a few years ago, there were people saying things like that almost anywhere you go! Overall, the community need improvement.

Overall - 8/10

Runescape is a fun and interesting MMORPG. While the sound and free-to-play gameplay does need improvement, it's always nice to see Jagex making a bit of effort to fix that.

However, effort isn't enough in an MMORPG. I do admit that Runescape has been steadily going downhill for a while, starting with the removal of the wilderness and trade limits.

Post Date: 19:46 07-08-2009
Rating: 8
Author: qaz32152
Comment: I have played Runescape for many years and have played many MMOs. I am not going to rate a specific area, but give you cons a pros.

**Grapihics** - The graphics are not the best, but with HD it is better. The graphics gives the game a real feel of a RPG, except it's 3D.


1. Less lag due to small graphics.
2. Graphics makes the game look like a real RPG.


1. No eye candy.
2. Does not compare to the beautiful graphics of some games.
3. Characters look too similar.
4. Fighting animations are simple

**Gameplay** - The game play is really good. There are many quests and monsters to fight. The Mini games provide both a means to relax and train.


1. Vast amount of skills.
2. Vast amount of mini games, including PvP mini games.
3. Vast amount of quests, very low grinding.
4. Three basic "Classes", Class are based off of a combat triangle. Classes are not official.
5. New run interface, can rest and run replenishes quicker.
6. Being a member will keep you busy for years.
7. Easy to get around the world. There are so many ways to get from one place to another. Quests can unlock new unique ways of travel such as fairy rings, spirit trees, hot air balloons, etc...
8. Grand exchange allows for easy merchanting and a quick way to sell something in high demand. The website shows a 30 day, 90 day, and 180 day price change in the market.
9. Variety of environments ranging from jungles to polar wastelands.
10. Easy for new people to learn the game.
11. Content is always being added, about once a week.
12. Easy and simple interface
13. Vary interactive environment
14. Major quests have a worldwide storyline
15. Can lend items temporarily
16. Can "assist" by "lending" the use of some of your skill levels. (example: I assist someone with smithing when i have 55 smithing. They can make items that require up to level 55 smothing)
17. Loot share
18. In-game clan interface


1. You can't jump, sorry people.
2. Skills can take forever, but some quests unlock easier and quick ways to level up.
3. Some item don't reflect the prices of the raw materials it take to make them.
4. You can't swim.(Except in a few areas)
5. You can't fly.
6. Limited trade. Non-quest people can only trade 3,000 gp worth of items
7. No more wilderness

Post Date: 12:52 05-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: pures0
Comment: I have played this game on and off for the better part of 7 years now making many accounts and many friends. As all games do it has its draw backs and for this game unfortunately it is the developers. There is also a huge immaturiy level issue among the newer players but among the older players there are still very good communities and overall is just a fun place to hang out with friends. The good points of the game include many different things to do at any given time, there is almost always something to keep you occupied. And for a non downloadable game it has some of the best graphics i have seen. the soundtracks suck, but tie into the time period of the game fairly well. As far as people saying you're a nerd for playing it, it comes with the territory. they are normally people who tried it but never really gave the game a chance. I will admit i didn't like it much either when i started, the creators do a poor job of giving you way too much information way to fast and putting you into a completely new world with almost no information at all. It took me almost a month to realize how most things in f2p worked, and once i finally got members i spent the better half of 3 months exploring.

overall a really good and cheap game to play if you give it a chance, though f2p options do run out quick if you don't enjoy just training stats or pking

Post Date: 18:38 04-08-2009
Rating: 7
Author: mkwiigunit
Comment: Definately most well known game in the gaming community. The reason everybody says that this game sucks, is most likely because they got made fun of for playing it, the reason why everybody gets made fun of for playing this game is because everybody played when they were younger, and this game is for all ages, so basically the people who got good at this game kept playing it, then everybody made fun of them. This game isn't that bad, lol everyone just thinks it is, because they got made fun of, I give it a 7 for its all around good concept, the skills are great because if u don't like getting a high combat level u can just make money and buy cool items and make an awsome looking character. But the game is really boring after a while unless u become a member, if you have decided to play this game, definately become a member. But back to the rating, other than the skills, the game isn't really that great, so i'll give it a 7 just based on the excellent skills

Post Date: 04:51 02-08-2009
Rating: 0
Author: pjk999
Comment: its a horrible game i just gave it a 4 to be niice i played it once its nice now that it has hd graghics now but its still looks like crapi made it too a high level with BOT..... ITS FREKING IMPOSSIBLE TO LEVEL.. JUST PLAY BUT THERE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! its gameplay is crud you hit then enimie hits you and only certains areas you can team togetherwitch is stupid unlike WoW YOU KNOW WHAT THIS GAME IS CRAP DONT PLAY IM CHANGEING MY RATING TO 3 NO 2 THIS GAME IS f$#%$^&$%&* S#%$#$^^ JUST A 0

Post Date: 02:58 28-07-2009
Rating: 2
Author: Cutinglife
Comment: Runescape. That word brings about several memory's. I was one of the first original players of Runescape. Throughout the seven years that i've played that game I had my dislikes and my likes. Runescape Classic was a upgrade for everyone in the Rpg online gaming world. (7/10) Party hats were introduced along with several other rare items which control all gold flow in the current Runescape. Then they brought to us the new version Runescape and the graphics were unbeleivable at the time for any online gamer that didnt want to download a game. Sure there were several bugs but most were fixed over time. I had the amazing privilage of being a Runescape Moderator. The extra updates of new skills and armor made the game worth playing. I had all the party hats x2 and so much money i didnt know what to do with it. The constant updates and quests and items made the game amazingly fun. I thought that perhaps the game would never lose interest in my eyes. It was then in about 2007 the game turned downhill for me. It had its up and downs with hackers and scammers before but Jagex's idea of making the game "Safe" made the game boring. Item dropping disappeared, PvP(Wildy) was gone, The "Idea" of a pure was erased from history, and several new rules made it worse. It was that day that thousands of players quit runescape along with myself. I dropped 1.2Billion in items and gold at Falador in World Two. After my leave, runescape did do a way better job improving its graphics but only for the interest in bringing back players. Runescape is still dull in my opinion. If you want? to waste years of your life playing this game then by all means go for it. I advice f2p for a year before deciding to p2p. If you like wasting time in detailed no download rpg games? This is your game.

History of runescape. The two major events that shook Runescape itself.
-Falador Massacre- This was one of the worst days in the history of runescape. Someone hacked runescape and made everything pvp. Chaos and savagery ran through the streets and the woods of runescape. No one was safe from getting attacked. The only thing you could do was bank your items before you died. Billions in items were lost. Thousands of people died. The worst but most exilerating day of runescape.
-Runescape Rebellion- The day that runescape decided to take away so many privilages from runescape members is beyond me. This day everyone was yelling and screaming at jagex. Even i a Moderator along with several others were very upset and mad. Thousands of players quit. People were selling items way under price for practically free. I dropped 1.2Billion in items and gold. The rebellion itself had no effect on jagex. They kept there retarded rules, and made several ways of runescape life disapear from existance such as merchanting, pvping, clan battles, and several others.

This is my report on runescape. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Post Date: 01:35 26-07-2009
Rating: 2
Author: neeyick
Comment: im sorry i gave this such a high rating it deserves a 2

Post Date: 19:56 24-07-2009
Rating: 6
Author: neeyick
Comment: f2p rating: 1/10
i cannot stress enough that f2p gets boring all too fast. there are a few quests that you can finish in a day or two. then there are the stats that are very boring without p2p privelages. also most of runescape is off limits too f2p people. its just not that fun..
p2p rating: 8/10
this is the much better part of runescape. there are many quests to do which keep you entertained [but some of them do suck].
there are more skills to do. some you can make major money off of.
the world to explore is now massive which is fun for a while.
its also easier to make money.
secondary rating essentials:
music: 1/10. its aweful. i used everytime i played
community: -4000/10. you cant even get out of your respawn point without being called a noob and everyone acts like a 2 year old.
graphics: 7/10. not the best ive seen but they are pretty dang good.
entertainment: 4/10. theres just nothing exciting about the game. the attack styles are lame and the skill training is boring.

this is a great game for preteens but if you are 13+ years of age i wouldnt even try this.

Post Date: 19:06 23-07-2009
Rating: 8
Author: doghot45
Comment: Ive played rs for at least 3 years, but i recomand doing free stuff for at least a year, then its really wortrh paying 5.95 a month for a members acount, so the world is like tripled, and theres soooooo much more u can do, but it is very addicting and if u play it i recomand sals realm of runescape for ur runescape guide. SAVE THE ICECAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post Date: 20:56 19-07-2009
Rating: 5
Author: kenny83195
Comment: I have been playing RuneScape for a few years now. It is a fun game and I recommend it for ages 11+. Yes I would rather have PKing and trading back but JAGeX has been trying to improve many of its skills. It doesn't have the greatest graphics, but it will keep you occupied for quite a few hours. The game is just as fun as a free user. Membership is an unnecessary luxary. Most people complain too much about the graphics and the loss of many things that were most enjoyable. 150+ quests and 28 skills and thousands of hours worth of fun.

The thing that I think is the most best thing would be the unlimited possibilites to change your character. Many different armors, weapons, and even stylish clothes. The HD portion of the game is just outstanding. It's no World of Warcraft but they are still great. I think everyone needs to give the people at JAGeX a break. I mean, Blizzard (WoW creators) consists of hundreds of employees. While JAGeX has I don't know like 50? The graphics are great the way they are.

Post Date: 00:37 19-07-2009
Rating: 0
Author: GroundHogg
Comment: The gaming community is awful, people who play the game treat you like garbage. The Moderators take pleasure in screwing with your character, bugs that cause you to die and lose stuff are ignored by the snooty staff of Jagex corp.

They have a "no return policy", which means when the staff feel like killing you off (and they will) then you lose stuff that took ages to aquire. This keeps you subscribed, so you spend more time as a member to get back what they took away.

When the political winds shift, so does your charcters trasure drop rate and expect the staff to kill off your charcter (if you live other than in the UK...) when they feel like it. Its part of the whole snotty runescape attitude, and people have made these guys millionaires, while they dole out a teasure item ounce in a millenia, and kill you off if they feel like it.

I think I might visit the staff of Jagex in Cambridge, maybe what those peoipel need is aface to face encounter to keep them from taking out thier abuse on thier customers.

Post Date: 04:41 15-07-2009
Rating: 4
Author: boody2010
Comment: ok i tried this game and the only question i got how the hell it got an award and its on 2nd place like its graphics sux hard and i usally dnt care about graphics but if its tht bad ..... i did acharcter and i looked like a begger tried all te customization but well didnt work and i tried it on the hd mode so... it sux hard i know u can fish and then cook it and all tht gr8 stuff but its attack animation sux movment sux and its gameplay sux like wth is when i die every thing in my inventory falls and so wat i should put all my stuff in the bank and hve nothing so tht in case i died i dnt lose somethign important for all those who r playing this well good luck but for this to achieve 2nd place is....... and oh i dnt care if it has low requirments just upgrade ur pcs well i will rate it 4 cuz even so horrible game play and graphics u can do alot of things so.....

Post Date: 18:24 12-07-2009
Rating: 7
Author: anigous
Comment: SubxZero, "Jagex has gone mad with banning accounts, and making strict changes to eliminate macro users", isn't mad. They want to keep at least some form of economy, and whats wrong with pvp servers, do you hate them because you can't lure unsuspecting low level players? PvP servers act like some form of wildy. Why don't you just go to the wildy and spawn in a pvp server there. What was so great about the wildy that the pvp server doesn't have? Yes I am a long time player, so I'm disappointed about the wilderness being removed. Oh well, soul wars and the like are very fun.

What subxzero MEANS to say
Many skills to macro on making it fun(to afk) if i'm not in the mood to sell gold thats it.

Post Date: 23:09 01-07-2009
Rating: 8
Author: shadow knight
Comment: This is a fantastic game for kids and adults alike. Runescape is whatever you want it to be. The game has been subject to RWT and this has forced the creators of the game to make some radical changes in the game, of which have made the game less enjoyable and strategic. 2 years ago before these changes i would have rated this game a 10 without even thinking. After these changes it is still an awsome game and will always be rated high in my opinion.

Post Date: 08:48 01-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: demialos
Comment: i dont see why people complain so much. if you dont like it. then dont play it.
yeah it takes time to get on up there. but you wouldnt want the game to be easy now would you? everyone would be running around maxed out. believe me. its so much better when you get to a high lvl and can look at all the others who couldnt do it. sweet satisfaction.

its a great game. play it.

Post Date: 14:44 30-06-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Sofiaglade
Comment: What's unique about RuneScape is that it doesn't try to be cool or have a personality,it just is cool. Enough said.

Post Date: 07:41 27-06-2009
Rating: 1
Author: SubxZero
Comment: I loved this game about 2 or 3 years ago. I liked back when there wree no trade limits and the wilderness was alive. The game went down hill from there.

Many skills to work on making it fun if your not in the mood to quest or raid.
thats about it.

Terrible customer support!
pvp is horrible
trade limits
Failing Economy
fairly hard to make money till u have at least a lvl 70 skill
armor and gooods are expensive
no wildy

i do not suggest playing this game. jagex has gone mad with banning accounts, and making strict changes to eliminate macro users.

Post Date: 03:22 22-06-2009
Rating: 1
Author: Toilet0165
Comment: Runescape Runescape Runescpae where do i ever begin?

Graphics ate a definite 3 at best
Age i would say around 5-10
this game is good if you have no money and u want to spend your life playing a horrible game online. the PVP is completely useless leveling useless and questing well theres about 100 quests out there. and now they trying to fix a corrupt economy by havening set prices for every item in the game..... this was my first MMORPG and i will never go back to it after experiencing EVE, WoW, EQ, if you can pay for internet or a computer you can afford to cough up 15 bucks to play a way better game

Post Date: 14:19 17-06-2009
Rating: 0
Author: Bonken
Comment: Yes, Runescape is huge and boasts a fair bit of fun, their technology and skills have proved to create a very interesting MMO over the last few years. However, their leadership skills are TERRIBLE. I'm one of the oldest loyal members of Runescape Classic and I hate Jagex with all my heart.

If you want a game which can offer unlimited things to do in game for many years, Runescape is for you if you can tolerate their game play. However if you're looking for a game which has staff that actually care for their players and cater to their needs, don't bother even loading the webpage, as Jagex's blatent lack in support and ban spree's have proved them to be terrible leaders time over time. Jagex don't care about their players, they care about the image they create of their players.

Post Date: 13:08 16-06-2009
Rating: 6
Author: Acidicism
Comment: I've been playing this game for 5 years, but its mainly on and off playing. I'm currently level 113 + 7, so my experience should have some bearing on my rating.

I'd say skilling is more than 85% of what the game demands with respect to time of playing - skilling, in most cases, is exceedingly repetitive, tedious, and boring. Which therefore makes the game 85% boring.

However, once you get to the higher levels and unlock new items to wear and things to do, things aren't as boring because you no longer need to skill. Monster Hunting, Quests, and other mini-games are generally fun, or at least more fun than skilling in general. However, those get boring after a while as well.

The game just happens to be addicting, but I'm currently not actively playing the game. Runescape has pretty tight security and Jagex makes pretty rational decisions that are fair in dealing with the players. The community is inherently disgusting for the most part, but hopping on the forums and interacting with some of the more "cooler" players while playing the game is sometimes enjoyable.

Post Date: 16:25 13-06-2009
Rating: 0
Author: lolpie
Comment: Trust me, I have played this game, and I could resume it into this : 3D Play-Doh characters.

1 : This game frustrates me because of their lame graphics
2 : It's soooooooo long to get from one place to another!! >_<
3 : You can't jump... wut.
4 : The camera angle could be improved... except for your armor and hair, not much can be seen from the face.
5 : OF COURSE IT HAS A LARGE COMMUNITY ; IT'S ON MINICLIP!! ...and how old are people from miniclip? There ya go.
6 : Dying is a fsadfsa pain.

Post Date: 02:21 12-06-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Snailmaster
Comment: Fantastic game
As a long time player (4 years now) I can honestly say you won't find a better MMORPG for this price. Couple points here:

Quests: I have a quest cape :D having completed every quest. To a free player or relatively new member there may appear to be no plot line at all, not so. Each of the basic quests (quests which require lw skills and no prior quests) almost always lead into bigger quests, which can even lead into grandmaster quests like "while guthix sleeps" that effectivly tie together a large quantity of prior quests. While the rewards may be unappealing, they stack up. I say the plot lines alone, with a new teleport here and there, make the quests completely worthwhile.

Combat: Not the greatest, typical for MMORPGs. Attack speed based on weapons and damage indicated with less then appealing splats, similar to to WoW. Combat makes about one third of the game overall, and is actually pretty boring for free players. For members, however; the skill "slayer" makes training your small avatar from hiting ones and twos to hitting 20-30 quite fun. Once you get to those high levels combat is by no means over, several bosses and clan creatures challenge even the most experienced players (Tormented demons require full attention and SKILL to defeat).

Skills: One word, grinding. Skill make up another third of runescape, but requireseral times as much play time to level as opposed to combat. Skilling, though time consuming, can have very profittable rewards at higher levels. ie: woodcutting lv 60, yews provide about 10k per full load. Fishing lv 76, sharks give about 14k per full load. Overall skilling is almost neccisary to sucess, and is put together very nicely (once again, if you enjoy grinding)

Community: Bad, you won't find many companions. You may engage in a conversation at a skilling location or while fighting monsters together, but other then that people generally stick to themselves and mind their own business.

Play time: MASSIVE!!! Even playing for four years, playing healthily for a number of hours per week, I haven't "won". I think to get 99 in every skill takes about 10k hours, but you can reach exp about 4 times that. That's 40k hours for you.

Music: um.... I haven't heard what runescape music sounds like in months. You may find ONE song you like, or may be an emote sound (like a quest cape) that you enjoy. Other then that mute that junk and turn on an ipod/tv. It's actually quite painful on the ears.

That's all I have to say. I'm currently banned (fletching is not the most entertaining skill and macroing seemed inviting) My username is: Snailmaster1. Contact me if you'd like to arange some player versus monster event or need some quick help. (Combat lv 111 and total level 1691

Post Date: 14:29 25-05-2009
Rating: 6
Author: Rheyth
Comment: Runescapae. One of the most played MMORPGs on the internet. What do I have to say about a game like this? Alot.

This game is fun for about the first month you play it. After that, you will probably need to upgrade or you will hate the game. There is too little to do on Free to play worlds. There is a gratuitously small amount of quests on the free to play worlds, while the members have about 15 times the amount of quests.

The amount of skills is nice. The main issue is that it takes forever to obtain level 99 in a skill. I personally, did not have the patience.

The quests are usually lengthy and difficult, with barely any reward.

The graphics are pretty decent if you play Runescape HD. The character models suck, but the environment has some decent graphics. The sound overall sucks. Since when did goblins make beeping noises when they die? The music is somewhat decent.

The combat system is heavily weighted on the items you have. There is no skill required to fight... although you should know the combat triangle to have an advantage in battle. Certain characters are only good at melee, so you fight them with magic, as melee can kill archers, and archers kill mages.

The game has some pretty fun mini games, but again, you have to subscribe for members of course.

There are some cool items, weapons, and armor. There is also many different varieties of food

-Giant community
-Decent mini games
-Large world
-Lots of items to customize your character
-Decent skills to master
-Graphics decent
-BGM not bad

-Months of leveling required to become somewhat decent
-Free to play sucks after a short while
-Combat sucks
-Community usually unkind
-Sound effects make my ears bleed

Post Date: 04:08 25-05-2009
Rating: 2
Author: grimace256
Comment: ok heres mine.

the game was fun to start out when i first played, i didnt really care about leveling skills or anything. when u start doing that it becomes not as fun. i still like it a bit but they ruined the wildy, trade limits are absolutely trash, especially if u got a pure and a main and wanna give ur pure money some money... good luck with that. and also monster drops are terrible. what u get 85 slayer for abbys and maybe, just mayybe get a whip in 1 of 500 kills? yeah thats mad. i love doing that. also the training is bloody slow.

the training is soooo bad, 4 xp when u hit 1... only 200xp wen u hit a 50?? man and u gotta get 13m xp to get to lvl 99. fun

it wastes ur time. if u dont want to become addicted i highly advise u to not play.

it is EXTREMEMLY addictive. i only play sometimes cos im addicted. its like smoking ciggarettes. DO NOT PLAY IT!!!!!!!!!

Post Date: 23:08 09-05-2009
Rating: 6
Author: Farnk 20
Comment: As a player for a few years now, I will say that the game does have flaws, but it absolutely can't be beat in terms of a free browser based RPG.

GRAPHICS: Although the graphics have improved, they still need work. F2P graphics are nothing short of horrible, but P2P HD graphics are beautiful. 5/10.

GAMEPLAY: If you hate grinding, don't play this game. It's the only way to get better. The clicking to walk everywhere gets annoying, but you stop noticing after a while. Although the f2p is limited, there is a good opportunity for a great deal more gameplay with p2p. A word of warning, though: if you go p2p you'll never be able to handle going back to f2p if you cancel your membership. Overall, the best aspects of gameplay would have to be the variety of skills (many for nonmebers and many more for members) and the time it takes to become decent at them, which contributes to the game's longevity. 8/10.

COMMUNITY: As a beginning player, the community is terrible. As you level up, the community becomes more mature. Higher leveled players are almost always willing to help you, so you will hardly ever be at a loss as to what to do. No matter what level you are, you will inevitably be called a noob by someone. There are opportunities for boss fights and clans, but they aren't available unless you are a member or are high leveled. 6/10.

MUSIC: Absolutely, positively awful. Unless you like repetitive, synthesized music, turn it on mute and start playing your itunes library. 2/10.

QUESTS:This is the area where runescape shines. Tons of quests, which get more complex as you progress, revealing something of a storyline to the game. Once again, p2p members get many more than f2p. Most quests are engaging and even fun, allowing you access to new areas and even a plot(!). Best part of the game, in my opinion. 10/10.

PvP: One major weakness in the f2p version of the game is pvp activities. Limited at best, they are regulated to duels in designated areas or servers only. P2p offers many more opportunities for pvp action. 6/10.

Post Date: 13:54 07-05-2009
Rating: 7
Author: Lysha1
Comment: Runescape... where to begin :)
I've been playing this for a couple of years and i must say the graphics improved a lot (that is, if you use high quality only!). They still aren't perfect, but that's just the way it is. The sound is horrible, don't listen to it and put on your own music :P But yet! I give Runescape a 7. So there must be a reason why.

Ah well, I admit that Runescape isn't a game for those who love magnificant graphics and sounds, but in my opinion that isn't what makes a game fun to play. Runescape gives you hours and hours of fun, with the quests and getting your way into the guilds. If you become a member, there are even more quests and guilds.

If you're a free player, RS get's boring when you reach higher levels though.

I think you're right about the cheaters and scammers. Yes, there are so many! But on the other hand.. most games have that problem. There is a stronghold of security that teaches you how to handle those issues, in a fun way and with nice rewards (money and cool boots). And don't forget! There are nice people too. Just be careful with what you say to people, get a good password & protection and love everyone who doesn't try to get your items and password :) For real, I've been playing this for about 4 years now and i haven't had issues at all.

It's a pity that the wildy (in the free world) isn't a pvp-area anymore. Now you just get killed by creatures only :) I hate the pvp-worlds, cos you can't walk to a store or bank without getting attacked. As soon as you enter a pvp-world, you just know everyone is out there to get nice items and to attack everyone who's in his/her way.

A pleasant game, hours of fun, but don't expect too much.

Post Date: 13:01 05-05-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Direwolf1313
Comment: Hello everyone, Runescape is a very Fun/Simple game for me. I started about 3-4 years ago and i am now currently lev 113 not counting summoning. Most people give this game either a high or low rating because either you hate it or you like it. I think this game is fun because its a community game and you play with tonz of people, sure some people may call you noobs and stuff but why listen to them ( thats why they made the block list) Just ignore them. There are alot of skillz to work on and there are tonz of places and ways to work on them in the game, The onley time i ever get bored is when my skillz take 5m to lev.

Post Date: 07:12 02-05-2009
Rating: 5
Author: Jakeo205
Comment: All u guys out there that sat f2p is bad!!

Well der, Jagex wants u to experience wat the jist of the game is before sucking u in to becoming a member.

The sound isnt great, practically awful

Gameplay is ok but for all u guys out there who dont like wait round for long try another game

I agree with the ppl who say the community is awful, so many cheats and scammers and people trying to find ways around normal methods gameplay

I believe the graphics are stunning for a browser based mmorpg but who cares.

So wat i am saying it is just $5-10 a month. well if u cant afford that u got something wrong with u

Post Date: 15:25 19-04-2009
Rating: 1
Author: Tothegrind
Comment: Same as below i played for 4 years.
I got to level 114 with about 20 Pures.
It is the most simple game ever.
There is skill needed to play this game at all, mainly why so many idiots play it.

There is however 1 good point which im pretty sure why everyone plays it is that it is a BROWSER game, no downloading required apart from game patch which takes 5 seconds.

Yeh so apart from that DONT PLAY RUNESCAPE.

Oh i just remembered the quests arnt too bad, better then WoW/Flyff/MS etc style quests where its, go collect 20 of X or kill 30 of X these actually require resolving puzzles, some would say they are too hard.

Post Date: 18:59 13-04-2009
Rating: 2
Author: war312
Comment: Ive played this game for 4 years and i have no clue why. This game is not worth your time if your a begginer, or an experienced. I am currently level 124, and i can find aboslutely nothing funa bout this game.

Community 110. It SUCKS. everyone calls u a noob when u dont know anything, and 100% lame.

Music 010 not even going to comment on this. its just terrible

Graphics 1010!!! about the only thing this game has is graphics. when u put it in HD it is just WOW! it desrtoys any game ive ever played

Quests- there are like 152 quests, all of which take hours to complete with NO good rewards. soem u might be able to ahve the abil it to know equip a weapon, well, us till gotta go spend hours makeing money to buy it. and i havent found one fun quest to do, and ive done 100152.

Training-WTF it sucks. *click on mob* *waits for whip to strikeE* woohoo i hit a 0!...oh dangit. NOTHING BUT GRINDING. Sure, they offer you mini-games to train, but are compeltely boring and nothing but players calling each other noobs if the other team wins. or nooby clans vs clans.

Bosses-100% sucks. they give u 1 of each boss per world..for like what, 140k playuers at a time? when i go to GWD i cant find anything open ever-always ends in triing to crash, then getting crashed, and wasteing your time. And, u go to make money, PFFFFT!!!!!! its so rare, i killed bandos over 220 times and all I got was a rune 2h! wow, 50k.

Money Makeing-What? money makeing? there is none in RS. *oh...i cut magic logs for 3 years...* Really? you sat at your computer chopping wood....for go do nothing with? You dont get money from killing monsters eather, i go to kill dragons, and woopty do, i kille d8k irons and steels..and got BONES?! omg yeah, i can....bury them. the only way to make money is if u are a luky noob who gerts a 11million chance to get an item and do.

Armour- Wow, ok. so there is bronze-barrows. ALL ARMOUR IS IDENTICAL. woohoo, i just got 40 DEFENCE! time to go get some rune armour and look like EVERYONE ELSE IN THE FREAKIN GAME. sure, u can spend ALL OF YOUR MONEY on some veracs, or dragon, or even the new VEASTAS which cost u 20m and it dies in 1 hour. worth your time huh?

Death-omfg? ive gotta say this game has the WORST!!! death system ive ever played. ive lost so many millions. around 30-40millions just on deaths. You always wanna carry ur best items with u...but lets say u die. u get to keep THREE!!! out of how many u have...and you dont even pick the ones, and sometimes, its 100% bullcrap. For example - you keep your rune pick (23k) over y our party hat (75-400m) i lost around 3 furys because of my barrows gloves. and about 3 v flails as well because i used dbaxes. Every other game i ahve EVER played, u loose EXP or u have to walk back to your body and your armour degrades a little bit.

Skills-310. Ive honestly gotta say runescape has one thing no other game has...the variety of sills. thares about 23! u can do whatever you want!...IF YOU HAVE BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF GP. For example....they came out with the new skill, HUNTER. u can make around 45million off of it in one month. (all the way to max level!) then they came out with construction and summoning. Constructiont akes well over 100M and summoning takes 120m! WTF? so not only wll it take me years to level it to max...i have to pay BILLIONS to level my skills too?! wow..this sucks.

Weapons and attacking - BORING! ive played games i love just because of the amazing attacks. when u attack something on runescape...its a slash or a hack. thats it. SOMETIMES you can use a special on a special weapon..and u get a max of 4, or on most weapons, ONE. and it takes about 10 minutes to cool down...WTF? so all you get to do is..look at ur player swing a weapon..NEVER ACTUAllY HITTING the monster... and it dieing. Wow, soundsl ike FUN!

Tradeing- not gonna rate. it sucks so bad, cant trade or get help from anyone. and u get ripped off by p rice minipulation.

Pking - it use to be OK...OK. Before when you killed someone....u got all of that players items, if he was skulled. NOW with the update, if you kill get NOTHING. ive lost about 2 million pking...overall, i got rockshell legs back, a whole 40k. pking is the same as mosnter drops..killing and killing and 11milliong will u get a drop. for sure NO profit. pking is suppsoe to be fun, but no, its nothing but people randomly comeing up to you, specialing, then teleporting. most of the time YOU DIE. and loose your STUFF. ITs a waste of time and money!

Chat - ive ogtta say its a 710. you can actualy chat while you grind so much easier then any other game - why? because you dont gotta worry about hitting enter or anything to type in th chat box...

Move ment 110 - IT SUCKS. all you CLICK..CLICK..CLICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no jumping, nothing...its really boring. only reason why it got a 1 is because its very easy.

Best thing about RuneScape- its browser based. you dont have to do any downloading crap or anything, exspecially when thers an update. you just go, not wait 1-24 hours for a download.

Does this game take skill? no it does not. the on ly thign tit akes is for people to be able to be bored 100% of the time AND clicking. the only time u get exited iw when you buy a new item..then realize, you now have no money to do anything. THIS GAME REALLY REALLY SUCKS. i vant believe i played it the last 4 years, reaching elvel 124138.

Post Date: 22:33 09-04-2009
Rating: 1
Author: Twaronex
Comment: Horrible game:
Graphics:3, since they changed them(a little)
Game Play:0, another click to move?
I could go on and on with this, for me it's a 1.

Post Date: 21:05 09-04-2009
Rating: 9
Author: wyvrin rider
Comment: hey i think its a alright game dont hate it becuase of the new updates i dont like them either but ive been playing sense i was 9 and ive been to like it
(14 now) peope have quit cause of the new pking or trade ststem. but its alright they have a good reason

its a fun game theres plenty of things to do i play alot i enjoy it. theres sklling questing combat training and money making thers armor wepons mage stuff range stuff and over 5000 items in the game. theres great clan monsters for clans to go sgenst and there is even clan wars. that is usually where i am at.

and i didet give it a 10 cuase of a few flaws but its a reall really good game its very fun when u got nothing else to do. theres low detail for low deatail.. and thers high detail for amazing graphics.

dont hate it cause ur just f2p and ur sick of it play p2p its alot better

its a good game idk y so many people hate it.
idk y.

BTW my username is wvrin rider (youtbe:) wyvrinrider pm me or leave me a message on youtube if u want to talk to me

wyvrin rider

Post Date: 13:12 21-03-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Strategien
Comment: RuneScape is a fun game. It is simple enough to enjoy your time playing yet complicated enough to hold your interest.

RuneScape has a large player population with many worlds to play so crowding is not an issue yet the game will continue for many years to come.

One character has can train in all skills, so multiple accounts are not necessary.

RuneScape is a safe game for the younger people to play. There is an excellent language filter system.

RuneScape has a fantastic economy going with an excellent trading system that promotes fair play.

I have been playing RuneScape for four years and I highly recommend the game.

Post Date: 02:29 14-03-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Lucarren
Comment: Seriously I have to say people who give RS a 0-4rating either haven"t played much or just dont have the ability to spend hrs on end on a grinding based game. I have played RS since shortly after the release of RS2(Modern RS for those who don"t know), and still play it almost everyday. I am currently 19...20 in a coupel mo...and no I am not an antisocial geek who only plays games. I am an assistant coach of track at my old HS and was a collegiate track runner before a career ending injury. For those who will claim I can never get a girl...wrong last 3 girls have been smoking hot. Anyway...back to my point...

I will admit that Runescape gets old in F2P fairly quickly after about level 65-70 as at that time you will have finished every quest and can kill every mob in the f2p portions of the game. Skilling also becomes quite slow at these levels. The game is radically different once you subscribe. There are tons of new quests including one that requires every other quest to be completed. That quest also requires super high skills and is even ranked grandmaster by Jagex themselves. Several new skills become available upon registration as well that provide hundreds of hours of more content in those alone. All in all, Runescape is probably the most time consuming game on the market to finish 100% with all quests and special armors requiring roughly 10k hrs from level 1-138, 99s in all skills, and every minigame armors and special items unlocked. I do not recommend Runescape to those looking for a basic hack and slash game with one story line...and to obviously never subscribed, and if you did weren"t a quester because thats where all the story currently 247/277quest points and can personally say there is a ton of story line to the game. Also to those saying no party system...Yall have obviously never thought outside the box...when 2 or more people go to the same area together in runescape that is called a party and to the guy that said no raids, boss killings exc...theres the god wars dungeon, corporeal beast, and King Black Dragon that are fun to do in groups...and FYI the Clan system in RS is a very basic form of guilds that is still in development.

Now for a completely different issue...All those people complaining about the new trade system...I"m not happy about it either, however at 247quest points I have roughly a 55k trade margin. For those who don"t know the reason the trade limit was instituted was because of RWT(Real World Trading). This became a huge issue in about 2006 as credit card fraud was causing profit loss for jagex due to them having to refund countless membership plans. Most of the RWTing sites giving gold/items/ pwr lvling became scammers that stored the card numbers then used them to subscribe their bots to earn that gold or those items. Jagex suffered thousands of dollars of revenue due to teh refunds, and as the new CEO recently said in a post Runescape would"t be around if not for the removal of PVP from the wilderness and the institution of the trade limit. The new systems to bring PVP are still very much in development though tehre is safe PVP in many of the minigames and certain PVP worlds that are still being tweaked. Personally I give Runescape an 8 because yes it is still the best P2P game out there for the money, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. What about 90% of the people of the world and those who bash RS don"t realize is it is essentially a game in a permanent Beta status as it is always being improved and its staff is always looking to the players themselves to help make it better.

BTW my RS Username is Fox2131...Look me up if you ever wanna party or just need help with something in game...I know a great deal about Runescape and all its ingame content(training areas, methods etc, as well as most quests and treasure trail clues.)

Post Date: 11:20 13-03-2009
Rating: 0
Author: evilcheetoh69
Comment: People still play this? Out of all the free MMORPG"s I never understood how this became so popular! It sucks in every possible way a game can suck. Worst graphics ever, worst gameplay ever, worst PvP ever (especially now)! When free MMO"s like Runes of Magic and Atlantica Online exist why do people insist on supporting absolute garbage. It all comes down to this, if your older than 12 years old and still play this game, you need your head examined. no offense =)

Post Date: 18:47 08-03-2009
Rating: 1
Author: Spadez88
Comment: Runescape the 1st MMO i ever played... the facts are is when i was 12 i loved this game...i mean i worshiped it 1st time i ever played was the 2D version...i played for about 2 years...even got to low 100s with a few 99s..this was on the 3D version. i recently came back due to my friend saying he still plays it. i dont know why but he loves the game...mabey its becase he has no social skills and nethier dos any one else who plays this game. i started for a week agian and the most social conversation was with a goldspamer..nice guy. makes a killing he says...besides the point though. this game lacks what most MMO gamers need. a strong back story,more combat options..and of course a party system

Post Date: 00:17 05-03-2009
Rating: 1
Author: runescapestinks
Comment: ok
this game sucks.
i know sum1 who is like 60 years old and is the max lvl. i think its like 138 or sumthing but still.this game is really addicting. this isnt A really bad had potential. they kinda tottally ruined it with the trade stuff. i used to give tons of free stuff to new people(before my account got banned lol) but with the new trade rules u cant even help out new players by giving them stuff to get them on their way. this game is one of those games where u lose everything and then work really hard and get addicted for like 2 months. then it gets boring until u fall again. i was one of the most hardcore mmoers ever. i would actually have no life. until i got one.
lol i would spend all my free time on runescape, maplestory and perfect world
all my friends played runescpae so i played it lots too.
this games community sucks 0/10
combat 0/10
trade before 7/10 now 0/10
addictingness 10/10
overall this game used to be good and had a chance to be one of the best and most addicting mmo's ever but the new stuff ruined it. NEVER PLAY THIS GAME!
overall 1/10
lol my name is tee hee!!!

Post Date: 00:32 02-03-2009
Rating: 0
Author: sk8er3001
Comment: OK SO the new trading caps and stuff like that is a little overly ridiculous and things disappear when u drop them so if u make a new character u cannot transfer anything... STUPID how the hell am i supposed to have fun with the good old fashion drop parties and stuff like that. new additions to runescape have completely obliterated the fun in it.

Post Date: 05:09 01-03-2009
Rating: 10
Author: superdfc2
Comment: I have to say the Akyrii is right with his second last comment =P but the game was amazing when I was younger (rating is based on when i still played)

Post Date: 23:05 28-02-2009
Rating: 8
Author: xxphatknightxx
Comment: runescape is a pretty cool game. i have played for about a year and im still discovering new places and monsters + i bought wow and i still seem to still play runescape, not as much though ;p

Post Date: 07:51 23-02-2009
Rating: 0
Author: Akyrii
Comment: All things considered, this is likely the worst "MMO" ever created.

1) There are no combat skills. That's right. None. You get spells (which are all basically the same and you have to farm mana) and buffs (also basically the same, just upgrades of the same buffs), but absolutely no combat skills. There is also no AoE. Everything you kill has to be one at a time.

2) There is no party system whatsoever. Forget raids. Forget boss killings. Guilds. Nothing. It is completely solitary. As if is wasn't enough that it would take years to max your stats, you have to do it alone.

3) There is no PvP system. Sure, you can kill other players in a designated area, but there's no rank system or anything like that. No bases, factions, anything of the sort. Again, completely solitary PvP. No team coordination or anything like that.

4) Zero events whatsoever. Unless you get banned, there is basically no interaction at all between administration and player. There isn't even an official forum to discuss builds (if they could be called builds) or other things.

5) Worst community in gaming history, MMO or not. Every single person who plays this game is between 8-12 or a socially inadequate adult. Basic psychology teaches us that all kids are sociopaths until their minds finish developing. Basically, you're playing with a community with no concept of what a community is.

6) No customization. In other games, you can augment or imbue your gear, or there are epic or legend variations. None here. All gear is identical.

Seriously, all this game consists of is walking 100 miles to get from one place to another, clicking on a mob and waiting until it dies and than clicking on another, and standing around calling each other noobs.

This game deserves 0 points out of 10. Anyone who gives it a higher rating than that will look back a few years from now and wonder wtf they were thinking.

Post Date: 22:50 17-02-2009
Rating: 10
Author: ffxfan67
Comment: Much funner than WoW... and cheaper.

This game is definitely under-rated and people always cry about the graphics. Unlike the basic repetitive plot WoW and the quests, Runescape actually allows players to be more of whatever they want rather than have their own self set for them.

There are millions of things to do through RS and you have the opportunity to risk everything you have or lose everything. You can be extremely rich or train one of the many skills offered.

Lots of quests, mini-games, players and overall very addicting.

I have played both WoW and RS and RS is a lot funner.

Don't bother buying the $50 WoW game and then $15 a month. Just get a year of RS membership and thank me later.

I started in the 5th grade and after 5 years, its still loads of fun.

Post Date: 00:48 14-02-2009
Rating: 2
Author: kebralt
Comment: ablsoutely boring. unless your a member, you have like 10 quests.
it may be addicting for a while but once you get full rune. you have nothing else to buy. unless you want things like party hats that do nothing. runescape is a very limited world for free players. for all you rare item hunters, think about this. So you get the millions of coins you need for that party hat youve always wanted. you go and buy it from someone. and what are you left with? 0 coins. and a worthless item that gives you nothing. Runescape may be a little bit better for members. Since there are constantly new members quests added and theres lots of armor and items you can get.even so it WILL get boring.

so heres my rating

Members: 6/10
Free Players: 2/10

This game isnt worth it.

Post Date: 22:15 12-02-2009
Rating: 8
Author: yippiyiyoyo
Comment: I am here to re-review runescape and hopefully be fairer.Runescape is a fun and addicting game.There are tons of items to collect, a lot monsters to kill, and a lot of stuff to do.Runescapes graphics arent that bad but not that good. their graphics are better than some games but worse than others.though the sound effects are just *bleck* most of the time.the gameplay isnt that bad though i kinda have to give the combat system a thumbs down.however,if you use magic or ranged it seems more enjoyable.and they finally fixed up the filter system some more!the world is pretty big.though the only other mmos i've played are cb and toontown so what do i know.the list of monsters you can face just goes on and on.there are a lot of monsters to face whether it be a tiny rat to a giant dragon.the community is alright but there are a lot people who call you "noob" for no reason. though in that crowd somewhere there is a person who looks past your level in the game and will want to be your friend.and there is a lot of nice people and a lot of mean people.overall i think this is a fun and addictive game that should at least be givin a shot.

overall this game gets an 8/10

Post Date: 21:56 29-01-2009
Rating: 4
Author: impureevil
Comment: Graphics: 5/10
I've seen alot of comments here, mainly saying that the graphics are good for a browser based game. Browser based game or not, the graphics are still very poor and cannot compete with other MMORPG's. And yes, these are even after the new graphics update.

Sounds: 3/10
If the graphics don't make you sick, then the sounds will. There is absolutely no excuse for how terrible the sound effects in this game are.

Gameplay: 6/10
The gameplay in this game is unique, fun, addicting and yet very linear at the same time. It mainly revolves around getting all (or your favourite) skills to 99.
Example: You want to train mining? Click on the rock and wait. Fishing? Click on the fishing spot and wait. Woodcutting? Click on the tree and wait. Firemaking? Wait, firemaking is a skill!?
That is pretty much how you train all your skills.
See a pattern forming?

Combat system: 3/10
This is by far the least though-out combat system i have ever seen. The combat system involves clicking on an opponent once and waiting for your character to kill it. After clicking on it, you have to control over what the character will hit or do. It is all dependant on your stats. All you can pretty much do is eat or run.
Example: In the duel arena, i was in a fight with someone for approximately 6 minutes. During that time I went and got something to eat, had a drink, fed my dog and had a chat on the phone. XD.
If you attack a monster from behind a obstacle, it will get stuck behind it and not move. Terrible. Defence is probably the mose imbalanced combat stat. (Just for the record, your defence level in no way whatsoever reduces the amount of damage you will receive.)

Community: 1/10
No online gaming community is perfect, and there will probably never be one that will get a 10/10.
Runescape has a terrible community in general. Every second person will try to steal your items (be it armour trimming, luring, countless other ways), try to steal your passwords by telling you to go on fake sites and boys will make female characters and will ask you to be their husband so that they can get free items from you.
The creators of the game barely care about the wants of their players, this was evident in the removal of staking, the wilderness and the introduction of the 3k trade limit.
If you get reported for something you didnt do and try to appeal it, jagex will send you the same automated response no matter what you say.
The player mods are corrupt and morally bankrupt. They will report anyone and everyone for simply anything. If you get incorrectly reported by a mod, you cant appeal your case. There have been cases where this has happened. Low level players walk around begging for money from everyone and high level players have little to no respect to anyone but themselves. The quests are very nice, but are targeted mainly at the middle level player; low levels will find them too hard and high levels too easy.

Overall, there are many better games out there.

Post Date: 04:40 28-01-2009
Rating: 7
Author: barrage4u
Comment: Hi there. I am level 123 in the game,so I know much about it,and feel like I should write a PROPER review,not one that takes sides.

First of all,runescape is very good for a first mmorpg. you can get used to the basics of grinding,pvp,making money and learning about the economy.
The community is rather immature though,as runescape is the first mmorpg for many people.

It has changed dramaticaly over the years,due to RWT (people who sell in game money for real money). When I started,the pvp system was one of the better ones out there (my oppinion) due to getting the loot of your opposition if you killed them. this has now changed,due to the main source of PVP (the wilderness) has been changed into PVP worlds,where the loot is random,and there are now alot of restrictions,making the game rather annoying at times.

This game CAN be a grindfest if you want it to be,due to there being many skills to chose from, ranging from magic to prayer,to cooking and fletching. To show off your achievements,you get a cool cape if you get the max level! Some skills cost money (such as construction,where you make your own house),and others will make you money (such as hunter), although training both types of skills does take ages. Moneymaking can be done through skills,or though combat (by fighting bosses or getting lucky drops).

The member part of the game is very much worth $8 aud a month if you enjoy the game,but the free part of the game is massive. I was member for about 1 1/2 years,and I think it was very much worth it. (yet again,a matter of oppinion)

Overall,I say runescape is a rather unique game compared to others,especialy because of the skill and combat systems,because you can switch between melee,range and mage,and you are not resticted to one. *cough,WoW* and you can do more than 2 proffesions at a time.

Quick ratings:

Music - 7
Community - 4
Gameplay - 8
PvP - 7
overall - 7

Post Date: 16:59 27-01-2009
Rating: 3
Author: FreezingHazard
Comment: The game is fine at first, and as a kid I loved it, but as I grew I hated.

Post Date: 17:20 25-01-2009
Rating: 6
Author: lolz1267
Comment: its a pretty good game with lots of stuff to do and quests to complete and its free. however the community mainly sucks. its overrun with hackers, pedophiles and annoying people who follow you and ask you for money, with the exception of the odd nice person who will help you out and such. being a member is good with lots of extra skills and quests to do that will kepp you entertained for months or mabe even years. overall a reasonable game that gives a good first impression

Post Date: 18:45 24-01-2009
Rating: 6
Author: tjdes
Comment: its an ok game i geuss but after you play it for 2 years it gets pretty boring i only made it 2 lvl 61 and it was pretty boring the funnest thing was being a member 4 2 months other than that it was garbage after those 2 yaers but thats just my opinion some of you might like it (still) but it got pretty boring after 2 years i get on it every once in a while but i"de just play arcanist and that is why i rate this game a 6 out of 10

Post Date: 21:49 13-01-2009
Rating: 8
Author: Longthorn
Comment: Take The game from several Persepctives:

1. The Younger, Not as Serious Player;

Post Date: 16:26 11-01-2009
Rating: 8
Author: sergio owns1
Comment: This game is fantastic I been playing over 5 years but it gets tiresome to keep playing there is a lot of grinding and the community is more less friendly...with some exceptions of course
U should try this game a shot
add me my username is sergio owns1 i dont play that much now but i log in sometimes

Post Date: 08:05 11-01-2009
Rating: 3
Author: badfish420ish
Comment: I played runescape on and off for years and here are the facts.
First off the economy is totally screwed. It's based off discontinued holiday items like Party Hats that look like crowns, santa hats and halloween masks to name the big ones. The free version is garbage and the five bucks a month for a membership is totally worth it, until you get your skills high. The experience curve for getting skills past 60, 70, and 80 are ridiculous. Simply, it requires way too much grinding of a skill to get them high. The chat is horrid and I mean like absolutely horrible. So, you'll have to rely on third party programs like Swift Switch to play effectively. The game mechanics are very user friendly but the game itself is soooo unbalanced it'll make you crazy. At first, it seems awesome but as you get further and further into it you'll realize it's garbage. The parent company JaGex has the WORST customer service I've ever seen out of all the mmorpgs I've played, and I've played dang near them all, all the way back to EverQuest 1 and Ultima Online. You can spend 8 months grinding a skill and still be like, wow I'm no where near the level I want to be. The later quests are nearly impossible without a guide. Honestly I loved this game and I got pretty far, I was like total level 1480 and quit a little after the construction skill came out. Between the horrid customer service and dodgy trade system I had to quit. This game is great for awhile but in the long run is a huge waste of time and effort that will leave you bitter and upset unless you played ages ago and have a bank full of discontinued items. Give it a shot, you might love it, but you'll grow to hate it. 2 out 10 from me. The retired, Ganthrax.

Post Date: 21:41 06-01-2009
Rating: 6
Author: Yabzee
Comment: The R word, as refered to in many social crowds. As this as the basing for my review i shall begin, this game is strictly for those between the ages of 8-12, this is not because the game SUX OMG is because the game is so frowned upon, ask yourself, do you want to be known as the social reject for the sake of one game? Moving on swiftly, in my WoW review i went into alot of detail but for the sake on yours and my sanity i will try to cut this short to a conclusion. The community in runescape sucks, when i played this in 8th grade i noticed a fashion of people befriending you and then...trying to kill you, not cool! The graphics are now, after the update pretty fair, depending on your pc specs. The gameplay is an old point n click fashion which didnt seem to ever bother me. The i said before 8-12...that would be 4 years then, ok maybe not, you could squeeze 2 out if you griped hard enough.
In conclusion this game is a starting mmo for the immature and young, or for the socially challenged. good day Yabzee

Post Date: 17:57 06-01-2009
Rating: 9
Author: chris704
Comment: Runescape is a great MMORPG if you not only want to go around attacking people but also if you just want to attempt to raise some of the skills Runescape has to offer. Now with the new upgrade of PvP worlds, where you can kill anyone within your combat level range anywhere in the game, Runescape has become more enjoyable.
Also its very user friendly with a tutorial at the beginning of the game where you selsct the way you want your character to look. During the tutorial you are able to go through most of the Free-To-Play skills but miss out on the Pay-To-Play skills.

Post Date: 06:39 05-01-2009
Rating: 6
Author: Yippiyiyoyo
Comment: well there is a lot to say about runescape but that doesnt mean its all good. runescape is set in a fantasy land filled with ogres, unicorns, and all time classic...the dragon. runescape is pretty good it has good gameplay on one side and really really crappy on the other there are tons of items, clothes and, enemmies, but alot of the skills are pretty boring to train. combat is a suckish version of pokemon, cooking is just a chance your food will burn or not, and smithing is just putting ores in a furnace and hitting the bar with a hammer. there is a decent amount of land to explore even though it covers like 50 miles of its still a pretty big environment. however jagex made the game unenjoyable in some areas 1.they set limits on the trade system so people couldnt be scammed although it pretty much couldnt let players trade practically anything 2. THE FILTER SYSTEM ******. they filter like everything they filter the word butt and hitler and they even filter the word phone you heard me phone and they even filter the letters z and k if you say them 3 times or over together in the same sentence. the graphics are pretty good compared to some games and to others they look like crap.jagex tried to improve the games graphics with HD mode but the graphics still looked like crap compared to most games.the game hasloads of content which is quite impressive. there are more items and enmmies in this game than you can count. overall runescape is technically fun for people who cant download anything and are looking for a last resort, but for others your better off playing the downloadable mmo's

gameplay 5/10
content 7/10
graphics 5/10

0verall 6/10

Post Date: 20:12 02-01-2009
Rating: 7
Author: 1explode1
Comment: I'm only level 23 and it's fun. I mean, for all you people who don't like it for it's fighting style, enemies, or how strict it is, your used to "Do whatever you want, kill, create, I don't really care" games or something, because this game is a role-play game with rules and limits. You can't exactly slack off here. You have to concentrate. It keeps you in because it's so addicting. I give it a 7 out of 10.

Post Date: 21:21 01-01-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Paulio
Comment: yay! i don't have to grind in this one!!!seriously, u have to in almmost every other mmo if u want to get anymore, but not runesape

Post Date: 00:36 25-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: burninfirefox
Comment: BEST GAME EVER! I'm level 87 member.

Post Date: 02:09 24-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: runescapepro123
Comment: this game rocks =].i play this game and i`m level 71 and I say game on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It has awesome graphics.if oyu play it my username is jakelong139 add me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rofl!!!!!!!!!! lmfao!!!!!!!!!!aight peace out boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post Date: 22:05 23-12-2008
Rating: 7
Author: komgred
Comment: Runescape, a game that some people love and most people hate.

For a game that is completely developed in Java and is browser based, the graphics are really impressive. RS shows a high amount of detail. Compared to other games such AoC or WoW it is crap. 7/10

As for gameplay, there is a wide variety of skills to level up and unlike most MMORPG'S you are not restricted to any one class, you can be what ever you want. The downside is that leveling process is a grind fest, I can't even remeber how long it took to get to lvl 60 Woodcutting by chopping willow trees from lvl 36. The quests are very good, it is not your average kill 10 or collect 10 quests, it is a whole new type of gaming experience that players will enjoy. 8/10

The community is terrible, there are some players who will help you out but the majority act like spoilt brats. It does get better if you are a member as it has a more friendlier atmosphere. 4/10

The difficulty of the game is quite godd. New players will be able to remember what everything is used due to the very helpful tutorial island. Quests are also simple to new players. 8/10

Overall 7/10

Post Date: 17:42 20-12-2008
Rating: 1
Author: hobbitkiller
Comment: OMG 8/10 WHAT HAVE I DONE >_<

well i never thought i would say this but, runescapes quite good. it has everything you look for in an mmorpg (theroetically) a good combat system (wait what?) a great community ("HAY THTS MY SPOT!!! PISS OFF **** face)almost no grind (*clunk* *clunk* *clink* *clunk* 1 bronze ore >_> ) great music (rivels my microwave oven) and a great non repetative enviroments (yeh like deserts) i throughly enjoyed this game and am not just saying that because my m8s are making me..... hehehe? :S

Post Date: 09:14 19-12-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Keerai
Comment: If there ever was a great concept gone horribly wrong, this is it. Runescape is one of those things that, had the creators actually been paying attention to what they were doing at the time, would have ended up great. I speak mainly of the game design. It is rare to see a game which encourages non-combat level progression, and indeed a level progression which involves using each individual skill. Runescape's full and rather large world was daunting at times, but when compared to other worlds (Say, WoW or Ever Quest) it is actually rather small. The sound was bad, but what is to be expected from a Java-based game?

Overall, this game has exactly what it needs to be a great game, but sadly it is lost in the poor graphics, even poorer sound quality, and even worse community which is fueled by the fact that the game seems to have been made for 10-year-olds.

Post Date: 05:57 19-12-2008
Rating: 4
Author: szym1994
Comment: Meh. could be better.
OOooOooOOOoooo I mined an ore!!! lets go sell it!!! now lets mine another one!!! ZOMFG SWEET!!!!!! in another Few hours or so i can afford a rune Scimmy!!! :D....

Post Date: 05:38 19-12-2008
Rating: 7
Author: corvax
Comment: Only ever played the free version for a few hours but I'll judge this game as a whole. OF the MMOs I've seen, this game is about average but with a few touches of uniqueness. A lot of it's quests are said to have solid storylines, unlike the KILL-X and COLLECT-X quests that most gamers are familiar with. No download required either, it plays right in your web browser and it's graphics are alright in HD. There's also plenty of content for you to immerse yourself into. Even in F2P you can get half a dozen hours worth of playtime without the game feeling like a total grindfest. I didn't like the free version of the game, so if you're not planning on becoming a member, then I don't recommend you to play RS.

Post Date: 02:36 09-12-2008
Rating: 8
Author: clickmehere
Comment: Well to start off its one of the greatest MMO'S of our time. First of all its browser based meaning it can run on any computer made in 2001. Since its new graphical update WHICH IS REALLY AMAZING people have been coming back to runescape and now servers are always filled with players. It can be a bad thing since everything is taken. The down sides are it dosnt have a good trade or PvP system and it can be very harsh when u die.

The game helps noobs out alot and shows them were to go and what to train on as your first days in runescape. The game is impossible to beat in 11 years (09 is coming up) only 978 players out of 5 million have maxed a skill. The best player in the game known as Zezima has only maxed 3. There are 19 skills in the game to learn and its very hard to train them. there are over 100 quests to do and there is more content and land poping up.

dont say Runescape is a bad game just because its hard on you. Just take an easy alright

Post Date: 00:20 05-12-2008
Rating: 8
Author: aaddron
Comment: It stood the test of time and difference. It started something no one else has accomplished to this day and is the game that got a lot of people into MMO's. What is this game? It's called RuneScape and it's a browser MMOG.

RuneScape is a great game. It's got great graphics, well made interface, and is contently adding content.

If anything RuneScape has plenty to keep you busy with new quest releasing every month and new content almost every week you never know what you'll see next.

When you first log on to RuneScape your greeted with a pop up to create your character. It's vary well done but as of this review the options are quite limited. Your also greeted with your first quest (doubles as tutorial) and is also vary well done. You learn the ropes in a "sheltered" Lumbridge and once your done you see some animations and end up in the normal Lumbridge.

In earlier years starting off was confusing and easy to get lost but with some recent update's it's a let better and you can pretty much always figure out where you need to go in the early levels. The help also does a great job backing off as you progress through the levels in other words the game doesn't treat you like a noob when your not.

This game is limitless and takes years to "beat"(no defined way to beat the game) in fact in the 10 years RuneScape has been around no one has maxed out all the skills. The World is absolutely huge which is a good and bad thing. It's good because you have a lot to explore but it's bad especially for low levels as there isn't an easy way to get around.

The sound in this game is decent. It's all unique and well done but I can't help but think it's not done well enough. Sometimes it sounds good sometimes it's bad but for the most part it's good.

The Graphics while still new are vary well done. They did a great job working out the bug's and glitches and it's vary hard to find graphical bugs now.

RuneScape's support sucks. It used to be a great system but they changed it. Now it's almost impossible to get a hold of them about issues other than the ones they let you contact them about Ex. lost password.

Last but not least RuneScape's community. It's hit and miss to say the least. They don't have any real community base features like the clan system is pretty weak and a sad attempted to add flavor.RuneScape is aimed at younger people and that comes into with the next issue. The community can be full of mature player's someday s and full of immature player's the next. To be fair it depends on the world, high populated worlds usually have this problem more, lower one's don't. Same with the free and member worlds, Free is worst than Members but either way it can get annoying when someone is following you around begging for cash.

Overall RuneScape is a great game and I think it will only get better I give it a 8 out of 10

Post Date: 06:04 25-11-2008
Rating: 7
Author: XxIcecoldxX
Comment: Runescape is an okay game.. but ever since they removed the "wild" [also known as pvp] the game just lost its spark. After removing the wild and the will to merchant, they released "bounty hunter". Bounty hunter is pvp, but its bullshit. They recently released PvP worlds which are pretty cool... but you the game generates a drop for you after you get a kill. For example: you kill somebody in armor that is worth a lot, but you have cheap food and armor on you. You will get an average drop. But if you kill somebody that has average armor, and you have about 1-10 million coins in your inventory, you will get a good drop.

Runescape has a variety of skills and quests. There are 100's of quests to complete and a new quest is released almost every week. There are over 20+ skills which take time to max out. If you max out a skill, you will get what they call a "skill cape" which has the icon of the skill on it and you can do an emote for each skill. For example: If you get maxed out prayer your character gets wings and fly's up in the air [my best explanation, lol.] If you complete all quests, you can get a quest cape and can do the emote for that.

Runescape is an online MMORPG, so of course there will be other people playing it. The community is ALRIGHT, but if you use the free option of the game the people will annoy the hell out of you, and most high levels are snooty and act like they're too good to talk to you.

Overall, runescape is an okay game. It's free if you don't subscribe to be a member. And its amazing for a browser based game. There is plenty of things to do in runescape, nobody has mastered every aspect of the game. Although, it requires TONS of free time. It takes about 2 years to max out combat, and months to max out just one skill.

Overall Rating:7.5/10

Post Date: 14:22 23-11-2008
Rating: 7
Author: maine160
Comment: Runescape is a rather good game although the sounds are...u know 1:the graphics are bad ya i know but its great for a browser game 10/10. 2:sounds are terrible 0/10. 3:cummunty is full of liars,cheats,nerds,assholes,jerks ect with some good ppl now and then 5/10. 4:my final rating for this game is....7/10. plus if u want to meet me in runescape my name is :maine160 add me if u want.

Post Date: 03:57 22-11-2008
Rating: 8
Author: nerdboyxxx
Comment: I have played this game for nearly 2 years and have enjoyed it immensly. I feel that I should really point out that the rating I am giving it is not biased in any way, I play many other online games and I feel that they are all good, however I love runescape for what it is and what it will always be.

I am sick, though, of people here criticising it for not been the best of games for graphics and crap. all biased ratings in my opinion. Please rate it properly. I will be rating it a 8 on my own personal experiences with the game

People, if you play games like WOW and stuff and rate it to criticise it, please dont bother. There are always going to be more people playing.

Post Date: 23:06 15-11-2008
Rating: 9
Author: shizen656
Comment: Runescape: One of the few games that does not need an introduction. Much like World of Warcraft, most everyone who ones a computer has heard of this very unique MMORPG. However, much debate has raged on over the quality of the game itself, so I will try to provide the most unbiased review possible.

Through the scoring, i will give the game two scores, because when discussing Runescape, it is certanly neccecary to understand that there are two factors: The first, is taking it "For What it is", the second, "For what it is compared to other games". Runescape is a game that runs Java in an internet browser, therefore it is impossible to accuratly compare it to games such as World of Warcraft, which require a multi-CD instalation.

Runescape has undertaken 3 major stages: The first is Runescape Classic, The second is Standard Detail Runescape, and the current edition, Runescape HD
For this review I will be focusing on Runscape HD, seeing as it is the modern version. Also, i will be reviewing the MEMBERS part of the game, NOT just the free portion.

Gameplay: Gameplay is first in my review because gameplay is what is most important to any game. Runescape's gameplay features an immense departure from the "MMO" norm in many respects, for example the combat.

Combat in Runescape consists of engaging an enemy, and exchanging blows in almost a turn based fashion, although certain weapons do swing slower than others. The dammage dealt to your opponite is more akin to Guild Wars. Don't expect to be hitting thousands here, in fact, don't expect to be hitting over 40! Runescape features a very low damage count, and as a result you feel every single hit you deal or receive. Also uncommon to most MMO's is the rate at which you miss. It is impossible to go a normal fight (assuming your enemies level is within your own) without missing. In fact, there will be many fights were your screen will be flooded with a barrage of blue 0's. This only adds to the philosophy of making every hit count.

Archery in runescape also manages to stray from the norm. A player only has one weapon slot, and as a result they may only equip their bow, with no sword as back up. Forced to confront your foes without a sturdy sword at your side, you will often find yourself taking advantage of the terrible UI as you place yourself behind a 3 foot tall fence and pick away at your oppressor, who lacks the intelligence to walk around.

Magic is, as in most games, weak at first... but deadly in the higher levels. Most games use a mana bar as a means of limiting this devastating power, but once more Runescape chooses an alternative. Runes are the means by which you cast magic. At higher levels, spells require more runes, or rarer runes, and for the most powerful magic you often need an item, or staff to complete the spell.

The most intriguing part of all these gameplay styles, is that Runescape chooses to NOT limit a player to a specific class. Because of this, a player may become whatever he or she desires, and, after a quick gear swap, be something entirely different. This creates a unique type of play that encourages experimentation with all the various combat styles.
The limit to all this, is DEATH. Death in Runescape results in the dropping of all items in your inventory as well as the items equipped. Although no experience is lost, the death penalty is fairly steep, and as little as one death can set you back a long, long way.

Resource gathering is also present, and features a way outside of combat to gain money. With many many skills to choose from, there isn't much to say about Runescape's resource gathering compared to other MMO's, because it is essentially the same process of "click, click click", bring the load back, return, "click, click, click..."

Runescape offers many ways to use your expertly honed skills, one of which are Quests. Quests in Runescape are not your standard "Kill x of x because of x" or "Gather x of x for x". Well, maybe it does do these, but not directly. All of Runescape's quests are planned out in such a way that you never feel like you are doing the same thing twice, and each one features a story, be it short, or fairly lengthy, some spanning multiple quests.
Also at your choice are multiple PvP options. From PvP worlds to Castle Wars Runescape has no shortage of ways to bash your fellow players to a pulp.

For a game that runs strictly in your internet browser, that is a lot of ground to cover
Compared to other MMO's, its quiet a bit of content, but the pacing is rather slow, and it requires a lot of time to get past the higher levels. But the length of quests and unusual combat will appeal to many who dislike the abundance of generic MMO trends.

Graphics: The second most important thing to a MMORPG, like it or not, is its' graphics. On this ground we see Runescape's various settings really kick in.
On full screen, 1600x1200 resolution, RS:HD looks pretty good. It features changing shadows, nice textures and some pretty sweet watter. However, on the lower settings, the textures start to fade, the shadows become stale and the water just becomes a blue mass. My biggest complaint is that, on both settings, the view distance is truly just way too small.

It does take a decent CPU to run Runescape HD: with all the settings maxed off. For Java, this is the best of the best, top of the line material.

Unfortunatly, as stated before, it takes a decent CPU to make this game look good. (i have a CPU that can play WoW in medium, with little lag, but can hardly play RS:HD in the smallest screen)Because of these steep requirments, the score gets knocked some major points. Also, when placed side by side with others such as Guild Wars and LoTRO, the graphics cannot compare.

Sound: Sound was not always in Runescape. In fact, i remember when they first added sound in the release of RS:STD. Unfortunatly, Runescapes sound muddles down to little more than some cheap clanks, swooshes and dinks. The background music is, In My Opinion, absolutly terrible, and i often find myself muting the computer and going to Itunes

The sound for the game is not entirely polished, and needs a major update, but it is there, and needs some props for the vast array of beeps it does feature.

Compared to the orcistrated wonders like WoW, Runescapes sound cannot even BEGIN to compare.

Community: While playing Runescape you will never feel alone. That is, if you play on a populated server. Unlike modern conventions, Runescape does not force you to stand specific to the server you create your charicter on, which allows you to move freely from server to server, wether you want a more populated one for PvP, or a less populated one so you can mine all the coal by yourself, there are always full servers and servers with less than 100 people on them.

Unfortunatly, the majority of Runescape's community are immature, and very cocky. Don't expect much help from other players, once i witnessed a poisoned player crying for an antidote (i did not have one) wile others did nothing. Sitting there wile the poor person's health was sapped entirely until he finally died, the eager players flooded his body for his gear. Fantastic. HOWEVER, this does not omit the fact that, as with every MMO, there are decent people. Just expect them to be the minority.
(no rating)

Items and Economy: One of my personal favorite features of MMO's is the way they have an actual living economy. Runescape is no different. Runescape boasts the equivalent of an Auction House (known as the "Grand Exchange" in game) were players may put items up for trade. Unfortunatly, to prevent scamming, Jagex has put some fairly strict limits on how much you are allowed to set the price for: being a certain number above or below what Jagex feels the base price of the item should be. However, this does not mean that all items are set in stone: inflation and deflation are very present, and much trading goes on outside the "Grand Exchange".

As for the items, well, let's just say you won't ever find yourself wondering what piece of armor you need next. The game features items outside the generic metals (which consist of, in order or quality: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, Rune and Dragon) but obtaining them generally requires a quest, or massive sums of money. Each set of armor does prove to be far superior to the previous piece, but Runescape does not feature the abondance of items that other MMO's do. This may appeal to some, as the thousands of different weapons and armors offered in other MMO's may be confusing, but for others they will find that it offers very little variety and get bored quickly.
(no rating)

The World: The world of Runescape (known as Gielinor) is, for lack of a better word, relatively small. It takes less than an hour to get from one end of the world to the other, without using forms of transportation. Although Gielinor may be small, it is far from empty as buildings, watchtowers, castles and much much more populate its' geography.

As far as variety goes, Gielinor does feature some different scenery, but you will find that over 50% of it is populated by the same green and trees, with the wilderness (which takes up roughly 10%) a group of browns, greys and the occasional orange lava.

It does not take long to explore the world Runescape has to offer, and by the end of your first month you will have most of it memorized. Despite its small size, it is jam packed with things to do and places to go, despite most of them all seeming the same. For what it is, it is fantastic.

When compared side by side with other MMO's with a monthly fee, it does very little to stand out.

Conclusion: So what is left to say about Runescape? For a browser based, Java MMORPG it is, without a doubt, the best of the best. When put beside other MMO giants such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Warhammer or LoTRO, it finds itself a bit slacking in the technical department, but because of it's unique combat and wealth of things to do, it has found itself a very strong spot in the MMORPG world. For the posted score i will average the two final scores together, and round up.

For What it Is: (10/10)
Compared to others: (7/10)
Final Rounded Score: (9/10) rounded up from 8.5

Post Date: 00:18 12-11-2008
Rating: 7
Author: eXoZmM
Comment: One of the most controversial games that was probably ever made. This game is the most known and talked about game, whether it's insulting or complimenting. Before I go on with my review, I'd like to remind everyone that people play games because they like them, not because of what other people think about it. Regardless of mine or anyone elses review on this page, you should try this game before judging it.

Game Content + Gameplay - 10/10 - You will DEFINITELY not find a game with as much game content or gameplay as this game has. It takes years just to complete the game, let alone the mini-game rewards and various other activities. The game makers did a great job in creating such an extensive game. The game itself has a pretty "Noob friendly" interface, and everything is explained up-front, thus making the game boring for the higher levels.

Graphics - 6/10 - Without the recent graphics update they had, this score would probably be lower. The graphics aren't even close in comparison to games like WoW and WAR and Guildwars, but that's because it's on a Java Platform, and it's playable through the browser. If the game makers made it available through disc, this game would be amazing.

Community - 3/10 - Absolutely horrid. You come across arrogant and ignorant pre-teens wherever you go(Usually in the free-to-play worlds). And ALWAYS you come across a high level who thinks he is the best guy in the game just because he's a higher level than you. There's some good people(I've had friendships with people for over 3+ years as of now) but the bad people outnumber them(Sadly).

Difficulty - 8/10 - The only thing that is difficult about this game is that you have to sit there clicking to level up. Want to level up? Go to an area with a lot of trees, and keep clicking. Now, though it's boring, it's also a way to work up perseverance, because without perseverance, you won't do a thing in this game.

Overall - 7/10 - Many people may disagree with my ratings, but it's just my perspective. Don't listen to ratings, only use them as a guideline, try this game out for yourself(Then come back here and review it..:D). And with that note, I'll allow you to go and have some fun playing this game..:D It's a game you either love or hate!

Post Date: 06:09 08-11-2008
Rating: 7
Author: SilverArch
Comment: good MMORPG with 3D and awsome graphics

when i first played this game, i was surprised.
i got addicted to the game just after about 10minutes of playing
the community is very friendly and the game does not lag very often.
i would say that it is very very very easy to learn and most things only require a mouse to complete.
good skills and decent leveling speed

ok now on to the bad stuff =O

around 2/3 of runescape requires money
i might say it is free of charge and requires money at the same time.
to become an improved player, you have to spend money? how does that sound? bad?

Post Date: 09:42 03-11-2008
Rating: 4
Author: Impureevil
Comment: Graphics: 5/10
I've seen alot of comments here, mainly saying that the graphics are good for a browser based game. Browser based game or not, the graphics are still very poor and cannot compete with other MMORPG's. And yes, these are even after the new graphics update.

Sounds: 3/10
If the graphics don't make you sick, then the sounds will. There is absolutely no excuse for how terrible the sound effects in this game are.

Gameplay: 6/10
The gameplay in this game is unique, fun, addicting and yet very linear at the same time. It mainly revolves around getting all (or your favourite) skills to 99.
Example: You want to train mining? Click on the rock and wait. Fishing? Click on the fishing spot and wait. Woodcutting? Click on the tree and wait. Firemaking? Wait, firemaking is a skill!?
That is pretty much how you train all your skills.
See a pattern forming?

Combat system: 3/10
This is by far the least though-out combat system i have ever seen. The combat system involves clicking on an opponent once and waiting for your character to kill it. After clicking on it, you have to control over what the character will hit or do. It is all dependant on your stats. All you can pretty much do is eat or run.
Example: In the duel arena, i was in a fight with someone for approximately 6 minutes. During that time I went and got something to eat, had a drink, fed my dog and had a chat on the phone. XD.
If you attack a monster from behind a obstacle, it will get stuck behind it and not move. Terrible. Defence is probably the mose imbalanced combat stat. (Just for the record, your defence level in no way whatsoever reduces the amount of damage you will receive.)

Community: 1/10
No online gaming community is perfect, and there will probably never be one that will get a 10/10.
Runescape has a terrible community in general. Every second person will try to steal your items (be it armour trimming, luring, countless other ways), try to steal your passwords by telling you to go on fake sites and boys will make female characters and will ask you to be their husband so that they can get free items from you.
The creators of the game barely care about the wants of their players, this was evident in the removal of staking, the wilderness and the introduction of the 3k trade limit.
If you get reported for something you didnt do and try to appeal it, jagex will send you the same automated response no matter what you say.
The player mods are corrupt and morally bankrupt. They will report anyone and everyone for simply anything. If you get incorrectly reported by a mod, you cant appeal your case. There have been cases where this has happened. Low level players walk around begging for money from everyone and high level players have little to no respect to anyone but themselves. The quests are very nice, but are targeted mainly at the middle level player; low levels will find them too hard and high levels too easy.

Overall, there are many better games out there.

Post Date: 21:29 02-11-2008
Rating: 7
Author: 132591
Comment: There are a lot of extreme reviews out there, I say that it simply depends on your taste.

Firstly, while the graphics aren't that good, it's pretty freaking awesome for an in browser java applet.

There's tons of stuff to do, although most of it involves quite some grinding.

In short, the runescape world has many options and much room for creativity, but is somewhat repetitive. And the measures they have taken to eliminate bots have been reasonably extreme.

7/10 overall.

Post Date: 18:54 31-10-2008
Rating: 0
Author: mazen3462
Comment: This game is really boring i started it and i hated it right after i started by like 1hour

Post Date: 16:46 29-10-2008
Rating: 8
Author: tankmaster
Comment: my rating for runescape is a solid 8/10

graphics: 8/10.... it gets a 8 because most people dont realize for a browser game runescape has amazing graphics so for a browser game it would actually do better than what the majority think about it...

f2p gameplay 2/10.... its just clicking the animations are horrible and hardly anything to do

p2p gameplay 8/10.... for a p2p gamer this game is awesome it has tons of quests tons of mini games and more than just fighting all around

quests 10/10.... unlike some games the quests in runescape are well written its just not a bunch of randomness that makes no sense at all

music/sound effects ~/10 we all have different tastes so i really couldnt rate this =) however i can tell you that runescape has a wide selection of music and a sound effect for almost everything
-no download at all(unless you want a shortcut to the webpage)
-a vast amount of skills to learn with nothing holding you back from learning them(except membership) meaning you can be a wizard with full rune or a mage that uses a bow ;)
-a really big amount of music selections(over 500)
-good sound effects
-decent pvp system
-tons of mini games that dont all involve fighting
-almost everything in the game you can make yourself without the border of which profession should i be(meaning you can be a tailor/miner/all the other skills at once without a maximum amount of professions like WoW has)
-f2p is called the trial version ;)
-pretty much all the cons are for f2pers =P
now that the rating is done a bunch of questions that people use to degrade this ;)

runescape is a solo game...
this is almost laughable =D runescape has many things for a group of people to do... just a few to list the fishing trawler,world pvp servers/void knights/among many others ;)

runescape members arent worth being because you get rich fast and the game becomes duller.

so? we get rich faster because we have more expensive things to buy for a f2p person saradomin armor(rune with a white trim) is something to show off while for a member we laugh at the cost of that because the higher graded stuff are mostly above 1million, we also have to work just as hard as the f2pers to get our money its not like we can buy 1000000s of mithril bars and make money off of arrows(1 mithril bar costs more than 15 arrows anyway ;)) its proven that a 91+rcer can make 1mil a hour... however thats at 91 the amount of people who have rc that high are few...

death is harsh...
quit dying =P if you know your going to go somewhere that has a chance of killing you dont wear your 'best armor' wear something that you can easily replace

p2pers get everything...
p2pers also fill jagexs wallet... the whole point of a f2p world is so you can build a character before you make them a member... which means you have a unlimited time to make the char the way you want it before you start to pay jagex

everything is for the high levels...
no everything is not just most of the stuff you hear about is =P

wtf pvp worlds? omg thats a bad ideal...
your informed before you enter a pvp world as well as there are restrictions on what you can fight and what cant fight you so its balanced

wtf the random event killed me when i went to the bathroom...
random events are made to catch botters... people who dont work for their money... if you have to go afk for a few minutes safely log out and that wont happen ;)

Post Date: 06:23 24-10-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Fantasy
Comment: hmm.. ive played many mmorpgs and this one happened to be the first. i played for 3 years and its rather addicting.
PROS:Great gameplay, fun interactive enviroment,tons of minigames and nice pvp many bots..,They removed pk from the wild(the essence of runescape),Game is extremely terrible unless u join to be a member which means $$$$

Post Date: 23:13 22-10-2008
Rating: 6
Author: game rater
Comment: eh..i played for 5 years its pretty addictive and fun in the same time, grinding is something u choose to do but overall the game is perfect with friends and competitive with various items and bosses and all the mini games u can imagine.

and i like it cause its simple and easy but i quit it got boring after 5 years...but the makers are pretty active with excellent updates which kept me playing...
-dont play this game its not as great as u would think it just silkroad,wow and guild wars is better to play and wastetime on instead of this game.

Post Date: 21:57 20-10-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Opressor
Comment: Well they actually improved the game over the past few months, they added a full screen high definition(basically refined java) But its gotten a bit better here is a rundown.

Graphics 6/10
Have had a major turn over since a few months ago.
Sound 5/10
Not to snazy.. It's got some decent tunes.
Community 6/10
Gotten better, you can now hook up with a decent mature clan.

Overall 6/10

Post Date: 20:47 19-10-2008
Rating: 2
Author: Blargh
Comment: if i could descibe this game in one word it would be....

community 2/10
Everyone goes around screaming NOOB! NOOB! NOOB! I say, if you play this game you are a n00b and you fail at life

Quests 3/10
Most quests are long and not worth it

Free account 1/10
you can't do shit compaired to a member

Graphics 2/10
Even if you get the high detail graphics they still make me vomit

overal 2/10
If you play this game you can't even call yourself a gamer
I will tear out my heart, light it on fire, stomp on it till the fire is out, eat it, vomit it back up then feed it to my dog before i play this game again.

Post Date: 10:17 12-10-2008
Rating: 10
Author: EngyN
Comment: I guess this is max i ve seen there are 170001 playing rs!

Post Date: 11:29 11-10-2008
Rating: 6
Author: darknshy
Comment: Game aint that bad but id never pay for it.

Post Date: 06:49 11-10-2008
Rating: 8
Author: henhenhenhen1
Comment: From what i can tell...
Serenicide, you must know that the community may be a 3/10 or even 1/10. But their is no reason for you to be mad. This game should i say, is a great game if you are a member. Even if you have finished all the member quests, you still have many extraordinary activities to do. I do not want a 12 year old or under crapping around telling me that this is the gayest game ever. NO! I want a real mature person that is not some idiot child that talks like an immature brat .=.=
Graphics got MUCH better, if you take a look at the past years of Runescape before this year, you will notice it has risen from, 5/10 - 8/10 =D Go Runescape!! Btw I am 13 years of age, but i am not spoiled. And no i quit runescape.

Post Date: 21:40 08-10-2008
Rating: 8
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: Alright, I agree with all the people who say that people who dont lik this game cuz its graphics are bad are just sad, there are plenty of good games out there that have bad graphics but are very fun to play, and now after the graphics update im rather surprised how good its graphics are for a browser game, its got a big world and not bad graphics...


i must warn you, DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU'RE NOT PLANNING TO PAY!!! this game is REALLY bad for free players, for free players, its an utter grindfest, even if u try to train a different skill each time, it just gets SO boring, plus, there are only lik 10 quests for free players, and about 3 minigames, and access to only about a third of the world and the members get about a 100 quests, loads of minigames, and get access to the whole world, they even get 9 more skills! i played runescape, got to combat level 40, and got bored and quit. i tried to retry runescape once, but it only took me about a minute to get bored of the game again. the member payment IS pretty cheap, its only $5 a month, though it could be better by charging a one-time fee lik guild wars, but basically, this game is just boring as a free player, but it might have potential as a member

Post Date: 21:09 08-10-2008
Rating: 10
Author: budbadbig
Comment: Just if you´re tlaking about this, play it with emotion. Im sick of hearing people saying it sucks because of the graphics...WTF??? Dudes, it´s a browser game, it doesn´t have download. give me the name of a browser ghame without download with better graphics and what I said was a lie but until then...I don´t play for the graphics...I play it for the fun...

Post Date: 23:05 07-10-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Jackal002
Comment: This is an "Okay" game. Its one of the best games you dont have to download. There is about 140,000 people on at any given time.

Graphics: 7/10
Gameplay: 5/10
Pvp: 0/10

Post Date: 12:56 04-10-2008
Rating: 10
Author: matrixkungfu
Comment: I started playing it 6 yrs ago, and I still enjoy playing it on occasion. Many people look at how poor its graphics are and cast it aside before even trying it, this is very immature in my opinion. The graphics may not be stunning, but the storyboard/gameplay and character interactions are almost perfect. About 6 months ago they did update it and take away a few very immportant pvp aspects, but hopfuly in good time it will fixed.

Stop being a noob and dissing it before trying, its the worlds biggest mmorpg at 135+ million players, with at least 100,000 on at any given time.

Graphics 5/10
Story 10/10
Pvp 8/10
Gameplay 10/10
Replay value 10/10

Post Date: 03:25 26-09-2008
Rating: 9
Author: EngyN
Comment: 1160 reviews that's 4x Wow reviews^^(its show how gr8s Runescape)
+ New Graphics = 0wnage
Its really Free u know what i mean!! Cuz most (all) of free games i have played they claim to be free but Item Mail can coast + Premium>>>> better play Wow instead
Cuz item Mail games can coast around 30 $$/month if u really like it(i swear to god)its way better playing runescape f2p ^^ cuz u got nothing to loose.
+Community >>The best place to make friends.
+Castle Wars>> realy fun place for pvp
+Bh>>Instead of farming mobs u can farm players too ^^ 10/10
+Clan Wars>>>Gr8s place to party with friends
+dds, db, specila attacks and gs>>>U know wat i mean ^^
+high alching>>easy way to make gold ^^


Post Date: 14:21 20-09-2008
Rating: 5
Author: hazzacool
Comment: its for noobs grapics are pathetic
game plays pathetic

Post Date: 19:02 19-09-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Z3R0
Comment: Really Graphics aside it is a huge game. yes i will agree with the statment that all you do is grind, but at the same time you can quest. The quests will help you level too. Overall its not bad, good if your bored. Oh and i agree there community is horrable, its really just a bunch of begging 10 year olds and 12 year olds telling you that your a noob.

