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Shadowbane has expanded the concept of what an online persistent world RPG can be. Rather than focusing on the story arc of the single character and taking the game no further, Shadowbane extends the experience by creating a backdrop of political intrigue and warfare for players to become engrossed in. Players can join together to form guilds, raise armies and conquer Kingdoms. Leaders marshal their strength to build keeps, temples and fortifications. Armies battle their rivals to control resource mines crucial to their kingdoms' growth. And when diplomacy fails, legions and siege engines batter down the walls of cities, and the destinies of player nations are decided on virtual battlefields.

Total Rating: 6.58
Reviews: 40

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Post Date: 00:47 12-11-2008
Rating: 10
Author: versasm
Comment: Ok, I must admit I am somewhat biased. But Shadowbane is the only online game ever which held my attention for more that a few hours. And I have been playing for 2 years now.
I`ll try to be short: the graphics are outdated, but I consider they still hold their own, the PvP sistem, although as not as "flashy" and full of "pretty" visual effects is THE BEST I have ever seen, and unlike any other free MMO i seen this game realy has a end game content. In matter of fact enough end game content to keep you hooked on for years.
The only downside I can think of is that the game is geared towards group vs. group PvP, so if you want to run around solo, you might find the game a bit boring, but that should be pretty rare.
And yeah, it is ABSOLUTELY free. No item mall, no premium accounts, not even in game advertising :)
Ubisoft is prolly keeping this game alive just to be present on the MMO market.
So if you are a PvP fan, start downloading it NOW.
P.S. PvE fans keep away

Post Date: 07:05 24-09-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Nookuios
Comment: Well I'm going to give this game a 5 atm...due to I am currently downloading it...I play World of Warcraft..and think that people saying it sucks are can't get a better mmorpg than but i am very PVP i am giving this game a shot...and WoW graphics get better the better your pc is... gameplay on WoW is also awesome...if ur a PVPer so to say...get on a PVP realm...its not hard...WoW can be a very PVP oriented game...believe it all depends on the server.. :/ well enough about sorry :P just get sick of people dissing it all the time...

ill put up an actual review of this game when i have tried it out for a few weeks...
ps i play mabinogi..and 2moons...2moons is aight...but not bein able to pick ur sex is gayness...very few classes..and races...grinding alot are decent i to move is total annoyingness -.- ...and as for mabinogi...i enjoy it...its corny yet enjoyable not usually into final fantasy/ diablo mix....which is the best way to describe it...but its a fun game...only bad thing is alot of farming...which i will admit is a problem with WoW is easy to get...but the items in mab cost like 100k gold -.- and crap like that for the higher lvl stuff....well guess its not too bad considering gold selling sites sell 300k gold for only 10 that tis it...sorry for writing reviews for other games in here...i know it is annoying...but i didnt feel like having to write 3 different reviews at three different times...:P

Post Date: 22:30 04-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: mercc1
Comment: Oh and actually most people say it sucks ? idk why maybe there pve players .... and to those that say skill is not needed well im sorry to say but your plain wrong you got to have skill to custimize use your ablilities to there potential and so many more tactical and economic strategies..... and designing your cities it takes skill no matter what you say most games do, maybe even all overall VERY good game.

Post Date: 04:54 12-07-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Rovayle
Comment: ok first of all this is a excellent pvp game sorry pve lover but this would probably be a hard a game to adapt too

1.pvp 10/10
2.pve 6/10
3.grinding 7/10 (youll be illright if you lvl with people around your lvl some people even reach all the way to lvl 75 in just one day) 6/10 its ok for a game made in 04
5.races/classes 10/10

