Scions of Fate

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Formerly known as Yulgang: Balance of Power. SoF is one of the most popular games in Asia.

Total Rating: 4.79
Reviews: 19

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Review Archive

Post Date: 16:59 02-04-2010
Rating: 4
Author: Alper123
Comment: Duh, This game is okay. But it is only about flashy skills! Nothing else. Cast, cast, cast. Another game which was ruined 'cuz of the need to create something different. This game could be way better.

Post Date: 12:41 24-01-2009
Rating: 0
Author: Kurosawa
Comment: I wanted 2 play this game all da time but my comp was 2 crap so i couldnt. 3 days we got a new comp i dled SoF allmsot immedietely when i played it was like "wow dis has gotta b awsum" after lvl 20 its so stupid no 1 2 speak 2!! so little players, quests are boring as hell, lvling is hard and boring u lvl all da time at da same spots without any 1 2 talk 2!!! only thing that is ok is graphs - NOt worth dling at all

Post Date: 00:54 05-12-2008
Rating: 4
Author: eXoZmM
Comment: A game that can be good when your bored, but other than that will go nowhere. The game is plagued with botters, and the community doesn't play unless the DD(Double Exp) event is on. There weren't many people(Took me over 3 days to get someone to talk/play with me)in the starting areas(Level 20 and under) but there may be in the higher areas. Also, the games forums were hacked, which shows an instability in the company.

Gameplay - 6/10 - Not too bad, the skills are fun and the challenges/rewards make the game worth playing. It's a regular Asian-MMO though, fight, get good looking armour/weapons, fight again.

Community - 1/10 - Absolutely horrid. The community never talks, and as I said before, it is full of botters. They do have a in-game tool that let's you bring up the Party search forums which I think is a superb idea, that's why I gave them a 1/10.

Quests - 3/10 - They are somewhat interesting, which is the only reason they got 3/10, but you quickly come to realize that the quest is either:Kill X amount of X OR Bring me X. These quests get VERY boring.

Overall - 4/10 - Not a great game. More like a good looking book, looks good on the outside, but on the inside it isn't good at all. I wouldn't even recommend trying this game unless you like to play games that are basically just grinding to get good armour/weapons. There's really no point in playing it.

Post Date: 08:23 20-11-2008
Rating: 1
Author: Sashiku
Comment: This game is not worth the download. I got rather far, but I just couldn't stand the game play any longer. The game wold have been beter if they had more monster selections. In the end, I had to train in one area for more than 15 levels. That is what made it boring.

Post Date: 03:07 12-08-2008
Rating: 0
Author: DerrickNX
Comment: Awful hate it graphic sucks training sucks nothing more to say.

Post Date: 22:42 27-03-2008
Rating: 0
Author: thetruth
Comment: slow like hell to lvl up ur char
hard to earn money
go buy gold i nthose website if u want to grind to a higher lvl
the hp pot is expensive liek hell

Post Date: 03:29 13-03-2008
Rating: 5
Author: anigous
Comment: Im going to be honest. This game is boring. My spearman begged for quests. I can't remember my pw to play LoA...

Post Date: 11:34 15-01-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Asuka
Comment: its a game worth playing. the graphics arent that bad either. Although it may get boring after a while.

Post Date: 00:45 11-12-2007
Rating: 9
Author: death30297
Comment: very good for gameplay and graphics yes but it has its deffects glitched (of course but not many) its almost the same thing over and voer until ur a certain lvl and if u play nonstop its boring

id recommend it once to 3 three times a week

Post Date: 02:39 13-11-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Rhama
Comment: Great game really. It has great graphics and a ton of places to go. Only real problem is the far and in between quests and it's hard to level in the levels 18 up because you have to kill the same monster that you've killed for the last 3 or 4 levels.

Post Date: 22:34 16-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: gsker
Comment: this game was fun in the beginning....but other than that after going over like lvl 20 is so impossible to lvl....making money is so easy....quests are boring....there are like no peeps who will help you...

Post Date: 03:02 16-08-2007
Rating: 3
Author: MangoBird
Comment: I tried this game but i didnt very far at all. Its a standard hack and slash mmorg. I didn't like the graphics, i didn't like the game play. Nothing about this game impressed me. The quests were boring. It was too crowded. I just had a really bad impression of this game. Don't even try it, there are way better games than this free or not.

Post Date: 10:27 25-07-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Spoony
Comment: A good and fun game, quite nice animations. However its a lot of grinding and in most situations gets very item-dependant. Oh, and a few type of monsters share the same model. Its freaky and funny at start but later it gets annoying. a 7.5 but im nice so have a 8 ^^

Post Date: 22:57 18-07-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Elren
Comment: This is a very good game. Not the BEST, but definitely worth playing, although, as "HanabiJou" has said, you'll need to grind your ass off. The high-level quests are interesting, and the low-level quests are okay. 8/10

Post Date: 18:41 14-07-2007
Rating: 4
Author: AceWhite
Comment: It could be just me but im getting sick of click to kill games i need more games like gunz that actually takes some form of controle to kill a monster either way this game is a bit fun accept everyone walks like there a queer.

Post Date: 22:20 13-06-2007
Rating: 5
Author: HanabiJou
Comment: The graphics are quite nice, but the game isn't very filling. You'll need to grind your ass off just to level. It has quests, but there's nothing really special about them.

Post Date: 03:51 30-05-2007
Rating: 9
Author: chinko
Comment: i like this game. good quests and the graphics are good. big world and good fighting system.

Post Date: 01:02 21-05-2007
Rating: 8
Author: death2912
Comment: good game kinda annoying at start but later one get more fun bowman class weak rest really better and pvp system{neva tryed} seems pretty good

Post Date: 23:31 13-11-2006
Rating: 9
Author: guinefort
Comment: A brilliantly put together MMORPG with a flair, easily combining the opposing powers of magic and strength in a stunning combination, and with amazing graphics and an easy-to-use interface reminiscent of older, well-established MMOs

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