Post Date: 11:55 19-09-2008
Rating: 9
Author: auspwns
Comment: this game is great i have been playing it for some years. here are the pros and cons of the game
1. the is always somthing to be done in the game from cooking to fire makeing

2.the gameplay is very good and easy

3. any one can play it is for every age groups

4. it has tones of skills quests ect

5. no downloads needed just open web page up off you go

1. some people in the game are just really a pain
they will stop at nothing to make sure you
have a bad time playing the game

2. when you get a high lvl 100plus items coast tones some takeing 3 weeks to get for a bit of armour

3.tho there maybe alot of skills some are really borrring such a farming others are pointless like firemakeing

4. the gameplay tho simple can get borring click and wait.....then click agin

5. the hole game runs round money so if you are not into the money making side of games this could put you of it

over and all the game is pretty kool with the pros weighting out the cons there is always somthing to do and there are many guide on youtube and help websites

good game if you just want to chill out after comming home from school/work

Post Date: 13:27 07-09-2008
Rating: 0
Author: serenicide
Comment: runescape... what can i say... IT SUCKS!!!!
the things that suck

the new HDs gfx suck...0/10
the monsters suck 1/10
the PvP sucks -50000000000/10
the way you are not a fixed class SUCKS!1/10
community sucks
game-play sucks
grinding grinding GRINDING!!!! sucks more than the game... u cant do anything but grind in this game

good things
when i find one in this game i will tell you!!

over all 0/10 cos its uber crappy...
dont play this game unless u wana waste a load of ur life

Post Date: 20:59 28-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: critic101
Comment: Guys you cant shott runescape down when its doin nothing wrong. Heres a list of reasons runescape probably kicks the crap out of whatever mmo you play.

1.Unlike most mmo's out there you are not bound to any class whatsoever. Just like in life, you can be whatever yu wanna be, and do whatever you wanna do.

2. the subscription is only five frikin dollars a month, and its totally worth it. You get access to hundreds of new world weapons quests, possibilities, and an array of new skills.

3. This is one of the only game, in which the creators were actually smart enough to award players experience points by damage!!!! =)
So kill stealing, kill locking, kill whatever does not even matter , every1's getting thier fair share of xp!

4. With the release of runescpe hd, the graphics are actually tolerable, for most people.

5. Even if you still hate the graphics, they guarantee one thing: NO LAG!!!. Seriously.... I played runescape for an entire year, and I have yet to see any1 type the word "lagger". so no1 get mad over laggers, cuase there are none.

This altogether makes this game pretty frikin awesome. Any1 can have fun on runescape....literally! =D

Post Date: 21:29 27-08-2008
Rating: 4
Author: fantasytwin
Comment: Because this is in the free mmorpg category I will only judge it from a free point of view.

Graphics: 3/3, It is a 3D game with good quality backgrounds. The characters aren"t the best, but still worthy of full points.

Gameplay: 6/10, The gameplay is pretty simple, it is a point and click game. However, navigation is pretty hard to do, and it is a lengthy process that can only be shortened if you are a member, or rich.

Community: 2/10, The community is terrible. Everyone will call you a noob, even if you are a high level. There is pretty much no help whenever you need it.

Storyline: 4/10, This is also the quest category. The quests are pretty pathetic. They have you go a couple of places, but pretty much they are all disconnected with no relation to eachother. Members have the majority of the quests here, but still they don"t look like any fun on the other side.

Combat: 2/10, Combat is horrible. It is slow, you hit low numbers, and miss a ton. It can take up to 5 minutes to kill a simple cow in the beginning of the game.

Minigames: 5/10, Members have the most of this feature. Free people do have a couple minigames, such as the fist of gunthix, these minigames are fun, but do get old and boring after time.

leveling: 3/10, Leveling is pure grinding. This is a long and gruesome process. It can take you weeks of constant game play to get even 1 level. The only game that is slower in leveling is Maple Story.

Total: 25/63 = 39%
I think that this is a fun game though, even if I am giving it a poor rating. I have been playing it for over 4 years now, and it still has some interest to me. My opinion on membership is that it is a big waste of time and money. If you absolutley adore this game membership might be a good idea for you, but generally it just sucks your money dry.

Post Date: 16:46 24-08-2008
Rating: 2
Author: termntr
Comment: let"s destroy this game in every way possible?

1.RuneScape is a massive 3d multiplayer adventure-can"t argue with that.
2.with monsters to kill- yeah, like 30, and decent fights at first, then horrible, people steal ur kill, and it"s annoying.
3.quests to complete- 20something that r good, but then u have to pay the rip-off fee of $5 per month to be a member for quests, the highlight of the game.
4.treasure to win-LOL!!! there"s plenty, if ur a member!
5.You control your own character who will improve and become more powerful the more you play-ummm... i feel like this might happen in another RPG that i played. (or was it every one?)
6. b4 they added all the c**p about the Grand Exchange, and the so-called "Wild" which is not wild anymore. it sucks.- umm, that"s the only reason i gave it a 2. it goes back to a 1 without it.
7.Gameplay=9/10 As i can see so far its a awsome browser game. It takes lots of grinding and training. There are alot of quests and things to do. You need to pay nearlly 6 bucks now but its cheap and worth it.-so, what job do u have that 6 bucks a month is cheap, for a waste like this. if being a member were free, i would rate this as an 8.
8. alright, this is my last point, the dreaded learning curve. u"ll be lost, and when u ask people with experience, they will be mean to u and most likely ignore u. but don"t be angry, because when ur more experienced, u"ll understand why (i hate them!!!)

overall, try it for a while, just quit before it gets boring, because it"s great at first, but without a membership, it"s boring. PVP would save it at the higher levels, but it"s poorly done. i"m gonna give it one more try. add me (the termntr) and PM me in-game. (now i"m gonna get hate PMs).

Post Date: 13:46 24-08-2008
Rating: 8
Author: enverescape
Comment: Very Very good. I've been playing sconce it first started, back the it was OK. I think its best was last year, b4 they added all the c**p about the Grand Exchange, and the so-called "Wild" which is not wild anymore. it sucks. Anyway, graphics are very nicely done, especially in HD, and really especially for a BLUj based java game. Anyway, worth taking a look at. Add me as ur friend if u want some help (Username: Connor4312).

Post Date: 06:28 23-08-2008
Rating: 7
Author: clickmehere
Comment: This game has alot of ups but there are some really terrible downsides to this game. Here is my RAtings.

Gameplay=9/10 As i can see so far its a awsome browser game. It takes lots of grinding and training. There are alot of quests and things to do. You need to pay nearlly 6 bucks now but its cheap and worth it.

Community=6/10 The player commun isnt to bad you will find alot of people that are nice but dont date them its almost like having sex your own gender.

Graphics=7/10 Ok the new graphical update theyy had recently was amazing! Its not that they are the best graphics in the world there pretty shitty but for a java program? Thats amazing.

Combat=0/10 This is the worst part of any game u an ever see. The combat is hoorrable. The only thing thats gonna look good is a archer fight. Everything else is garbage,Melee combat makes E.T. the video game look like a fucking success.

Music=0/10 The music makes my ears bleed! If you ask me go listen to favriote music or somehting and turn the blowing music off.

Sounds=1/10 The sounds make me wanna go stick my ear next to a gun when its shooting bullets.

If you ever play this game turn off the sounds and music. Everything else besides combat is awsome!

Post Date: 01:16 23-08-2008
Rating: 7
Author: coolgamer112
Comment: Ok This is what i think of the game:


Pretty good Gameplay but very repetive...LOTS AND LOTS of grinding...


Not very good but here and there some people are nice.


Pretty bad but for for A Java BASED GAME?AMAZING!


Pvp is ok I kinda like bounty hunter and duel arena and castle wars...I would give it a 7 tho if the Pvp worlds were out....

Combat System=1/10

TERRIBLE You swing a sword and see numbers appear...Dont see the fun in that...


hate the soungs there absouletly TERRIBLE!!!!!!


Ok music not great but ok...

Game content=10/10


But in all I give this Game A 7.

Post Date: 11:20 20-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: sodaisgood
Comment: ive played this game more than any other game.... for one reason, its alot less boring then other games, yes some times it gets boring but then i get back in too it. btw all you people that comment on the low effort jagex puts in to it have no clue what there talking about..... jagex makes it a browser game and if u notice there no long download... with that u cant make it a high graphic game. and 2 more things jagex makes it a browser game for one reason... so u cant hack... RUNESCAPE IS UN HACKABLE.. for all u people who try to hack it. also runescape updates more than anyother game ive seen... u call that no effort??

so anyways... very good game... im lvl 102 atm // game name: d0ubl3 t3am0 if u want to pm me =] thx

Post Date: 21:36 16-08-2008
Rating: 1
Author: chiknstu
Comment: There was a point in my life, where I enjoyed this game quite much. However I seem to have matured quite a bit (Something the Community as a whole has to accomplish on their own). ANYWAY I did quit but i liked to return but they removed everything that made RuneScape such a great game.... Sure they got rid of annoying bots... that made the economy perfect. Now when return I am sad, and disgusted. No PK (BH is crap), No Trading (Merchanting D: ). So other than losing their business I might aswell slander their name aswell. Because they ruined! this game. And the proof is when i last made my comment on here it was nice, the average total rating was about 8. Now 500~ reviews later it is brought down to a mere 5.... lame? yes.

Post Date: 15:19 15-08-2008
Rating: 0
Author: tornak
Comment: Ive played Runescape for about 3yrs. Good graphics,people are generally nice.But when they made it so you can only trade at a certain cap then it made the game suck. Having aquired a lot of skills and then to find out that overnight "to salvage the Runescape for future gamers" is a lot of crap. Its like Runescape is making us not work and then earn the big bucks from what we worked for.
I used to give this game a I give it a ZERO !!! THIS GAME SUCKS

Post Date: 03:13 14-08-2008
Rating: 8
Author: kaizer
Comment: Before I was stranded in a place where I was not allowed to download any internet games, I never gave Runescape a chance and dismissed it as one of the worst disasters to the online gaming history. Before that I was also looking everywhere in the internet for a game that lets you live a second life.

However, one day I found myself somewhere where I was not allowed to download internet games. Suddenly I decided to give this game a try. I was surprised! This game had so much for me to do that I didn"t know where to start. I could fish, fight, cast spells, bake bread, travel far and wide, hunt, farm, summon, pickpocket and even make my own handicraft. Here is my rating for the game:
Graphics: 5/10 (Admittedly could be improved but the new high detail mode is cool)
Game Content: 10/10 (So much to do)
Gameplay: 7/10 (Just point and click)
Community: 4/10 (They aren"t all bad but ks-ers are very common)
Quests: 8/10 (No longer kill X of this, collect X of that, these quests are actually quests that require you to go journeying around.)
Combat System: 1/10 (Yes, the combat system really stinks.)
Music: 6/10 (A bit monotonous, but otherwise quite ok)
PvP: 7/10 (Good Pvp system- Fist of Guthix, Duel Arena, Bounty Hunter)

Now, to contradict some of the reviews below me. Graphics make a good game huh? Well, graphics DO NOT make a good game. Take the game Cabal Online for instance. It has the best graphics I"ve seen in an MMO, but unfortunately it is also the worst MMO I"ve played. Don"t be really stupid and compare a BROWSER BASED, JAVA GAME THAT IS FREE TO PLAY with a GAME THAT YOU PAY 20 BUCKS A MONTH TO PLAY! Geezes, The stupidity of these people make me look away from the screen in disgust. Look at the review by the hater named "LostSeraph" and you know what I mean.

Post Date: 12:13 11-08-2008
Rating: 8
Author: The gamer
Comment: Ive been playing runescape for 3 years now and right now im pretty impressed about this game. Ive played other popular games such as silkroad, maplestory, WoW and realised that although the other 3 beat runescape in graphics all of them have some flaws. One of the unique things about runescape is that the makers earn money by membership alone. They do not sell coins for real life cash making runescape extremely fair (yes members can make faster money but they still cant do it in a few clicks).
The community is not the nicest but has few macros (due to the january updates). some cons include the fact that the graphics arnt too good and that the updates in january have done runescape good but also destroyed merchanting by 80%.

Post Date: 13:33 10-08-2008
Rating: 8
Author: jjdragon60
Comment: in my 2 years of playing runescape,i am impressed by the content. there are so many skills to train, monsters to battle, quests to acheive, and things to do. they even updated ther not so good graphics, into runescape hd. since december there are quite a few bad updates, and there is no pk and a dull battle system. but over all that, membership is only 5$ and offers duble the content! overall, this is an very popular game with over 8 million accounts, and makes this like a real, active game. i would rate this game 7.7 to be exact. this is a great time killer, it gets boring, but still few games can beat its gameplay.( my runescape usernAME IS jjdragon06.)

Post Date: 21:21 09-08-2008
Rating: 3
Author: midos0355
Comment: I only give it a 3 because of the effort that jagex put in to runescape.but this game doesn't put "fun" in rpgs. training your character is boring to level up and pvp is horrible without the wild,and thers constant matter alot to me and runescape when your a non member has the worst graphics..
3 for the effort

Post Date: 15:52 08-08-2008
Rating: 1
Author: killervickboy
Comment: the graphics are so bad dont come out with a part 2 plz the storyline is just lvling up it lags all the time the armor sucks the game is fighting all the time you can take quests but if your not a member u cant its dum i wouldnt pay my money for that

Post Date: 20:42 06-08-2008
Rating: 3
Author: donring
Comment: This game has amazing potential but Jagex wont let it be the game it could be. Everyone ses it has crappy graphics but c'mon, its a flash game for christ sakes. The thing that makes this game a 3 is that Jagex keeps making more and more rules, doesnt pay attention to the demands of the people, and there are many people who will try and scam you in trades and its very easy to get hacked. Ive played this game off and on for the past 7 years and even though the graphics keep getting better there is too many rules and regulations that pop up just about every day just because little kids keep complaining.

Also..the chat filtering system sucks. They are making this game waaay to sheltered.
On the upside there is ALOT of skills and quests so it never is a grind fest like all of the other mmos today.

Post Date: 15:23 06-08-2008
Rating: 8
Author: rsdef
Comment: Lostseraph, i have a few things to say about your review of runescape. i have played runescape since i was 10 in that 5 year period i have had the same number of accounts. 2 have been hacked and the rest i just got bored on! but never have i stopped playing. your review was not only inaccurate it was guilty of many of the things it accused the players of runescape of being, callous, unsociable and rude.
getting your character to a grand combat level of 58 in a matter of hours if not impressive. you either had 50 attack strength defence 40 magic (or none at all) 50 hp and 40 range (or none at all) or you were a pure and specialized in one of the stats mentioned above. i assume you were the first option. congratulations, on the face of it you got over half way to the top in 4 stats! however this is not true. exp wise you were barely 10% of the way to 99 (level 92 being the halfway point in exp) and you were among the worst players in runescape. there is a grind, my current account has 90 range and 70 def. 70 defence is not hard to get but i found it boring, however 90 range is much harder! if you get 90 range and spend more than a few hours on the game, make a few friends and get a few more of the very diverse set of levels i think you will find the game a little more satisfying. you are obviously a graphics purist, having said so yourself and therefore do not give much to the actual gameplay of a game.
your answer to the pets problem which you highlighted so viciously is summoning. a fun skill which involves you summoning your own large range of pets! oh dear, i think that debunks your rash assertion that runescape has a lack of pets.
i tried playing w0w and was instantly killed by a level 70 player harvesting around the graveyard area! as i couldnt turn off my PvP toggle without 5 minutes of no player - player combat he just kept on killing me. call him no life! i was trying to get to a level up for 1 hour but he just kept on killing me. i eventually gave up and went back to runescape where there are designated places for doing that.
if you get offended by someone who you dont even know calling you a "noob" you should log out and not come back. its not offensive and to all people who get offended by it.log out please! (watch skychi review on youtube).
your "review", or should i say rant was ill thought out and done, it seems, within minutes and with little experience of the game so in future please think more before you open your mouth and it will do yourself, alot of good.

Post Date: 06:40 05-08-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Soirehk
Comment: 6(Fair) It would of been a 7 if the graphics where the old one cause that's what made runescape unique was the bad graphics.
I'm rating it kinda low I guess cause even with the new graphic update it still don't change the fact that the game sucks or not. No offense but this game is no 10/10 or 9/10 first of all the gameplay has to be the weakest thing I had ever seen in all MMORPG. Jagex also keeps making the game lamer pretty soon they will probaly go bankrupt from people quiting. They already lost alot of money. To be honest the new graphics look like a kiddie show now like those clay figure cartoons like bob the builder. It also reminds me of legos as well. Also people are freaking rude in the game everywhere you go you hear the word that people with no life say is " Noob ". I was a lvl 97 till they ruined some of the Pvp. Now they made almost all the good Pvp non members so there is no reason to pay for this game anymore for me. Also I can name Super Nentindo games that were more addicting than this. Go ahead make a review complaining to me it just makes you look dumb. Talking trash on the internet gets you nowhere.

Post Date: 02:19 05-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: wendrick
Comment: okay... this game is amazeing all you people that say blah blah blah this game is bad and bad game it that i played rs for 5 yrs and have a very very very high level account lots of money and never been hacked.... so dont give me crap abwt hackers in free2play i must admit you dont get as much as people would like but so what u dont get everything for free.... and whats $5... that playing wow at the minitue been playing for about a year and 2 lvl 70"s... and if im honest it has wayyy better graphics than rs but not as good as rs as people do not xomunitcate as much as they do in rs and rs is a great online rpg with great poeple and as for the comment of the "noobs" its only said when the "noobs" go to higher lvls saying give me this give me that give me the outher..... NO.. we had to work for it well guess what ...."noobs" do to... and "noobs" only means new players it isnt offence.......


Post Date: 18:59 01-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: akamaterasu
Comment: Ok 1st off this game truly is worthy of a +1,000.99 rating. It has a wide variety of clothing, weapons, skills, minigames, monsters, quests, and areas. PvP used to be excellent in the wild but bountyhunter is not so bad.... and the new HD graphics are awsome. The occasional events are also awsome. In addition, being a member makes the game 1,000 times better. Runescape will continue to improve periodicly.

Post Date: 09:51 29-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: playfro
Comment: lols i played for 4 years before becumin member and now ghraphics are 30 million times better now itas called runescape hd

Post Date: 22:47 27-07-2008
Rating: 0
Author: LostSeraph
Comment: as i said the community IS horrible

and i apologize if i was biased
but that doesn't give you the right to flame....

and since when hasn't a writer/reporter haven't been biased???

there is always stereotypical people in our world
those who try to dictate other people's actions; like you....

there are also alot of whiney people who thinks the world revolves around them.....

and FYI zekker3000 i write many game reviews
for gamefaqs and gamespot under other pseudonyms
and most people actually agreed with me

also you gave 3 PROS and 7 CONS
therefore you should actually RATE RUNESCAPE a 3 instead of a 5

please make coherent statments next time

Post Date: 21:17 27-07-2008
Rating: 5
Author: zekker3000
Comment: FIRST OFF THE BAT I WANNA SAY Lostserapah your a fanboy and there for you are not allowed to review anymore sine ur only inclined 2 a few games which you only refree to instead of showing a wide array of gamming so go and to the corner.

The graphics have improved and are good for a BROWSER based MMORPG the picture above does not do justice ANYMORE

Ill Make this quick:

Free account will allow u to access a good chunck of the game

Great graphics for the fact hat is made using JAVA so dont expect WoW, Guild Wars, Rappelz quatiliy but its still good

There are NO classes u make ur own using skills you can lvl up so u can make a Tank mage or spell warrior or just pure wizard or archer and more

Community can be nice sometimes

$5 for a membership which unlocks the whole game for u and better weapons, armor, spells, etc the whole $5 deal isnt bad but it just doesnt seem worth it TO ME maybe to you though if u enjoy it

LOTS AND LOTS OF GRINDING personal i prefree a little grind but not much as it give you some skills can take a long long time to lvl up at higher lvls

community is very selfish mainly calling low lvls noobs and seems to be made up of 8-12 year olds with a few adults an older teens

not much inventory room for mining items u can only hold like 30 items so mining becomes a real hassale

combat has improve you hit more often but its basicly turnbased but not quite

music is not great but thy do give u a large list of songs to choose from even if its not great

sounds is very bad sounds like snapping sticks when u strike a foe and "loooops' when u miss

not a chatty community/ lots of scammers

Post Date: 20:55 27-07-2008
Rating: 0
Author: LostSeraph
Comment: I pity you all.....seriously.....

this game isn't a Free to Play game
if you have to pay for memberships then its not free to play

i doubt children has good to great
socio-economic standing because they can't afford WoW or Lineage 2 or even Final Fantasy....

even though the memberships are optional this game makes it a have to for those players that want to best equipment

f2p games are more like Shaiya, Rappelz, CABAL online and Maplestory where the programers get revenue by cash shops....

(Shaiya, and Rappelz are Korean and f2p who said Korean programers charge alot just to play???
that additude is stereotype)

those are optional and THOSE cash shops aren't loaded with UBER gear... cash shops only gives items such as EXP stones Resurrection Runes etc.

now that thats out of the way....
let's begin on the rating i gave this "game"
if it can pass off as one....

Gameplay 0/10
not much to comment on...
its just another faliure rpg except its worldwide

some say its bot free or even hacker free....
no game is bot free or hacker free...

who says people can only hack when you give out their E-mail address/account name and password???

we live in the new age.....
and if i recall correctly Game Masters/administrators keep a LOG BOOK

and in that LOG BOOK ALL IN-GAME DATA is there
so that means your IP address, account name/password, date of log-ins and every other data sent from their mainframe to your computer

what does that have to do with hackers???
it means they already know EVERYTHING about your account, that means they can spike your account and the next time yu log in they'll get your password so spare me the crap about that stuff

hackers will know everything...your lvl, your character,
including where you live
(because of you IP address)

DON'T even joke around about firewalls
most firewalls and anti-viruses have the same detection code used to filter out viruses and hackers....

manipulation of such data is easy....

Community 0/10
not really that great no one around to assist other players
"riots" on the forums etc.

also, for those that contradicted themselves....
saying that the community was great but also mentioning that high lvl players calling others "noobs" community rating for this is 0/10

someone said that people love each other in RS

it's just another phedophile behind the monitor seducing children happens very often in our world

not that great overall for community because of children trying to act mature, sexy, and cool.

QUIT DELUDING yourselves live your life in the real world

Graphics 0/10
horrible as i am a huge fan of graphics
heck when i first tried this game i thought my NVIDIA GeForce driver how am i going to play Rappelz....

at the time in 2001 graphics for RS would have had great reviews but later on those graphics that were good are now horrible....

time changes and will keep on changeing
just adapt to it....

Sound 0/10
not even remotly close to "real life stimulation"

Music 0/10
monotoned....turn it off......

just another shit MMORPG basically the exact game play as any other rpg

nothing flashy

if you're interested in skills then i suggest Shaiya, Rappelz, Lineage 2, WoW and Cabal

not much variety
basically 4 classes each with their own set of skills

games such as Lineage, EQ and Rappelz have a greater variety of classes ranging from 27-36 different classes and over 100 different skills

nothing new or innovative
characters lack gender distinction, realism and feeling

nad to those who run around saying do you want to be my GF/BF GET A LIFE...

seriously that is how people get sexually assaulted

and to those who said "your hot"
trust me you have never seen "hot animations"
try looking at Shaiya/Rappelz/Lineage and compare to females from there to RS

just to say....
every person in RS look the same
i can't even tell the difference between males and females

horrible quick and easy GRIND fest
i lvled up to 58 in hours

not good for HARDCORE gamers such as myself

not that realistic
pain in the ass to take care of
not much variety

i recomend Rappelz if you love PETS

Controls 0/10
no hotkeys
no wasd movement
basic mouse control that annoys me

good for the softcore childish gamers with a lot of time on their hands....

not to mention gamers that are senile

basically at the time in 2001 it was good
but it sucks ass now

but lineage is created in 1998; older then this game and it has PWNAGE graphics and gameplay

recommended for children ages 5-10 with $5 dollars in theirpockets

if parents are looking for a ACTUAL Free to Play
game then i suggest Maplestory

and if parents permits their child to play Rated PG-13 games....
they can play Rappelz or Shaiya

Post Date: 20:49 27-07-2008
Rating: 8
Author: redoer3
Comment: I've played this game awhile and to tell you teh truth, it's probably the best browser MMORPG out there, and the pay to play option is only $5 a month, unlike some other games -*coughworldofwarcraftcough*-... Also, that pic up there is in the old graphics, most newer computers can now use a newer version of the graphics, which are amazingly good for a browser game like this. Quests are great, communities OK, and its not always grinding,lots of stuff to do, unfortunately, jagex have done some things i don't like and i doubt i could speak my mind on these forums without getting in trouble or whatever.

Post Date: 19:10 27-07-2008
Rating: 5
Author: guesswho311
Comment: ok first of all, for all you people nocking java its a very powerfull language now adays, the reason runescapes graphics are so bad is cause its a browser. Now that i got that off runescape is an average game i played for like 1 month, its not a hardcore game but its alright especially for the youngsters.

Now you all who have given them a try KNOW that the quests are one of a kind. They are fun interesting and everyone is different.

The only reason i give this game a 5 is cause it gets boring to quickly.

Post Date: 17:00 27-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Lao Shan Kun
Comment: This game is enjoyable for those who want a relaxing and low intensity game. It's simple and doesn't require lightning-quick reflexes or concentration. I like to play this in between more intense MMORPGs.

There is a lot to do in this game, even for free members. There are many skills, tons of goods to make and sell, and a lot of spells to cast. If you get bored doing one task, you can easily switch to another.

The one thing that brings me into this game is the ability to create something from nothing. You can do more than just kill monsters all the time. You can make goods and sell them. I find this satisfying.

This is only a browser and Java-based game, so commenting on its graphics is unfair. The graphical update looks impressive, but the still less-textured character models look odd against it. Also, the 2d images of the items could be a lot better. They look dull and ugly. If they want a real graphical update, they should redraw the 2d images.

The sounds are terrible. Is this the best they can do for Java? I've heard better sounds. The music is nicely composed, but its MIDI-like sound makes it annoying after a few minutes of listening.

As with all other MMORPGs, there are arrogant and juvenile players running their mouths all the time. I see the word "Noob" several times during my play sessions. Unfortunately, those who use it don't quite grasp the meaning of it. "Noob" means new player, yet most of the time people use it to describe those who have a lower combat level. A low combat level has nothing to do with how long one has been playing.

There are also many beggars who constantly ask for free stuff and gold. This is ridiculous, because money is not difficult to make. They shouldn't be playing this game if they are too lazy to train in skills which require no actual skill at all to do.

If you ignore the beggars and jerks, there are actually some friendly and intelligent people in the crowds.

I do not enjoy fighting. It's not exciting or thrilling like it should be. Fighting against monsters is no different than training another skill, except luck plays a big factor in how quickly you kill the monster. You get EXP for each hit you land on the monster, about 4 EXP times the amount of damage you land.

Magic spices up things a little bit by providing something else to watch than you poking the monster. You can use missle spells to hit enemies that can't reach you, teleport, and turn items into gold. To cast spells, you need to be carrying the required amount of runes. Runes can be bought, crafted, or dropped from monsters. Buying runes is the easiest thing to do, so being a mage is rather expensive.

If you want a simple, relaxing, and versatile game that's easy to pick up and play, I highly recommend this. If you prefer more intense, immersive, and challenging games, then look elsewhere because this game will not satisfy you.

Post Date: 02:58 27-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: fduacvke
Comment: I have played for 4 years, and I'd like to quote something someone said a little ways down... "Ive seen other rpgs that are 3d with better graphics than Runescape", there's a reason you've seen 3D games with better graphics than runescape, want to know that reason? It's because runescape is TWO DIMENSIONAL.

As for those who were looking for cheats for runescape, there are none, there are strategies for making money, but not cheats, it's a mmorpg people, do you really think they'd put cheats in the game? Most of you probably don't even know what they're there for, they're there because the makers of the game put them there to do things faster and easier for themselves and didn't take them out (most of the time, sometimes they just put them there for it to be easier for you, as long as you figure out the word or phrase, there are other reasons but imo those are the two main ones)

A good way now-a-days to make money is getting your mining to level 30, and mining pure essence, it sells for about 150-160 gp each, which is around 4000 gp per inventory

Another way is to get your woodcutting to level 60 and chopping yews, they give about 10,000 per full inventory

Fishing and cooking is a really good way to make money when you get high enough to fish and cook sharks (It's 72 fishing I believe to fish them, not sure what the cooking is, I don't feel like pulling up runescape right now...) Cooked shark sells for about 900-1000gp a piece so that's close to 30,000 you're making there.

For those who "claim" they've been hacked, do you want to know how you get hacked? It's not from someone just randomly going "oh! I think I'm going to jump on my computer and hack this person that I don't even know!" It"s from morons that go onto cheat sites for runescape and do stupid things like sending their password and player name to someone in an email so they can get "100 party hats of whatever color you want" and someone taking your things (which I believe has been quite well fixed since you can"t trade more than 3000 gp worth of items unless you have a lot of quest points) another way is when someone tells you "I know how to get your stats to 90, but I'm not going to tell you, just give me your password and I'll get on and do it for you" or how about, the people that are related to moderators that have lots of items that their moderator friends get them for free, and will be nice enough to give stuff to you, all you have to do is give your account name and password, oh, and always be sure that it is at least above level 50, no sense in giving free party hats to a level 5, let me see here, the first thing I see wrong with this is um, why would you need the password? If it's a moderator, they already have a record of all the stored passwords for your account...second, a moderator, would be fired for doing something like that, they're not allowed to, some people can pick up skyware and not realize it, and spyware doesn't come from sitting on msn or yahoo, or google my friends... I think you all have gotten enough off of this little... speach, good day, and have fun. Oh, by the way, if you don't believe '"ve been playing for 4 years, add me, my name is mr.death23, I'll show you my yoyo...

Post Date: 17:18 25-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: i got to combat level 40 in this game, and i quit, cos there was nothing left for me to do cos im not a member, there was one final quest, the dragon quest to do and i just couldnt be bothered cos i was so bored of the game! i dont care about the graphics, they're fine for a browser game, but the game is just SO BORING for a free player, i tried to go on it again from time to time, but it was just boring roaming from place to place training my skills, a complete grindfest to me, this was cos i didnt have the FUN skills to train, fletching, summoning, hunting, construction, farming, thieving sound fun, but all these were only for members :(

so if you are a free player, there are two options for you, quit or become a member

Post Date: 12:07 23-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: myloric

I have been playing runescape for a long time now and it is a very good game. Many people think it is rubbish because of its graphics. But, Graphics are not everything.

Also, the picture shown above needs to be updated. Recently Jagex reworked runescape and it is now called Runescape HD. The graphics are now a lot better. Now wow, last chaos and shadowbane have great graphics, but for a game that runs only on java, has no complex download instructions, is run via your web browser, and has a step by step tutorial so that you know how to play, is pretty good.

There is a member's area of runescape but this is completely optional. The free area is more then enough to start off runescape.

Not only that but combat is one of several skills available. Runecraft, Fletching, Summoning, Hunting, Construction (House Building), Farming, Thieving, Crafting and many more.

Give the game a try,you may even like it.


Not just a game revolved around combat
Friendly Community who are always willing to help
Low Budget, i.e. Free
Graphics, Recently reworked.
Membership is cheap to purchase and has huge extras.
Lvling up can be fast.
No tedious download and installation times


Graphics are not as good as some MMORPGs
Can be frustrating if you are not a patient person.
Some good features are only available when you purchase membership.

But, don't take my word for it. This is just my opinion, go on give it a try!

Post Date: 21:55 22-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: daichiusagi
Comment: This game is one of the best I ever played. I have tried all the MMORPG i could get my hands on, and A LOT of them are just "play-to-kill".

Firstly, if anyone only cares about graphics, well they are fools. In a MMORPG it's not the graphics that count, but the gameplay, and the quests. Also the fun you have playing the game.

Runescape maybe has poor graphics compared to Granado Espada, Lost Chaos, WoW, Rappelz etc, but it holds advantages. It's size is only a few MB, and it loads instantly. You don't even have to download it. It also never bugs, or rarely, and when it does, its minor bugs.

Now, Runescape can be very addictive. It's also just as a second life, perfect to relax and to really have fun! The game play is also one of the bests too. I agree though, clicking for moving can get boring and annoying.

Runescape has a wonderful killing system too. In many games such as Maple Story and Flyff, you will die if you don't watch when you attack. In runescape, you can attack a monster and go prepare your coffee, you won't die. (That's if your 1 lvl higher then the monster, and even if you're lower, you will still survive.) For some ppl it may be annoying to only hit 1 to 11 damage. It didn't bother me that much, and you still lvl fast enough. In other games you need to at least be 10 lvls higher then the monsters to actually beat them without a scratch...

Runescape owns all the other games because of it's quests. The quests are interesting, they have a plot, and it's not only to kill a number of monsters or to collect a number of items. They are really fun to do, and you get cool prizes and exp.

Plus, in Runescape you must do your own food by starting a fire, killing something and get wood logs. You do everything yourself! As I said before, it's as a second life! It really keeps you busy, and theres so much things to do you don't know what to start with. There are also A LOT kickass skills to master. Summoning, hunting and slaying are one of those. The money is really easy to get too, for those who know how to do it! ;)

There's also an IMMENSE territory to explore! I am lvl 70 and yet I haven't explored everything in only one year.

Lastly, you pay only 5 dollars for A MONTH! While for games such as Wow (who really aren't worth it) are 15$ a month....

For those you are sissies and care only about graphics, pvp killing and only lvl up to be the best go play some other games which are made of those things. But for those who want to enjoy a simple but amazing game go play runescape. It may seem boring for those who played games such as Granado Espada but even I have played it and I prefer Runescape.

Everybody has his own opinion, but I think Runescape is really worth your money and time. It will get boring playing only in the free world, but at least try the member world for a month. It's so cheap. You''l change your opinion right away.

Post Date: 20:54 22-07-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Bloodredreaper
Comment: listen there is a new version of this game with better graphics and more chatroom choices such as friends,trade,and clan chatrooms

Post Date: 03:26 21-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: rich200
Comment: People seem to love it or hate it. I like it and it can be addictive.

I think the new high detail graphics are a big improvement. You can do full screen now. I can fill both monitors on my dual screen setup. Its not near as good as graphics on Farcry or Crysis, but way better than the tiny little screen shot above(at the time of writing this).

Ok, so you just point and click, that can get boring. But then there are so many skills to train, it feels like your actualy doing something different. It would be cooler to have some more complex moves. I think in time they will do it because they keep making improvements.

I think Jagex does listen to players suggestions. They made a couple unpopular decisions but the changes did have some pluses. Like yesterday I bought a dragon axe at the Grand Exchange. Before the GE, it might have taken days to find a seller.

There are to many rude jerks playing sometimes but lots of cool people to. You can block the jerks and add friends to your friends list.

There is strategy because as you level up old methods become less effective and you have to learn new ways of training.

I like that the game has an actual supply/demand economy.

O yea, you can die and lose items that took dozens of hours to earn. But that adds intensity to the game. There are also safe mini games available to play and not lose anything if you die.

I was amused yesterday when a player anounced he made his first million gold pieces. Even though I"m on 20Mil+ I said "Grats". I know some players have made 100Mil+. I remember my first million, it felt good. Thought I"d never get there.

Member 2 years now, Level 93, Yea I wasted lots of time but the point is to forget about school or work a few hours a week. Its usualy better than whats on TV.

Post Date: 01:12 20-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Scizzor189
Comment: This game is for those at home looking for a free, time wasteing game. Im not saying thats a bad thing, just the opposite. While World of Warcraft can have its fling sometimes, RuneScape is one of those games which you can come back to. The actual graphics arent that bad; but would be for those who jsut got bored from "WoW" and logged on to this virtual fantasy. I had played the week after the Modern Version was released. I found the Classics odd looking and I quit on sight... The one thing I cannot stand about this game is some drunk a-hole starting calling the New Players (3-10) Noobs... Then Nub was created and then it started when if somebody asked for money as they were about to level to rune level, (mostly in the tiems before that annoying money scale) the player walking around just says... Noobie!!! and just Ignores the person...
I find this game fun to have a Go at when you are 10-14. But those who have rich (over-achieving workers) parents who will just say yes to anything I.E.: Mom/Dad can I "YES! now go away im counting my gold".. ok i was going to ask for a car... "only? why dont you ask for something more worth it... like caviar"
The population of this medieval game is 300,000+ players online at a time, Though the rating would be 60% Boys, 30% Girls, 10% Boys who make girl chars because they want money (gp, k m).

Post Date: 22:09 19-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Trent56
Comment: LOL! Dis game rox!!!!!!11!!one!

sur u hav 2 ignor evry1 cuz their dum but dats coo. i luv 2 train wc all day cuz i get brdnests sumtimes. ppl shdnt sai runescape is bad cuz i LOL at dem. dey dont no nething cuz runesacpe iz full of smrat ppl! LOLOLOLOLOL! da game jus got an grafix update witch luks relly relly grate! also sum ppl r relly coo cuz dey talk 2 u sumtimes!! sum ppl also gets bfs and gfs an luv eachother sooooo much dat dey get married!1! of corse u cant tell jagex dey dont lik dat. mining is hard cuz other ppl try to take ur rock but if ur hi enuff lvl den u can take theyre rock!1! ROFL!!! i luv listening to da music. jagex did good wit dat. i hav a mem account an wen u hav a mem account, u can do more stuf. lik train a skill to 99 so u can get a s scape wich is relly good cuz ppl who have s capes are good. u can play castlewarz wich is a grate ctf game. its fun 2 pwn n00bs cuz dey r weak LOL! if ur team wins u get 2 tickets 2 buy colorful armor wich is coo! in mems u can poison ppl wich kills dem faster den normal. in mems u can go to gwd to fite to get sum bandos armor wich is strong sum ppl sai ppl who play runesacpe iz dum i dont think so. dis game gets a ten out of 10 cuz it rox so much. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL victory to runesacpe!

Post Date: 11:08 19-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: trent jr5
Comment: anybody who sai runescape sucks is a stupid
noob whos pisses their pants all the time it is the best game ive seen and ive seen them all it has way better graphics than world of warcraft even so all u loosers shutup and the people who like t good for u

Post Date: 07:36 19-07-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Andri
Comment: This game stinks!I played it for like 1 week and I noticed that this game 100% sucks!Its a big lump of garbage!A lame excuse for a game!This is why:
Combat:EXTREMELY UNREALISTIC!I fully hit a monster and 0 damage like WTH!Just splash of paint above monsters/characters showing a number and that's all.
PVP:Only in those friggin lame minigames.
Comunity:THE WORST OF ALL!Overrun by jerky 8 to 10 year olds looking for girlfriends/boyfriends and calling you names just because you are a new to the game.
Other stuff:
1:It has a free version that totally sucks with limited features forcing you to pay in order to have fun!
2:Everyone looks,walks,runs,fights like a RETARD and most probably is since they play this garbage!
3:Armor and weapons look the same only the color and name is different!You have to PAY to have a 1/100 chance to get different rare(such as dragon items which look a bit different)items since the free version is so lame and limited features.
4:There are no fight skills you just go to a monster and start slashing or bashing over and over again takes ages!
5:That darn screen is soooooo small I can't see a thing!And above all you have to click to do anything!
I have read most reviews and gathered almost everything so you don't have to bother reading like 1000 comments.Oh and my rating:
0 for EVERYTHING!I feel sorry too for all the thousands of pepole falling into this so called 'game' and wasting a big chunk of their lives!

Post Date: 05:54 19-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Shapno
Comment: 7 becuz the skills r amazing trading is ez'er then b4 and lot of the big monsters now (no more 4 kigns anymore)
i say could have been a 10 if they didnt screw up the unbalance trading their pvp (staking and wildy)
also a 7 cuz bor a browser game this is pretty good could be better

Post Date: 03:29 18-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Timbo59
Comment: THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!..sure SOMETIMES it gets boring, but all the people who say its hard to lvl are the people who just want to be lvl 100 instantly.

Friendly People
Lots Of Quests
Good Grahics(NEW UPDATE)
Achivements(NEW UPDATE)
Great Bank(NEW UPDATE)
Lots and Lots of Items
Good Mini-Games
A Tutorial
Help From NPCS
Very Cheap Member-Ship(ONLY $5!)

Combat System
People Sometimes Call You Names For Being A Low LvL

So over all i give it a 10, because its a really fun game,all time round.

Post Date: 17:38 16-07-2008
Rating: 9
Author: zamorak10
Comment: all the people who gave runescape a 0 r stupid litte noobs that dident even try to finish the tutorial. now runescape had a graphics update now it has ps2 like graphics thats pretty good for a free r 10 reasons y it is one of the best games on the enthernet:

1:great graphics (for the ppl who played runescape like once last year try runescape again you will see the awsom graphics)
2:huge world

3:awsom mini games

4:great communite

5:over 150 quest

6: 26 skills

7:one of the best pvp games

8:alot of ways to make money

9:a ton of monsters and boss monsters

10:tons of wepons and armor

but there r some things on there that make runescape not that fun such as:

once you get to a higher lvl u have to beg ur parrents to have members only 5$ not alot

and alot of ppl on there r mean and make fun of u for being a low lvl.

and last u have to click to where u want to go.

but still runescape is an awsom game so that is y i give it a 9

Post Date: 23:11 15-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: dandy2006
Comment: this game is amazing - this game has tons of quests -- IT IS PRETTY MUCH REQUIRED to get membership to get the real fun since non mmembership is crap and cant do anything - great time tons of fun mini games
- theres lots of fun people to chat with - and how u wood cut and mine and sell that stuff for money is great ussaly games just make u kill stuff for cash wich i dont realy like - Great game ;P

Post Date: 18:39 15-07-2008
Rating: 0
Author: E_F_G_01
Comment: Anyone who says "this game is good" has their heads up their butt about what real games are all about. I"m more embarrassed about calling it a "game" to begin with!

For graphics using Java, this game looks great... providing that you are under the age of Twelve.

Everyone looks retarded and it"s virtually impossible to look anywhere near manly. Or for girls to look minorly attractive... but seeing that this game is ment for anyone with a mental disorder or under 12, that is hardly an arguement at all.

The music is all MIDI. If you don"t know what MIDI type of music is, think of your annoying cell phone that you bought during 1996 - 2000. There is no rythem and makes the game monotone. But everyone else listens to their emo music instead of the real music (which tells the music department of Jagex that they"re doing a grade-A job).

The game has lowered its standards during the years. While other games have PvP zones and fun stuff like that, Jagex turned away saying "many other RPG are turing away from kill and looting" like a bunch of pansies. The main PvP (and only) in runescape has been eliminated. Meaning the only Player-Player interaction you get is cybering, chatting, trading, and being horribly annoying.

The game has a Free version that sucks ass. You are completely limited to what you can do and what you can fight. Along with that, since it"s free, you get a majority of dumbasses trying to do stupid things. I cannot argue with that because if the game is being played free, you literally got nothing to lose. They"d do things like beg, ask for a girlfriend or boyfriend, continuous begging, stalk, try to make the game harder for others purposely. In other words, this is a giant playground for the common pedophile.

The combat system is pathetic. The damage you inflict is all single digit numbers (1,2,3,4,5,etc.) and if you endure the game long enough, you move on the double digit numbers (10, 11). This makes the game seriously boring.

Your magic doesn"t run off a recharging source or anything. You have to do a LONG boring process to gather the items (note that I used plural for "items") needed to cast a FEW spells. And the best part of this stupid magic system is that sometimes magic spells would fail. But the magic system is not much to worry about. There are MANY low-lives out there making the tools for you, you just need to have the cash.

Along with lowering the standards, this makes the game incredibly easy to start out. If you go into the two "Stronghold" areas of the game, and successfully complete it, you"ll obtain the best type of boots and gloves in the game AND 15,000gp (which is good enough to get you some good armor). What"s wrong with that? Because of the free 15,000gp, the symbolism of having certain armor has been distorted.

This game is a waste of time. I wouldn"t recommend this game if you graduated elementry school. If you have a larger, more vulgar vocabulary, this game also isn"t for you because you"ll have a hard time trying to get your messages across the idiot-filter that"ll "bleep" out words like "as", and "poof", and many other simple words.

This game isn"t any better as a member.... Really.

This game no rating from me. And by no rating, I mean a complete Zero.

Post Date: 20:51 14-07-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Mars180
Comment: Ugh I can't believe this game is here it's like it's haunting me i played it and it sucked i had a lvl 76 and some great items then one day i went into the wild and got pwned by a lvl 100 and lost all my expensive items
-1 The graphics are the worst I've ever seen in my life
-2 You have to pay just to have fun
-And 3 the music sucks I got a headache from listening

Post Date: 00:13 12-07-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Supersnake117
Comment: Seriously. This game is pathetic. Even the HD update is terrible. The fanboys that say Runescape is good, IT IS NOT. Because it has a PvP system does not mean it is good. Because you can chop down trees does not mean it is good. Because it has Castle Wars does not mean it is good. IT IS HORRIBLE. EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF THE GAME IS TRASH. Yes, I have played runescape for 3 years, I have a level 59 who was banned because of the overpowered filtering.

Runescape Pros:

A large amount of players.

Cheap members.

Some good quests.

Runescape Cons:

Bad community, ranges from five year olds that can"t use a keyboard correctly to 50 year old pedophiles.

Terrible PvP.

Graphics are still epic fail.

All you do is click.



Overpowered filtering.

Bad animations.

Pathetic skills.

Overall: 0/10.

Compare WoW to Runescape. Runescape looks like garbage, while WoW is a human picking it up and throwing it in the trash, then spraying some nice Vanilla scented Glade air freshener around it.

Post Date: 13:40 11-07-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Anon01
Comment: This game is best described as generic. Everything from graphics to the community is generic.

F2P doesn"t have much to offer. In fact, your best option is to pick a universal name out and start as a female character. Why? Because dumbasses worldwide would think your character is "hot" and would provide free items if you type "lol" or "teehee" a lot. If you wanted to become a pedophile, this is your place to shine.

As a member, the game steadily rolls downhill with the bonus of visiting the Runescape forums. Starting at the forums, everyone is an idiot. There are either complainers who want to literally start "riots" for everything or brown nose wannabe moderators who think they"ll have a chance if they type in proper english and insert a smiley after every paragraph. :)

Seriously, that is annoying.

Gameplay, when you become a member, is not much different and people certainly do NOT change. You still get the beggers and the bums. There is no player interaction other then chatting or the occational 9 cheap minigames Runescape has to offer.

You"d be surprised that even Members, players that PAY Jagex, try to riot saying stuff like they have a say in the game. If you play the game, I"ll let you in on a little secret...

You have no say. It isn"t a democracy. Shut up and don"t waste your time.

And you meet a lot of boring assholes in-game. People who enjoy clicking on trees, constantly, to chop them down. People who click on water and watch for about five minutes to catch a few fish (no fancy animation either). But the worst comes to people who love to train "Firemaking", you know... making a campfire.... over.. and over again.

You"ll literally see lines of campfire from people training this retarded skills. I see it this way: You already lit one, be happy with that.

And it"s all for a dumbass cape that proves you wasted your time. You get nothing special for maxing out a skill. No new abilities and the cape isn"t free.

The game is fun for a while... and gets boring fast. You"ll often ask yourself "what should I do now?"

This game is retarded beyond all means. If you like bullshit drama, join Runescape and become a member. You"ll have fun arguing against empty personalities, freaks who know a little too much about the game, and crybabies who cry about everything you have to say, especially if you have an opinion.


Post Date: 06:55 10-07-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Samsta
Comment: And another thing RS has a truley crap community theres people shouting "PLEASE BE MY BOYFRIEND SEXY"
(so they can be bought something) and theres people in townsqaure shouting "WE HATE JAGEX" "BRING BACK WILDY" "SPAM, SPAM AND SPAM" "@@@@@@@@@@" oh and sure theres tonnes of quests.. for those who pay! if you do not your stuck with like 5 boring quests. And the system were you talk to NPCs is pitiful.... and its easy to be hacked i had 3 guys over lvl 60 (when i liked rs) and they were all hacked by ingame friends. Real friendly huh?

Post Date: 06:04 10-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Kefka Palazzo
Comment: Why is this game so universally hated? It's better than many people think though I do agree it has a few flaws.

First, The PVP and staking were taken out of the game and replaced with lesser features such as "Revenants" and Bounty hunter, which both suck.
However, this also clamps down on luring and scamming, so it's a *small* plus.

Second, Mods are far and few. I have seen few mods in the 2 years I have played this game.

Third, Resources are a tire to gather. I will admit that mining, fishing and woodcutting need updates BAD. You just click and watch. The only good thing to happen to these skills is less bots are here now to take the trees, rocks etc. from you. (Bots are virtually nonexistant now!)

Fourth, Combat is lackluster til you get to the high levels. At very high levels it gain alot of strategy.

The good:

F2p is far more open and large now. Heck, it always trumphed other games. Ever played a korean MMO? They charge insane rates for inane games! Anyone saying F2p is less than P2P is right....Duh! Paying more = more stuff in almost every business equation.

Everything is good when you pay.

Post Date: 02:23 10-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Xenosaiyan
Comment: Incredible game, I really love it and it's the best MMORPG in the world for a few reasons: Ultimate PvP in castle wars, very classical, amazing I loved it so much. Graphics are simple, no lag, no bugs, very beautiful. There's an endless amount of quests to benefit from. Unlimited crafting: (easy to get into) smithing, mining, wood cuttins, get into this game it's F2P.

Post Date: 22:03 09-07-2008
Rating: 8
Author: terror923
Comment: ok alot of people bash this game as well as alot of people are only f2p players on a standing

f2p= only good until your f2p quests are done
p2p= realy fun most people say that the click to do all is really crap on the f2p servers however as a member you have alot more things to do with your click ;)

as far as other things death = a pain but get over it ;)if your afraid to die then simply equip low cost armor when you are unsure if your going to be safe or not

the pop out and kill you mobs (random events) are also a pain but i understand why runescape added them its to cut down the number of botters and the players that do kill them sometimes receives good rewards

pvp is unbalanced because of pures? get over that too =) pures are easy to kill just get a high leveled prayer and theyll never kill you ;o they wont counter prayer because pures only go after one combat type

not enough money? have you tried reading guides :p most target new players and with the new grand exchange theres no excuse for being poor or getting scammed unless you trade item for item =).. even without any side professions its still possible to make good money infact ive made about 200k on a test char by only selling cow hides... by the time i reached combat lvl 20 =P 200k buys full rune and i did it without help from another char? why cant you lazy people =)

scammers all over? i can understand this one but you really have to be an idiot to fall for their pranks especially since theyve been doing most of it for years now

boring because you can solo the whole game? another reason why your wrong =) although some people can solo it thats just the f2p worlds most of the stronger monsters take a group or more to kill on the p2p servers and some minigames require teamwork

p2p players get all the features? well why should you your not paying runescape are you? as far as not having a credit card to pay the game people have written guides on getting runescape without a credit card in fact its all over youtube ;)(i would recommend associatedcontent for writers, and buxto for people who are really good about getting referals)

as far as this game getting old have you thought of sleeping in the past 24 hours? maybe a break from the game for about a week up to a year might help =P also if its that bad why play it most people i know say its bad but the fact is most people go from this game to another game that other game gets old and guess what? THERE BACK PLAYING RUNESCAPE !!

as far as nothing to do but grind? have you thought about watching tv while cutting a tree or mining for awhile... also note that if you have friends there are some f2p minigames you can do (clan wars) for people with no friends (bounty hunter) (fist of guthix) (party room) and a few more

so before you complain about how bad this game is next time think about a few things?
are you a f2p member or a p2p member
is your friends list empty?
are you only grinding and not doing minigames(f2p people have some mini games too!! such as fist of guthix, bounty hunter, clan wars, party room)
when was the last time you took a nap =P
was your character messed up (i know mine is slightly ;p)

Post Date: 19:06 09-07-2008
Rating: 4
Author: halfdragon
Comment: Ahh runecape..

This game, some say it is the worst thing ever, some say its one of the best. I (Used) to have a combat level 80 guy, i was a member, this game truly was FUN. The quests, I wish other Mmorpg's could have quests like RS (That arent at level 20 million), they were fun, they were long, and they were rewarding. But then i found the problem, which was that it was so repetative, you mine ore by clicking on it, waiting for it to respawn, then click again, same with fishing, woodcutting, firemaking, and all of the other gathering proffesions, the ones where you actually make stuff, are the same thing, you click on what you want to make, how many u want to make, then you wait. The combat, is...just...boring, you have 4 types of attacks they each raise you skill differently. PvP was recently removed from the wilderness, and put into ONLY some stupid "Bounty hunter" minigame.
However, they are yet to fix the worst part of runescape.......

WHEN YOU GET KILLED! Ok, this is an MMOrpg, you bound to die, but the penaltyies in RS are really bad, you lose ALL of you items except 3, and these are the "Most valuable" items, this means that it is valued by how much they sell at the general store. THAT SUCKS. All of the rare holiday items sell for millions of RS gold, but sell to the general store for 1 money!! And any items that stack are taken as well, do you know what that means?? YOU LOSE ALL OF YOU MONEY YOU HAVE ON YOU!!!!! This game is great if you just want to play something for a little. But dont pay for it. Speaking of which, (Speaking as a former member) very,very,VERY little of the map and content is availible for non-members. Oh, and there is the fact that nearly HALF the skills are members only, and HALF the stuff you can make with the non-members skills is MEMBERS ONLY!

Thank you, i hope this review helps

Post Date: 15:59 09-07-2008
Rating: 0
Author: muhaimenr
Comment: um well...

there are 1106 reviews on this game, so no need to add anything right? Man, this game is conterviersial, so i prepare to face many flames and hate mail for this review...

Sorry all you lovers, but runescape SUCKS. Why?

Ahem... in case you are wondering i played for more than week.. I came back to it after the graphics were "updated" and all it did was make the game look the same, they just changed how the website and opening login screen looked, nothing else. Btw, im not a graphix fan, im okay with bad garphics(think Zelda.) But Runescape, i mean, i cant even see wether im hitting that tree or or the air! Come on! I ve seen other rpgs that are 3d with better graphics than Runescape. But im not here to rant about the graphics.

I tried this game, i really did. I REALLY treid to look past the graphics, i really did. I just coudnt. The gameplay is horrendous. 1 dmg? wth??

The combat is something like splashing paint upon one another, absoulutely no animations involved other than ur character taking a step forward, and having a little splash of paint pop up on the other monster, and repeat scene x200000000.....

I treid people, i really did, i just got sick of it and relized that i had just wasted a week of my life on this worthless excuse for an mmorpg.

Post Date: 08:40 08-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: chris8975897
Comment: look every one look under me and put a yes instead of a no bye looking at what he writ he dident make it past tutorial yet moron

story line??? This is an MMO(RPG) With the RPG Standing for ROLE PLAYING GAME
Alrite comunity
you control a character that you customized you your likings and you cant git a child looking acount if you could i would do that for fun

OMG seriously everyone how can you rate this game when you probley never made it past tutorial. ive played for three years and heres my rating

The goods: this game has a massive selection of music which not manny mmorpgs have as much as this game has. if you become a member you can travl around the entire map also there are meany quest that you can see. ((good community))

The Bads: ok yeah the grafics are not good but who
cares. Bad battle system. Watch out for scammers
ummm thats all i can think of

ps. unless you made it past tutorial and played for at least a week then shut up and sit down

Post Date: 04:19 08-07-2008
Rating: 0
Author: stevelol
Comment: Worst game ever!
You can"t kill other players.
You can"t help your friends.
You can"t train with your friends.
You can"t trade money or items.
Bad admins.
Bad mods.
Bad programmers.
Bad gameoplay.
Bad quests.
Bad storyline
Very bad community.
You control a character that looks like a 6 year old boy.
No fun at all.

Post Date: 10:02 07-07-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Samsta
Comment: Ha! the so called high detail udate made runescape look worse!

Post Date: 09:17 06-07-2008
Rating: 2
Author: Samsta
Comment: hmmm i dont like it. The weapons and armor are very unrealistic they have like 5 types of weapons that look the same but with different name and colour -.- same with the armor. And i hate the rune system.

Post Date: 16:47 04-07-2008
Rating: 9
Author: PrinceTrase
Comment: Why are people hating on Runescape. It's the best, NONDOWNLOADING game that I have ever played. I mean come on, when you go overboard with the graphics, you lose the gameplay effect. Runescape is flashy enough, and they changed their look. This game is awesome!

Post Date: 16:58 03-07-2008
Rating: 9
Author: cardboardbox
Comment: Haha, you guys are rating this game cuz mostly of it"s graphics.. who the hell cares about that crap. I really don"t give a damn about the graphics, and to be honest, I think the new graphics are even worse and i quit cuz of that. Anyways, I played this game for about 3 years, and it was really fun. Level 115 combat. For a lot of you f2p players, become a member for a month or so and experience the awesomeness of being a member. You get so much more in members than being free-to-play.

Post Date: 17:15 02-07-2008
Rating: 8
Author: waabaakii
Comment: Guys stop dissing runescapes graphics!! 24 hours ago runescape is now called runescape high detail the graphics are awesome!!!!!(for a game you do not need a cd or any installation whatsoever) Just check it out people for a browser game the graphics own!!!!

Post Date: 17:33 01-07-2008
Rating: 3
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: i dont care about the graphics of a game, but i dont lik this game because its SO BORING! i admit i was a free player (maybe it will be a bit better if i paid?), anyway this game is full of the grind that plagues many games that could have been good, but the grind isnt a good grind lik maplestory grind which is actually a fun grind, but a bad grind which gets REALLY boring!

the music is also bad

the graphics are bad, which i dont care about, though i wish the game screen could be bigger, its tiny compared to other game screens

the gameplay is good, but boring

the combat system is unique, especially with the runes, but i dont lik it, ESPECIALLY THEM STOOPID RUNES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all in all, i give it a 3

Post Date: 07:01 01-07-2008
Rating: 0
Author: bisurge
Comment: This game sucks. It's okay if you can't download anything, but even free non-online MMORPGs are more fun than this.

Post Date: 03:57 29-06-2008
Rating: 2
Author: clickmehere
Comment: Ok his game isnt that bad. Here are my ratings

Graphics-5 (new update)

Recomended only too players who like boring games

Post Date: 22:51 28-06-2008
Rating: 1
Author: metalalch
Comment: kinda fun until u find games that are way better. the community is horrid and is run by 8 year olds the graphics r horrible even for browser based attack system is horrible and the "free version" is so limited u basically have to get members to even enjoy it a little bit not to mention they no have pk which makes the game suckish and pointless combat wise in free world. overall id say
graphics: 2
gameplay: 3
questing: 0
go find a different game and i feel sorry for the people trapped in this absolute load of trash called runescape which u r basically forced to no life in to get anywhere.

Post Date: 07:46 28-06-2008
Rating: 2
Author: souljaboy
Comment: Ok, concerning Residence of Evil and Dill1015. Residence said that wow is for nerdy jerks. Don’t be jealous that they can afford it.
Dill1015, you said that there isn’t such a bad community, I have never seen the word “noob” used so often. People literally come up to you and call you a noob. I suppose it is a browser based game but the graphics are total trash. The supposed “actual conversation” is just writing that goes on and on, not actual talking. The cutscenes also look bad.
One of then worst parts of this “game” is th fighting. The little character literally just stands there stiffly moving his/her arm. I can understand a little 7-10 yr old playing but seriously, the game sucks. Overall:

* community: 2 (5 if you’re a member)

* graphics: 1

*value: 10 (its free, but there are many other free mmorpg’s that you can download that have decent graphics)

* Difficulty: 1 (don’t even have to think when doing quests)

* sound: 0, (trash as)

Post Date: 02:55 27-06-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Residence of Evil
Comment: Ok this is just my opinion. "wow" is for super nerds who have nothing to do other than be...... well, nerdy. Runescape on the other hand is a game for the regular average people in the world, and my experience with the people in "wow" was way different than the way they are on runescape.

world of warcraft= a bunch of nerdy jerks
runescape= decent community and an all around better game to play.

Post Date: 02:16 27-06-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Furi
Comment: Its really really fun...until you die. I lost over 100k worth of stuff and it got uber boring trying to get my stuff back. So its an awesome game untill you die

Post Date: 19:50 26-06-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Dill1015
Comment: What can I say about Runescape that hasn't been said? Hmmmmmm, it is a good game with very good gameplay, but mediocre graphics. Well I can go into this, it is very very very awesome!!!!!!!!!! The world is huge(well if ur a member, but its worth 5 bucks a month) plenty of things to do, and truly magnificant quests. I'll be honest with you the quests in RS can't be beat, hands down. They have full cutscenes and actual conversations and are diverse. In one quest you could be helping alchemists finish their mysterious tower, in another u could be helping gnomes in their war against an army of evil people. The graphics will be improved in July, and I've seen some screens, well they look awesome!

Post Date: 19:23 26-06-2008
Rating: 10
Author: sofiaglade
Comment: I love Runescape, everything about it just seems to fit together to make a great game that makes me feel good to play it. :)

Post Date: 20:50 24-06-2008
Rating: 10
Author: jippo8778
Comment: In my opinion Runescape is a briliant game/ I'm not a geek who plays 24/7 or anything, I just enjoy the game and play it when ever I have time not doing other important things. I reccomend this game to anybody any age, the picture above is about 1 year old and within the next 3 weeks it is not going to look anything like that so if you think it looks bad trust me soon it won't look anything like that. I rate this game 10/10.

Post Date: 07:22 24-06-2008
Rating: 4
Author: Fibi
Comment: Well its not bad but its not would be better if it had client or something .The people are so ugly loool =D I cant play when i see how my char looks like

Post Date: 10:59 22-06-2008
Rating: 7
Author: jonkujo1
Comment: Runescape is a game worth to play, in the beginning it is hard to lvl up but once ur a higher lvl there are more monsters to choose from to train with.The thing ppl hate is the way to get money it takes forever if u dont have a good skill.The new graphics system should bring this 7 to an 8.5 considering when runescape first was played by me it was the worst graphics ever but now they have made good changes.The new graphic sytem makes it look more shaded and good textures.TRy it out it is fun. Friends,up to 99 lvls per skill, highscores,etc.. the bad part is they treat free to play players, well like a f2p and p2p geteverything that they need.its like 5$ a month

Post Date: 07:58 18-06-2008
Rating: 3
Author: kaage1
Comment: lol i love how everyone says "runescape is better than WoW", kinda like stappeldork, well let me tell you, hmm, can you own a mount? no, can you fly? hell no, can you meet anyone on there who DOESNT use 1337 speak? yet again, no, so how is this dumb game BETTER than WoW, oh and secondly cany you use an auction house and not have the possibility to be scammed? no, does runescape have a mailbox? no, does runescape have over 2000 quests? no. so, how is it better? oh and last thing, does it have other races? no (i only brought that up because i hate being human on mmorpgs, i like elves : D) wait, although this is a question i literally need answered, does it have a story? cause i don't know. oh the one thing that really bugs me is running, i run, then my energy runs out(atleast that's realistic) but i think it takes too long for energy to build back up, also on the mass update they better add new attack motions, i didn't see a difference in stab and slash : /,oh uhm, back to my point. the game is targetted for younger people yes, it's cheap so the parents wont get pissed off yet he can play a DECENT game, not gonna come close to saying it's better than WoW or EQ2 i wish they had attack skills, instead of "swing, 0 dmg, swing, he hit me for 12 dmg, i swing murder him with 10 dmg cause that's all he had left after he pwned a different idiot. oh, yeah, my review.

Graphics 1/10(for now)
gameplay 7/10(lots to do)
content (depends how far you get before you flame the game entirely)
music -10/10
community 1/10(out of 1000 idiots, i found 10 friends, beware the towns! seller's haven) well that's it.

Post Date: 01:15 18-06-2008
Rating: 7
Author: stappelman
Comment: ok for all you stupid people who say that runescape is just a bounch of 8 year olds.. well.... WOW.. your saying this and your not spelling half the words you type right!
ok so here is me review.

(1)you have to be lvl 65+ to actually enjoy the game

(2)the music is bad(you can turn it off!)

(3)skills are time consuming

(1)a very good community

(2)great iteams

(3)amazing gameplay(bad graphics (which there fixing)but still good)

(4)the skills have GREAT rewards no matter what you say

(4)its f2p or pay a tiny cost of $5 to play p2p

(5)its rated #3 on all MMORPGs

(6)it has over 1 million players(so its definetly not as bad as you say)


for every one who says its boring, i would bet that you havent played for more than 1 hour. if you think its boring the you level up fast, unlike wow its actualy a decent game, so it takes PATIENCE which NO wow player has. you cant talk to people with words,but you can definetly talk to people with text.


the picture above.....well......lets say this its OLD that is from when runescape 2 first came out. the whole screen set up is differnt it has icon at the top of the screen to let you know when things like your energy,prayer points, summoning points, or health points are down. which in my opinion is an amazing feature to have. and to all wow players, would you rather spend like $100-$200 dollars a year to play a game? when you can pay $60 a year to play runescape with membership. wow you have to buy it, then pay MONTHLY fees to keep an account, OR you can play runescape free with NO monthly fees unless your a member in which case its $5 a month not $15 a month.

so over all-7.5/10




weapons and armour-2/2

Post Date: 02:51 14-06-2008
Rating: 9
Author: unreal1298
Comment: ok so this is my review. runescape is an OVERALL fun game, slightly addictive to some but does get boring. Here's some points all of the WoW fans brought up that i think are pretty ridiculous.

"The graphix suk balls ZOMG u go blind if u look at them for a millesecond"

This is the main one. Honestly i just don't get it. First of all, GRAPHICS DO NOT MAKE A GOOD GAME!!!! Call of Duty 4 has excellent graphics! the overall gameplay is horrible! Whereas, the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has suckish graphics. It is one of the top-rated video games of all time. Besides the point, Runescape's graphics aren't even that bad. yes, they aren't up to date with your precious WoW graphics, but they aren't even that bad. Doesn't matter anyway, theyre fixing them in two months.

"all this game is is clicking thats all you do it is so boring i dont want to play a game that is just clicking"

It's a free game! On a browser! USING JAVA!! Seriously people, what do you expect? The game isn't going to be so hi tech that every button on the keyboard has a function. It may be clicking, but there are still loads of things to do.

"Lik the whole frikin game is just 8year olds and 10 year olds they are so stupid an annoying who wants to play a game that is just kids"

Two things: First of all, the only places where 8 and 10 year olds ever stay are in varrock and lumbridge. if thats the only place you've been, that means you didn't fully play the game enough to truly know it, and therefor shouldn't review it. Second of all, if you played AT ALL, you would know there is a button at the bottom that lets you choose whos chatting you want visible. Not only that, but just because kids play a game doesn't mean the game is bad.

"there are too many scammers i just lost my best person because of them now runescape is gay"

There may be lots of scammers, but dont blame runescape itself for them. Besides, all mmorpg games have scammers. We all have to learn to live with them.

"Jagex is lazy and greedy."

Jagex kept the graphics and gameplay low so they could still have it a free web browser. Also, they charge 5 dollars every month for players to be members, which is one of the cheapest prices on the web.

"you have to be a member to have fun"

This is a complete opinion. There are many fun things to do on Runescape without playing as a member. Even if there are a few ridiculous limits, they kept the members price cheap. 5 bucks a month is more than affordable for many middle-class families.

"Runescape has no storyline"

There is plenty of storyline in the game and even more in the quests. People just take a first glance at the game and think, "How could this possibly have a storyline?" People who actually play know the storyline of many parts of runescape such as Varrock, Falador, Lumbridge, and much more.

"This game is trash nobody likes it it should stop polluting the web and people should stop wasting ther lives"

If it was trash and if nobody liked it, it wouldn't be number 3 on the top ten f2p list. stop being a hater.

"it takes 20 minutes of choppin down a tree to gain one level its too hard"

Good games actually require patience, which no WoW player has.

"its too easy to hack people they are hacked all the time"

People don't know this. Someone without a firewall or without anti-virus software will get hacked. (btw, runescape is always advising players to scan their computer)

"all people do is fight its all about lousy combat and it suks"

Don't even get me started on this. Play runescape for more than a month, then write a real review. please.

"The music sux youll go deaf"

The music isn't even that bad. I think its pretty good, even though there are some gay tunes.

Well, those are a few main points most people bring up about runescape. Most are either wrong or just opinions.

I'm not a fan of runescape, but I still play every now and then. It does get boring if you play it too much, the walking system isn't too great, and the community isnt good, at all, but runescape is a very fun game even when you buy the most expensive free-player armor.

I give Runescape a 9/10.

Post Date: 21:34 13-06-2008
Rating: 4
Author: uhTTiLa
Comment: Ok as you read this keep in mind A) I haven"t played this game in forever but while I did I played it pretty actively B) During the period between when I quit RS and now I played starcraft... A WHOLE lot of starcraft... so I"m coming from a pretty competetive point a view.
Graphics-0/0... dont care "bout graphics
Audio-0/0... thats right... I don"t give a damn about audio either :/
Community-10/10... ok the RS community is pretty rock solid, there are friendly members and you can make friends pretty easily, however there are those occasional jerks who pop up in almost every game. :/
Gameplay-5/20... seriously there is NOTHING actually "fun" about the combat of Runescape which is one of the most critical features in an MMORPG. However there is something fun in the community, its interactions, and just getting rich. Something is just satisfying from playing out a life in another world.
Competition-5/20... with the wilderness gone MOST of the competetiveness in RS is gone. However things like tournaments and other forms of PVP still exist all is not lost... just most :/

20/50 total :/

Post Date: 19:39 12-06-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Slyrr
Comment: this game is poor how so many people lose their life to this piece of trash is beyond me, do not try this thing

Post Date: 01:53 12-06-2008
Rating: 7
Author: mmoftw
Comment: OK, I"m getting extremely aggravated looking at all the ratings. Over half of these 10 year old whiners haven"t even played runescape enough to even talk about it. They play it for 30 minutes, realize how much they are bad at life then quit and look for places to bash about it. Like so, then they go saying, "OMG WoW is so much better LoL!"
when said no-life has never even played WoW.

Runescape is well worth a try. In my opinion its very fun and interesting. Try it out for yourself its a pretty good game. Of course there are better games out there, but this isn"t bad at all, its fun, long-lasting if you stick with it and overall pretty cool.

**Still, Ive reviewed this a couple of times, ACTUALLY giving it a review then just saying some stupid bull about "g0 pl4yy WoW R0fl!"

Also to the no-life dolt who said Runescape is for poor people with bad internet connections. That is the most idiotic statement i have heard in a while. Seriously you must be retarded. I"m not poor nor do i have a bad internet connection so dont say bull like that. Moron go to hell. And of course his post has to do with "WoW"

Post Date: 16:17 10-06-2008
Rating: 5
Author: stuza
Comment: runescape this game is very two sided there is no down load or costs of any kind and its a fantisty style fighting game well that would be all you need to know write, wrong there is a very long boring tutorial and the graphics are the worst out of any game i have seen so be careful ou might dislike it

Post Date: 02:31 09-06-2008
Rating: 9
Author: WarlordLogan
Comment: *First comment to all other comments*
*skip if you"d like*
Well some of you WoW nipple suckers are really pissing me off. You can"t compare a browser game that costs practically nothing to a game that costs over 10-15$ a month. Thats DEFINETLY NOT a free MMORPG.

Alright, so, everyone who loves WoW and says Runescape is pathetic, is in a way, well, wrong. On WoW it takes a bit of time to max level, before you even get there the game is pretty gay, I know because I"ve tried. On Runescape, it is basically the same way, you gotta" get to a high level to actually enjoy most of the game play. Ofcourse it"s going to suck if you"re level 80, because in any of the PvP games, you"re going to get your ass kicked. I"ll admit, the games graphics are bad, but On one of the posts someone said there "isn"t enough to do" Well, at the moment there are currently over 140 quests to do that don"t just involve HUNTING for creatures, there are OVER 20 skills in the game, all which are time consuming but usually worth it. The gameplay gets repetitive, well that"s if you"re a nonmember or a poor member that can"t use any weapon with a special attack. The graphics are being updated and it WILL STILL BE A BROWSER BASED GAME*** Every game has its low points and high points, but I"m currently level 110 on runescape, ad enjoying every second.


I cannot empazise this enough


Put the browser based FREE mmorpg

up to

A no-matter-what monthly pay subscription of around 12$ that costs around 30$ to buy, then taking it home for a 2-6 hour download, and 2-3 hour installment.

WoW is NOT a free MMORPG.

Post Date: 07:02 08-06-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Ryanrocks277
Comment: Well This was My First MMO
I LOVED It Until I Got Into WoW

Graphics:sucks balls

Skills:pretty Cool

clothing/armor/weapons:arent to good,theres like only 5 armor sets and same with the weapons

over all its a GREAT game for begginner Gamers

Post Date: 11:46 03-06-2008
Rating: 2
Author: Ginko
Comment: Having played this game for quite a while, before realising it totally sucked. Well i guess ill start off with the good aspects for a fair chance.

-Well has lots of intresting stuff to go and investigate
-No download
-Classes are interchangeable (meaning you can be a bowman one day and a Mage the other) However there is no set class
- Good MMORPG for people to get used to the concepts
- Equipments are somewhat intresting

-Graphics. Suck. Ass. Majorly.
- Quests are very limited for non suscribers
(and seriously who would pay for something like this?)
- The game constantly bars you from doing anything even remotely fun unless your a member and worse the NPCs even ridicule you for not being a member O_o
- Music is worse than the graphics
- Gameplay is boring and repetitive even if your a mage because your always set to one skill, i cant remember if you can change it in the middle of a battle, but still who would do that?
-Much of the game relies on Hoarding items to trade, but your bank only lets you hold so many items (again unless your a member)
- Community Geeze, 70% of the community are 8 year old level 80s hoping to use their characters to land them internet girlfriends. (which are usually 8 year old people playing as girls to get free money and stuff)

All in all, Play it if you want, bu its not worth paying to be a member. There are better games out there (Yes including WoW with a class set and at least a set of skills, some of which require more than pressing a key. All of which this game lacks)

Community isnt that great because aside from the noobs and the afore-mentioned 8 year old losers, Many people are very mean and are griefers in what way they can, IE making fun of your equips or just plain heckling whch gets annoying. Although there are some nice people its hard to find one.

P.S. Lol and gra t1 Youve obviously never played WoW and if you did youd know that if you walk out of a town that the chances of having a level 70 player of your opposite faction standing there having killed all the guards, is close to none, and the only reason he even couldve attacked you is because like an idiot you went and attacked him first, and turned on your flags.

Post Date: 22:40 02-06-2008
Rating: 1
Author: moonstomper
Comment: If you love grinding and repetitive actions, this game won't dissapoint!
PROS: good mmorpg to start out with.
CONS: this game is dominated by nine year olds looking for girlfriends.
graphics are totally rad and state of the art
combat and skill using are repetitive and extremely boring.
music is tone deaf jingles
this game is a joke!

Post Date: 15:48 02-06-2008
Rating: 10
Author: gra t1
Comment: The real reason all you people hate it so much is because you cant get away with hacking the game like you can on wow (hint its lower case for all you idiots) runescape yes the graphics are not that good but i would rather play a game with bad graphics than a game where you walk out of the first town and get killed by a lvl 70.
If anyone wants to complaine i"ll be out in the wild, waiting

wow FTL

Post Date: 06:37 02-06-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Rhama
Comment: ok Ive played this for several years and i think its a great game mainly because of the wide range of skills and quests and many people are right when they say killing 10 monsters for ___ is boring.... its EXTREMELY repetetive... so if you think quests on RS are boring... youre on hallucigens or something.... anyway im glad the graphics are improving... and WoW players... before you say this game is horrible at least try and play this game... pay a measly $5 dollars compared to $15 for a monthly membership and actually try the game, level up and do some quests (I did 31 of the 32 free membership quests at level 7) and have you ever thought that maybe a lot of those so called little kids are actually people trying to degrade runescape? (personally ive never seen anyone talk that badly... you people must not have even gotten past lumbridge...) i mean hey if theyre so little then how the crap do they know texting like that? i mean comon how many little kids know all the nooby texting crap? they can barely spell as it is =/ anyway just give the game a try by paying the $5 or just play for a while on F2P

Post Date: 17:38 31-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Godzilla184
Comment: i've been playing this game for a long time and reading the comments i can only say a few things :
- Call a game wich has 21 skills
- Call a game at wich u can get skill capes when u got your goal -> lv 99 on a skill
- it's a flash ffs the graphics maybe aren't that good but it's the gameplay that important
- the new graphics rocks =D

Post Date: 15:57 31-05-2008
Rating: 3
Author: kaage1
Comment: ok, first, i bet even with the updated *bearable* graphics they'll still suck (nice attempt though, i'll give it that) also i tried to make a living just mining and forging, but everyone stole the mining spots, i could barely get enough to make 10 longswords some days, alot of people though, interesting in the city when people call eachother noobs and don't actually fight.

Post Date: 15:14 31-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: melomen
Comment: first of all rs is updating the graphics finally and now you can run it 1280*728 and the second thing of a good mmorpg is the gameplay the quests are so innovative combat system good and it has 35 skills not related to combat
+ runescape is the 3rd most played mmorpg after wow in 1st place and habbo hotel at 2nd place with 8 mil free players and 2 mil members so stop judjing games by graphics rs could own most of other dumb games with quests like go kill 10 monsters and come back so stupid and i played for 3 years and im enjoying without being member
im now lvl 91 / 126 and still not bored of it

Post Date: 22:40 30-05-2008
Rating: 4
Author: opresser
Comment: As a experienced player in many games including this one, I can say I played this when I was younger, so I told myself I could not review this game on that experience.

I played this game for a total of 75 minutes again and will base my review of that.

A large player base
A large amount of skills
Many quests
Many features

A large percentage of the player base is massing children that talk in 1337 speak. For all you newbies out there thats talking like this:

I pwn u bztch lol!1111!! U get o3wned by meh swrd.

Con two would be that the graphics are terrible and have been since the games origional launch 7 years ago. Even for java games like Wurm online crush it.

Con three, The way of making money is repetative and takes a long time to really get decent money for your gear.

Essentialy you will be running flax and making it into strings for 60 levels and then try and land a good marketing job.

So here is your layout.

Community 33.6587%
Graphics 48.6895%
Content 68.69769%
Innovation 23.565%
Customer Service 45.56589%
Sound 71.5685%

Overall 47.65865% - Not reccomended.

Post Date: 22:50 28-05-2008
Rating: 0
Author: kaage1
Comment: i agree with jeboy, the graphis stink, what"s with 0 dmg btw? you swing and *direct hit* 0 dmg, WTH! i"d do atleast 5, considering it looked like i hit his head!

Post Date: 14:14 28-05-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Jeboyzdragz
Comment: There is two BIG problems with runescape




Post Date: 12:41 24-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: godknight
Comment: to all flamers:

'omg the graphics is so bad':Jagex will be evolutionising runescape's graphics in a couple of months. it may still not be as good as wow's but it will be very decent.

'f2p gets too little content!'
very few MMORPGs are free, so you should feel lucky that runescape is one of them. the membership fee is also merely $5 per month. the overall gameplay is very impressive and you'd almost never have nothing to do.

so yeh...runescape is quite a good game, not every game is about graphics(they are going to make it good now anyway lol), and runescape's gameplay is truely excellent. and if runescape wasn't a good game, it wouldn't have 1 million+ subscriptions(one of the highest) would it?

Post Date: 22:36 22-05-2008
Rating: 0
Author: muhaimenr
Comment: If i could i would give it a negative review. You either love it or hate it. I also gotta agree with the people saying dont compare with WoW. WoW is a p2p game and is super-expensive with millionares that are making and updating the game. Runescape is a bunch of poor people with super low-budget pc"s and internet connections.

But other than that.. well.. i just dont get this game. What is so good about it? I played for an enitre hour(or tried to) trying to figure out how the hell im supposed to freaking get a skill or advance job. Life skills? gimme a break its complete crap. Hell, I an barely see my own face, let alone the axe.

But Jagex says they are gonna improve the graphix(I hope) and i might(might) give it a try. But until than, it gets a massive zeeeeeeeeeeerooooooo

from me.

Post Date: 17:31 18-05-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Nightbreaker
Comment: Dont even try it. Waste of my time and if anyone plays this flash game ur a noob big time.Epic fail at life

Post Date: 03:08 18-05-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Draccomacer
Comment: i wasted so much of my time playing this game. i will say this WAS a good game, the latest updates are horrible. im lvl 92 and i make all my money off of merchanting, and i did have a pure for duel arena. off of those two combined i pulled in around 50 mil a month? but when they killed both of those two things at the same time, i had nothing. and due to the ridiculous price drops, i lost over 50 mil on the decline in rares and other assorted items. jagex wll NEVRR fix these problems, but i do agree with most of the statements made, this game ISNT worth playing, and jagex is making a huge mistake.

Post Date: 19:11 17-05-2008
Rating: 2
Author: waabaakii
Comment: negatives(15)
-bad graphics
-only 1 way of attacking .(you hit the same way all the time even with different styles)
-horrible customer support
-updates are 9/10 times member only
-only bout 10 free quests
-takes forever to lvl
-not much amour and weps for free players
-constant hints to get membership
-hard to make a lot of moneyannoying 8 year old community.
-bad graphics..(again)
-over enforced rules
-you lose everythig (but 3 things) if you die
-cursor is the only control...
-horrible handling when it comes to moving around
-bad graphics....(once again)
positives(5 lmao)(members ofcourse)
-jagex has promised lovely graphics for members and free which will be here in about 2 months.(go on runescape site to see new and improved graphics)
-Actually fun and interesting at times.
-Practically the game can't be completed lol it lasts forever.which means lots to do.
-instant chatting so that you can keep in touch with real life friends.
-cool music(well some are)

Post Date: 13:08 17-05-2008
Rating: 0
Author: zzX MMORPG Xzz
Comment: Omg, one of the ugliest game i have ever played, I feel sorry for the ones that is acctually playing this.

Post Date: 09:33 16-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: r4ngewarlord
Comment: runescapes a good egnought game sure p2p is way better then f2p but alot of other games are p2p with no f2p

Post Date: 08:47 14-05-2008
Rating: 8
Author: tota l pker
Comment: i see most of you saying wow is crap? compared to runescape... i have played both you cant realy compare them because there 2 totaly diffrent games 1 has v good graphics and 1 has shit but that realy dont matter. if someone wants to know what the best game is well u can find out how many ppls play each 1 of them wow = well over 10mill players now rune hmmm put it this way so so so much less i dont think even 1 mill lol now way near but i sill like runescape just as much as wow but rune scape has beeen changed to much / no wild for pvp that suck they have bounty hunter now / pvp on wow u can do arena /4 diffrent battle grounds / or u can just attack your ememys e.g if you horde u attack ally u can fight them were ever u find them :) or just attack ally controled towns and places

Post Date: 20:29 13-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Axeforhire66
Comment: This game is actually really fun! If you look past the graphics you will find a good game1 The skills like mining, smithing, cooking, etc are all excellent; I think the skills like that are better in RuneScape than in world of Warcraft! The battle animations aren't very good, but it's the quality of the game that counts! The depth is good and the PvP is decent. I reccomend that everyone tries this game because there is no downloads and there is a free version.

Post Date: 02:10 13-05-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Kaizer
Comment: A game not meant for humans to play. Only good if your computer is obsolete or you hate good graphics.