Half Giants


The Fighter's Way: The Path of Might
Professions: Barbarian

The Healer's Way: The Path of Faith
Professions: Channeler

The Mage's Way: The Path of Lore
Professions: Assassin

The Rogue's Way: The Path of Skill
Professions: Assassin
....enough saie

community 8/10 people are nice but plz for all you noobs try to learn as much as possible urself

server 7/10 theirs three servers
malog (for all you asians people this is excellent server for you asian guilds control probably like 70 percent of the server so youll pretty much fell great if you choose this server

saedron(this is a lore server meaning for all you role playing people this is your perfect sever for you and especially if your from europe or in north america

thurin(the server i played) this is an exallent server if your from europe and american we pretty much control like 80 percent of the server an some guild/nations are excellent for yall noobs who want to play

this is strongly givin game for all you pvp lovers or if you want to do pvp

ill give it a 10/10 cause players can actually shape the server so guild learder have their polictics going on and its really cool plus players are all mature so you dont have to worry about lil kids and stuff like that...and yes theirs both man and woman playing this game trust me their is no "geekie" if you like to called player around mostly their people going or are in their 20-40s with kids and family caring player

so yea what can i tell ya this is an good game

if you like to know more about this game plz visit site and if you like to get some help plz visit the forums at thank you :)

Post Date: 17:30 21-06-2008
Rating: 5
Author: Corakus32331
Comment: I really didn't like it,to start with I'm not much of a pvp guy,and this is a strict pvp game(monsters are just there to train on).This game doesn't have any real story or anything to it,it's basically just a war game,not really for a pve gamer.Though I suppose if you are a lover of pvp games and you don't mind being slaughtered by high level players while trying to train then you might like this game.
And yeah,the graphics aren't that great,but i really try not to judge a game by it's graphics,it's more on the gameplay than anything else.But don't ever play this game if you don't like pvp,no you can't work around the pvp and try to play pve instead it won't work,i've tried.
And like Orasis said,I just really can't imagine paying for this game.You might want to try it though if you're a diehard pvp fan,other than that I wouldn't bother.

Post Date: 02:38 08-10-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Jrod
Comment: I HATE the way you move! I LOVE everything else about this great game

Post Date: 02:24 23-07-2007
Rating: 10
Author: mindbreed
Comment: Free or not free, this game is very very good. Intricate character customization. If you like having a character that you create and are responsible for, this game has THE best character customization.

Cons: The graphics are only decent. Not enough people play the game, and being a PvP game, you need other people to fight against.

I don't play it because not enough people play it. If more people played it, this would be my top game, the only game I played, because it's that fun. But, alas, there's just not enough people for a pvp-centric game.

Post Date: 04:54 14-07-2007
Rating: 7
Author: PestvsPet
Comment: A waste of money when I bought it a couple of years ago. Moving around is lame at first because you have to use a stupid mouse. Eventually I got used to it and went back when it went free.

Post Date: 06:07 29-06-2007
Rating: 7
Author: jobo
Comment: PvE is pathetic! The PvP is not bad but you need to be in a strong guild.

Post Date: 21:47 21-06-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Juggernott
Comment: Ok well this game was ok. I did like that it is completely free. I also liked the clan system and how you can build a city. There are some great ideas in this game.

I dont like this game overall because of a few things. First of all, the movement gameplay are a little wierd and just dont feel right. I also disliked the combat. You click on something and then attakc it. Theres no skill involved and the things your killing are flying all over the place which was a little strange. I also didnt know what to do when I entered into the world. There were no ingame guides or anything and the guilds werent helpful at all. There is an online guide you can read though on the website. But the main thing I didnt like was that there didnt seem to be any point to the game. Why was I leveling up? For what? Just kind of a pointless game.

Post Date: 20:03 30-05-2007
Rating: 10
Author: no one you know
Comment: It's 100% percent free it seems like a trial at first. It plays very well if you have the right requirements, and if you know the controls. The worst thing about it is the download.

Post Date: 22:15 08-05-2007
Rating: 7
Author: wosld
Comment: Game you have to get used to to play! but its fun after a while!!!! making your own city is fun!!

Post Date: 11:25 28-04-2007
Rating: 1
Author: orasis
Comment: Garbage crashes constantly on Windows XP SP2.

Perhaps it performed better on older systems since it was made a while back.. yet even when the game does work, the game still sucks.

You start out in a city in the middle of nowhere, no one tells you why you are there - and your running around trying to figure it out.

And way way way too much buttons, the controls are a job in and of itself.