Post Date: 01:59 09-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: penguinleader1993
Comment: im gunna have to give this a 10 mainly because of the quests and skills

the graphics in this game are horrible... but if your go to the runescape website you will notice that jagex has just anounced huge graphic update changing the entire game so you wont be able to say that much longer

plus there is an update every week ane usually one quest a month a new skill about every year and only $5 a month this game is great

Post Date: 20:59 07-05-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Whit3_Sox24
Comment: Alright.. first off I want to say..

Forget WoW..

There.. got that out of my system.

People need to stop comparing games like this which are for.. let me say..

Bad Pc"s, Low Budget.


Bad Pc"s, Low Budget

Once More Now..

Bad Pc"s, Low Budget.

Get it now?

But, since you people love to compare these two games so much, I"ll give you a real review seeing as I have played both. I"ve played Runescape longer, but my friend has 2 maxed out characters on WoW and he will be helping me with the details on WoW (aka, the skidmark of MMO"s).

Lets begin.

WoW over Runescape:
- Better Graphics.
- Better PvP
- Better Community (not in my opinion though, only my friends opinion. In my opinion, WoW is made up of a bunch of self-centered, egomaniacs that believe there Lvl 70 shitface can stop anything in its path.)
- ..

Thats all I"ve got..

Runescape over WoW
- Quests that don"t require you to kill ___ and bring him this much of ___.
- Many, many, many, many more skills.
- You can be anything you want without creating a new character.
- Great minigames.
- No fee for f2p and only $5 for p2p.

Meh, im bored of acting like some gayass runescape fanboy (which im not.)

Just got tired of all these WoW fanboy pricks giving bad reviews on a great game just because its a close contender for the title of best MMO.

Which neither of them are.. Guild Wars is easily better then these 2 combined.

I got off-topic..

Lmao.. well anyway, WoW sucks, Runescape doesnt.

And thats the bottom line bcuz I said so =)

Oh, and mogster, I bet any amount of money that your WoW-fanboy self has any clue what half of those words mean.

Post Date: 18:05 06-05-2008
Rating: 5
Author: freedumbphiter
Comment: I played RuneScape for four or five years, and for the most part enjoyed it. There are some very good and very bad things about it.

Skills- There are a lot of skills. This means that one pretty much always can find something they enjoy doing. Unfortunately, leveling pretty much every skill is extremely repetitive and time consuming. Woodcutting involves clicking on trees for hours on end. Smithing involves running between a bank and an anvil. Also, since the level cap was set at 99 from the beginning, a lot of skills are now useless as the game has expanded and they have not had room to do so.

Community- Probably the worst community I have seen in any online game. Every character has the same set of skills, so people depend on each other very little. The game is almost like a regular RPG, but you have to compete with people to get the materials you need to level. For that reason, people are extremely competitive and not very friendly. Also, the game can be accessed quickly and cheaply from anywhere, so a lot of younger people play it.

Quests- The quests in this game are extremely innovative. I wish more quests on WOW were like Runescape quests. They have complex and entertaining storylines and are in general a blast. My only criticism is that the experience and other rewards from them usually do not merit their completion. Also, they are somewhat limit. Given, it took me a few months as a high level player to finish them all, but that's nothing compared to the thousands of quests other MMO's have to offer.

PvP- The little PvP that is still around stinks. There is no strategy or skilled required. It basically comes down to who has the higher level/more people/better stuff. As I said, there is no class system in RS, so every character uses the exact same strategy.

PvE- very few bosses and even the high level ones aren't very hard. Grinding is boring and repetitive seeing as everyone who isn't training magic essentially only has one type of attack.

Customer Support- Horrible. Jagex has their own agenda and they'll be damned if someone like their customers are going to ruin it for them. They are on a giant ego trip and refuse to take good ideas from players. They completely reshaped the game a few months ago causing me to leave for WOW. Companies like Blizzard generally change to be what the customers ask for, Jagex rarely takes an idea straight from one of their players.

Overview- If you haven't really gotten into MMO's yet but think you might be interested in them, give Runescape a go. There is a lot to be done, and there is some genuinely fun content. Also, if you travel a lot and want a game that can be accessed from anywhere, RS may be for you. Either way, spring the 5 dollars a month for members because it is definitely worth it. Just don't get stuck into the mindset that RS is the end all for MMO's. I think most people that bash WOW, EQ2, LOTRO etc and claim that RS is where it's at are just too egotistical to admit that all the time they put into RS was for a game that falls far short of it's competition. Play it, enjoy it, but if you find yourself playing 10+ hours a week, consider playing another MMO that will give you back more for your time.

Post Date: 01:16 06-05-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Ju1926
Comment: I am 16 and I play Runescape and It can sometimes get boring yes but it gives u a challenge around every turn and money is really that hard to make you just have to know what to do and read all of the instructions and training reall isnt that hard and also a big con is that younger kids play it yes but u can allways trick them because their so feeble and it really fun on members its also verry addictive but worth the $5 bucks a month it aslo has increaed my typing abilities 10-fold and to conclude this with a side-note.....WOW SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post Date: 22:01 05-05-2008
Rating: 0
Author: mogster
Comment: This game is a complete waste of time. It's audience consists mainly of fetid little children who have an atrocious grasp of English and etiquette. What's more you can't mute their inane squeals of "lol" - you have to suffer in a lake of vacuous, adolescent chat-sewage.

Gameplay consists of mindless, repetive single mouse-click tasks which simply aren't any fun at all and Runescape's attempt at implementing quests is nothing short of embarrassing.

If you were looking for MMORPG Hell - this would be it.

Post Date: 03:49 05-05-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Luskie
Comment: Loved or hated Runescape is one of those..

I enjoy the game alot because it can have good teamwork I dont get bored.

Good teamwork
Decent gameplay
Plenty of stuff to do
Dosent get boring easy
Quick to start and have some fun
Cheap to play - only $5 a month for members.

Players - To many young kids. The ones that like to tak l1ak th1z.
Making money - Very hard to start and near impossible for Non-members.
Training is very repitive.

Runescape is a great game in the long run just stick through making the money and you'll enjoy.

Recomend: Get members Free to play gets very boring very quick spend the $5 and get members. :)

Post Date: 17:45 04-05-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Ryan71092
Comment: Yea runescape is updating and workin on updates every day they updated npcs looks towns looks and our looks... runescape has way more to do than wow.. who cares about its better graphics itll catchup in graphics soon 1 day and it will be even better

Post Date: 13:00 01-05-2008
Rating: 6
Author: kiraXD
Comment: Meh, no1 plays runescape for it's graphics so only retards would compare WOW with this...

Post Date: 10:33 30-04-2008
Rating: 0
Author: xcloudfirex
Comment: honestly

who still plays this game?

what are you running? your grandma's pc with windows 95 on it? wait, windows 95 will blow this game away. maybe you're still using MS-DOS. -_-

i'm too embarrassed to say i ever tried this game, so no comment.

just look at the graphics. it says it all...acceptable EONS ago. but now you have so many good MMO's, and some decent free ones, why are you still playing this?

do yourself a favor. get off this crapscape.

Post Date: 01:26 29-04-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Ryan71092
Comment: The world of runescape isnt actually as bad as the people here make it out.. so it takes time to actually train and mae money and if u played longer ur richer thats how its suppose to be u just know the game and can make money. I can bet that half of the people who have said its hard to make money havent played for over a month. Once the game is learned and u spend time training money comes very easily. And yes i have played WOW and i played it for 2 days maybe 3 and i just stopped. i seen about 5 people maybe in the world i was in and also all you did was attack things and skin them requiring nothing and no skill to do it. The leveling in RS i think was made very well so it takes a month to get a skill to max out at 99... once you aheive the skill you can buy a cape that shows ur acheivement and u make a load of cash depending on the skill. I agree the graphics could be better on Runescape much better to the technology today and yes runescape did lose many many many players when pking was taken away , i dont play as much because of pking now but when i do get on now i have more enthusiasm to play because im not on as much as when i was player killing. I beileve this is a very well made game and if you are annoyed by the "10" year olds that play this game they made the ignore system for a reason use it and turn ur chat on freinds .. problem solved. Give runescape a try take time to play u wont level up max skills in a year u wont get bored if u mix it up a little and have freinds to talk to while u do ur thing.

Post Date: 20:41 28-04-2008
Rating: 0
Author: FloorPanel
Comment: Wow... The suprising thing is some people consider this a mmorpg. I consider it a MMO Fail.

There never will be any :)
Disgusting Graphics
Retarded Community of 2 year olds
Button Mash heaven
Whats so fun about clicking the mouse over & over again excpecting a different result?
No pvping
HORRENDUS upgrades.
HORRENDUS minigames.

& im not being a WoW fanboy or anything(I did use to play it) But ATLEAST wow had like different attacks and different controls for everything.. And what game moves characters with clicks? LMAO they must be suber poor. Weres WASD?I dunno jagex couldnt afford it.Also.. 2 million players used to play it thgen after 1 upgrade where the pvping was removed 1.9 million people stopped. It shows 1.9 million impatient 9 year olds who cant afford WoW or GW.I hope they remove the website i cant stand the fact that its polluting the web..

Post Date: 20:41 27-04-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Rob321
Comment: Runescape can be a fun game at times but can also be incredibly boring. There are a lot of vicious players who are convinced that every player is a nerd except for them. However, there are many different things to do and infinite skills to master so you'll never have nothing to do in this game.

Graphics- 4/10
People- 3/10
Combat- 4/10
Quests- 8/10
Things to do 8/10


Post Date: 16:29 24-04-2008
Rating: 6
Author: m4tth3w
Comment: LMAO

Im sorry but I was just reading these reviews and
then I read Amaretto5's review. He said RuneScape quests suck and that WoW quests are brilliant with a storyline and you could write a book off of it? I almost pissed my pants laughing when I heard that.

Oh yeah.. Blizzard when all-out and in-depth when creating WoW quests. Yeah it takes a real genius to come up with "Kill 10 Tree Stumps and bring me back 5 pieces of bark". Yeah, that takes a rea; genius, I could really picture a book with the name "Slay the Stump".

Dude, know what your talking about before you say it. As for RS, its fun but boring at the same time. I give it a 6/10.

Post Date: 22:58 22-04-2008
Rating: 5
Author: lingojac
Comment: If the MMORPG genre is similar to the world of narcotics (which it is to many players), Runescape is the gateway drug. That being said...

It's pretty much a love/hate thing. You may love the simplicity and the many skills you can level. You may hate the terribly immature player community (where every single player is convinced that he/she is the only non-loser in a game full of losers). You'll pretty much have to play it yourself to determine if it's your thing, assuming the graphics don't make your body impulsively click the 'Close' button when you start playing.

Post Date: 22:45 19-04-2008
Rating: 6
Author: atomiceraser
Comment: Runescape is an all right game. Many players lose their interest during the first few weeks because of the endless cons.

-Incredible soundtrack
-Endless things to do
-Pretty good background graphics
-Random events to get rare items
-You can be any class of fighting you want. You don't have to be JUST a warrior.

-Horrible player graphics
-Mean people
-Impossible to make money
-Hackers are everywhere
-Nothing to equip

Post Date: 16:19 19-04-2008
Rating: 7
Author: CarnagexSpiderman
Comment: Runescape is a good game especially when you're member. But some people hate this game because maybe they just jealous and doesn't have enough money to become a member.

Post Date: 18:21 14-04-2008
Rating: 3
Author: Amarretto5
Comment: Rating: 3
A lot to do.
Lots of skills to keep you occupied.
HORRIBLE Systems (Trading system is screwed.)
HORRIBLE PvP (Thank Jagex for that.)
INCREDIBLY Reptitive (Mmhm. I don't find standing in front of a tree, pond, mine all day very fun. Do that for about 3-4 months then don't even think about CONSIDERING starting combat without spending a good year on that.
HORRIBLE Community - Thank you for confirming that Codyishax. What makes up the population of Runescape? Oh right, 10 year olds without credit cards, who constantly spend their time calling you "n00b" for no apparent reason. The only reason you don't like it as much as ANY OTHER GAME, is because you CAN'T play the other games because your mommy won't let you? So you force yourself into believing this is better? Awwwhh, poor baybeh?
Comment: @saurav_lifestyle - What in the HELL are you talking about? Graphics mean a lot of things, especially when it mirrors what a 14 year old could do just starting graphic design... And usually when the company puts that much work into their graphics, guess what? Not going to be the greteast game. The gameplay's only "absorbing" because it forces you to be because you must in order to progress in that game. There's no such thing as casual gameplay, nope, the only thing you can do is sit on your ass for 8 hours straight cutting, mining, or fishing? Or perhaps any of the other horribly put together skills?
You call that story good? I say it's alright, but when you go and insult WoW, for no reason... You could write BOOKS off of WoW's story. They have raids, quests, so much text devoted towards describing the story. They even have other GAMES (Warcraft.) That describe the story! Fighting, fighting, and more fighting? That is -ANY- MMORPG. At least WoW gives you something to be interested about while you level up, like the brilliant quests, etc, etc. And at least fighting makes up their game, (Although they have professions.) What's Runescape? Oh right, click something once, wait, (But don't wait too long or you'll get disconnected.) and run to the bank for 8 hours a day? And it's not like it's horrible combat, horrible animations are the greatest eye-candy either. How exciting can this dumb webrowser be? What, walk into a room, with no hopes of dying, (God help you if you do, pay up a good 10mil for the equipment you worked so hard for.) swatting at a horrible excuse for an endgame boss? Get used to it, because that's basically all you'll be doing. Anyways, if you don't enjoy fighting, fighting, and fighting, don't play MMORPGS.

Post Date: 00:55 14-04-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Codyishax
Comment: I honestly can"t see what people see in this game..
Bad Graphics,
Bad Community,
And the goblins keep killing me, and these idiots keep taking my stuff =[

Post Date: 18:40 13-04-2008
Rating: 5
Author: BlackCookie
Comment: ok to all you runescape lovers go play Mabinogi
it is just as openended as runescape and has alot more skills that you can master and i mean life skill anywhere from fishing to blacksmithing
so check this out cause it alot better than runescape also one more thing IT HAS BETTER GRAPHICS so please check it out im came to it out of runescape and loved it

Post Date: 12:19 12-04-2008
Rating: 9
Author: saurav_lifestyle
Comment: Hey guys whatever you say.....RS is a fantastic game...and who the hell cares for graphics...i nevr evn notice it, the gameplay is so other RPG has storyline even CLOSE to RS(no, not evn WOW hahahaha.....WOW is a joke for those who like nuthin oder thn fighting,fighting nd more fighting...)

Post Date: 20:12 11-04-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Marz777
Comment: Pros-
No download

-bad graphics
-lots of hackers
-updates are 99/100 times member only
-only like 10 free quests
-long lvling process
-only like 7 types of weapons and armour for free players
-constant hints to get membership
-hard to make a lot of money, easy to spend a lot of money
-annoying community
-over enforced rules
-you lose everythig (but 3 things) if you die
-did i mention bad graphics?
-HUGE waist of time!!

Post Date: 03:07 07-04-2008
Rating: 7
Author: FJGamer
Comment: The game was great back in 2002, but it has changed considerably since then... however, I still like it as long as I have new content to play with. Unfortunately, the new stuff costs you $5 each month, and it's hard to cancel your subscription, so you can't pay every other month or anything like that. If you ever stop paying, your banked items become useless, and your 'members' items can't be used at all. Also, you can't meet up with your friends unless they want to give up 'members' version as well. Very frustrating. Still, I like the game, because the free version is stress-free and the entire game is browser-based. Any computer that can run java can run RuneScape. Oh and my RS name is fjgamer. I made a bunch of Flash-powered RS movies, which are all very popular amongst oldbies and newcomers.

Post Date: 15:16 06-04-2008
Rating: 3
Author: bandin
Comment: Apparently the id*ots at jagex and on runescape itself made runescape sucky. A game for cheap*sses who can't afford WoW.

Post Date: 22:57 01-04-2008
Rating: 5
Author: ThundaKatt
Comment: I loved this game at the beginning. Now it just sucks. The graphics really stink and if you play long enough, the whole thing will bore you to tears.

Post Date: 17:12 31-03-2008
Rating: 3
Author: nervaeda
Comment: I hated that you can't play this game normally without paying.

Also, graphics are TERRIBLE!!!

By the way, it was funny how my character walked: you click on a target, character walks to all sides but not to one you need and finally stops in necessary spot when ruins all energy:)

Post Date: 05:58 29-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: kirbyfreek33
Comment: Ok, now here is what I think is the most widely argued about game I have ever seen. I am a paying member, and have found Runescape to be definitely one of the most fun things to do EVER. Instead of just saying what's good about Runescape, I'll actually point out things that a lot of people are talking about saying it's bad(terrible grammar ftw?)(Note: the "quotes" are exaggerations of what I've seen some people say, just added to make it a little more interesting):

"OMG Runescape has terrible graphics and my eyes are hurting from the un-WoW-ness of it!"

Like many people have said, Runescape is not known for its graphics. Well, it's known for its graphics, just known for them being bad. The graphics don't make the game, as will be explained later.

"HEY! They've ruined the entire game by taking out PvP! Half of the people in the game are quitting because of this, Jagex is stupid!"

If I had a nickel for every time I read a comment like this, I'd be richer than Bill Gates right now. #1, Runescape is not all about PvP. #2, Runescape technically still has "PvP", just in my opinion not a very good kind of it. Although, I really don't care anyway, I've never really liked PKing. #3, Many MMOs aren't only about PvP! Especially in Runescape, have you noticed the different things to do? There are so many things that can be done I can play on random urges of what to do, and not do the same thing twice within a month!

"Hey! Why can't I make multiple characters! I want to make a pj00nz0rz Night Elf Druid with 20 bajillion Intelligence, and still have 19 other characters I can all level up to level 70 within a week!"

This covers many areas, and I will address all of them. First, why can't we create different characters? In Runescape you don't NEED different characters. Every person has equal access to all skills(with the exception of if they pay or not of course), and isn't restricted to whatever their "class" has. This means that if you want to be a mage, you can be a mage, but it doesn't mean you can't change your mind and becine a warrior/ranger hybrid as well as an extreme treechoppy woodcutting skiller.
Second, why can't you make a character with 20 bajillion Intelligence? Because instead of having one set kind of level that just constantly levels up, Runescape has a ton of skills that are leveled up separately, which can keep the game much simpler, but still allowing you to choose how your character should grow.
Finally, why can't you just have your character level up to the max within a week? Runescape's many skills require much more time and patience to get to the coveted combat level of 126(138 if you're a member). There are many different skills to train, so you can still level up a lot and not have to fight! Not everyone is obsessed with fighting monsters all day, I find that doing something that I usually find boring, like woodcutting or fishing, is perfect to do while I'm doing some other small task around the computer or on it, because I can kill the grinding time with ease.

Now, one last quote that I see a lot as well:
"Runescape is for noobs and little kids."

Yes, I know, Runescape has been adding things to safeguard younger kids, but that's because they realize that younger kids play the game. This can still be enjoyed by teenagers and adults as well, with its simplicity and ease of access. That doesn't mean it's so simple you can skip every single tutorial, but it doesn't mean you have to take in 40 different attributes with separate classes and their own separate extra skills hidden under 15 different menus along with other items and suddenly realize you have to start from the beginning because you accidentally put 1 point into strength instead of fire magic or something.

In conclusion, Runescape is a relatively simple game, that can be played from nearly every internet-connected computer on the planet. Runescape has a huge variety of things to do, not being stuck doing "quests" when it's really just doing the same thing you do in the game. Runescape has quests that actually have good storylines (shock!). You do different things for different people and different reasons, and they all reward you in different ways. The skills have a huge variety of things to do themselves, and only about a quarter of the skills involve combat.
So yeah, the graphics are bad, but when you have so many more things to do, do you think you'll be thinking about that the entire time?

Content > Graphics by far. To put in fake 1337sp33k (which I love making fun of), 73h pj00nz0rz c0n73n7 wi11 pwn 7h053 n0085 wh0 n008 480u7 t3h gr4ph1c5 l4wl.

(translation: The awesome content will destroy those people who only think about the graphics lol)

Post Date: 06:13 25-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Mrlostman
º NOTE: º
ºPeople that rate this game low are usuall º
ºstupid 13 year old that when don't see WoW type º
ºof graphics freak out or are just stupid and º
ºthis game confuses them. Content > Graphics º

This game is simply Amazing! (Yes, with a capital A)

First of all, this game is browser based, meaning NO DOWNLOAD! You can go on any computer in the world that has internet and play this game in under 5 minutes. It's amazing and you don't have to wait for 5 hour download and all that space it takes up. You can even play this game in your school and it takes like a minute to load.

►It is Updates EVERY week with new content. Whether it's a new quest, a new dungeon or a new city

Definitely the worst thing about this game is graphics. True, compared to the latest MMORPG's or WoW that graphics suck donkey dick but however people need to realize that graphics aren’t everything! The game play is much much more valuable in a game the prettiness! And graphics aren’t that bad either, it's 3D, you have complete 360 view of your character and surrounding and frankly the textures aren’t that bad at all.

►There are around 3700 unique items in the game,
with 801 (!!!) monster varying from level 1 spiders to lvl 702 TzTok-Jad. Over 1200 NPC’s and over 150 quests to complete.

However this game is HHUUGGEE. It’s very hard to understand at first but there are literally a thousand things you can do! Most MMORPGS only have like 10 things: killing, PvP, crafting and more killing…
Even if you play hundreds of hours of this game you won’t experience everything it has to offer and I don’t just mean killing or going into a new dungeon I mean something like exploring or doing quests.

There are currently 150 quests. And not just your “Kill X amount of zombies and report back to me”, RuneScape doesn’t have that. Detailed quests which usually take hours to complete with puzzles, thinking, teamwork and killing. If you’re interested in storyline, this game offers so much of it, it’s scary!

There are around 20 skills some classic ones like Combat, Ranged or fishing but some incredibly detailed and diverse ones like Farming, Hunting or even Construction where you get to built your own house with over 300 things you can put in it, have a dungeon or just a place to show off your dragon trophies to your friends. I would say the grind is medium in RuneScape, but as you advance levels it gets easier to reach the desired level 99 (the cap of this game). Some skills like cooking might takes only a few weeks to master but some such as Slayer might takes as long as an year. But you will have lots of fun along the way.

Around 1/2 of the map is free, it’s pretty limited but still fairly entertaining. It will take years to truly master the free version but members game has MUCH more to offer. The community InGame isn’t all that good on F2P (free part of the game) but is MUCH better in members (P2P).

The subscription for the members (premium) part of the game is only $5 bucks a month which is nothing compared to how much you will experience. One movie ticket is 2 months of RuneScape Membership so think about it. I recommend you go on for guides on how to play and visit the forums for great community and great help.

You can be anything or anybody you want in this game from fierce lvl 138 Warrior to a quite farmer, growing Orange trees for money 

ÛRuneScape is a great game despite it’s not so good graphics it has TONS to offer with countless hours of fun gameplay. It has over 9 million players, it’s THE choice of many so I suggest you try it, what can you loose but a few hours?

º About me º
ºMy username is Mrlostman (level-108) I have beenº
ºplaying for 3 years now and achieved quite a lotº
ºso I know what I'm talking about. I'm 1650+ º
ºtotal so I'll be glad to help you with anything º
ºyou want me to help you. Private chat is on. º

Post Date: 15:27 23-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: godknight
Comment: it seems that all the people that's giving low rating are:

the ones thinks graphics is all there is to a game.

the stubborn pures who quit because of the recent updates.

or the ones who can't be bothered to work at all in game and miserably fails.

runescape is actually good if you actually bothered to get beyond lvl 30. f2p may be limited but membership is pretty cheap. it still has one of the most rewarding pvp systems and you can explore, do quests or whatever pretty easily in p2p.

Post Date: 22:16 22-03-2008
Rating: 3
Author: askogsberg
Comment: I guess this is an okay game for being entirely free. But the graphics are dreadful and all the armor looks almost the same. I started playing this game and it only lasted a week because I got bored. I would say that WoW is the best MMORPG game of all time.

Post Date: 21:07 19-03-2008
Rating: 4
Author: blooder
Comment: an ok game but it gets annoying clicking to do everything even walk and unless your a mage fighting is lame.

Post Date: 18:40 17-03-2008
Rating: 5
Author: inline007
Comment: this game is absolutely amazing

a lot of people gave up on it after the changes
andd a lot of people complain about membership

almighty jagex understand both of these issues and has made up for the crappy updates to trading and to pking

if you have a problem with the new pking look up
"chinese gold farmer" on youtube, that is why

as for the membership prices, jagex has all but given it to you for free

you can call from you home phone for membership or text or anything

im running out of time wqas gonna give a fuller reveiw ill leave a better one later i am master at this game btw but i got banned because they are jerks

Post Date: 18:14 16-03-2008
Rating: 4
Author: Matt712
Comment: Runescape was a pretty fun and addictive game..but unless u want to spend $5 a month to become a member then theres no point in playing after a while and thesae updates are making it worse.Here are some good & bad things of RS.

Pros: Decent community
Great, challenging quests
Updates about every week
Can be free
Cons: Limited PvP as of late last year
Not much to do in free version
Limited trading
Free version gets almost no land to explore
No updates for free version
Forums are only for P2P people
Graphics arent too good
As you can see unless you pay theres nothing left of the game for people with free accounts and the updates and changes to the game revolve around those who pay for the most part plus Jagex thinks itll make free version better by adding a few small dungeons and adding some small "improvements". Also instead of improving the look of the characters they improve the look of the monsters and things like your inventory,friends list looks. Its good if you play for a little bit not a game for people who want to play for most of the day .

Post Date: 13:29 16-03-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Master Yoshi
Comment: Runescape is revoulutionary or what ever for showing that MMORPGs can go to's like Chuck Norris doing a round house kick.


The game is easy to play.

You can get dates you nerds.

Powerful attacks unlike anything before.

Great community.

Can't die because of players in wildy


Can't kill in wildy.

Almost every thing is members.

Ahh I give it a 9!

Post Date: 21:34 15-03-2008
Rating: 0
Author: andrewdizzle
Comment: Runescape used to be the best free mmorpg around. I started playing runescape when i was young, so people of any age can enjoy this game.
Runescape has several aspects for non-members, but it fails in comparison to that of members. Members get much more bank space and quests and even more skills and items.
Anyway, i wouldnt recomend playing runescape after the recent updates. There is now no Player Killing (PKing), where u used to be able to fight other players in the wilderness. Also you can only trade up to 3000 coins difference (which is next to nothing for experienced players) to the "standard" price of an item. runescape is pretty pointless! you can make lots of money by working on skills, but you have nothing to use it for except to show off how nerdy you are.
To sum things up, i would recomend you STAY AWAY FROM RUNESCAPE! I think about half the players quit once the (in my opinion) game ruining updates happened.
Several people agree with me when i say, "RUNESCAPE IS GARBAGE NOW!"

Post Date: 08:48 15-03-2008
Rating: 3
Author: Dakkaza
Comment: Omg!! The grafics are the worst thats ever been!!
even games from the 80's beat the grafics.
But the game is still a little fun the play.
I give this game a 4
6- For the grafics.

Post Date: 00:28 15-03-2008
Rating: 2
Author: akiflyer
Comment: How can i say this....Runescape = UBER FAIL!!

Grafics are beyond Horriable, everyone has the same story I was a kid i was in school it was the only game i could play, Or Im a internet noob i thought this was the only MMORPG on this world... game play cant run for more than 5 mins before you run out of stamina, fighting sucks too, dont bother being a mage, cux you need Runes. so you cast the spell once. and you need more runes...X_X this is the Ultimate noob game. Eternal Lands is better than this! and its 9 MB!

Post Date: 15:24 14-03-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Heavy Mc Guy
Comment: This game have become garbage. It used to be sick hard to lvl up... So it is now. Let´s see:
-Free trade
Makes this game dull. U can´t make REAL cash (unless u trade forever). This game have become anti-person game. Jagex expect u to only lvl and pick items.

But, since so many players around and it don´t lag, i give it 1.

Post Date: 00:52 14-03-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Aaddron
Comment: This game is great and addictive to a point its a type of game that you might play alot for a week then not play at all the next its a game thats easy to jump into because of the free limted version that is played on the web so you dont have to download it
so you can either love it or hate it its really up to you dont listen to people and just try it and if you dont like it then dont play it

Post Date: 02:18 10-03-2008
Rating: 10
Author: anigous
Comment: This game is beautiful. I can't say more. I know an improvement would be to up the graphics but thats all. Now people whining about the trade are wussies.
What man all you guys need some better thing to do then scam.

Post Date: 21:57 09-03-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Alnaresta
Comment: Runescape is a big game. When you start out its not easy to understand it all at once. Even with Tutorial Islands help (the place you start out in). However, thats what the knowledge base is for, it has tons of helpful info for noobs in the game. In the 2 or 3 years ive played if lost a lvl 81 to being banned FOREVER for offensive language... To getting a lvl 84 muted FOREVER then giving him away to a friend. I almost dont play at all anymore despite my pretty good lvl 89 account and my strength pure that I dont use anymore. I do plan to start playing again soon but I almost dont want to because of a few certain updates...

The Unbalanced Trade Removal update shocked the RS community, aswell as item scammers and gold farmers. This is one of Jagexs very succesful attempts to stop real world trading. It stops scammers... People who want to give the friends a million or 2 for there b day...and real world item sellers.

Jagex also tampered with the drop trade system. Players could drop certain tradeable items and have another player pick it up after a certain amount of time. Im not entirely sure what they did because I havent tried drop trading in a long time but im sure drop trading was killed aswell.

Jagex also killed something else in RS. Something that is like a true Runescape pasttime... Player killing! In the wilds to the north of the game were the dark and scarey wilderness! Were player hunted player solo, in teams of 2 or more, to entire clans of players! Now what was once a great place to play a game of cat and mouse with a very capable player who could kill you if you didnt eat at the right moment.To giving certain death to dumb low levels that dared to venture beyond lvl 20 wilderness (you couldnt teleport out of lvl 20 wildy or higher especialy in member worlds were you could get tele-block cast on you. To a player vs player mini-game called Bounty Hunter. Jagex says Bounty hunter is not going to take up the task of replacing the wilderness all on its own, but a whole slew of deadly pvp games were players wont only have there characters die but lose items like in the original wilderness.

Althoguh one of the funest aspects of RS (the wilderness) and trading without restriction wether you did it fairly or cheated a couple of extra K out of another players pocket ever now and again, Jagex had to do it. The game is so popular that people created automaticly countroled players, or people useing "macros" for a shorter way to say it. It made resource gathering tough in RS for players not useing macros or "bot" accounts. Jagex pretty much solved it with Unbalanced Trade Removal. Though you may ask, how dose removing something so fun like the wilderness help to get rid of gold farmers and real world item trading??? Well players could go somewere remote in the wilderness and the player selling the in game item for real $ would allow himself to get skulled by attacking another player, the person who is buying the in game item useing his real $. He then allows himself to get killed by the other player droping that item when he dies. Because when your skulled you lose all your items unless you have the protect item pray on which saves one extra item, (unskulled and you die you keep your 3 most expensive items and with item prayer you keep 4). But with the wilderness being shrunk from a big chunk of dangerous land into a small area mini-game the size of the Tazhaar fight pits (a safe mini-game were you keep all items upon death) the guy selling his in game item for the other guys real $ might get killed while skulled by another player! Which pretty much completly solves the real world item trading problem. Although there are some exceptions like Duel Arena were you stake items in battle and let yourself die so the other player can get the item with ease or in bounty hunter were you have friends protecting you while you do your illegal trading, its still nearly halts the RWIT and bot, resource gathering gold farmers in there tracks.

However...there are sooo many more reasons to play RS which is why I give it a 8 out of 10.
For one, there are tons of quests! More than 100! Most are member but theres still about 37 free worlder quest. Membership is great, only 5$ a month! When you get membership you get more bank space (over 60 more slots compared to free worlder banks). New and challenging quest like the Super Epic quest: Desert Treasure, were once you complete this super tough quest you get ANCEINT MAGICKS. Were you can use ice spells that stop opponets in there tracks, blood spells that drain there health and give it to you,smoke that poisions and damages them,and shaow which damages them and lowers there attack level temporarily. Although for the stronger spells like the blitz and barrage versions of your anceint magicks you will need a very high mage level, and mage is not cheap at all but so worth it.
To the Monkey Madness quest that sends you to investigate the disapearence of the gnome king's special guard squad. And when you finish that you can use the very strong Dragon Scimitar, fast and deadly but not the best.

There are also many weapons and armor but its not a huge selection but still somewhat satisfying...
Although through most of your runescape play time until you become a member you will be stuck with bronze,iron,steel,black,mithril,adament,and rune armor. Though there are trimmed versions of black,adament,and rune armor. Also a gold trim version to. Rune armor also can have trimmed armor of the RS gods, Zammarok the evil god (red) Saradomin the righteous god (white) and Guthix the neutralpeaceful god (green). Be warned these armors are expensive and the only other way of getting them is getting lucky and finding them through treasure trails when you find and follow a clue scroll to dig up the treasure (members only, also the Treausre Trails is not a quest, more like a mini-game).

Also there are god staves in the game. You get them if you member, and level 60 magic. But it dosent just apear for you, you have to beat a strong non player controlled man in the game. Then you must choose which god staff. You also get a very nice cape :P

In runescape getting a random event can be cool and rewarding, or quite dangerous! The somtimes cool and rewarding random events like The Mime and The Demon Drill Seargent From Heck can reward you with a piece of a outfit, mime clothes with a a mime mask, and army clothes and helmet for the demon drill seargent.
The potentialy dangerous events, like Evil chicken or Zombie are events that can appear and attack you and have levels depending on your level. Other dangerous randoms like Troll who attacks sometimes when you go fishing, or the Angry Nymph who attacks sometimes when you begin to cut a tree. There are tons of other randoms so visit and click on the Knowledge Base link and search under 'random events'.

There are so many other great things about runescape! and something you should know are:
Runescape is a great game with more than a million players, and some of them like to break rules! There are rules in RS you must follow. Most you should already know like, even though Jagex censors most bad words out with stars ***** some players always look for new ways to get past the word filter... When starting an account it is good to read the rules just to be safe so you dont lose your accounts like a did twice ^_^
Runescape has NO races playable except human despite there being elves and gnomes in the game.
There are no stat spesific class like mage or warrior or priest and stuff like that. Every player can do everything, RANGE (archery) with a array of bows arrow and throwing weapons along with powerful dragon hide armors. ATTACK depends which weapon you can hold in most cases and also gives a slightly weaker yet more accurate attack. STRENGTH can allow you to use some weapons that attack cannot, it also gives a more reckless, less accurate but often much stronger attack. DEFENSE gives you ability to put MOST armors on some certain armos pieces for example rune plate need a certain quest to use just like weapons need some quests to use them. Some armors need more the just a defense level, some like barrows armor require a strength or attack or range or mage level of 70 along with defense. HEALTH POINTS how much hp you have is much damage you can take before death, some enchanted jewelry pieces like Ring Of Life teleport you to your spawn point if you health reaches below 10 but not if you have 10 hp and take 10 damage, in that case you simply die. But if you have 10hp and take 9 damage you will be teleported. MAGIC allows spell casting depending on your level and amount of runes you have. Some mage armors require defense and mage level such as Split bark armor and Ahrims robes. RANGE attacks from afar like magic but dose piercing damage insted of magic damage. Has armors that require range and defense like dragon hide tops (not bottoms or vambraces) and Karils armor which requires 70defense and range to use. Also has other weapons like throwing knives and darts, and crossbows. Crossbows can have enchanted tips that have randoms effects like lighting strikes, hold spells, chance of the extremely powerful fire breath attacks, and many more things depending on which gem was used for the tip and what enchat spells was used. Runescape has lots of other great skills like slayer, summoning, and hunter to name a few.

Runescape is a great game, theres lots to do and tons I left out of my reveiw. Its recomended you play on high speed internet because dial just wont cut it. It takes a fast internet connection to play the game not veiw the front page so take a look at the news archives and read them all to try to learn some terms and place names in the game, also take a look at the world map. Runescape is definatly worth playing and worth the five bucks a month for membership if you choose the pay to play option. Players in the game arent always nice to low levels or 'noobs' as they may call you refering to unexpierienced players so read the knowledge base to learn all you can before playing! You can look my player up on the RS highscores my players name is Alnaresta. He is level 89.

Next to guild wars RS is the best free only mmorpg
It dose not require a download to play and you can play free or become a member and get tons of more cool things to do.
Vist and join the millions of players already playing.

Post Date: 01:17 07-03-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Ruman17
Comment: This Game is very good.
Although the graphics aren't the best (its Java give it a break) its gameplay and originality are very amusing and epic. Sometimes, however, the little jokes are a little corny...

There is a bad side to this however...
I played Runescape for 3 years and got to lv 106
It does get boring after a year to two. There isn't much to do when you reach certain goals such as the quest point cape, the quests are the best part of the game. Without them theres not much else to do.

I was always using the forums to buy and sell items (until the Grand Exchange was unleashed)

If you're looking for a fun, simple game to pass the time, for a good price (or free) then this game would be perfect for you!

I give it a 7 due to recent updates such as bounty hunter which took away the wilderness and PK'ing. Another bad update was the Grand Exchange/ Trade restictions which killed Merchanting and gift-giving to friends.

Post Date: 13:45 03-03-2008
Rating: 8
Author: whiting1289
Comment: All I got to say is that I cannot believe that people are coming in here and carrying on about how bad Runescape is then running off and playing one of those cash-shop cookie-cutter Asian games…

The only other free MMORPG that is as good as Runescape and gives as much Game-Play and game content here is Guild Wars.

All cookie-cutter Asian games need to be BURNT!!! They are nothing but scam sites.

Post Date: 20:51 02-03-2008
Rating: 2
Author: rodrigo48
Comment: this game used to be great, eventhough the graphics are terrible, you could enjoy many things. now with the latest updates jagex continues to ruin the game by taking away the thing that kept some players playing the game, wildy. aswell by taking away a free market, destryoing unbalanced trades, they made the game ven worse.
I dont really recomend playing this game anymore, its become a total bum.

Post Date: 20:59 29-02-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Jahodac
Comment: For me, I would rate this game a 9. It is great even without the wild etc... I don't find anything to bad about it except that it is very repetitive sometimes. It is decent fun as a non member, but once you become a memberand get high level stats it's a helluva game. The graphics are amazing for being coded in Java script. To me it takes more talent to make a graphical game with Java than it does to use a game engine and C++. Anyways the Jagex staff works hard and keeps this game up to date regularly. If you want to prevent being hacked, never visit 3rd party Runescape sites unless it is a help site like Runehq or zybez, or a clan site checked through Runehead, also never enter your password anywhere. If you want to look me up on higscores to see if I am reliable, my username is Jahodac. Anyways, happy scaping.

Post Date: 12:10 29-02-2008
Rating: 10
Author: brodyslasher
Comment: u guya who think rs is lame all of yas bcause it is awesome bettr than wow bcause pple on wow think they r the charecters but the only thing bad bout rs is moderators can report you for anything bcause i got reported cause i know a glicht in the gam where i can do the moonwalk and for sayin 82 when pple asked me my fish lvl and if ur not alowd to say crack on rs shouldnt they put stars in place of the word? but still rs powns in ratings graphics arent good cause they workin on other stuff

Post Date: 01:47 29-02-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Ownage rater
Comment: hmmmm..... well i have seen better games but this game is frecken addicting. grafics suck. latest update made runscape even worss. grand exchange made game easier, but dont buy money, you will be hacked. im a lv 88 and know the game inside and out. being a new player sucks.

Post Date: 11:16 27-02-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Justanothermortal
Comment: This game is alright, and I've been playing about 7 months now.
Pros: Lots of Stuff to do
Low system requirements
Lots of updates
overall fun, with minigames for f2p and p2p
the game has its own huge economy

The community-If you are below level 40, be prepared to be called a n00b for no reason.
If that doesn't happen, there's a good chance that sometime you will encounter one of the freaks that looks for relationships in this game. You will be begged for money by all poor people if you do so much as wear rune armor.


Constant spamming from bots

Every fighting style besides melee costs a ton of money over time

No forums for free players.

Jagex ignores suggestions.

All in all, I give this game a 7.

Post Date: 10:01 23-02-2008
Rating: 0
Author: QOTSAfan
Comment: This game has been destroyed. No pking, the stupidtrade updates, and the whole membership thing all add up to make this one of the worst games out there.
BEfore the updates, it was alright, even for f2p players.'s just...ugh.
Stay away from this game.

Post Date: 21:58 21-02-2008
Rating: 2
Author: kingfire28
Comment: this game is addictive? wow i didn't know that, it has bad graphic and stuff and you have to be a member to do alot of stuff i'll give it a 2/10

Post Date: 03:11 20-02-2008
Rating: 7
Author: wiseowl3794
Comment: Pros:
-variety of looks
-variety of armor
-3 different combat types
-nice community
-fun for a long time
-updates happen every month at least

-easy to meet people
-pretty much the only mmorpg that can be played well with dial-up
-can support people on a budget or with bad computers

-Need money to really enjoy the game
-very few quests for non members
-training is long and boring
-non members don"t get to participate in most things such as castle wars, my favorite part of the game,
-membership is advertised way too much
-it"s much less fun when your not paying for membership
-it"s hard to make money without merchanting which they kind of destroyed when they removed unbalanced trades.
-easy to get scammed
-easy to get hacked
if u die with all your money on you you will lose that along with most of the items you have with you.
-membership is expensive, in my opinion, when you can get Guild Wars for a one time payment

Post Date: 21:39 19-02-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Saradomin
Comment: hello, new to, pretty exciting :) ok well let me introduce myself, im saradomin(not my real name, its the name of the god in a game.[runescapers should know this!])

well, to make a long story short, this game is very fun, been playing for 7 years, now im 17, lvl 68, and it's also an addicting game, trust me.
i still play now and then. i don't have alot of time to play because i'm going to college. now, the game is slightly ruined because of RWT'ers (Real-World-Treaders) buy and sell runescape gold on websites, that steal your accounts. also, because of autos, macros, bots, etc. make an unfair advantage to the game. but jagex has dealed with it and took em away, most of them, infact. because of this, they took away the Wilderness (an area in the game where it's man against man, which also was my favorite thing to do),and they put in this hell-of-a-minigame bounty hunter and clan wars,wh ich is not too bad. but overall of that i recommend this game to all people 13 or older because it's educational (most of it), popular, and fun, and once again ADDICTING. so, play it when you like. :)

always a help, Saradomin.(\___/) my pet:mr. bunny
PS. that is not kingduffy. he would never go on these kinds of websites. by the way any runescapers willing to add me, my username is Saradomin393. i can always be a help. dont hesitate to p chat me. my private chat is always open.

Post Date: 03:21 17-02-2008
Rating: 4
Author: Vercengetorix
Comment: to be honest i was hooked on this game for 2 years and i am only lvl 92, spent countless hours on it, and i recommend spending your time on better things. you learn some stuff like basic math and that lobsters heal 12 hp... real useful in the "real" world. im in 10th grade and quit last year and i plan on being and Engineer/architect and this games great when ur a kid but later on it sucks up your time and brings your grades down especially if ur like me(im lazy, unmotivated, and do as little as possible) but now i realize i wont get anywhere in life by playing runescape so to be honest play it b4 ur in high school or end up being 30 working 2 part-time low wage jobs, have no wife. Stay in school and go to college, trust me.

Post Date: 14:00 12-02-2008
Rating: 8
Author: stev444
Comment: Lol. You aren't Kingduffy -.-


I have given rs an 8 because it's a great, addictive game for the people who cant run detailed graphics games because of their low performance computer.

Its pretty much and endless mmorpg with all its skills and the members community is the most fantastic community in the whole world of mmorpgs i reckon, everyone speaks except from the people who always get bugged by lower levels E.G Zezima, King, Yogosun ect. I dont blame them though...

The graphics arent great but are good compared to some games.

You can play it F2p although the community in f2p are a lot worse and the world is only like 1/3 of the members world but overall its a fantastic addicting game that can get you going for months even years. You do get bored of it sometimes though, i know i do i'm a level 107 and training Runecrafting-- Names Mister Stev :)

So yeah, good game. Wd Jagex

Post Date: 21:48 11-02-2008
Rating: 8
Author: kingduffy 1
Comment: hello, kingduffy 1 again, i have now brought it down to a 8 because of the community as of everyone speaks because people are not not freindly and people bug me alot because im really popular like zezima, but i want to be treated like a regular person.

Post Date: 20:37 10-02-2008
Rating: 6
Author: philedophea
Comment: this games alright, they took off the best stuff so if you havent started playing it dont.

Post Date: 20:34 09-02-2008
Rating: 4
Author: aj42311
Comment: I give this game a 4/10. This game is addicting at first because of the cheap thrill of leveling a certain level up. But it gets alot harder to level something up. People spend hours and hours and hours trying to rack up levels. This game is pointless now because they took out unbalanced trading, and the biggest PvP "minigame". The wild. This game was a 8/10 before the recent update of early january, now its 4. The Wild (place you go to kill other players in order to get they're items) was fun for all and they took it out for no good reason. There is now no good reason to play such a boring game.

Post Date: 04:21 09-02-2008
Rating: 7
Author: pandatwin
Comment: This game is fun for the first year, but it can get old. It's ok in everything. If you're really bored, or just need a game to come back to every once in a while, this is highly recommended. The biggest downside that i see is the community isn't always friendly.

Post Date: 01:55 08-02-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Kingduffy 1
Comment: hey, Kingduffy 1, other known as the 2nd zezima) this is a really great game and i recomend this game to all mmorpg'ers who love combat, magic, range, and anything you can possibly think of. there is a wide variety of things you can do and this game can get pretty ADDICTING trust me, look at me on hiscores, i've been playing ever since 2000 and my friends love this game so much. i give it a 10 because its quests are amazing, very fun, make sense, adventurous, and break-taking themes. you can level up skills, make some armour, cut trees, make your own magic stone for spells, mine ore and smelt them for a special sword you ever wanted to make, fight dragons, goblins, wizards, ogres (sorry if it offends anyone who is a gameogre management person), AND IT GOES ON AND ON AND ON!!!!! great updates, awesome economy, great community (most of the time). once again, this game is a real good educated game because it teaches you real things that happen in real life. PLAY IT! and if you feel bored in the f2p aisle, move into the soda, choclate, and p2p aisle (lol).

always open to helpers, Kingduffy1

Post Date: 17:04 06-02-2008
Rating: 10
Author: dantheman553
Comment: i like this game. but it could give or take a few updates

Post Date: 20:27 04-02-2008
Rating: 7
Author: jay_aburame
Comment: i have been playing this game for about 2 years now...........
back then it was a pretty good game(excusing the graphics) but now it is just pathetic!!!!!!

they took out the the pvp wild and chaned all the exchange stuff.
but other than that it is still a pretty good FREE mmorpg........

PS. I play conquer online now WAY BETTER graphics

Post Date: 07:06 31-01-2008
Rating: 5
Author: MutA
Comment: mannnnn.
i played this game for about 2 years and i reached level 100. but now i see the game for what it really is.
wayyy to slow for me making decent money on this game requires alot of time and i mean alot
but you can get lucky but that is very very rare.
not a very interesting game if you arent a member on it...
pvp is trash
gameplay 3/10
community: it"s good
^^ alot of childish weirdo"s asking for an internet relationship

But yeh you dont really wanna get into this game
go for a good fps (first person shooter)
they never let you down.

Post Date: 03:10 27-01-2008
Rating: 0
Author: pmaghami
Comment: @ newo92

you cant just say grapghics dont count OR combat because it doesn"t matter(err hello combat is a MAIN aspect of a MMORPG)

every one of your reasons did not make sense.. seriously why would you tell the truth on a mmorpg game.. would you tell your credit card numjber? your name, age and where you live?

no i thought so

your reasons dont make any sense to even bother looking at that game.. and btw graphics does matter you dont want to look at a shit 3d model with no face or eyes and god combat is all LUCK

just dont play this lame game

Post Date: 19:39 26-01-2008
Rating: 6
Author: satan
Comment: okay game. it doesn"t require a lot of ram so if you have a bad computer its cool.but the game play is horrible and with some of the new updates it kinda just died.also the graphic are sub-par.

Post Date: 01:08 26-01-2008
Rating: 5
Author: steve24
Comment: i need my lvl up and my att is 60 i want it to be 70 i go to moneyrunescape and all that but when you pay they hack your account!!!!!!!!!

Post Date: 14:41 24-01-2008
Rating: 5
Author: ismellgood
Comment: i have been playing this game for years and its a great game... that screenshot is realy out of date btw.... im thinking of quitting tho.... they games still fun but its not the same... used to we would pk and everything and it was awesome... now we dont have pking and theres a restriction on welth transfer in trading... you cant trade somebody something thats more then 3k over or below what their giving you... in this game you use food to keep you alive and you cant even give somebody an inventory of the more decent kinds of food without going over... plus if you do give somebody 3k above or below you can only do it every 15 minutes... however the ammount you can transfer or whatever goes up depending on how many quest you have done and believe me there are plenty of quest... plus i dont see where that person gets off saying that they didnt remove the wilderness that they only shrunk it well guess what wrong again... rs has this thing with real world traders that most poeple dont even care about but thats why they put the trade restriction on... they also go rid of being able to pick up a persons stuff when they died... so that poeple couldnt transfer stuff like that... now when a person dies they get a gravestone and a certain amount of time to come get their sutff before it dissapears. they do however have minigames that you can fight in but its not the same... they also used to have staking on duels... but they nocked that to like 3k per 15 minutes or whatever andn ow have duel tourniments that you can win stuff from... but unless your lvl 138 or whatever (highest ll used to be 126 but they raised it when they added the new summoning skill)your not gonna win cause of all the pures. plus you cnat have drop partys anymore... because when you drop stuff on the ground now it doesnt become veiwable to other players... and when you have it in the party room its announced in banks so 100000 noobs show up. i cant even immagine how sucky this game is now in free world cause im a member and ivebeen a member for a while and thats how sucky it is to me now... i basically geto n to messwith my friends and do events with my clan... anyway im looking into sword of the new world

Post Date: 04:11 24-01-2008
Rating: 0
Author: GuersomR123
Comment: Sadly I cannot say but this game Is totally whack now. Back then the old days were PKIng and Trading was awesome, now its all crumy. Not to mention that it was fun until my freinds opened my eyes to better games such as Guild Wars, RFOnline heck even a crummy game as MapleStory would work better than this and so I rest my case and my high pure in Runescape will remain in peace until deleted by some Jagex guy in the near future in 1000 years....

Post Date: 01:43 24-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: haydenizer
Comment: first thing i got on in my life was runescape.i love this are decent but like some say the games aren't made by graphics.i just became a mem on friday and it really fun and new.people say there are only 10 or so easy quests.there are actually like 25 for free players (favorite dragon slayer took me like 10 hrs really hard had to get full rune by the way full rune best free armor)some idiates are saying the wilderness is dummies they just shrunk it to permit slow down for summoning does get boring after you lose all your stuff and have to get back but you eventually get hooked again.i played on for around a half a year but they banned me till 2035(yes 2035)for using the same pc as my bro(they said we were account sharing)i suggest to everyone who likes to lay back talk to people make tons of nice friends while killin goblins as much as possible.

Post Date: 22:39 23-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: hi mates
Comment: C'mon!!!!!!
god you guys act like childern with a toy
get over it theres going to be people who absaltly love the game and people link Squinknir whos the complete wanker and says its a dumb game but c'mon some people like it some people dont and I do search it (Inusage)

Post Date: 17:04 23-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: killermany88
Comment: i play and i have a lvl 85 account also they"ve recently improved security and new skills have been added. being a non member is lame and being a member makes the game a trillion times better also over 1 million people are members so its very popular and addictive so if ur a non member u have no rigt to call it a bad game or if ur just a nub. so i say its worth it to get a membership and play it. beleive me its a pretty good experience! Don"t listen to nubs who say this is a bad game try the members severs for urself its really cheap. im not part of jagex the staff that improves runescape im just a player and want ppl to know the truth about runescape!!!!! :):)

Post Date: 02:46 22-01-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Squinknir
Comment: NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!
This game is so bad that I"dd rather bolt myself to a missle than play this game! I"d rather be locked in a box full of angry cats than play this game! This s the whole game right here

Click (your guy walks over to where you clicked) Click (your guy starts fighting a goblin)
*2 hours later* (you killed the goblin) and you dont get experience for killing the goblin, you get exp from attacking! and you can do other things like cook, or make fire, or other stuff
and the dumbest part, you need to buy a membership for like, 90% of the game, yea it only costs 5$ every month but it"s 5$ you could"ve bought a piece of candy thats more fun than this game!


Post Date: 17:47 21-01-2008
Rating: 2
Author: chiria
Comment: This game was fun at the start but when you do every single free quest and get the highest armour theres really nothing more for you to do. I have 1 account. You can look her up in the data base. "Tazydevil63" lvl 93 but guess what this game is so easy for people to hack into the runescape network and find out anyones pass word. anyone with good computer skills can do it. I was hacked 9 time with 9 very different passwords so there is no point when your gonna lose everything when so computer nerd is gonna come in to steal your account or all your stuff. Members get hacked to so theres really nothing you can do about. Game sercurity is pathetic!

Post Date: 14:36 21-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: md bacon boy
Comment: ******I reccomend this game for any gamer looking for a free/cheap game that requires no download******

ok for starters i"ll talk about what every1 is hating,the graphics most of you who say that the graphics suck are comparing it to a game that costs money or requires a 500mb download. This game is a browser based game with absoloutely no download required and besides graphics dont make a game. graphics = 8/10

second the gameplay is good (10/10 it is enjoyable and there is alot of things to do the skills are not all boring to train and there are plenty of things to do

third the community is not too bad (8.5/10) on the free version you will have little kids 8-12 who think they"re cool by calling you a n00b! but overall even in the free version it is good, but when you get to members world the community is perfectly good and most people are friendly and willing to help

ok combat,combat on this game can be dull but jagex have realy complemented it very well with prayer,loads of weapons and armer monsters you can summon to help you fight and many other cool stuff easy gets a 10/10 even tho it is pretty dull all this stuff makes it pretty good and i like it

roleplaying exists all you have to do is go to the correct theme world and bang you have your roleplaying 10/10

quests, quests in runescape are incredibly fun and well thought out (perhaps excluding the very early low level ones) and many give you awesome rewards like new armouer weapons areas spells etc.

overall i reccomend runescape as a game for any gamer who is looking for a free/cheap game with no download required

Post Date: 09:31 20-01-2008
Rating: 2
Author: moreen
Comment: Very misleading! Recommended age is 13 by their rules. There are only 3 combat styles - warrior, ranger, magic. A lot of "skills" that are just repetitive clicking. I really don"t consider that a skill. Graphics are poor.

Post Date: 02:44 20-01-2008
Rating: 3
Author: Chris Dudek
Comment: If you play or once played LOTR or WoW or any game like those then this game is NOT for you! The graphic system is very low BUT the monthly payments are a choice and are only $5.00 a month. The battle system is decent but can be improved with more choices for in battle changes. There isnt much of a difference with a Member character and a Free character except some quests items and skills. If you are into a full out blitz of war then you will be board of this game VERY quickly. Runescape is more for the layed back players that like hanging out with friends and group leveling. You need no skill for this game AT ALL! You just need a lot of time to play and level. The level system is long but rewards with the skills to use new weapons and armors. It all depends what kind of game your into, Runescape is all around a decent game but it can be greatly improved.

Post Date: 18:40 18-01-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Newo92
Comment: first off almost ALL OF YOU compared this game to WoW, THIS AIN"T WOW GET YOU HEAD USE TO IT!


you say the graphics are bad and that may be, but graphics do NOT MAKE A GAME FUN in fact graphics takes AWAY from a game considering that SUPER MARIO 3 has very bad graphics and is one of the BEST VIDEO GAMES OF ALL TIME.

The gameplay is fun, its like a lot of other games that I"ve been seeing getting 8s and 9s over, you say the community is bad, but EVERY GAME HAS BAD PPL IN IT.


Another thing you said was that F2P players have very little benefits, but HELLO THEY DO my friend had been playing for over a year as a non-mem and is still in F2P playing, he still has new things to do, there are ALWAYS NEW THINGS TO DO.

Leveling may take a while to do, but what fun is a game where you get a maxed skill in a few weeks?

I don"t like singling ppl out but what you said is so stupid it can"t stay out NO RUNESCAPE IS NOT JUST 8-12 YEAR OLDS IN FACT I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT THERE ARE PPL WHO ARE 18, 19, 20, 15, 13, 30, 31 AND 23 IF YOU SAYY THESE PPL ARE 8-12 YOU ARE STUPID, yes there are ppl 8-12 but thats a very small function. you also said it sucks cause its browser-based and free, whats with that? thats GOOD noone wants to pay money to play a game, no one wants to take a crap of memory away from a game.

There are ppl who said that it is easy to get hacked, but it ain"t the only way you will get hacked is if you have either a bad firwall or no firewall.

A guy said this in double brackets I"ll contridict it:

1. Interface. Clicking is NOT a skill. ((yeah but everygame need clicking))
2. Graphics. No faces, no fingers, etc. ((there are faces and fingers))
3. Music. I could play the music with my internal PC speaker (and that"s not a good thing!) ((the music is good though, it may be low quality but its not bad music))
4. Money has no value in Gielinor. If you go buy an apple, it"s 10 GOLD COINS! ZOMGLOLWTFBBQ!((you just contriscted yourself, you said money has no value then you gave the value of a coin to a thenth of an apple))
5. Community. If you aren"t level 120 or higher, you"re called a "n00b", "noob", nub", "n0b"... ((no, I haven"t been called any of that sense I was lvl 12))
6. Story. You need to look at the official website just to figure out the world"s name.((nope, it says it right on the game screen))
7. Immersion. The worst I"ve seen since PONG (and PONG even has better graphics!)((yeah of course PONG has better graphic... maybe you should find out the meaning of graphics)).
8. No group system. If you go out into the "wildy" to PK some people with your "clan", if you mis-click and attack a "clanmate", you get labeled "BSer" and you get banned by Jagex for "item scamming". ((um, no... this is the most stupid point, you don"t, if you are stupid enough to misclick then you should be banned, it ain"t hard to click the right thing ((see number 1, obviously yuou think clicking is a skill))))
9. Jagex"s ban appeal system. If you get banned for something like the situation mentioned above, you may try to appeal it. The problem is, you only get one shot at appeal and Jagex NEVER reads the appeal requests they are sent. They just have an automated bot do it for them. ((you know this how? are you a part of the JAGEX team?))
10. Rules. You get banned for saying "poo". No lie. ((nope, you can only get banned for getting swear words past filtering or I"d be banned for sure))
11. JAVA. "Nuff said.((Java had VERY good games))
12. Death. While I like the lose-everything-when-you-die attempt, it fails. When you die, *POOF*, you"re back in Lumbridge without the *POOF* effect and you keep your clothes, hair, 3 items, etc. ((what are they gonna make you appear naked, that"s user friendly, oh no I died and now I can see my penis!))
13. "Macros". People with fifty characters with gibberish for names using a program to chop down trees all day. ((oh goodie, here"s a point that makes some sense, its true there are macri"s IGNORE THEM!))
14. "Scammers". People who know that 65% of the people who play Runescape are children who don"t want to work will go around offering them a way around actually playing the game.((you made up the number 65% there is no way that is exact proof))
15. Not RPer friendly. At. all.((yes it is, that"s what a role-playing worlds are for))
16. 15 again, that should count twice IMO. ((your are a fagget))
17. MMORPGs are supposed to be immersive, and Runescape is not. That is why I spend three reasons on RP friendliness.((you can"t take 1 reason as 3))
18. Rules state "You must not scam or /decieve/ other players." Huh? I can get banned for /lying/ to someone?((well why would you ahve to lie to someone?))
19. Rules state "You must not scam or decieve other players." If someone gets scammed it should be their own fault for falling for it.((well thats not true there are the ppl with crap computers who have a slow recpetion so when someone changes at last second they can fall for it cause their computer can accept for them))
20-22. COMPLETELY IDIOT PROOF. A complete idiot could beat a genius at this game. They took great pains to ensure this game needed NO skill at all to play. If someone has a mental disability they are rewarded to make things "fair". ((are you saying that ppl with mental illness"s shouldn"t be able to have fun? and no your are retarded)
23. Quests. I"ve done the quests, and almost all of them were delivery quests. ((so don"t do the quests, the rest of the game is fun, and there are plenty of monster killing quests))
24. And the rest needed me to figure out what two colours make orange and purple. ((1 quest which is Goblin diplomany))
25. It doesn"t grab people"s attention from the START. That is what it must do to be a good MMORPG. ((no, but it has a good tutoial at the start which is what most games don"t have))
26. PvE. While the AI is matched with your own, there"s NO WAY to help your character win. ((food, good stats, etc.))
27. PvE. Only one person can fight one NPC at one time. Unless they"re in a "multicombat" area. ((not true at all, you can have a button called accept aid))
28-33. PvP. No reason for the struggle in the Wilderness, "pures" have an advantadge because they spent all their time leveling up in one combat type, easy escape, PvP only in the Wilderness (except Castle Wars), you can get banned for killing someone.((so pure your own stat))
34-35. F2P option. BAD. IDEA. No fee for making new characters = 9,000,000 "macros".((you fing retard you"re lucking I can"t swear))
36. NOTHING TO DO in F2P worlds. ((lie I already stated above there is ALWAYS NEW THNGS TO DO))
37. "QuestHelp" eliminates the need to think in quests. ((DON"T USE QUEST HELP))
38. Ten quests if you aren"t a member.((there are way more than 10 quests))
39. 100 if you are. ((whats your point? Javex wnats to make money?))
40. "Tutorial Island". Who would name an island that? ((maybe someone who wants to tell new people hey this is a tutorial))
41. Pk_Pwnxzorx13_2 calls you a noob if you aren"t level 126 yet. ((he"s never on, don"t blame the game for 1 PERSON!))
42. "Clans". The only system that allows you to have them is one that only lets you talk to them. ((whats your point?))
43-45. The fact that I was able to list 40 things wrong with Runescape. That counts three times because I forgot to log in before I sent the review and lost everything I typed so I had to start over and... ((boo hoo, you are stupid, 40 reasons.... I contrisicted like all of them))
46-47. Leveling system. If it"s not needing to raise one as high as it can go without raising anything else, it"s clicking in one spot all day to gain one single level. ((idiot, I have a friend who will max out you stat in a day, not grow one lvl))
48-49. No two opposing factions on the verge of all-out war threatening to destroy life on Gielinor as we know it (if you can call that life). ((I don"t even want to begin with this stupid point))
50. Even if it was made in C++, it would be the same.((like I said I don"t want to begin with this))

So no reason is good to say this game is bad! so shut up!

Post Date: 22:54 16-01-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Hello.
Comment: Graphics: The game has great graphics, as it is a Java-based game. High Detail really pushes Java's limits in certain areas.

Game play: Very awesome game play, it has up to 20+ skills with new skills added year*, and new quest added every month*. The game also has a great camera system which you move around with the directional keys. Although the game's battle system is a little dull, the developers jacked it up adding many different weapons*, spells*, and prayers*.

Community: Filled with lots of little kids in F2P but P2P isn't that bad. You will occasionally run into scammers, but bots are certainly done for.

Overall: Great game, also no download required. But if you want to get the most out it, you should become a member.

Rating:8.75 Rounded to 9

*Membership most likely required

Post Date: 21:51 16-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Doomherald
Comment: I love this game! i have 5 charecters,all at least lvl 16 or higher,each good at diff. things,im tellin u,that u will love this game! u can do anythin......except the stuff that u cant do lol.

Post Date: 03:23 15-01-2008
Rating: 4
Author: neoshogun
Comment: we go:
graphics:3/10 because well...its meant for anyone to play it pretty much
gameplay:3/10 it IS fun at first but gets old pretty quick. I mean I played this game on and off for a couple of years becuase I had nothing else to realy do. You start out and try to make a living which isn't hard. But it's not easy either. It requires a realy high level in anything to make money off of it and that takes game weeks to do, TRUST ME! leveling can take very long after a while
community:6/10 ok aside from the 8 year olds that always call you a N00B it has a lot of mature adults on it and Jagex pretty much elleminated hackers and bots )but also destroyed the game with their new update)
overall i give it a 4, pretty lame game

Post Date: 03:19 13-01-2008
Rating: 6
Author: gamer pete
Comment: Now before I"m called a moron or an idiot I would like to say that this game was fun. At FIRST. As you see above, the graphics are poor, but for good reason. It is meant for players to lazy to go out and buy a new graphics card. Also, now download is required unless you don"t have Java. I admit I had fun at first, but that was before I had played a better mmorpg that included more content for free players. I got tired of clicking and clicking for every single task. It"s fun creating your own items and selling them for profit, but with the gay thing they made now where you can only trade 3k a trade makes it impossible to trade expensive items with other players, like Dragon or Rune. Saying it barely gets any money, though is a huge understatement. It has tons and tons of members. Those $5 add up. If you are looking at it as a FREE mmo, you are saddly mistaken. It won"t take you long to complete all the free quests and move up to a membership. Its a measly 5 dollars a month, and the game is constantly getting updated with new skills, quests, and lands to explore. Even REAL gamers will find something to enjoy here, and find themselves coming back once in a while. But you won"t be back for long until you realise how much better games other Free MMOs are. Runescape offers a very small fraction of the game for nonmembers, and there are so many better games that require a small download *ehem Rubies of Eventide*
I gave it a 6/10

Post Date: 19:46 12-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Aedonis
Comment: This game is AWESOME and I say all of you who rate it a 0 are morons who are a waste to existence. Out of all the games this website links to, Runescape is the easiest to figure out, not to mention fun. You can play it for hours on end and it never gets old. I guess it would probably get old if you get up to level like 90, but that would take a whole lot of time anyways. Even the freakin" tutorial is fun, and that"s saying something.

Post Date: 03:55 10-01-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Badratings
Comment: This WAS a bad game but it was browser- based and it had one good thing called pvp (player vs player) but they took that so now it's just a peice of junk in the dumpster.

Post Date: 05:51 09-01-2008
Rating: 9
Author: kite12
Comment: u guys stink ok runescape is limited it barely gets any money but its still fun and awsome to play ok. think about it graphics:10,million dollars. server space: 20 thousand dollars and ad money: 100,000 dollars ok these people cant afford wow graphics this game was made by 2 college boys ok so STOP MOKING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post Date: 01:23 09-01-2008
Rating: 4
Author: me2
Comment: ive played it really cheap now so i have to give it a cheap score i mean no more easy to kill people they have removed the wilderness so really no point in playing this game yeah everything is good but now when u get like up to lvl 20+ u lose the point of playing this game

Post Date: 14:12 07-01-2008
Rating: 1
Author: jeejee
Comment: i might not be right guy to review this because i have only played it like 2h and watched while my friend played with his lvl 50 char..
even tho i can say that the graphics are just abysmal.. even though u play it with browser they are still just plain horrible.
leveling attacking killing moving every aspect of this game is just so bad..
runescapes community is just full of 8-12 year old kids who can be scammed too easily..
i give this 1 point because it can be played in browser and ist free.. thats it.
i can only recommend runsepace those who have rly bad computer and those ppl who cant afford games that cost monthly fee (like wow or lotro) or who are too lazy to download free mmo from internet (like rappelz or maplestory)

Post Date: 23:30 06-01-2008
Rating: 0
Author: mastergimmy
Comment: Graphics: Worse graphics ever seen so far in any game

combat: Its bores u out compltely just watchibng ur guy fighting

quest: well the quests, some r quite hard and takes ages to complete and also there arent much quests to do so ill giv it a 5/10 for quests

comment: i recommend that u doo not play this game, i think its the worse game u can ever play, i once played it for a wile and got up to level 60 but ti got so broing i quit straight away. After u will think u hav wasted so much time on it. Because of the new updates its getting even worse. Also once ur high level and hav good items its so easy to get hacked and u will be so sad. I have so many frends that has got hacked and quit playing because they had such good items and levels

Post Date: 21:41 06-01-2008
Rating: 0
Author: frandall
Comment: ive only played this for mabye 1-2 hours total and it is absoultely horrable for some reason RS Players think that 26 skills is alot there are games with hundreds if not THOUSANDS of skills

Grapics: -10 it looks like Atari 2600

Quests: from what ive read it looks like that there are arround 50 for a paid user other F2P Games have hundreds some thousands

Combat: Atari 2600 could do better it looks like amature programing to me

Thats It in a nutshell

Post Date: 03:52 06-01-2008
Rating: 7
Author: Voodism
Comment: Worth trying out.Better then most free RPGs

Post Date: 09:47 05-01-2008
Rating: 5
Author: think real plz
Comment: Ok Runescape does not in any way deserve a 10 more less an 8 or 7...Im not going to totally bash this game, but im mainly going to point out its weak points...cause thats mainly what you say in the review..truthfully there are few spots to truly shine..or more like sparke in runescape. Now i must say the one thing that kills Runescape is its mainly luck and i will point out where. So for starters..
Runescapes weak point..and a big one at that. This is the dent in the side of that car that might make you say..ill go with something else.
At least in my opinion. All in all, its horribly boring, you click and watch you character slash, poke (stab but not convincing), crush or other things to your opponent. You are hoping for the best in the fight. This game is mostly luck, seriously jagex must have wanted their game based on luck. Being a high level usually doesnt matter AT ALL. Except in Strength...Attack which is supposed to help you hit more..has no real difference from 40 or mainly lets you wield a variety of weapons. Defence has no matter at all either. 40 defence should last you good against players, but against monsters its totally different for some reason. And Strength takes it all..if youve got high will make it..its highly annoying how melee is mainly based on your strength level...isnt balanced out with attack and defence level well at all. Range and Magic are two fun skills that leave you with the same thing. Spending money. You may say, LOL YOU iz a Po0r n0ob much? No. I just dont feel like wasting my life as much as you to get pixels that have no matter in the end so dont brag k? Dolt. Magic constantly calls for runes and Range constantly calls for arrows. These are not the best starting combat choices but in the end can be rewarding and fun. Combat: 5/10 Ok. Thankfully Magic and Range bring this up.
If this was just melee it would be a 3 hands down. This isnt based on weapons, this is based on the luck of everything and how boring combat can get.
Runescape"s stronger if not strongest point. Options are very unlimited to what you may want to do, but the problem is the economy. There is too much supply not enough demand..this leaves people with what could be thousands of logs waiting to be sold. Then you will have the person hoping of finding a desperate person of money and getting raw materials extremely cheap..
Anyway a small bit off topic there but still there are plenty of jobs for you to do just cash is harder to come by..Most everything in game is able to be made through natural resources..but not everyone is wanting 95 smithing for rune weapons when they can just go buy it....or when they need sharks and want to buy instead of level grinding your way to 76 fishing. In conclusion there are 23 different skills for you to try out and see which you enjoy most..some may be boring at first but seem to become more interesting later on..another small complaint is some skills leave you with a long long void of no level rewarding or you may need more resources just to make that new item that took weeks of leveling to get to...which all falls back on the economy..So..
Skills: 7/10 Moderate. Some are totally pointless, boring, and plain revolting in my opinion..*cough farming* while others are quite enjoyable. Economy: 4/10 Poor. In an almost all time low, but it should rise with time..and during that time this is going to stay low.
Bad. Rude. Unhelpful. Dont get me wrong, some people are helpful and willing to give their knowledge any time. But its mostly filled with now the younger 10 year old generation running around trying to say words around the filter or abusing the word "Noob" which no longer means new player..or new at something..its mostly used for an insult..its overused by:
1. An arrogant 10 year old.
2. Someone who doesnt get their way
3. A noob. haha just back on them. :P

Yeah, the community has seriously declined since i first started to play. Community: 3/10 Very Poor. Sorry but after playing and noticing the decline of cooler, older players, this is another weak point of runescape which may make you leave.
Short comments here. Plenty. Tons. Fun.
Most have their own story lines they follow...but none dont normally lead to a bigger picture of runescape..maybe about gods..but not too much of history. The quests leave you wondering which one was your favourite. Some give totally rubbish rewards which gets annoying in the end. Another annoying point in quests is that there is usually one skill that you hate that is needed for a quest you want to do, which leaves you level grinding that most hated skill for a good while just in end to find out the quest barely called for it at all and that the quest may not have been worth all of the work. But truly besides that..runescape truly shines here. Nice job, this game would be nearly crap if there were no quests. Quests: 8/10 Very Good.
Truthfully a strong point. Weak points here are pointless quests and the occasional level grind for some big quest, next to that most quests want you striving to know the whole story.
Vast amount. From armor to weapons to food to quest items. There are tons. Plenty of different weapons to choose from. Armor, im not too happy with. There are 8 main armor classes:
Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Adamant, Rune, and Dragon. Basic types. Of course dragon being best. No one usually wears bronze, seriously its 1 defence and so is which would you wear..iron being the better. So anyway the levels are too close. You gain defence levels to wear different armor...every 10 levels you get to wear a different type..which kind of makes you wonder why buy black armor when in 10 more levels you get mith? Also, there are these types and they stick to them...not too much different armor to choose from thats no along these lines..especially when you are a low level. There are for high levels, but thats a different story. If there is a cool armor type not assosciated with these said groups than it usually stinks and isnt worth wearing when you can wear something along the basic armor type line. YAY! Fun. So yeah aside from that problem there are plenty of clothes, weapons, items and other things to change your characters look. One more items..STUPID..they are useless after a quest..MOST are..some come in handy but that falls under the 10% that do.
Items: 7/10 Good. Some items rock and look cool, while some are a total disapointment and were a waste of coding time which could be used on something much better. Think things through jagex and somethings could get better. Especially making a use for tons of unneeded items.
That sums up pvp. Lets move on. What? You want to know more? *sigh* Ok. So this was a time passer and mostly enjoyable by players. Until Jagex wanted to stop Real world trading dumb asses and screwed up the game. Seriously i think they went overboard on this, but whatever sinks their boat eh? Anyway so aside from that major suckfest, jagex decided to give us Bounty Hunter, where you go find your given "bounty" and kill them. OOOO FUN! IM A BOUNTY HUNTZ0R LOL!! No. Just shut up. It isnt fun. You go inside and you are teamed by clans that are 20 levels higher than you. LOLZ N00B TH3R3 IZ DIFFE3R3NT P0RT@LZ FOR DIFFER3NT LEV3LS LOLZ0R!!
Once again. Shutup. K there are different levels but who wants to be lvl 30 and fight a 50? ooh thats fair, but yet this game is luck so hell the 30 might win. So this used to be fun and jagex says they are bringing a SINGLE way bounty hunter but i dont see it happening too soon for anyone to care. Oh cant forget to mention the duel arena. Meh, not bad but still isnt fun. Staking is totally limited now. Thanks to the RWTDA"S (read back up if you dont know what the acronym stands for). PVP 4/10 Poor. Actually very poor in my books but im trying to look on the brightside of things and still say you can..?
No. not worth it to me.
Thank god for these eh? Most are fun such as Castle Wars and Pest Control, but many are deserted like Trouble Brewing or others that the rewards aren"t enough to draw in a crowd.
Minigames 8/10 Very Good. Cant give this any higher. There are only a few minigames people still populate. Most rewards aren"t worth all the playing you have to do to earn them. But at least you can say, "Hey i wasted more time to get this worthless, yet cool looking armor than you LOLZ0r." Yeah, something ive been wanting to say..hah.
Ive covered most topics here. Now another thing is Jagex knows you want membership and use every limitation to get you to pay. Free to play is wide with plenty of things to keep you busy..for a few months or so when you start getting into to flow of things. Then it gets really boring. I mean really boring unless you dont send in that cash to get members than is when the fun kicks in. Runescape has its strong points but its mostly weak-ended. There is alot of potential just if its thought more carefully through.

Runescape: 5/10 Ok. I cant decide if it should go into failing or passing. So the middle is good, yes? So if you play you will most likely get addicted and start for a while, only to be dropped one day and say hey i wasted time on this game? But still enjoy it if you can. Ive pointed out points that are ok and its weak points so try it, love it, hate it. Thats the only choice you have. Good luck. And to everyone who thinks this is wrong. Shut up get a life and wake up and realize that no one in the real world gives a care that you have yellow pixels that say 20m on it. Really you arent that cool.
So :D have fun.

Post Date: 03:10 05-01-2008
Rating: 8
Author: penguin461
Comment: its ok but after playing different games u will tell the difference between the graphics. runescape has a bad graphic system and a bad melee system. if u r a non member in this game u cant really do nything at all.

Post Date: 08:02 02-01-2008
Rating: 0
Author: pmaghami
Comment: pensuan
Comment: IM not going to lie this game has bad graphics..

Also im not going to lie that the combat stinks(well mele my opinion does)

But its one of my favorite games.. my computer is slow.(realy slow) so its the only game that works on it.It it had to much graphics than pple with slow computers cant use it.

Also thers over 23 skills that u can level and even if your not a member u still can do many things.

The community is realy good.. always pple to help u(jst dont be a begger) and also the mini games rock.

one last thing is that its browser based.No downloads to worry about.with updates every week and all this stuff ill give it a 10
i dont know what your on about because runescape has by far the worst community in the whole gaming world

and you cant do many things if your a non member.. seriously when was the last update they did for non members? like 2-4 years ago..
runescape IS basically a p2p mmorpg because they dont do anything for non members

Post Date: 03:40 02-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: sofiaglade
Comment: Runescape just made a really really bad update but still I never found any mmorpg that is better than it. Thats just me though.

Post Date: 22:33 01-01-2008
Rating: 9
Author: Cosmic Gecko
Comment: excellent. play whenever i have the chance.
pros: music is amazing, many skills to try, low monthly fee, huge world to explore, many mini-games, tons of quests, has its own economy (GE really improved game), meet new people, tons of updates from Jagex and good effort to control cheating
cons: combat a little slow, graphics certainly not best but have been improving recently, and too many annoying 'noobs' in the game >-

Post Date: 19:35 01-01-2008
Rating: 7
Author: flameingfox2
Comment: some of the skills can be boring and combat is a little slow other that its a god game and with the new summoning skill it might get better

Post Date: 15:48 01-01-2008
Rating: 7
Author: nevony10
Comment: This game is not bad but its not a paradise either. The graphics are lame and the click once fight a monster for 5 min. straight is not so good either. If ur a free worlder then u get bored of it after not too long, but this game has good features too. At least unlike other games (maple story.hint.hint.) you can do more than 1 thing. Depending on what u feel like u can do mele, archery, magic, mining etc... theres some nice people on this game if u set aside all the freaks, and theres a whole bunch of quests u can do. with other ppl if u want.they constantly have updates, most i think are good except for the recent ones. Like they made houses for members an option because w/ no update u get bored. plus i love house parties. This game aint so bad.

Post Date: 10:00 01-01-2008
Rating: 7
Author: crazy red 1
Comment: runescape has bad graphics and its hard to get money at first but i know a way yo get 100 in 2-4 hours or 500k in 1 day or 4-6hours or 15,000,000gp in about 30 days!!!!!
(you need the following 30 smithing and 60 mining
to do this)

100k--go to the mining guild in falador get 400 coal theres a bank near it after that go down then got right then down there is a little mining spot
mine iron ore till you get 200.Smith the ores to make steel you will get 200 steel bars go to world
1 or 3 in falador sell the bars for 500gp each
200x500=100k ok

500k--ok do the same thing but get 2k coal and 1k iron ore smith them to get 1k of steel bars sell then and get 500k may take 4-6 hours or more/less
maybe a day or not

15,000,000gp-- ok do the same thing as the 500k but don't sell it ok 500000x30=15,000,000 ok
may take 30 days or 2-4 weeks(i did this and i got
15,000,000gp i got rune Saradomin,(g),Guthix,
Zamorak,Green Dragon hide (g), then i had 8 mill
left so i got death runes 10k of leaving me with
5 mil then i got trimmed robes leaving me with
2 mill then i got food 5k of sword fish leave me with 1.5mill)

sorry this is not a review of the game unless the bad graphics count.

Post Date: 03:04 31-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: pensuan
Comment: IM not going to lie this game has bad graphics..

Also im not going to lie that the combat stinks(well mele my opinion does)

But its one of my favorite games.. my computer is slow.(realy slow) so its the only game that works on it.It it had to much graphics than pple with slow computers cant use it.

Also thers over 23 skills that u can level and even if your not a member u still can do many things.

The community is realy good.. always pple to help u(jst dont be a begger) and also the mini games rock.

one last thing is that its browser based.No downloads to worry about.with updates every week and all this stuff ill give it a 10

Post Date: 15:07 30-12-2007
Rating: 7
Author: KILLZ
Comment: Comment: I'm a member in runescape and its quite fun actually. I am not high level - in fact I'm level 50. But it is still really fun.

Storyline: 3.5 stars
It has a lot of quests and they have a lot of variety, from shearing some sheep to killing a dragon to transforming someone back to a person.
If you are not a member, you will suffer the lack of freeplay quests though. Also, lots of the Members quest are for high leveled people.

Music: 4.5 stars
They have some pretty nice music and it fits the setting. For example if you're in a dark forest, they give you a scary music. Or if you're in a town, they give you soothing and relaxing music.
Pretty much Runescape doesn't flaw in music.

Becoming better: 3.5 stars
Ack! A bit of a flaw here. When you are a beginner, its really hard to level up. And it's enormously hard to make cash if you're a newbie.
The fun starts when your a member or are lvl 40+ in free to play. THen if you want you can get in fun battles.

Graphics: 2.5 stars
OK, the graphics are not so good as expected. they are a bit basic and while in combat or doing an action, there is not much of an animation. But still don't be dissapointed.

Community: 3.5
It is good and sometimes it is easy to be with people of your level but there is the occasional NOOB-CALLER out there. They have a clan system, friends system, report abuse system (to report anyone breaking the game rules) and ignore system. You can also put your chat to a various range of things like all chat, clan chat, trading chat, etc...

Overall: 3.5 stars
It is a good game but the true potential of it shows after you become a member. You can sometimes be stuck playing it for hours and hours... There are some bugs though as when you walk through a door. Good game

Post Date: 04:04 30-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: sofiaglade
Comment: Crazy542 I really liked reading your comment thanks for sharing it :)

Post Date: 21:28 29-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Crazy542
Comment: I'm a member on RS, and is it AWESOME!I know, there isn't much to do on F2P,so mainly people PK (Player Kill). There has been a large mass of quitting sence of the loss of pking and runecape is losing its poplation. But hey, heck with pking, I never really liked it anyways. GO NON-PK RUNESCAPE! They only place you can pk is at bounty hunter in wilderness.Now, heres my ratings

Storyline: 50/10! It's that good! loads of quests. Look at many over MMORPGs. The quests are pretty much like this: "Kill______and bring me______. Very boring, but runescape has awesome quests that never get boring!
Graphics:7/10. Theres not many cool combat styles, just a regular swish(special attacks look cool, though). It's safe, too, because some video game addicted teens were baby-sitting a 7 year old(one was her sister!).They were so addicted they did mortal kombat moves on her and actually killed her. Runescape isnt bloody at all, and thats good, but a couples drops would be a bit nice.
Music:9/10 I LOVE the elf forest music, so peaceful. And when there's a big fight happening,I listen to the cool music.Sometimes I put on mine when I'm bored and have a little party with my friends =)
Making cash: 6/10 Cash is hard to make, prices are a bit high, and you can't really train with out it. I just stick with my dds to train.People think that cash makes the game fun. It does, cause you get all these cool looking items, but what makes the game REALLY fun is being with your friends and enjoying your time with them.Oh yeah, the gameplay rating is 20/10. It's an awesome game, you just gotta try it. Just like the saying you can't judge a book by its cover, you can't judge a game by a screenshot(unless the graphics look REALLY bad on the screenshot, lol)
Overall, 10/10

Post Date: 02:44 29-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: guysareus
Comment: Hi. OK you guys dont play for a very long time do you? High LVL= FUN
ok the ratings
Graphics= 2
Charater creation=8
Combat=5(its is alright because there is alot of weapons to choose from )
Monsters=4 (not alot of exp on monsters when you want and need alot of exp and there is a TON of monster that can kill you easiley)
Game play=10!!= you cant beat it!

Post Date: 18:14 28-12-2007
Rating: 8
Author: mad gamer dude123
Comment: im back to review, one of a the other fu thnings,is the minigames,which ios similar to a miniquest,also the quests are fun,and like: "The Last", im also confused. kenneth, what do u mean by feeding ur character,ok,u dont feed it omfg,u only give it food when ur fighting and ur health is low,if ur not a member,it miught not be very fun,but the fun starts whenh u r higher lv,and being a member does make the game a lot funner

Post Date: 15:12 28-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: The Last
Comment: Keneth, the character customisation is great. There's probably millions of unique looks. Ironically, you mentioned the thing that is so great about RuneScape. "There is a myraid of things to do". That alongside quests, which are some of the best in the industry. What do you mean by "you have to constantly feed your character"? And you have the choice of a variety of weapons of melee, range, and magic. If you want to respond, post in the game lair.

This game deserves much more than a 5.18. It's one of the best sandbox MMOs out there, and it's a free browser-based game.

Post Date: 05:34 26-12-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Keneth
Comment: This game... is not fun. At all. SO MANY people worship this game, and that is absolutley shocking.

First of all, I am not making fun of the graphics. It's a free MMORPG with no downloads (that I know of), so I will cut the graphics some slack (although if any of you runescape fans complain about a game with no graphics, you should feel ashamed).

First of all, let's talk about the good. The community, is huge. There is never a day you will find no one online. Also, the worlds are large, so there is a myraid of things to do.

Now, the bad. First of all, you have to constantly feed your character, which gets a bit tedius after a while. Combat is nothing special, it is, in a word, disapointing. You have a choice of four melee attacks and a few magic attacks. Nothing revolutionary. Just boring. Chracter customization is medicore, you will most likely look like a begger in the beginning.

So far I haven't noticed why this game is so great. I just don't get it. The combat system is lame, customization is lame, the graphics are... no, I said I wasn't going to mention that. Anyway, I do not suggest this game one bit.

Post Date: 02:55 26-12-2007
Rating: 8
Author: mad gamer dude123
Comment: one of the best things for runescape to me,is the community,its very big,sometimes might be unfriendly,but most of the time very friendly and fun. there r tons opf things to do, but the graphics stinks. aside from the graphics,theres also less fun when u reach a superhigh lv, i quit around lv 90,but it gave me a year of fun

Post Date: 04:55 25-12-2007
Rating: 8
Author: x x rangexx
Comment: Ok whats the matter with runescape lmfao i've been playing for about 2yrs nonmember :O ok My
review for this game is 8 And why does every one says you take turns... it depends on wut weapon you have like a scimmy pretty fatsre and good damage anything uder it in speed sucks also dont use 2h's they are super slow b axes are ok
off sunbject
music: sucks so bad(just listen to my own)
Combat: not bad but could be better
Graphics: hard to see somethings but ok
comuntiy: Blows every one thinks there all that because they got mains lvl 90+ nam they get gay after a while
Buying/selling stuff: Super sweet only if you buy from Grand from player no
FUN: WOW there is so many things to do to make money and train or just have and go clan warring
i've probly proved alot of points but UP YOURS comment me :P

Post Date: 01:29 25-12-2007
Rating: 0
Author: skippy1010
Comment: Graphics: Poor
Customer Service: Worse
Players: Scammers (Everyone knows it)
Overall: What do you think...0!

Post Date: 02:44 24-12-2007
Rating: 0
Author: daimyo92
Comment: these graphics are worse than nintendo 64!
i kno i may sound hypocritical from my last replies but theres a point to where graphics DO make a difference!
there is no storyline so forget that. the quests are totally random and just help you lvl up to nothing. there are no NEW skillz, the ones you get are the onez u have forevor. PVP is bad, you can only do it in certain places and only true nerds would play this game. there is only one reason someone would play this game and that is bcz they need to search more! if your still playing RS than some place like HERE would prolly be something you may have to do. ATM for you RSers out there i recommend Ijji Gunz bcz of the skill it takes and Archlord for the game being different then everything else ive encountered.
but RS just stinks.

Post Date: 23:16 23-12-2007
Rating: 7
Author: gameer152
Comment: i play this game now and i have to say this.

It dose take awile to get into it but once you get into it it is fun. for its low-cost...ofcorse the grafics r going to suck.

PvP combat: There is more then ong way to play PvP. wether it be hunting and killing people in the widerness, fighting 1 on 1 in a duling arena, killing all in your way in a clan war, or hunting down your target and all that stand in your way in a bounty hunter arena there is somthing for all kinds of gamers. over all pvp combat:7/10 (avrage)

payers: The players in the game are very kind and willing to help most of the time. When i first started they where very kind in helping me.
Comunity rating: 9/10(great)

merchenting: The game depends on your money. the poor usualy end up quiting but its merchenting is very fun and easy. Runescape even has its own stockmarket!. one problom: people scam,and lie about thingsor are just plain idots.

merchenting: 7.5/10

playibility: if you arenew to the internet comunity of online gaming it is a great game because it is a fun game and it helps you to lern. And its free!

over all rating: i give it a 7.8

for thos of you that say is cant suck if 10.3 million people play it

Post Date: 21:27 23-12-2007
Rating: 8
Author: nightfireivey
Comment: This game was pretty interesting I thought. This is a browser based game so you can"t compare this to the large games people download and install.

This game lacks highly towards combat. I started playing this game back when it came out around 2001-2002. The combat system is extremely horrible and boring.

However, Runescape bases it"s economy on a supply and demand market economy. Being a merchant and making money is one of the fun parts of this game. Depending on which skills you train you can make a lot of money on the items you make/get.

However the Runescape community isn"t the greatest. I met some of the most immature players in this game. Not even World of Warcrap, I mean Warcraft, has a community this horrible. I also saw a lot of beggars and lazy people who can"t even find the time to train themselves and make money without begging.

The skill system I think is very well made. It also tells what benefits you can get for each level you reach. I found Fishing, Cooking, Mining, Smithing, and Fletching to be fun.

Even though Runescape is a free game, you can pay around 4 GBP/ 8 US dollars for more benefits like you can get Fletching, Slayer, Hunter, Agility, Construction, Herbivore, and Thieving skills. Also for all the skills there are some items that members can only receive, like Dragon armour. You also get more access to cities and important areas. You as well get more quests to do which will give you more stuff and items if you finish them.

The developers however I think kinda ruined it with their last update on 12/10 which made the Grand Exchange, dead PK system, and 3000 gold profit/loss limit.

Overall This game is worth it but the combat system, The stupid immature brats in the community, and some of Jagex"s updates may ruin it for you. 8/10 is my score for this MMORPG.


Post Date: 20:12 23-12-2007
Rating: 1
Author: davidnvn
Comment: This game would be ALOT better if:
-the players weren"t complete jerks
-if members didn"t get everything. this game basically is pay to play
-if it wasn"t so repetitive. There are other skills to learn but they are basically like killing, only they don"t take hp.
-if it doesn"t take years to get places. when you die you go back to the same place, which stinks if you were somewhere else far away and die by accident

I tried this game and it BLOWS. i wasted a ton of my time on this dumb game only to realize that it"s BULL

Post Date: 18:20 23-12-2007
Rating: 0
Author: stumper1255
Comment: runescape is one of the very worest mmorpgs i think i played it has no story line and the graphics just plane dow sucked if i could id rate it -2/10

Post Date: 03:09 22-12-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Leetreveiwer101
Comment: Fantasy MMORPG that caters to gamers with low-end PCs and small budget for gaming. BULL.

Graphics: Well thats a joke.
Sound: 1/100000000000000000000000000000: Yeah.

If there was anything else in the game i could rate it.
I would rate lower if i could but sadley i cant so......................Forget runescape.

Post Date: 22:43 21-12-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Die816
Comment: There are lots of reasons why the game i s lame and
I agree with everyone tht has played this and thought kool its good for about like 3 weeks (I did) because it is a game tht you have to have alot of dedication to and u cant give up on it because as a non member u cant do anything they basicly say "" Give me money now or i wont let u play our absoulotly terrible game "" so people still pay and as alot of people said on this java normaly has good graphics and have u seen the graphics wtf did java do. and the Combat omg it might aswekk be a full on tbg (turn based game) because omg u take turns why would you spend time lvlin up like i did (LOL) so im gonna give u scoring for different stuff ok here u are.

Graphics -5/10 it is out ragous they dont have any excuses java normaly have good graphics but there is no excuses

Fun 0/10 u cant do nothing unless ur a member and it takes ages to get everywhere.

Gameplay 3/10 it rocks until you get a brain it is terrible because of the combat tbc lol (turn based combat) lol i played it many times and i have upgraded to member but it just aint good anyway

Community 1/10 everyone agrivates you if u sell for to much and they dont know what noob means according to them it means (i cant get my own way so you suck) practicly and it just makes it worse for everything

PvP -1mil/10 i cant even explain how bad it is u have to go to a special place to PvP andu need and anciet magic thrashes anything even if its special i cant say no more

P.S my friends ganged up to pay for member account
and did they pay for it it absoulotly stunk i mean i told them tht it was a wast and i offered to pay for 1 month and they said no and at first they were like little kids and then about 2 weeks later they so badly regeted it and wished they accepted it. but after tht they got the best game in the universe according to me World of Warcraft (WoW) i mean it rules they is no restrictions to it omg it just rocks my world!!!!!!!!!!
for WoW

gamplay 10/10

graphics 10/10

PvP 8/10 it is all about lvls

Fun 10/10

Community 9/10 they are some hackers which annoy me

Post Date: 22:22 18-12-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Newo92
Comment: This is a very good game, the graphics could be better but it is a browser-based game and can only get so good.

The Combat is one of the worst things in this particular games, but seeing how this can be made good with its PvP and the variety of monsters to train on makes up for it, the ranged is one of the loweer ended stuff on the game.

The game has a variety of different skills to train and can keep someone entertained for a long while.

This game had tons of side quests for bothe F2P and P2P, there are a number of different quests or you could just work on your other stuff.

This game is very friendly to new players with the Tutorial island, and with many updates a month is very good.

The member benifets are extremely good for only $7.50 can for a month, you get not only more skills and quests, a bigger world to thrive on and more items to get.

I give this game a 9.5 thouh it won't let me so here is a 9, I think this is a very fun game and would do anyone proud, and if you think that the combat is boring then don't do combat its not the most important thing in the game, I personally think that the games would be better without any combat in it, who needs the idea of killing and murdering in their heads number one its illegeal (monkey see monkey do) and number 2 its pointless, if you want to play games with killing get Halo 3 or call of duty.

Post Date: 23:11 17-12-2007
Rating: 6
Author: xcriminal013
Comment: This is a real rating. Altogether, i have to say one thing about runescape; Addcicting for a couple weeks... then its over. I dont think you should be dissin the graphics for a browser based game, thats ok... but the gameplay itself! OMG.... horrible...

The combat system sucks so badly, it made me want to spend my time paying for an pay to play mmorpg rather than frigin play runescape. The crafting system is awesome for a free game! I love it... but it is hard work. It makes u spend too many hours trying to waste ur time making ur own items... its quite boring. Overall: I give it a 6. Wonderful crafting system, but the combat is so poor, there is no reason to make ur items to fight it sucks so badly.

Post Date: 06:54 17-12-2007
Rating: 0
Author: pmaghami
Comment: ok where to start
this game is pathetic
the graphics just stink i seriously dont care that its java if the graphics stink it stinks java isnt a good excuse and runescape is so desperate they are basically FORCING you to be a member because everything there is and all the updates go to members only which is jsut stupid because paying for this game is not only dumb .. its insane

Wow is a lot cheaper.. look at it this way ..
runescape charges $5 a month PER ACCOUNT.
wow charges $15 a month for 10 ACCOUNTS. which is basically $1.50 a month per account.

some of the skills in runescape is jsut like WTH. i mean why is there construction when its a fantasy MMORPG its not freaking sims. and hunter i dont think that is a proper skill nor is slayer (slayer is jsut another cheap copy of combat) and farming takes a long time for the shit to grow.

the gameplay is somewhat ok but the community put it down to the ground.

Full of 8 year old kids calling each other n00b jsut because it doesnt go there way.

for instance if i am selling a item for 200 gold this guy wants to buy it 100 .. he calls me a noob jsut cause i didnt agree with him.

Runescape also changes the word noob in every way.. they dont even know what it means..

i dont even want to get into the music

PvP: LOL there is actually a place where u have to pvp at .. how stupid is that seriously i also dont want to risk items for PvP i want to have fun doing PvP not worrying about my gear and next second i know im dead from ancient magic then you waste another year jsut to get back to where you were. and its so dumb that when your fighting they go low health and then they eat food and go back to full hp and you have 27 or 28 slots of free space so thats 27 or 28 lobsters toe at and that fight will take forever.

also PvP is imbalanced ancient Magics just owns everything which is comepletely stupid
there are all these scammers and hackers and they will do anything to grab ur items..

for isntance i was chopping some wood and i was wielding rune blade and this guy came to me and said "hey man i can trim that balde for you, just give me the blade and ill be back" obviously this guy thinks im actually that dumb to give my items away.

the skills take way to long to level up .. whoever can get to a lvl 126 with full skills must be some hardcore no life player because seriously i feel sorry for you.. if your over 13 and play Idiotscape go get a life.

the combat is jsut so stupid its all depended on luck.. u take TURNS TO ATTACK EACHOTHER.. there are no skills so its all a luck game.

same as mining sometiems when you mine for something and this guy has lower mining then u he somehow gets the ore instead of the one with the higher mining (most of the time).

Graphics:0/10 I dont care what they use to create the graphics, you cant make excuses for your pathetic graphics. JAVA doesnt Leave THEM EXCUSES

Gameplay:3/10 some of the skills are just WTF have no relevance to anything in the game

Community: 0/10 8 year olds harras you for stuff and call you a n00b no matter what lvl they are. no one seems to help you and the high lvls think they are pretty cool by ignoring everyone

Combat:0/10 you take turns to hit eachother BORING

PvP:0/10 PvP you have to be in a SPECIFIC area to PvP and Ancient Magics jsut beats everything which is super stupid

Fun:0/10 not much to do as non member

Post Date: 05:05 17-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: bubbaplayzhalo
Comment: yes i know billions of ppl think this game is garbage and even though im rating this game a ten is becuase i was one of those ppl who hated it but untill i actually got into it it is a great game grphicks arent a big deal but the gameplay is its very interactiv with billions of things to do it is highly addictive so if you start playing be carefull u might get addicted it has a great adrenilen thirll in the game becuase you can actually kill players and just take thier stuff you can do it solo or with a clan its loads of fun to go around killing ppl for thier items thiers tons of things you can do like fishing farming mage range str consrtuction hunting its a game thats based in life you can do what ever in a huge enviroment

Post Date: 22:27 15-12-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Kiryugi
Comment: I'm only giving it that 1 because it attracts people. I tried to play it. I played it for about a week, trying to figure things out and get afeel for it, it doesn't work that way for me apparently.
Horrible graphics, but I won't bash down on it too much because it is a browser based game.
I just hate it, it gets confusing, and I just don't like it...

Post Date: 20:36 11-12-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Alkazzar
Comment: defenatly one of the worst games on the web, poor graphics, poor gamplay and all the hlf decent items, weapons and armor is for meembers only, and 3/4 of the map is also reserved fo members only, and i have no intentions at all to pay money for a horrible game.

Post Date: 05:01 07-12-2007
Rating: 10
Author: whizmann
Comment: RS is a pritty good game if ur comp isnt very good. but runescape is a fun game to play u get over 100-200 friends that u end up forgetting any ways. but i been playing it for 3-4 now and i think its still fun. there always updates every 1-2 weeks.

Post Date: 15:37 06-12-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Buah
Comment: Sounds: Horrible 1/10
Musics: Horrible 1/10
Gameplay: Very addictive, if you want a lot money and good items, ect, you must play 24/7 to get the money mining stuff or fishing. This game is for 8-12 year old kids or no-lifes.

Post Date: 03:03 06-12-2007
Rating: 9
Author: mani
Comment: given the circumstances a very good game with decent
items and quests good playability and lots of options and if you decide on membership its only $5 a month
and membership has a LOT of benefits
drawbacks are crummy graphics slow combat and lots of young people who shouldn't really be playing

Post Date: 06:05 30-11-2007
Rating: 8
Author: ZeroFusion
Comment: actually a good game for a middle class computer, itz features a great length into a net browser viewed game(no download required :)) despite is horrid graphics it is still popular to play for a time buster :)
im giving this game a 8 for a reason
1. good for a slow computer
2. web browser play
3. time buster

also its good for the kiddies it disables

Post Date: 20:12 25-11-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Extreme01459
Comment: For all you people out there, i see that many people are saying "the graphics stink! there are 8 year old idiots saying noob when they don"t know what it means! The music is trash! And the area is crowded and laggy with dumb easy quests!"

Well, then your just a numbskull then. First of all, Its a free MMORPG without downloads. For a game like this to be browser based, that is already an acomplishment.

Also, if your a member, there are many mini-games, quests, and adventures to do and there new updates and quests every week.

Runescape has afreedom that many other MMORPGs don"t. When you start, you don"t have a class, you just work on the certain # out of 23 skills you want to work on. There"s also a large number of weapons which kinda suck unless your a member.

But there are some bad things like immature 8-year olds and a bad community. What would u expect from a large free-game?

The music kinda stinks but the graphics are actually pretty good for a free browser based game.

And the fighting styles, totally stupid cause all u do is pull a bow, shoot a ball of color, or move your arm up and down with a stick but oh well. :/

Overal Runescape is a fun game with many things to do ;)

Post Date: 20:13 24-11-2007
Rating: 4
Author: Beoulve
Comment: This is by far the worst game i have ever seen in my life. Its that bad.

''This game is great community is great gfx are good and people dont insult you.''

Holy efin snakea**, you'd be r-tarded if you believed that.

The community is the worst ive ever laid eyes on. They have the audacity to call you a Noob when they have no idea of the meaning of it?

The graphics are hatred, seriously its that bad. The gameplay sucks. Heck most of it sucks but it does have some good points i guess.

You should stay away from this game. It would be unfortunate if someone else turned into a Fegwolf and starting cussing.

Please, oh please dont start on saying how this game is good.. Because you dont have to download it, its good? Yeah.. right..

Dont get me wrong, if this game was good i would gladly give it a review it would deserve. This game just doesnt deserve a good review. Face it, this game isnt worth the time.

I didnt last much on this game it didnt appeal to me at all. I doubt il ever decide to try it again either..

So i give it a 4.

Post Date: 16:09 23-11-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Dill1015
Comment: This game has been getting a bad rep as being a stupid game with bad graphics, but that isn"t true at all. First off u don"t have to download it, so u can play as soon as u make an account.

Graphics: Surprsingly good actually. Jagex continues to make improvements over the years. 7/10
Gameplay: This game is very addicting with plenty of quests and minigames, but to do most of them you have to be a kind of high lvl. 9/10
Sound: Garbage, sounds like a old N64 game

Post Date: 04:39 23-11-2007
Rating: 8
Author: whiting1289
Comment: Ok, first of all... I would ignore all the people who hate runescape so much that they feel the need to start swearing. I mean would you take advice from an 8 year old? I mean runescape is not as bad as these immature people are making it out to be. Yeah Runescape has loads of immature kids in it, but what MMORPG does not? Well not WoW that has loads of immature adults. So you have a choice. Play WoW with loads of immature pathetic adults, or play Runescape with loads of immature kids.

Sound: The sound is ok. I mean a lot of work goes in to it. It kind of sounds like music and sound from a N64 game. I will rate the sound 5/10.

Graphics: I really do not think that the graphics of runescape are that bad at all. I mean from what I am seeing here, the only people that complain are new little kid gamers who are spoilt by today’s games and think that a game is all about the graphics and eye candy... I would rate the graphics 6/10.

Game-play: The game-play is very good if you are a member. There are loads of mini games to play, skill to train and quests to do. Ill rate the game-play 10/10

Sorry I did not write any more but I have to go now, cya.

Overall rating: 8/10

Post Date: 23:34 22-11-2007
Rating: 8
Author: DeathBudha
Comment: Runescape....where to start?

Runescape is an ok mmo,the good

The class system is nice because u don"t just select what u wanna be at the start,just pick what u wanna be the classes are Melee,Mage,and Range like rock paper scissors each class trumps the other so pvping is fun.

There is a decent variety of wepons bows,staffs,swords,axes,warhammers(they suck)and the list goes on

The quests are very fun although the difficulty of some is dam neer impossible

the world for non-members is kinda small so if your looking for alot to explore this isnt for you(unless u wanna become a member which is 5 dollars a month)

its not that hard to level up until about 40 and above(highest level being 126)

now the bad....

Graphics are absolutely horid but i meen its java script so u dont expect much but still theyre pretty badive honestly played better grapics on a nintendo 64

the community is just full of assholes,i meen you got your spammers,smacktards,people that date via an online game,its like wtf?!?!your life is so pathetic you wanna date someone that lives 3000 miles away and the only way you see them is on a computer screen also you if your below lvl 20 you will be called a noob almost constantly,but i gotta say for every 25 people on runescape only 5 of them are annoying but theres like 150,000 people playing the game at once(usually) P.S just about everyone who plays this is between the ages of 11 and 16

the battle system although not boring is dull
your guy just stands there slashing his sword or casting a spell etc and you dont really move(its kinda hard to explain)

you cant pick another race except the stock human
i meen you play a game to escape reality i dont wanna be a human i wanna be like a elf or some crazy shit like that but thats just me i guess


overall fun:7/10

final rating:8/10

btw my runescape username is Alucard33x so add me!

Post Date: 17:12 17-11-2007
Rating: 4
Author: turtlefuzz
Comment: Runescape seems to be game that players really love, or really hate. Runescape is not terrible, but there also anything really worth playing for at the same time.

Runescape is a browser based game that was scripted in Java, which is impressive but it doesn't mean that this game has good graphics. Lets be honest, this game has horrible graphics. Though at least it is a 3-d browser based game. The graphics look worse than a game you could find on the Nintendo DS. Now that is mostly due to the fact that yes, it was programed in Java, but still just because it was made in Java, doesn't mean it has good graphics.

This game sounds pretty bad too. While the music is bad, the sound effects sound really bad. The music is basically Midi based and sounds like a cell phone ring tone. The sound effects don't just sound bad, they also sound very out of place, you hear the weirdest stuff in battle that I can't even begin to describe. The game sounds really bad, it may be the only thing worse than the graphics.

With Runescape being a technical monstrosity, is there anything in this game there to like?

No, not really.

I say that mostly because the game's combat is really, really dull. The combat is clicking your opponent and waiting until one of you dies, while you eat food sometimes to replenish your health. The game does not sport a party feature so taking down the big bosses of the world is done all by yourself.

Of course the game offers more than just killing things. The crafting system in the game is actually the best part, offering lots to do and new areas to explore with the incentive of mining or fletching or whatever you do. Crafting probably makes the game fun and in some ways almost saves the game from being an abomination.

Also this game really doesn't have a community, it's awful, really just terrible. The community is pretty made up of little kids, and people who are just selling, spamming, or just being total idiots. There really isn't much to say about the community other than, it's bad.

Bottom Line, if your a member really all you get is more of the same. A lot more. So if you happen to like Runescape, you can go ahead and try that out. Runescape is not good, but since you don't download anything or pay anything, it might be worth a look.

Graphics: 4/10
Sound: 3.5/10
Game Play: 6/10
Community: 3/10

Overall Score: 4.125 average

Note: 4.125 will be rounded to a 4.

Post Date: 11:15 17-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: ragnarokda
Comment: This game is truely incredible given its circumstances. It's FREAKIN' BROWERS-BASED PEOPLE! Stop giving it such a hard time... and definately don't compare this to any other MMO unless that MMO is also browser-based. I think maybe the only downfall for it (for me!!!) is that you can do everything with one character. Which means no jobs or classes to speak off. But some consider that a huge plus. So, for it's time and circumstance, I give this game a 10.

Post Date: 04:44 16-11-2007
Rating: 0
Author: jokermannice
Comment: i jus hate this game ok?
1. horrible graphics.ppl who think tht they look good are visualy impaired.
2.horrible quest took me 3weeks to finish silverlight quest and their never specific
3.u can only use the mouse.have to click here clik ther,pretty soon ul be breaking the mouse and beggin ur parents to buy a new 1 cus it wouldnt work is WAAAYY to old fashained(u wana see sumthing new goto maplestory)too much demons,too many lousy goblins,too much dragons
5.very blury graphics-guildwars,maplestory, ther all sooo much bter.jus look at the screen up ther.u cant even see faces and ppl can never get ur emotions
6.the jagex guys are cheapstakes.u have to pay around 6$ per month and its always rising. players have awful privilages compared to members.and if u want the beter stuff,ur gona go asking ur gona be like "dad can i have 100$$ a year for runescape??" party or guild mmorpg wouldnt be an mmorpg without it.they have this clan now,but it still stinks.
9.theres no point in da game.evry day u see newbs choping down trees.thers no fixed job(mage bowman,warior). not much skills at all(unless if u can count in prayer)
10.jagex guys just dont care about cheaters.they jus get on with the stupid program.maplestory has good ppl.nexon hires around 20guys a month to get rid of hakers
11.too much lag.u can barely see battles,godam thers no point in this unless u count having no life


Post Date: 00:54 16-11-2007
Rating: 3
Author: DeMoNsPaWn85
Comment: Runescape... I see ppl flaming it, and some ppl loveing it.
I played this game for a long time, I was lvl 92 (demonspawn85) and this game is not too shabby, no it's not compareable to to other p2p MMO's such as WoW or Guild Wars, BUT it is a good game and let's play for free, which is nice, it has alot to do to keep you entertain'd, kept me playign for a long time, and I have a short attention span. The game is not shitty because of graphics, if you look at it as a lvl 3 and see the graphics and dismiss it as a shitty game, gtfo, right now. The game is strong in other points like the mass professions. I recommend this game to anyone looking to try a fun, cheap game. NOW, if you're a hardcore gamer, WoW would be better, if ppl slam it for it's cost over RS, they must be retarded, it's $10 a month fi you pay every 6 months, $15 if you pay every month, if you can't afford 1-2 hours more work on MINIMUM WAGE per MONTH, you shouldn't be on the internet anyway. I switched from RS to WoW, yes I have a 70(Unsanctified - Server: Maelstrom), and if you're planning on playign more frequently, WoW would be the game for you, however, less frequently, like in spare time, RS would be better, because you'd have to put more time into WoW, unless you don't want 1337 epix. Of course, if you

Post Date: 22:04 14-11-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Gamertron900

it takes way to long to do anything. It took me like 20 minutes to make dough to make a pizza, then found out that you had to be a member to make one anyways.=(

Now, don't get me wrong. That isn't exactly why I hate this game. It pressures you so much into becoming a member, which costs like idk like 10 dollars a month. If you were going to pay for a rpg why not pay for a better one anyways?!?!

I rest my case.

Post Date: 19:28 14-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: harkrath
Comment: I'm level 99 in the game and I've been playing for about two years. I read all the reviews and decided to give runescape some justice from all these haters. From knowing the game and how both the free and members versions work I can tell which people are reviewing when they haven't even tried members. I must admit that after all the quest are done (there are around 10-20 free quests) you should be around level 60 giving you the ability to kill they most challenging free world monster: the Lesser Demon which is level around level 82? This leaves you with nothing else to do basically, however members builds off of the free version and after completeing all the free quests I strongly recommend becoming a member because there really isn't any point to playing anymore except to level to pk. All the skills (power to the 99 theives!!! woot) and the rest of the world become open to you including 100+ new quests for you to do. Most games that expansive require you to pay off the bat to start out whether you like the game or not so you actually play it you'll still end up wasting some amount of money if you didn't like it so stopped playing. Runescape is a P2P in disguise, but this is a good thing!! I can garuntee you will not like this game if your not a member, and you may not like it even if you are, it might not be you kinda game. F2P options are given out to those who want to try the game without the pressure of a trial period and I'm glad Runescape gives that option cause I hate trials!

As for graphics....sigh, every day I hope for a sky in runescape, and I'm sure one day soon it will happen however graphics are no problem for me.If you want good graphics I recommend getting off your computer going down to best buy and buying yourself a playstation 23, xbox, or GCWii, those things don't lag out in 3D and for a computer to not do that you'll need a hella good graphics card which are around the same price, (just a little less), as a gaming system. I enjoy the fact that Runescape's graphics are low qaulity and if they are ever expanded to the point where it would have a client I would hope it keeps the same look and feel (lag free baby!!!!)
The game play is unique, and the quest are indepth with incredible storylines that are almost always hilarious (who didn't laugh at the jatizso and neizdenot thing?). Most roleplay games require you to kill a set amount of monsters and thats it, some quest in runescape are all puzzle while others involve a boss or mini-bosses during the quest, and of the 120 or so quests, not a single one of them involves grinding monsters for an exp/money reward.
With 23 skills to master you'll never not have anything to do but go grinding which is a common situation in MMO's. Me playing for 2 years I've only taken the time to master one, theiving, but don't get the wrong idea levels 1-70 are extremely easy for most of the skills as long as you take the time to do it (maybe four days and 8 total hours of play to get to 70 in anything non-combat, and when i say non combat I mean slayer too) the problem is that there is so much to do, and content gets added every month that you may not have the time to focus on all 23 skills so some lag back while others excel. It gives the game a powerful variety so that if you get bored of one thing you can move onto another, but your always free to customize how you wish. On top of that your not stuck as a certain class, by simply changing your armor and weapon your automatically and archer or a mage, or back to your melee base so you dont have to worry about specing in certain stats or accidentally building your character wrong so you have to start over, you have the freedom to be whatever you want when you want even a non-combatant who only raises skills (although i wouldn't advise theiving with being a mediocre melee'r all that poisoning really hurts at only 10 hp!).
Its also not as hard to make money in the game as everyone says if your a momber you can go kill man and woman lvl2 right off the bat, get a ranarr herb sell it for 7k and that gives you all the money you'll need till level 30!
I only have two problems with RS, one is the horrible F2P community, its really best to ignore everyone they're all spammers or beggars if your on a free world but you can find some really nice people in P2P. The second is the random factor in all the skills. ill use combat ass an example: a lvl 3 can hit 1 damage without a weapon, but a lvl 110 with level 90 str can still hit 1's even with the best weapon, the only difference is hisher damage range is increase, you can hit 1 through 10 or 1 through 30, and thats if you dont get your attack blocked. The players levels would be more defined if damage had a higher minimum level as your charaters progressed so battles weren't so random (seems that atk and def are only there to control that random factor : )
Despite that I love RS its got a guide for everything so your never lost andalways keeps you busy...and i think I've officially written a novel lol so yeah.. TEN OF TEN FOR RS WOOT!

Post Date: 16:51 14-11-2007
Rating: 2
Author: zezima rules
Comment: hah u must b kidding this game haz gone boreing add me on runescape(if u play it still) my name is zezima.

Post Date: 00:02 14-11-2007
Rating: 0
Author: gento328
Comment: This game is so bad that it added a new definition to the dictionary. Runescape: 1(noun)The most pathetic, easy, stupid, horrible, low quality game there is. Please listen! Everyone HATES it!

Post Date: 22:19 13-11-2007
Rating: 8
Author: MokiChan
Comment: Runescape is a good game if your extremely boredd... yea the graphics aren't great... but the gameplays good. Its also great for hanging out with your friends who might have played it. About the graphics again... They're not great But who cares. I still love the game compared to what they looked like before. This game is really good and everyone should play it.

Post Date: 02:48 13-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Rhama
Comment: AWESOME game. I've played for around three or four years and there's always something to do. To hell with graphics. You should see some snapshots of Classic RS. The game is ever increasing in size and quality. Sure, boring at first but if you keep going til around level 30(VERY easy to do so) and there are a ton of quests that if crappy are later remade with the same storyline but better. They've got polls and forums, everything in case there's a bug or something they need to work on. And for you idiots who think graphics are something easily fixed and you could make a better game... STFU I'd like to see you try and make a better game, at least the quests have a point unlike WoW. There's many updates and plans for each each month. Give it a lasting try and when you reach level 50 or so come back and tell me it's crap, then I'll say ok. But hey cheap for members, $5 per month is CHEAP. WoW... $15 dollars per month for crap. And, it is a very lasting and non-grinding game, always something to kill from level 350 mole or level 1 goblin. Great PvP and duels. Tons of items and mind-teasing quests. All sorts of stuff. So stfu and play a great game.

Post Date: 23:26 12-11-2007
Rating: 7
Comment: How the hell is the game so easy...I bet you made a lvl 3 then went off you probably never get to lvl 126, maybe in a couple decades? you fags are pathetic stop saying u h8 it I mean cmon who dosent hate wow it has gay looking and looks childlish charcecters and this game is like freaking a browser game so stfu and go play some other game if u h8 this instead of bitching about it OK? DON'T BE PATHETIC.p.s. nexon? is not that good maybe kartrider but ms you barely do anything but waste money and 2d you just kill do pq and crap so yeah...

Post Date: 20:07 10-11-2007
Rating: 0
Author: mslover2121
Comment: I hate this game so much. Its an extremely badgame in every way. Really people. Dont play it.

Post Date: 20:28 09-11-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Preston326
Comment: One thing I don't understand. Why every one there HATE RuneScape so bad?
Runescape have many pros, like browser-based, so no downloads needed, old PC's can run it without lag. I especially like RuneScape quests they are fun and involving, not kill 15 mobs and come back (like on most MMORPG's)Professions system is good, because u don't have to be high level to have high level professions. Also Jagex recently trying to improve RuneScape adding new features (guild chat, loot share etc.) and those guys allways made holidays event (that rly nice).
I think worst thing about RuneScape is immature community and P2P system.

Overall its pretty good and involving game.

Post Date: 17:19 09-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: gonedarano
Comment: RuneScape is a good game and should be tryed. WRONG! Ok. If I had anything to say about this game, all I could POSSIBLY say is that I hate it and too many little kids play it. Everyone HATES IT. Admit it RuneScape idiots. ADMIT! Runescape is such a bad game that it SHOULD be banned. Jagex is uncomparable to NEXON. GO NEXON!

Post Date: 20:38 08-11-2007
Rating: 0
Author: rshater233
Comment: OK. This game is pathetically easy. I hae it a lot. And even that is not enough.

Post Date: 19:45 08-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: unkown critic
Comment: this game is great if u got any mb in ur drive its free i dont care wat runehater says the only reason he says this stuff and other ppl who do the same only hate runescape is because they messed up big time on the game so they leave bad feedbak on dis game so up yours runehater this game gets a 10 !!!

Post Date: 02:01 08-11-2007
Rating: 0
Author: runehater101
Comment: OK. This game is the most pathetic peice of garbage there is. Lets move on to Jagex. Jagex is a company that is so greedy that they give free players 3 towns. 3. 3! And for the members RuneScape is already bad in both version. Horrible I mean. Try a DIFFERENT game instead. Everyone who plays it is a 2nd or 3rd grader. Really.~lol~

Post Date: 16:57 03-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: violentleo420
Comment: awsome no dout about it just marvolus better then those stupid text games super addictive and just plain fun make your own destiny. even better members and jagex isnt greedy 5$ a month is chicken scratch
any way great game give it a try wont hurt to try correct

Post Date: 09:58 03-11-2007
Rating: 7
Author: lunasea
Comment: i know it sounds pathetic but i met my soul mate on RS so i cant entirely critisize it on that basis!

okay i played it myself like a full year an a half ago for about 2 months on and off and before that 66 days infact i played it for i dont know how long
before i went offline because my member ship would have expired before the 66 days that i went offline for
i met some one on runescape a female might i add who was only older than me by about 6 months or so
so after the 66 days i came back online
got all that blah blah blah "i thought you had died" lmao
but she told me she was coming down to cornwall which i used to live right by and she was going to be about an hour away from me.
and i have to say we got on just like bread and butter online before we met up
and i met her when she came down on holliday *vaccation if your from america*
and for 8 days of a 2 week peridod
we had soo much fun together

for all those people who will critisize she was 19 going on 20 at the time and i was 18 but later 19 that year so yes in a way it was young love but not all that young

and like i say that was over a year ago now

but getting back to the game What was i thinking omg i dont know what made me come back after 66 days but it was worth it purely for her

:) :P :)

Smiles for miles.

Post Date: 20:58 02-11-2007
Rating: 1
Author: rob5251
Comment: Hmm well after playing this game off and on for maybe a year or so i really regret even trying it...

Graphics suck, even tho its only java but still...

Community consists of mostly teens that act like assholes 98% of the time.

hmmm lets see when you start the game you basically don't feel like playing cause you must go through a long and very boring tutorial accompanied by some very crappy music and lame actions for doing things...

Gameplay: well id give it about a 2/10 sure its a little fun its overhead like diablo but it oviouslly doesnt even compare to diablo cause diablo obliviously kicks million times more ass then this poor game ever will.

Friendly people: good luck finding some mostly you will be followed by other characters constantly harassing you and calling you a n00b no matter what lvl they appear to be...

events: some what fun id give them about a 3/10

one thing i hate is how in the F2p (free 2 play) you find after a while you don't have much to do
basically to be the best and have the most fun you hafe to PAY... which is complete bullshit considering the graphics blow and its crappy made.

skills: basically if ur f2p your character will suck balls an ur skills will suck major asshole

p.s. dont even attempt pvp in the wilderness u always die do to the damn lvl 120's or w/e that are members...

Overall ill give this game about a 1/10 only reason i even give 1 out of 10 is for effort better luck next time u assholes ur company is a joke an should be shut down for making ppl play a crap game and making them waste well earned cash.

so... anyways...
Pretty Crappy, takes to long to lvl up skills and overall lvl, and well money is plain hard to make an without money you suck... cause u cant get the good shit...

so once again:
Graphics suck ass, dont care what u say!! even if it is java i dont give a rats ass.

fighting and animations: poorly done

basically a sad excuse for a game.


P.S.S. renzal i feel sorry for you being a big ass and all... im so sorry that u play this game and that you feel so good about urself for being a high lvl, you must have been playing for over 10 years considering you are probably a lvl 120 or w/e your sad man and ur review sucks ur makin more ppl play a crappy game, jeez stop upsetting the public...

AND JAGEX SUCKS!!! i cant beleave they make so much money off such a crap game.

if u play i consider at least protesting to make it all F2P cause its so not worth wasting any money on.

once again my rating for runescape aka GAYSCAPE is a 1/10 for some effort in even trying to make a game.

Other game review below - I suggest playing this over runescape (maybe it will make you see how crappy runescape really is)

if u want a way better game compared to the one above then try:

FLYFF(fly for fun)

Flyff is better although u hafe to download the client.
and although the new version made it a lil less good for the ratings but try it an see what ya think at :

overall rating for flyff: 8/10

Post Date: 20:35 02-11-2007
Rating: 8
Author: NeoLlamster
Comment: Graphics: RuneScape's graphics, despite many updates, remains to be one of its weak points. RuneScape is browser-based, which doesn't allow for spectacular graphics. The current, updated graphics look a bit worse than Asheron's Call when it was in early development. Human NPCs have a mere 500 polygons. Players, who haven't been updated yet, have about 150. There is no sky; in fact, you cannot see beyond fifty feet from where you're standing. The reason behind this is that Jagex caters to people with low-end computers, and those who don't spend a lot of time at home and therefore don't have the time to play a client-based game.

There's a bit of a unique style in RuneScape's graphics, but, of course, quality > style.

Community: The community of RuneScape is something that is frequently criticized. On F2P servers, a good chunk of the players are below the 13-year age limit. There is a lot of solicitation (wanna be my bf?) going around, even though it is against the rules. 8-year olds roam around the map, cursing like sailors. In P2P servers, the situation is somewhat better. Still, many members are still very rude. There are some mature, polite players (such as yours truly) but they form the minority.

Part of the reason to this horrible community is that RuneScape is advertised on Miniclip, a site with many games for kids. Putting RuneScape on Miniclip was a horrible decision on Jagex's part, despite the tens of thousands of paying customers it has brought. Jagex has yet to remove the game from Miniclip, despite much pressure from players. The other, more important reason is that RuneScape, being a browser game, is easily accessible for kids. Anyone can play RuneScape from home, the library, etc.

Sound: The sound effects on RuneScape are quite basic. All you need to replicate them are a good recorder, various metal instuments, your vocal chords, and a kazoo. The music in RuneScape is of fair quality and is often fun to listen to. However, music is something that's mostly based on opinion.

Performance/Lag: If you have a good system with a decent internet connection, you won't experience very much lag with RuneScape. The system requirement is a mere 500 MHZ and 128 megabytes of RAM. Sometimes when Jagex is updating the game or fixing a bug, you'll run into some lag, but most of the time you won't.

Gameplay: The quality of RuneScape's gameplay is debatable.

Combat: RuneScape's combat is your basic auto-attack style, much like EverQuest. Click on an NPC, and your character automatically starts attacking. There is some strategy involved, but overall it is quite dull.

Quests/Minigames: One of RuneScape's strong parts. Quests are long, complicated, and feature compelling storylines. There are only 130 quests, but RuneScape's quests aren't like quests in other games, and it equates to about 300-400 by most games' standards. Minigames are fun activities within the game. They contain most of the few instances that are in RuneScape, and are very fun. Some, like Castle Wars and Barbarian Assault, involve complex strategy. Some, like Pest Control and Fight Pits, just involve killing. Lots of killing.

Grind: RuneScape has a lot of grind. An action that takes a few seconds gets you about 100-200 XP. I should mention to you that it takes 13,000,000 XP to max out one skill. And there are 23 different skills, including 7 combat skills. And that brings us to the next part.

Skills: RuneScape is a level-based game, meaning that the skills are fixed and you'll need a certain amount of experience points to get a level (not sure if skill-based works the same way). As mentioned before, there are 23 skills. Some are useless, like Firemaking, but most are unique and essential to the game.

Content: RuneScape is a sandbox game. There are a lot of things to do in the game. You can train skills all day, kill other players, do quests, play minigames, etc. What you do in-game is up to your own preferences.

Customer Support: Jagex's CS is... well, not good. There are, I believe, a bit over 100 customer support employees. 100 people tending to the needs of 5,000,000 players. Actually, that'd be 5 people and 50 automated message machines tending to the needs of 4,000,000 F2P players, and 95 people and 10 automated message machines tending to the needs of 1,000,000 paying customers. Even if you're P2P, you'd be lucky to get a response from an actual person within 48 hours of sending a query. In F2P, you'll get an automated message in 3-4 days, or a personal response in a month or two.

Roleplaying: Depends on your definition of roleplaying. If it means that what you do is only dependent on your preferences, then it's pretty good.

Post Date: 19:30 02-11-2007
Rating: 10
Author: reznal
Comment: Hmm ok, by reading these review I can tell that alot of you people are what I would take note as "noobs" at runescape... You all complain about graphics? Its java i mean cmon give it a break... I personally think this game has the best game play I have played on an mmo and I have been thru over 20 mmo's uncluding WoW, everquest, etc... The PK system in this cannot be beating and the world system cannot either...

1.Jagex earns miserably to Nexon.
Nexon.. nonamer game?
2.There is NO updates for F2P players.
There ARE updates to F2P just vary rerly.. dont complain its free.
3.There is no content.
Theres plenty of content?
4.The graphics are so bad that you will need eyeglasses after playing this game for a millisecond.
Dont overexadurate.. plus its java.
5.The community is made up of 4 year olds who are so stupid.
It is made up of more 13 yr olds, yes they get annoying, you sound like one yourself.. train get higher level and be in the higher community.
6.It is the worst MMORPOG.
I could name many worse than this.
7.Your face in the game looks like a bob with two dots.
once again, java.
8.It is payed by idiots.
Cant stereotype over 6mil people?
9.Jagex is so greedy.
How? They are cheaper than all other mmorpgs..
10.The walking system is SO HORRIBLE.
If you use it properly its not.
11.The fighting system is extremely boring and dull.
Get higher level and members, theres more to do in combat etc.
12.The quests are so idiotic.
I can say RS quests can be stupid but alot of them are better than crap like quests on WoW
13.You get bored very quickly.
You get bored very quickly because u are 10 and cant cope with the all up complicated system.
14. Everyone hates it.
Clearly not? theres over 1mil members.
15.RuneScape is a game that should have NEVER been made.
Its made more money that you will make in your lifetime.
Check my reasons if they are correct. Because they are!
You just got proven wrong

Ok see.. most of the people who complain are either 10 year olds, dont take note that its java or get to level 70 max.

Post Date: 03:09 02-11-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Jrod
Comment: Hmmm where to start?
1.Combat-Combat system sucks! hit and press that dragon every once and a while 1/10
2.Comminity-Full of 8 year olds who have jusl learned what sex is. 0/10
3-Graphics-Worst graphics ever.1/10
4.PvP-LOL 1/10
5.Econmey-Well at least one good thing this game has crafters meaning something.But So much gold sellers...7/10

Post Date: 17:15 31-10-2007
Rating: 9
Author: chimera452
Comment: ok where to start, for me this game was actually
really fun. ok evrey1 say " THIS GAMES TERRIBLE ALL U CAN DO IS CLICK AND MOVE AND THE GRAPHICS ARE TERRIBLE I QUIT AFTER COMPLTING THE TUTARIAL!" COME ON THE REAL WORLD ROOLS! they may be only a few things for non members to d but u dont need to do al cool looking skills thers still a lot of places u can go. And i mean its only $5.00 a month wich hardley any comperd to WOW.
his my opinion:


really nice comunity when u start playing

the monsters arent all extremly high lvls lke some games
u can lvl up 2 lvl 126

all the weapons are really cool

the pvp is good and safer for low lvls becouse of the wilderness lvls

the quests are much more chalenging and intresting unlike some games with quests like " kill 10 wild boars for u prize" boring! thers are much more complex

gameplay is great

theres no long draggy download: u make an acount and log in then u can play

the graghics are badly out of date(but who cares about the graghis I dont)

click slighty anoying start off with but u soon get used 2 it

slightly 2 many hackers(i lost my acount that way)


give runescape i shot, if u dont like it fair enough but i liked it but i dont think after losing a members acount ill play on it again.

Post Date: 21:19 28-10-2007
Rating: 6
Author: ucanttouchthis
Comment: its time consuming if your not a mem dont even play, again a game that is TOO roleplaying! try toontown its a game that you can make your imagination run wild and its not fighting but its fee is 10$ so runescapes is 0nly 5$ thats the only reason its a 6

Post Date: 19:34 23-10-2007
Rating: 8
Author: RyuTamashii
Comment: Runescape is pretty good game.
Lvup can go up to 126.
Lots of quests if you're member.
Looooots of people.
Free forever unless you'd like xtra features.
Box head graphics.. if graphics were better it would get a 9 from me.
BOTS... so annoying.
After lv 45 game gets more boring.
Lots of showoffs.
Overall Runescape is a pretty good game.

Post Date: 04:19 23-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Tevildo
Comment: I tried it. It wasn't the worst game, but it really wasn't for me. The graphics were worse than the gameplay.

Post Date: 14:40 20-10-2007
Rating: 0
Author: prototype109
Comment: I would like to say that Runescape is a fair great environment that is fun to play if you are a member or not. WRONG everything in this game is lowtech and is probably the biggest reasons why kids 10 years old or bellow are swearing like complete retards. Also hackers, even though I don"t completely dislike them are notorious in the game and add to the difficulty to actually play. I want to play a game, because i"m sick of the real world and want something new. Scammers are everywhere and will do anything to get everything from you. Even your own character to sell for profit. Scammers must be more retarded than anybody on the planet. Also the people who believe the scammers are even more retarded. Once somebody tried to hack me, and I say tried very strongly. They pretended to be one of the Jagex people who claimed to want to give me free membership for life. I was not a member at that time and was thinking about it. I didn"t know if the person was a true Jagex player so I told them that they were lying and they said they could get me kicked out for saying that. He said all he needed was my password. That got me thinking GOD this guy is a scammer and a pretty retarded one at that. I knew that any Jagex member who could make anybody a member or want to make anybody a member for free is beyond me and that if they wanted to make me a member why didn"t they ask the one who had all the passwords to all the accounts. I also noticed the person had no crown near their name so that was a big hint that this retarded scammer was more retarded than I thought. I gave him a fake password and he told me to log of and log back on in a few minutes, so that he could make me a member, so I did to get my trick to work. When I logged back in the person was asking me why the password didn"t work. IDIOT SCAMMERS. Like everyone says the game has amazingly bad graphics almost imitations of clay dolls and leveling up is almost impossible with the ammount of experince that can be acertained from any monster. The fighting truly sickens me. The arm movments are the same for about every weapon you use exculding bows and staffs and the entire game gets boring after a few days, because most people would start to get into a routine of doing the same things to level up or gain more money. Its just retarded there is not much to do in the game except mining and fighting and any other things you can think of that a player of runescape would do just to waste time and a whole day. People say that paying monthly for membership is no big deal. YEAH RIGHT. Do you think paying to play a game is really going to make life more enjoyable. NO its just going to force you to not have a life and start paying for something that doesn"t even exist in the real world. It"s almost like giving money away for free to people you don"t know who already have loads of money, but have no use for it. This game is just as bad as adventure quest. That game is so retarded that god himself would say that it would be number 1 in the 7 deadly sins then he would make it 7 deadly sins and 1 retarded sin that should have never been created. I don"t blame the people who play runescape. They are just looking for a fun game. Well I say keep looking because you"r not going to have fun playing as a noob who gets laughed at all the time or a high leveled pro who is bored out of his mind with the game so he makes fun of new people. I know which one is more sad. I feel sorry for the members who payed to play this retarded game, because it"s just a waste of money and time. While the rich people of runescape are more powerful than most they are probably more sad to think that they are cool, because they waste hours on the computer making fake cash for no reason than actually playing an mmorpg just for fun. I used to play flyff sounds gay, but it isn"t way better than runescape. The magic use is way more advanced and instead of magic you get special skills and a class. This game is more advanced than runescape could every be. It is the only game where you can fly. You get to explore a whole other terrain that has not been even thought up by any other mmo"s. In flyff when you die you don"t lose items. Instead you get some experience taken away from you. I pefer that compared to losing things that I have worked hard to gain just because some hacker stole it or, because I died in PVP.


Post Date: 03:02 20-10-2007
Rating: 4
Author: pokerhappy
Comment: First off, yes runescapes graphics are lame, but quite frankly, who cares? if i had a choice between an excellent game with bad graphics (not saying runescape is excellent....) and a average game with awsome graphics, i would pick the excellent game with bad graphics. I think the weapon variety is pretty one sided... bronze sword, iron sword, steel sword, mythril sword, adamantite sword, rune sword, dragon sword. But for members, there are SOME unique weapons. Armor, there is pretty much only those 7 types of armor also, and a lot less unique armor. All of you who have said that you can get to lvl 90 in 6-10 hours, bull. This game takes a while to level up. The pvp system in this is pretty bad, you have to admit... you can only pvp in one place, you can be ganged up on by an infinate amount of people, if you die, you lose everything. The game is full of hackers, but face it, they arent doing anything to you. If they want to get no satisfactory out of a game, feel all high and mighty when they cheated there way to the top, let them. Not that i support hacking, i actually hate it, but they arent keeping you from doing anything. But really, the community is bad, the most commonly used word is "noob", people will try to scam you, but as long as you are smart, and dont assume that everyone will play completely fair, you should be fine....

Ok, now i have pleased the people who gave it a high rating, here is what i also think...runescape will get you hooked, and waist a chunk of your childhood/life.... just make sure you dont get hooked to it, and play 5+ hours a day, or else you will regret it...

Also, for all of you who are talking about maplestory, and also talking about getting a GF/BF in runescape and how that is so stupid, people get married in maplestory, so... Yeah, don't even try it.

Post Date: 20:53 19-10-2007
Rating: 4
Author: xcriminal013
Comment: Okay, let me let u people in on something... Runescape is the worst game ever. Sure, the crafting system in it makes it ok, but the combat system is horrible. Thats about as much action as playing with dolls or action figures. If you play this, get a life. The quests suck too. They are unawarding and dumb. Anyone who plays this and is over 10 should seriously, get a life.

Post Date: 12:13 19-10-2007
Rating: 8
Author: wardron

Well - for starters, Its not just about fighting, like other games... You can Mine and Fish ETC You Now can own a House - Have your own dungeon with monsters - that sort of thing... Lots of people play it - they say there is over 8Mill Registerd Accounts - but most people have at least 2 Accounts - Some people have Hundreds - which is plain stupid! Anyways, Big world - Good Minigames -


Well - Graphics, Its so limited - If youve ever played games like Damion - Its a bit better than that. Another thing - Nearly everything is Members - About 10 out of 27 skills - About 70% of the map - All the Ausome skills like thieving - If u member u havta Pay! Its cheap but It could be better - theres like 35% of all players are members... So they make it $5 a month! I recon $2.50 is plentty - think, about 8 Million registerd accounts - 1.5 Million are member - thats like 50,000+ a month on average at 2.50 - I mean - its not as if they need 100,000 dollars to generate a website!

Also - Not enough f2p quests - I have a Level 70 Account and I compleated em all at Level 42! And teh monster Levels are out of Wack - At Level 50 - you can kill Greater demons.......... Ill do some more l8r

Post Date: 00:39 17-10-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Game makerer man
Comment: This game is well bad. It tells you to become a member every other time you click on somthing. It also stopped updating for free players. The graphics are not very good either. The only good part is that it is browser.

Post Date: 23:44 16-10-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Perionorg
Comment: I hate this pathetic game yery much. So much that there is a new defentition for bad. One word. RuneScape. They have hopeless grahics and horrible updates. Jagex treats their non paying costumers like retards. Members get soo much. If your choosing between MapleStory and RuneScape, MapleStory is better. Well, so long. Morale of this review, hate RuneScape and NEVER play it. OKAY!

Post Date: 21:24 16-10-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Illegal Socks
Comment: I am giving this a fair review although i hate this game ALOT.
You do not have to pay a monthly fee to play this game unless you want membership.
There is regular updates.
You can make clans (new feature).
You can build houses which is rare as you aren"t able to build house in many games.
You don"t have to download anything it"s off a website.
Many of the skills are original.

They hardly update anything only new thing they give people that play for free is holiday events.
Very poor and effortless graphics compared to many other online pc games.
1/10 of the community of runescape is nice rest are either hackers, bots, scammers, mean high levels or beggers.
When i was really into this game i got hacked ( I don"t even know how i never told anyone my password and i lost all the items i had. I bought the rs money off a website :( ).
The quests aren"t very interactive and the cut scenes are horrible.
The music is very bad and when ever i play i have to either wear ear plugs or turn off sound on my computer.
It is a really long and tedious road to becoming a rich high level. (Most games are like this but even harder with scammers and people out to ruin your day).
The way you fight in the game is just plain stupid. Kinda makes you laugh. You need runes for using magic and you always have to pay about 100x more then in other games to raise your magic power.
Many of the animations are cheap and poorly made.
Only members get to vote on updates to the game.
Which only lets half the players on the game give their opinion.
The landscape is small and very limited. You can easily walk from one side of runescape to the other in about 5-8 minutes.
Very easy to loose things you have spend alot of time on earing either by getting hacked scammed or simply by lagging and getting killed. ( you only get to keep three items when you die unless you have a skull over your head from attacking someone
in the player killing zone then you loose everything).

So if your reading my review i advise that you just don"t play. There are many other games out there that will be alot more fun.
I"m sure there are other points i could of made but i pretty much sumed it all up.

Please people try to find a better game to play!!!!!!

Post Date: 22:45 15-10-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Henesys lover
Comment: Everyon who like this game are fat dumbos. This game is so horrible and stupid. This game has too many bad qualities. MapleStory is MUCH better. More than 1200 quests in Global ms.This is a piece of trash. Any game is MUCH better. So horrible!

Post Date: 13:42 14-10-2007
Rating: 8
Author: namcoo
Comment: I'm being honest on this one.This game is better then maplestory if ur choosing between them 2.It's useless if ur not a member and over lvl 50 - 60.i mean 10$ a month?that isnt that expensive...gameplay is ok.The items are enormous!(in the members world) over 120+ quests.this is a game that will occupy u for a long time

Post Date: 16:47 13-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: RSfan
Comment: Runescape is 50/50. THe high lvls are all jerks. They`re all like LETS GO TEASE SOME NOOB! Like that. Plus....ok get ready...scammers,macroers,hackers,whiners,and lots more!
The good part is that you can do anything you want! A $5 a month fee for members. PS It`s fun to annoy people on Castle Wars by singing NumaNuma

Post Date: 00:34 13-10-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Pumpernickel
Comment: This game gets beat to much. The graphics are kinda eh, the community isn"t very outgoing, but the players are respectful, the GM"s stop the hackers. And, you get skills, fishing, cooking, tree-cutting, you can build a house. You can"t do that in nearly any other free MMORPG. The dialog is really quite well written, though not deeply involving. PVP is fairly well done. The click-to-walk thing is in nearly ALL OTHER 3D MMORPG"S if you idiots who complained about it played something else. For your 4 year old attack, you"re the immature one.

Post Date: 19:48 12-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Flinty24
Comment: This game has its goods and its bads, and its very bads. This was the first MMORPG i ever played, with the gameplay blowing me away, as well as, sadly, the graphics. However, after dabbling in many other free MMORPGs I have come to realize the following things:
1) The graphics are terrible, though, as fore mentioned, are better than those on a text based game ^^.
2) The gameplay, while lacking in some areas, have a hugely diverse range, with over 20 skills, and no pre-defined class, allowing you to try a bit of everything.
3) The community is fairly closely knit and friendly, though there are still some people who ruin the game, but which are sadly present on all MMORPGs.
4)PvP is actually pretty good, as it gives it a purpose due to the fact you can make money out of the things you get from killing other players. However, it is limited to certain areas, bringing about this warning for new players- Don't Go NORTH.

Overall, it is a great game for the younger gamer, or those who are more casual. However, if you're are expecting great things, look at the screenshot above, measure it out with the gameplay, and ask yourself if it is worth playing. At first, for me it was yes. However, after playing games such as Guild Wars, and Silkroad, this has changed to a no, though the appeal would still be there if the graphics were better. It is for these reasons I give it a 5 out of 5.

Post Date: 06:19 11-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: unmi
Comment: This is a pretty good game though the rules are really stupid and they don"t allow outside items comming in such as GP and other items...
And for people that havn"t been reported should have membership for a year plus 2.1 billion gp.I HATE THE MINING HOW IT STARTS OUT!!!!!They should have kept is the way it was.Also they need more Quest for non-member players.

Post Date: 20:19 10-10-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Metroidjunkie884
Comment: This is one of those type of games where you either despise it to no end or Love it with everlasting passion

for me i like the game but it definitely has some flaws

1.the graphics although the game is browser based the graphics are just... TERRIBLE but these graphics wont kill you because id rather this then some text based nonsense classes but even though you have a variety of skills such as cooking,hunting and herblore some of them are only available for members but it makes you feel when youre playing:"im bored of fishing im gonna go cooking instead"

3.The locals if you play this game even if your either a high level or a very low level your gonna get what i think many games have.. is bad locals
for example as a low level your gonna get "noob" in every corner even though thats common BUT oh and thats a big BUT (more like an @!#) some players will even mock you for trying out stuff that they say is "out of your league" like going to castle wars or becoming a member and as a high level your gonna say to yourself "people will call me noob no more" swallow your words whole because those noobs will hunt you what are you gonna do when you hear this? "PHR33 $TUFF PL0X" i rest my case

4.Free players get next to NOTHING compared to the members but i can forgive that for the fact that you can play FREE FOR LIFE if you want when some games REQUIRE you to pay a monthly fee

so over all runescape is a very good game in my opinion but it requires a specific personality to overcome some of its flaws so please try out runescape even buy the members only $5.00 if you cant submit to paying that much each month then you've got problems

Post Date: 01:57 10-10-2007
Rating: 0
Author: maplestoryfan
Comment: AAAAAHHHHH! I literally got a heart attack when I played this game. The 15 reasons and more to hate this game for the rest of your life.
Note: The reasons have MapleStory in it.
1.Jagex earns miserably to Nexon.
2.There is NO updates for F2P players.
3.There is no content.
4.The graphics are so bad that you will need eyeglasses after playing this game for a millisecond.
5.The community is made up of 4 year olds who are so stupid.
6.It is the worst MMORPOG.
7.Your face in the game looks like a bob with two dots.
8.It is payed by idiots.
9.Jagex is so greedy.
10.The walking system is SO HORRIBLE.
11.The fighting system is extremely boring and dull.
12.The quests are so idiotic.
13.You get bored very quickly.
14. Everyone hates it.
15.RuneScape is a game that should have NEVER been made.
Check my reasons if they are correct. Because they are!

Post Date: 23:04 09-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Intelligent rater
Comment: "Worser than webkinz. ALOT worser."

It's not "worser". What are you, 6? It's just "worse". Which leads me to belive even stronger that most of the people who hate this game are complete retards. :)

Post Date: 18:49 09-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: W0lf
Comment: The best community-based MMO. Of course, all people that play WoW... their only argument is the graphics! Which actually are quite darn good for a java app! But don't look at it like that, start playing.. You'll love it. The overload of players in the free-to-play part these times may have lost a little quality, but Jagex Ltd. still works on the game, they have hundreds of administrators working on the game constantly, improving the graphics, the interfaces...

Enough about that. Even though the graphics and interfaces are what I would actually consider an advantage of RuneScape, the community is what matters here. The best community.. It's almost like being on a chat with [mostly] nice people who are there to help you out, but it's all in a game! Some people actually don't come to play but just to talk with the mates they met.

Yeah after reading this you may think I'm a RuneScape fanatic... I know it has some disadvantages and I am not a no-lifer 13 year old fat child with no friends(as most RPG players are stereotyped). Read this and think of it as my short summary of what I think about this game, THIS IS NOT A SECT :). Try making an account and you'll know it's actually good AND comparable to any other MMO, even the most successful WoW. All that for free, or if you want 10x the fun, for $5 a month.

Post Date: 02:36 08-10-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Jrod
Comment: Good ideas but extremly laggy bad graphics dumb designers and it is full of 8 year olds

Post Date: 22:53 07-10-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Nyeb
Comment: Truly.... A great game.

I always get- Jeremy, Why do you like this game, it"s so horrible! I just think that its great.

If you know Chosen Sloth on xbox live, you will see my zone is "Recreation". This means I play games for fun, and this game is fun.

The players are suprisingly nice and friendly, and if your a high level no one will trash you. I dont focus on the combat sections of the game, I"m more of a preist and a cook. I finally am part of the cooking guild... it"s not that great.

I"m hardly ever on, but here"s my user name: Nyeb009
Exactly like that.
So, in summary, if you don"t mind the graphics runescape is a great game.

Post Date: 14:53 06-10-2007
Rating: 6
Author: fonzydog
Comment: Okay: Let's do it!

Gameplay:8/10 because if your just starting like me lvl 18 in one week,everything looks so new.I played about a year ago and it sucked. Thank god that Jagex has been updating it. The quests are ok some are extremlly easy,others not so much. Rewards lack though.

Community:5/10 because people think there so great when they call u a noob or ur mom for every sentence. This is made up of 10 year olds and lower. Some really high players are actually really nice though like they give you stuff they don't need like I got 40 trout and sold them for 4k!

Wilderness:6/10 only because of ditch! 10/10 if it was still there.

Music:3/10 I ussually turn off music. Only,because it's corny for some songs.

Sound Affects: 3/10: Sound affects have too get more varied but at least they have them!

Member Service: 10/10:MUCH MORE STUFF only dowside $7.00 a Month.

Report system:3/10: Most of the time when u report someone they don't even get banned for 1 day!

Graphics:9/10: very good graphics for Jagex!


Runescape is for anybody who needs a good game to play and it is fairly good and enjoyable! Play Runescape!

Post Date: 14:34 06-10-2007
Rating: 6
Author: namcoo
Comment: I'm more of a neutral guy too. The people that hate it it'd make you sick.Ya this game could probably be better. But...One of the best Browser Games out there.If you got an old and slow computer this game for you.The quests are unbelieveable so many!Yes this game is growing VERY VERY fast.If your over lvl 50 if u can afford be a mem.Why?Because the enivornement is 1000X nicier.its virtually impossible to find some1 nice on the F2P version.This game is prob better then maplesotry which is a crappy 2D game.But you gotta think too if u can't afford to be a mem and your beyond lvl 60 wtf are u gonna do?Main thing is they need for non-member content....

Post Date: 06:10 06-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: x purelife x
Comment: runescape the game most ahte and most dont i must say im one of those that are neutral. sure its free but the free play is soooo boring when u finish all the quests and most of the fun stuff is when your a member. all the skills have stuff restricted to members only and all the challenging monsters are for members (dragons, quest bosses etc.) so if your a gamer who can stand diablo2 style graphics, dont mind paying a small amount each mounth for a growing game then play runescape.

Post Date: 21:02 05-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Llamster
Comment: Okay...

Graphics: They're third-rate, but the most annoying thing is the animations. Thank God Jagex is updating them.

Music: Pretty good. There's a large soundtrack you can listen too, and the songs really fit in.

Quests: Runescape, in my opinion, has the BEST quests of ANY MMORPG. There are 140 UNIQUE, LONG, and CHALLENGING quests. The only downside are the rewards, which are sometimes not good enough.

Gameplay: Fairly simple, but it's quite dull. However, if you're a member, you can play really fun minigames and, as mentioned above, do quests.

Sound: The sound effects aren't very good, but at least there ARE sound effects.

Community: Very bad, especially in F2P servers. Most people there are 8-year olds who think they're cool because they use the phrase "ur mom" in every other sentence.

Customer Support: Poor. There are 150 customer support staff, but about 50 of them are waging war on autoers, leaving 100 to tend to the needs of 5 million players. If you're F2P, you'll almost always get an automated message. If you're P2P, it's a bit better, but not by much.

Post Date: 02:57 04-10-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Sici
Comment: Awesome game, for a dedicated player.. You will face hardships due to all the players rubbing everything in your face.. Its $5 per month to explore all the areas but you could sick with the free worlds..

Got Stuck?? PM: Ardongnelord

Post Date: 23:24 03-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Aikaterine
Comment: There are certainly good and bad things about this game; it'll be hard to sum it all up. But first, I'll give the good parts.

>>>>>You get a lot of bang for your buck! RuneScape is worth playing without member status, but becoming a member will only run you $5.00 US a month. You get a ton of content for this, like a variety of quests and skills as well as a larger game area to explore (and by larger, I mean HUGE). the $5.00 is worth it because of all the extra content, provided that you're into the game.

>>>>>RuneScape is really big. I mean this not necessarily in terms of the RuneScape world's physical size (although the member world is moderately large), but rather to all the different quests and skills you can spend time on (especially if you are a member). Despite RuneScape's depth, it still has a very user-friendly interface and is easy for kids (I'd say 9 and up) to understand; thus, the learning curve is pretty small compared to other MMORPGS. In the beginning you are put through a tutorial that you cannot skip that explains a lot of vital aspects of RuneScape that will get you off to a good start. They give you several items (like a net for fishing, a pick for mining, a bow, an axe for woodcutting, a sword, a shield, runes for spellcasting, etcetera) and teach you how to use them; they're essentially the tools for success, both in quests and finances. I really like that they do this, because it gives you an opportunity make money and get by.

>>>>>The skill system and the fact that there are no classes is pretty cool too. Unlike World of Warcraft, you can master several different disciplines at once, such as woodcutting, cooking, fishing, mining, smithing, crafting, and more (given you have the time) without having to pick only two to run with. Some member-only skills include farming, runecrafting, thieving (you can't steal from other players, only NPCs), carpentry, and fletching (making arrows and bows). Of course, there are also offensive skills. The melee skills are attack, defense, and strength; there are also a ton of spells (over 50 in all) which you unlock by raising your Magic skill. There is a category of spells called Prayer spells which make you stronger for a limited time, kind of like self-buffs (these are seperate from the 50-sumodd offensive spells). Of course, there's a range skill for all you archers! All these skills basically let you shape and mold your own character class. You're whatever you call yourself, be it an archer, a barbarian, a chef, a mage, an armorsmith, a crafter, or any combination you can come up with. If you want to be a Magician-Archer Chef that also fishes and mines, you can. Bottom line: the skill system is intuitive.

>>>>>Another thing I really like this game for is, again, the freedom. There's a lot of stuff to do besides grinding your character; if you can organize enough people and you're a member, you can find ways to give jobs to non-members. For example, only members can fletch arrow shafts, but in order to fletch them, you need wood (there are several types of wood, but normal wood is the only type you can make arrow shafts out of). So, if you pay a few non-members to get you wood and use the wood to make arrow shafts, you can sell the shafts to people who want to make arrows out of them for more than you paid the non-members to get you the wood. If you are a member you can play minigames and do obstacle courses. There are bars in most of the cities in the world, which you can buy beer in and hang out with other players. If you are a member, you can build a house; however, non-members can usually find a building that people never go in because there is nothing of interest in it to hang with their friends in. You basically can have your own virtual, medieval "life" in this game. There are lots of quests (if you are a member) and more are constantly being added; there are storylines, but most people don't pay much attention to them.

>>>>>Even though the member version of the game has much more content than the free version, the free version is still fun. However, the free version is extremely useful for new people, of course; you can play it for as long as you need to decide if you want to become a member or not; it's like having an unlimited trial.

--- --- --- --- ---

And now, onto RuneScape's downsides...

>>>>>The armor is so limited! Even for members, the selection just isn't wide enough; for free players, it's absolutely terrible. Armor can be made, but not customized; there are no unique items (or "greens and browns" like in FlyFF). The same goes for weapons. RuneScape is a deep game, but the biggest exception to this rule is armor. The good part of this is that you don't have to remember the names of tons of different unique items that you use on different levels for different classes, since there are no unique items or classes.

>>>>>I understand that the free part of the game is free for a reason, and that membership is only $5.00 a month, but come on... There aren't enough free-to-play quests.

>>>>>The community in this game is pretty bad. A too-large amount of the players couldn't type a coherent sentence even if they wanted to, and often stand around in a city asking people to be their "bf" or "gf" (boyfriend/girlfriend, for those of you that don't know). Many players that are a high level will refuse to help you if you ask them about something in the game (like "how can I see how much experience I have in a skill?") and instead call you a noob. If someone sees that you are a low level, they'll go out of their way to make fun of you for it. There is also a big population of scammers. This isn't really too bad because it should be obvious if someone is trying to scam you (if it's too good to be true, then it's fake) but it is kind of annoying sometimes. Sadly, Jagex has totally overdone their chat filter; it blocks you from saying things that definitely aren't profane.

>>>>>There is no party or guild system! GAH!

>>>>>Do I even have to say it? The graphics are bad. I think graphics play a very small part in the fun level of a game, but it's not very good if, while playing, you want to gouge your eyes out. I know it's a browser game, but come on... The good news is that the graphics have improved tremendously since the first version of RuneScape, and are improving still.

>>>>>The combat isn't exactly what you'd call exciting.

>>>>>Jagex (the company that makes the game) does not have a phone number, so there is no way to verify your identity other than by keeping the information you get when you sign up for membership and setting account questions. If you lose this information, you cannot get your account back.

>>>>>As other people have said, there are bots, which messes up the economy.

In conclusion, I'd like to say that RuneScape is not for everyone; if you really can't stand bad graphics, then you probably won't be able to deal with it. If you're more of a loner, you might like it more than people who need to be social in games. But, the fastest and easiest way to figure out if you like it or not is to play it, rather than reading reviews; the vast majority of them either bash the game or glorify it far too much anyway. I stopped playing this game when my member account got stolen and I lost the information that would let me get it back.
I give this game a 5 because there are good things about it, but also a lot of bad things. If you can ignore the bad things, though, you'll probably have fun with this game (duh).

Post Date: 08:51 03-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: cenovis
Comment: I started playing in 1999, and have a membered level 100+ account. I have since quit, but I still appreciate some aspects of the game.

I'm not going to be real detailed here since it's easy to try it for yourself. The main pros of this game is the CONTENT. It is the most content rich MMO out there. So, if you like questing; if you like building non-combat skills; if you like new items and interesting story lines, and new cities every month, then this is the game for you.

You will only enjoy this game if you pay the $5 for membership, otherwise don't bother, because you won't get to experience even a third of what is available.

The main drawback of the game is the community. It's mostly kids, and you need to remember that. Kids are mostly annoying, obnoxious, and stupid. Use your ignore button liberally, and try not to lose your temper. There are people who play this game who are not mentally handicapped, but you have to work to find them. If you can do that, you will find the game enjoyable.

Post Date: 23:45 01-10-2007
Rating: 0
Author: gogre30
Comment: Ok.....
After 1 month of playing I find this game immensly annoying. It is so boring and I hate the people who develped this pathetic, inconsistent game. Exteremely boring. Worser than webkinz. ALOT worser.
P.S. I hate this game.

Post Date: 11:21 01-10-2007
Rating: 3
Author: jim_vierling
Comment: Plyed for a year and a half and got to total level 2043. Not sure if still in high scores but charater name was jim_vierling. Anyways, in some cases I actually liked playing the game, however you can't always do so. There are way to many people for the amount of stuff and the high level stuff never gets any faster. So basically you get points faster continuing to do the low level stuff. One reason there are so many bots (macros).

A lot of the skill categories were not well thought out.

The 'community' is the worst part of the game. There are some really nice people that play, but they are few and far between. If you play the free worlds even fewer and farther between. Unfortunately, the buttholes (would have use a much stronger group of words here but don't know if allowed) at Jagex set the game up to cater to the little punks. In their infinite wisdom, Jagex allows you to mute up to 100 people. I had that filled in less than a week on the free worlds.

The quests range from really simple to extremely aggravating. Not that they are difficult to do, just that they are going back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. Makes you want to strangle the person that wrote it.

I didn't really mind the graphics being bad compared to some/most other games. I can live with that if the game functions properly. I lagged on runescape and I have an 8Mb cable broadband connection. And be forewarned, if your connection goes out while in a fight you will die and lose most of your equipment. The game will continue the fight.

All in all, if it worked as single player game, (meaning everything worked for each person individually), with other characters visible and with the chat I would probably still be playing it. Well if it was run by someone other than the jerks at Jagex anyways.

Post Date: 00:47 30-09-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Fly Boy
Comment: All right.
-Large community and large world.
-free (unless you want to pay a for extra features)
-27 different skills
-lots of quests
-easy pvpCons:
-most of the community is comprised of 6 year olds...

-horrible combat
-bad graphics
-lots of bots
Overview:Runescape is a pretty fun game. I especailly like the numerous skills that don't involve hack-and-slash monster killing. The big problem with the game is the large ammount o simply clicking on objects (a.k.a. clicking on a rock 28 times to mine things) which can get very monotonous. Most people find this the worst part of the game. Though the combat isn't the best, there are hundreds of monsters and litterally thousands of items. PvP is also incredibly easy because PvP zones are hosted on the same server (it merely involves going to a certain area of the world map.)Conclusion: Runescape shows immence potential as an MMORPG. It is a huge world, and once you decide to pay the very cheap monthly fee ($5.00 per month), hundreds of new quests, minigames, skills, items (actually thousands of new items) and other things will be open to you. Just give Runescape a spin because it is browser based and free. The beggining is a little boring, so don't give up so quickly. You might find it to be a very enjoyable game.

Post Date: 22:35 29-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: skippy1010
Comment: Omg, this is so stupid, everyone tries to rip off everyone, more than half of the players online are bots, and everyone steals ur stuff. Do not play this game, play anyother game, but not this one!!!!

Post Date: 19:06 29-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: graham954
Comment: hell hounds right this game is realy bad...
graphics. lame
skills. lame
fighting. lame
everything about it is lame

Post Date: 04:28 27-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: hellhound89
Comment: This is a game for the visually impaired and those with no social lives, you can tell by the community,which is filled with either ignorant 11 years olds or autos(computer played characters).the game is runned by idiots,they will bann u for spelling a cuss word wrong.BUT they wont bann u if you cheat.Not only that but the game play is absolutly retarted,the skills are some what stupid as hell(like firemaking skills?! how gay).graphics blow.the only good thing about this game is quiting or never hearing about it.BE WARNED YOU WILL GAIN WEIGHT AND LOSS AN AMOUNT OF SUNLIGHT IF YOU PLAY.please do not play due to jagexs lack of skill to bann scammers and hackers.jagex will not i repeat will not help you recover what u loss do to hacking.DO NOT play

Post Date: 23:12 25-09-2007
Rating: 6
Author: astros1129
Comment: not THAT bad but i wouldnt play it i say 6 bcuz the beggining is boring as heck if u like playing games for a really long time then try it but if you like beating games fast and braging rong game

Post Date: 04:06 25-09-2007
Rating: 9
Author: aegis miner
Comment: ddof5 is a wasted post i love this game and just because u like a game that doesn't mean ur a nerd with glasses like he tryed to say we all where he's just trying to insult us but he's wasting his time...i also agree with mmorpg-man any game on a disk that u install is going to be better in grafix and game play than runescape but runescape is browser based and i haven't seen a better browser based game ever. so yea this game is good cuz ppl like it not because of graphix or anything else.... still 9/10


Post Date: 12:54 24-09-2007
Rating: 2
Author: martinj33
Comment: i dont mind it ....kinda boring and the graphics are complete trash...i like to play it when i got nothin to do or i afk on world of warcraft. world of warcraft is a 99.9% better game. the only thing thats bad about world of warcraft is that u have to pay but what do u expect its 100x"s better!

i would rate it 0 but i"m givvin it a very extreamly generous 2

Post Date: 04:54 24-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: excalibar
Comment: You have to be braindead to enjoy this game.

Guide to Enjoying RuneScape

1. Get a piece of paper.
2. Draw a stickman on it.
3. Burn the paper.
4. Take the ashes and dump it in an ocean near you.
5. Now try to piece the paper back together.

Good luck with that.

Post Date: 22:06 23-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: monsteroids
Comment: Bad community, low-end graphics, low-end premise, low-end everything, easily accessible, not much reading involved. You"ve got a hit!

Post Date: 15:01 23-09-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Face Stealer
Comment: Runescape is really fun when you first play it, especially if you play with real friends, but after you get to about level 40 or so its garbage. Basically all you do after that is stand in the same spot for hours and hours clicking the same object over and over. And the only payoff you get is a new item to make you better at clicking the object. It"s really dumb. The player versus player is kind of fun if you"re level is between 1 and 10, but after that you will spend hours getting equipment for the fights that usually costs more than what you get after the fight. The graphics are pretty bad, but I think they could make the game better by adding in a bigger game screen and a closer camera angle, but they will probably never do that And the game would still stink anyway.
The free user communnity is usually 8-11 year olds, and most of them act like idiots. If you go to the lumbridge castle or varrock square, you will see lots of these younger players cussing you out, asking for stuff, and trying to get "bfs" or "gfs". And in some places, the member community is even worse. Everywhere you go, someone will probably call you a noob to make them feel better about themselves. You see lots of level 100s acting like they"re so great because they spent more time clicking the screen then you did. And its full of scammers too.
The world is really big, and this is a plus at first. But once you start getting around it more, the walking can be a pain, especially during the quests. In fact, basically what the quests are is wandering around the big map trying to deliver an item from one far away place to the next, which is very tiresome. You will lag up alot, even though its a java game. And the lag causes you to screw up alot, especially in pest control, and everyone gets mad and call you a noob. The thing I think is fun about this game is the lower levels, because theres alot of stuff to do. The holiday items are pretty cool too. But other than that, this game is garbage.

Post Date: 05:31 23-09-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Reloaded58
Comment: this game isnt bad but it stinks!
Graphics: 1/10 waaay too dead
Bug Fixing: 10/10 awesome!
Combat System: 3/10 kinda good.
Gameplay: 1/10 no special benifits
Events: WOW.... 1000/10

Post Date: 18:19 22-09-2007
Rating: 9
Author: sia ferret
Comment: I'll agree with most out there that this game can get annoying with the click, click, click... but it still has a ton of things to do. The graphics are ok and they offer 140 servers so lag shouldn't be a problem(it isn't for me). With Runescape the game gets better as you go, you gain access to teleports all over the map and creatures that go all the way up to lvl 750. I have played runescape for about 3 1/2 years with a 8 month break but i was able to hope back in and still had plenty to do. Jagex has even added 2 new skills and ton of more quests so this game keeps growing and advance you just have to give it a try and actually put some time into it not just tutorial island. And by the way to most of your comments on age, I'm 23 years old and still love this game. This game is all about put some effort into it. Thank you all if you need some help in game please add me Sia Ferret and i will help to the best of my abilities & time available. If you pm please mention this game review.

Post Date: 16:10 22-09-2007
Rating: 7
Author: reveiwking1
Comment: runescape is a decent online game with many skills to train many ways to customise your character with a big map to explore you can do whatever you feel: pk,fish, blacksmithery, hunt, herbalore,mage,range,or just merchant watching the cash roll. there are many quests to participate in many people say it is for geeks but they couldnt be more wrong it is great you make freinds you become famous like a player known as zezeima it is a huge experiance one of the best bropwser based games you could want. the graphics let it down a bit but jagex have made it a dam good gameing experiance

Post Date: 14:15 22-09-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Xtopher
Comment: This game is pathetic. The graphics are horrible, even for a browser game. There is barely any content, there are like 10 different armor sets for every skill. The quests are long and boring, and usualy you have to run across the entire world just to do one part of it. PvE is boring, combat is terrible. You just click, then you hit, they hit back you hit... You have no kind of skills to use or anything. PvP is even worse, first its just a bunch of misses, then when you finaly hit they eat food and go back up to full. You also can"t form any kind of organized group or guild, so any of your "team" members are free to attack you and take your stuff. Jagex is so lazy that they don"t let you make a guild in-game, but they make a message board to recruit members! There are also no classes, so someone could have all of their combat skills high. For example, melee users have a lot of ranged defense, but melee armor reduces magic defense. You go and try to kill a ranged dude, then they switch to their magic gear and pwn you. Oh, then you lose ALL of your items when you die, unless they attacked you first, then you only keep 3. After that, you have to earn around a million gold to buy gear. To do that, you click a rock or a tree, then take the ore/wood to the bank. Since you only have about 30 bag slots, and the items don"t stack, you have to make TONS of trips back and forth. After you have around 500 of the item, you sit in the bank for an hour typing "Selling logs" over and over, while there are hundreds of other people standing on top of you. And leveling takes WAY too long. First of all, your actual level doesn"t mean anything, its just an average of your combat skills, which is what you really level up. There are 2 melee skills, attack and strength. Strength makes you hit higher, and attack helps you rip through someone"s defense skill. When you level, you have to level your attack, strength, AND defense, while leveling up a single skill by 1 level takes days. Or if you"re a mage or archer, then you only have to do magic/range and defense (still takes forever). The community is probably one of the worst parts of the game. You can"t do anything without being called a noob by someone higher than you. Nobody in the game will help you because they will either ignore you because you"re a noob or they can"t be bothered when they"re clicking things. And the lag is very bad. You usualy get disconnected ALL the time. And if you get disconnected in the middle of combat, you "die" and appear back in Lumbridge with all your gear gone.
If you play for free, you get almost no gear. For melee, the best armor is runite, thats it. Its just the best. Theres nothing else you would even think about using. Mages get completely screwed, there is almost nothing that boosts magic. Rangers also just get green dragonhide armor.

The only part of this game I liked were the music, theres a lot of different music, and its not bad. But theres even a bad part for that, you have to explore every area to unlock all the music.

Post Date: 23:54 21-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: dimitriz
Comment: runescape is pretty good for players who cant understand. also my friends say it has alot of things to do for you. but i have a few questions, where's mana? why can't you have pets that fight you? where's the party system so pkers won't bs each other? omg where is the good lifestyle of the runescape commuinty? also about the graphics, please! runescape is a browser game, not a game that you can download off, omg who ever hear about a browser with good graphics?

Post Date: 01:06 21-09-2007
Rating: 7
Author: zbarb
Comment: i have been playing for about a year and i like it
it teaches u stuff i have never known what a oak log is well runescape told me i never new what went into to make steel well runescape told me and its injoyable to play i have played other games like 9 dragon and conquer and stoped play runescape but they all got boring and runescape has never let me down so wen im bored i play runescape

if u wana injoy runescape with me
add me


Post Date: 00:31 21-09-2007
Rating: 7
Author: irisands
Comment: Graphics is definitely Jagex' weakness. However, the world of RuneScape is large, with many different areas to explore. Some skills are repetitive to train up, especially if you're FTP. The community of RuneScape is definitely one of the worst I've ever seen, its pretty useless to talk to other players. There is an extensive storyline behind each part of the game, and how it all ties together is actually pretty interesting. I wouldn't say it's absolutely horrible, but it gets there sometimes. It's impossible to spend hours on RuneScape. Its just not that interesting.

Post Date: 21:54 19-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: gallant30
Comment: This game is more worse than anything in this world!
Graphics- These graphics are just pathetic and for the most horrible computers.
Gameplay- For people who dont pay,all you really do is cut down logs. How can they make people pay for such a horrible game!
Music- Sounds like a screeching cat!
Combat- You just watch the battle. You dont do anything.
Overall- Never play this idiotic game played by mostly 8 year olds!

Post Date: 21:54 19-09-2007
Rating: 8
Author: MikeyD
Comment: This game is jokes... seriously, it"s savage though. Runescape has a bum and pussycat, I like the pussycat because it"s cool. I like staking people and losin money and stuff, jokes eh. The graphics are amazing, and the gameplay is hot. Me and me homey play this stuff all the time eh, hurtin though, jokes. I had a rune scimmy and staked it man, so intense. Just to warn people this game is jokes, like when you die you lose stuff, and when you duel you lose stuff
, and you know what i mean. There"s lots of emotes.. like farting, pooping, etc.. savage guys just savage. T-HYME

Post Date: 19:51 16-09-2007
Rating: 6
Author: Whit3_Sox24
Comment: Ok where to start...

Community - 3/10: The community falls short of pathetic. You cant go a single game session without being called a noob. On the upside there are some very friendly people out there that are just fun to be around.

Graphics: - 3/10: Yes it is true the graphics are not very good. Like somebody said in an earlier post, the NPC's and your face just looks like a giant blob with dots on it... But what do you expect from the program they use to make games for cell phones?

Gameplay - 8/10: The gameplay is great with many things to do. Train your skills, do some quests, and much more. It is great for a time... Once you play it for a certain amount of time it just seems like you have done everything worth doing. Which is why I only gave this an 8/10. An eight is still pretty high because it is fun for a long period of time. But, I didnt give it a 10/10 because it gets boring after a while.

Music - 10/10: Great music with hundreds of songs to listen to. You have to visit different places to unlock that area's music. Which makes some people want to explore the world.

Sound Effects - 6/10: I have seen better. It still has some pretty nice effects but I cant say much about it since I dont have a very big opinion on it.

Combat - 3/10: The combat is not very fun. You spend hours on end standing at a monster spawn zone and then when it spawns it is jumped by like 20 different people. Plus it takes forever to level up (and I mean FOREVER). It probably takes me 2 hours to go up a lvl and I am only on lvl 70... It is just back and forth. Hit, get hit, hit, until you or the other person dies. Pretty dull and one of the worst aspects of runescape.

I give runescape a 6/10 because it has many good features but also NUMEROUS bad features. I am pretty much neutral on the hate and love runescape scale. Its a great game for a time. But then it just gets boring. I hate the people who despise it and tell everybody to not try it. But I also hate the lovers who yell at people for saying 1 bad thing about runescape. My advice is to give it a try but please dont become a hater who yells at everybody who plays it or a lover who yells at somebody for saying one negative thign about it.

Final Rating: 6/10

Post Date: 05:01 16-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Little-J-97
Comment: Runescape is a terrible game. There are hardly any quests to do, the updates never happen for free players, the graphics are HORRIBLE and once all the quests are done and you are a high level theres nothing to do except... mine? Cut wood? Come on! The map is horribly tiny and (something that has been said many times) is full of idiots that have never seen a online good game in their life! Honestly, there are much better ones out there. The lag is terrible, I got booted off it almost every 10 minutes, and the amount of bots and hackers makes me want to puke. And don"t get me started on the battle system... hit... get hit... hit... get hit... Way too slow and attacks the same way all the time. And the amounts of times you miss are annoying. The armous and weapons are completely cliche. Dagger, sword, bigger sword, bow WTH???!!! The designs for these weapons need to be completely rethinked and made alot better. The stat system... URGH! I can"t be bothered talking about that! This game only has alot of things to do if you are a member, which is a rip off. There are ALOT of cheaper and better games out there, such as GunZ or Tales of Pirates. I could sit here for hours saying every negative thing about this game, but I think its better for you to find the negatives on your own. If I could, I would say all the positives, but I simply cannot think of any. This game is stupid, I rate a huge fate ZERO. Honestly people, find a better game.

Post Date: 13:13 15-09-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Kaibitsu
Comment: Boring. Repetitive. Poor economy. The people on here are jerks. Basically just monotonous clicking. Better than Fallen Sword, though.

Post Date: 02:43 15-09-2007
Rating: 1
Author: babystomper5000
Comment: This game is bad, honestly people who rate it a 10/10 need to age past 12. For a casual gamer who is looking for a good mmo (free or not) get a free trial of WoW or LotR and give those a go because this game is not even worth looking at

Post Date: 22:41 11-09-2007
Rating: 4
Author: xsnrgman
Comment: Wow this game is pretty sad! I can say this because I played it a lot and did all free quests and some members quests. when you die you lose your items except legs, body and helm if you cast a spell you get to hold one item on death. If you lose important quest items that took you a long time to obtain you"re stuck having to do the same crap over! I died doing scorpion catcher because of poison. Lost Rune boots and rune scimmy which costed almost 200k+ of gold! It was good for a while and enjoyed parts of it but it"s time to move on. I don"t recommend this game too much. Play FFXI instead.

Post Date: 06:49 11-09-2007
Rating: 10
Author: j deuce
Comment: I Like it got a level 93 character that took about 6 months to get to that level and once u get past the level 70 area and u got all skills about 50 it becomes lots of fun and you can make money really easy by becoming a member. My advice if you play this game would be to get 75 woodcutting and cut magic and sell for lotsa money

Post Date: 22:20 09-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: jeffahrdyfan
Comment: Im getting real confused here how can you rate runescape with an 8. I mean I bet everyone of the negative comments made you more happy to play runescape. Some of the comments made me laugh how true they brag because they have more yellow colored pixels than you or how 10 year olds will call you a noob I mean you cant deny that its true,but sadly theres good things about the game think about it fat nerds spend their whole day on the computer so then they dont spread the word about runescape to otehr kids and then it reduces the amount of active fat people on the streets see where im goin with this... runescape is like a fat trap and a nerd trap! I give it a 0 cuz it stinks and 10 cuz its a fat trap 20divided by 2 is 10 but I ahte runescape so i say its a 0

Post Date: 20:38 09-09-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Apathyman17
Comment: I"m not going to lie.....This game is horrible, everything about it is bad. The commutity is full of jerks and scammers, The graphics are terrible, It gets boring really fast, yes its free, but there are better free MMOs out there. Save yourself the trouble and don"t even bother playing this game.

Post Date: 19:59 09-09-2007
Rating: 9
Author: IcyDrummer
Comment: i actually like the game for quite a wile, it is fun because once you get bored of one skill, you can just go onto another 3 or 4, fight, get gold, or do other skills for money. I got to a really high level and still had so much more i could do before i was even close to being a great player. i do admit it can get boring because of the lack of skills it takes to play the game (just click instead of having to jump and attack and bla bla bla) but ya it's still a great game 9/10

Post Date: 14:33 08-09-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Malemoogle
Comment: I am Malemoogle, played 3 years
Ok, going to give a real review:
It's not a Grinder
Has alot of skills and ways to have fun
There's always someone to talk to
Good costumation
Lots of updates
Great graphics for Java
Fans of classic type music will like Runescape's music
Lots of challanging quests that make you use you head
Filled with ignorant players, it's rare to find good ones(i am one of good ones)
Advertised on Mini-Clip
Everyone can easyily go to RuneHQ
Many people iritated by randoms(they are rare for me and i love 'em)
Some people tend to steal and scam more then usual, compared to other games

Post Date: 09:02 04-09-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Tcc615
Comment: Runescape is the best Non-Download,Free MMORPG!

With that said idd like to let you know ive played for 5 years now,and I still logon once in a while.Ive done it all the runescape bf-gf senario,got scammed,got owned in the wildy at least 10 times,drop parties,seen zezima.

Id like to let you know though that runescape has a dark side...a very dark side if your not carefull you will wined up very angry and quitting because you got scammed,died in the wildy with full rune,get reported and banned,(if this happens you will most likly quit and then hate runescape,like alot of people I knew)

As for the game play its ok.

Lots of skills,so your not just killing monsters to make a living.

I personally like the music,Although most gamers perfer rap or hard rock,I don't know why though,I call those kind of people "the angry people" =P

As for the graphics,don't expect to get amazing grahics off a game that runs off of java the program they use for cell phone games.I personally like the graphics and perfer the old NES games and stuff like that.

As for the price ITS FREE and guess what try to find a MMORPG that free and requires no download! Im serious I DARE YOU,ive looked up and down all over the internet for years and guess what all ive found is Tick based games and MUD's which is basicly are the same thing as tick based games except MUD's have pictures.-_-

I finnaly found a few of them like (the relms of loria)but guess what the few I have found have really small communitys,worse graphics than runescape(which seems to be a problem for most of you)and they are in Beta which means there years away from becoming completed.

As for runescape is has its fair share of ploblems but guess what its the 3 most played MMORPG in the world and actuall that based only on the people that are mems and pay to play,iff you add the other nine million active accounts then you'll relise that its actually the most played MMORPG and I think online game althoghter.Now comebind that with understaffing and lazy mods and you get a bad comunntiy

Well so that it,the only problem that actaully really botherd me is the adverisments that the free players get that make the game lag,but i doubt they'll ever get rid of that,if they were it would be such a better game,but for now i give it a 8

Post Date: 23:57 02-09-2007
Rating: 1
Author: canadian_eh
Comment: Some love it. Some hate it. I hate it. With lame graphics, ridiculous gameplay if you dont buy the "gold edition", and idiots who take the game seriously to a point that they have "RS BFs and GFs." If that"s what you like, I suggest you play this game. Everything is horribly repetitive, the cities are absolutely packed, and as you get better and farther on your "quest to victory," NOTHING NEW HAPPENS! Sure, you get new weapons, new enemies, but no surprises, NO new moves, no benefits whatsoever! Yeah, it"s great for somebody who doesn"t have a lot of money, so they want a DECENT game for free, but because of the extreme amount of zombified addicted players staring at their screens, if you didn"t have a fast enough computer or internet, the game would glitch out and lag. I would give it a 0, but because of so many people playing, I don"t know what it is, but they must be doing SOMETHING right. THAT is why I rate Runescape 1, or to the mathimatically declined, complete garbage.

Post Date: 17:38 02-09-2007
Rating: 10
Author: bigbitte
Comment: RUNESCAPE POWA!!!!!

Post Date: 07:09 02-09-2007
Rating: 2
Author: geohyte
Comment: I honestly gave this game a 2. I played this when I was 11, and 12 but that was because me and my friend enjoyed hanging out in a game together. We lived in separate towns, and rather then just use AIM all the time we decided to do something in a game. Sadly we chose this game.
Now the graphics are really poor, and the diversity is decent. Characters can look all different ways, and the monsters are starting to change too. But whats the point? To please the mass amounts of people paying to play this game. Those people generally aren't adults with jobs, or teenagers who have a lot of friends. From my experience of seeing those players I've just found out they are little kids getting their parents to pay money so they can get addicted. This game used to be fun when it was free to play, but then suddenly it just got impossible to play when noobs took over. Community makes this game a failure, along with it's horrid battle system coupled with it's poor graphics.

Post Date: 21:17 01-09-2007
Rating: 4
Author: wow a game
Comment: Intelligent rater, you are telling others not to call you an idiot, yet you are saying that the people who give this game the rating it really deserves are idiots. I dont understand you. Also by punctuating every sentence to the tee doesnt make you special kid. Sorry, but this game is far from a 10 more less a 7. They seem to be updating more and more for the newbies and 11 yr olds. Lets get this straight ok?
The combat is horrid, lets think here and why it doesnt deserve a high rating. This whole game is luck based. Dont tell me im wrong i can prove you wrong mr. know it all. In PvP you can have the same stats, yet still lose. You can have 50 woodcutting or mining and get the logs or ore before the person with lvl 90 woodcutting or mining. All in all, i dont feel like i need to be lucky to win at a game, if i have higher skills than someone i feel like i should have the edge. Just the other day fighting someone, they can tear through my def but have strength 1 lvl higher than mine. Yet, they have 10 def levels lower, but i cant tear through their defenses anymore than they can go through mine. Another bad thing is you cant go one game play without some arrogent, immature 10 year old calling you a noob because they cannot have their way. You tell them to shut up or offend them in anyway, the yell "Reported" and try and get more people to report you. They have made like 1 or 2 good updates for higher levels, yet they help the lvl 3 accounts who never even get past level 30 and then quit to make a new account. You also have pures. Where to start? Well, ill will say, NOT ALL pures are immature and just down right rude. But you will see a level like 20 with 200 milllion in coins and items walking around and they will call you a noob and belittle you because you dont have that amount of cash. Yet they dont have a single money making skill at a high enough level to make any cash at all. They get all that cash from their mains, so pretty much no lifers who can only feel better because they have more yellow-colored pixels then someone else. You may say, "you are just mad cause you are poor and dont have that much cash. WRONG. Maybe i dont have the much cash, but hey at least i have friends who i can actually talk to in person unlike those who stay in their house so they can get that level 89 cooking or 80 firemaking and make talk with their so called "friends over the internet"
So lets recap this section, the community is unfriendly and immature. This is thanks to JaGex. Why you ask? JaGex updates for the little kids more and less for the more dedicated mature players. Face it. Its true. After a certain combat level, there isnt much reason to play.
The skills are basically pointless aside from a few. Its hard to gain anycash at all thanks to losers who have autoers. They are too lazy to work, and probably wont make it anywhere in the world, so they get an autoer to do all their work for them. They sell their stuff cheap so are you going to pay 900 each for sharks or 600 each? Its hard(er) to get money by skill. Its more like merchanting and pking. Merchanting is another problem, you can try and do it yourself, but end up that 100 other people are trying to make a profit off the same item as yours which leaves you holding out for a sell even longer.
The only thing i can really compliment this game is the music. Music is different from the sound effects, saying this due to how bad the sound effects are. There are plenty of different tunes to listen to and the creativity of each of them. Next to that this game gets addicting and annoying. Go for it, try it. You will play for a while, then say, " Why the hell did i just spend months of my life trying to kill pixels or cook them or even earn all those gold pieces." Its fun for a time, but now this game is just falling apart. This games once bright future is darkened by the community and economy all together. I must give advice to play a different game, but if it isnt possible....well no you should find a different game. So intelligent rater, you know most of this is true. You say that people who rate this low have a low iq eh? Well yours is not much higher AT ALL for rating this game a 10. Sorry but its the truth about you and this game.

Peace out

Post Date: 03:52 01-09-2007
Rating: 5
Author: xxxratedxxx
Comment: I guess ill just get right down to a simple explaination.

The game is filled with kids, that complitely gave a new meaning to the word 'noob' abusing it in every way shape or form.

Noone is really helpfull, your basicly going to get banged until your level 70+.

Heres the rating.

Graphics: 2/10 - inferior. Screen shot is self explanitory.
Sound: 4/10 - Potential.
Community: 1/10 - 10 year old's that think there gangsters.
Story line: 0/10 - You were born. n00b.
Future potential: 2/10 - Nothing.
Price: 0/10.. not worth what you get.

OVERALL: 1.745/10
Yeah so this game is about 17.45% out of 100%.
Im definitly not recomending it to anyone.

Post Date: 03:26 01-09-2007
Rating: 6
Author: Pyro Master
Comment: This game is alright, one thing it has better than other MMORPGS is structure. The graphics are a bit of a let down though as well as combat. combat is so boring!!! all u do is just click on what you want to kill then you just wait for it to die, or maybe you. also when you die you lose ur items which is really bad. Making money on the game is also extremely boring and it takes weeks to get decent amounts of money.
It does have some kool mini games which you can tet rewards from, but these are all for members, but the membership is cheap and you get a hell of a lot of benefits.
I think that if the game improved its graphics a hell of a lot, improved combat and had easier ways of getting money it would be the best game out there but at the moment i cant see it happening

Post Date: 02:10 31-08-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Adio01
Comment: pvp system is now lame with that new pvp ditch they took out the fences which allowed full str warriors to even out with other pkers quest are ok but the are only 13 if u wanna do f2p. players who do f2p withh have an amazing hard time maxing skills members ideams are over priced most of the time as a member ur fishing or wood cutting

Sound system 0 its the worst i have seen they all sound the same

Battle system 5 hack and slash

Pk system was a 10 added ditch now a 3

Total score 0+3+5=8 divided by 3= about a 2.5

Post Date: 01:26 31-08-2007
Rating: 2
Author: jeffahrdyfan
Comment: Ok id like to jsut say this game is pathetic dont even waste your time but then these idots who rated it 9/10 or 10/10 will say im an idiot so lemme try to stay focused because I ahte this game.

First of all graphics 2/10 people this game will make you go blind

community 1/10 its horrible if you 1 lvl lower than a dude you get called a noob. when i played I was a lvl 60 dont tell em how I got that high it was hard as hell and wasnt worth it anyway well Id be walking a lvl 55 would be like noob id be like im higher than you and hed be like my mains higher than you its like how cares. Second you get reported even if you do 1 bad thing. my accounts on last chance because I got reported by like 20 people cuz i cussed out a dude!

Prices 1/10 Prices arent to bad but i mean earning cash is hard becausethey always say good skills means good cash BULL! ok ill explaine this for all the nerd adults or stupid 10 yearolds who play this game (if your a teen like me dont even play this) ok its like this each cooked lobster is 250gpea 1000 cooked lobbies is 250k ok now listen it takes about 5min to walk to the abnk and back or about 30min a trip of 25! thats 2 hours for 25k now wood cutting that is not worth it either sure ur closer to the bank but yews are hard as hell 2 sell and are only worth an extra 50gp ea. mineing is only good when u can smith and mine mith or sell mith 2 a smither and mith is like 300gp ea or 50 ore an hour with coal and mith

items 1/10 The items stink like 1/4 of the items are non members and the non memb land stinks. jaggex only cares about your money u nerds. If they didnt care about cash they wouldnt charge.

skills 1/10
ok this is really stupid the skills eventually take forever to lvl up (i mean every games liek taht but runescape is 4 ever) they basically screwed the mages because it costs so much for the ruens high lvl mages need, I was a member for a month jus testing it the skills are so not worth it and are so hard 2 lvl up. i mean whod waste their days runing threw an agility track when in real life ur jus runing mcdonalds down ur throat!

Now non of you game idiots deny this or call me a hater because this is all true. If this doesent make you think twice about runescape then you got addicted. How ajggex made runescape was to start you out with easy skills ur thinkin ill be a member soon witha high lvl u pay for the membship and everything gets hard then ur addicted to beat it.

I give this game a 2/10 because its well a game.

My recomendations

If your thinking about playin runescape dont if I was you d play flyff because its all free but the comunity stinks so I gave flyff 4/10 but besides the comunity its an ok game. If youve already started runescape stop now or ull be screwed!

1 stop playing runescape
2 loose weight if ur fat
3 get a gf/bf
4 if u want to play a game play flyff its not addicting
5 if ur over 18 go to collage or get a job

Post Date: 22:43 29-08-2007
Rating: 5
Author: ObsidianSoul
Comment: Ok, This game has an OK gameplay, but the community is terrible. THe graphics are a little low, but give it some time for them to update! All I know is that this game has a lot of players (greedy, stupid, and hostile) and has very addictive game play. I would rate this game probably an 8/10. AND TO THOSE JERKS OUT THERE WHO START INSULTING, JUST SHUT UP.

Post Date: 22:00 28-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Intelligent rater
Comment: Alright, then.
Most of the people who say this game's horrible made themselves look like complete idiots.
Oh, wait, they ARE complete idiots. I mean, if you're gonna bash a game, at least be literate about it so people will actually read your review (like Qwertypoiu did). Some even had the lack of brains to compare it with Maplestory in the MS reviews (no game's worse than MS! NO GAME!!!)! Anyway, on with the review.

Community: 8/10
Okay, so the idiots who call you a n00b for no reason are annoying, but you can fight back. What I do is just ask them why I'm a n00b for simply -insert action that isn't n00bish here-. It gets them every time. The beggars aren't that great, either, which is why I go to the PvP area when they follow me. :)
ZOMGZ LYK WILL U BE MY BF/GF EVEN DO WE'LL NEVER MEAT N WE'RE JUST IDEEUTS?// gets annoying, too, but so far, the community has been really nice and hasn't had a real problem...yet.

Graphics: 3/10
What the heck? Did Jagex go out for a coffee break while a low AI bot did it? You usually see things from sort of a bird's-eye view (or at least zoomed out), but in the dialouge boxes, your character's (and the NPC's) face looks like a big glob with tiny dots on it. -_-
At least it's 3D, and the animals look detailed (in my opinion).

Gameplay: 10/10
There's so many things to do! Lots of unofficial jobs like mining and fishing are there. Some skills even benifit another (Ex. Mining benifits combat because you can make weapons and armour from smithing, which needed smelting, which needed mining.) There are also thousands of possible goals!
The quests are limited for non-members, but I never really cared for them anyway. I was always focused on my goals and refused to get sidetracked. Sometimes I do them, though.

Combat: 9/10
The combat was pretty simple. Call it ordinary, plain, or whatever. Some say it's repetitive and/or boring, but I never really noticed. Maybe because it's NOT? If it is, like I said, I never noticed and never cared. I was too busy watching my health and XP. It's not super extraordinary or flashy to get a 10, but it succeeds at it's purpose and it's good enough for me.

Overall: 10/10
All in all, this game is just great. It's fun,
broad (in area and things to do), and FREE.
So, only members get to do stuff like pickpocket.
So? It may be a bit dissapointing, but it doesn't (or at least shouldn't) affect gameplay at all.

Post Date: 04:04 25-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: gsker
Comment: RUNESCAPE IS AWESOME!!!!not is gayest game ever hahahaha got you!i dont rate the game ten i rate it 0...i rate it 10 because my comment heheheh

Post Date: 16:18 24-08-2007
Rating: 2
Author: peter90745
Comment: This game is okay, but it really isnt that much of a great game. I've played for like 1 year. But Its not that great spending money to get like 30 more options. And Jagex doesnt support the people, he just cares about money! Thats why he only gave the Nonmembers just a few quests and thats like, it. He put like 90% of all you can do on the members place, so its like hes making you buy it cause you played the game for to long and got addicted. And the pvp is horrible. You die you lose all your items. How dumb is that? And you go to the populated servers you see people spamming and stuff its hard to make up a deal with all that spamming. Then the higher lvls call the lower lvls noobs. Then you see like so much hackers hacking your account. Thats why you play it for 10 minutes and quit. But you cant say I did that cause I had time to experiense the game. And the ban system sucks. You get banned for saying one word like Dam and some 7year old reports you. I'm not saying this game sucks because of the graphics. Its there game so they can deside how they look like. And this doesnt count for the reason of giving it a rating of 2, but the people look horrible on how they fight. That's also for mining, fishing ect. Theres many more better games out there. Ya, this game is unique for its many abilities like fishing,crafting, ect but its still isnt good. You can only get like 100hp? Wow that sucks. Instead of spending your time on these overpopulated boring mmorpg, why dont you just get Starcraft or play WoW or something better? You people who played for a long time from since this game was born say this game is good because you played for a long time and your members. But it gets boring if you play it to long right? Well I end my argument here. GL deciding if you want to play this game or not

Post Date: 01:11 24-08-2007
Rating: 9
Author: guNmyriaD
Comment: I'll just reply to some of the key ones for now:

5. Not a chance. Go to a f2p world for a month and then a membership world and you'll see a huge difference. One major one is you almost never see "wanna be my bf/gf/both" again.
9. I didn't say it does. I'm also mad at Jagex for not being as responsible as they should be.
13. Everyone has their opinion on what "fun" is, and the people that play it properly are the ones that find it fun. The ones that macro don't have fun, so why ruin the experience for others? It isn't Jagex's fault.
14. There are plenty of ways to make money for all players; better ways take longer to reach. People that scam don't have as much patience.
16. Well technically you can only get hacked if you get a keylogger off a fansite, but you are right.. executables tend to have better protection like nGuard.
19. MU Online, Entropia Universe, and Knight Online.
20-22. Why wouldn't you list them separately, as all of the others? All three of those sentences sound like the same topic to me..
25. Alright, that's acceptable. Of course changing it wouldn't have much of an effect on the game anyway.
26. At this point it sounds like just an excuse. There are ways to alter combat, and I don't need to say anything to prove it. NPCs are not 100% level with every player.
36. There are stores found only in certain cities in f2p worlds (e.g Falador has the Hair Stylist and Shield Shop, Barbarian Village has the Helmet Shop, Al-Kharid has the Scimitar and Platelegs shops, Varrock has the Clothing and Magic shop, etc.). And Runescape is not meant to focus on f2p that much, so 18 quests is fine for a "demo version" of the game.
38. Hey, if you are going to make a statistical point it better be correct. Statistics are important in discussion. =P
39. They aren't short quests. The majority of them are very long, especially if you don't use online walkthroughs (some can take hours).
43. Not really, since you said 50 things bad about Runescape. Your list of 50 things are opinion, and an opinion is not part of the game.
46. Runescape manipulates some of the keyboard. Arrow keys are for camera, letters and numbers are for talking, F-keys are hotkeys to different menus (completely pointless update but nonetheless), and Ctrl for running.
49. Yeah, it does lag, and I'll give you that. Though, when your character spins around while running, it isn't lag like most people think (if this is what you are basing it on) - I'm pretty sure it is just because of their grid system.
50. Not entirely different, but some things yes. Like changing Bronze-Rune so they are actually /different/. If it were C++ they'd have more options to use and be able to create better graphics.

Post Date: 23:42 23-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Qwertypoiu
Comment: 1. "Original" isn"t always a good thing.
2. Oh, right, the graphics are being improved so in, like, 3 more updates they"ll be SO P//NzORS OMFGBBQ REaLisTIC!
3. Oh, yeah, it fits the mood by only being able to be played by a PC.
4. Right, so gold SHOULD be the lowest form of currency, right? No silver/copper involved? Having only gold in the game=LAZY PROGRAMMING.
5. Membership is, theoretically, even worse than F2P. Little kids being able to afford $5 a month running around as if they were gods of the internet just because they hang around "Castle Wars" all day and got generically named "red armour" is /better?/
6. See, that"s where "unique" isn"t better. You have to do all the quests just to know where you live?
7. D*mn (censored because little children are obviously reading) right it"s not the best.
8. If Jagex really cared, they"d put in a better system so you /can"t/ accidently kill your friends.
9. Oh, so getting rid of accounts people spent long hours to get is justified because Jagex doesn"t want to hear little kids complaining about them getting bANzOR"D. It all makes sense to me.
10. You can still get banned for using "innapropiate [for a two-year-old] language".
11. "More unique?" Go try PONG and tell me, because the graphics aren"t the best like everyone else"s, it"s BETTER because of it.
12. At least make some *POOF* effect or some powerful messenger from the "gods" comes and says "It is not your time yet. I can aid you in your journey back to the realm of the Living... for a price" or SOMEthing.
13. It /is/ Jagex"s fault if people aren"t having fun leveling up their characters or whatever. If they wanted to get rid of macros they"d make actual FUN things to do.
14. If people have to scam to make money, that"s a hint that there isn"t enough ways to make money "honestly".
15. Yeah, so that makes it easy to be in character despite the two players a few feet away from you saying "Selling r2h 50k" or "Wanna be my gf" or whatever they say.
16. Waste of space, eh? Okay, I"ll add another reason: Browser game = easy to haxx.
17. 1000000 real players = hard to find a "team" for something other than PKing.
18. No, it doesn"t. One little lie and someone finds out about it? BANNXZORXZBBQ"D!
19. "Plenty of games have a no-scamming policy..." Name 3 others.
20-22. If you look beyond that first three words, you"d see I listed three parts afterward that count as different reasons.
23. That"s still alot. 10% of 90000 may not be much, but 10% of not even 150 is alot.
24.Who needs to think to know blue plus +++ makes green? (Not giving away anything, some people here might still be working on that quest, but I"ll give you a hint: It starts with "y" and ends in "IT"S FRIGGIN" YELLOW.")
25. "... easy-to-follow tutorial..." What about people who already know how to play and just want to make a new character for some reason? They can"t skip the tutorial...
26. That"s another "unique" part, right? Having only 6 ways to help isn"t anything at all. And half of those you have to do /before/ the fight starts and one other is something your character does after you click once.
27. "Help, help! This high-level NPC is totally killing my low-level character dead and stuff! Please, help me!" "I can"t, I"m not in a multi-combat zone!"
28. No reason for the struggle in the Wilderness.
29. "Pures" have an advantadge because they spent all their time leveling up in one combat type.
30. Easy escape.
31. PvP only in the Wilderness (except Castle Wars)
32. You can get banned for killing someone.
33. You never know if you"re joining a real "pk" team or a "lurer" scam.
34. Even /you/ agreed, so that should count twice. 49 reasons is still bad, right?
36. What"s there to see in the cities I don"t see in every other city? Why would I go someplace just to die because I didn"t spend my life leveling magic and getting dragon armour or something? Half the skills I can use in F2P need the other half just to be able to use them. The armour is all the same except for what it"s called. "Dragon chain" is "Iron chain" painted red and not even 20 more benefits. 18 quests? Every other games I"ve played had 9 in the starting areas alone!
37. You"d better agree.
38. Oh, 8 more quests than what I said? WOW! That changes EVERYTHING! I was WRONG about this game, it"s WAY BEYOND my WILDEST DREAMS I had when I was a TINY BABY WHO STILL... I think you get the point.
39. Only 100 is /good?/
40. At least the other, less "unique" games didn"t come right out and tell your character "YOU ARE NOT REAL! YOU ARE BEING CONTROLLED BY SOME TINY MAN BEHIND A THING YOU"VE NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE! YOU ARE JUST A PIECE OF COMPUTER DATA!"
41. Who names their kid "Pk_Pwnxzorx13_2"?
42. An in-game name is not very different from an out-of-game name. I"m sure they"re working on better systems, but, until then, this game still deserves the rating I gave it.
43. Having over 25 reasons this game is not a good game /isn"t/ a reason? I"m sure if I had listed 25 reasons PONG is not good, you"d say that"s a GOOD thing!
44-45. I"ll give you that, it should only have counted once.
46. Clicking IS used in other games, but so is EVERY OTHER THING you can use.
47. That wasn"t even half-way related to the reasons I put. Leveling is so "unique" that it is terrible.
48. That didn"t count?
49. (new reason) Terrible graphics and this game STILL manages to lag.
50. The only way C++ would make it better is if it was an entirely different game altogether.

Post Date: 21:37 23-08-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Saywatuwant
Comment: Ok I like this game, but I have something to say to those who say that the people that play are fat, if you call 100lbs fat(and im 14) then you need to go back to preschool. Another thing, not all people that play this game are ugly...such as my friend Deathman661, or W4rl0ckone...I know them in real life! OH not to mention me...You can call the people ugly all you want but until you know them in real life you have absoloutly no say. Plus what online game doesn't have clicking? How else are we going to move around, use our mind power? Seriously you can have a life and play this game, such as me. I have school, a job, friends in REAL LIFE to hang out with, websites to maintain, partys to go to. So don't you dare say that people have no life. And everyone gets called a noob! I know that...I'm lvl 90 you know what? I'm still called a noob...oh and I don't think I'm all that, I don't think I'm better than you I just think you have to train more.

Now my reason for rating it an 8. Well considering its a browser based game its fine.

The thing I really like about this game though is that you have a choice of what you want to be or you can be them all, plus you can wear whatever type of armour you like, wether it be mage or warrior or ranger you can wear it if you have the right skills.

YES THE MUSIC DOES SUCK! But I agree it matches its medevil era. If you don't like it turn off your speakers.

I do agree that runescape should give some more benefits to free players but without us members do you really think runescape would still be running? Nothing good is free in life so deal with it!

Now the thing about not swearing...they do that because its called PARENTS. Do you honestly think that some parents would be alright with their children learning this language? Sure I hate how they do that to but you have to understand where they are coming from.

Another thing I like is how you can build you own house if you are a member...yes I know free people dont get this benefit.

Jagex DOES care about free worlders...notice how they moved the party room from camelot(members) to falador(free world)? It was so free players could use it as well.

Now without the benefits of being a member what would be the point? Hm?

That is the end of my arguement and review.
And actually Jagex is deleting macroers, I check.

Post Date: 20:45 23-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: guNmyriaD
Comment: This game has tons of things to do, so anybody saying there is nothing to do is DEAD WRONG. In fact, this game has more to do than most games ever online, and that's a fact. There's:

Over 120 quests
23 Skills
Hundreds of items
Dozens of mini games
Well over a dozen cities to explore
Various environments
Worthy economical system

And here's my response to Qwertypoiu's 50 things wrong with Runescape:
1. At least Runescape has an original interface than most games; usually online games use a generic interface that comes with a specific programming tool.
2. Yeah, graphics aren't the most detailed, but they are improving them. And, it is a Java-based game, so the graphics are very good considering.
3. I agree that music isn't the best, but it fits the game's medieval mood.
4. Money has plenty of value. Every item has a set price that is altered by supply+demand, and there are unlimited ways in making gold.
5. The membership community is much better than the lousy f2p community, trust me. Using the community against the game itself isn't exactly the most valid argument either.
6. If you played through the 120+ quests you wouldn't have to go through the website.
7. Alright, I agree, immersion isn't the best.
8. There is a clan chat now to reorganized groups, AND accidentally clicking a player is YOUR mistake, not Jagex's.
9. Very true, but you must consider that Jagex must over a thousand reports a day.
10. Now you're just exaggerating unintelligently.
11. That means the game is more unique than these generic online games.
12. What would you rather it do when you die?
13. Macros are a big problem of Runescape today and aren't Jagex's fault. Don't use them to blame the game.
14. Scamming is very common but that is only because of our weak society, not Jagex's fault.
15. It has loads of things to do alternatively from combat, unlike almost EVERY online game, and skills take a reasonably long time to accomplish.
16. So that means you have 49 things on the list since this is a waste of space.
17. You listed immersion above. 48 things.
18. Well it depends on how you deceive them.
19. Are you serious? Having scamming as a rule helps enforce and make players aware of crimes. Plenty of games have a no-scamming policy. Plus, it's unfair.
20-22. I agree that the game is too easy, but they've recently been releasing more difficult additions. I still have faith in Jagex. Oh, and 20-22? That means 46 things.
23. What quests did you do? Barely 10% of them are delivery.
24. 45 things.
25. Having an easy-to-follow tutorial system isn't good? I guess they should make it 10 times longer. /sarcasm
26. Except for purchasing new equipment to give your character statistical bonuses, using food and potions, spells, ranging, and prayers.
27. And your point being?
28-33. Pures have trouble with other pures, mind you, and the average player with reasonably good equipment could kill one. Also, why 28-33? Are you getting lazy? 40 things.
34-35. I agree that players need to be restricted for how many accounts they create. 39 things.
36. Explore several cities, go into the Wilderness, use over half of the skills, purchase plenty of armor and weapons, and do 18 quests. It isn't half bad, and it is for free. Good things come for a cost.
37. 100% agree.
38. 18 quests. Can you count?
39. I find that to be a good thing, no?
40. Maybe because it has a tutorial on it?
41. 38 things.
42. You can also give your clan an in-game name. I'm sure they are working on new ways to improve clans. But I agree it doesn't leave much for people that love working in clans.
43-45. 35 things.
46-47. Clicking is used in lots of online games, so I see no problem with this. 34 things.
48-49. 32 things.
50. 31 things because now you're just being biased.

So technically there was only 31 things against Runescape since you got lazy and/or made no sense.

Post Date: 01:38 23-08-2007
Rating: 3
Author: TrueGamer
Comment: the only reason i rate this game at 3 is because i like its theme witch is fantasy mmorpg...

other than that wow all you do is grind all your skills and 3 quarters of the skills or stats you have are members only and weapons are pretty much all the same just different styles like brinze up to dragon in melee... and this game does have speacil attacks but for members only...
graphics are just BAD BAD BAD BAD....pvp is pathetic and gets really repetitive...people say they have CLANS even though its some of his n00b freinds that gang up on you cause there scared of 1 on 1 combat...commuity is awful there scammers and racists every were...

and lvling is to EASY....

dont play this useless game.. go play with some dirt instead...

Post Date: 18:23 22-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: PlasmaBlade
Comment: graphics stink, once you finish all quests , theres nothing to do. This game is terrible and a waste of time.

Post Date: 03:50 21-08-2007
Rating: 3
Author: dragonkpr
Comment: This game offers more than an ordinary MMORPG game, you can gain money by woodcutting, crafting, etc. so you don't have to just go kiling monsters 24/7.
gameplay-4/10, but only if your a member, it's not very fun in free-play, the jagax staff doesn't give about non-members... not very good.
But I must give the game a 3, for the lack of features in free play, also not very helpful support.

Post Date: 21:20 20-08-2007
Rating: 3
Author: wawalover
Comment: ok i no im gonna have tons of people who hate are going to hate me but even more than are going to agree with me... i've played this game for about 3 years on and ehh could be better... music... just keep your sound turned totally off...scammers and beggers.. you almost constantly have some one following you and asking for money or calling you a noob.. i've had plenty of characters.. from L100's to L10's ... i've got to admit this game IS addicting.. note: that doesnt make it good... if you ever enter the wild and die... you will most likely get pissed off and quit the game.. to later log on and play it a couple days later... compared to games like conquer and eudemons which are also free.. this game is pathetic

Post Date: 19:45 20-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: jarlaxle
Comment: i agree with metal adidas aswell ive played rs for a long time now, it gets better as you get to a higher lvl and learn how to make money, graphics yeah they are bad but wat can you expect from a browser based game, the quests are annoying but have good rewards in the end, but i hate it so much now cause you can get hacked just like that, so im done with it again, i dont wanna work for all the stuff ive lost

Post Date: 02:51 20-08-2007
Rating: 1
Author: YourMom.
Comment: Omg Metal Adidas,This Game....It has Horrible Graphics And Everything Just sucks.Qwertypoiu,I agree with You Completely,And...Look at how they attack.Its like watching a kid beat a Pinata with a Bat.Up up stab stab.And if your not Paying,Theres nothing to plaay for,Since Theres nowhere to go in Free To Play.I hated this game.

Post Date: 15:36 19-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Qwertypoiu
Comment: 50 things wrong with this game:
1. Interface. Clicking is NOT a skill.
2. Graphics. No faces, no fingers, etc.
3. Music. I could play the music with my internal PC speaker (and that"s not a good thing!)
4. Money has no value in Gielinor. If you go buy an apple, it"s 10 GOLD COINS! ZOMGLOLWTFBBQ!
5. Community. If you aren"t level 120 or higher, you"re called a "n00b", "noob", nub", "n0b"...
6. Story. You need to look at the official website just to figure out the world"s name.
7. Immersion. The worst I"ve seen since PONG (and PONG even has better graphics!).
8. No group system. If you go out into the "wildy" to PK some people with your "clan", if you mis-click and attack a "clanmate", you get labeled "BSer" and you get banned by Jagex for "item scamming".
9. Jagex"s ban appeal system. If you get banned for something like the situation mentioned above, you may try to appeal it. The problem is, you only get one shot at appeal and Jagex NEVER reads the appeal requests they are sent. They just have an automated bot do it for them.
10. Rules. You get banned for saying "poo". No lie.
11. JAVA. "Nuff said.
12. Death. While I like the lose-everything-when-you-die attempt, it fails. When you die, *POOF*, you"re back in Lumbridge without the *POOF* effect and you keep your clothes, hair, 3 items, etc.
13. "Macros". People with fifty characters with gibberish for names using a program to chop down trees all day.
14. "Scammers". People who know that 65% of the people who play Runescape are children who don"t want to work will go around offering them a way around actually playing the game.
15. Not RPer friendly. At. all.
16. 15 again, that should count twice IMO.
17. MMORPGs are supposed to be immersive, and Runescape is not. That is why I spend three reasons on RP friendliness.
18. Rules state "You must not scam or /decieve/ other players." Huh? I can get banned for /lying/ to someone?
19. Rules state "You must not scam or decieve other players." If someone gets scammed it should be their own fault for falling for it.
20-22. COMPLETELY IDIOT PROOF. A complete idiot could beat a genius at this game. They took great pains to ensure this game needed NO skill at all to play. If someone has a mental disability they are rewarded to make things "fair".
23. Quests. I"ve done the quests, and almost all of them were delivery quests.
24. And the rest needed me to figure out what two colours make orange and purple.
25. It doesn"t grab people"s attention from the START. That is what it must do to be a good MMORPG.
26. PvE. While the AI is matched with your own, there"s NO WAY to help your character win.
27. PvE. Only one person can fight one NPC at one time. Unless they"re in a "multicombat" area.
28-33. PvP. No reason for the struggle in the Wilderness, "pures" have an advantadge because they spent all their time leveling up in one combat type, easy escape, PvP only in the Wilderness (except Castle Wars), you can get banned for killing someone.
34-35. F2P option. BAD. IDEA. No fee for making new characters = 9,000,000 "macros".
36. NOTHING TO DO in F2P worlds.
37. "QuestHelp" eliminates the need to think in quests.
38. Ten quests if you aren"t a member.
39. 100 if you are.
40. "Tutorial Island". Who would name an island that?
41. Pk_Pwnxzorx13_2 calls you a noob if you aren"t level 126 yet.
42. "Clans". The only system that allows you to have them is one that only lets you talk to them.
43-45. The fact that I was able to list 40 things wrong with Runescape. That counts three times because I forgot to log in before I sent the review and lost everything I typed so I had to start over and...
46-47. Leveling system. If it"s not needing to raise one as high as it can go without raising anything else, it"s clicking in one spot all day to gain one single level.
48-49. No two opposing factions on the verge of all-out war threatening to destroy life on Gielinor as we know it (if you can call that life).
50. Even if it was made in C++, it would be the same.

Post Date: 06:02 19-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Metal Adidas
Comment: I have played this game for (in october) 3 years now, and i gotta say its one of the best MMORPG"s you can play. Im not gonna be biased though, theres a lot of things wrong with the game, but overall it beats all MMORPGs. Ill break down my review into sections.

1.Music - 3 - Ok, the music is dreadful. it has those midi"s that play, and they are annoying. but like 90% of all other players, u can just turn it off, and put on some good music.

2.Gameplay 8.5 - the game is pretty easy to play, and the thing i like is unlike other MMO"s, theres no limit with races, instead you make ur own character, and do whatever you want with him. be a mage, archer, or melee or a combo of all of them, it doesnt matter. there are unlimited amount of ways to make money, from dueling other players and placing bets, to killing them in the wild, begging, scamming, and more.

3. Environment - 5 - ok most of the environment is made up of people who think they are better than you and call you a noob. everyone does this. but its easy to get over, just kill them, or just ignore them. Im level 111, and im still called a noob for stupid reasons. but everyone else that plays is an also a noob, so dont worry about it. but there is a great economy of ingame trade, and many ways to make money.

4. Graphics - 9 - graphics could be better, but hey, u dont have to downlaod anything. and theres so much this games got to offer. so i think its good for being browser based.

5. Addiction factor - 10 - every person i know thats played this is addicted to it. but if you have time management and play certain amounts a day or week like i do, then you can have a life and still play. very addictive game, and u never run out of stuff to do.

6. Clans - 10 - i love the clans in this game. ever since i have played ihave lead my clan, and it has to be the funnest thing about this game, that and player killing. you get to keep 3 items if you die the rest goes to the enemy. clan wars are awesome as well and more unique than any other game.

anyway overall id have to give this a 10 because every other mmorpg i have played cant amount to this game especially in the clans section, and being able to play it anywhere with a computer no matter the connection and still having a quality game really makes a difference.

Post Date: 03:12 19-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: RS Addict
Comment: Ok all this game owns your sox off!!! AND SHUT IT ABOUT THE BAD GRAPHIX!! I think they are cool in there own way. Everyone that rates this game 0/10 is because they say... I PLAYED FOR 10 MINUTES AND I QUIT!! You cant get the full gaming experince in TUTORIOL ISLAND!! In the real world it rox. So all u fattys out there that said I PLAYED IT FOR 10 MINUTES AND I QUIT!! GO FINISH YOUR TUTORIOL AND CAN IT!!!

Bottum line this game rox!!:o

Post Date: 22:13 18-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: wowisbetterthanrs
Comment: Ok you know what?This game is the worst.

1.It"s full of kids and its advertised on miniclip..a 9 year old site.

2.The Forum Mods are jerks.

3.JAGEX ARE LAZY, Jagex only cares about money and they know it.

4.WORST CUSTOMER SUPPORT/BAN APPEAL SYSTEM, when you get banned you send an appeal blah blah blah and it"s automatically denied, they use bots to answer ban appeals so when you write an appeal you minus well just write stuff.

5.MACROERS, Yeah whatever jagex you say that you ban 8k autoers a week, just stop lieing and admit your not, we see the same macroers over and over again and im not seeing any action agaisnt macroers.

6.ITS A CLICKING GAME, basically all you need to do is click to get things done in this game, I don"t see how that"s fun do you!?!?

7.UNFAIR BANNING, jagex you say you dont ban innocent people but guess what?You are. I gave my sister 1mil for her birthday and the next day we were both banned for REAL WORLD ITEM TRADING.

8.PLAYER MODERATORS, omg they are just the bossy things in runescape they think there all tuff and shit but whatever and wow they can only mute..thats really an awesome power -.-

9.LACK OF FUN, yup click and attack attack attack yup thats really fun!

10.UPDATES, Jagex you really think these updates are going to make people come back to runescape?NO, your making more people quit and even your childish events like the easter one.

Post Date: 13:15 18-08-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Xepher
Comment: ok,the people who play runescape will probably be fat chubby people who brings chips to the computer and eats like a slob who where"s like 5 inch glasses.this game destroys your social life.I mean who gets an online gf?the girl u probably will be dating can be like a 1000lbs 100yr old grandma.since i quit runescape a few weeks ago i realized it was dumb so i quit.those few weeks i lost 11 lbs.if i wuld be playing runescape still,i wouldn"t lost those pounds.p.s. wuld it be fun to just sit around clicking things so u can do sumthing?i mean people who r like lvl 90 members think they"re so popular...those people are retards.and last thing is i h8 jagex

Post Date: 22:30 16-08-2007
Rating: 5
Author: gsker
Comment: This game is pathetic!!everyone always plays it because its free....come oh u runescape jerks go download a cool game and stop playing this good for nothing game....gitting hax is way too easy...ummm you never git bugged...i was like hooked for like 2 years i wasted my life on it im so mad about was super hard to quit because it was the first noobie mmo i ever played so u know have fun beginners who luv this game....there are plenty other of mmo"s for you out there practice on this noobie game and when your done git where the amatuers are playing!

Post Date: 07:50 15-08-2007
Rating: 8
Author: waffles
Comment: First off, this game is definitely NOT going to win any awards for being the best game in the world. Customer Support is a complete joke, and what I've seen from forums and people I know, they really don't listen to their players. Yeah, there're a lot of scammers and hackers, but if you take usual precautions like firewalls and antivirus software (which you should have regardless of playing this game or any online game) and actually READ the rules, you'll have a decent time. The gameplay is very simple for an MMORPG and the fact that this fully 3D game runs on Java is quite breathtaking. Being Member is apparently "good" (I wouldn't know since I'm F2P all the way), but the way most of them look down on you doesn't help with the game's image. F2P updates are far and few while Members get new quests and items every month, but I suppose you get what you pay for. The community isn't exactly what you would call... acceptable (beggars, scammers, and the occasional horny 10-year-old), with everyone calling anyone they don't like "noob." By the time I hit level 30-ish, I had gotten into eight fights with other players, two of which where I had to actually go in and pk them. The rest ran away, interestingly enough. Through it all, this game is one of the most solidly built MMORPG I have ever seen. It simply screams the genre through repetitive skill training and, of course, screaming noobs. It's not only very accessible, it's completely free, with no obligation to "upgrade" to the members game. In my opinion this isn't the best MMO, but it holds the essence of MMORPG-ness (unlike *cough*Maplestory*cough*) so well that it deserves a place among World of Warcraft and Ragnarok Online. So, if you're looking for a very in-depth MMO experience and you're willing to shell out a couple bucks a month, go ahead and play your WoW's and RO's. If you're strapped for cash, have a slow computer, or just have less time than most gamers, try Runescape.

Post Date: 21:11 14-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: skyferri89
Comment: Zomg the coolest game ever omfg it has great graphics its better then ever game its better then world of war craft maplestory kal online silkroad gunz online tale of pirates rakion rapplez eudmon online knights online puzzle pirates cabal online flyff trickster online
best game ever

graphics 10/10
skills 10/10
gameplay 10/10
weapons 10/10
town 10/10
game 10/10
others 10/10
NOT ....its the most annoying game nooby game ever the most stupid game all games are better than runescape

Post Date: 19:47 13-08-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Yuffie
Comment: I used to play this, and I really don"t recommend it. You rarely find skilled players willing to help "noobs" and the only way to have fun is to be a high level with membership and lot"s of cool things, since that"s really the only goal, right? The quests are time consuming and so is leveling up. When I played I went in and out of obsessions, playing a lot for short periods at a time, and then quitting and coming back etc. It gets old, and I do regret wasting so much time on it. Let me just put it this way, I"ve probably played it over a span of about 3-4 years, made it to about level 67, and am still considered a "noob." You get hacked, scammed, whatever just like any other stupid online game. If you"re willing to waste your life online, then I guess this game is perfect for you, but if you"re not willing to waste a lifetime on it, then what"s the point in wasting a couple years? All you"ll have is a random high level player on a random game you played for a while. Hence, a complete waste of your time. I still go on occasionally, meaning once every couple months just to see how it"s doing and if it"s changed much, but that"s simply out of curiosity. I would never go back to really playing this unless I had a valid reason to, which I don"t and doubt I ever will. Oh, and btw you lvl 45s and everything that for an uncomprehensible reason think this is the best game ever made, you"re really dim. You"ve barely been playing enough to not be considered a noobie, and most people around level 90 and under are considered noobs, sadly. The only good thing I can say about this game is that it"s not female condenscending, and that all players are regarded by level, and not by sex. That is the only thing though, other than that it"s pretty pointless with no real purpose other than being able to show off how nerdy you are to other people with your high level and full drag or rune-whatever armour. Just fyi, nobody in the real world cares, so honestly what"s the point? I did mean to completely trash this game, but for anyone who reads this be warned, and it"s your fault if you waste all your time on it and regret it afterwards. You know, sunshine actually feels pretty good. You should try going out and doing physical activities in it sometime. Life isn"t about online stuff, you can do better, there"s so much out there you"ll never experience if you"re cramped up in your room on the computer all the time, just a thought. :]

Post Date: 09:00 13-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: rainoflife
Comment: its garbage
totally lame
limited to members
membership is only fun the first day
weapons and armour are bad
gameplay is bad
not original at all
combat is bad
quests are bad
monsters are pathetic
skills are bad
healing items are bad
no such thing as mp!!!
no classes
if u play, switch to maplestory
not the best game but great for a free game and u don"t point and click and u can jump

Post Date: 01:54 13-08-2007
Rating: 5
Author: smartyjonez
Comment: Three things to point out about all of these comments....

1. Most people who give 10"s are friggin jerks. So are the people who give zeros.

2. People who give 0"s and 10"s are people who talk like "ur a noob, i cood pwn u so bad!1!1!11!"

3. Its a game. Do not take it so far as to call people nerds, and morons, ect.

Now the game part...

The game is alright, and can entertain you for a long time, but do yourself a favor. Try not to only think about runescape all the time, all day, and play 5+ hours a day. If you find yourself doing this, cut back on your runescaping... otherwise you will get hooked, and eventually regret waisting a year (or more) of your life...

RATING: 5 because i really dont know what to rate this....

Post Date: 23:07 12-08-2007
Rating: 5
Author: royalfrost
Comment: I used to play Runescape and even though it is interactive. The graphics stink. the sountrack is the same beat. and when you get hooked your basiccly like a smoker. It is very very hard to quit. That is why I gave my account away at lvl.45 w/full addy.

Post Date: 03:00 12-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: rural
Comment: This game is amazing. The only down side are the graphics but this game has many amazing things. The sound track is amzing the comunity is great, for example the clan chat just came out and i have been invited to like 10 clans already plus like every time i log in i get like 3 new friends. It has a huge amount of places to go some underground some in magical areas and some even underwater. this game is great. There are achievment diaries were you have to do certain things like go to a dungeon or kill something and not to mention all the minigames! There are dozens of them all rewarding and fun. There are almost a 130 quests with more coming in the updates. There are 15 free and members skills and 8 members only skills there are updates every week and a weekly poll. There are shops dungeons hundreds of enemies an extremly high amount of items and much much more. and a monthly membership is only 5 dollars if you get a membership. This game is amazing with player and jagex moderators everywhere. atleast try it out.

Post Date: 22:20 08-08-2007
Rating: 4
Author: pokerhappy
Comment: ok, i guess i was a little unfair in my last reveiw of this game.... First off, yes runescapes graphics are lame, but quite frankly, who cares? if i had a choice between an excellent game with bad graphics (not saying runescape is excellent....) and a average game with awsome graphics, i would pick the excellent game with bad graphics. I think the weapon variety is pretty one sided... bronze sword, iron sword, steel sword, mythril sword, adamantite sword, rune sword, dragon sword. But for members, there are SOME unique weapons. Armor, there is pretty much only those 7 types of armor also, and a lot less unique armor. All of you who have said that you can get to lvl 90 in 6-10 hours, bull. This game takes a while to level up. The pvp system in this is pretty bad, you have to admit... you can only pvp in one place, you can be ganged up on by an infinate amount of people, if you die, you lose everything. The game is full of hackers, but face it, they arent doing anything to you. If they want to get no satisfactory out of a game, feel all high and mighty when they cheated there way to the top, let them. Not that i support hacking, i actually hate it, but they arent keeping you from doing anything. But really, the community is bad, the most commonly used word is "noob", people will try to scam you, but as long as you are smart, and dont assume that everyone will play completely fair, you should be fine....

Ok, now i have pleased the people who gave it a high rating, here is what i also think...runescape will get you hooked, and waist a chunk of your childhood/life.... just make sure you dont get hooked to it, and play 5+ hours a day, or else you will regret it...

Post Date: 14:26 08-08-2007
Rating: 7
Author: lego_monkey2
Comment: its an ok game it last a long time but it still gets boring after lv80 but its a lot of fun i like it becuase it is a good game even for the non-p2p verson but its pretty much just like it says RuneScape is a massive 3d multiplayer adventure, with monsters to kill, quests to complete, and treasure to win. You control your own character who will improve and become more powerful the more you play.

Post Date: 04:24 07-08-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Looser 64
Comment: ehh...its aiight. nice gameplay, quests were alright, you can learn a bunch of skillz, earning money is pretty easy.

i hated the pvp when i started ganged up by a group mages. freaked me out...
had a lvl 72. then got hacked unfortunately. :|

Post Date: 06:27 06-08-2007
Rating: 8
Author: dwelsh
Comment: Hello, I have a lvl 106 with 99 ranging. I have played for 5 years and it's by far one of the best games for free on the internet. Trust me I have looked at almost every MMORPG and its is one of the best FREE MMORPGs I have played all other free ones have to have you download a like 1GB Client and the updates are scarce. The game is boring till about lvl 10 but then you can access different armours and weapons. The Chat interface is farly nice along with the forums and support. There are drawbacks though too.
For one non-member servers are laggy and are full of bots, but give it a try and if you dont like it hey, all you have to do is stop playing it no downloads or anything to deal with thats why I give this a eight. DONT GET HOOKED!

Post Date: 03:36 06-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: dulick
Comment: come on people i played for a year got lvl 63 and i got hacked.Oh and there is many better Browser games than this....And im sure theres better ways to waste your money than this....

Post Date: 15:42 05-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: A 440
Comment: ok guys, you can"t say you"ve played for 10 minutes and it was bad, because you didn"t have an understanding of the game, and you probably didn"t get off the tutorial island, lol. I admit, the game was dull until i started actually playing. Even at lvl 20 combat the game starts to be good, and that takes about 2 days. I have a lvl 99 combat and a lvl 65 combat, both members. the 65 is pure with 75 str, and i have a blast killing people in the wilderness. It is very addictive, even if the graphics aren"t terrific. I"ve been playing for a while, and if you want to talk to me pm me on A 440 if i"m on. I would rate this 9.5, but i"ll say 10 because 9.5 doesn"t exist, lol. come on guys, I played WoW for 10 minutes and it was terrible. gee, maybe i never got into the actual game play?

Post Date: 01:52 05-08-2007
Rating: 4
Author: esuoherom
Comment: Okay I'll take it from the top...
This game has rotted my life out, sucked up 2 and 1/2 years of my life. It isn't really a bad game but it is very addictive and destroyed the last few times of my childhood. It takes a while to get anything done, which is why some people play a lot out of pure anticipation for something that isn't going to be that great (talking about skills, money, ect.). What I've noticed is that people who give it a 10, are pretty new, under a year at playing, and as time goes on the rating slowy goes down. I was a level 95, had 85 fletching and 89 woodcutting, knew how to rank up money. The customer support is pretty bad, they just want your money in the end. I did have a lot of laughs, stressful times, and having my brain go on autopilot a lot. I also had a few close to all nighters (until 3am). I used to love this game, now that I look back on it most people giving this a 10 are probably about 14 years old, if not I apologize. If I had a choice to redo this all over again.... I probably wouldn't, could have done so very much with that time that I wasted. Runscape is set up on a system that is similar to a pyramid scam, you want to be better than every one else, but there is always going to be that someone who is better than you. One last thing, a lot of people forget this is only a game.

I did have some good times but it wasn't worth the time sacrificed.

Think about it...

Post Date: 01:00 05-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Op RS
Comment: What is the matter with you people! it seems that all the reviews rating 0-4 are complaining that the graphics are terrible. Now let me say that these graphics are amazing for what they are! did any of you even think that the game is run in JAVA? And that it"s played in a simple internet browser? I"d like to see any one of you make a game like this.. oh and guess what?! the graphics are being improved! yay! -.- graphics in a game shouldn"t matter (well.. they should a little), it"s the gameplay that makes this game the perfect game!

Runescape may have an under average community and bad graphics but that doesn"t stop over 10 MILLION people from playing! That"s right, 10 MILLION! 9 million f2p players and over 1MILLION PAYING members and i am proud to be one of those million paying members. Now, i will rate each feature.

graphics - the graphics are not "all that" but they are really good in my opinion, and they"re improving! so i give them a fair 7/10
sound - now, most players don"t listen to the sound, but i do!
music - the music is absolutely amazing! some fit the area, some don"t and some are just plain wacky and funny, so i give the music a 9/10
sound FX - the sound FX are quite ok.. but they are pretty lousy and need some work so a fair 6/10
gameplay - i could go on and on about the gameplay but i"m not going to, in my opinion, the gameplay is superb, there is always tons to do whether it"s fighting using melee range and mage (you may switch between any of the 3 fighting styles at anytime simply by changing your equipment, by the way!) or just relaxing while fishing, cooking, crafting armor, weapons. jewelery.. etc etc the 1 and only downside to gameplay is the poor animations of combat, but don"t worry, you"ll live :p so i give gameplay a top 10/10

over all this games get"s a vote of 9/10 not the best, but the perfect game for me and many others!

Post Date: 16:59 04-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: nomatter
Comment: @@ first of all let me apologize for my spelling & speaking style - it isnt a language im good in @@


u see a point in another mmmorpg? visit a doctor for help about ur ill brains. there is no point in any game as it is just a game by definition.
if u was talking about "ur goal in the game", and still havent got it - visit a doctor once more to get a tablette from stupidness off him. i hope it will help u.

runescape (as it is) offers u a lot of things to set up ur goals at e.g.:
- getting max lvl (99) in a skill/skills
- getting max xp (200 mil) in a skill/skills
- getting max combat lvl (126)
- getting #1 rank in a skill/skills/total

thats are so say technical goals, as they are based on the game's maxes. there are also enough goals based on nice digits or w/e:
- getting 50+/60+/70+/80+/90+ in every skill
- getting certain total lvl/xp
- getting 100 combat
- getting maxed non combat skills as a skiller (combat lvl 3)
- gettint maxed f2p skills *playin in f2p*
- gettint to the first page in a skill's hiscores
- getting rare items
- defeating famous players in duels
and a lot more things to set up ur goals at in RS.


"pathetic" is a word not about RS's graphics, but about ur stupid head (idk can it be called "a head" though. it is more like an ass, not a head).

lets say two things start moving from point A to point B. the things are a turtle and a ferrari. it took 9 seconds for the ferrari to get to B, and 7 hours for the turtle to get there. u say "omg wat a slow, stupid, terrible turtle! it has lost so much! its pathetic!"

but is it wise to compare such things as a turtle and a ferrari in speed? nope! so wtf ur comparing wow with rs in graphical implementation?

yes, having compared graphics in wow and rs u see rs is camel dung. but compared to reality wow is more then pathetic. so wow is shit? u have to compare similar things to say "this one is more shit, then the other".


may be ur not aware (as u only completed the tutorial or defeated zezima in total after a hour of hard training after registering and then left claiming "wat a piece of shit!"), but its graphical engine renders the most populated places in rs world without any troubles using average computer. and it is all full-3d rendered by code written in java which is far not the fastest language to write programs in. try to visit world 1/3 varrock west bank (both are f2p worlds) to see how huge is the crowd there.

terrible and really pathetic browser-based games with underlying flash require a lot of computer's resources + they cant render any really complex scene smoothly + they arent even 3d, they r all 2.5d - thats the things closest to runescape u can compare with. but thats the same as comparing a turtle and a ferrari in speed.


== TO THOSE NERDS WHO SAY "-You can't often communicate with others (they ignore you)" ==

thats ur problems if a person ignores u + most of ppl keep their private chat turned "friends only" to avoid private messaging from such nerds as u is.

RuneScape is the most populated game in the world as there is no single servers - every player can enter every server.

RuneScape's ingame market is the biggest market among all online games - as every player can trade with every another player, no servers limits.

F2P version is very poor compared to P2P, but it still has lots of things to learn and do in.

If u wana get everything without doing anything - congratulations! Ur an idiot & a nerd = an iderd, 2 in 1. Please, if so, dont register in rs, keep the game nice place, dont increase amount of such persons like u are in the game. Like everywhere, u have to do some work to get something in runescape. Besides that, u cant give an adequate mark to runescape without having played it for long enough term, as it is not a game u can learn and pass during 450 minutes (f2p too).

The game (its P2P part) contains 100+ of not trivial quests (there are no lineage-like quests "hey matey! go and pwn spiders, pick up *** and come back to me for reward!") - if u like quests.

There are 23 skills to work on. If u like combat - strength, attack, defence, hitpoint, prayer, magic, ranged, slayer - are the skills of ur interest. Combining the mentioned above skills (without slayer) u can tune ur own kind of fighter. as every skill in rs can be from 1 to 99 (but not hp - newly created charscters have 10 hp) - it is very flexible.

Others skills are related to gathering/crafting/abilities (under abilities there is the only skill - agility - it affects running energy restoration rate). Everyone can find a skill among of these he whould like to train.

About PvP model. idk is it unique but it is closely connected with the model of dieing - u only keep 3 best items in case u die + nothing in case ur skulled (prayin gives +1 item kept in both cases). well, i dont think ull play a game with such dieing model and pvp on everywhere dont u? it is specific for rs to have wilderness as a dangerous pvp place, and it is due to the dieing model.

Concerning clans support - Jagex announced they will introduce clan chat in early august.

The game is very addictive (as some1 posted below), be prepared for this if u decide to play.

I wanted to say more, but even wat i said took me too long to write, so here the end is.


Post Date: 11:42 04-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: muzicangel
Comment: Terrible, terrible game.
-Graphics are pathetic
-I don't see a point in the game
-You can't often communicate with others (they ignore you)
-Confusingly lame
-I got bored of it after 10 minutes

Post Date: 20:29 03-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: jsknight
Comment: Worst game ever!!! like seriously the combat system is can only kill ppl in the "wild" speakin of PvP...that system is horrible too..

scammer"s/hacker"s run amuck (ban em they just make a new account and start it again) mostly becuase scammer"s and hacker"s make low level scamming and hacking account! DER DER DERR! then they give it all to there main!! and jagex is too stupid to even THINK of banning there IP Adresses!! like how stupid can you get ?! what you ppl know what this is doin to kid"s?? i"m walkin home and i pass by a group of like ten year old"s and one kid is saying... "OH MY GOD I TOTALLY PWNZORED THIS UBER NOOB IN TEH WILDY DUDE"S!!!" ...and followed by "SWEET DUDE!! i was in the bank and i was totally dissing this noob level 24 guy..he had the worst bronze my bronze is so much better man..." yeah....sad ain"t it?

oh and speaking of armour.. THE ARMOUR IS LAME! like you cant even upgrade it!! in all the game"s i have played you can upgrade armour..lke what the hell?!

OK well im done...This bad excuse for a game should be shunt from sociecty..but all you 7 year-old"s will of course keep playing it..have fun with ur point and click...

i got level 85 in 7 hour"s and 30 minute"s and in f2p

Post Date: 15:34 03-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Atheist Angel
Comment: First of all, to xzgamer, you cannot get lvl 75 in 8 hours, especially in f2p. And a not to everyone whos been saying that they have been playing for over 4 years, no chance. Runescape has been out since 2003, which means it just turned 4 years old. And you CAN solo the kalphite queen, my friend Russell does it all the time, and you can also solo the KBD (king black dragon). Members is only $5 a month, so if you want to try out the member skills, pay for 1 month, then if you dont like it, post a bad review. Members gives you many more areas, skills, monsters, equipment, etc. So its worth paying for. And to everyone that said theres bad graphics, check out the game now. There has been many updates and Runescape looks better than ever now.

I've been playing since 2004 and i have: lvl 92, lvl 72 w 78 magic + other high lvl cb skills, lvl 52 with 52 str and 57 magic, and many many more accounts.

Post Date: 07:58 03-08-2007
Rating: 9
Author: chimera452
Comment: I played on runescape for a year and i got 2 lvl 42 and thought wow this game is pretty good, the graghics may be bad but who cares! its not like graghics mean evreything! the skill were good as well and, unlike WoW the quest are very well layed out on WoW they like go kill ten boars or somin runescape have quests with a few difernt parts plus the econonmy is excelent! and the P2P is really cheap!its a 1/3 of the p2p price of WoW all together i rate this game a 9

Post Date: 21:48 01-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: jmaniscool
Comment: Wow. why would you rate this masterpiece a 0?? Please trust me when i say this: Runescape is a challenging, fun experience that doesnt really get old. I have played it on and off for 4 years and am a lv 45.

The skills are the main reason for this perfect score. One minute i find myself mining gold, smelting new armor, and the next minute i am pickpocketing people. The variety this game gives players is great. it is also very rewarding when you reach a goal, like finally getting 20,000 gold for that new piece of armor, or finally getting to lv 20 to make that new item.

I would even go so far as to say that the P2P is 10x better than WoW, and 1/3 the price! this jewel deserves attention, and rewards players for persistance. please take my word for this!

I love helping new players get started. My username is jmaniscool

P.S. Maplestory STINKS!!!!!

Post Date: 15:45 01-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: xzgamer
Comment: this game is pointless....u do the same thing over and over and the graphics stink also half the skills u need to be a member to use....theres only like 10 quests for non is horrible i here racists every were...scammers roam every streetsay "hey gimme your password and ill make u a member " what a joke...every wepon is the same...bronze axe iron axe steel axe and so on....and most of all goblins look like pixelated snot with armour and sometimes a wepon/......hoow sad...if u wanna a real game that is guild wars....WAY BETTER...

i have played it..i was lvl 75 in 8 hours....andi had 2 mil and i was non member

Post Date: 20:07 31-07-2007
Rating: 6
Author: yisliu
Comment: Comment to revilo can solo the kalphite queen, I've done it multiple times...
2. saradomin, zamorack, guthix, and rune are the exact same defense stat. EVERYONE wither over 100 cmb wears the same thing pretty much. The best they can afford, unlike other games where there's more than one kind of best.
3. pker ollie isn't even on the high scores haha...

However, with that said, I will say that there is a lot to do outside of combat which is good for people who don't want to focus on pvp. However, I must say that 90 percent of the game is grinding and it takes a while to level up.

Post Date: 13:25 31-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: revilo
Comment: ur all noobs who rated 0-3!!!! there are many different reasons why, i will state a few to save hours of painful finger cramps.
2. people say there are only a few sets of armor and weapons.ok.....bronze,iron,steel,black,mithril,adament,rune,saradomin,zamorak,guthix,woid knight,barrows(torags,dharoks,kharim,guthans,verac and the mage one)yak hide,dragon,fremenik helms(archer,farseer,beserker,warrior)white knight,temple knight initiate up to proselyte...SO U SEE! THERE ARE LOADS OF ARMORS ADN STUFF OF THE TOP OF MY HEAD! MANY MORE! NOOBS GO AND FIND THEM!
3. this is got to be the best one yet....u can be lvl 147! lol u noobs say u have played but then u go and give so many incorrect facts its hard to believe u have played atall!lolhahahehheheh!
4.f2p is bad but p2p is awesome, so much to do, map is like larger, and all u noobs who say that u got to lvl 87 or somit, got pked in wildy and lost millions are noobs still. why wud u take millions into the wildy?!? it defires belief, but then u quit and go boo hoo! i lost my santa hat! u dotn even bother trying to get it back!jesus.....

this probably hasnt been about the game, but abbout flaming the noobs who are soo immature and utterly stupid.

Carry on RUNESCAPING!! p.s my RS name is pker ollie(2 spaces between pker and ollie)

Post Date: 19:37 30-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Tams
Comment: Having played RuneScape for four years and being a member for three, I have a fairly good understanding of RuneScape and have seen how it has developed over time. RuneScape has many good aspects, but yes like every game it does have bad aspects as well.

The graphics may not be the best, but RuneScape has brilliant story lines, which not on their own make up for the lack of advanced graphics. You have to take into account on the graphics that RuneScape is a java based browser game and can be played from almost any computer with internet access (this is ignoring network banning) and due to not having advanced graphics does not require a powerful grpahics card to run well and smoothly.

The RuneScape community has rocketed in size and now has over a million members. I must admit, even on members worlds the sense of community, politeness, helpfulness and kindness has overall decreased, but that"s what happens to expanding games, a game becomes popular and undesirables come with that popularity.

The economy is in a bit of a mess with discontinued items reaching plain ridiculous prices now and updates causing big problems. However, this can all be overlooked if you want to.
RuneScape can require you to use your brain and even teach you things if you want to, but only if you don"t use fansites regulary. Examples being the Quests (of which there are over 100), Mini-Quests and Mini-Games.

The PvP is in bad shape, but it is hard to improve it as RuneScape is updated so frequently.

The skills may be a very big grindfest, probably one of the longest around, they do change a bit and can be interesting and you get an enormous sense of achievement when you reach a goal.

RuneScape is updated almost every week, a great increase from four years ago, making it one of most, if not the most vastly changing games around.

I am giving RuneScape 10, because despite its many bad aspects and flaws, I think they are vastly outweighed by the good aspects and that is why I have been playing so long. I advise you aleast try the free version.

Beware, RuneScape can be VERY addictive.

Post Date: 02:32 30-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Timmmy45
Comment: ok....... here we go.... Resons why this game stinks (i made an account level 80 and with a total level of 1000 something b fore i quit so dont say im a noob)
1. it"s to tideus and boring to level up

2. people think that noob is an insult

3. The PvP stinks theres to many pure running around 2 hitting people all the time

4. The skills are useless for the most part u wsit there and cut a tree for 100 hours and u only have made like 500k

And Stupidly also the graphics are terrible
If u play this game, step back..... take a look at what ur doing a see how stupid it is

Post Date: 17:24 29-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Run! Escape!
Comment: Okay, the last review I gave was slightly unfair. There is one good side to this game: you can play two characters at once, but the combat systen is designed that only in certain areas can you have two people fight something at once.
New rating: 0.1

Here"s something Runescape players need to understand: In order for an MMORPG to seem like a good one, it needs to grab the players attention from the start of the game and hold on until the player is convinced they will become a part of the game, not just a player. If it doesn"t, most people won"t bother to play the game. Keep in mind MMORPGs need to be either FUN or useful in real life. Otherwise it"s just a poorly written story told from your character"s point of view.

Here"s another bad thing about Runescape: If you play it, you start to look like a three-year-old when you type (e.g. "omfg ur all noobs bcause runescape is better u ned 2 get 2 lvl 116 n then it gets fun!!!!!11!111") and you forget you can use the [Shift] key to capitalize your letters instead of putting more than one "!" at the end of everything because Runescape tries to do it for you. Tell me what level I need to be in this game to have fun and I"ll grind combat experience to get to that level and tell you all how fun it was.

Post Date: 02:06 29-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: hrisca ayoma
Comment: OMG! i cant stand to listen to u babies! "im a noob and i played 5 minutes! the graphics looked lame! there r no weapons!" god! u noobs that rated this game 0 r stupid. graphics dont make a game in ne way. go play bob the builder the video game or something instead of wasting page space and keeping potential runescapians from hearing the truth. the f2p version might be slightly bad but that doesnt mean quiting cause u think the tutorial is terrible, cause it does. now go finish the tutorial and play the game to its fullest. its awesome. i dare u. can i get an amen?!

Post Date: 06:58 28-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: saar baa
Comment: best game ever cool graphics and killing is cool awesome good community best graphic ok wow is better graphics but this is still better ok now keep on playing fans!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post Date: 13:30 27-07-2007
Rating: 8
Author: scatus 66 lock
Comment: sure i played to the max on this game getting a 126 mage and a 86 atackovrdefence dude but the game after i found out about EVE and WoW and guild wars i thought this game was bad but still giving it a 8 for the year and a half i played

Post Date: 03:10 27-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Dreamtheater556
Comment: Okay what is the most important thing in the world of video games.......CHALLENGES!!!!! Sure the graphics are bad but this game can almost never end. With every door closed another door opens. Many people get on the game for 2 minutes then quit because they say its boring. Those are lazy people! trust me im lvl 76, rank around 7 or 8 skills, a member and it is awesome! Sure its boring when you start it, what isnt??

Post Date: 01:55 26-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: S1ck0rSan3
Comment: most of you people think too much about graphics and that stupid stuff.
overall, its the best browser bassed mmorpg i"ve ever played.
if u play sherwood, there is NO WAY that u cant like rs. if u actually play the game its fun. i"ve been a member for about 4 months, and have been playing for about 3 and half years. im lvl 80, rank almost 10 skills. the game play is very simple. combat is ok. money making is very easy after awhile. for u fools that think there are lvl "145"s" calling other people noobs all the time, ur wrong. most players keep their mouths shut. and if u play in mem worlds u dont get that problem. toketsu, u must be a 6 yr old. everything is so easy, and graphics dont matter. playability is the main part of a mmorpg.
most of u probably watched ur friend play this, or played ur friends account for a few minutes, u need to have a good start to make it fun.
ffs people, play the actual game for some time, not 10 minutes. or for u 7 yr olds, go play gta

Post Date: 20:23 25-07-2007
Rating: 8
Author: wiz13
Comment: i think its one of those games you play when you got time to kill i play when i got nothing beter to do but then you get hooked

Post Date: 19:29 25-07-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Toketsu
Comment: I played this for 10 minutes and i quit it is horrible!!!!!! The graphics stink the moveing system is hard to control the camera angleis a pain in the neck and the combat is poor it is the worst game i ever played idk why some poeple love it so much i just think it is terrible!

Post Date: 15:40 25-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Xanatu
Comment: this is one of the worst mmorpg out there.the graphics stink community stinke combat is just point and click.basicly this is a starter game for 9-11 year olds.

Post Date: 17:12 24-07-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Unkn0wn
Comment: I"ve played this game off and on for the past couple years. It"s a pretty addictive game once you get into that "thrill" of grinding to be one of the best. The community on this game is pretty good (members not f2p), sure some people are morons but in every MMORPG there"s morons. Pking in this game is also very fun, that is all I do when I bother to sign on anymore. I can"t say anything bad about the graphics since this game is programmed in java and they are exceptionally good. As for customer support and what the staff listen to, they"re both terrible. They only listen to ideas that morons are giving which is slowly downgrading there game. Yet they don"t listen to the suggestions, small and big which will help to improve there game without messing it up. Oh and there clan support in this game is terrible. They keep promising they are going to add clan support, but it has been 2 years since they promised it and nothing has come out...

I wouldn"t reccommend this game to anyone unless you want to spend endless hours grinding for very little benefit. I say that because most skills best thing only requires level 70-80 to make or use. That"s only 1/20 - 1/8 of the total experience to max a skill out, so for any skill you want to max out you just spend hours upon hours doing the same thing over.

Anyways I rate this game a 6/10 only because I enjoy PKing in this game, soloing KBD and KQ.

Anyways over the past couple years these are my best 3 accounts I made.


I"m done with this game now, I just sign on to PK with friends now and do clan stuff.

Post Date: 19:23 23-07-2007
Rating: 3
Author: moooo566
Comment: A good game, but could be improved. It is possibly the only game of its kind, as it is 3d, non download, no compulsary monthly fee, and a decent chat system. There is quite a lot to do. Its graphics are a bit awaful, when looked at in perspective with other games, such as WoW or Guildwars, but for no download they are kinda cool. It had me hooked for quite a while. until i got guildwars. i suppose really i just had nothing else to do. it really is kinda stupid and awful when you have time to reflect on it. I was gonna give iy six as a rating. then i thought about it.

Post Date: 21:52 22-07-2007
Rating: 8
Author: I_play_games
Comment: hmm ok i would say this is a pretty fun game when you get your level up and for u to actually enjoy it u have to become a member or else runescape is really not good the good about this game is that you dont have to install anything on it just create an account and play! which is very good as you can play games like flyff but they take about 4 hours to install its graphics are brilliant for not installing anything there are loads of quests to do if your a member but i suppose its worth trying out im now level 89 member on runescape as its very fun if you play for a while but you have to become a member or you wont enjoy it BELIEVE ME runescape try to make you a member cuz they are making updates all the time but only for there just trying to get non members to become them with all there updates so i rate this game an 8

Post Date: 09:24 21-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: dimitriz
Comment: i kinda don't see the point of this game. well, from jagex's point is to fill your empty with runescape crack, poison you to play this 24/7, 5 dollars a month that because you got used to it, invited your friends to play this. also its a waste of time. more reviews coming near here. and ratings are increasing or decreasing. zezima is hiding herself. runescape players might find out wear. and we have some people who plays bots, starport, poxnora, knight online. and a girl is hiding a banana. anyone should find it where is she hiding it. giggety giggety giggety goo. stick around

Post Date: 22:47 20-07-2007
Rating: 2
Author: WesleyZornen
Comment: I have played this game for quite a long time. it is extremely boring. The only good thing about it is that its free (nonmembers). It takes forever to gain levels and that is the main flaw of the game. It is completely level oriented. If you are the normal gamer it is a waste of time. Since the game is all level oriented All the fun stuff is for high level people. So in other words you cant really have fun until youre a very high level 'cause if your not in all the pvp stuff youll get owned and people will be going around calling you a noob and verbally abousing you. There may be lots of items but there are only a select few that people actually use. all the high lvls look the same and all the low levels look the same. you will be spending all ur time just get to that next level to find it is only the same as teh next. have fun wasting your life if you play it...

Post Date: 11:13 20-07-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Nidhogg_Kill
Comment: I think runescape is o.k.

It's one of those things where you love it or hate it, not so much a middle ground. I found it extremely addictive and fun, but hey that's me.

The advantage of Runescape is you can play for free forever, in a fairly big world. However if you want to be really strong you have to pay 5$ a month (that's like 17cents a day), but get 20x more things to do, and have more fun.

The quests are pretty awesome in members, storyline is ok, but it's very clever.

I reccomend trying it in free play, and if you enjoy it, give members a whirl. I only quit because I realized how badly MMORPGS suck up your time. I spent probably 6 months playing free, then 6 months members. If I totalled it up, I bet I spent 2 weeks of my time on it. :s

So try it, if you like it, buy members, hate it, just don't go flaming saying OM9 roonsc4p3 21 fur nubs omg lolrotflolmao.

Post Date: 05:04 20-07-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Sarcophilus
Comment: Well, my rs name is Julius Grim. I"m an on and off player. I know the graphics aren"t too great, but you know, at least there are graphics. And well, they moved up to 3D, which is a start. I"ve seen other people say, "its easy to join". Thats true, but, it has nothing to do with game play. There are a lot of weapons and armors, and continue to be made more. A fun part of runescape is the quest"s, but the requirements and items you need are reasonable at best. Other than that, there are the skills. Let"s start with combat.

There are 3 forms of combat, each balancing each other out, a combat triangle. There is ranging, magic, and Melee. There are attack and strength skills, which only matter for melee and defense skills which matter for everything. Oh, and there is prayer, a sad excuse for white magic. The only bad thing about these skills are, well, magic consumes runes, which are very expensive, and rare. Especially for higher level spells.

To make the money there are many other skills. Though not called it, I will say my little system of these skills.

Gathering Skills: Skills in which you simply gather materials


Manufacturing Skills: Skills in which you make products out of raw materials gathered or bought.

Herblore (I know its in twice, thats how it works)

And, Miscellaneous skills: Skills that don"t fit into any of these


All these are ways to make money, or you can simply be a brute and kill monsters for their drops. Oh and there"s buying at low prices, selling at high (merchanting).

Besides skill lvling and quests, there are tons of mini-games, which are almost all pretty fun, but can get repetitive really fast.

The music in game stinks, and the sound effects stink too. But oh well, at least they"re there.

And, well the community isn"t good either, but once you make a couple friends, it doesn"t really matter.

There is no party system, which is a major downside, (no cooperative play).

There is not a good clan system (a branch of forums, no official clans either.)

And, even though it is a big world, it gets boring, real fast.

I agree with others, that it is 95% work, 10% fun.
Thats why I"m an on and off player.

So well, all these elements combined, it is still a pretty fun game, therefor, I give it a 7 out of 10.

Post Date: 20:42 19-07-2007
Rating: 3
Author: knightnamcoo
Comment: I've played this game for about a year then quit.It's Non downloadble (good) but bad community.Their comabt system is in need of help major.Ignor ethe people that give it 0's they probably only got to lvl 4 like most nubs.

Post Date: 22:45 18-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Elren
Comment: I can certainly agree that there is a lot to do on RuneScape, but this, in no way, constitutes a good game.

GRAPHICS AND INTERFACE: This game"s graphics are awful. Wow, check out those AWESOME polygon shapes and solid colors! The UI is horrid as well.

SOUNDS: The sounds are as flat and uninteresting as the music if you ask me. Glad, then, that there exists the ability to turn off your speakers.

GAMEPLAY: The game-play doesn"t redeem these facts either. The level system is akin to a pile of shit... there was a reason that you chose your class in character creation in the other, more popular games, you know. Combat is nice and simple, the magic system is retarded (you need a certain number of runes in your inventory), the quests are not worth completing, and the community is filled with morons. Sure, you can level up to 100-something, but frankly, there is no point. Gielinor is simply not worth exploring.

RuneScape is pathetic. Pretty much *everyone* who plays it are close-minded morons or those who endure it because they do not possess the funds to upgrade their computer. I wish I could rate this game with a negative number.

Post Date: 16:49 18-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: RSCown
Comment: This game is probably the best MMORPG (pricewise)
that you can get. Yes, a lot of 10 year olds have given it a rating of 0, because they rather play teletubbies (oops i mean maplestory)

Post Date: 06:41 18-07-2007
Rating: 9
Author: dudefunman
Comment: Ok, lots of people are just saying oh theres only iron and steel, thats because they are fat and lazy and dont want to level up, people who say that its boring is because ur too lazy and u want to get spoonfed, if you level up its fun once you can see what you can do with those levels and you feel amazed, and the people who say its boring, they play, but they are really poor and thats why its boring, its a good game, graphics being constantly updated, more things to do than WoW, and you pay for that game you know... RuneScape is optional F2P OR PVP, its up to you, if you dont like fighting go try fishing, and for that person that said you only find 5 monsters every hour, your fat stupid dumb nerd whos fat and eats shit, theres like 300 monsters in free to play, from dungeons to wilderness, guards, theres just lots, and in members there is so many! everywhere you go you can fight anything, and for those people who say its really boring, go on and explore the place, fight some monsters, try different weapons, get some $$$ and it will be fun seriously, im giving it an 8 for overall but 2 deducted for graphics, try it, its 3d and browser base, for that person that said maple story is better, theres no variation rofl! you get like two swords and you can only do what ur race is melee or range or mage, and its stupid 5 year old graphics and you say runescape is for kids rofl, maple story is so childish rofl i rather watch teletubbies.

Post Date: 02:20 18-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Blazzer101
Comment: ok, i have to admit, i played this game and i got to lvl 59 and was a member for like 3 months. yeah, i played the game for 4 YEARS!! 4 YEARS WASTED!!!! head my warning do not under and circumstaces attempt to play this game, you WILL get hooked and you WILL die eventually get hacked or get killed with alot of good stuff!!! and do u know wht happens to u when u die? no? well then, YOU WILL LOSE EVERTHING IN YOUR INVETORY THAT YOU WORKED TO SOOO HARD TO GET.


90% work
10% fun
95% of the ppl are ass holes or either noobs, imeture 8 year olds, or 45 year old losers who spam u because you are lvl 78 and they are
lvl 147

Post Date: 00:45 18-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: masterlink1103
Comment: CHECK OUT THOSE GRAPHICS!!!I played runescape once except it was called "Paint" on my desktop. If you acually played this game past lvl 5, you have absoulutly no life. Please, Jagex are the most bootlegged,lifeless losers who make money for drawning in "Paint".

Post Date: 13:26 15-07-2007
Rating: 3
Author: ~cApTaIn~K~
Comment: Runescape has alot of stuff to do only if you're a member. But once you finish all the free quests if your parents won't let you be a member you can't do anything but raise lvls and talk to people. There is almost no action going on unless it's a holiday. It's dumb. But I give them credit for the good comunication part of it. Besides if your a strong lvl like 45 you can do all the free quests.

Post Date: 05:36 14-07-2007
Rating: 5
Author: higyhigy
Comment: Shut up k3tchup10 I know runescape isn't perfect... it's a game that make me puke everyday(that how i describe this game). I know it very easy to create an account but it just a time waster. It waste the time of your lifespan it's like once you played it you only get a few days to live! This game is horrible... no it horrendous. And you have to pay 10 bucks to be a sucky sucky member, jagex company is stupid! They're just telling people that runescape is great and fun, well they're wrong! They made some kind of lousy 1985 games. You can't do everything in runescape! You can't swim! That's one thing you can't do, and there a million more things that you can't do like getting married, adopting someone else ect. And when you start at the mainland at lvl 1 defence you could wear bronze and iron, you brought the armor and weapon eaither bronze or iron type, and then when you get your defence to lvl 5 you get to wear steel and then you brought the steel weapon and armor leaving all the bronze and iron stuffs behind. And then you train and train and train everyday, fighting the same monster doing the same stuff, and you know it runescape jerks, this game suck balls! When the day comes runescape people, you would leave the game and never look back! And you Systmfdwn147,the community:if i was there telling everyone they're a noob i mean it. And you said "If you want the best RuneScape experience", it's not an experience, it a nightmare. And people while you can DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME!!

Post Date: 22:26 13-07-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Systmfdwn147
Comment: RuneScape is a very good game, but it has many flaws. The PvP system isn't all to great, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying this game.

The community: Ah, the community. It's not very good, filled with 10 year olds who like to run around calling everyone a noob (most of which are in the f2p worlds). Yet, there are still some willing players to help you out when you need it.

If you want the best RuneScape experience then I suggest becoming a member. There's a lot more for you to do (WAY MORE!!!). The community there is great plus you get more quests, items, and skills.

Post Date: 12:26 13-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: k3tchup10
Comment: runescape is almost perfect..
it has bad graphics but not that bad for being a browser game.. i love u don't need to download.. and that is very very very very very VERY easy to create an account and to start playing.. some friends ask me why do i play it a lot.. but they are f2p and f2p really sucks.. but p2p is great... and runescape doesn't have a timeline, and i love that because u can go anywhere and do anything, u dont have to follow a story.. andu can make money be famous trade compete u can fight PvP staking money or stuff.. etc.. and WHO SAID U HHAVE A SMALL VARIETY OF WEAPONS AND ARMOUR!?!?!? u really have a veeeeryyyyy huge variety of them.. u can use anyone u like and u can play any role at the same time not as other games in wich u can only play as warrior, mage, range, etc. but only 1 at a time.. that sucks.. also other games have better graphics but bad gameplay and u can't do anything u want.. so
this game is almost perfect (the only bad thing are the graphics.. but its getting every time better!!)

who say it sucks are noobs who don't understand the game very well or people too lazy to work for get lvls in skills and say "its boring".. actually is pretty fun and addictive..

Post Date: 00:58 13-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: dimitriz
Comment: THE WORST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED! this game is really messed up by jagex and the rest of the poeple. in fact there"s about 200k people messing the game up. also i don"t really get the whole point of this game. you have all the points and everything done. but there"s nothing to celebrate. also i don"t really get the deal about items. why the hell are the prices dropping. like 1 year ago dragon long swords costed 100k. but now, they are 85k! what the hell was that? this game is the number source of crack to every kid who is playing it. also you members are really stupid to this crack. sooner or later while you are playing 24/7 on this lousy game. the member price adds up to 10 dollars. even every update its for members. you know jagex. you have to have people to ban macros off this game. or else you know what. everyone will stop playing. here is my advice to you stupid people. GET A LIFE.

Post Date: 11:39 12-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: higyhigy
Comment: THE WORST MMORPG AND GAMES I EVER PLAY!!! I rather play space pinball rather than this low quality GAME!!!! Look, when you try to cut down a tree you get your puny little axe you swing it and the tree was behind you, you swing your axe a few times again and then when you finish your buisness on the tree, the tree just disappear, they don't fall down or anything, they just DISAPPEAR! It just a waste of time downloading or money on a membership. Very poor gameplay and graphic(espaicially the graphic)and everything you can think of. Very very bad comunication. When you first come play runescape, you're a noob you finish that tutorial island and you come into the mainland people said "can you be my gf" or "bf" and sometimes they says "if you want armor, weapon and money come with me!" well they're just scamming ya. And those "report abuse" button, don't bother clicking on them if you not gonna play it(you wouldn't want to). And when you start first you like just advance your attack, you get it to lvl 5 and it say "congratulation you have advance your attack you can now wield steel weapon!", and you talk to yourself "hey this is cool and fun" well admit it, in the future you would hate it. At school some people are saying "hey you know that runescape game? it so cool!" my opinion THEY ARE DORKS(to me)!

Post Date: 17:33 10-07-2007
Rating: 9
Author: tzrmtd
Comment: Runescape is a retty good game it's just somewhat obbsessive and has somewhat bad graphics. runescape has repetitive music (which you can turn off) and to many autoers (which is against the rules). Runescape has many skills, quests, mini-games and mini-quests which make up for the graphics, autoers, repetitive music and somewhat obsessive behaviore. In my opinion runescape is the best game but thats my opinion.

P.S. You can't be addictted to something that you do not consume in some way.

Thanks for reading!

Post Date: 12:37 06-07-2007
Rating: 9
Author: tehnoobhater
Comment: im giving this a 9 people say OMG bad graphics and barely any good armor or weapons!!!well no actually if you would get your head outa your buts you would find that there is a large variety of different types of armor and weapons i assume that 98% of people who post hear havent been a member sure it doesnt look like wow but the minigames are well done quests are extremely challenging and you have to work for your good expensive items.
people need to look past the hard chocolate coating and inside theyll find a soft Nougat center..... hard work goes into this game and i think its not getting the rep it deserves although i have to admit it might get boring for some after a while. i quit after 1 year because i couldnt become successful in it a while later i gave it another try now i play it again and im a large success at it if it gets boring go ahead and quit but give it a try a year or so later you might find it interesting again.

Post Date: 19:05 05-07-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Lefton
Comment: I see a lot of people give this game an unfair rating of 0. Simply because they think this game gets boring. I hate to break it to most people, but most games that are free get boring. Only really good games, that normally cost a lot of money, stays exciting.

The graphics do look choppy, so I'd give that a 4.

The game play is actually pretty good. A lot of the skills are however similar to all the other ones, they are well thought out and give some verity. (Instead of just doing one thing, like fighting over and over.)I'd give it a 5.

The sounds are limited, but there is a large variety of music, even if they do seem they are from the middle ages (Maybe because that is where the game setting is?) so I'd give that a 6.

The paying version I have herd offers a whole lot more verity, but the free to play is nothing special, but it's not bad enough to just give it a 0. I'd give it a 5, good enough to try for a month or two.

I'd say if you wasted a year or two, then that is actually a LOT better then most games. For those that rate this game just based on it getting boring and repetitive, then you need to go outside or something. Because that is how almost all games you will play will become.

Post Date: 03:48 04-07-2007
Rating: 1
Author: MapleStoryRocker
Comment: Ok, I will try to give this STUPID game a fair judgement despite my ABSOLUTE DISGUST for this game.

You may start playing it and go: "OMG! I love chopping down trees!" CHOP CHOP CHOP then you go: "OMG! I can burn the logs!" BURN BURN BURN. The game starts off fun and you have a fair chance of getting addicted to it ( which I sadly did for about a year or so). You go around your everyday life (in real-life) thinking about runescape and wat ur gonna do 2moro. 2moro: "YAY!I advanced a fishing lvl! FUN FUN FUN!" then after a few months (or a few years) you get so bored of the game, you smack anyone who talks bout it. I havent smacked anyone but I always shout at them and practically deafen them.

So, lets start with the ratings:

Gameplay: 1
Fun gameplay at first because of so many skills but then absolutely nothing to do afterwards because you realise all the skills are VERY boring.

Sound: 0
The sound is very scratchy and sounds like it was made in 1765. No range of attack sounds and area sounds are completely disgusting!

Graphics: 0
Putrid graphics that are very "shaped" using circles, edgy lines, pentagons etc. Dimly lit, with very edgy shading. No light source, bad colour scheme. Thats why I give it a 0 for graphics.

Jajex have made the game so that it is addictive for the first few months. How do they do this? They captivate your attention with many skills. You go: OMG! So much to do! This is so much fun! Then you try out all the skills and u (OBVIOUSLY) are going to like one or two. You start training those skills. You keep training. Training training until it gets boring. By then you owuld have wasted a year or two on this completely AWFUL game.

Another aspect is the variety of we4apons and armour. At lvl 1 u can use bronze and iron. so u use the best of them which is either iron longsword or iron scimitar, leaving the whole bronze range and nearly all the iron range behind. At lvl 5?? u use a steel long or steel scim. at lvl 20 u use mith long or scim. No real variety.... in maple story u only get 1 choice of weapon for evry few lvls. This leaves no weapon behind and u DONT get bored. They also have fun weapons such as flags, snowboards, surboards, skis, paint brushes, maple weapons, books etc.

Post Date: 21:18 03-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Zzeey
Comment: Rune Is one of the best online games out there. Its offers more than just PvP, Quests, it offers over 28 skills, a large area of game and a grate communinty. I have to say F2P, Has downgrading because it is full of WoW lovers, pures or t3h 1337 kids. But P2P Is one of the best gaming expierences out there. Unlike WoW, The quests actually have meaning- And always a good reward, instead of going out and killing 10 harpies. you go and solve a puzzle(Or whatever) Runescape doesn"t offer good graphic like WoW, but who cares and the graphics, its the game that counts. The knowleadge base really helps New players. P2P Is only £3.12 A month.

-Lots of skills
-Frequent updates
-A great P2P coumminty
-LOTS of gaming experience
-Lots of armour
-A good soundtrack

-Bad graphics

I Have also heard people saying that you can only use from 8 sets of armour. WRONG

If you actually paied attention to the game you would find that there are at least 100 sets of differnt armour for all classes

-Barrows (There are 6 differnt sets of barrows)
-**NEW** Dragon items
-3rd Age Armour (3 sets of this)

And many more.

No dot rate the F2P version of the game, because it is bad. but P2P has so much content you will play until your fingers bleed.

Post Date: 19:41 03-07-2007
Rating: 2
Author: kswish
Comment: Though there are a lot of things to do in RS the graphics are just pathetic, even for a browser-rpg. the only fun thing in the game is how you PvP. you can"t just slice any noob in pieces cause you have to be in a certain level of the PvP area.
A 2 minor

Post Date: 19:11 03-07-2007
Rating: 0
Comment: ok people, what rskid111 posted scared the living daylights outa me. first off, if you like this game you either have no life, dont care for your own wellbeing, or dont want to get laid EVER, or a mix of all of them.

Run! Escape! your a prophet sent from heaven to deliver us all from satan, literaly your absoulutly right, this game is a piece of trash!
the players on this game are pathetic, and yes you horrible people who play this game, ive played it before too so going: "dont knock it till you try it" wont work this time.

Post Date: 18:41 03-07-2007
Rating: 6
Author: Muck Sticky
Comment: OKAY. I have played this game for a good 2 years and have a lvl 91 acc now...And i quit. Mostly because the mods....there straight up douchebags...and the economy is just...rude. I dont rele like members...mostly b/c of trash talkin pures...and you have to have at leaste 20 mill to survive out there in mems....and for something really new....such as a dragonfire sheild...or whn the dragon 2 hand came out....ppl want 100mil for the dragond 2 hand...literally...and like 35mill for the dragonfire sheild. I have tried quitting this game so many times...but its so fun being rich and having cool stuff in the i gave all the stuff away to make sure i dont come back....wich was 40m+ worth of stuff...and now i play guild wars b/c its free and the graphics kill...and falling....bad

Post Date: 22:20 02-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Run! Escape!
Comment: It's not the graphics or gameplay that makes an MMORPG... it's the players.
I made a female character once and as soon as I reached the mainland I was spammed with "Need bf" or "Can you be my gf" or some other thing that just SCREAMS "I live with my mummy and have no life in real life!"
No, don't play it. Worst MMORPG ever. An MMORPG Tetris could be better.

Post Date: 17:04 01-07-2007
Rating: 0
Author: zip0070
Comment: Worst game i've ever played. graphics are terrible, theres only a few types of monsters and you can only find like 5 every hour. NEVER EVER TRY THIS GAME.

Post Date: 15:22 29-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Sylexus
Comment: STAY AWAY the only way it's going to be fun is if you waste $5 a month with your credit card. Everything is repetetive and boring and the community sucks thanks to all the 10-13 year-olds who are high levels and think their so great so they go around calling everyone a noob. The pvp isn't even worth trying.

Post Date: 03:46 29-06-2007
Rating: 4
Author: hellraise21
Comment: I give the game a 4. The reason this game looked fun was the free part. But after like 2 years it began to get boring. Free stuff really didnt get to be so fun anymore. The quests were too easy, and money started to get hard to earn. A game that runs on Java that looks that good is amazing, but its dissapointing on the FREE scale of the game. PvP was boring, knowing that someone could always kill you, and the battles were really boring once you got to a decent level to kill.

Post Date: 03:06 28-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: rskid111
Comment: As a "noob" a few years ago, I thought this game was the worst game ever. I even got to the point of quitting. But after a year, I guess from boredom, I started playing again. The skills are just so addicting, when I started back up, all I could think about was being one of the best players. Whenever I saw a level 80-126 player, I just looked in awe. Now I am a level 86 player, and the feeling is just so powerful. Knowing that you are among the best is incredible.

Another big aspect of the game is the economy. Having a lot of money really makes you feel good about yourself. Once I got my santa hat, I felt a surge of power that just is so amazing.

I think what drove me to loving Runescape is the sense of power and being the greatest player out there, with so many looking up to you.

Rating- 10 :þ

Post Date: 01:12 28-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: nightreaper
Comment: Horrible game.I have a level 62 and 71,but its so boring and repetitive,alot of my friends play it but its just so boring.
WoW pwns this game BIG TIME.
extremely repetitive
quests or horribly boring
small selection of weapons and armour
bad graphics (not bad for a browser game though)
NO storyline
and worst of all mostly everyone that plays is are stuck up snobs!

World of warcraft is better
great storyline great graphics ausome pvp and gameplay
fun quests
HUGE slection of armour and weapons
and most of the people that play are nice

overall runescape a big fat ZERO!

Post Date: 22:23 27-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Rip The Sky
Comment: Let's see... Well, if you don't mind being called Noob, N00B, Nub, Newbie, Knewbe, N00bie, newb all the time, and if you don't mind playing with horrible graphics, rude people, people who think they're the best, and especially don't mind having a panzy staff (creators of the game/ Panzies cuz they wont answer most serious questions and have tons of restrictions on words and won't talk to you if your asking something important), THEN THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU! =) Oh, and btw. If your older than 15, I seriously suggest not playing this game at all because the average age group is 10-15 and because of that, you have a lot of hormone enduced retards going everywhere calling people noobs and arguing with anyone you can find.

Post Date: 19:50 27-06-2007
Rating: 4
Author: TheJimster
Comment: I'm sick of people reviewing and having absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Personally I don't like this game anymore and my personal rating of it is a 0. But I won't give it my personal rating I'll give it what I think it deserves and thats a 4.

Post Date: 19:32 26-06-2007
Rating: 4
Author: nerd4lyfe
Comment: This game has terrible graphics and animation. Ignoring the graphics the game was OK. Spells and skills weren't that great. Horrible PvP. But the music is pretty good and if you have a high level or a lot of money it's very rewarding.

Post Date: 22:40 25-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: velicious
Comment: I believe RS is a very well thought out game with some very good ideas. When you look over the poor graphics and advance in levels it can become very addicting. I used to play but as i grew up i started to get bored of it. The level advances become veryyyyyyy repetative and boring as gameplay is continued. RS in my mind is still a great game for a bit of fun so i think it deserves a 7.

Post Date: 04:20 25-06-2007
Rating: 4
Author: Wild_Devo
Comment: Well, i played this game for just 2 months and got to level 62 and the rest of my skills where at like 54. Here is the review:

Graphics: Smoother than n64, but not nearly as detailed, nobody really has a face or can look cool.

Skills: There are like 30 spells but you cant really learn them just get like a bizillion stones and use them up and have to go make/buy more, no energy/magic meter.

Sound: No music. The slashing sounds are pretty cool so ill leave that alone.

PvP: whoever is higher level will win, since everyone can use the same weapons and gear (like 5 different kinds of weapons and armors only...and they all look the same just different color).

Community: In my opinion only thing good it has going for it. Tens of millions of players, makes friends easy to find, always have a fight and challenge.

Economy: Rich=Impossibility

Extra pros: Lots of quests and minigames

Extra cons: like 75% or more of the world has to be bought. Takes forever to move. You can run for only a certain period of time. Lags, ALOT!

Post Date: 19:41 24-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: mmoReaper
Comment: i spent time playing this gamee i found it fun somewhat but theres a lot of down sides to it such as. alot of young and annoying players, i find the graphics pritty bad, and i find the movement system akward over all it was a fairly good game takes a wil to get use too

Post Date: 18:45 24-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Mhardy
Comment: Horrible. Horrible pvp system. Horrible graphics. Everythink horrible.

Post Date: 09:14 24-06-2007
Rating: 6
Author: kiwinator
Comment: Runescape is a fairly good game spoiled by some key factors.
Negative points:

Community: This is one of the largest problems. Runescape is a game designed for younger players who don't want to spend heaps of money to play a game. Unfortunately, these players let it down. They use a combination of scamming, swearing, and rudeness in general to make your Runescape experience as bad as possible. These younger players do not accept the fact that a game based largely on its community cannot handle the stress of tens of thousands of players who enjoy making other's lives a misery. However, this is a generalisation; most players are nice, honest people. The majority of the annoying players are on the free servers anyway, making the member's servers even better.

PvP: Another let down, in my opinion. I played this game for quite a while, was a member for a few months, and got a total level of over 1200. I quit, and am now playing WoW, which is better, once again in my opinion. PvP was one of the reasons why I switched. I couldn't understand why people could enjoy a system like the one in Runescape. If you play properly, and surely you should be, every battle has half of your worldly goods on the line. Many think this is fun, but I don't. It becomes even more likely that you die because of the noob hunters and group PvPers. The Castlewars minigame is a far more fun type of PvP, but is only accessible on member's servers. Also the Castlewars minigame is not set up so that different levels are split up. Lvl 60s are pitted against lvl 120s, with no hope of winning. Most MMORPGs are able to come up with a better PvP system than Runescape. This is, of course, my opinion. I say this, because I can't stand getting flamed by misguided fan boys.

Sound: This is another negative factor. Many of the soundtracks have the audio pleasure of polyphonic ring tones. However, Jagex decided to go for quantity over quality. I seem to remember around 100 tracks, all, but a few, being fairly awful. However some like the music and I respect that, we all have different taste.

Neutral points:
Graphics: Well, they're 3D, Sort of, its more 2 and a half D. The animation sequences have about 5 frames each; I think the dancing one has 2. However the landscape are put together fairly well, trees and water all look realistic enough so it’s not a bad point all together. Towns aren't that impressive but they are all constructed in 3D so it’s not so bad.

Economy: The money system is fairly good in Runescape. However there is one vital problem. The economy is failing. It’s sad really. Discontinued rare items such as party hats are becoming super-inflated while macro-ers and cash farmers are pushing the prices of normal commodities down. It is soon likely that the Runescape economy will crash, and that will be the end of it. Although I'm not particularly fond of this game, it will be sad if Runescape dies from the thing that kept it alive for so long.

Gameplay: Runescape consists of a very basic point and click control system. The whole game system is either a left or a right click, meaning sometimes you will do something you didn’t mean to, like attack the thing 30 levels higher than you, when you only wanted to examine it. However this mean it is easy to master and you don’t have to spend ages learning the controls.

Good Points:
Skills: Yup these are fairly good. Over 20 of them, once again Jagex have gone for quantity over quality though, I must say. Building on the economy paragraph before this, the last few skills have been colourful, desperate attempts by Jagex to restore the economy. The construction skill was merely a cash sink. In the few weeks after the skill came out rares dropped largely in price, as people were selling low to buy materials for the new skill. The skill offered no profit and was just an attempt by Jagex to make prices of rares go down. From what I can see, the hunting skill seems to be another of these cash sinks. However the old skills, like mining and fishing, are well put together and have a good amount of grinding to make them hard to level, but not too much so that it’s impossible. I have seen many wearing skill capes (Capes which show you are lvl 99 in a certain skill). Skills are one of the best parts of Runescape; however macro-ers are making grinding even less fun (it is possible). Random events are one of the many added parts of skill raising designed to get rid of macro-ers which make grinding even less likeable.

Mini-games: The mini-games in Runescape are well-done by Jagex. Some are combat designed while others are designed to help you raise skills, some even give cash rewards. These add to the fun of Runescape.

Quests: Jagex go for quality over quantity here. There are only around 150 quests compared with several thousands in games like WoW, but the quests in Runescape require you to think a lot, sometimes to a fault. A lot of the times the quest descriptions are too cryptic and get you thinking ‘What the hell do I do next?’ But you get a sense of achievement if you work your way through one without any help. If you get really stuck you can always use a fan site or the built-in quest helper.

Well then, thus ends my review. I’m not going to include cost because I am reviewing the game, not the value. In my opinion the cost does not define the game. Let me put it this way: ‘A game is not good because it costs $5 a month; rather, it costs $5 a month because it is not-so-good.’ Now I’ve tried to be intelligent, and I stretched my 14-year-old brain hard to give this review and tried to give my view on everything, although I’m sure I missed parts out. Don’t flame it, think about what it says, agree or disagree, but give reasons and be polite. Thank you for reading.

Rating: 6/10.

Post Date: 23:50 23-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: someguy1223
Comment: Remember the time when Runescape was the best game ever? Yeah, me neither. Bad graphics, unfriendly community, bots galore on the non-member yew trees, and battle system that makes a board game look good come together to make a horrible game. Believe me when I say your time is more valuable then this. This is a game in the "I don't tell anyone I play this because it would bring shame upon my family" category.

Post Date: 20:11 23-06-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Lemonized
Comment: i used to Adore this game. but, it got boring. its very hard to make friends-especially if you are new-people always try to take your items in trades, its hard to get gold when people keep killing you in the wilderness-plus, they team up on you- its just..sad. the only thing i like about it, is that the graphics are halfway decent. not great, but good.

Post Date: 18:27 22-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: xenocide
Comment: This game is great, it has many PvP and minigames which will get you jumping out of your seat (not really) there are classes, this is an attack people use against runescape, it"s just that you can change classes alot and it doesn"t say it when you right click on your character.

The graphics are better then my gameboy graphics, the runescape graphics are pretty bad but they grow on you making this game next to perfect, nah I wouldn"t that that, PERFECT.

There"s great economy and the game takes a LONG time to beat, a.k.a. will not leave bored unless you"ve played 24/7 for three years XD

The stupid thing about reviewers who review this game is that they always say "ooh we have to pay for eversing ts so stupd why!!!1"-my answer, Why do you have to pay for the rest? Because Jagex can"t live off advertisements! And 7.50 a month is really cheap compared to other mmorpgs.
Another rant- "Why can"t we swear without being banned!?!?11" my answer, because we don"t want to offend stupid kids like yourself.
Another rant... "OMG we cant hak!!" my answer :) - Sorry Jagex is a smart company that doesn"t let their game get hacked by quitters like you.
Another... "Omg we cant jump over peeple to dge atkss zis stinks" I"d like to see you jumping over a person with 125 pounds of solid metal on you.

Personally, my favorite thing about this game is watching you charecter develop and turning out to be good at EVERYTHING, not just fighting with a sword like in other games.

In this game, there are many ways to make money besides just killing stuff and selling the loot. You can cook food, get hired as an assassin, be a farmer, be a merchant, and bet in the duel arena. The entire list is too long to write.

Graphics: 7
Sound effects in combat:1...
Normal sound: 8 ( really good )
Pvp and pve: 7
Minigames: 10
Ways to make money: 10
Fact you don"t have to download and it"s still one of the best games: 10

Overall: 10/10

I"ve played 2 years as a f2p and never got bored, now I"ve been playing as a member for another two years. It"s no so bad in members world, only problems are very few scammers and thrash talking pures. Oh yeah! You can own your own house and make it a great mansion. + runescape is updated weekly, not monthly.

Runescape, is truly the game that is in the top and will stay. Go runescape =)

Post Date: 16:14 22-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: smartyjonez
Comment: with some points, i agree with Pkwiz0, and juggernaut (why are people judging it by graphics, it is really boring on free world, and there are tons of macroers, and scammers, ect.) because it get really borring, really fast on free worlds. That is the main problem. you dont have much benefits at all unless you pay. yes the graphics are bad, but quite frankly, who cares? if you play the members version, you get tons of benefits, but (you have to admit) even in members, it still gets kind of boring. some of the skills are cheesy, like theft. "i am gonna steal from you, when you are looking right at me. yay, i got 21 coins. crap, he caught me.... now he punches me in the face, and i cant block it." and the construction, i think was just overboard.... it has (i will add this to it so i dont get angry posts...) BARELY any point to it, except getting a demon servant who gives you free food..... Pkwiz0 is also right about there being games far worse than this that cost more. I do question if rpgraterguy and everyone else are looking at the same game (btw, when i played, i played in high detail, and i was a member, and it still was pretty bad...) but, rs doesnt update a lot.... and when they do, the updates are pretty dumb.... there are an un-imaginable amount of scammers, and autoers (only matched by maplestory, it has way to many autoers....) and as long as you check your trade window carefully, you wont (shouldnt) be scammed. I dont think this is the best game i have played (actually, i am sure it isnt the best game i have played, but ohh well...), there are games like world of warcraft, and guildwars that are better, but i also have played games WAY worse than this.... i dont think it is peticularly deserving of a 10, or 9, but i also dont think it is fair to give it a 0. Play this game only if you dont have the money to pay for a different, better MMORPG. Some have said this game stinks, and sometimes i agree with them, but it is a decent game, if you have nothing else better to do, or dont have the money to buy WoW, or Guildwars, ect.


in game name, smartyjonezz (not that it will do you any good, i am never playing again anyways, despite what i have said, but that is for a different reason... no i wasnt banned, i actually have something better to do than play runescape....)

Post Date: 23:48 21-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Pkwiz0
Comment: Best game ever!

I've played this game for about 4 years now, only got boring when I was a free player, but once I got members for only $5 a month it was amazing. There is so much to do, so many quests (Usually a new quest is made every month) and new weapons come out almost once a week, so unlike what other people have said, there is quite a huge variety of weapons to choose from. There is Bronze, Iron, Steel, Black, Mithril, Adament, Rune, Dragon, and that's just the melee baseed armours and weapons! There's also Barrows armour, which has armour for mages, rangers, and meleers. There is Dragon Hide armour, which is only for archers. And finally there is stuff like mystic and inifinity armour for mages. Also there is a large variety of quest armours, and more!

I highly recommend playing this game and getting members. I mean... It's only $5.00 USD a month, that's nothing compared to other games far worse than this.

Also, what gets me is the fact that people judge the game by it's graphics. It might have bad graphics, but that doesn't mean anything.

Super Nintendo games have bad graphics but they're still as fun as can be! And some of those old arcade games like Pacman had bad graphics, but they're fun. Well this is basically the same. It has bad graphics, but it's LOADS of fun! Way more stuff to do besides combat.

And then there are the skills. There's Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Prayer, Magic, Runecrafting, Construction (You can make and design your own house!), Health, Agility, Herblore, Thieving, Crafting, Fletching, Slayer, Hunter, Mining, Smithing, Fishing, Cooking, Firemaking, Wood Cutting, and finally, Farming.

Every skill has a point, and is very fun, anyone who says they get bored real fast is usually because they have no patience, and would rather play a game where you can get the max level in a week.

Please don't let the bad graphics and reviews stop you. This game has to be one of the funnest games out there, with a large variety of things to do. There are a few bad things like Macroers, and scammers, but they can easily be avoided!

If anyone has anymore questions, please message me at [email protected]. Thank you!

Post Date: 21:59 21-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Juggernott
Comment: Everyone who rated this game down for its graphics are stupid. This game was made for people with computers that cant handle graphics. It says that everywhere on the frickin game.

This game is surprisingly addictive but gets real borring real fast. You get it in bursts. What Shanabanana said was correct everyone does wear the same armors and use the same weapons, theres not much variety. Good skills though and some neat ideas.

For people who have good computers that can handle beter graphics there are a lot beter games than this. But if your just lookin for a fun little game that takes no download and is easy on your computer then this is it.

Post Date: 06:15 21-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: y0_m0mm4_0wnag3
Comment: I used to play runescape alot...yet now it seems lacking of interest. The game has its good moments, but there are many downfalls of the game. If you are looking to try out runescape it all depends on what you are looking for in a game.
Graphics: We all know that the runescape graphics aren't the best out there...they are far from it. But then again why say this game is horrid just because of the graphics? If you like this game you truly just forget about it or at least dont think about it while you are playing ^_^
Sound: The music is not all that bad, but the sound effects are repetitive and somewhat annoying. Overall sound is one of the better qualities in the game.
Gameplay: You either like runescape's fighting system or hate it. I didnt find it bothersome, but if you dont mind watching your character slash back and worth hoping you pull through then you should be fine. I do not think you need "skill" for this game. Its based more on luck, and ill prove how. You can have two equal leveled players fighting against each other(whom i will call player A and player B). Now during the fight Player B hits continuous strong hits yet player A hits more 0s than damaging. They are the same level, have the same weapons, yet player A takes the beating and cant seem to hurt player B. Now since you cannot control you attacking by pressing anything, you really have to rely on luck to win a fight, especially in player vs player. There are plenty of quests(especially in members) that can keep you busy. Some are challenging and a few can be fun, while others just plain fustrating. Quests allow you to traverse different and new regions and areas as well as equip or use new items. Aside from fighting, you have many skills which allow you to take a rest from questing and killing monsters. Most of the skills are fun yet, take time and dedication to get higher levels. A few of the skills are needed to make money, get food, make weapons etc. And also(in members)you have skills that are just plain useless or not needed as much as others. But other people may find them fun and interesting. If you totally dislike fighting, im sure you can find one core skill to make money. By core i mean Woodcutting, Fishing, Mining/Smelting...etc. Skills are one of runescape's stronger points.
Community: This has to be runescape's lowest, weakest points if not darn close to it. Every now and then you come across fellow, good, mature players. But more often you have like, 10 year olds who think they are big and bad because you cant see them. The most common word used is noob. Used as an insult, its really dumb. Like pwnanator said, You will get called a noob for anything, like if you are 1 lvl lower or have no money, or even if you dont sell them something extremely cheap just cause some other players have decided to sell way too cheap. Then there are the people who constantly say they have a main who can own you. Its usually followed by the saying," okay go get your main." The other person replys: "It was lvl 126 but got banned!!" Pfft yeah right.
Anyway, aside from that i decided to give it a 7. At times i could of given it a 10, when i really enjoyed the game and without factoring in the bad sides of the game. This is a good game to have fun, but i honestly do not know how someone can play for over 1 year. Ive played max 7 months, and finally decided to quit. I decided to make an actual review and not just tell gamers looking for a new game all the bad points. The game overall, is an actual good game, even just to try it out. If you dont like it, stop playing it, walk away, find a new game, be happy. This review is strictly my opinion in hopes of giving gamers some tips of what they are actually going to find and not just some horrible game that most people bash. Good luck and i hope i pointed out and cleared up some things if you were deciding to try runescape or not ;]

Post Date: 02:43 21-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Shanabanana
Comment: Rpgrater, I'm level 117 and have been playing for 4.5 years. (Look me up: Goku_Ssj410) There is no variety of armor, everyone wears one of three armor Dragon, Guthan, Verac. If you aren't wearing one of those three you get called noob. All the other dumb armor and weapon updates Jagex comes out with are completely stupid and no one above level 10 wears them. Don't go - well look at full granite, how many people do you ever see wearing it. There is no weapon variation at all everyone single person uses a whip.

Rpgrater I'm wondering if we were playing the same game? The High Detail button adds absolutely nothing..Other than occasian dark green lines that if you think really hard you can figure out they resemble grass. I don't really enjoy walking on squares either...

Heres what I want you to do tonight before you go to bed, Download free 10 day trial of World of Warcraft, create account, and try it out. Look at the graphics and tell me if Runescape is anything close to it. Its kind of a heft download it will probably take you about 3-4 hours. So do it before you go to bed, I don't really care if you continue playing WoW, just look at the graphics.
If you have anything else that you think might be a positive, let me know I'm sure I can explain to you whats wrong with it.


Don't get me wrong, this use to be a great game, about 3 years ago I'd of given this a Solid 8, this game should never be given above an 8 because of the graphics, but there use to be a time where it was fun, and people were nice. Now that doesn't exsist anymore.

Post Date: 22:14 20-06-2007
Rating: 4
Author: pwnanator
Comment: I used to like this game, but then it got really boring. Graphics blow, and half of the skills are completely pointless. Yay! i'm going to go tend my garden! Who was begging for a gardening skill?
Don't expect much from the community either. Get ready for people 2 levels higher than you calling you a noob and talking about how badly they could own you. Someone actually called me a noob once for having a high defense level. And there's the "My main could own you" people. If you ever get into an argument with someone who's a lower level than you, you're bound to hear the phrase, "oh yeah, well my main could own you!"

Post Date: 19:26 20-06-2007
Rating: 1
Author: noobytune
Comment: ive got to admit i really loved this game, but now i finally realised ive been wasting my life on this trash,skills not bad most mmorpg dames only fight and quest,graphics the worst ive ever seen!and community is horrible,theres thousands of scammers autoers and hackers! i advise u never to go on this game:)

Post Date: 06:17 20-06-2007
Rating: 9
Author: rpgraterguy
Comment: yeah the peoplpe who give it a zero just have no skill rs has updated alot. oh and when you play there is a big red button say high detail u should try and click on it!lots of diff armor not alot of professions wich stinks. ive been playin it for a while meber might be worth it if you know how to make money as a member. the real problem is the combat. i move sword 9 i move shield 0 i hit one more time drop bones not worth anything get 1 zilliion more bones u get lvl up skill last 2 seconds. its good to make friends i play hours on end.:p . except for all the lvl 126"s calling you noobs i think if you know about the game and play it it pretty good. and making acc is really easy

Post Date: 01:20 20-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Shanabanana
Comment: Graphics 0/10 - Awful I've seen two year olds that can draw better than professional graphic artists can design. It's not that the technology isn't out there, its just they are bad at it. Lately they've been basically updating their graphics at the cost of one update per week which basically kills a whole week that coulda been used for something else.

Skills: 4/10 A lot of them that are pointless after reaching a certain level. Then there is a lot of them that have no purpose at all. Fire making, are you freaking kidding me? All it does is allows you to make fires... And its a skill that people spend no less than 100 hours trying to max it out.

PvP: 0/10 Most worthless PvP ever. Everyone has the same weapon and armor. So everyone can hit the exact same. Here is how to win PvP in Runescape. Don't lag, have a bigger team than the people you are fighting, and hope luck is on your side.

Community: 1/60 You may ask why 1 out of 60? My answer is because there is one good honest player per 60 players you meet.. Full of scammers, hackers, autoers, and just annoying noobs that follow you and ask for free stuff.

I've played this game for 4.5 years and I finally tried out another game (World of Warcraft) and the only reason I log on to Runescape anymore is to say hey to my friends, or help them out if they need something.

One good thing about RS is its only $5 a month... Well you pay for what you get and what you get is awful.

Post Date: 02:38 19-06-2007
Rating: 9
Author: chiknstu
Comment: this game is pretty sick
great community, updated at least once a week, free, huge maps, practically never run out of things to do(unless you've done everything, which takes long time)(years)), on the spot report button:), very extentsive gameplay, browser based so you can play anywhere! millions of players worldwide

-cons: many scammers and AI macroers, can't go afk, free version is only updated when like the whole game needs fixing.. which is like never! only english and german servers..but they're working on expanding.

anyway i have played the game for many a year and i forget that i must take some breaks everynow and then

Post Date: 22:02 17-06-2007
Rating: 1
Author: GaMeLoRd101
Comment: very sad game.....i really thought jagex would do better wen a bunch of my freinds told me to play this...i got to lvl 75 in a day...or more like 10 hours... I DID TAKE BREAKS!!!!!but dont bother playion it..i only gave it 1 cause it has swords and stuff like that u would finsd in an mmo

Post Date: 01:36 17-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: RS SUX
Comment: My typical day in RS(before I quit):
Log in and withdraw some items out of bank. Use my point and click controls to walk. Click a man. Then I appear in "abyss" (tunnel). Walk through tunnel. Click a rock. Congrats, I just crafted 50 nature runes. Right click my necklace. Appear back in bank. Repeat process for 5 hours or so, until I have enough for some virtual armour (3 hours=1mil, you need at least 5 mil for decent armour or weapons). Then I go train. Click a monster. Monster dies. Click again. Click food and heal. Repeat for 5 hours to raise one level. Think Ill do a quest now. Walk to a man. Man tells me to get items and kill 4 other men. I get items and bring them to man. Then I walk for 2 hours and reach the 4 other men. I kill them without having to do anything because my prayer stops 100% of their attacks. They drop diamonds. I bring diamonds back to man. Man gives me 20k mage xp. Hurrah. Then I click ring. I appear in a waiting room. I wait 15 minutes for a new castle wars game to start. I click a table for bandages. Then I run out and click my enemires. They die and I heal myself with bandages. Then I walk to virtual trees. I click on trees. Wood appears in my inventory. I use knife on wood. Wood turns into bows. Then I click a spell then click the bow. Bow turns into money. Repeat for 5 hours. Hurrah I raised a level. Walk to fishing place. Click fishing spot. Drool and watch my character dip a net into the ocean 5,000 times over. Then I walk to bank and deposit fish. Repeat. Then I go to mining place. I click rock. I get ore. I walk to next rock. I click rock. I get ore. Repeat. I go into player killing place. Walk inside. No one there to kill. I change into 10 different servers until I find people. Then we click on each other. No one dies because people just teleport away before they die. But we all end up wasting food. Then I go duel. I fight some guy. We stake money. Then we click on each other and hope we get lucky. We're the same level with the same armour, but I hit a 20 when he hits a 0. Then he hits a 50 and I hit a 10. Then he hits a 35 and Im dead. I lose all the money I spent all day getting on that bet. Oh well I can do the same thing tomorrow. Now Ill go sleep and dream about Runescape.

Post Date: 01:17 16-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: pokerhappy
Comment: Wow, Ace726, i coulnt have said it better (well i did say something, but then some moron completly claims i was wrong.... yes you know who you are....) To that moron, i was wrong about the weapons, but the armor, you have to admit is completly one type! other than castle wars (by the way is a friggin waist of even more time.... you have to get like 1000 tickets to get the only set of castle wars armor that is worth getting, and you get... 2 castle wars tickets each time you win, each game lasts 20 minutes, lets say you only win 45% of the time, lose 45% of the time, tie 10% of the time.... if you tie you get 1 ticket, if you win you get 2, if you lose you get 0.... using that percentage, you need to play castle wars 1000 times... 1000 * 20 = 20000 minutes, to get that armor.... that means to get that armor, you need to play castle wars for 333 hours, something minutes... and the other armor is only "rune ________" "adamantite ________" "mythril _______"
"steel ________" "iron ________" "bronze _______"
"leather ________" "dragon hide _________". so unless you want to spend those 333 hours trying to get armor that only gives slightly better armor than rune (that is approxminatly 14 days...) then figure out you could have spent those 14 days getting better armor, then realizing you could have spent THOSE 14 days doing any thing other than playing runescape, realizing you could have spent those 17520 hours (2 years) doing something worth while with your life (you think "well, 2 years isnt much" but lets brake it down.... 2 years = 17520 hours = 1051200 minutes = 63072000 seconds... now think "wow, that is a lot of time waisted"

Plus the community. If you are a member you get a cool area where you can fight people for stakes, and not lose all of your items in the process. But the person you fight puts up the same thing as you, you both think you can kill the other, and when you start kicking the guys butt, he says "defence ch00b" (god, they need to at least not be 1337 817(|-|35.... if you can read that, you know what i said....) and if you end up killing them they say it is because you are a defence n00b, or a str. pure... that means that either you raise your strenghth really high, and not defence at all (str. pure) or that you raise your defence as the highest priority. (defence n00b) i got called that all the time, and i had 60 str. 60 att. 47 def. and i was level 73. that is not raising defence at all, but it defenitly isnt being a str. pure, as people who are str. pures are already 99 strength by the time they are level 60. You will get addicted to it, waist years of your life doing it, then think "what could i have done in that time...." i will let you fill that in. now no one should say any of that is wrong, because either you have problems, or you are only level 10 or something, and havent figured out what the game is really like (and if anyone whats to try and see if i am lying, my name isnt pokerhappy in runescape, its smartyjonezz...."

please save your time, and dont play this game....

Post Date: 18:19 15-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Sir Rawr
Comment: This game is terrible, DO NOT PLAY IT!!! YOU WILL WASTE 2 YEARS OF YOUR LIFE, AND AFTERWARDS YOU WILL WONDER WHY!!! I have found why this game is sooo adictive, it uses subliminal messaging. In both the visula and audio, ever wondered why the grafics are so bad, and music so horrible??? And yet, you wonder why sounds sound so good? This is why.

Please, don"t start playing this game, it will take you 2 years to stop, two years of my wasted childhood, that Jagex can never ever pay back, so please, DON"T play this game, DON"T even look, listen or talk about it. AVIOD THIS GAME AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

Post Date: 16:46 15-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: scrub234
Comment: omg every body who plays mmorpgs has played runescape and loved it. they just quit becuase they got scamed or tsomething. can get boring. but for some reson this game is so much fun!!!!

Post Date: 02:52 15-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: slaz92
Comment: alright, so i like played this game for like a long time, a few years. i have bunny ears on my account to prove it. the game is so addiciting! i would play it for a few days then think about playing it and i would just have to play more. i'm not sure why this happened, didn't happen with any other games i played. i started runescape when i was in like 5th or 6th grade just looking for things to past time. ended up playing it until freshmen year in highschool. i still find myself playing it once in awhile. i thought the community in runescape was nice, but i hated free worlds. i had a ton of runescape friends that would help me out and visa versa. i'm not sure why everyone's rating it a zero. it's not that bad of a game! i've played worse, like puzzle pirates

Post Date: 01:35 15-06-2007
Rating: 1
Author: aeroshinobi
Comment: okay for all of u suckers out there that still play this, i advise u to GET OFF NOW!!!! rs is addicting at first (and i should know, i wasted like a year of my life on this)but it is way too low quality for such an addicting game. in the beginning its like "omg, i just got my wdcutting to 87!" but then the next day ur like "what was i thinking! i spent 5 hours cutting down virtual trees and getting called a noob!" then you try to raise ur combat lvl, that way you could have an actual sense of achievement, and its fun for a whil but the fun runs out way to fast in the f2p world. u r FORCED into becoming a member, then u realize there are so many better things to do in the world. plus the GU grafix, community,etc., etc., etc., sux. u get my drift. so get off before u become that wierd fat nerd off of south park playing everquest, except with a game that runs on friggin JAVA, so ur not even like a cool nerd. The only reezun i gave this game a 1 was that it is so addicting.

Post Date: 22:17 13-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: HanabiJou
Comment: I played this game for quite a while...

And I think for a short period of time, I lost my sanity.

This was one of my very first MMORPGing experiences, so I was convinced for a while that every MMORPG had a horrible community as well as graphics.

Don't play it. You'll get addicted; I promise. And it's a waste of your time and -eventually- your money.

Post Date: 19:12 13-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: nonforgotten12
Comment: all i can say about this game is that its totally horrible! when you play this game, its like its eating your brain out and its wasting your time! its addictive but in a bad way like crack. its good for the first time but then as you grow wiser you can't help but say "What was I thinking?" The gameplay is horrible. All you do is just point, click, attack, and then finally watch the monster die in a very bad MIDI formatted voice. It's so bad, that even DYING is boring! The weapons are very limited and you have to depend on items to do magic! the community is very horrible. almost every single day, you will get called as a noob. even if you're like lvl 100 or something, it doesn't matter, they don't care, they'll still call you a noob. magic is poorly prepared. you have to search for hours until you can find a rune. the graphics look like something my 5 year old cousin drew! the goblins are just green blocks and no matter what, man or woman, you'll still look like the manliest man of all. most of the features in this game are practically useless. "Oh i have to cut down this tree so i can save my life!" Yeah, well who cares? they are practically useless. I don't care, chopping wood is not an important skill! I can do that at home and i don't feel like I leveled up or something!

Overall, this is a very horrible game unless you love being humiliated, useless, and embarrased by the whole gaming community.

Post Date: 18:26 13-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: kittykatman
Comment: when i started this game id have given it a 10. i loved it even though the graphics are kinda ermmmm.. .well you know... terrible.

after a few months i was playing 5+ hours a day. it had me hooked and i couldent quit! i tried and tried! eventually i did! and im glad

Post Date: 17:45 13-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: titoBingyiSL
Comment: Rune scape. where magic is real and dragons kick ur cyber butt. There is no point ot this game. Ur a noob after like 45 levels. and its not worth 5 bucks a month as a member. I know i played and i was a member. i was level 70. i played before dragon shit, so if u think im a noob go take your sword and cut your cyber self. I mean cmon. This game has like appeal past maybe a year most than it just gets boring. take it from a veteran, when u got all the cool stuff, and there is nothing more u want to do. ull quit in a week.

Post Date: 02:56 11-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: jacody
Comment: this game was the first rpg i had played and i liked it for about 4 or 5 months. but, then i started to dislike this game,but heres my review......

Graphics- 5/10
The graphics were pretty good but, not that good! the water looked like an error in the game and half of the monsters, you cant make out.

Community- 1/10 really, noob? thats all 95%ofthe people call you that at least 2times a week! a bad community except for the 5% of good people who will help you.

Everything Else- 6/10
the spells the weapons and everything were pretty good, and kept you entertained for awhile.


Post Date: 22:07 10-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: shnog
Comment: i hate this game whos put a turtorial in a game? its called a web site and game guide in web sitelearn to read, andhave imention the graphics and the music? They stink!

Post Date: 03:42 10-06-2007
Rating: 4
Author: rob619
Comment: With this game, you either like it or you hate it. I reached level 87, I had ancient magicks and over 6 million in gold. There are many good features and just as many bad features in this game. I think the best thing about Runescape is CastleWars. A mini game where two sides defend their castle and capture the flag. The only thing unfair about this is that any level can come in. So if you are a level 25 and you see a level 80 coming your way. You might as well just run. Many pointless skills in the game that are a big waste of time(yes I am centering around firemaking :D) Used in what? A few quests. Sure. Pking is also a fun part of Runescape. Pking is made more fair because you can only attack players close to your level depending on how far into the "wilderness" you are. Basically, PVP is the only reason I would say to play runescape. If you don't already have a decent leveled account, I strongly recommend you don't start playing this game. Otherwise you will spend pointless months with the same old |Cut down a full load of trees| > |Bank| > |and Repeat|... and once you get bored of that you can |Mine a full load of rocks| > |Bank| > |and Repeat|... Overall great PVP game. Otherwise, no.

Post Date: 17:44 09-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: truestory
Comment: WORST GAME EVER i never played this game actully but my cousin showed me it.........for some reason he enjoys the very very bad gameplay very very abd attks very very bad graphisc and evrythign ver very bad i cant stand this game

Post Date: 23:21 08-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Ace726
Comment: tsk, tsk, tsk... siiiiiiiiigh....
This game ate up a huge part of my life. To me, 7 months is a lot. I look back a few months... what was I thinking? How could I do this?
Graphics: 0/10
Wow. Just... wow. These are the most incredibly AWESOME graphics of ALL TIME!! In the world of unreasonable people, that is. The character customization is stupid, the goblins look like mucus, the imps look like animated twigs... ugh. Freakin" MAPLESTORY looks better than this. And if you want a good MMO, play Maplestory.

Gameplay: 0/10
Ahhh, the worst part of the game. Let me tell you, this game requires NO SKILL WHATSOEVER to play. When you battle, you don"t do the normal "Jump over enemy, get in a slash from behind, oh, press c, YEAH, I blocked him, slash, fire blast... YES! I won!", but you WAIT for the battle to play. It"s like watching a movie. It all depends on your level. Also, there are 20 something skills to train, but guess what? Mining, tree cutting, smithing, fishing, they all Stink! And they are just like fighting. A lame 3-5 second cinematic.

Community: 1/10
The community is trash. They all yell out " Noob! Lets go wilde and p00n the dfs newb!" If you just started the game and ask someone to help you, they say "Figr it out urself newb!" Now, Maplestory"s community isn"t perfect either, but only 1/9 ppl in MS would tell you off. The other 8/9 would help you out or stay silent. The only reason this got a 1 is because of the 1/1000 chance that a nice person will help you out.

Variety: 0/10
AAAAAAHHHH!! There are a lot of weapons to choose from. Not so bad, right? But Jagex killed it here. Instead of a good 70+ weapons, there are like 10 weapons, the same 10 for every class. Same for the armor. For example: Wow! I got a steel Scimitar! Hey, one more level and I"ll have a Mithril Scimitar!

Yeah. So all of you who said the people who rated it 0 have no life, you"re dead wrong. YOU"RE the one with no life. I am a lucky man. I gave up Runescape and picked up Maplestory. I play every now and then. Since I gave up RS, I got a girlfriend. And if you do the same, you might get one too.

Post Date: 08:33 08-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: whiting1289
Comment: Its a pretty good game with loads of things to do. You just have to ignore the little kids who make fun of you for playig runescape.

A runescape hater = Soilt gamer

from what i have seen the only people who hate runescape(i do not mean not like because thats just normal and up to the person) are immature adults or kids who die by a goblin, cant get past tutor island, got scamed or downloaded a keylogger and like a moron blame it on jagex with the immature "Teh n00b song" playing n the back ground... HAHA funny thing is most of the runescape haters love the song "Teh n00b song"

Infact if you hate runescape or any game like many people i see here then you need help and to get a life as fast as you can.

Post Date: 21:49 07-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: dabest
Comment: This game is soooo bad
graphics stink, gameplay is lame etc etc...
most of the people who"ve played this havn"t even seen the better mmorpgs out there
im lvl 94 and i only played this before i found out about the better games and found out that i was wasting my time on this.Even members are stupid. Try eudemons online, people who like this will find it fun :)
dont play this, waste of time!

Post Date: 19:21 07-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Mr.Buffington
Comment: meh, the game can get quite addicting, strangely. the graphics kinda stink but they got better. theres alot to do, such as fishing. the people arent so nice usually, and the free mode has only like 20 quests. uhm...i havent played this game in years, but it was fun but got boring as i played on the free version and there was less and less to do. also, you play on your browser, so it"s rather convenient like if ur at the library or on school computers you dont have to download anything, except maybe java or something.

Post Date: 17:00 07-06-2007
Rating: 8
Author: ninjaplease
Comment: well, i played this game for a few years got to lvl 99 combat, had to make myself quit because i would feel like a total loser if i got to lvl 100, gave my account to my friend. Its a fun game, easy to pick up but hard to put down.

Post Date: 02:13 07-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Fatalis67
Comment: Comment in defense of this game by a player:
"You noobs who dontplay rs anymore It took me like 1 friggin day to go to lvl 30 and I call approx. like 100 ppl noobs and if a high lvl calls u noob call him choob k if you hate rs u r a loser stats"
What the HELL does that mean? And what does that say about the RuneScape community? It means you're a hopeless failur in life and will spend you entire life working at the McDonalds Janitorial Department. It says that the community really IS a group of moronic preteens! And also, this age group finds special joy in cursing randomly and nonsensically, just because they think they're cool. Ugh...

Post Date: 21:37 05-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: teokk
Comment: I once got addicted to a great mmorpg
Luckily i didn't get addicted to this
a game where you COOK and chop STICKS
you need to FISH. play this game and get called NOOOOB noob n00b newb nub nob, lose hours of your life on chopcookfishscape.only good thing soundtrack
do I need to mention the graphics?

Post Date: 17:50 05-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: PrPGDEVLooser
Comment: Verry nice game - but there should be like a 24 hr member trial period so u can try some of the member stuff that way Runescape can grow bigger!

5$ is a nice price but there should be a few more ways to pay for it! yet, no matter what I give this game a 10+ here or if I could give a 20+

Post Date: 08:15 05-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Cenovis
Comment: Worth trying if you like quests with a strong storyline, lots of different things to do, and aren't combat oriented. If you do try it, PAY FOR MEMBERSHIP ($5 a month.) The free version has very little content.

Pros: Lots and lots of variety. There are too many skills to list here, but I will give you an example: Farming, Herblore, Thieving, Runecrafting, Construction, Hunter...

Engaging quests with deep storylines and rewards. This is one of the few games where quests do not revolve around killing "this many monsters." You mostly talk to NPCs, make things, and deliver items.

PK areas are separated from the normal playing areas. If you don't like to PK, or don't want to be PKed by people 30+ levels above you, they have the wilderness system. No PKing goes on outside the wilderness, however, if you choose to enter, you can choose how much risk you want to take. Level 1 wilderness means that only people 1 level above or below you can attack. Wilderness goes all the way up to 46.

No separation of "classes:" Nothing to stop you from learning both combat skills and mage skills.

Lots and lots of unique items including armor and clothes FOR MEMBERS.

Frequent updates: Runescape is always coming out with new stuff FOR MEMBERS. They did one about one major update a month when I played.

Because this runs on Java, there are no hacks for it. Bugs are fixed within hours.

Cons: Community is all 12 year olds who act it. Turn off your public chat if you want to keep your sanity.

No parties, no guilds: Runescape is for people who enjoy their own company. There is no guild system in place, nor is there any way to party someone else. Guilds have organized outside the game, but there's no way to tell anyones affiliation in-game.

Combat: The most repetitive, unrealistic, unskilled combat ever. Success based on luck more than anything.

Post Date: 00:42 05-06-2007
Rating: 9
Author: 132591
Comment: I tried WOW, and I might have stuck with it if my friends played, but Runescape is awesome! It is very creative. If only we could combine Runescape with WOW and Guild Wars. I would call it "World of Rune-Guild Scape"

Post Date: 18:45 04-06-2007
Rating: 8
Author: sadder2
Comment: i agree in most with freedump but the problem with the fighting system is that its to much time based and luck (stats and luck is what im saying)
no poker your off, ive never been member but i know your horribly off, i"ve got a lv86 char, no im not bragging.... have you not heard of the abbysal whip? the dharock ax and a bunch of lv70 def and attk weapons and armors that ive never had about but know there are because i read about them once but dont remember their names, freedump can fill you in...why the hell would u give a 0 dont be stupid.for godsake it got medals for reasons. granite weapons and armors? normal, oak, willow, maple, yew, magic, and crystal bows! the element staffs plus all the ones in members? which sometimes even blend some of the original together, e.g mud staff. there are also god armors random events to stop hackers can give out of the ordinary clothing. if you"re member then you being just stupid by saying "there is ZERO unique armor" have you not heard of cwars, cant you make special armor or your special symbol for you own special house? plus there are so many other stats, its not all about fighting, you can possibly enjoy the game without fighting ahem i just pk. studded leather hard leather so many in between armors out there.....

Post Date: 01:16 04-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: pokerhappy
Comment: "Ok for all you newbs who say that the only weapons in runescape are the free weapons, go get membership because its much better."

well, its true! the only weapons are "rune ________" "adamantite ________" "mythril _______"
"steel ________" "iron ________" "bronze _______"
and for members "dragon _______" plus one or two unique items, like Excalibur, and some other sword which i forget the name of.....

and dont even try saying that there are a lot of armor, because ALL of that is only "rune ________" "adamantite ________" "mythril _______"
"steel ________" "iron ________" "bronze _______"
"leather ________" "dragon hide _________" there is ZERO unique armor.....


i will focus on something other than terrible graphics, and the stupid fighting system (which by the way is true...) but instead the fact that you will get addicted. i spent 3 years of my life (no, not all of the 3 years i was playing, but i played 5 hours a day, usually 7 days a week)and then i realized what the hell i was doing. i waisted tons of time when i could"ve been hanging out with friends, going to movies, spending time with my family, thinking anything other than "i wonder what i should do, kill wolves, or giants?"

here comes the famed "what i would rather do" list

1)bash my head into a wall 1000 times
2)play a good game, like devil may cry, or another mmorpg, like WoW, or Guild wars or kingdom of loathing
3)go to my job, and work (oh my god!)
4)hang out with friends
5)getting a girlfriend

read 5 again. some of you who have played this game think "yeah, i have a totally hot, in game girlfriend" just think, what if they were either a 270 pound girl, who claims to be hot, or a 70 year old man, who wants to do things to you.....

if you havent played this, get away!!! let me say that again.... G E T A W A Y!!!!
If you have played this, please tell me you hate it, or quit now, unless you want to end up a level 132 (what ever the max level is..) guy, who spends his day calling people noobs, and chopping down virtual trees. then, after you have played for years, you will realize what a waste of time it has been

Post Date: 00:30 04-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: clarky2008
Comment: Ok for all you newbs who say that the only weapons in runescape are the free weapons, go get membership because its much better.

Post Date: 00:16 04-06-2007
Rating: 8
Author: freedumbphiter
Comment: This is my review of Runescape. I have about 5 years in the game, and I believe I know more than enough to give a good review. Also because I read a lot of reviews that are just flat out in accurate.

Skills-8-There are a lot, a whole lot. Something around 20 skills. The only bad thing is some of them are very boring to level up. It can get repetitive leveling the skills up, but there are generally enough ways to get it up that you can find something you like.

Combat-7-The system initially seems boring, but with higher leveled monsters combing magic and melee or magic and range becomes almost essential while fighting solo. This takes timing and planning, and makes the game fun. Also there is a huge variety of armor and weapons. There are different metals, leather, magic armor and also special hard to obtain armor and weapons that is phenomanal in appearance and power.

Customer Support-9-The customer support for the free game is almost non existant. They gave a game for free, and a good game at that, so they shouldnt need to support the players. Members are almost always responded to within a week with serious complaints. Also technical forums are set up where you can ask questions and have them answered by staff and-or players. The measures against bots and hackers are numerous and on the members world it is almost non existant. Thousands of accounts are banned every month for this type of activity, and it just is not as prevelant as people say it is.

PvP-9-It is really great. The wilderness (the all out free for all area) has a lot of goodies to lure you in, but you just have this tense feeling the whole time youre there. I love it. There are also duel arenas, giant castle wars where you join teams of 50 or more people and battle it out, and more things are being added all the time. The combat system really picks up in PvP.

Graphics-6-They arent good compared to a console game or WoW, but there are no downloads and it is run in Java. Some of the landscapes and cutscenes are actually very good, and the graphics are updated frequently truley pushing Java to its limits.

(8+7+9+9+6)/5=7.8 (more or less)

Post Date: 23:48 02-06-2007
Rating: 10
Author: sadder2
Comment: okay, truly i think the rating should be a 7 or 8
not 10 but its wicked good for a broswer based game, dont give a 4- just because your stupid

Post Date: 19:04 02-06-2007
Rating: 3
Author: taahir
Comment: a decent game.

PROS: many quests, huge map, many skills and you arent limited to one class.

CONS:graphics are really bad, fighting system is boring and repetitive, and all the skills are pretty boring after awhile because you just do the same action over and opver again, i played this game till i was lvl 100 but quit because the community was just horrible, everyone is too much into the game and too stuck up, the game is filled with hackers and scammers, there is'nt even a wide variety of weapons or armour.

i wouldn't really recommend anyone to play this game

Post Date: 03:03 02-06-2007
Rating: 0
Author: smartyjonez
Comment: look at that again?

"I admit the graphics are pretty lame but what can u expect from such low budgets" runescape makes millions (no exageration) of dollars each year, and doesnt give a rats..... you know.... about the players. they dont even raise the graphics at all, they come up with the dumbest updates. then the spell casting system. the stupidest thing i have ever seen. you need runes to cast spells. you think "ohh, ok then, that isnt much of a big deal" but it is! you use 3 air runes on average to use each spell, you buy air runes for 10 gp each, and you dont even keep runes, so you buy 1k air runes, 1k fire runes, and 1k chaos runes to use your fire blast and then after 300 uses it is gone. that seems like a lot, but when that cost you 130k gp (air runes, 10 gp each, fire runes, 10 each, chaos 100-150 gp each.) you dont get much out of it. the PvP system is terrible, you have to go to a certain place to PvP, which hardly anyone goes to, because they are to afraid to lose all of their items (yes, you lose all of your items when you die) and if you come across a person, he/she is either of the following

1) a pure mage, who kills you in 3 hits
2) part of a group, who all kill you before you can move
3) a chicken, who will bind you in place and attack you, or run
4) someone who just teleports away, then you get killed by someone else
5) someone whos soul purpose is to have no equipment on, attack you, lower your health, then message a hidden person that will attack you now that you have no health....

also, the only armor/weapons are "rune ________" "adamantite ________" "mythril _______"
"steel ________" "iron ________" "bronze _______"
those are the only types of armor, there is no unique armor or weapons at all.

the community is terrible, you get called a noob every 5 minutes, there are scammers and hackers everywhere. you will waist away your life playing it, and you will wonder "what could i have done in that time.... i couldve gotten a job, have a decent amount of money if i spent the 4 years i played the game working instead, i couldve hung out with my friends, paid attention to my family (yes, this did happen to me, i spent no time with my family, and ignored them most of the time... now i regret it) have maybe 3 real friends, because you will lose all of your friends if you play this game, you will pay no attention to them, you will turn down going to their house, see who is at the phone, and ignore it, because it is one of your "friends", you will stop going to parties, and enjoying life at all, because all you can think about is "when can i get home and play runescape, i want to be level 74 by the end of today" again, forget about this game if you read this, otherwise you will think "well, i dont have anything else better to do" then 2 years later think "i wonder how much better my life would be if i never played runescape...." (trust me, that is what i say to myself.... i stopped going to movies, major events, and baseball games, because all i could think about was that dang game..... unless you want your life to be as worthless as a pile of magazines. but dont worry, i am not trying to discourage you.... ohh wait, yes i am....

Post Date: 00:34 02-06-2007
Rating: 9
Author: SarangHae
Comment: An overall pretty addicting and fun game. I admit the graphics are pretty lame but what can u expect from such low budgets? Runescape unlike most games does not limit you to one class only but lets you be almost anything you want. The members world is HUGE and many many bonuses. Many of the players are friendly and eager to help when you first start out.
Another downside besides the graphics: the concept of using runes to cast spells is not that bad of an idea but it becomes too expensive for most players later on and if you try to avoid that with the runecrafting ability, it'll take away a lot of time and F2P players can only runecraft the basic runes.

Post Date: 22:02 31-05-2007
Rating: 5
Author: azhagster
Comment: One extremely addicting game. I got addicted to this game so much i got D"s in school wen im a B student. but of course i quit. at level 73. after level 60+ it takes hours and days to level up and it becomes a waste of time. theres really no point to play this game anymore for me. i giv it a 5. oh yeah and graphics stink. PvP is lame. fighting system is terrible. runes intead of stamina is completely stupid. but the game is ok besides getting bored of it afterwards. so i dont care GO AHEAD AND PLAY THIS GAME, but im telling you in one year ur gonna wish u never did.

Post Date: 01:33 31-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: chinko
Comment: a very very boring pointless game. graphics are pathetic and u need runes every time u cast a spell. quests are boring and the fighting system is beyond stupid. and most of all u cant swear. dont even bother to play this. such a waste of time.

Post Date: 16:26 30-05-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Kulbor
Comment: Made a character, got to lvl 63 (lol) and hated every single minute.
-Many many many people in the game
-Lots of different worlds so if you just want time to yourself, there is generally a world that can allow that
-If your selling, generally someone is buying
-If you market, (meaning buy low sell high) you can get a lot of money fast
-Members have a huge territory to roam in
-PVP system sucks
-Armor is stupid
-Lvling can take a while
-If you go in the wilderness to do a quest and if you have rune, say goodbye, cause your going back to lumbridge lol
-Stamina (running and walking) is stupid, you run can only for a bit, if you walk, it takes forever
-The way to cast magic is stupid, should have an mp bar rather than magic stones

In my time on Runescape, i must say Jagex stinks! And on a sidenote, if you go to their website, there is about 5 or 6 games, used to be more and they took them away and saying that they"ll be back and improved. It was chess, checkers, and backgammon! Oh and it"s been about 4 years since they took them away. You cant really improve a game like chess or checkers. I just don"t want to even think about Jagex anymore lol. I give it a 2.

Post Date: 08:11 30-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: dabest
Comment: i"d say eveything is pathetic about this game, graphics, combat etc....
the people who say its good probably havn"t seen the better rpgs

Post Date: 05:24 29-05-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Theleio
Comment: I will say that the game IS quite gritty in graphics, but it's got to be that way due to the low budget and the Java run browser service. The game has little space in its coding to run great graphics or anything like that.

But I did get addicted, very quickly. Even my friends at school who play other major games (World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Tales of Pirates, etc) play this game. It's got a VERY large map (and still growing!) and has tons of quests you can do.

The gameplay is very straightforward; click to move, arrows to move camera around, blah blah...

But it still adds to the environment. Like pokerhappy said, it is addictive, and time consuming. You will waste your time just trying to get that shiny sword and the awesome looking cape the other guy wore.

I love it, it's been a really great addition to the MMORPG world, and I hope it gets bigger and better.

I recommend it to hardcore MMORPG fans.

Post Date: 18:13 28-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: pokerhappy
Comment: i will focus on something other than terrible graphics, and the stupid fighting system (which by the way is true...) but instead the fact that you will get addicted. i spent 2 years of my life (no, not all of the 2 years i was playing, but i played 4 hours a day, usually 7 days a week)and then i realized what the hell i was doing. i waisted tons of time when i could"ve been hanging out with friends, going to movies, spending time with my family, thinking anything other than "i wonder what i should do, kill wolves, or giants?"

here comes the famed "what i would rather do" list

1)bash my head into a wall 1000 times
2)play a good game, like devil may cry, or another mmorpg, like WoW, or Guild wars or kingdom of loathing
3)go to my job, and work (oh my god!)
4)hang out with friends
5)getting a girlfriend

read 5 again. some of you who have played this game think "yeah, i have a totally hot, in game girlfriend" just think, what if they were either a 270 pound girl, who claims to be hot, or a 70 year old man, who wants to do things to you.....

if you havent played this, get away!!! let me say that again.... G E T A W A Y!!!!
If you have played this, please tell me you hate it, or quit now, unless you want to end up a level 132 (what ever the max level is..) guy, who spends his day calling people noobs, and chopping down virtual trees. then, after you have played for years, you will realize what a waste of time it has been

Post Date: 07:55 28-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Vendetta
Comment: Hated it, played it for like 3 months really intensely, got really addicted then i realized i could be out riding a bike or hanging out with friends, trust me dont start, waste of time.

Post Date: 18:22 27-05-2007
Rating: 4
Author: mmorpg addict
Comment: Ah runescape. It brings back the memories of my childhood. Ah those were the days. When the fighting goblins ment chasing them all the way from lumby to varrock. Now that i think of it my childhood was bad. But i played classic and well classic is just plain aweful. Anyway this game is the apitimy of average, watever the hell that means. anyway onto the review.
Community: 10/20. Ah the comunity. the most important part of the mmorpg. Which is why i made it 40% of the whole score Lets face it runescapes community is well bad. its filled with scammers, hackers, "1337" ppl, and every other type of obnoxious, snotty, idiotic gammer. but if u try hard enough (aka give a level 3 noob like 3 mil) that person might grow up to be a level 100 member that gives u full rune everyweek just cuz he can. And if u really try hard enough u might actually fill ur whole frend list with these kinds of ppl. this has happened to me and it is wat has saved the community score from a 0.
Audio:0/5 ah audio. its really not that important but seriously a game just cant be fun if half the time ur ears are not saying that that happens to me (i just play loud rock in the backround) but it can happen to sum ppl and well thats not a good thing.
Graphics:0/10. Ah graphics. The one thing every runescape hater loves to rant about. But i will try to contain myself and limit this section to 4 sentences. Oh only 1 more sentece better make this a run on anyway the graphics just plain stink sure sum will say at least it has graphics when they compare it to text based games.
Gameplay: 10/15 well in general the quests stink. so duz the combat system. so y u may ask give it a 10. the answer is simply pvp. ah pvp. pvp is wat got me hooked. the pvp system is pretty good and well seriously pvp is just plain adictive.
Overall: 10+10=20 20/50= 4/10

Post Date: 23:24 24-05-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Br3tt
Comment: This game doesn't cater to its high levels. Its quests are basic and not very unique. When many people complain about something Jagex gives into that group causing many other players to get mad. Its a unique game and is fun if you like training skills. As far as PvP combat goes its awful the wilderness where fighting takes places is non-exsistant. It seems as if this game is on its down fall.
For every 60 friends on your friend list there is only 1 or two who are your friends. The rest would scam you if the opportunity was there.

Post Date: 22:15 24-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: rruni1
Comment: Others might not like this, but I personally think it's really fun. I agree that it can get a little boring at times, but only when you're playing by yourself. As for the graphics, anything thats not text-based or 2d I like, and i think this is really good. It has a well set-up screen, organized h.u.d and Jagex is really good about banning people or silencing them. I feel completely safe playing this game. Oh, and one more thing, I love how there is such a variety of environments, from the desert to the mountains.

Post Date: 00:13 22-05-2007
Rating: 2
Author: ScottyCams
Comment: The indepth gameplay in runescape could literely keep you going for years, this however is the only good thing about this game. The graphics are so bad its laughable, the game looks like it belongs on the amstrad. The community is also pretty bad, just full of unhelpfull people that just want to scam you. The worste thing about this game however has to be the fighting system, i have never seen one so bad, just exchanging blows and the occasional spell untill one of you drops to the floor zzzzzzzzzzz. I must admit i used to love runescape but then i found guild wars and realised just how bad this game is. Trust me, put your hand in your pocket, spend the one off 15-20 pound fee and play a free mmorpg that beats runescape hands down in every aspect.

Post Date: 20:45 21-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: frostyfuz
Comment: i give this game a ten who cares if someone call u a noob.just ignore them. most of the people thata are giving this a bad rateing is proboblly someone that was dumb enough to give there password away. or even dum enough to get scammed. oh and for u idiots saying that this game is a waist of time but guess what u played it for 4 years didint you? huh? I am a member and ive played since runescape classic so if u guys want any tips if your a noob just ask me :)~frostyfuz~ contact me on the game

Post Date: 15:41 21-05-2007
Rating: 7
Author: xevious
Comment: The idiot paradox and the spiral of stupidity
ever noticed that everyone that rates runescape low uses bad grammar? yes it"s true that there are noobs who are real bad in runescape, but every game has them.(don"t take it personally if someone calls you a noob.) i find the claims about being called a noob 3 times in one second to be exaggerated. if someone calls you a noob, ignore them!

Post Date: 02:23 21-05-2007
Rating: 7
Author: starbot500
Comment: probally the best free one out there but the community is real bad. I mean they are always trying to scam you off your money and items. Also like this guy said everyone calls you a noob for not being high in level. But the gameplay will keep you entertained for a year and a half like me. The only thing that kept me on was a few good friends that you could trust all your stuff with. Then I got scammed off all my money ad items so i said screw it and went to xbox live just dont waist your time and get xbox live much better. it is really good wen you get to a high level like i was, 95. it deserves a 7 for best mmorpg out there but takes off 3 for a bad community.

Post Date: 21:28 20-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: mmorpg addict
Comment: ima try sumthing new today. ima advertise it and dis it at the same time. here goes:
Hey Kids. Do u wna be a grown up real fast?Looking for sumthin to chew up 3 years of ur life. Then come on down to and start playing rs.
The graphics are so bad they make ur eyes bleed(good if ur an emo)
The gameplay will bore u to death (agin good for emos)
the comunity is made up of "1337" players who call ppl noobs cuz there higher level but they have crap for items( and also emos)
and to top it all of no new content for non members

Post Date: 20:51 20-05-2007
Rating: 2
Author: ricewraith
Comment: ah runescape... the game everyone hates

1: Graphics) Not Bad for a free game. Get over it lol its a free game. Dont expect anything more from a something free (guild wars doesnt count cuse it DOES involve a one time payment of ---30 bucks--- OMG go buy it!).

2: Combat) The worst. Maybe if they added different animations for melee it wouldnt be as boring. But it would still be pretty boring -_-

3: Content) Pretty vast game if you're a member and keeps you occupied for a few minutes if you're not.

4: Community) Ok, one of the sole reasons I play MMO's is to interact with other people. Its just plain fun. But if every single person in a game just wants to scame the armor off your back instead of be friends, then forget it, im not playing anymore. Like what kamuran said, too many scammers, macros, and people who call each other nooblets 24/7. Sounds kinda like Diablo 2... Thats exactly why i quit that game.

So runescape? decent game if you get over the fact that you can only play that game for 10 minutes in one sitting without falling asleep on your keyboard. Try playing that game when the teacher isnt looking in computer class =D

Post Date: 22:03 17-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: madcram
Comment: runescape is like the best mmo game ever!! it doesn"t hav good graphics, so wat? why do u ppl alway judge things by looking at it? rs in way better than maple(wat kind of mmo games has smiling monster?)and you dont have to pay real money to have your looks changed, its all gps(rs money). and u get so many skills so i reccomend u to try it. =)

Post Date: 15:18 17-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: kamuran
Comment: graphics: 0/10 its so ugly, you are walking on squares and almost ALL combat items are the same only they have a other colour.
gameplay: 3/10 there are alot of skills to train.
but they take to long. and most of them are boring to train like: farming, mining, hunting, fishing, cooking, smithing, herblore and more,
there are no skills that you can enjoy training(maby slayer but takes to long)
community 0/10: There are to much players in the game that think they are good and saying NOOB to ever1.
also there are SO FREAKING MUCH scammers in the game. if you finaly think you got a good friends, he backstab you in the wilderniss to steal your much macros, its not fair for the ppl that play fair , jagex says that bann alot of account a weak that use bots but i still see alot of lvl 3 account fishing sharks and cutting yews etc..
combat 0/10 O.M.G !! melee: the only thing you are doing is hiting ALWAYS THE SAME WAY exepet special attack that takes to long to reload,realy you hit,defend,hit,defend,hit,defend,hit,defennd use special,hit,defend,hit,defend,hit,defend..etc till the monster dies. magic: this is so bad you gotto buy runes for spells that gives you like 20 xp and do like 10 damage, JAGEX had to make MANA instead of runes. Oh look a small red bal is flying RUN ! dude its just a fire blast it can only do 16 damage, Oh nvm i have 50 hp :D..

Post Date: 01:37 17-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: PrimalHunter
Comment: way to horrible and hey if you are a woman in this game and you leave your computer for 5 minutes you will find 20 naked guys doing emotes humping you which is kinda weird >.> overall its SO HORRIBLE I WOULD RATHERPULL OUT MY EYES WITH A COAT HANGER THEN PLAY THIS GAHHH!!!!!!

Post Date: 02:34 14-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Fatalis67
Comment: Whoever plays this game deserves a slap in the face. Heck, whoever even THINKS that playing this game could produce anything that even remotely resembles "fun" deserves to be smacked around.

Graphics: I would say "Look at the screenshots" but I really enjoy going on a rant about this horrible game. It looks like the product of two uninspired, drunken geeks with no game-development skill whatsoever who decided to sit on their butts and make a stupid game. I have NO GRAPHIC ART EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER, and I could still do better than this.
0/10: Sorry Jagex, but you should really make sure your graphic designers aren"t stupid before tasking them with a game so important to your company.

Music: The only difference between the High- and Low-Quality versions of the game is the music, which requires you to cover your ears to prevent its sheer awfulness from penetrating your brain.
0/10: Anyone who listens to this music for extended periods of time is doomed to brain damage.

Community: Terrible, if the two most rude, obnoxious people on earth had thousands of children, they would be the players of runescape. When I tried it, a random person walked up to me and proceeded with the following dialogue:
"U r wearin bronze armor"
"Bronze is weak"
"U r weak"
"U r nub"
"I pwn you nub"
I proceeded to log off after being deeply offended by the presence of someone with an IQ THAT LOW.
0/10: Any game that consists almost entirely of 10-year-olds who find a special joy in butchering the english language really needs to be rethought.

Equipment & Items: Well lets just say this, a sword of any level will look the same except the blade and handle with be slightly darker or lighter. People sell items at ripoff rates and crafting is a dull cycle of digging and walking and clicking. Also, you need to have runes on you that are consumed whenever you cast a spell, they are cheap but are bruned up FAST, wasting your hard-earned cash on a spell that did very little of anything.
1/10: Only thing that saved this from a 0/10 is the fact that its hillarious to slaughter NPCs with a weapon that appears to be a butterknife.

Controls & Combat: Try clicking the location up north you want to walk to, enjoy as your character proceeds to walk in the complete opposite direction and continues walking even after hitting a wall. Combat? Click a mode and watch a 1 FPS animation that slightly resembles and attack. Even though the fighting styles claim to be different, they don"t do anything that isn"t done by the others.
1/10: Just because it"s fun to make a game show with your friends called "What is that human-shaped polygon shaking about next to that strange green thing?" and post it on YouTube.

Post Date: 07:46 12-05-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Gp Ghostzone
Comment: You noobs who dontplay rs anymore It took me like 1 friggin day to go to lvl 30 and I call approx. like 100 ppl noobs and if a high lvl calls u noob call him choob k if you hate rs u r a loser stats

Post Date: 04:01 12-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: pizanathan
Comment: The game created by the devil himself. This game sucks you in and spits you out. I played this gay, low graphic game because it was free and it was the only game my slow computer could handle. then i played some more and more and more and got freakin addicted. I then quit for 4 years its been so far.

A week ago, i got guild wars to play on my new Windows Vista computer and it rocks. for just 30-50 $ more, i now realize that i couldv'e played guild wars all along and didnt have to waste 2 years of my entire life playing Runescrap

Post Date: 21:27 11-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: bi
Comment: I should warn you that Jagex inserts crack cocaine into your gaming experience so you are addicted.

Post Date: 20:30 11-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Nightfall5
Comment: This is probably one of the dumbest games I have ever played!!! The fighting system stinks completly, and the graphics are horrible. The sound is clear but it"s way too dumb because it just sounds funny! The game may seem fun at first, but it"s so boring and it takes like 3 hours to gain one level! I would say that it is probably one of the worst games in the world and I would NOT reccomend it!!

Post Date: 00:20 11-05-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Redxll
Comment: Ok for those who said "this game is bad or stinks or is a waste of time" i don"t know y are u saying that stuff wen u don"t even have the same cpu as everyone
else in the world i mean come on really just couse "u think that ur cpu is the best in the world thosen"t mean that u have 2 say is bad if u don"t like it go back an play ur game no one is forcing u"ll 2 play the game. is not like someone, is ganna stick a gun in ur "head an say play the game" if u don"t like it then don"t play the game is not for u"ll who think the game is bad. think before saying anything

Post Date: 17:56 09-05-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Crazinoob
Comment: ok for those people who dis rs and plays the game before.. dont u just feel dumb when u say this game stinks but u played it for so long? i saw some guy said that u play it liek ur gonna achieve something but ur not.. hmm im sure u play some other games and u play it the same way.. u wont achieve nothing either from other games.. well lets just says those people just hate runescape because ur a noob.. if ur a lvl 89 and some lvl 100s call u a noob.. so wat.. ur a noob to them but if u can own them then they wouldnt be talking would they? i had a lvl 89 (now 97) and i owned a lvl 106. so u people shouldnt say stuff about runescape if u enjoyed the game before.. if u talk about the graphics u should see classic. i had a headache playing that but im just fine with rs2 graphics

Post Date: 02:10 09-05-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Piratethief8
Comment: RuneScape is a pretty good game if you have a lot of down time. It works for any Internet connection, which is great. There is no fee unless you want some special stuff. But you should only start playing members if you're high up because if you're a low level you'll just get owned by the bigger NPCs. I've played for two years, on and off. I have over 40 accounts to specialize in one skill, like a ranger pure, miner pure, and so on. The graphics are getter better every month. There is new stuff every month although they are all members only. RuneScape is very easy to understand and play. There is always something to do. You can make so many new friends on RuneScape. Runescape is addictive though, I've only managed to stop playing since December because of school. Another bad thing about Runescape is the enormous amount of noobs. All they do is scam, or become pures to sell the items for real money, which is so against the rules. You can report them of course. But that¡¯s kind of hard since they don¡¯t say anything. I have like 20 screenshots of all lv-3 people chopping down yews. This game is great for people who just want to have fun on a MMORPG. I suggest that you don¡¯t upgrade to members. It can be fun but in reality, it¡¯s a waste of money. Oh BTW, my username here is the same as my RuneScape name. I'm lvl 52. oh how sad for me.

Post Date: 22:12 08-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: wosld
Graphics: 0
Gameplay: 0
Skillz: 0
Magic Attacks: 0
Maps: -23452435(yes thats right)
GMs: 0
Report Service: -3
Everything else: 0

I played this game for like 1 hour and figured out that it was really stupid!

Post Date: 05:49 08-05-2007
Rating: 9
Author: crunch1
Comment: OK, i have played this game for about 5 years and im lvl 76, but this game is very in depth. There is so much to do.There are a few people that are out there to scam you, but this only makes up a small minority of the runescape community. This game is slow for the frist few levels and when you get better armor and combat lvls it gets soooo much beter. But when your a high lvl in any one of the stats (lvl50+) it takes a long time to level up.
The graffics on runescape arn"t that great but you can live with it, (classic was worse graffic wise). Runescape offer so much do do and explore, but if you are a member you get to exploer over 2.5X as much land and can do many more quests and even minigames. Runescape is very VERY VERY! addictive so be careful. If you are poor there are alayws ways to make money and if you start to play dont quit just because you are at tutorial island, i know its incredibly boring there but once into the game you will have fun, unless you just go around begging, or have the mind set that this game is terrible. Dont worry if you die... everyone will die sometime.

Post Date: 20:51 07-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: acmlm
Comment: Look, all of you who say "Look, Runescape graphics are done in JAVA. They"re doing great for Java!", lemme tell you something. Hmm..uh, how should I word it?

Oh, I know.

THIS STINKS. You wanna see them doing good in graphics using Java? Play Wurm Online. Runescape is terrible. It"s annoying so many people play it when there are WAY better games to play.

Post Date: 21:03 06-05-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Igneous Soldier
Comment: Pwner300 has no idea what he is talking about. Obviously he doesn"t realize that Runescape is totally online-there"s no downloads or anything needed, not even your email adress. plus, you have to admit, you DO have pretty good customization skills on it: armor, facial, your house(members), hand accesories, even camoflauge for the rednecks out there. the picture above isn"t demonstrating too much, but you can see how different everybody looks. Also, to makes things better and more safe, a anti-cussing program ha been installed, to ensure kids do not hear things that could potentialy shatter thier fragile lives.But I AM agreeing with you(pwner300) when you say combat stinks. It honestly does, no lying.But besides the fact that noobs are treated like bread crumbs, The lifestyle is pretty good. AND you have your entire menu organized on the right side (like in the picture((the guy is pretty poor compared to me!)), you can see the brown box on the side). you have a friendslist, ignore list, backpack inventory list(as shown), equip list, prayer list, options list, spells list, quest list, music list (TONS OF SONGS, ALL MONOTONED), and the fighting style list. But i"ve said enough. Go join and get Yourself Killed. You"re BOUND to die sometime...

Post Date: 05:29 05-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Pwner300
Comment: *snores for a minute* Huh? i'm giving a review? Here it is *snores againn* "runescape stinks. bad graphics, horrible combat and people. Do not play!"

Post Date: 23:16 03-05-2007
Rating: 5
Author: pacman wasted
Comment: well theres preety much nothin to the game accept fight and try to beat abot nmed zezim made by jagex and ometimes get an employee on there to act like hes real and plus ifu play u get addicted : welli play it but that doesnt mean that i have to be made fun of some people blog bad thingd about it cuz they cant become good at it.i ranked it a 5 cuz u know theres gonna be kids at school or people that call u a nerd addict watever for instnace football at your school i didnt care about it only reason iw ouldve joined cuz my dad wanted me too and i didnt but then i bet people are gonna call me a runescape addict all that but that isnt the problem i just didnt wont too.If people think that i mena if ur like me i have alvl 82 account dont play much anymore cuz i get bored now i just like da sit and hangout.i sill might get totured about it.well theres just some people who cant u know be nice to others at my school and want u to do what they wana do in order to fit in :u join one clique then u dont do what they say everyone elese lil clique bee nice eachother at end of year and bully u!i mean the only reasons my other friends joined football wuz to be popular and get 6 period pe with eachother.....they also play runescape too be4.but not to get off subject here.runescape is an ok game many people ahve played it its a inbetwwen game u know so if u play dont wory wat everyone else has to say.even at school.even not talking about runescape.well this what im trying to say sdont push your selves to do it do what u wanan do!:)...........0 waga o[ on a blue dot lol!

Post Date: 23:15 03-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: GumgumRide
Comment: Runescapes graphics are very poor. Even for a JAVA. $5/a month is a horribale deal for so little extra. There are no key contorls leaving you stuck to do everything with the mouse. The levels are to hard to gain leaving many very frustrated and addicted to gain XP. The server is very slow and contstant loading screens appear. There is almost nothing related to map travel unless you are a very high level. The attcks are based on a D&D dice role. They are completely random weather you hit or not and how much hit. You also have alterante turns in battle. If you kill something with a "Party" only the one to delvier the first blow gets all the XP and Gold ect. There is also no true PvP only places to go were attcking others is possible and mini games for members. People constantly are begging for money. Most things are also filterd such as things that should not as "Pwn". There is also constant energy drain which makes it hard to run all the time and have to walk across the map. Misson make up is also horrible and leaves player bored.

Post Date: 00:04 03-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Robin _hood
Comment: this is a awsome never ending game! =) if u have a lot of time this the the best part of ur day possibilites are unlimeted. you'll need help the first couple of days. u an chat as muh as u want. play on game lovers play on >=o! go jadex lol have fun if u ever get on i'm a very exprened but not in members.

Post Date: 10:10 02-05-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Unrelative
Comment: The game is lame! Plz dont waste ur time on this game, bad graphics, slow network, lame story and gameplay! Try Pristontale, flyff, maplestory rappelz this game is garbage!This game is only for ppl with dial-up.

Post Date: 05:32 01-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: palo0ka-d0tz
Comment: this is the best game i have ever played!! It is so much fun coz u can own ppl and build up skillz. once u get 2 a good lvl it gets even better!!! its ever better if ur a member coz u get lotsa xtra bonuses lyk more mini games and quests etc. if u havnt played this game b4 try it out coz its the best game i have ever played online!!!

Post Date: 16:45 30-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: tuskenraider
Hello, My name is matthet Casey, and I will be reporting on a kid in my class who got addicted to runescape. This is a classical excample of why you should never play this game. After I have summed up this story I will leave a review of the game after.
The Life Of A Runescape Addict.
Well, I Played runescape for 12 hours straight last night. Im so tired i can barely stay awake in lessons. Uh, Whats the point, I know Ill just get bullied when the lessons end.
*The Bell rings*
Oh Know, those boys are looking at me, I know they are. Just keep walking, I Can escape to the libary, were I will be safe.
I Try and run to the Libray, were the teachers will watch over me. Were I Can think about runescape, and think about the friends I have on runescape. OH NO! Theyve grabbed me. There chanting computer addict, Ugh, I Cant take this anymore. I Then quickly kik them off me, phew, im safe in the libary. Now time to get thinking on how many sharks I Will have to fish to buy that Party hat.
Now? Do you want to be that addicted kid. You know those boys bullying him, Thery siken me, But once, I Was one of them. Well, im still mates with them. Just I Pityed the runescape addict, so I stopped bullying him.
Now, I Will do one more stroy on thus runescape addict.
Well, I Stayed of school today, I Have friends online, I Dont need friends from school. I Skive off almost every week, only going in because I have to or I get expelled. I Try and lie to doctor, but as usually he says that im not sick. Ugh.. My lifes a mess.
DO YOU WANT TO BE HIM?, Me, Im a normal kid with quite alot of friends. Sadly im quite soft sometimes, so i arent always accepted with the "Hard" group.

My advice, dont play runescape... Now, I will do a review of the game. I Only played it for half an hour just to see what all the fuss was about, and my god I was amazed.
I passed some island were I Had to cook some bread and stuff. I Had to log out because the music washurting my ears. I Cant really make out much, the water just sits there, the chickens dont really look like chickens, AND THE TREES. HEEHHE, Had to laugh at the tress. They look like a huge stick with green painted on it. I Then this wizard guy teleported me to some place called "Lumbridgu", I Walked to see some goblins that looked like snot. I honsetly say I thought this was a spoof on the real runescape, it was that bad. I asked a player what should I do, I Got called a noob. Im not really sdure what a noob is, im not very experienced with these roleplaying games. I Asked another guy, he said N00B FIND OUT YOUIRSELF.
I Met one nice person, she said go and kill some goblins and raise my level up. It wasent a very nice experience.
If you have read the above storys above, you will see why you should stay awey from this game. I Think it is worthy of a 1 because of that one nice person and the so called "Trees" making me laugh.
I Hope this changed your mind on any of you who play runescape for more than 4 hours a day.

Post Date: 04:43 30-04-2007
Rating: 4
Author: DharkShinoka
Comment: Runescape isn't all that bad. It's just the community. Mostly everyone's a pain. This game is pretty addicting at first, but later on it gets really boring and you'll want to quit and never play again. The features are really good, however doing the same thing over and over again isn't really all that great.

Post Date: 02:54 30-04-2007
Rating: 7
Author: orasis
Comment: Once you get over the graphics it really is not that bad of a game. Compared to most 'free' MMORPG's Runescape does offer a lot more than most, fish, pray,craft,plant,farm,smith,mine (and so many other skills) your way to complete dominance.

Unlike most MMORPGS where you are constantly required to grind and grind and grind, Runescape changes the formula and allows you to choose what you want to do.

If you wish to be a strong man, you can grind all you like - if you wish to be a business man you can do that too, with so, so many ways to acquire monies.

There is so much in Runescape.. it's worth giving it a try.

The graphics are not bad for a JAVA/WEB game. Although I think they keep them as low as possible for business purposes. People that have low systems are stuck, and are more likely to pay you the 5$/m for a rather good game, especially if your system does not have the muscle for WOW or games like that.

And when you do the math.. Runescape makes a LOT of real money.. like 4.5 million per month.

I wish I invented it haha ;D

Post Date: 01:26 25-04-2007
Rating: 0
Author: gamerzrule
Comment: Never play this stupid game. graphics stink, sound stinks, and u can barely do anything unless you pay to play...which only nerd addicts do, no offence, the only GOOD part bout this game is z pkin XD
warnin: don play, don screw ur eyes jus cuz of a stupid game, main point is...don play this

Post Date: 10:57 24-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: mumakil
Comment: Well this game stinks. Only went up to level 125 and got every stat 99 execpt hunter, construction, herblore, farming, and slayer. I got to lvl 125 thanks to my moi killas. You guys should play silkroadonline or WOW, or tang online or rf online. Now those are really really massive mmorpg, if you are looking for intense battle system and realistic graphics then play those games. (silkroad is the best :p, dynasty style :p)

Post Date: 06:56 22-04-2007
Rating: 0
Author: tiger2
Comment: I think its pathetc they should be paying me for playing there stupid,nasty,ugly,excuse for a game.I played for two days and they kicked me off.They said that they had evidence that I broke rule 1.I checked evidence and of course there was nothing there.

grapics:-1 the only reason I said it was "only" -1 is because at least I didn"t go blind,but while I was playing I wished I had gone temporarily blind.To me grapics matter if your not a text based mmorpg.

Post Date: 01:41 22-04-2007
Rating: 7
Author: liquidice
Comment: This was my first online game. I got addicted and burnt out. Even though many will say "errr this game stinks" it is actually a very big, in depth game. Let down by graphics and community.

Graphics: Not very good. You get use to them though. There not really somthing you go MY EYES HURT, but if your use to other graphics that are better. You might dislike them.

Sound: Battle sounds are poor. Swords sound like metal agaisnt tin. Monsters growel when they attack, all they do. When you get hit the sound that is made doesn"t even sound human. Very poor.
Music on the other hand is very nice. Cheerful and suits the mood well. I personally like it alot.

Gameplay is a mix of many things. You have a million possible things that can be done. Chop wood, eat, cook, fight, fish, go PvPing. But after you"ve done it all its reapeat again and again to get to the next level.

Community- Poor. You"ll meet some good people. Usally new people. Its a game that you wouldn"t put your trust into anyone. Grinding is a big thing and making money is hard to come by. This leads people to scam you in trade and to back stab you in PvP. Even if there are adults playing they dont show it. Childish people all around. You might even come to the point you feel you have to scam others as well. Hacking is common to.

Lasting Appeal- addictive. If you get hooked you"ll be at it for a while. Though if your playing in the free world you"ll be about lvl 40-50 intill you reach a point where nothing is new. You basically have to become a member.
If you do become a member the world is expanded 10 fold and updates with new quests and items are very frequent.

Verdict - 7. If another game came out with better graphics id give it a go. If you have time on your hands give it a go. If not i wouldn"t even try this. At lvl 50 things take hours to lvl just one thing.

It"s very good in some points, terrible at others.

Post Date: 20:24 19-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: mumakil
Comment: Ok deafknight I think you must have an iq of 60. If rs2 is your first mmorpg, then dont mind what im going to say. Ok Im going to invite gamers tv or da best to review this game.
The only thing that is over the roof of this game is the number for childrens play this (NOTICE I DID NOT SAY ADULT OR TEENAGERS). Ok lets compare and contrast runescape with silkroad.
Rating: 5.5/10
Graphics: 4/10
Battle system: 3.7/10
Population: estimated about 1.76million people play this game.
Server: 10/10 only good thing about this game
Rating: 8.9/10
Graphics: 10/10
Battle system: 8/10
Population: (add germany, australia, easter USA, ireland, dutch countries, THE WHOLE EASTERN SEAS ASIA and you probably got about 2.3/4 of the maximum people around the world)
Servers: 3/10 (millions are trying to log in at the same time, takes an hour or 2 to log in)

Post Date: 16:43 19-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Deafknight
Comment: This game is superb! It may not be up there with the source engines of today, but for content that keeps you interested, laughing and often plain glued to your chair, Runescape battles with the best.

You have to laugh at the people who say things like: "This game stinks! I played it for 2 whole years and had no fun at all. Ever! At all! still enjoyed it enough to keep playing for another year and 364 days...."


Post Date: 20:02 18-04-2007
Rating: 0
Author: isthmus
Comment: Runescape stinks.

Graphics 1/10
By looking at the picture above, you know what I"m talking about. The graphics really stink.

Gameplay 1/10
It gets so boring after a while. A waste of time to play Runescape.

Lasting Appeal 1/10
For me, it lasts for about a week or so. I regret it. I wasted so much time on this game.

Community -100/10
Community is terrible. People call you a n00b. No one is willing to help the new players. People NEVER help the new players. All they do is laugh at beginners and call them n00b. You see the word "n00b" every 30 seconds or less.

In conclusion, this game is lame.

Post Date: 02:33 18-04-2007
Rating: 8
Author: no one you know
Comment: graphics:4/10
equipment variety:9/10
combat system:5/10

overall:7.8 = 8

Post Date: 00:03 18-04-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Asamii
Comment: You loose items, the graphics (SUCK) and there is really no way to find out where to train as a noobie.

Post Date: 23:21 17-04-2007
Rating: 0
Author: chasm
Comment: i cant believe i ever played this game. i wasted an entire summer playing this game. i actually played for close to 10 hours straight one time.

i was a member for about a year and didnt do to bad in it. i got to lvl 89 or something and was STILL called a noob by people who were like lvls in the 100's. leveling up was soooo boring but you would continue to play anyway because you thought you would accomplish something when really your just wasting your time, because no matter what you do people always gonna tell you that you suck and your a noob.

im so glad i dont play this game anymore. i feel like a heroin addict thats completely sobered up.

Post Date: 02:55 17-04-2007
Rating: 9
Author: 132591
Comment: I don"t get why all the people dis this game like no tomorrow. Yeah, the graphics are bad, but pretty much everything else is fine. Only a few idiots to watch out for.

Post Date: 00:42 17-04-2007
Rating: 0
Author: medieval man
Comment: I played this game for two whole freaking years and wasted over 300hours on the darn thing. All I did was make money and train thinking i was going to be the "best" and everyone would be jelous of me. Well, here is something you might want to know. I played for over 300hours and i got to level 70. The max level is 134. OMG. Yea. If you get to level 100 without cheating, get a life. I did not have ANY fun at ALL playing this stupid game. I thought that I would have fun eventually once i was a higher level. It didnt happen. I jsut trained and made money to gain levels and it was not fun. The combat system is freakin terrible and the graphics are pathetic!

Post Date: 00:23 17-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: jdclark
Comment: all right lets get straight to stinks!!!after playing for 14 minutes i almost fell asleep.
everyone you meet is imature or 6 years old getting money from there daddy to make them a membor, and thinking there cool at a high lvl, if u play this game and like it u have gone way past loser. Combat is click, and when u attk somthing it looks stupid. grphics are some fo the worst almost as bad as 2d. it is a big wolrd but u half to pay for most of it and no one should pay for this game, or even force them selve to try it out, go outside and get a friken life,or just play rappelz...your choice.

Post Date: 18:30 16-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: mistermage6
Comment: For all people that complained about the graphics in Maple Story, theyre pretty good as far as 2-D goes. But RuneScape?? It's got the same graphics as the Sega Saturn. Its got huge blockiness, and I couldnt even find out how close i was to lvling!! The game play was pretty simple, all you do is swing some sword thing and hit things.. the worst part?...It's trun-based!!! When I found that out it killed the whole game for me. I understand it's free (for some people), but come on!!!
Graphics- 2 *a bunch of blocks, but you can still make out some things*
Gameplay- 0 *Repetitive, repetitive, repetitive, and turn based!!!*
Value- 5 *Yes it's free, but half the time I thought they should pay us for playing this dreaded thing*

Post Date: 04:34 16-04-2007
Rating: 8
Author: sapphire star
Comment: Runescape is pretty awesome. Not the best game ever though. I've been playing for a year or so and it's quite good. It's getting a bit boring now though, members (you have to pay to become one) are the only ones who get to do something. Random events are the most fun f2ps get.
Yes, the graphics are blocky and weird, I agree with that (as you can see above) and the customer support is....different.
I still like it (for some reason) and I think you should give it a go. I give it an 8.

Post Date: 16:18 15-04-2007
Rating: 3
Author: ALX player
Comment: The only thing i like about this game is it's pvp system. its better than Wow's. however its graphics kills the whole game. I play this game. not much. cb lvl 86... pvp system is ok though!

Post Date: 22:46 14-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: dude1279
Comment: this is the stupidest game in the world!(besides dragon fables, adventure quest, n tibia, of course) don"t play it! Especially if u r in 7th grade or above! if anybody of ur friends see u playing, they will diss u and everbody in ur school will laugh at u!!!

Post Date: 22:05 14-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: TZbreadman
Comment: This game is really bad because it is neccesary to pay to do anything. I hate this game becasue of the fact that the battle system is unbelievably dull ,and boring. Th only good fact is that the souund track is always good

Post Date: 21:41 13-04-2007
Rating: 5
Author: closed
Comment: This game is pathetic. Horrible graphics ..The game play is boring as well.. If your not a member you can't do anything. You can easily get hacked.. And you only keep 3 items if you die.. That and just look at the screen shot... Does the game really look that interesting anyway?

Post Date: 23:07 12-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: zepw00nage
Comment: i love this game! im combat lvl 98 so i've been playing for a while this game is great and the amount of money to pay is reasonale($5 alot less then other mmorpgs) this game has an awesome community and more players then any other game(yes even more then w.o.w) because its more of a international game, it has bad graphics yes, but that's because of the java run-ware which comes with everycomputer) not because of the game, also its not a next generation game so dont compare, rs3 hasnt evn come out yet(same huge world and skills as originaly rs but with better then w.o.w. graphics) date it comes out is unknown nd is being kept hush hush, btw it is only $5 a month so ure gonna have to wait for rs3

Post Date: 01:01 12-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: gamekid15
Comment: The people who say they"re eyes are bleeding, I hope you go home one day and they start bleeding out of random. MapleStory is stupid, I accutaly played it truthfully and it was fun at first but there is NO skills to train. Fight and get married. AND What IS THAT! YOU NEED STR TO WEILD A BOW!? And I also played WOW truthfully ON A LAPTOP. If your going to play WOW on a laptop, your scwered. The graphics are horrible. When Blizzard gets to fixing that, I"ll think about playing...

The only big cons
1. Jagex needs to read they"re own rules and read the offensive reports.
2. Immature people
3. Only gets fun at a little bit higher level.

Post Date: 12:56 11-04-2007
Rating: 9
Author: GameHax
Comment: Alot of people flame this game because they are bad at it. But really Runescape is one of the best mmorpg"s online.

- Fun to play, alot to do.
- PvP system is very good.
- Make alot of new friends.

- Limit acsess to stuff if you aint a member.
- ALOT of hacks.
- Community is pretty bad.
- You will get called a "noob" pretty often.

Post Date: 07:37 11-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Nevarine
Comment: this game is the only mmorpg i have ever stuck to and got good at...but they banned my account permanently for a misunderstanding.....i made a new one and im still working on it, AWSOME GAME!!!

Post Date: 04:41 11-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: chobitsboy45
Comment: its a way played game is challenging and you can be everythign at once unliek guild wars its not so challengin gyou do quests get lev 20 your done runescape you have abotu 20 something skills to get to 99

Post Date: 21:43 10-04-2007
Rating: 0
Author: capt qwark
Comment: This game is pathetic,the graphics stink,and you will get called noob to muchand if youre not a member you cant do anything(and whos going to pay 5$ a month)if youre not a member you can get hacked to easy and why do you get to keep 3 items when you die and the usually are your worst ones.

Post Date: 01:04 10-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Qazwsxedcrfvtgb
Comment: This is a fun game. Its very addicting has many things to do a big area to explore, many people play it. yet people who have to attention span or just no life down this game because they cant put 1 and 1 together and figure out how to play it cause their stupid. The game has tutorial and many poeple that help you. It goes indepth has many quests to do around 23 skillz to choose from, Customizable characters but all stereotypical people care about is the few flaws like graphics. who cares if they dont have great graphics its not a laggy game and Jagex uses its money for updates to keep gamers doing new things. and noobs and the over use of noobs. 1 lvl 3 comes up to u calls u a name, u get scammed or lose to a lvl 126 at a fight hwne ur like lvl 3 and people quit.

Post Date: 07:31 08-04-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Tearjerker2020
Comment: It"s not all the bad, I"ve played for about 5 yrs maybe. Sure the graphics are a bit bad, and fighting style is pretty lame. And Also "noob" is used a lot, once you get up to a high enough level, they will stop treating you bad, and start treating you like a god (depending on your level). It"s pretty simple and fun, and also very addicting. But over the years I"ve grown a bit bored of it. So I just play to talk to friends. I recommend this game, because it"s easy to get used to. And the people on RS aren"t nearly as bad as on here. They don"t point out EVERY FLAW in a certain thing. Plus there are thousands of items to get. And when you use a herring with a tree, it"s just hilarious. Only if you"ve seen monty python and the holy grail though.

Post Date: 04:43 06-04-2007
Rating: 6
Author: Adio01
Comment: this game isnt great but its ok. i reccomend if your a first time player to play this. easy to follow guide lines and simple rules. But i think the pk system is terrible cmon wild whats that...

Post Date: 00:03 06-04-2007
Rating: 7
Author: pacman wasted
Comment: lol this game is fun very fun addicting played 4 abouy 1yr or half ima lvl 82 but the bad thing is the rules and the community i got perm muted yet i still play cause u know i worked hard on u shouldnt talk anyways youll just get reported or scammed and lured in to thing that make no sense at some spanish guy was spaming the weird language i said shud up cause he was spamming so bad my computer lagged and then i snapped i mean next day i was perm muted i begged and oh yea i got rep 2 times 4 same thing!

Post Date: 18:09 05-04-2007
Rating: 10
Author: ryusho2
Comment: OK . This is a game you can seriously get addicted to . First of all all you can see the graphics are kinda faulty . But the first time i played the game i wasn't even thinking about that . Way back when i thought the graphics were cool looking and spent 6 hours a freakin day playing this game that consumed you . Until the point where you think runescape is a real community , and the missions you go on with other players become so human , and real . And beleive me , freinds on runescape are freinds for life . It may start out as just seeing them in runescape to seeing them on myspace , and suddenly your like this guy has so much in common with you and you may end up meeting hime one day . I mean the game play is so simple yet so addicting the variety in items if MIND BLOWING . And the game itself is simply so enjoyable . You can recreate your self as so many things on runescape to a mage or a preist or a warior . Amazing game , though i recommend if you really get into the game to consider a pay to play plane of only $5.00 a month . Being a member is so awesome !

Post Date: 00:23 04-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: YOADA
Comment: LAME! LAME! LAME! Played this game throughout most of its TRUE state(2001-2005? whenever they took out classic side for mems only w/ origional account) First account was Bryajn, class was Warrior(ya they took out classes for those who never played that far back...) JaGEX was stupid and got rid of the fun version of this game.. now its worthless and needs to die.. an ABSOLUTE WASTE of time and money... much rather play pong online then this worthless game...

Post Date: 01:55 03-04-2007
Rating: 7
Author: sieges
Comment: Very boring unless you pay for premium content. I rarely play games for free though, so I paid the $5 for a month of premium access.

The premium world is large and well designed, but failed to keep me interested enough to pay for another month. This was largely due to the community being very immature.

Post Date: 14:18 31-03-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Pwnage32
Comment: Not fun getting to lev 100 and a lev 3 comes up to you calling you noob if your a f2p (free to play) and you lose all your stuff but your 3 dearist items thought the game lets you keep that little bronze dagger in the coner of your inventory insted of your dragon long bad game don"t play unless you have no time play WoW or Guild Wars much more fun.

Post Date: 15:07 30-03-2007
Rating: 9
Author: gnarkilla2
Comment: Good game always keeps going and is fun unlike world of warcraft. you can make a house do quests fish talk to people and kill other players ect.. The graphics aint the best but the music is great!

Post Date: 05:02 30-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: xfurbzx
Comment: Most people think this game is totally lame, but i have been playing for about 4 years now and i have got to know the game.

it started with classic, very poxy graphics pritty dodgy and now theres runescape2 basicly the 3d version with better graphics then the classic game.

This game can be very addictive once you have your levels up. You can talk to people make friends and add them to your buddy list, so when they are online you can send them private messages and meet up with them. There is also a and ignore list so people can talk to you which will come in handy.

BEWARE: there are alot of snobs on the game which you can stop by reporting abuse, but once you level up you wont be called a noob as much and it should"nt be too bad. There are also alot of scammers so you shouldn"t give out detials including passwords or even your personal details, if you do it can be very dangerous.

Dont feel too bad if they call you a noob. Most of the people on the game don"t know the meaning of the word. It actually means newbie or new person. You"ll mostly get called this if your under level 45 or so.

Once you get to know the game it is really fun.

Also runescape is totally free unless you upgrade to a membership which goes up to $12 depending on where you come from. Members is much funner, you can go to a whole new area and will take more than a month subscirption to explore it. So getting members on runescape is alot cheaper than basicly all of the other games, and is worthit.

Runescapes graphics arnt that great but there not as bad as dragon fable or diablo and you can change the veiw too. But they are always updating there graphics and soon there will be a better version of runescape.

Runscape is probally the best free un-downloadable game so far, it"s like a mini game of W.O.W . You can move your person around by clicking on where ever you want it to move, so it"s much better then Adventure Quest and other games like that.

When you die from battling, you end up in the same place every time, so you dont have to go back and collect your sole and i wouldnt bother about getting your stuff you lost (unless it was uncrowded and close to you) because ass soon as you die someones taken your stuff.

Overall runescape is a very good game for people without broadband, and you dont have to pay for it or download it monthly

And the reason there are younger kids playing is because last year the rule of being 13 and over to play wasnt there. There are also alot of adults addited to the game, I know tons of people that are over 17 years of age playing.

I think runescape has came a far way and i have been looking for about a year now for a game that is small download and like runescape, and not many free sites can beat it. So i gave runescape a 10/10

i could go on all day about runscapes features but that would take too long, so if you really want to know more about the game, make an account for yourself and search the manual of Runescape, U"ll be suprised.

Post Date: 01:52 30-03-2007
Rating: 7
Author: jon_114
Comment: i think its a good game i enjoy it even though the graphics are not great they aint that bad eather there are worse games out there that require you to pay no matter what lol i give this a 7/10

Post Date: 00:33 29-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: mumakil
Comment: This game is so stupid, I mean 7 year olds plays it? No wonder FROOB"s are everywhere. The game website plainly said 13 YEAR OLDS ONLY. And this game has really really bad graphics. Do your really think thiers a cheat in this game? Ummmm if you took visuals and graphics plus info systems for elective courses in highschool, the answer would be yes. This game doesnt have a hack prevent system because it is played on a browser. Well their isnt a type cheat but thiers a level up cheat. Every time a open my BLACK NOTEDPAD, and THUNDER editor, my chracter is always perfect. But forget about all those cheats. I cant believe this childish game is addicting. Your people ought to play Silkroad online, Thang online, Knight online, or WOW. Now I can understand if your addicted to those games, but this game is stupidier than a person with an IQ of 10.

Have your ever been to the forums? OMG! noobs are packed up. And people doesnt have any sense of what they are talking about.
My classmate who is addicted to this childish game had an arguement over the forums. My little brother almost ended up in a gang just to get a hat party or whatever you call it. This is ridicolous!, THIS IS EVEN WORSE THAN MYSPACE. Now I understand myspace because you C.H.A.T but this game is so stupid. You should quit and play those games i recommended.
AND! people are so desperate and for need of this game. I saw some1 posting in here thiers a cheat just copy this thing and victims then send or what the hell.

And your have to pay $5 for this game. You ought to be paying 50 cents instead, the graphics are so bad.
"Here at Jagex, we understand the importance of learning, education and experience. In our Keeping Healthy and Responsible Gaming Policy sections, we emphasize the importance of maintaining a balanced life, helping our players realise that work and study are hugely important, as is getting regular exercise, taking regular breaks from your computer and socialising away from an online environment"
Tell me jagex, have you ever been in the froob world?
Problem solving and importance of security? WHAT?!?!. 6 year olds cant even say a b c d"s.

Post Date: 00:15 29-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Dreftorg
Comment: I have probably sent tons and tons of bad reviews to this game in the past month and if I hadnt said it once before i"ll say it again What is up with the word noob in that game? Do they all like speak noobian?? I cant play for 2 minutes without being bombarded with jerks walking by and calling me a noob! or some other person a noob they over use that word I swear. And that oh thats just a minor problem in the game, Poor poor poor poor poor poor poor poor graphics the worst i"ve ever seen, Pac man has better graphics then this Kingdom of loathing is better than this game. I do not and never will recommend this trash people call a game to you. If you play this stop playing and try gunz, or War Rock, or even Guild Wars when you have the money to get it. Please people if you read all this agree with me and help me bring the total rating of this game down to a big fat deserving ZERO!

Post Date: 21:07 28-03-2007
Rating: 6
Author: pacman wasted
Comment: great game only problem with it is addiciting play at ur own risk its graphics aint good but if u become a member youll be doin fun stuff and non-mememrbs is fun too..just dont play 4 maybe more than 2hrs or youll get addicited!!!!!!!

Post Date: 21:19 27-03-2007
Rating: 1
Author: ScorpiaX
Comment: Let's see, This game is mostly for basic-new users that just discovered internet that uses more stress than fun to play the game (6-13 Year olds) Go ahead but I am critcizing the game not commenting about you if you decide it's fun
Graphics 1/10 : Compared to all those korean MMORPG's and Nexon, Silkroad, Flyff,Gunbound,Spacecowboy,GunzOnline and many other great games, this is merely uncomparable,
armour zz,swords zzzz their like 2mm sticks with colours
Music 3/10 : It's ok but get's boring after
hearing it after hours of training
Combat System 0/10 Zzzz,a splash of red or blue than a number, wow I stabbed a cow and got some meet, now let's go get some other crap and consume time accomplishing nothing..
Skills 0/10 Wow a big ball of red is fire bolt..
skills take so long to cast and costs rocks that
needed to be bought or FOUND, and the sounds
and that is just lame.
Time consumption 10/10 : Good way to waste time pointlessly
Commuinity 2/10 : Boring and pathethic as most are cocky,immature and lame
Turtinonal 1/10 : Simple and limited
Controls 1/10 : Simple and limited
Lag : 4/10 It's a bit rough and laggy and you get
disconnected if you AFK
PvP 1/10 : Limited to a certaine extent of fair Level Pking but people run and that and also
you can verse people higher than your level unless you want to sucide and lose everything....
Popularity 5/10 : Very popular among new people that once I say again, discovered MMORPG's, some flash games are even better than runescape Lol
Story-Base Line : 0/10 : You get created and exist in a virtual medieval place with thousands of virtual stupid or just learning about runescape
Overall : 0.9900/10.000000000
Not recommanded unless you just learned what MMORPG's are with limited experience

Post Date: 00:40 27-03-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Brand_Me
Comment: Been playing for 2 years, currently have quit playing and i'm lvl 106. the best way to play rs is be a member, being a low lvl member is boring cause u can't do most of the quests and u have to walk everywhere. the gameplay is boring and the new skills they are coming out with seems like they are trying to hard to make it good. F2P (Free to Play) is pretty boring as u can't do much, and when ur a high lvl in sumthing it takes forever to lvl. P2P (Pay 2 Play) this is much better then F2P, more items, way bigger map, have got mini-games and better weapons. Once farming came out, i quit it takes to long and is a waste of time... Money is very hard to come by, if u have a million in ur bank by the time ur lvl 70 then ur doing very well.

PvP is a waste of time if ur by urself and under lvl 20 wildy, all the ppl just teleport away and u waste ur food and time trying to kill them, if u go deeper u will get ambushed from a clan (2-100 people in it) and then have to buy all ur stuff back cause u died.

I recommend this to kids around 8-14 as most players are around that age. mostly immature and cocky.

Post Date: 21:14 26-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Rancy
Comment: This game is the biggest waste of time ever to hit the internet. (exept for dragonfable, adventure quest, ect.)The graphics, as you can see from the screen shot, are enough to make your eyes bleed, along with your ears because the sound is absoloutly TERRIBLE. Ive played this game for almost a year, im lvl 52, i (was) a member, so i know all that, and let me tell you, this game dosnt take ANY skill at all, with the exeption of your patiants skillS to get through ALL THAT FREAKIN CLICKING!!!!! the language filter is WAY over the top, IT WONT EVEN LET U SAY WON"T WITHOUT AN APOSTRAPHE!!!!! the fighting system is probably somthing they made in like, 5 minutes.example:okay, imagine this, u are walking in the wilderness (witch is the only place u can kill other players, btw)suddenly a player comes and attacks you out of nowhere.he stabs you (stiff armed of course, it looks like a fight between two chess peices) and your character raises his arm slowly over his face in attempt to block it. the fight lasts like 5 secs and u die, but of course they had to mess that up, too. your character goes on tiptoe and raises his arms, then squats down. this is how u die.runescape pvp. why people even waste there time on this joke of an mmorpg is beyond me. if you still prefer runescape after reading this, (oh, im not done yet.) go on google video and type in silkroad online pvp. watch the videos. this is the games i play.if your mind is still voting for runescape, then, well, its your obviously have no taste in games at all. now lets go on shall we?

- PVP - (player vs. player)

as ive told u before, the only place u can fight other players is way up north where

1. nobody ever goes, because there is absoloutly nothing up there,

2. people are afraid to go because they are afraid that they are going to die (wusses...)

so basicly, u almost NEVER get to kill anyone because

1. (# 2 above)

2. They run away because they dont want to go all the way down to the respawn point, witch is pretty much on the other side of the world.

- graphics and animation-

this is the first thing u heard from me. let me give u a few examples:

1. no roofs, you see right through them

2. your charactor has no facial details, only two black slits for eyes.

3. cutting down a tree looks like your charactor is throwing his body against it, all the while the charactors hand looks like its trying to escape the host"s body


5.mining... your charactor is praticly banging his head against the rock, witch looks like a pile of spheres

6. you eat by shoving a fist full of air into your head and then nodding.

7. your charactor cant jump, walk up or down hills, go in water,or go on rocks, so your pretty much disabled, and only able to walk on flat land.

so take my advice and stay clear away from runescape, and play a game like silkroad online.
or anything where your charactor hastwo little black slits for eyes.

Post Date: 03:04 24-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: 7ringwraith7
Comment: great game!!! for all you who are giving it a low rating:

1. because the graphics=the graphics arent that bad for a f2p, sure alot of games have better graphics, but rs graphics are better than some games(maple stpry, which is lame) and besides the gameplay is awsome. also if you play games like w.o.w (world of warcraft) i dont blame you for giving it a bad rating (compared to w.o.w runescape is lame) But if you play games like maple story well then...YOU NEED HELP!! ive seen flash games on addicting games 10 times better than maple story

2. its addicting=what!?!?!? you give it a bad rating because its addicting! that doesnt make much sence if a terrible game is addicting. the reason why its addicting is because its a good game.

3.scamming= you have to be stupid to get scammed(like "give me ur best item and i will give you money for free)(this being after you give them ur item) how stupid do you have to be?!?

4.everybody is meen= well the reason why alot of ppl are meen is because there are so many ppl playing it. there has to be some mean ppl if there is so many ppl. chances are there will be.

5. not enough quests (not much for non-members)=well its not that there is too little things for non-members, its that for non-members you get the basics and a little more too. there are some games ive seen where there are no quests and there isnt even bows! (eternal lands, no offence) for the quests i find it very hard to believe that ppl say they beet all the quests by lvl 25. reason being is because the lowest player to beet the hardest quest is lvl 37 (highscores). the average person beets the hardest quest at lvl 45-50 so i add-mit the game gets boring after about lvl 60 because you beet every quest at lvl 45 then you start getting bored then you start doing random things like running through the pk maps yelling "wilderness ruuun!!!!!" so fine the game will get boring after lvl 60 (i think that all games once you play for a while you start you get bored) but then its time to start something new!:)

Post Date: 00:02 24-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: MS-FAN555
Comment: Am i looking at a goblin or pixelated snot?...WHO KNOWS the graphics are terrible!!its 2007!lvling up is way too easy. Dont play this pile of garbage!

Post Date: 00:44 23-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: pokerhappy
Comment: O-M-G. sorry to seem like the other people, but this game is just horrible! here is a list of reasons,

the game is completely limited unless you get membership, which just makes the game boring. you can absolutly not get money by what the tutorial says... it says "kill monsters, and to quests" well....
monsters:"squeek" that means you killed one. oh joy, 6 gold, and bones. it only took up half a minute, and if i keep doing it, in 1 month i will get that mithril dagger!!! wooo!!!!!!

Quests:sure, you get money from them, but the max you get is 10k, and that is the hardest freaking quest!!! on the others its "wee i got 400 gold and an item, or some exp" and, if you have the patients to do that, you are still in for a disapointment. there is only 30 or so quests for f2p, and 100 for membership. not enough? lets go on. Shall we?

graphics: i know a lot of people dont give a crap about the graphics, but come on. you fish. it looks like you are sticking a tree branch in the water if you harpoon. it looks like you are taking a dump if you use a rod. try cutting down a tree. you look like you are doing... something that for the sake of readers i wont say. battles anybody? lets see.... you fight freakin chickens, and pedestrians on the streets. PVP your thing? well, the bad part about that is that you go in the wild, the only place for pvp, you risk your virtual life, then when you are about to kill a guy they teleport.

spells: one thing it looks like you are firing a fruit at the guy. and you gotta buy runes, which is ok, but then you figure out that you do about 5 damage and waste money.

Gammers: the most common word ever said in runescape: noob. i was a lvl 90, and a lvl 14 comes up to me "ur a n00b," and i say "your a lvl 14, and he goes "no, i gots me a lvl 167 that cood poon you" And all the scammers and hackers. let me tell you the most common phrase:Jagex bocks you pass, see ********** look!

Overview: the game is pathetic!!! play anything different, like maplestory, WoW, or guildwars,anything!!!

Post Date: 20:33 22-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: blackarcher1337
Comment: HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT. it is the most boring game in the world. all pvm and stupid quests tat are impossibl unless you have a friedn that has already done it help you out. also graphics are completley errible and to fight all you do is right click something. also takes forever to make enough money to buy anything.

Post Date: 11:55 22-03-2007
Rating: 9
Author: momosbabe
Comment: My self i think its a good game, not the best graphics in the world but its makes up for it in game-play. the people in runescape and very nasty and there are alot of scammers. its an easy game to get into but to get the full experiance you will have to become a member. i myself have played runescape for 3 years i think and i am lvl 104, so.... its takes time to level. i am also a very good fletcher with the exp of 17.7m.
any way its a good game and i myself would tell my friend about it.

Post Date: 02:29 22-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: yangerlets
Comment: i hate this game!

graphics are bad!!! its 2007 get it together jagex!attacking looks boring...after lvl 30 its boring...its easy to make easy... bah dont play this game

Post Date: 23:32 20-03-2007
Rating: 2
Author: red123x
Comment: OK I'll admit that even though this game has horrible graphics it is addictive FOR ABOUT 3 DAYS!If you are a nonmember not only are you helplessly poor but there are barely and quest. I finished all the quest at lvl 25 but was to bored to keep playin after I finished them.

Post Date: 18:04 20-03-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Dekyo1
Comment: This game has its ups and downs. It is very addicting like everyone keeps saying, and I dont know why because its very boring to watch your character move his body in a slanted position repeatedly until a giant tree(unharmed from all of this) finally dissapears. Also everyone in the game are mean, jerks, and every other word you could describe them with. Jagex is also worthless scum who will delete anyones account and probably stay in there station feeling they accomplished teaching someone a life lesson, when it wasnt there place. Then they would go home and play with there pet goldfish because thats the only company that they have since society ignores them, as they should. Finally they go to the computer room and spend 20 hours abusing there moderator power and talking in proper words that I dont understand.

Post Date: 01:21 20-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: saurondude12
Comment: this game is awsome. the graphics are not the most impressive, but the gameplay is awsome. I dont know why everyone keeps complaining about the graphics. There not bad for a FREE 3D game.

Post Date: 00:21 20-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Mathwiz93
Comment: First of all the graphics, sound, and music are lame. Nearly everthing is blocked out in chat as many have said. PVPing is horible for you have to go to a certain area to PVP, also to kill others that are a bigger difference in level you have to go further in the area which can get anoying after awhile. Quests give absolutely no xp to leveling up. The only waay to level up is to grind and grind and grind and grind.... THIS GAME IS A COMPLETE DRAG! DO NOT PLAY FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY! The only use this game will ever have is as a modern 21st century torture device.

Post Date: 18:10 19-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Omgfreakthis
Comment: This game is just horrible, lets walk over 4 squares and cut what looks like something thats soppose to be a tree, now brb as i catch a giant shark with a stick and gobble it in one bite.

Guy:Look at my 1000 cannonballs, want them?
Me:Cant hold them, im carrying 28 strings
Guy:Well wh** ****do i**** th***in ****

Post Date: 06:15 17-03-2007
Rating: 5
Author: davidkook
Comment: boring! :( gosh! guys! this is the 2000's. there are new games out there, but some idiots seem to be playing old games. this game is the worst graphics, players that don't follo rulez, slow moving people , weird and weird places. i know this might make it sound fun, but i will rather play something else than this. (note: what you've guys learned means: get out of that darn old brain of yours and play some better and new games.)

Post Date: 02:00 17-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: neo oldeorn0
Comment: Great game. Graphics iffy but it's Java. over 100 quests, Iv'e been playing for 3 yrs haven't done them all. 15 plus mini games that keep it interesting. 23 different skills that break up the monotony. Great way to make friends. If you don't like immaturity turn public chat off. Immense world with updates coming out weekly. If you want to fill up your day this is a great game. There is no real way to beat the game because there are updates. in An interview with the best guy out there he admits that he hasn't beaten every aspect of the game, challenge scrolls. The quests get people into the history of the world so the game can take on a aspect all of it's own. The sounds went through a major update so there are sounds appropriate to your area plus over 250 song things.

Post Date: 00:46 17-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: raw912
Comment: Ok first off if you have given this game a 7,8,9,10 or a good review you are a no life loser.
Dont give the excsue its addicting because if you want to stop playing drop all you stuff or say free account give ur pass n ur bank pin shut off your computer and then restart it so its gone and then find something else to do.
I swear this game has the worst graphics in the world almost good as the atari. The players are basically adults with nothing better to do than act tuff when they probably liveing in their moms basement. Now I can see if you are 65 or up and playing runescape but thats because old people really have nothing much to do. What really pisses me of about runescape is their block system they star out about even cuss word and 1 fourth of the non cuss words. The music literally is like four instraments playing the same stuff over and over till you become deaf (the only good thing is it makes you want to stop) Also they have the worst service I sent a complaint becuase they locked my account for no reason with no evedince or ne thing and this is what they told me "You will get more benifits if you become a member" my accoutn already was a member and it didnt even answer my question thats how bad thier service is so with this said if you still like runescape you have 4 options
#1 shoot yourself now
#2 stop playing
#3 die at the computer
#4 read more reviews till you get enough info to quit

Post Date: 09:25 16-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: DinoCroc
Comment: the worst thing it makes me mad is the hacking. after u spent like i dunno 5 months getting it to a lvl 103 after a day at school it gets hacked. plus when they hack someone"s password that go for the recovery questions. the account retriveal is TERRIBLE! if the hacker gets the recovery question they change the password and vice versa. after that it was just a waste of time playing this game and just getting hacked. this game needs a update on a account retriveal.

Post Date: 23:53 14-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Andover
Comment: 0/10

Ive played this game a long time... were to start... well the game is EXTREMELY REPETIVE, SERVERS OVERCROWDED , VERY LIMITED STUFF FOR FREE2PLAY! The only way to really get the gold to buy good stuff is to be playing over 35 hours a week! Paid members also seem to be vastly wealthier than free to play because the free to play servers usually have 2000 players cramped in a very small area to run around in and this makes killing stuff hard as well as getting raw materials to make stuff. 0/10

Post Date: 02:14 14-03-2007
Rating: 5
Author: MS-FAN555
Comment: were do i start...oh yeah the graphics aew lame! if u die its the end of the world unless you have 100mil in your bank!i hate the commuity its so meen and evil!i sent over 27 messages to comstumer support and they havent gaven me a response yet...THAT WAS 2 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post Date: 01:17 13-03-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Jj2377
Comment: this game is really fun and has many quests and options true. But i stopped playing it because of all the hackers. The site is hacked to easy. that is why a gave it a 5.

Post Date: 04:04 12-03-2007
Rating: 3
Author: raw912
Comment: this game has good member benifits but bad non member benifits and they cant even protect members liek they said they would in the agreement. I got hacked after a year of playing 3months of bein a member and they wont give my account back (it got locked) ive been waiting for 4 weeks now so i jsut said forget it and the worst thing is I ahd over 100 people on my buddylist and im sure the hacked hacked them all he got my friends accounts all 4 of them. I really sudgest you dont play this game if you hage a life cause in the end you are gunna get hacked and the thing that cracks me up is that they say there moderators are always helping but it took them 3 weeks to respond to a complaint I amde about ym acoutn and all they said was become a member.

Post Date: 01:46 12-03-2007
Rating: 4
Author: Stacy
Comment: I used to play runescape and I got addicted(no clue how)but it got sooo boring after the first few months...also well yea it's popular...among 10-year-olds (and other people who have a mental age of 10) who spend all their time spamming and scamming. The community is HORRIBLE. A lot of the higher level players spend all their time being mean to the lower ones, and atleast half of the people get everything they have by scamming. Also, you don't really do anything except sit there and click, watching your character do everything. It doesn't take any skill to go up a level...just hundreds of hours sitting in front of a computer clicking. I'm giving it a 4 though because there are also a few nice people on the game and some of the quests are actually fun.

Post Date: 05:13 11-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: saurondude12
Comment: everyone shut up about the graphics. so what if theyre not that good, thats not the only thing that matters. What does matter is that it has good gameplay and a good community. RS has that. so stop complaining about the graphics. If you hate this game JUST because of the graphics, nothing can please u

Post Date: 21:42 10-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: doitlikedat
Comment: you guys are stupid who complain about the graphics, runescape is one of the few rpgs that run off of java, now you tell me another rpg that runs on java that has better graphics. and other thing you people complain about this game getting you addicted and wasting you time, hmmmm isnt that the point of all rpgs andyou cant tell me while you were addicted to the game it wasnt cool. so yeah you guys are stupid who give this game anything less than an 8

Post Date: 20:32 09-03-2007
Rating: 7
Author: jackin9
Comment: This game's consept is good, gameplay is good, but the graphics! i mean, this is the 21st century! although of good gameplay i give it a 7

Post Date: 21:26 08-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: dage538
Comment: AAAAAh My eyes are burning !!! C"mon We are living in 2007 this are realy, realy poor grapisch ever for a free MmoRpg

Post Date: 20:16 07-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: mmowned
Comment: finallly some good reviews to quell the phsycotic ramblings of many players who are so absorbed into our 1-minuteitsdone society that if they are unentertained for 20 minutes, they die. anyway, give it time! if play at least 25 min. you will see some results. the reason everyone is against you in this game is because they work hard and if you ask for something free, they think you're sponging off them (even if the person is a noob!).

Post Date: 13:14 06-03-2007
Rating: 8
Author: forkner
Comment: god all these reviews come from GEEKS however im not a geek. this game is a nice game that you wont get addicted to if you play in modoration the only reason you get addicted is if you play alot so play it in moderation its a great game with lots of things to do and even if you do get bored you can try private servers to spice it up a bit.

The game is good for computers taht are quite old and dont have good graphics like mine as i was going to try world of warcraft but it wouldnt work on my computer so i looked around for some other games but this is the only game i like realy its simple and has ok graphics and with all the new things that jagex are doing to the game its going to be even better. They have been upgrading the graphics and adding new skills and quest and this game has a lot of potential.

so have a go at it but if you dont like it fair play to ya but remember if you dont want to get addicted then dont play all the time you need a balance between school work, socialising and games (and other things like sport) if you dont play all the time it wont take up your entire life and then if you get bored it will be easier to quit.

Post Date: 04:43 06-03-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Kraxxia
Comment: Great time waster. Not worth spending money on or too much time as there are better games, but the amount of skills and things to do is practically addictive.

Too crowded - biggest problem. Quests are cool and in-depth, but sometimes easy and non-repeating. Once you get bored enough to enter Wilderness (PVP area), it gets a tad crappy. Fighting is too easy, especially if you get the equipment handed to you, which is possible since tons of players make what you need all the time. In essence, you get what you need fairly easy, while making it yourself is a real chore.

Post Date: 00:56 06-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: bobaviny
Comment: WORST GAME IN THE WORLD the graphics stink attacking is horrible as a newbie u do zero damage and it takes hours to kill one monster. The quests suck. I couldnt get oast lvl 4 it was so boring

Post Date: 00:54 05-03-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Death Throw
Comment: if you look at all online games as a school and each game as a class...then runescape would be the special education of online games. Can't get a girl friend?...join runescape im sure theres a twelve year old that would be happy to have you as a virtual boyfriend..i admit i used to play this was horrible ..i spent so much time leveling up for day i looked back and realized that with all my leveling i had accomplished nothing and that the game was more stress than fun the higher you leveled.... well all i can say is thank god im done with puberty...

oh and by the way all that clicking you do downloads adware onto your comp lol OWNED

0 out of 10

Post Date: 04:32 04-03-2007
Rating: 2
Author: jazon137

ok first... the graphics the freakin pixels are too big

2nd highly addictive, you lose friends, lose oppertunites to go on date all that stuff if ur like a guy that has lot of time this is the game for you tho

3rd it gets kinda repetative after a while

4th whats up with the sound... people squeak when they get hurt

5th the lag is the worst thing if u have a slow computer like mine

people always find a way to snitch on other people

7th: "Hey I"m new how do you play this game?" "First let"s teach you how to cast spells." "OK, how..." "well um u need runes." "Runes what the ****, **** this stupid game.... lol i made that up... runes r a pretty big problem tho (they block of the words like that 2)


nothing...... sike

1st u have alot of freedom unlike other games where you just kill stuff

2nd: theres tons of things to work on

3rd: one of the most populare games ive heard of (you hear people talking about R-U-N-E-S-C-A-P-E alot)

id advise not to sign up... im failing the 6th grade no because my mind is all about RUNESCAPE...
its ur choise tho

Post Date: 00:10 04-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: elrohir
Comment: It's a very good game all around, the graphics are pretty good but not good enough to make lots of lag, there are lots of skills and things to do. It is really fun. However, it CAN be addicting. The decision is yours. If you let it, it probably could ruin your life. But really it is you ruining your life. Just play in MODERATION!! If you don't then you WILL become addicted.

Post Date: 23:45 03-03-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Eddii3
Comment: Graphics: 2/10 ( Made on paint!!!)

Sound 1/10 (When you attack someone it says meep just a peeping sound.. that sucks)

PvP: 1/10 ( Requires to be on a specific place, And you miss all the time unless your lucky)

Attacking: 2/10 ( You miss and sometimes hit just about luck 80% miss 20% hit. )

Gameplay: 4/10 (Just sucks.)

Quests: 2/10 (Total lack of quests like 30 quests? a good MMORPG has like 2000 something?)

Players: 3/10 (Bunch of kids and low-lifes.)

Armor/weapon: 0/10 (Same weapon and armor just diffrent colours haha so lame.)

Skills/magic: 4/10 (Say what?, no skills just spells/magic ok fine WHAT! you need runes for it damn thats lame.)

Without membership for 5$ its 65% less fun.

This comes from a lvl 73 member with good gear!

Post Date: 05:59 03-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Inusage
Comment: Hey this is one of the best Mmorpg around for players who don't like downloading lol

I'm give the gamplay a 10/10

Graphics a 6.5/10 (maybe)

Pvp a 5/10 not so great

Lags Slow computers large crowds

Quests a 9/10 poor and not much for the free players but TONS for members

Easy Leveling system(once you get to 60)

Well thats all really so look me up Inusage.

Post Date: 21:55 02-03-2007
Rating: 8
Author: alexalexalex
Comment: itts good it keeps u going for 1 year-3 years of playing but i tell u these things


graphics:maybe a 7-10


lags:only in a big crowd

and thats all relly

Post Date: 20:38 02-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: mmowned
Comment: hey, sethmci, RS never compelled me to hit my brother! the game is fine, it depends on the person if theyre addicted or not! it''s YOUR choice, not the game's (its not even alive anyway.....) if you become super-addicted. if you choose not to play this game moderatly, then you suffer the consequences!, i take small breaks every now and then, so i don't become fat. if you blame the game for your misery, it's your fault that your stuck in a rut.

Post Date: 13:49 02-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: kabamslam
Comment: Runescape, although not so great graphically, is a very good game.... although the graphics arent exactly the best, the staff is improving on it more and more every month, puting more features, quests, better help, more skills, and more items in the game, and the game is very fun, and does require a brain to play... there are many skills to do that you can make money by doing, or just fight, and get stronger with. you can be an archer, mage, or warrior, which all have their own strengths and weaknesses. This game definately deserves more credit than you give it.... P.S. ummm It is kinda addicting. Iv been playing for years now, and have like 30 different accounts, because i find out that theres a better way to go when im halfway to max level, and decide to just start over and make a pure or something... I have actually literally played this game for 3nights and 4 days straight, which is how i got my woodcutting level up to 73.... soo yes... I do have to agree that this game could, and probibly will ruin your life, but at least its not as addictave as world of warcraft =).... and yes, you do dream about playing it, and ever since i started playing, im no longer a straight A student. but oh well... I have better things to do than school work. =] (In this game you can have alot of fun no matter what lv anywhere from 3-126.. Iv had fun with all my accounts for the most part, except ones that iv been a fisher on... fishing is boreing. I suggest woodcutting. I have alot of fun on my account and im only about half way to max lv, soo it goes to show you dont have to be a level 100 or higher to have fun in this game. IM DEF RATING IT A 10!

Post Date: 08:12 02-03-2007
Rating: 3
Author: medco
Comment: I have played this game for a year or so my account names were Wizzard96 and medco4....the game is all ok untill some one hackes you, then you might as well just quit there because the security really stinks there is no way to keep someone out of your account unless they havent hacked into it yet. i used to play pay to play and its not worth it because every time you log out some one ends up hacking your stupid account. If they could get better graphics and get a much better security system maybe it would kinda be worth playing, but for now i rate it a 3 for not so good but still a little playable as long as you dont care about your acc and you dont pay to play.

Post Date: 04:21 02-03-2007
Rating: 5
Author: ouch
Comment: ive been reading some of these reviews and i have noticed that this game will totally ruin ur life. it will suck u in and keep u there. ive noticed how ive played so many hours in this game and its true that itd also b a waste to stop now in the middle of all my hard work. like im saying(as well as many others) this game is unfortunatley very very addicting. im not gonna stop u from playing but, ill warn u of the consequences from it if u get hooked.

Post Date: 16:09 28-02-2007
Rating: 9
Author: XEradacoDontaeX
Comment: I kind of like this game it was easy for me to pick up and leveling up is so easy i have been playing for about 6 months and i have a lvl 81 with some nice stuff i would recommend this for people who have some time yes it is very addicting

Post Date: 22:04 26-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Sethmci

After reading what the many people have said about this game it opened my eyes.

I have a level 87 guy and a level 55 pure.
I relized that I have been wasting the whole 2 years of my life on this game and how addicting it was!

I started sneeking on when I wasent supposed to go on and being mean or hitting my little brother if he was on the computer and I wanted to (which was all the time).

JaGex, the maker of the game, had thrown the hook and we had got traped in it. I finnaly relized what their trick was!

JaGex makes this perfect little world and all these new sights to see. We, the people, get dragged into it and soon become addicted. After a half or one year you start to nitice that you"re changing all because of the game and you decided to quit. BUT YOU CAN"T QUIT NOW! You have worked MUCH to hard to make your level 60 guy and not to mention all time and effort you put into getting all your skills up! So you decide to go on.

This happens over and over and over and in the maen time you"re hurting all you family and friends just to go on some stupid game with the WORST graphics in the world! After reading what all these people have said about RuneScape I for one am 50% wanting to quit and 50% not wanting to (I"m still thinking of how much time and effort I put into the game).

Post Date: 21:24 26-02-2007
Rating: 3
Author: sassylady
Comment: OK..i did not like this game. AS you can see from the above SS...hahahahaha..lack of a better word "trashy" granted I didnt play the game for longer then a month. Honestly, i was confused!! I dont know if i just didnt know what to do, or if it was just lack of interest in the game that caused that confusion. either way, i knew i had to find another game fast.

Post Date: 02:53 26-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Jagex-The Tryants
Comment: Oh god.....Runescape

So many things to talk about.....first of all when I started it was fun, then I realized how bad it was. My friends started playing it.. then my whole school.. then the the whole state me and some of my friends were so addicted to it all we would talk about was it, and when I was supposed to be reading I would draw pics of RS, then at lunch my friends (which were getting more and more addicted, too.)and I would look at people who brought santa hats to school for Christmas, and say,"Hey look a santa,thats worth 57mil!"

Besides Runescape has been one of the worst, most addictive games I have ever played. Now some of my fingers go numb on my hand every once in a while, and i have bad eye-sight. Runescape is not just a plaugue, but the players are horrible. Scammers, botters,assholes who mope how they lost their rune 2h,(not mentioning names)and even Oh, guess what? Tryants, (read my name)who like to ban unsuspecting players because they say butt.Yes, thats right folks, butt. Hell, they will even ban you if you dont have correct grammer.

Runescape is a disease - I"m even still addicted to private servers, which are as addictive, if not more, than real RS.Runescape graphics, gameplay, and community will someday be its destruction. To all you players who love and cherish RS - I am waiting for you to realize RS, And how addictive it is.

Post Date: 17:08 25-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Jozu
Comment: This game is what you want if you are a little kid and cant afford WoW.. The game itself is utter stupidity, tragic graphics and well mostly everything about it is just a joke. 98% of its players are children who havent learn to spell yet. If your looking for a worthwhile mmorpg buy WoW, and dont waste your time on this game xD

Post Date: 11:33 25-02-2007
Rating: 9
Author: sathiq
Comment: this game is one for people who dont like games where u have to follow a pre-determined path
u are free to do what u wish when u wish and it is great after the first few days but itcan be boring if u play constantly for a few weeks 24/7
this game is not for people with little free time it is highly addictive and i have been playing for around 4-5 years know and have around 7-8 characters around lvl 50 and the only reason i still play is that i get banned on all school months and can only play in summer or winter vacations so it is not boring
it has poor graphics and easy battles a good combanation
this is the closest a game can be to perfect

Post Date: 01:39 25-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: slliw
Comment: --Please, STAY AWAY!!--

This "Game" is a detriment to human society. The first thing you will notice is graphics that can be compared to Sega Genesis. A lot of people complain about their internet connection when playing MMORPG"s. However, this game itself is the cause for lag. The playing window takes up less than 31% of my computer screen, and moving animation in-game takes up a small fraction of the playing window. Even with these comically low CPU requirements the servers themselves cause so much lag there can be a 1-5 second wait between sending your character a command, and seeing your character respond. Sometimes your character will get confused by the horrifying data being relayed, and he will run backwards into walls. I"m not making this up people.

The second thing you may notice is the number of people. I must honestly say if this game was single player it would be better. Random people you have never even spoken to or seen before will call you a noob, literally seconds after you finish the tutorial. If not that, they will be trading you offering you "bones" or "rat meat", sometimes an occasional "cabbage". These items are free, and they are wasting your time. People will also try to get your password, items. and more. I wish I was kidding about this.

Despite the above mentioned, people continue to play day in and day out. What do you have to look forward to after 2 years of playing so much you fail out of the 7th grade? More work. A lot more work. After three years of playing I was being called a noob, and being mocked by literally thousands of people better than me. The more you play, the more you feel obligated to continue playing and not let your work go to waste. This game will consume you.

After years and years of playing, hundreds on membership fees, getting mild carpal tunnel in my mouse hand, failing several years of school, ruining my eyesight, and losing all my friends, the company that owns the game, Jagex, used the unquestionable powers secured by their outrageous, tyrannical, and thoroughly unfair Terms and Conditions of Use policy. They banned my account, showed no evidence, and replied to my panic-ridden support queries by automated computer response. Mere days later they updated their website, to no longer allow me to appeal the ban. Also, they blocked my account from sending queries to customer service. No refund.

If you play this game, quit when you start having fun. I regret playing this more than I regret going to that Meatloaf concert last summer. I implore you all to stay clear of this abomination, and tell your friends to do the same.

Post Date: 02:31 23-02-2007
Rating: 6
Author: pacman wasted
Comment: ive played this game for a year ists addicting itll make u angry with ur folk make u noyt care if somone dies important makes u feel down inside i admit ive played it im lvl 75 i regret ever playin it i wish i stayed with grandtheft auto all my friends quited...cause of they got mad at it or the graphics or there friends or gf called them a nerd please dont place thisg ame i can not strees thia at all people.. onece you have thoght about all the people u herted itll make u cry...i swear u cna play it a good game but dont play it to much...stay with ur family dont do nothin else one day everyoen u know will die youll regret all the thing u done youll lead to a crash and never come back up i dont want u guys to lend up like me im 12 yrs ol i think this might happen im gonna lay off u can play a lil but not much plz dont play ur heart off dont think ur gonna be worshiped ur gonna be a breakdown crashed in ahole u cant climb bye thig game a 6

Post Date: 20:06 22-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: c00l-c-19
Comment: This game is great...I've played over 2 years now and only found 1's too addicting.If u wanna keep ur life, dont play this game

Post Date: 20:27 21-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: saurondude12
Comment: In terms of game play, this game pownes all mmorpgs. Only thing it needs to work on are grafics. and there are so many freaking skills. Thing is that the commuity there is packed with jerks. Can get a little boing sometimes. Still, this game is awsome! Its worth checking out

Post Date: 13:55 21-02-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Painkiller
Comment: Hey,

This game is kinda boring after u got full addy, lvl 38, cant finish "Dragon Slayer", and not a member....... but its still a reallly GOOD game i recommend!

Post Date: 19:15 20-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: tombrett
Comment: hi guys

i think people that call runescape a bad game dont know what a good game is...! runescape owns almost all games in every way... most people think it stinks cos of the graphics..! thats sad! i think it has fine graphics! the graphics are just 1 tiny problem.. if u actually start playin it u will see that there are millions of gr8 features on it! once u start this game thers no leavin it.. i have played many rpg games (knight online, silkroad online, mu online , everquest, guild wars , and W0W.) they are pretty bad compared to runescape . why? because....:

1- on most online rpgs the only thing u can do is fight, cast spells,fire arrows- but on runescape you can do whatever you want! like(woodcut, mine , fletch, fish , cook , theive, make armours and like 20 more things!

2- most rpgs have like 10-20 quests to do its boring... runescape has over 150 quests and it would take you months to do them all... on other games what u call a quest is going and killing 5 goblins... how boring.:P

3-i also think the game is far bigger than most games... i meen: compare the size of the silkroad online map with the runescape map..
runescape map is 2 times or more bigger than it.. also runescape has 150+ types of monsters and 1000+ types of weps silkroad has like 50 weps and same amount of monsters

i think ther are only a few games that could mabe beat rs.. i think WoW is pretty kewl aswell but..its kinda like a strategy game.;P

one of the bad things about runescape is-it addicts you like mad-

the first couple of months of runescape addicted me so much that at school in the art lessons i was drawing pictures of my char instead of a portrait of my teacher

because of the addiction i decided to giv it a rest for a while

my solution: i play runescape 6 hours per week for 2 months atm.. when i started it was like 7 hours a day!

sometimes i get mad at myself for telling my friends about this game.. u know why?

i have a friend in the uk that i told about Rs. at the start she thought it wasnt very good but 5 months later(now) she plays like 5 hours a day! i feel like i have made her addicted/...

my suggestion is that even if u really really like this game u shud try to spend time doin social stuff too... or ur mom and dad will think ur a computer freak! ( my parents think im one)

anyway.. i think this game owns and i suggest people to play it

ps: pls dont get addicted:P bye.

Post Date: 15:58 19-02-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Ajax574
Comment: I must say that this game is excellent... for the first month or so. I played it for a few months and my character is lvd up so much in everything that everything is boring.I regret ever starting this game now because when I look back on it, I realized that I could have been doing much more entertaining things in my life like hanging with my friends, playing PONG, or bashing my own head in with a hammer. I won't complain about the graphics or the community, though the community did diminish the effect of the game slightly. If you are new to online games, this is a good start, but if you are used to games like WoW or GW then I wouldn't recommend it at all.

Post Date: 04:28 19-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: h0ly
Comment: The graphics are horrid i mean it feels like in controlling some kind of lego classes so everybody is basically da same.u have to actully pay for this game to like member ship like go more places or somethin.i mean like some games like maplestory u can play regularly with out cash.1 good thing about this game is dat u dont have to down load it but i still hate this game.

Post Date: 14:42 18-02-2007
Rating: 6
Author: Snowknight
Comment: This game takes your life away i wasted months playing but i finally stoped because all my friends were started to get mad at me and i would never do stuff just dont join!!if u wana keep ur life dont join!!I repeat dont join!!It was fun while it lasted tho BUT DONT JOIN!!!!

Post Date: 02:52 18-02-2007
Rating: 1
Author: gamerz
Comment: Too many scammerz in this game you cant trust anyone, the games graphics are outdated, people are calling people noobs left and right for no reason, jagex somrtimes locks accounts for no reason, theres no protection against scammers, is WAY too time consuming.

Post Date: 02:12 18-02-2007
Rating: 1
Author: solesurvivur
Comment: Runescape is a life draining game it will destroy ur life trust me i quit it am i am glad so freakin glad too now i fill so much better tthat game kept me down from alot of things i mist going to the movies with mi freind i regret ever joining it plz dont make the same mistakes lik i did i begg u dont join the dunb game

Post Date: 00:34 17-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Kalamus
Comment: Runescape is not worth reviewing i have played it and iits horrible the membership that is 5$ is way to high this game needs some major upgrades for it to be a really good game.

Post Date: 19:25 16-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: mmowned
Comment: here is an aurgument to those who say this game is to restricting to non-members: go bitch about adventurequest, they make it so you absoulutly HAVE to pay to play. your account expires after 10 days, so you have to pay for guardianship (they have a small server for a reason, at 5000 spaces, you aren't logging in anytime soon). AQ fans are blind not to see that it is disohnist marketing. they also make the world restricted during that 10-day period, nearly half the map spots are for guardians only. they launch infinite advertisements about how it's "FREE" yah,right and their are also advertisements about how being a guardian makes the world more open. in short, RS isn't that restrictive to free players.

Post Date: 06:00 16-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: idiotplayer200
Comment: really what is it with people and graphics? I freakin played a good graphic game and most of the players arent on the dang comps! Also u n00bs giving 0s and just saying stupid stuff about graphics... u sicken me!!!! OK I"ve cooled down now on to the rating...

sound:2/10 okay well u get the idea
gameplay:4/10 click...
quests:9/10 100+ quests and most give out good stuff u know!(F2p has only one quest with good reward but still...)
graphics:... i dont care about graphics moving on
addiction: well at least we aint on drugs
runescape has a economy that has inflation and prices going this and that; i wouldnt be suprised if theres a "great depression" or something. people that gave a zero to this game should try and get off lindsey lohan or paris hilton.and this game is adapting to people around the globe, they have german now! some parts of this game that noobdy has is the players DECIDING
also the community wont help u cuz the awnswer is getting ur tiny brain working and WORK IT OUT YOURSELF. So all u whiners and complainers and paris hiltion obssers get ur lazy but on the chair and just play without sound and everything u hate.
Also if u h8 the community just turn ur public chat off(best to just go to a empty world, trust me)

Post Date: 15:29 14-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: islander
Comment: Why does evreyone bad mouth runescape. Alright the original was totally weird but its much more advanced now. Lets compare with other browser based games.
1)outwar. One word to describe this is. allright. i played this game for two months then sold my charactor for a tenner. Why? repetitive. attack this attack that. opps i lost oh well nothing happens. also turn based games are the worst ever games in the history of games ever.
2) all the other online games. TURN BASED.
friend 1)oh i found out a cool online game. i played for ten minuets.
friend 2)If it"s cool why stop?
friend 1) i spent all my turns on money.
friend 2) raises fist and smashes it into friends face for finding another worthless turn based browser game. BORING!!!
evreyone bad mouths and rates the game on graphics. Lets see who would play a game where you sit down and eat an entire shark before getting up and attacking again? what other games have 25 skills each with there own equiptment and levels. oh and whats up with the sound now theres oriental sounds. and if you hate them turn off the sound DUH. All these people played the game for a few days and got scammed becasue they are belivable NOOBS. So don"t badmouth runescape till you have a proper reson to. Ignoramis

Post Date: 00:22 14-02-2007
Rating: 8
Author: R.P.G. player
Comment: I don't see why everybody's complaining about the graphics and sounds of this game when its a free browser based game. I've looked at over 100 other browser based games and they make this look like it is the greatest video game in the world. the problem is everybody is comparing this to world of warcraft and guild wars which you have to pay large fees and indure hour long downloads (unless you have an expencise computer). I do have to admit though that it is quite repetitive and has no skill involved aspects to it that is why I did not give it a 10 but instead a 8

Post Date: 18:38 13-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: poodaa
Comment: Well i love this game ive been playing it for 4 or more years been a member for about 2 years and well its great

and if the game creators do something that mess's up the game about 4000 members will setup rallys on differnt worlds and we demand it be changed :D This game is alot of fun try it!

Post Date: 17:07 13-02-2007
Rating: 5
Author: jc2902
Comment: Wide range of options of what to do. Two things let this game down in my opinion. 1. Graphics 2. Amount off noobs playing it.

Post Date: 23:05 12-02-2007
Rating: 9
Author: cheesedelux
Comment: I've been playing this on and off for about four years...mostly non combat skilling (I'm only level 47 :p) and been a member for six of those months in total. I love it, but after you've completed a certain amount of the quests and your a medium-medium level like me (Comparing from the growing amount of lvl 120+ people (High-High) to the level threes (Low-Low)). it gets very hard to do much else other than massacre thousands of bandits, giants and...cows :I.
Great but gets repetitive after...well...ages.

Post Date: 19:39 10-02-2007
Rating: 6
Author: Josh Pwns
Comment: This is a great game if you cant afford to pay or you cant download a game it has horrible graphics and the sound is well... wierd. But there are alot of skills and you can have alot of fun with this for awile. overall i think its a alright game

Post Date: 02:33 10-02-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Hodag
Comment: Not a good game.
Graphics- 2/5 Why do i defend my head when I'm kicked in the shin?

Play-1/5 I don't want to BUY spells.

Sound-3/5 Best part of the game and not much.

Post Date: 21:20 09-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: durza51
Comment: This games rules... I"ve played for like a year... the graphics may not be as great as possible.. but ffs ppl remember this is on JAVA!... there"s tons of skills... and it"s only 5$ a month for membership which has TONS of items and quests to complete... not to mention how large the map is.. to be honest all the people who voted under 5 for this game... are probably just mad "newbs" who just got owned by a high level... .look up my name for less noobiness :P
You can"t spell slaughter without laughter ;)
Pureness isn"t a choice, it"s a disease :P

Post Date: 10:33 08-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Clarky2008
Comment: This game is just pathetic, just dont play it at all, unless you want to play a game where the only fun thing to do is kill monsters, its all just repetitive....

Post Date: 07:45 06-02-2007
Rating: 6
Author: powerofgod
Comment: I have played Runescape. I had lvl 7 character got scammed because I was just starting out. Then I got another one lvl 60 something, got hacked. I just created new one and forgot the password. LOL. Playing Runescape is fun but its a waste of time for skills in stuff. If you really want to have fun is become a merchant. Buy coal because it is the best selling item. Buy it as low as you can 100-160. Then go to like world 1 and sell as high as you can. 170-200. Keep on doing this till your in the millions. then the next time some lvl 100 nerdy freak says your a noob seen a trade to he or she with all your money and stuff.

Post Date: 01:46 06-02-2007
Rating: 9
Author: [email protected]

Free to play is only fun for a couple of weeks, but once u get high level and u understand the game, its definatly worth pay to play, with millions of ways to get cash and a never ending list of items to buy. There are so many different effective fighting builds, while most rpgs there is only one good build. Pvp is the best pvp in any game. When runescape first started off, it was all pvp, but they have it now so its blanced.

Post Date: 22:18 05-02-2007
Rating: 10
Author: runester
Comment: I have been playing runescape for two years, and have never ceased to be impressed by the unlimited options for game play. Although the graphics are limited, the sounds are awesome and the items list is amazing. If you are looking for a low-cost awesome game then you have found it with runescape!

Post Date: 23:12 03-02-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Loner Cs
Comment: RuneScape. I loved it. Now I dont play and because Im not liking it at all. If u r a free member its a blast...for 1-2 monthes. U need to be a paid member. They treat u BETTER. RuneScape is only good for paid members and noobs at MMORPGS. It will give u a preview at the GOOD MMORPGS.

Post Date: 21:54 03-02-2007
Rating: 1
Author: happyman
Comment: it or hate it. I loved it a long time ago, and now i hate it. Yes the graphics stink. but people do not play it for the graphics, they play it for the challenge and strategy of it. Of course it used to be fun when everyone was on the same level and u could get valuable drops from holidays. but jagex changed it trying to be fair when in reality it is just far from fair. Now the holiday drops are worthless but the people who got the old ones are so rich that u dont have an iceballs chance in hell of catching up to them in wealth. The pvp is bad and yes the quests are challenging but they give u nothing worth your time. You spend three hours working on a dam quest and then, congratulations you get 50 gp!!! wow thanx! As u can see im kind of bitter so just dont play it.

Post Date: 00:48 02-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: darkninja148
Comment: and the winner for the worst mmorpg that made me throw up and bang my head on the wall until i die award is RUNESPACE.this game is the worst mmorpg ever come on the grapics are so bad.i recommend this game to idiots that like looking a the worst graphics ever.i would rather
1.jump off a building
2.bang my head on the wall 40 times
3.make love to that fat chick on Norbit
4.go to school
5.curse my boss out

the things i would love to do better than runescape Maple story(way better than runescape) gunbound to play world of warcraft devil may cry 3 on the ps2

Post Date: 23:56 01-02-2007
Rating: 4
Author: Doobie355
Comment: I gave this game a 4. Yes, it is incredibly addictive and the members price is really cheap! But it is full of beggars, scammers, and hackers which kind of ruins the fun. I have been playing it since the beginning in 2001 and i finally quit about 2 weeks ago because I got hacked (for about the 10th time) and lost about 100 hours worth in money. Im not gonna encourage you to not play this game, but let me tell you...about 3/5 people you trade with will try to scam you and ill give you a year at the most before your character gets hacked. Another thing about it is doing anything but combat is really boring. Woodcutting for example, you click on a tree and watch your character swing an axe until the tree turns to a stump then you just click on a different tree. This game gets incredibly slow. Ill admit I had alot of fun with it but dont start playing unless you are prepared to have all of your in-game accomplishments gone over night.

Post Date: 15:04 31-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Rancyz
Comment: This game is the biggest waste of time ever to hit the internet. (exept for dragonfable, adventure quest, ect.)The graphics, as you can see from the screen shot, are enough to make your eyes bleed, along with your ears because the sound is absoloutly TERRIBLE. Ive played this game for almost a year, im lvl 52, i (was) a member, so i know all that, and let me tell you, this game dosnt take ANY skill at all, with the exeption of your patiants skillS to get through ALL THAT FREAKIN CLICKING!!!!! the language filter is WAY over the top, IT WONT EVEN LET U SAY WON"T WITHOUT AN APOSTRAPHE!!!!! the fighting system is probably somthing they made in like, 5 minutes.example:okay, imagine this, u are walking in the wilderness (witch is the only place u can kill other players, btw)suddenly a player comes and attacks you out of nowhere.he stabs you (stiff armed of course, it looks like a fight between two chess peices) and your character raises his arm slowly over his face in attempt to block it. the fight lasts like 5 secs and u die, but of course they had to mess that up, too. your character goes on tiptoe and raises his arms, then squats down. this is how u die.runescape pvp. why people even waste there time on this joke of an mmorpg is beyond me. if you still prefer runescape after reading this, (oh, im not done yet.) go on google video and type in silkroad online pvp. watch the videos. this is the games i play.if your mind is still voting for runescape, then, well, its your obviously have no taste in games at all. now lets go on shall we?

- PVP - (player vs. player)

as ive told u before, the only place u can fight other players is way up north where

1. nobody ever goes, because there is absoloutly nothing up there,

2. people are afraid to go because they are afraid that they are going to die (wusses...)

so basicly, u almost NEVER get to kill anyone because

1. (# 2 above)

2. They run away because they dont want to go all the way down to the respawn point, witch is pretty much on the other side of the world.

- graphics and animation-

this is the first thing u heard from me. let me give u a few examples:

1. no roofs, you see right through them

2. your charactor has no facial details, only two black slits for eyes.

3. cutting down a tree looks like your charactor is throwing his body against it, all the while the charactors hand looks like its trying to escape the host"s body


5.mining... your charactor is praticly banging his head against the rock, witch looks like a pile of spheres

6. you eat by shoving a fist full of air into your head and then nodding.

7. your charactor cant jump, walk up or down hills, go in water,or go on rocks, so your pretty much disabled, and only able to walk on flat land.

so take my advice and stay clear away from runescape, and play a game like silkroad online.
or anything where your charactor hastwo little black slits for eyes.

Post Date: 07:34 30-01-2007
Rating: 9
Author: mizzblu
Comment: Wow. Pretty much everyone is rating this game 0,1,9 or 10. I guess it's a love it/hate it type game..

I have to say I love it. Even for a free player who didn't get that much cool stuff I was completely addicted. Kinda frustrating though that if you don't pay to play you kinda get the sucky life... I mean I sat there and watched as they kept releasing new member skills, updating member features, blah blah blah.

This game was incredibly addictive for me. I sat there mining coal and mith for the best part of a year until I started getting pretty bored of the crappy graphics but most of all the repetitivity of it all. I mean the graphics, I could live with, but with only a few skills to do and a few places to go it all got the same. Moving up levels kind of lost its thrill and I finished all the quests pretty quickly. And also there was such a high risk of getting hacked and everything that it wasn't really worth it. Still though, I met a few friends on there and I'm not saying it's a bad game. I have a lot of fond memories there. Still a nine based on how I /used/ to feel about it before it got boring. I definitely think you guys should check it out though, it's fun for a while =)

Post Date: 21:54 29-01-2007
Rating: 5
Author: angry
Comment: OMG GOUGE MY EYES OUT...i cannot stand the graphics any longe were the hell are my eyes my hands are balls !? shure its kinda adictive but then you relize you have spen the lasst 36 CUTTING A TREE! whic just dissapers when your done, and the cominity, THE COMINITY IS CORRUPT!!!!!!!!!< icannot stress this enogh ih ave plaay for 3 month lvl 65 and some lvl 3 walked up to me eventually you just get bored and wind up here thinking i am right so AFTER 4 days OF NO SLEEP AND MINING COAL you will wake up and go gee i haven"t showed in 4 days and i think my uundewar is growling Ok look the game is only fun if you MACRO the hell out of it! every one else is.................

Post Date: 05:22 29-01-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Elrohir
Comment: Horrible for magic users?! They rule the world for goodness sakes! Make it ay easier for them and no one would dare be a melle fighter or ranger! Pretty good game, with a lot of features for free players, but the community is TERRIBLE! Unless they are your real life friend, almost no one will help you. They actually hope that you die so they can take your stuff. However, the game is either free or cheap, easily accessible, fun, and a good time waster. It gets boring after a while though (at least in f2p, I can't afford to be a member). By far not the greatest game out there, but it is good. If your looking for a great game, you should try:


Post Date: 00:43 29-01-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Dylnuge
Comment: The Good: Game is easy to play, and the free world is somewhat self-sufficiant.

The Bad: The games magic system is horrific, requiring expensive runes which do not replenish and therefore must be bought or crafted. The crafted runes are hard: first you must complete a quest, then get uncrafted runes, and then travel to a shrine to craft them. You must level to craft "higher" level runes, but the spells all use multiple types of runes, which seem unrelated to the crafting system. Whats worse, the shrines are not even all located in the free worlds. Easy to get scammed, and not well policed. Paid Members cannot meet with free members unless they go on a free server, which prevents them from accessing any paid member-only items.

Overall: An all right time passer, but not very fun for free members. Many members of the player community make the game unfun as well, especially on free servers. Game is horrible for magic users. The title says it all, I would definitly like to eScape the Runes.

Post Date: 01:13 27-01-2007
Rating: 5
Author: microdan
Comment: runescape. lots of pros,lots of cons. first,ill point out the pros. awesome quests! like,for WOW its all just "go kill 10 of these!" and "go get 20 of these!" GEE BLIZZARD! YOU REALLY GOT CREATIVE WITH THAT! i mean,Jagex really got creative with these. also,for java,the graphics are great. and im an old fashioned guy,and i really dont like how "high-tech" the world is becoming. so when it come sto the graphics,i think they"re a good touch to the game. and its not like they"re bad graphics. they"re just not the most...errmmm....detailed. theres are so maney skills and so maney things to do with each one! and theres a big landscape. and has very diverse types of landscapes. there are dungeons,lost cities,troll strongholds,gnome and elf cities,etc. and for all you ppl who think negatively about this game,ur probobly too old. i mean,if your some 16 year old sitting at your computer saying "omg! this game is stupid!" WELL NO WONDER! THIS IS DIRECTED AT KIDS! now,this doesnt mean that older people cant play this game and have fun or find challenges in it. they can. this game is intended for all ages,but mainly directed at kids. wich si why u find 8 year olds in the community. and also,they monsters kick ass! now,move onto the cons... there are a good deal of these. first of all,the game title. i hate it! runescape? get creative! second of all,the fighting style. every three second,your character either shoots an arrow or waves his scimitar,and all you hear is fft..fft...fft...not too great. also,no sky. im not gonna go in-depth,just taht theres no sky. then the sounds. they stink. then the community...oh god...rude,decitful,scamming,annoying,and full of stupid,money begging 8 year olds! im glad runesape aims this game at ppl 13 and over,since they acctually know how to play,but that doesnt stop those stupid 8 year olds. and too maney lifeless losers above lvl 100 that go around calling ppl noobs. they have done everything there is to do and have nothing better to do because they gave up everything in thier life for runescape,so they just go around insulting ppl online. the list just goes on. so ill cut it off here. there are alot of pros,but too alot of cons.ich si why i give this game a 5. although i still play this game because i find it fun,since the cons dont really bug me. but i still give this game 50% since its good and bad at the same time.

Post Date: 14:05 26-01-2007
Rating: 9
Author: Medieval man
Comment: I used to play runescape and got comepletely addicted. I could not think about ANYTHING else but what i was going to do next on runescape. If you have alot of time on your hands and $5 a month then this is the game for you. You can also play free, but the membership makes it more fun. Not quite as addicting as world of warcraft or everquest, it is a pretty good game. If you want to quit it, I started to play a pc game called morrowind. It is less addicting and more fun. I played runescape for years and about over 200 hours. There are weekly updates making this one of the best online games, in my opinion.

Post Date: 12:16 26-01-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Rogue§ora
Comment: A old but good game not much to do since every1 is lvl 85+ in members world but still good game should reset after zezima hit 100m exp

Post Date: 02:30 25-01-2007
Rating: 5
Author: bitemytentacles
Comment: Aw, RuneScape. Alot of people hate you. Alot of people like you. I know, I was one of them. After playing for 1 year I am now gonna say my piece. All you spoiled rotten preps who take one look at a games graphics and say "tihs suxors big wow pwnge w00t" can BITE MY TENTACLES! Diablo 2"s graphics aren"t good by todays standards, but I still whoop butt up and down to this day. Graphics don"t make a good game. A pretty game, maybe, but not good. To find the fun, you have to look inward. AND THIS IS WHY I GIVE RUNESCAPE A 5! The community is unhelpful, immature, hateful, disgusting, and stupid. This game managed to turn facets of good MMO"s (you-hit-me-I-hit-you combat, tradeskills, leveling) and made them boring as hell. Their is little reward for the quests, some of which are ridiculously hard, and the "free-worlders" don"t get nearly as much stuff as they deserve for spending their time on this game. The world is huge, for good and bad, and oftentimes fustrating as hell when you travel to some town on the other side of the world only to find out one of the quest destinations is on the OTHER SIDE (helps alot if you have teleport magic-by the way magic system is stupid). So why do I give this a 5 instead of a well-deserved 0 or 1? Because unlike you selfish preps out there, I sympathize with the technologically disadvantaged, because I was one once. Some people in the world are going to do no better than this piece of garbage right here. And they don"t need you rich, spoiled numbskulls looking down your noses at them. Bottom Line: Some people will only get it this good/bad. Hoard your money and buy hardware for GW or WoW. Or keep playing, I don"t care. This is just an opinion, and you can disagree with it. Play it if you like it, don"t let jerks tell you what you like.

Post Date: 05:42 22-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: eatwhileplaying
Comment: These are things I"d rather do than play this game:
1.Burn alive.
2.Be stranded in Afghanistan.
3.Live off of brussel sprouts and soy milk.
4.Marry the biggest jerk in school.
5.Be turned to stone (or a commonly hunted animal).
6.Dangle over a cliff by one finger.
7.Play a good game like MapleStory or Gunbound.


Post Date: 15:38 20-01-2007
Rating: 2
Author: AgentBassil
Comment: This game is stupid. First of all the graphics just stink, those are the worst graphics, Tibia a game made 10 years ago has better graphics than this. 2nd- the community is awful, it is filled with little kids(i don"t usually care about this) but all they do is ask me to be their friend. Then when your like 1 level below them they call you a newb!. 3rd- basicly everything that"s good about this game(which is not a lot) is only available to members. 4th- scammers and other stupid people are basicly everywhere. And Finally the final reason this game stinks,the developers put no effort into this game. I mean come on, look at other java games like puzzle pirates. they have good graphics and stuff, why can"t runescape be at the same level as other java games. I smell a get-rich scheme and laziness. Plz people stick with better games, don"t just look for free mmorpgs. look for pay to play ones. I understand that some can"t afford it, but MMORPGs need money to run, the servers and everything requires lots of money.So Free MMORPGs usually only have few servers and low server population caps,are not updated as frequently, and have a very small development team that can achieve little.

Post Date: 02:39 20-01-2007
Rating: 9
Author: ilovegunzxP
Comment: i suggest this game for a audience of 5-18. 18 only if you like bizzness management. it is a highly interactive game with tons to do. Once you start to work up a skill use it to rake in the cash. i suggest mining iron ores until yuo have about 1k then sell for 100k =]
and rember key to this game is to spend money to make money.

Post Date: 02:20 19-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: dreftorg
Comment: WORST GAME EVER AWARD 5 YEARS IN A ROW!! only joking but I do hate this game its probably the worst mmorpg ever made known to man everything is a "members only skill" atleast everything interesting. You lag all the time poor graphics you can't enjoy something special without some noob trying to get it from you by hacking your account or following you and begging you for it. WAY to easy to level, and theres NO STORY LINE WHAT-SO-EVER this is by far the worst game i've ever played in my entire life pac man has better graphics, infact pong has better graphics!!

Post Date: 19:58 18-01-2007
Rating: 8
Author: metalduck
Comment: 8/10 been playing it for 3 years now. FLYFF is better IMO. although this is probably best browser game around, no question.

Post Date: 04:24 18-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: znza
Comment: this game is freakin sweet! ive played for almost a year.. yea... the game is addicting but if u play it for a couple of mins you wont really know if its good or not.. my friend showed me the game and i thought it was dumb as hell, but once i started to play, it got really addicting and im lvl 57, i no i no im slow, but who cares?? if u gave this a 0-4 u dont know a good game...all of my friends play it.. runescape is the only mmorpg and the best one for me! =]

Post Date: 23:54 17-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: iownu
Comment: i give this a zero cuz i have played it was like the first online game i played and i look bak on the money i wasted for p2p and the time and i just hate myself for it the graphics stink the game stinks the peeps playn are rude and mean!

Post Date: 10:36 17-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: iceyboi
Comment: this game is pathetic...
the game is only good if ur new to MMORPGS becuz it shows wut they offer
the game also gets really boring after u done like say 10 quests.
also when they made the 3d graphic one they took out all of the good stuff. i woulda liked it better if they everything the same except just better graphics. and all u ppl hu say its best eva thats only becuz its the only MMORPG u played and u gotta move on

Post Date: 05:39 15-01-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Lythycos
Comment: mmhmmm it is a ok game..... i really like a game with a story line thought shame if it had one i would play it alot more i played it for a good 6 months... i got to lvl 80 then i got bored doing the same thing over and over again.... i mean there are a lot of quests but no motivation for it...... some of the baffled me.... but i am probally just an idiot.... i mean its a ok game but no the best graphics fighting or sound... not that great in over all gameplay the only way you can really understand and have fun with the game is to become a member and that sucks because your paying 5 dollars a month for a bad graphics/fighting game i mean.. come on if your that desperate you need to get a girlfriend and fuck the shit out of her until your mind is free of runescape i give it a 3

Post Date: 02:11 15-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: M I K E
Comment: this game rocks. i have been playing for about 1 or 2 years and i love this game. the game has its downsides...the graphics are not as good as other games, the combat system could use an upgrade,the character customization system needs a tweak here and there, and to get to the real goodies u must be a member. but this game makes up for its downfalls with tons of things... the graphics have been upgrading very often lately, the skills keep you aiming for a goal, new quests are added each month, obtaining money lights a fire in you to be rich, and for 5$ a month! 60$ a year u can get access to loads of extras and goodies that make the game worth paying 5$. id give this game a 20 if i could but sadly...i cant.this game rocks! go check it out

Post Date: 06:53 14-01-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Cultivated
Comment: Insanely imbalanced. Melee combat is sub-par in comparison to range and magic. PvP is horrid. The worst part to me is the community. Worst ever. Everyone goes around like "Noobzorzx ROFL OMGZ *RUNZ IN CRLES*" The trade system is horrible. Scamming runs rampid. I could go on forever...So I will. I played for 2 years and realised I wasted like $50 on such a...horrible game...Sorry for all you RS lovers but no..Just no...Can't possibly give this a good rating. Only reason its a 1 is because it keeps you busy with its many skills. (And their PoH system sucks. Also NOT the first game to get it. Its sad how many people think it is...)

Post Date: 05:08 14-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: blaksmithjim
Comment: ok for all you nay sayers out there chew on this runescapes graphics are ran by a java client they cant help that, they update like 2 times a week, thousands of items, 100+ quests, 24 skills, 126 character lvls, 2000+ total lvls 99 in ea stat no effort put into it hmmm? i doubt so, + it official has the biggest mmorpg map in the world!! (2007 january) also $5 a month for rs... lets see wow do that? Runescape is by far the best mmorpg on the net and oh to all those who say it sucks, theres 4.8million players that play runescape! + often there 200 thousand + players on at a time over 110 different servers so think about that before you blam a game thats the second biggest out their behind wow.

Post Date: 12:22 11-01-2007
Rating: 6
Author: Rolyn
Comment: This game gets boring wen your lvl 100+ i got to lvl 123 and i quit because it was boring.

Post Date: 00:40 10-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: mmoking00
Comment: This is one of the best MMORPGs i have ever played. Yes the graphics arent the best. But who cares about how good the graphics are it is very fun and addicting. You have so many skills to pick from. The game never gets boring because there is new updates almost evey week. And if you get tired of f2p all you have to do is pay $5 a month to be a member (good price for a mmorpg) I highly recomend this to anyone looking for a mmorpg to play.

Post Date: 08:08 08-01-2007
Rating: 9
Author: mmorpg-man
Comment: Sorry to interupt but im sure half the people here saying that Runescape is bad have no idea about any of the great lengths that were put into this game, first of all This game is JAVA im sure most of you should know what that is. Has anyone ever seen an online java game other than runescape? do you know what rubbish java is? for jagex to make a game as incredible as this out of java is alot more effort than many other companies have put into their games... Graphics? graphics you say? runescape is a game catering to people with slow computers otherwise runescape would be downloadable and would kick all games Besides Jagex is improving their game graphics and the monsters Look AWESOME, there are updates at least EVERY WEEK and there big updates not like those tiny unseen ones. lastly quests, i have played about 15 ,mmorpgs and every one of them except one (runescape) have no storyline at all in their quests, "go kill X of this" "get me this herb" at least runescape has good quests, AND ITS FREE, Still don"t beleive me and aren"t typing in your address box? your either your either Jealous, Lazy, plain stupid, got no life, don"t like to make people happy, or think money brings happiness.

Post Date: 00:02 08-01-2007
Rating: 3
Author: valbain
Comment: i played this game for about 1yr yes i know ...but i was nieve and it was the only game i got to play but i got to lvl 76 but the spirit of the game died long ago

when u become a mem you think holy sh1t im finally a mem thx mom n dad i love you but after awhile the quests get dull all players r bitches cant trust any1 but rl friends and when you cancel ur mem ur bank is full of mem stuff you have to get ridd of it all to really start playing again

and theres no real sub activities like getting married etc etc the basics are just fighting and trading ...from experiance you get 100-300gp from fighting some lvl 250 mon and to get a rare item from 1 u have a .5% chance

...overall good for awhile and if a mem dont quit unless sure ur quiting

Post Date: 17:36 07-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: kat
Comment: this game is terrible. i played it for a few minutes, and i couldn"t tell whether i was a guy or a girl. EVERY1 LOOKS THE SAME. if u rate this higher than a 5 UR AN IDIOT! run/escape=runescape. also, 1 of my classmates defends runescape. OMG! ppl who play, get a life be4 runescape takes urs!

Post Date: 05:59 07-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Jarrito
Comment: This was one of the first rpgs I played and looking back at the time i wasted playing this game I would rather be in a coma. Every person in this game is selfish and its probably because theres a million dumbasses who play it. One thing I can remember was mining which was a huge time waster because you would sit there spiking a rock repetivly for 5 minutes and bam! oh finnaly i got 1 ore. Then comes along this ass with lvl 100 mining skill and just has to mine at the one your mining at the one your at and they just take every single one so your spiking hopelessly without a single ore!!
When you finnaly get your inventory full you have to walk to a bank which takes 10 minutes and sometimes slash! your dead because a magician and there goes all your items including your equped items on the floor and you lay there with no hope as every noob uses there run skill to come to where you are and rob you of every item you had.

One of the greatest mysteryies of the world is why SO MANY PEOPLE PLAY THIS GAME!!!!

Post Date: 22:47 06-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: eatwhileplaying
Comment: There's hardly any motive to continue playing this game. I understand that graphics don't make a whole game but these are honestly some of the worst looking graphics I've ever seen. Battling monsters is also kind of boring since there's not much strategy in it. You pick a monster and engage. Sometimes you change attacks. You watch them go at it and hope you don't die. There are several elements to focus on as taught in the training area but it gets frustrating to try and level them all especially when you lose most of your supplies when you die(unless you stored them beforehand). And once again, rude people is a serious issue. This game has practically no strengths; you would have more fun scraping your teeth against a chalkboard.

Post Date: 22:21 06-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Lawas
Comment: people who hate this game are either stupid or 1 sighted thro the graphics, you were always taught not to judge a book by its cover, its the same with graphics

The reason runescape has graphics that arent breathtaking is the fact that there is an upda every week, wether it be a new quest, skill, or a new feature, and THERE IS NO LAG

The chat system in runescape is easily understandable and very easy to use

This game requires skill, and has logic, as in YOU GET ORES from rocks, YOU GET WOOD from trees, YOU MAKE WEAPONS from smelting, it has lots of knowledge in it, free to play itself is diverse and has many features, but members is way better, at least quadroupling your oppurtunities.

Post Date: 17:12 06-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: enewguro
Comment: This game is awesome! I have been playing for 1 year and 3 months and it rules. All the people out there that give it 0s can cram it! They don't know what a real MMORPG is!

Post Date: 02:23 06-01-2007
Rating: 9
Author: oneyx
Comment: Ok, heres the thing... I played this game for a long time anbd what do i ahve to say... I loved it! This hase to be one of the best mmorpg games. But i quit a little while ago. I was a level 98 and i pwned all. but if you want to get addictid to a free game... You out oif luck, this game gets so addicting that you ahve to become a member wether you like it or not. The game is bad untile you have alot of cash and good armor and weapons and once you get that wow! the noobs that start aksing for money... So that is why you become a member so people wont do that. And if soemone is buggin you report them and they will be banned. If it really happened. Ovel all this game rocks and i advise everyone who like mmorpg games to play this untile you realize what poon really means and/or is( cause trust me it isn"t anything close to what all these 8 year olds are saying )and then fricking quit for your own good.

Post Date: 17:20 05-01-2007
Rating: 8
Comment: A lot of work went into this MMORPG. the fact SOME People would rather play AQ Makes me sick. RS is a deep and fun game, albiet the graphics may not be good at all and the community is full of @$$ holes and n00bs. the last thing i said is the reason i did'nt give it a 10. im' currently saving up for WOW but i will still play RS since it introduced me to MMORPGS. i have a lot of freinds on RS so i probably won't be leaving anytime soon:) its a great game that doesn't get enough recognition for its deepness. my RS name is squigornip and im trying to get addy armor.:)

Post Date: 05:32 05-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: mtv is for emos
Comment: "runescape is du best!!! im gona ownzord u lvl 3 cows with my bronze pickaxe and eat lobbys!!!"

Seriously, that was is one thing i said that i will always regret in my life. just remmembering the horrible graphics make me want to cut myself and im not emo. Jaxex can do so much better. if some one who plays this game sees this, please download Rappelz, or conquer, or maybe even maple story. it is truely sad having to see a game that is 2-D beat you by a land slide. runescape players find a new game.

Post Date: 08:24 03-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Sl8yer
Comment: Aggressive attack! *pokes* Smash attack! *pokes* Slice! *pokes* Thats my point of view about rs. The only thing that basically looks different is defense (but still looks pretty pathetic too) The ppl who made this game game should be sued n ppl who actually like this game are either bored or hv a windows 2007(B.C.) computer. Go n play something else, christ even maple is better!

Post Date: 03:19 03-01-2007
Rating: 0
Author: gamefreak
Comment: this game is lame everything is members-only but who want to pay 5$ a month for a game that stinks
the game looks like sumthing made when the great depression was still here lvling is hard because you lvl when you train str,attk,def,and hp and the other doesn"t matter melee stinks
Ranging also stinks all you do is the same thing over and over again walk kill train mine smith etc.

Post Date: 04:11 02-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Ruthix
Comment: ive been playing this game for like 3 and a half years now and im a member. It was the first MMORPG that i ever played and i havnt found one better yet. And If you say the graphics stink,that bc ur to used to them. you dont need the greatest graphics in the game to have fun. i think what made this game so fun is all of the skills and you get to talk to a lot of people all the time. Also the game has its own freaking economy! prices actually fluctuate like real life and over the years that ive played ive actually seen inflation occur! if that doesnt get right down to a life lesson of money and living expenses then what does

WOOT! this game rules!

Post Date: 22:14 01-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: yamidudes
Comment: 1. Compared to many other games it"s cheap. Very Very Very cheap. Look at Toontown (just an example) 70 dollars for half a year. Everquest as mentioned by someone before.. 15 dollars a month, a series of other online games with cash shops usually costing at least 100 dollars for a set of cash equipment so you get the point.

2. You keep saying it has bad graphics but who cares. Its the game that matters and its not even full screen. You"re not going to expect laggy graphics on a internet browser or web client whereas other games usually have full screen complicated laggier clients. Statement: It doesn"t lag.

3. Yea they might be mean, but so what. Do you have low self esteem? AND there are those mean people in every game saying you stink etc. etc. Maybe you"re begging too much and there"s a honor code (maybe not physically but in spirit there is)

4. Ever noticed those annoying pesky hackers around ruining everyone"s game and you feel like you have no control of them? Well runescape.. YOU CAN"T HACK. I dont" see why this is never mentioned but it makes runescape a much more natural game and fair for everyone.

5. I heard something about facial expressions being nonexistent but its not like you see facial expressions in other games. It"s not like in other games you can change turn your frown upside-down by a click of a button. At least in runescape you have emotes for body language .. when you"re muted... yea.. you get the point.

6.Player organized activities, clans guilds whatever you want to call them and economy. Don"t just let the game limit your gameplay. In runescape you don"t need some dumb "create guild" or "Make Clan" control and pay money just to do so. In runescape, we organized our own guilds, our own websites, make our own events, for something out of the ordinary unlike dumb useless fools in other games where you can"t even do stuff that you WANT to do.

7. A more free-spirit game than just training to gain levels. Isn"t that so boring. Many mini-games to satify your boredom and at least it can last a few years.. For you people who think its too hard to level, you are lazy and have no will power.

Post Date: 20:47 01-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: peccas70
Comment: wow this is the best online game ive played in a while.though its true u have to be a member to have any fun its not as expensive as many other games.i reccomend this to any1 who likes to spend alot a time real fast cause u lose track real easy

Post Date: 20:16 31-12-2006
Rating: 7
Author: SweatyPyro
Comment: This browser based game with many things to do is a good waste of time(so is writing this). It's many skills keep you up, and there's alot of ppl. Its a good plan for this game; free or 5 dollars a month to play. However, the graphics are a major setback and customization is somewhat not so good.

If defintely worth trying to play.

Post Date: 11:15 31-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: memyselfandi
Comment: one of the most famous/infamous games out there i mean look 504 REVIEWS. a good game to try if your new to rpgs an online games.

Post Date: 10:06 31-12-2006
Rating: 3
Author: Davis0
Comment: I was hooked on this game for around 2 days but then i found out how boring this game is. The only good thing about this game is trying to sell your stuff is a challenge when a real low lvl and also people are just to rude to all the new players!

Post Date: 05:15 31-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: draky
Comment: its a good game..i mean its browser based, no downloads, yet its 3d so DO NOT expect the graphics to be super. if they were, you would be complaining of LAGS. its actually pretty fast to level up and get gold if you know where and what to train. now im a lvl86 member impure and its actually really fun because you get loads more areas to play. oh ya, and DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT SCAMMERS OR PEOPLE WHO CALL YOU NOOB, YOU GET THAT IN EVERY GAME AND THERE"S NO WAY JAGEX CAN KICK THEM OUT FOREVER. and as for f2p, you get that because you didnt pay(i mean, you cant expect the SAME benefits as those who did pay) about dropping items when you die, its kinda of a reminder to be MORE CAREFUL AND PAY ATTENTION TO THE SCREEN.

if you complainers tried working on your levels and paying for membership, you"d find its a great game. i mean seriously. look! the player count at anytime never reaches BELOW 100 000(unless straight after an update).

this game is fantastic so dont base it on the players" behavior-like jagex didnt create them with the world so dont push the blame to jagex!

Post Date: 01:31 31-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Miakko
Comment: I. HATED. This. Game.
- The graphics are PATHETIC, they make my eyes bleed
- people are rude
- the controls. They stink.
- You have no facial features. O.o
- Hard to level

Man this game is awful.

Post Date: 00:56 31-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: mastergamer23
Comment: Here we go the most honest reveiw your going to get,
Graphics: 0.5/10 ZeRo potential Look at the screen shots.
Sound:No comment.

Listen to this 1,000,000 people play the game on members jagex says they dont have money to make any big graphics improvment. 1,000,000 times five is 5,000,000 They make that a mounth, about 10 percent of that goes into the actual game if that.

And the origonal maker of the game Andrew, doesnt even run it anymore, a automated system does, Andrew and the origonal creaters live somewhere in florida with about 300 million dollars split.

Not kidding.

Post Date: 00:49 31-12-2006
Rating: 2
Author: oddone65
Comment: this game has terrible graphics, mean players, and its pretty hard to lvl and if u die with 5 mill armour and alot of other expensive goodies, U RESPAWN WITH ONLY 3 OF in other wods..this game is pathetic!

Post Date: 19:06 30-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: kcirtap
Comment: Ok to all you complainers... About the free to play- I do admit that it"s pretty limited, but the reason f2p was made is to get you hooked and tempt you to become a member. I MEAN COME ON! It"s only $5 a MONTH! Sure beats Everquest paying $15 bucks. If your a MMORPG shopper and you just started an account to see if it was any good then hell ya you"re gonna think it stinks because you have to WORK AT IT! It helps a TON to have freinds to know what they"re doing to help you out and give you advice. If you play longer and don"t give up, then RuneScape can be a VERY fun game.

Post Date: 05:06 30-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: cookie_cow
Comment: this game is really bad graphics are horrible and about the skills,theres like 20 skills and like half of them are for members only which yuo have to pay for monthly and the equipment and items are pretty stupid they all look the same,and the armor...i cant even begin to talk about how horrbile it is,theres only like 1 type of armor for each class unless yuor a member,and the warrior armor is plain stupid,people say that they look so good in there addy armor or rune armor...who the hell gives a cares,they all look the same just in a different colour,and the combat is really pathetic,you have 3 or 4 types of attacks and they all look the same...-_- how worse can i get then that..and people say its there first mmorpg and they say its the best...the only reason they say it is the best is cause thats the only game they have ever played..theres like hundreds of other mmorpgs that they can play..and whoever said that you need a 200mhz cpu to play other has nothing to do with how fast yuor computer is the problem is that you guys to lazy sit down for 5 or 10 minutes on your cpu and search up for other mmorpgs...theres a reason why google was made..would it really kill you to stop playing runescape for a couple minutes...its not like your gona die or lose items while your offline.and if you dont wan search up for other games then just look at the ads,like 80% of all games have ads..thats my opinion

Post Date: 01:10 30-12-2006
Rating: 4
Author: Shmingle
Comment: RuneScape is a decent game, making money isnt all that hard, the game is only truely fun if you have members and lots of friends to talk to. Game kicks you if you're away for a minute or so which can get very annoying if you gotta use the bathroom or get another drink. Lvling really isnt what i would have expected it to be. Getting your skills up gets kind of annoying after a certain lvl. Quests are boring and some not worth the time spent on them.

Post Date: 21:04 29-12-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Clarky2006
Comment: Hmmmm... runescape...hmmm

why does everyone give this game a bad review? unless you have a 200MHZ pc (then i would consider going outside your house and looking around, even ebay!) like i was saying, unless you have a 200mhz pc then thats the only thing stopping you from playing runescape, i have played it for around 2-3 years and in that time i have created around 10-15 accounts, with my best account being at level 82 (check him out if you want-username-Greentiger2) and lots of other accounts i have such as mage pker, range pker, melee pker and many more, i think runescape is great, the graphics are good (for a browser game) there are many weapons to collect (a lot more for members) and many levels to get (125) and (99 in each skill), also runescape is straight away playable, and the tutorial (annoying for experienced players) but great for newbies, this game is just great, also just give it a try!

Post Date: 00:24 27-12-2006
Rating: 8
Author: 0mmurg
Comment: Agian i must say, you people judge to quickly.

Though runescapes system of combat is quiet shoddy indeed, there are many more aspects of the game that are great, and people go down onto the 2 or 3 that are bad. Lets compare.

Cost:15$ a month regardless

Download:VERY long, and also has VERY long patches to download.

Graphics: very nice!

Combat system: Very and depth and complex, kudos! Although, you are stuck to 1 class (which isn"t TO bad really but still)

Non-combat skills: Though alot of people love EQ, the non-combat isn"t all that great, it is mostly just killing (which isn"t a bad thing)

Community: pretty good, with mostly civilized people

********WOW: just about the same as everquest, although its community is SLIGHTLY worse

Cost: you can play runescape for FREE and still have alot of fun. Although alot of more stuff is avalabile if you pay, you can have LOADS of fun without paying.

Download: There is none (except maybe java, which takes like 3 mins), and starting is VERY hassle free (no long download or drive to a store, or buying new disk (which can easily cost 30 bucks)

Graphics: Although they are not top-notch, they are actually not as bad as most people make them out to be. As far as browser based and java made graphics this one bye far pushes and goes past what others can do.

Combat system: pretty boring, MUST be changed (although lunar magic spiced it up a bit)Speaking of its not just 50 or 60 spells its about 120 (counting all the magics)

Non-combat skills: Although they are mostly point and click (think WHAT game isnt point in click in essence?) There are roughly 15 non-combat skills, with many ways to train, alot of them quiet fun if you do them with friends or mini-games

Community: Though it"s sad to say, it"s been going downhill, and its just junk. most of the time you have to dodge beggers and jerks.

So all in all, for what it is, and how cheap it is, runescape is quiet! good indeed!

so just give it a chance =)

Post Date: 23:53 26-12-2006
Rating: 8
Author: undone07
Comment: all of the persons who have givin this game bad reviews have not givin any good reasons for it...

i wonder why that is?

i like it, and am planning on beggining a membership =)

happy trails to all whom like it, and to those who are clueless to what they are missing....

i'm srry for your loss
tah tah for now

Post Date: 22:51 25-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: RSmasterFE3
Comment: Hey, i have been playing runescape for around 5 and a half years now(since 3 days after the game came out as runescape classic) this game offers hundreds of quests wich reward you with experience,items and of course quest points. For most quests there are requirements for you to start or even complete them. Runescape offers a free to play and a pay to play version, the free to play version offers standard stuff, like free quests section, non-free areas for members, most types of armor and weapons and a few more things.
However the pay to play version offers hundreds more things you can do for around $4.95 (£3.48)
wich grants you access to special members worlds and the thing about theese worlds is that they are exactly the same as every other world but they have all of the members extras unlocked (members areas, more skills. etc. etc)
There are around 124 worlds in total all in different countries of the world.
And this is the end of my short review ..i give a 10/10 for the gamplay 9/10 for the graphics (though they are not as good as WoW and EVE online)and the roleplay i give this a staggering 10/10 the roleplay of this game is absolutely magnificent.. you choose what you want to to (make leatehr armor, be a blacksmith, fisherman, miner and many more) there are about 41 mini-games wich you can play by yourself or with a freind wich reward you with rewards such as experience, items and in somecases access to special areas... This game is absolutely awesome so for the total i give this game 10/10 even if i am the only one to do so..i think this has to be the best game i have ever played..people who play world of warcraft and eve online and everquest may think theese games are better and i have no problem with that. But the problem is that they boast about it and even in somecases pick on people who play runescape (Like in school) and they (in some cases) hack into the schools system and download free trial versions of games and sometimes bring in CD's of them and play them...So i have finished my review and hope evreyone enjoys runescape and farewell! (my runescape username is ray_gray) Thanks and happy adventureing!!! P.S i am level 99 and have 13 million gold but not much armor or weapons (i dont like to spend my money!!)

Post Date: 20:27 25-12-2006
Rating: 8
Author: fincheyboy93
Comment: Lots of people dont like the graphis but for a free game that you dont have to download i think its good. some people that it lakcs seriousness and depth but tht is the beauty of it. many MMOs take themselves way too seriously, whereas Runescape offers a far more light hearted gaming experience. the community is great when you form a solid network of generous and trustworthy friends - the only downside being the collection of random high lvls who like to shout "n00b" at anyone they see that is under lvl 100000000000. It has to be said that it s strangely rewarding when you level up and some of the more "demanding" quests can be just as rewarding.

All in all this game isnt the best ive played and doesnt compar with more serious games but its still worth joining! :D

Post Date: 21:57 24-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Dredre14
Comment: Worst game i've tried so far..lame graphics..even worse community help.. stupid quests..dont know how any1 could give this a ten

Post Date: 10:30 23-12-2006
Rating: 2
Author: adirolf
Comment: O.k... rune scape... yes theres hackers...(what online games doesn't have em?) the graphics stink ( but i dont have to download :p) there are some annyoing idiots that make accounts just to go curse at everyone... some of the quests are just stupid the combat is lame...hmmm the list just goes on and on and on and on.... but... oh yes theres a but... there are some nice helpful ppl some of the quest actually make sense there trying to make the game better...( it would have to be somewhat better at some point... after playing it for 3 years i would have quit if it was as bad as before... god i need a life... but eh its an ok game if you know what to do you can get rich quick and show off all your stuff... the house thing was totally pointless... the pvp is annoying you got the freaking lv 87's challangeing the lv 55 and calling em noobs if the decline... (does this make any sense to you becasue if so plz tell me because i doesn't to me)...... all in all i just play it cause i got nothingbetter to do...litterally...( though its funny as hack to scare noobs with the easter ring :-) )

Post Date: 03:01 23-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Opdi
Comment: this game is pretty stupid. I wasted so much time playing to level 74. Theres no way to create an organized guild or anything. theres a lot of bag slots, but whats the point if 99% of the items cant even stack? The level cap is also way too high. You barely see an level 126s, and the only ones really have no life. Theres no set class, which makes pvp really annoying. You think you can own someone because your a melee guy and they're a ranger, but then they switch their gear to magic stuff and you get owned, or they're a "pure", and only train strength so they hit you for like 14 if your level 70 and there like level 50, and lose ALL of your items except for 3, unless you went and attacked them, and you lose everything. Then you have to spend like 2 weeks doing trade skills until you have like a million gold to buy gear. Combat is really just pointless, but you can actually make a lot of money from trade skills if your a member. But whats the point of even making money if combat is the stupidest thing in the game? What else would you spend the money on? There is basicly just no point to the game.

Post Date: 09:07 22-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: DylmosNai
Comment: Okay, I've built myself up to a level 34 fighter. I get more satisfaction from making a redberry pie than from the levels I've made. I also have to wonder how an well dressed chat room calls itself an mmorpg? You can't form guilds, kingdoms, or heck even parties. You have the follow command. Second besides for tradeing and talking there is no point to play this game. The skill system works okay, if you don't mind setting 28 fires a hundred times to level up. The game is filled with people who would rather walk past a new player with questions than stop and ask. I spent three days trying to get an answer for a simple question. The overall level system is completely flawed. You can be a merchant. Your ability to smith and craft could be though the roof, but you are a level 5 fighter. You are seen as a level 5. That is it. The accept aide feature is a complete joke, and there is no decent place to get answers to questions that players are either too busy to answer, or just plain ignoring the "newbs". As they call everyone who is a lower player than them. Free yes, but so are games like Rappelz. At least the graphics could get touched up some. It is also sad that you can watch the stat of your attack of choice, which looks just like the other two attacks, and see if you are going to hit or miss. All in all, as someone who has gamed from the atari up to the 360. Play PacMan you get more out of it.

Post Date: 05:08 22-12-2006
Rating: 3
Author: Gizkaguy-BFB Game Ambassador
Comment: It was O.K. to start out with, I was thrilled with it. Now I'm bored. I got bored in the first 2 days. BAD GAME.

Post Date: 04:50 22-12-2006
Rating: 7
Author: galdor
Comment: Really the graphics are decent for a free online game, but after a while it really gets kinda boring watching the same old stuff, but guess what! its free! so WTH! i personally played it a while and i liked that you must do absolutely everything in the game (cook, smith, fish) but the graphics are just wrong...

Post Date: 19:44 21-12-2006
Rating: 9
Author: borat
Comment: this game is a brill game, av bin playin on it for a while now, bout 2 years, but firstly one thing i wnt 2 point out from reading other ppls comments, is that YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY,, yes its completely optional,, however if you do pay,, which i do,, its 3 pounds 25 pence (sorry the "pound" key isnt workin!!)a month, its not exactally robbery, now is it??, antoher thing,yes it may not have the best graphics ever, but what do you expect?? its an online game that you dont have 2 download, so it doesnt lag,, unless uv got a crap internet connection, nd i think that its not reli about the graphics, its what you can do on it,, which in my eyes is endless fun,, nd yes its reli easy to make munny, espaically if ur a farmer,, which i am!!! also pkin is great!!! ppl please try it,, once uv completed the tutorial island,, which tells you xactally wot 2 do then uvv love it!!!!!

Post Date: 11:05 21-12-2006
Rating: 9
Author: kingdavy999
Comment: is my opinion.I LOVE the game.Now Madink why did you say it's inpossible to get rich?That is a LIE!You spent a long time playing and you had no money want to know why?Well here's why when you get of the beginner island you get shiped (I Mean teleported)to the main land.Go and look around for cows to kill (they are lvl-2) there close by.Collect a lot of cowhides by killing them (they drop 1 pre cow)(I would get about 200 to 500 cowhides),then sell them for BIG Profet!people will pay 25k(@5k means 25,000) for 200 cowhides!Then make about 100k and buy armor and erey thing you need.Keep doing this and make millions!I play this game and have addy armor and tons of other cool stuff I am lvl-51!
Play the game more it's pure fun!

Post Date: 18:57 20-12-2006
Rating: 3
Author: Madink
Comment: Ok... here's the deal from my honest opinion and experience. I got to lvl 64, range lvl 70. First of all, you cannot trust anyone except the people around your lvl. There are tons of scammers and people trying to rip your money and items off you. It takes hours and hours and hours to get to the lvl that you'd want to be at. Ya, maby it's fun to get to put on a new item but playing for free is pointless. I quit because I realized I was wasting my time mining coal to sell for gold. To be good, you have to have millions and plenty of time to play. members of runescape get more but it's just the same idea. more scammers, more expensive weapons, and more pointless places to go. The quest are boring, the pvp is worthless, unless your at lvl 100+, and no one is there to help you. I had some fun watching my character grow, and I determined it is a waste of my life. If you like games to mess around with, this one is fun. If you like to walk around all day and watch better players than yourself walk by you with a ton of money. If you like to make a small amount of money after weeks of spent time(the drops of monsters are virtually worthless unless your lvl 80+), then guess what, Runescapes for you!
I don't mind the graphics at all, nor the music or random junk, I mind the gameplay.

The object of the game is to spend hours and hours of repetative play, for little to no gain.
Ya, it's addicting for awhile(hack and slash hack and slash, pick some ore go to bank, walk, walk, walk, and guess what...walk some more), but don't expect to get rich unless you play for about 4 yrs, because you won't!(that is, unless you are a successful scamer and ripp off average players)

Don't think that there is any gain to being a member...I was one for a year... it's a sad game that will waste your life away

Post Date: 17:13 20-12-2006
Rating: 6
Author: X Wars
Comment: Just above average, as why I put a 6...

It's better than people say. I don't think $5 is that much really. Sure, there are scammers, hackers, all that, but that's just the surface. Under all that is a good community and you can make great friends.

Sure, the graphics stink, but they're updating all the time. If it was any better with graphics you would have to download it, and that would discourage a lot of players. And back to updates, there's one every week! And it's not just some little wimpy update, it's a new quest or skill or something. The members world just keeps expanding and getting better.

Great plots and quests, they really work hard on these. It can be very exciting. Good minigames as well. You just have to play it with optimism and work hard, it will pay off!

Post Date: 07:22 20-12-2006
Rating: 1
Author: Blymth
Comment: The first thing I think about when I hear the word (not really a word..) "Runescape" is the graphics. I mean could they get any worse? It's a pretty pointless game considering the population of hackers, scammers and nerds who come up to you and say, "H3y bayb3y, w@nn@ cyb3r?". And who the heck came up with the idea of once you die, you loose the majority of your stuff?

Post Date: 22:35 19-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Rainbow67737
Comment: This game is lame since the tutorial is so long and you have to pay 5$ a month! I would rather give that money to some beggar. I definitly recomend Adventure Quest much more than this!

Post Date: 22:19 18-12-2006
Rating: 3
Author: JackSparrow
Comment: When i started the game i considered it a great game; it had a a lot of skills and quests to do... Untill i finished all the free quests...Then i realised how bad the game was becoming...Lots of scammers, ppl wont help ( they actually wait near you when you r fighting in hope that you die..), and if you want to become a member you have to pay 5 $ a mouth, wich is 60 $ one year

Post Date: 16:05 18-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Soggynugget
Comment: Wow, what can i say?I"ve played RuneScape for
around 2 years now, i"m here to warn you.You WILL get addicted, end up being hacked, losing multi-millions.Getting scammed. Or being banned.

heres my ratings:

Sound:1/1000 i have reasons.Sounds like bedtime melodies.

Community:friendly.PFFFFT not.
Skills:stupid, pointless.
Cash Collecting/making:Only known fast way is merchanting.
Do not play RuneScape__Look into Maple Story!

Post Date: 21:06 17-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Cheez-it
Comment: OMG!!! RuneScape ownz. Btw who said tutorial isle took 3 hours!? If it took you that long your a freakin noob. Also don"t compare this with WoW, as someone already stated wow is in c++ and RS is in Java. Ever seen something as huge and expansive as runescape in java? Another person said something about hacking. THERE IS NO HACKING IN THIS GAME! There are macroes, which just basicly click for you, but that is about it. Oh and keyloggers but to get one you either have to b dling some stupid stuff or have some bad virus protection. RuneScape may not have the best community, but its merely caused by people who are inconsiderate to others, therebye making others angry blah blah blah. But just look in the forums! I don"t know how many countless clans I"ve seen that are formed to try and make RuneScape a better place. I once joined a clan that made low-level armor and weapons and distributed them to new player down in lumbridge on various worlds.

The music is terrible, but you can just turn that off and play your own stuff.

Someboy also said something about lvling being too hard. Uhh... no. If your a really high level sure it takes awhile to level up but that"s expected!

Post Date: 12:39 17-12-2006
Rating: 7
Author: monsoon_2004
Comment: In my opinion it's as simple as this, if you dont like the game then dont play it. It would seem rather pointless to say anything good or bad about the game because for a lot of people no matter what you say about a game they will want to try it and see if it's as bad as someone else thinks. The one thing you do have to watch out for though are the people that make the game worse, meaning the immature 8-13 year olds and then the weird 30-60 year old people that for some reason are allowed to play.

Post Date: 17:29 16-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: malsum
Comment: I used to play Runescape a lot, but untill they have removed the adds that install spyware on your hardrive! i sure won´t go near that place!!

The virus im talking about is ErrorSafe....
It´s a FAKE "protection-program" that sends a popup (in front of the runescape loging) pretending to be a system alert. Then you are supposed to download a free version to fix your (non existing) problem.

And it gets worse... This free version only messes around a little in your system, and then it more or less DEMANDS that you buy the full version.

I have sent Jagex SEVERAL complaints about the virus, but they just ignore the mail just like they usually do.

Post Date: 22:35 15-12-2006
Rating: 8
Author: inuyashasits
Comment: for me 8 is good

It is only good if you have a lot of real world friends playing it because you can compete.

i dont think game play is about graphics. i like pac man, ocarina of time, space invaders and galaga. -- they have bad graphic but i like them. PEOPLE BASE TOO MUCH THINGS ON APPEARANCE

Another major reason why i gave an 8 is because you dont have to download it, and it doesnt cost alot of money to get membership. It is browser based unlike other games.

it gets boring if you dont have real world friends that you can talk to at school, neighbourhood etc...

Post Date: 06:47 15-12-2006
Rating: 7
Author: volrath
Comment: okay, heres how it goes. wow is probably the best MMO (note:IN MY OPINION), then Guild wars, then everthing else with RUNESCAPE at the top of the list. Runescape all in all is a pretty decent game and ill tell u why: 1. ITS FREE, and even if u become a member ist only like $5 a month. 2. best chatting system; great game too meet friend because its easy and fun to chat with people (easier than warcraft in my opinion)3. requires no ersonal info and easy to access

heres ups and downs:
combat: not so good, but not too significant as you"ll focus more on leveling up abillities,
upgrading your gear, and completing quests

graphics: kinda bad, but good enough so u can notice differnces in armor and apperences etc.

comunity and chat: easy and fun if u know what ur doing (if your new avoid letting higher level chars take u to suspicious areas ie. wilderness
and a good tip avoid people asking u to be thier bf or gf or people who act to friendly (in the srange sorta way)
Good Tip: best players to rely on are people u know in the real world.

gameplay: fun, but gets repetitive

overall best free mmorpg (guild wars is different, doesent really count)
Easily accecible from most PC"s with internet access. no need to download anything

Post Date: 20:37 13-12-2006
Rating: 7
Author: chazzibaby
Comment: Id like to say "wow! great game!!, no competition" alas.... after you do all the quests and get loads of just gets BORING!! but then again... i dont actually know any better online games, does any1 now any good ones???

Post Date: 21:45 10-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Foucek
Comment: Boring,repetitive, lame armor and weapons,

Post Date: 18:47 10-12-2006
Rating: 2
Author: Charger XD
Comment: All of the skills are really boring and it is a big grindfest. It doesn't require skill or strategy to play, and the PvE isn't challenging, it just takes time.

Post Date: 17:40 10-12-2006
Rating: 5
Author: solid gold
Comment: good game i like it would of gave it 10 but the animation n combat system.. dont get me started on hoe bad it is

Post Date: 17:32 10-12-2006
Rating: 6
Author: runescape4everzx
Comment: ok if u dont like runescape i understand but runescape rocks ok it has many skills that are not based on combat but if your a hard core pker {player killer} then its fun to go to lv 15 wild and kill a bunch of lv 20s and take all there stuff =0

combat-4/10 amgoing to tell u y i rated combat a 4 its because of pker teams if u join a clan,team or watever and u have good stuff you have a big chance of being bsed {backstabed} also if u desided that u are going to the wild alone then ur going to die in like 3 seconds becuse of a clan of like 20 people attaked u.
overall-6/10 not the best mmo but still fun =)

Post Date: 09:58 10-12-2006
Rating: 7
Author: yanbo
Comment: I dont think anyones realised but runescape is designed for people with little computers that cant run powerful graphics like wow and gw so i think people should stop saying its bad because its not £30 in the shops with the best graphics ever and amazing pvp and all that infact if you even have wow and gw y are you even playing this game?
... why am i playing this game!

Post Date: 00:35 10-12-2006
Rating: 7
Author: Mmoman
Comment: Not a bad choice of game. im mean of course graphics are bad and fighting system is annoying but with the many options in the game they are somewhat overlooked. I dont play this game 24/7 like some...."people" do. But anyway the choices are almost unlimited in what u could do. I liked this game for 1 its free 2 u dont have to download stuff and wait hours just to play it, and u dont have to have some state of the art computer to play it. There are many wpns, armors, items, quests, enemies, spells, and other things that make this game fun and intresting for some time. Play it, you may find out u like it. ( O yea and Toodles u must have totally not have understood the game if it took u weeks to lvl and if tutorial island took u 3 hours to complete so stop complaining cuz u cant play :P haha

Post Date: 01:48 09-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: busy213
Comment: I"m being honest here,i play runescape but also constantly looking for new games,Wow is great cus of its graphics and its role play system,but no game can be compared to runescape cus of its way of adding new skills and such.altough it is a nice game but we can"t ask more from a game playd by browser.I guess a lot a ppl like the game the way it is,and for all those who play maple they should play something else cus it is terrible. my 10 year old sister is lvl 71,I mean come on.

Post Date: 11:28 08-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Toodles
Comment: This game is absolutely rubbish. The graphics looked like a mass muderer was playing with play dough, the community wouldn't lift a finger to help you, but was more than happy to KILL you.

The combat system was boring, and it took weeks to rise up levels. Tutorial island took 3 hours. I understood the game in 20 minutes.

Half of the players are hardly understandable or want to cyber. "Hay grrl, w4n7 too cyber?"... "I'm a man"

The gameplay left something to be desired, Guild wars left this in the stone age.

All and all, this game is for 9-12 year olds who aren't intelligent enough to understand a REAL MMO.


Post Date: 09:29 07-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: bedbugg1(as in rs)
Comment: you can build your own house on runescape, how good is that! much more better than wow. wow has skills like leather working-that isnt a skill ffs! itjust seems like they are slacking soon there will be things on wow like sweeping up and dusting lol. runescape is one-of-a-kind there is minigames to play and loads of people to talk to, and wtf are people on about runescape has different races let me name some. the elves of isfaldar, dwarfs, dragonkin and goblins! much more opputionitys than wow and has christmas events,easter events,halloween events and actually6 has better graphics than wow let me explain. wow is written in c++ runescape is written in java now jagex have taken java further than any other game manufacturer wow witch has c++ has just stayed there and is ancient borrrrrring! runescape has better skills better magicks u can bake a pie without and oven! with lunars. many people compare runescape and wow at first sight but i garuntee you that if u give runescape a chance you will choose it over wow plzzzzz just give it a chance

Post Date: 02:31 07-12-2006
Rating: 8
Author: ch00bbacca
Comment: I"m going to review this as honestly as I possibly can, bieng an advid play of over 2 years, there is very little negative I have to say about this, although In the free version, I shudder at the thought of scoring it at more than a four, p-2-p is cheap, and very well worth the money, with sub-par graphics and a slightly bizzare theme, this game at first looks bad, but when you start, you realize it has more to offer than many other games, for example, many games use skills to aide combat, and have nothing else to do but kill, this, however, has noncombat stats, from making your own house to making your own clothing from the skin of a dragon, to hunting in the arctic, to slaying fearsome beasts, this game will keep you entertained for a good while, you really have nothing to loose.

And, most people really do care about the game community, I regret to say if you"re going to play the free version of the game, the people are horrible, but in p2p, most people have more respect, although you"ve still got immature brats running along the servers..

How do you know this game is good?

Look at the homepage, theres almost never below 150 THOUSAND players on at ONE time.

If lags an issue, the game features both low-detail and high detail versions, and also 130 some servers spread world-wide.

I highly recomend this game.

Post Date: 00:55 07-12-2006
Rating: 2
Author: cirt222
Comment: this is the worst mmo rpg iv ever playd jagx is the are the bigst jerks to non members ever! they have not done anything! for the non members this game is so old and out of its own league it fails to be entertaining! and thats what games are about! my god the music is horreble and they are adding so many new things to it (for members) you wont belive it! its trying wayto hard to do good but what it should do is start a. doing things for non members! b. stop trying to hard to make it prefect! c. start doing somthing about hackers! d. make more quests for non members theres only 8! e. start puting new areas and new enamys for non members and please for the love of god give them more skills and armor and wepones and for the members of runescape reading this i am not a angry noob from the game i am angry player writeing this! this has been a crit comment by crit222 peace out!

Post Date: 12:47 06-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: tigruma
Comment: the graphic is the most pathetic thing,sounds are incredible stupid and the skills are verry boooring and more then 75% of players that are actualy playing this junk are stupid 12 years old noobs..i don"t have nothing with them but they have a stupid behavior and the comunity is pathetic too

Post Date: 10:18 06-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Xavier Valtiel
Comment: This game, put simply, is a sad mess that could have been good. Every day, ever since I saw the truth and quit this pile, I wake up wondering how in the blue hell nine million people could be so wrong about a game.
The battle system"s shoddy to say the least: Let"s click on a cow and wait a couple of minutes... FUN!
The level system"s far too vast and complicated: Whopee! I just gained a leveling up level!
The character customization sucks: do I need an example?
And only true paying members can do cool things that are just as dull and boring as the regular things.
Drop this and buy Guild Wars or something. Please.

Post Date: 01:23 04-12-2006
Rating: 8
Author: soad553
Comment: well, the game is awsome and theyre always adding skills, and quests but you can only do what you want to if you're member. The security is horrible.I got hacked 3 times and then i lost my account but i would never quit.

Post Date: 15:25 03-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Hidole555
Comment: Rawr123, you are an idiot. I'm srry but I had to do this. You are also a noob, all you have to do to talk is just type what you want to say and press ENTER. You can even spruce up your message by putting something like Glow3: at the beginning. I bet you didn't even get off tutorial island. Also Xanatu, those are just people who think Runescape is an online dating site or something and if they bug you just go to a different world they have over 100 for you to play on. Also, the graphics, it may not be World of Warcraft or Guild Warsbut I believe it's a fun game for all. Besidesthe reason it may not seem to be fun at first is because either you're a moron or Jagex (the guys who made runescape) is trying to get you to subscribe to be a member. Listen I have been a member before and it is awesome. Simply awesome. You can make your own house for cryin out loud! Can you do that on Legend of Ares or Maplestory? I don't think so. Plus the dragons look more terrifying, demons more horrifying, and the rats...look like actual rats. Besides if you live with your mom and she says you cant be a member just mail the money for membership using Paybycash or whatever it's called. She'll never know! Besides you are spending your own money which she has no right to. Let's not forget the account registration is fifty times more simpler than most MMORPGs. Give the game a chance, man, give it a chance.

Post Date: 06:29 02-12-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Rawr123
Comment: wow. I looked at this game and played it for a while, then I discovered maplestory, I played maplestory and it was way better. better grapchis, classes for players, and easier control. and it took me a long while to learn how to talk in runescape. in my oppionon, DO NOT PLAY!

Post Date: 22:05 01-12-2006
Rating: 1
Author: Xanatu
Comment: I played for 2 yrs and then i looked at other games and almost cried that i had wasted my time on this GARBAGE! And you people that say its better then w0w and GW.....>.< FULL of horny 9 year olds asking to be you boyfriendgirlfriend and trying to scam you. Graphics look like a child went hopelessly wrong with a knife and silly putty. The sound....endless bleeps and bloops ..half of the people just turn it off as not to lost their mind completely.Someone playing this game PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!PLAY SOMETHING ELSE!ARG.

Post Date: 22:58 30-11-2006
Rating: 4
Author: runegod44
Comment: this used to b my fav but for chrismas im geting world of warcraft for chrismas i agree shell
if uve play WoW or GW u wont like this so..yea
im out

Post Date: 21:13 29-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: c.wilson
Comment: i was just on it, and guess how u fight, guess..... you click then ur guy raises and lowers his arm

Post Date: 22:05 26-11-2006
Rating: 2
Author: manny1016
Comment: This game is really free and the free worlds are pathetic. only thing I like about it is scamming noobs :-P

Post Date: 19:48 26-11-2006
Rating: 4
Author: LufisMcCormick
Comment: Wait, I think I've played this before! Oh, yes! It's a crappier, free version of Ultima Online! Only this isn't fun!

Post Date: 18:16 26-11-2006
Rating: 3
Author: Shell
Comment: Alright, alright, I admit to playing the game. I have some very good points as to why this game is worth playing for first time MMORPG players, but for people who have already entered the realm of WoW, Eve, Rose, and Guild Wars like games, just scratch this off of your list. First of all, you start up as a level one, get a bronze sword, and start fighting rats for 5 hours to gain levels. Then, you ask higher level people for their old armor, not actually working on your smithing or gaining gp to get anything. Once you get to lvl 25-40, you will find a spot that has a high drop rate, (I reccomend the giants west of varrock, you can sell their bones for 200-300 gp each.) After that, it is really repetitive. You will sit their trying to point and click them faster then your opponents, since everyone is down there. You wil eventually reap huge amounts of money without even trying. You may buy full rune, and then you will be so cautious with it, you wont even fight. NOW you decide to start doing other things, which again is really repetitive. A) walk to mines, B)Go to furnace, C) go to hammer,D) sell for petty cash. E)Wash, rinse, repeat. I dont recommend any crafting things because it will literally take you years to make anything worthwhile. ( unless you play for that long, then by all means, do it)Now, the PVP aspect of the game. Oh God where to start. It is called the wildy, and instead of adventuring through and finding other players to duel, it is a running game. If you see another white dot on your radar thing, you will run away if it is even a person within 5 levels of you, since most noobs just level their magic, and pwn the little hax4z outta lvl 30's. Another part of it is waiting at the lvl 1 area for people, chopping at them, and running back to the safe area. This hardly ever works unless you team up with 10 friends, and attack someone that is lagging. Also, most people dont even attack or they will get the dreaded skull! Oh noes! So it is just a waiting game to see who will step out five feet first, then get hammered by everybody. Overall, the graphics are worse than N64 games, and i think they havent updated them for at least 2 years. The sound is awful, just a bunch of weird little noises that get repeated over and over again. This is more of a kids game, not for hardcore gamers. My ratings are.

Soundtrack- 7/10 Nice selection, but no one relaly listens to it.
Gameplay- 2/10 Useless point, click and wait system, no skill involved.
Sound effects- 0/10 Hardly any and they are al useless noises that i dont think have any correlation with what is going on.
Choices in game- 7/10 You can do many things in this game to earn money, but it takes a very long time.
Community- -3/10 You cant sell or trade anything because the abr at the bottom fills too fast, and omg the little children screaming at you in l33t speak! *Hey gimme your armor!!! Gimme your armor!! I'm reporting you now!!* And lots of scammers as well. People just standing around asking for accounts.

Overall rating- 3/10

This game gets a whopping 3 in my book, but only for first time players. If you have read this post, I hope it was worth your while and I thank you, since i seem to have been ranting again. ^__^

Post Date: 06:42 26-11-2006
Rating: 8
Author: guNmyriaD
Comment: The graphics are not bad considering, and they are only getting better. It has a lot of options to do, but it can get annoying. It requires a very large amount of patience to play this game, years before you can get to the top. The paid version is much better than the free version.

Post Date: 02:58 26-11-2006
Rating: 1
Author: Cremlaw
Comment: Bad pvp
Bad grahpics
bad community(people call you a noob, and half of them don't know what noob means.)
You constaly do the samething over agian to grow a lvl.
On the small + side
Good time waster, if you want to get fat go on and play any mmo. Runescape will do the trick!

Post Date: 23:35 24-11-2006
Rating: 0
Comment: 0 for graphics
0 for gameplay
0 for entertaining

Only popular cause it was affliated with People on Miniclip tried it, and since most of them have never played a real MMORPG, they thought it was good.

Post Date: 22:17 24-11-2006
Rating: 3
Author: Dreadealion
Comment: A tragic story of what happens when you dont update your games this game used to be good till time caught up with it. Well if you want to go out in the pvp zone and kill people and take items that they have worked years for go ahead your reasons to play this game are just only if you want to see little kids cry HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!

Post Date: 00:53 24-11-2006
Rating: 4
Author: Knightwolf
Comment: Ok, It"s not the WORST MMORPG I"ve ever played but it"s certainly not the best. Like some other person said, If you rate it 10, your just a RS obsessed freak who dosen"t have a life in the real world. If you rate it 0 however, you probably just died or got scammed or hacked and you can"t get over it. Although I never been hacked or scammed myself, the community would be much better without them. And also like some other guy said, it beats club peinguin and this adventure quest anyday. It also beats Elder Scrolls K.C., That game just stunk. And with Maple story, THATS one of the worst online games I"ve ever played.

Graphics: Pathetic, 1/10
Gameplay: Solid, but could be better, 5/10
Difficulty: Way to easy for me, 3/10
Sound: Ding, boing, GROWL, 2/10
combat system: Point and click just isn"t my style, 3/10
Overall a moderatly low 4.5/10

Oh well, If you have broadband and want a real MMORPG with award-winning graphics try D&D online, and as my favorite band manowar would say, C"mon just wave goodbye ( to RS ) leave your hands held high! hear this song of courage! And quit runescape today!

Post Date: 23:11 23-11-2006
Rating: 5
Author: slayer3694
Comment: the grphics got better on runescape but i still hate the battle I wish it there was more action to the game when you battle like diablo the action in that is so much better in that game. Guild wars is so muck better than this game actually dragon fable is better than this gameand thats what I think about this game and I play it.

Post Date: 22:32 23-11-2006
Rating: 8
Author: memyselfandi
Comment: one of the few games with noncombat skills every other game is only fighting based, they recently added a new skill,hunting need to be a member an pay 5 dollars an month its not so great if your free player....but pay to play an its fun

Post Date: 18:45 21-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: gargabanfou
Comment: runescape was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!! its very repetative... horrible graphics... and everything in it is the same, its so hard to be different then someone else. then it costs $5 dollers a month to get all the good stuff which is redictilous.

Post Date: 22:25 20-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: lilmikey
Comment: who ever disses runescape or sais its a stupid game are the most moronic stupidest dumb ass idoits i ever seen

Post Date: 17:31 20-11-2006
Rating: 9
Author: stratesfear
Comment: Ok, runescape is a great game. It has tons of stuff to do. What I can't stand is when people don't like the game because of graphics. The communtiy is not the greatest though. I also like how there is no real classes, you just work on a skill you like. Also it's great being a member of Runescape because you get so many more quests you can train on more skills and you get another big chunk of land to explore. Which brings me to my next point the world is huge. In fact they add on to it constantly. So with that said I give this a 9 because not the best graphics and communtiy.

Post Date: 12:47 20-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Bongos17
Comment: This is a horrible game - the graphics are pathetic, chat is pretty ugly - as in it builds up in your chat bar in a bank in about 2 seconds-Gameplay is terrible... Click on a monster and wait a couple minutes? The skills would actually make this a good game, if it wasn't so repetitive, and the stuff you made between lv1 and lv80 was actually worth something. Quests are okay, nice humor and plots, but every other element of this game compels me to give it a 0.

Post Date: 21:04 19-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: packard20
Comment: hehehehehe i love this game. in members the comminitys alot better. (i know you can pay 5 bucks to really try this. if you can pay 15 for WoW) the grafics are bad. heres a better screen shot. if you can't click on it and make it work copy it and paste it into your web browser bar wor whatever. its a pickure of a ton of mad players ready to play casle wars (capture the flag, but with killing)

Post Date: 12:45 19-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: blob123
Comment: This game has very bad graphics and a bad gameplay, you get levels for eveerything like you walk a little and yay I got a walking level...

Post Date: 21:59 17-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: mmorpg addict
Comment: The only good things are only for members and that costs $5 bux a month.

Post Date: 20:55 17-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: aishwani1129
Comment: This game is so awsome! you guys did awsome on the graphics! ive been playing for three years off and on and i have totally been amazed. You guys have brought gaming into a whole different light!!

Post Date: 22:27 16-11-2006
Rating: 2
Author: monsteroids
Comment: Hello! Are these RS junkies missing the point!? Jagex isn't actually THAT great at what they do! If a college student can do better! Why pay 5 bucks to do more time wasting stuff with a horrible arrogant community. In an MMO, the community is what counts! This game is highly overrated, SERIOUSLY! I have played the game! I wasted my time on this for a year! I find that if you get called cool by one of those cybering 8 yr olds(I've seen 8 yr old cyber before(I knew them!) and you like it than you are a royal idiot.

Post Date: 04:48 15-11-2006
Rating: 8
Author: Elrohir
Comment: Quite good game. A very good time waster. However, it only gets an 8 out of ten because to level up you need to spend literally hours doing the same thing over and over again. Also, the community is neither good nor bad. For those looking for actual roleplaying, stay away. NO ONE roleplays or even tries to stay in character. Im and leet speak is the language of rs. The combat system has simplicity going for it, but it gets really boring over time. The entire game is based on level grinding, and when you realize that is when you quit. Then, months later you get addicted again, then quit again. That is the nature of rs.

On the plus side, there are so many skills and possibilities, not like every other free mmorpg's that I have played (yes I am one of those poor people), offering a wide variety of gameplay. The quests are ok, but some are just plain dull. The staff never add any features to f2p, so that gets boring. Looks like it would be great as a member with many more skills, weapons, minigames, and playing areas. They should REALLY add to f2p sometime because so many people are getting bored with the limited options available. Even in the skills that are f2p, there are SO many restrictions on what you can do. Such as crafting, where you cant do anything good.

Overall, the game is the best 3D free mmorpg that I have played, but is still kinda repetitive. The best online game I know of is Battlemaster. You should check it out, its great.

Post Date: 04:03 15-11-2006
Rating: 9
Author: gamefreak103
Comment: Runescape may look bad, but you miss the good points to the game. In the free world, most of the skills are free. Become powerful and and gloat to all the noobs. The game is point and click, but it still has fun with the fighting (thats when it gets boring!)
Runescape is a lot better then the other primitive free MMOs.
If you get bored, pay $5 a month and be a member.

Post Date: 02:59 15-11-2006
Rating: 5
Author: gamedude
Comment: i give this game a good 6 its good but not the best rpg but its bater than world of warcraft id rather pay 5 bucks a month than 15 bucks a month but i rated runescape a 6 not the best rpg but vary good

Post Date: 01:34 15-11-2006
Rating: 7
Author: Heeya13
Comment: Author: runescape1717
Comment: This game is awsome and makes new stuff which is cool. Much better than world of warcraft and guild wars.

ummm, the only thing that runescape is better than WoW is that its free. WoW destroys RS in every other catagory

Post Date: 00:19 15-11-2006
Rating: 4
Author: sadbutmad8
Comment: it got updated today nOOb (every tuesday). and i agree thare is no comparsion World of Warcraft killed this. i recoomend this to...
1. 9 yr olds
2. lazy losers who dont no how to download
3. losers with no job
5.people who enjoy being hacked, scamed,yelled at by jerks and noobs

Post Date: 23:30 11-11-2006
Rating: 8
Author: ryan0nline
Comment: Very big game, and it's free!
Terrible graphics but solid gameplay, over 20 skills and 100's of VERY GOOD quests. It's not kill a certain amount of..... their actual quests.
Takes literally years to max out your skills.

Post Date: 00:19 09-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Raikahn
Comment: 3 words. . .P.S. Actually read the 3 words!
WORST GAME EVER!!! PKers evrywhere I hate the lose items when death thing whoever plays this is a total n00b. just buy GW nicer people there are parties some good classes and graphics are way better I mean seriously who still plays this game! Buy a better game if have money jeez I have WoW and to you tatal n00bs thats World of Warcraft and GW Guild Wars.

Post Date: 22:32 08-11-2006
Rating: 5
Author: uhoh7
Comment: its alrite..used to be the best game ever for me
till i went to my local game stop and picked up
world of warcraft. I reccomend this to anyone new to MMORPGs

Post Date: 19:45 08-11-2006
Rating: 9
Author: brodiensd
Comment: runescape is one of the best mmos for gameplay.ive played wow,coh,cov,daoc,and planetside..only daoc and wow beat it in for the pvp its great soooo many times in wow people would die then just come back again and again not careing about a 10% hit in armor..runescape on the other hand made u think more then once about what u were doing.lose all ur stuff in the wild(the pvp area for ne1 who doesnt know)..well not gonna go unprepared again r ya!dont wanna get scamed?watch what ur doing.get hacked?well i hot u had ur ?s set and a bank pin.and u might wana take thoes keyloggers off ur comp....not a game for carebears!!

Post Date: 01:42 08-11-2006
Rating: 9
Author: packard20
Comment: ok, first thing off... THE GRAFICS ARE BAAAAAAD!
i haten them meself. (but mose people don't play for the grafics.) k, guild wars & WoW have "Classes" the thing i like about this is...


if i wanna mage a warrior, i can! ext ext... im a member ive played awile (not going to say how long) and people who bash it useally are nerds them selfs, (pimples, glasses, button up shirt, shirt poket with pens... NOTE: im not maeking fun of these people, i think theyere awesum!.) but they NEED TO GET A LIFE! (some of them) overall its a good game

Battle system: simple! 10
grafics: bad, could do better (but good for people who have laggie comps and don't wanna download) 4
sound: 7 not bad, but repetive!
community: ok, i read alot of these and every one says its horrible.... d'you peop[le go LOOKING! for these people?! 8
overall its pretty good, i give it a 9.

Post Date: 14:35 07-11-2006
Rating: 7
Author: hmmmwhatsthis
Comment: a lot of poeple put this game down but i like to tell the truth this is an average game with desecent everything but the community is getting to big ive played sinse classic and it just kept growing but yet there are poeple who like this game better then WoW and other games so give it a try if u have 10 mins or so to try it

Post Date: 03:11 06-11-2006
Rating: 2
Author: monsteroids
Comment: ANyone who says this game is better than Guild Wars is either poor(cool people whom I don't pick on) or LOSERS! RS is made with java right? I have way better game mad with java than RS! I found java version of Doom that I absolutely love to play and it was made by a college student and all he did for sound which sounds realistic is crushed a Dr. Pepper can! It has better graphics than RS or how about this awesome World War 2 game made with java! AWESOME GRAPHICS FOR JAVA! I'm learning a bit of Java myself actually. RS is not near as good (yet it's made by a graduated(?) team of people) as the guy who made a java Doom! WHEEEEE!
They have to ake new things or else the game will go to bots and babies! Oh and ugly(inside) people.
The gameplay, comunity, and graphics get a 0! The selection of char creation stuff, items, and stuff to do gets a 3! Therefore rating is a sad 1! I did play for a while and its a good "STARTER" game ratng oeveral= *drumroll* 2!

Post Date: 17:05 05-11-2006
Rating: 2
Author: runegod44
Comment: no one listen to the reviewer on the bottem of me.
runescape dosent even come close to WoW or guild wars he never played any other online games caz hes to poor to pay or to lazy to download. if u liked being scamed and hacked play runescape

Post Date: 03:59 05-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: runescape1717
Comment: This game is awsome and makes new stuff which is cool. Much better than world of warcraft and guild wars.

Post Date: 01:47 05-11-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Laniatus
Comment: Kill the morons who made this garbage! (although they got me hooked on mmo's)

Post Date: 16:31 04-11-2006
Rating: 6
Author: WoWg33k
Comment: i used to play this alot (daily) but then i got
world of warcraft its way better to the nerd under
me WoW is $15 and if ur to poor to affored that
get guild wars its f2p

Post Date: 03:09 04-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: runescape1717
Comment: Its awsome its best free online game. It doesnt even cost that much only $60 a year which isnt even as much as it costs to buy wow plus world of warcraft costs another 20 bucks a month rip off. It best online game ever. makes new stuff every week too.

Post Date: 13:41 31-10-2006
Rating: 4
Author: d3lrith
Comment: I have a char lvl 92 there graphics are disgusting
after lvl 60 it becomes boring
quests are 60%stupid.

Post Date: 17:22 30-10-2006
Rating: 8
Author: kissofdeth
Comment: runescape is a great game because basicly you can play for a long time and people call you awesome and then they give you 50k.

Post Date: 08:06 30-10-2006
Rating: 5
Author: google_com
Comment: It's a good game needs some work don't know why alot of people hate it, but it's not as good as WoW or Guild Wars.

Post Date: 19:24 28-10-2006
Rating: 4
Author: maskedzoro
Comment: used to be wicked game but know it is crap!
it even used to be on top of miniclips best game list but know its nowhere to be seen, even puzzle pirates is above.
now that shows how bad it has got!!

Post Date: 18:28 28-10-2006
Rating: 0
Author: popeye1900
Comment: only poor people play this game. it's fricken run by horny nine year olds

Post Date: 16:05 28-10-2006
Rating: 7
Author: christwarrior
Comment: i played this game for 3 years and i had the time of my life...then i got guild wars and i didnt really want 2 play this anymore but it still will remain in my memory as my first mmorpg

Post Date: 16:04 28-10-2006
Rating: 9
Author: zombierain
Comment: A pretty good game. upsides: 1)Tons of skills to use. 2)You can make your own armour and weapons. 3)fun and original quests. Downsides: 1)The music is kind of bad. 2)The graphics need work. 3)To much hacking!

Post Date: 14:17 28-10-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Mesz
Comment: i agree with dominic3456, Runescape is just awful compared to any other game. Yes it is an MMO for people with low-end PCs like me but it still awful. The PVP is bad because they give the noobs the chance to run away, the swear censor blocks almost anything and you never even bother leveling up your combat skills due to the other range of skills there, i dont want to have to level up fishing or contruction to get anywhere in the game. it says at the start you can make a living from combat but you cant, monsters dont drop barely any money. Jagex also try and bully people into buying one of their ridiculous member accounts by not allowing F2P players write in forums and not replying to feedback or appeals. Plus too many noob autoers ruining the game because theyre too stupid to play one of the most straightforward games ever created. Shame on you Jagex for creating such a monstrosity of an MMO.

I give Runescape a huge fat 0!

Post Date: 00:39 27-10-2006
Rating: 9
Author: saage915
Comment: runescape is a flippin awesome game.yea i know the grapics stink but still the wild , and the friends online r just the best!!!

i rate rs a 9

Post Date: 22:30 26-10-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Kc73

Scams- If you take your time and see what's happening around you you WON'T get scammed.

Hacks- People, believe it or not it is YOUR fault you get hacked! Here are some reasons...
-Having trojans that have keyloggers on your computer (note: library computers may have keyloggers as well!)
-Givng your password to a friend, never EVER tell anyone ANYTHING refering to your accout details, you MAY be hacked!

Otherwise Runescape is a GREAT game and you should try it! The graphics aren't the best but you can only do so much with a Java based game!

**For the record I have never been hacked or scammed and I've been playing for 2+ years, so I know what I'm talking about

Post Date: 23:27 25-10-2006
Rating: 7
Author: dominic3456
Comment: Use to love this game because of the wildly. It gets old quick and wildly is all thats left.

Now wildly is ruined thanks to nerds......Who are scared to die in the game.

Oh well WOW is much better........

This game focuses on money way to much.....

TO the noob runescaprocks.....Runescape is going down and soon all the major players are gonna quit. Way to much hacking, spamming, autoing, and everyone is getting banned for no reason.....

Post Date: 02:19 25-10-2006
Rating: 0
Author: i-hate-backo
Comment: pple stop sayin 10 try other games plz this will be ur last resorts if u cant do any downloads.........

Post Date: 18:27 23-10-2006
Rating: 0
Author: jeran929
Comment: Ok...i basicly hate rs.This game causes a whole loada fustration and depression not because of the comments below like i died in the wildy and lost 4mill or full dragon or PHAT its cuz of the community.
Rs has the worst community that u can imagine once you're over lvl 80 there're so many hackers and scammers that ur scared 2 do anything.Like 1 quater of all trades will become a scam any lvl any place!u HAVE 2 check in ur account every 2days cuz theres about 20percent chance some crazy hacker wants ur account.So u cant really play this game and enjoy it in peace because u know that ur hundreds of hours could go down the drain in matter of seconds by hacking...or days wcing or fishing 2 get that money 2 earn that whip all gone cuz of some dumb scammer.
THIS IS A WARNING 4 EVERY1 OUT THERE! DONT EVEN TOUCH RS...u might as well play WoW even if it costs 13$ a month cuz its like 1000x better ( u cant even compare it) and at least u can leave ur account alone if u want a break without it being hacked and stolen also WoW makes u feel like u gaining something rather than rs where u work for 400hours 2 get dragon which is basicly bronze (worst armor if u dont know) painted red with a few spikes coming out
im trying 2 help u guys so.....

Post Date: 06:41 23-10-2006
Rating: 2
Author: xwhitesoulx
Comment: the character in the game is like a dummy.try mining he'll just do the same action.same goes to may be fun for awhile but when u're lvl 60+,you'll be thinking:why am i playing such a dumb game?!try it and see if you like it.i still prefer conquer online or warcraftIII

Post Date: 11:13 22-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Nike Shox22
Comment: This is the best game I have ever played. I recomend this game to everyone it is great. You have a variety of levels to train eg. Cooking, woodcutting, attack and more. Also there are quests to do. I'm saying this so people can look at this who have never played Runescape. Its a great game i recomend to everyone.

Post Date: 16:31 20-10-2006
Rating: 1
Author: bettergamer
Comment: please keep goin down the free games list so that ull see how bad this game is to them jagex update ur grpahics please

Post Date: 00:14 19-10-2006
Rating: 8
Author: Mr. Unknown
Comment: Please read this review. :)

RuneScape is a very good game. I reccomend it for anyone who is looking for a game they can play and have fun. There are faults in the game such as graphics, but bottom line, RuneScape is AWSOME. Im not saying all the people who think it is bad are wrong, because I understand why, I am a lvl 82 member, I can walk down the street and have a guy ask for my password, ask for money or items, or say somthing offensive out of no where. On the plus side though, if you get signed up as a member (5 dollar fee, cheap if you ask me compared to other games) you get tons of items, quests, and things to do. Once you get in the hang of the game you will start to have fun, you just have to give the game a chance. Another plus is that the controls are easy. NO DOWNLOADS, NO WAITING, JUST PLAY! There are ALOT of games that are better than RuneScape because of the grapics or the combat controls or level ups, but if you want to play a fun and exciting game that will take you a long time to really want to quit, I reccomend RuneScape.

Post Date: 20:24 16-10-2006
Rating: 0
Author: gamerman2007
Comment: runescape is pathetic. i got awesome characters too! making gp is way too repetitive. You should play hero online or knight online. the are free too and are soooo much better

Post Date: 21:38 12-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: pppppppppp
Comment: I mean the graphics ar not so great but unlike nearly anyother online game a. you can play it for free. b.they make new stuff alot like new quests and skills. I mean it only cost 5 dollars a month if unlike world of warcraft which is like 20. All these guys talking about maplewood ??? I havnt even heard of that game or heard anyone talkabout it ever. Anyone who said this game is cool is awsome and are cool. People who said it sucked are just jealouse because there little toon town and barbie games stink. Runescape is just awsome makes new stuff and Jagex staff you made one of the best games ever. I give a 10 beacause it is awsome.

Post Date: 15:26 10-10-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Division_9
Comment: Its not the best game that i have ever played but it kept me on my computer for 9 months more then 3 times as long as any other game i have ever played

common problems: EVIL players ROAM THE STREETS,Graphics are not that good actualy there horrible,dont like the die and lose everything part its very sad,i especcialy dont like people who come up and say giv me 1k plz i have lvl 126 and i will kick your *** if you dont give me 1k
my answer to that:NEVER

Good things:does not completely focus on combat(unlike the othergames youll find),it is a game with a good selection of skills and items,its fun to explore and laugh in the face of danger(e.g. run past greater demons and shout hahahah),its very easy to learn to play,loads of players never feel lonely,around 100 quests all taking you not to long to finish,

and also runescape isnt that people play it because its not a game where everything is about fighting its a game where you live like a knight of that time and sell things to make a profit

Post Date: 21:39 09-10-2006
Rating: 7
Author: mikeaqueste
Comment: Ah here we are. Maplestories nemesis: Runescape.

First, the lvling system. Horrible in some ways. I can see how some like it though.
Second, dying, u lose everything.

Third, pvp, its alright but high lvl ppl can just kill u. SO ull lose everything. Which is sad. Thats y i gave up on runescape.

graphix r pretty bad too.

BUT. i have to agree with Cgthefreak
TOO TRUE (period)

Post Date: 16:17 09-10-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Hero786
Comment: i like this game it has challenging quests good ways to meet people and a good line...but the graphics need a little work

Post Date: 17:23 07-10-2006
Rating: 1
Author: bettergamer
Comment: ok obviously u never played any other online game so find 1 ull see how badly runescape stinks

Post Date: 20:59 06-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Zirotecha
Comment: Im already a lvl45 and this game RULES!!!
If u dont know this game they only need 2 know
your age and the rest WOW stuff is in manual.
You will spend HOURS playing this Great game!
You can chose F2P or P2P.
I honestly give this game a golden 10!
Jagex,Keep up the good work!!!

Post Date: 07:56 06-10-2006
Rating: 9
Author: DeadFlamers
Comment: Good game but the music could be greatly improved O_o

Post Date: 02:25 05-10-2006
Rating: 4
Author: Cgthefreak
Comment: Listen To this review. Stop reading peoples reviews that say how horrible this game is. Stop reading reviews on how amazing this game is. Listen to this review. Note this will be a long one, but I encourage you to listen, as I am a very experienced Runescape player.
Jagex first started runescape as a really humble mmorpg. The characters started as little chubby 2-d players. This game is still out there for the note, and it is now known as runescape classic. Runescape classic is how the Runescape experience began. Basically you start out and you pick your class: adventurer,magican ect. It was what us, the internet gaming group has never seen before. a cute graphic game in which we built a friend list and travlled aroun doing quests. I bet by now your laughing at me. But keep in mind that Runescape classic began 5 years ago. It was not like an extremely great play all nighter game, but It was a humble game with a unique combat system. Believe it or not when Runescape classic first started out there was no such thing as: hackers,modders ect, just good hearted folk playing a cooperative game. a couple years went by and then Runescape 2 came out. Thats the one in the screen shot. Runescape 2 included: better graphics,more armoury,npcs,quests ect. It was a big step for Jagex and they really neede to make Runescape 2 because of the tough competition out there. The majority of the Runescape classic people moved to Runescape2. But some diehard fans stuck with classic. At present day today, Runescape classic is now dead. Completely. My after school looking forward thought is now dead. I cant chat with my old more then a year buddies anymore.How did this happen? Let me explain: right when runescape 2 came out, a whole lot of Modders came to play Runescape classic. They took over.Incase you dont know, modders are people who hack the game and have there computer, train there skills for them without the even laying a finger on the keyboard. Because of this everyone decided to leave runescape classic. No one wants to play Runescpae classic nomore. Every day, there was less people to play and cooperate with, everday less pkers, everday this game died a little more inside. However this didnt go unnoticed. at account of 2004 Jagex only let the runescape2 members play runescape classic. This stopped some of the modders, but killed of some of the true hearted players so now they have to pay2 play. This procces continued till present day today. Like i said before, now runescape classic is dead. every 20 minutes youll occasionaly see a human player. The rest are just mods. Jagex also burned off half of the servers aswell. And this was then end of Runescape classic. So now we move on to runescape2 the one this gameogre forum is dedicated to. Overall this is a pretty solid game. It has a decent soundtrack, pretty good for a browser game. The fighting system is reall lame though. Dosnt even come close to The system Runescape classic had. Its just a sped up version of Final Fantasys. It has alot of items aswell. A point I like about this game is that it dosnt put a huge spotlight on combat. There is alot of other things to work on other then fighting alone. thats why alot of people preffer this game then some other game you would have to download. But it has many faults. If you are not 100% careful, you will get scammed to death. You will get eaten alive by spammers. If you choose to play this game, you cannot trust anyone accept the friends youve been playing with for a very long time.