It's painful to think that people once paid for this torture.

(Oh and the camera angles are horrible.)

Post Date: 23:53 01-04-2007
Rating: 3
Author: Aldins
Comment: well this game is terrible is all i can say i give it a 3

Post Date: 22:06 21-03-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Alidan
Comment: Arens your an idiot, if you say you uninstalled all the otehr games in under an hour how the heck would you know if they were good, you neevr even tried them.

Post Date: 18:52 13-03-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Arens
Comment: Great game , tough to get used to it though . No lame questing and compleatly free PvP anywhere around the world (darn world is HUGE) is a great thing to have . Asians have overrun some servers , true , but Mourning and Vindication fight them off succesfully . Graphics are bad!? come on you`re kidding me this thing looks way better then cartoony games like WoW and other games out there .

But then again if you`re playing WoW then probably shadowbane isn`t for you .If you like intense hardcore action instead of grinding hours and hours to get 1000 rat skins to complete some lame quest , if you like real PvP , real sieges with catapults to knock down enemy walls , real character customization , real guild/nations politics , true all-out wars , the adrenaline rush when the scout in group shouts "10 enemy coming from south-east" and you have that hard worked cash on you and you know that unless you win you`ll lose it all...but if you do win all the enemy have is yours :)...try shadowbane . I`ve tryed other free&payd mmorpgs but after playing SB most of them seem SOOOO lame that i uninstall them in under 1 hour

Post Date: 00:42 11-02-2007
Rating: 7
Author: agentbassil
Comment: Decent game. I played it for a while, but since most people playing this game are asians, i didn't see that many people around the game world.The pvp system is great, but the pve is horrid. Although it is a pvp game they should of added some quests, i mean it feels like i'm wandering around for no reason just grinding endlessly. The only thing i'm worried about, is if this game will be able to stay alive. I mean this game is basicly being run as a unimportant project by ubisoft. If they need servers anytime soon they will probably shut down this game.

Post Date: 14:58 05-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Rogue┬žora
Comment: i agree its a very bad game its just wierd cannot move well takes forever to learn how to play and the graphics r horrible

Post Date: 14:25 03-02-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Shadowbanehater
Comment: its finally free but the hard movement is wierd,graphics stink,community is bad,and it is just bad--only good thing is the chars u got so many choices unlike other games

Post Date: 20:43 19-01-2007
Rating: 7
Author: Dreftorg
Comment: I agree with appo06

Post Date: 21:46 18-01-2007
Rating: 9
Author: appo06
Comment: ok shadowbane this is actually a great little game you can build your own city and all lvling is simple only problem is the chinese im not being racist but the chinese prety much kill everyone thats not in the group to make it worse they hunt in packs sad but true they nearly totally own the brailla server im on venidiction

Post Date: 00:34 09-01-2007
Rating: 4
Author: chunkylova53
Comment: my reasons for a 3 is because...
-soooo many races to choose from
-crazy about of classes with their own unique skills.
-pretty good graphics for a 100% free MMORPG
-you can create yourown city!
-you can attack NPC's for no reason
THE BAD (if i star somthing, then that mean those traits REALLY need to improve)
-takes 2GB to download
*lacks skills and items.
-i played a whole hour and i saw 1 player
*i HATE how u move and communitcate.
-when i play, its like playing by yourself
*the PvP is stupid. (a lvl 90 came up to me a killed me in 2 hits)
- when u die, its like dieing in runescape. u loose basicaly all your stuff

Post Date: 23:50 27-12-2006
Rating: 4
Author: christwarrior
Comment: i finally got it 2 work so heres my review:

pros: awsome PvP value, great character customization, its free :)

cons: bad movement (click-to-move using right mouse button is hard to get used 2), bad camera controls, zero role-play value, outdated graphics :(

im more of a role-player than a PKer so i didnt really like this game very much but if ur a hardcore PKer than this is your best choice!

Post Date: 21:39 17-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: no one you know
Comment: This is one of the best MMORPG'S I've ever played. The main problem is the lag. But other than that there is absolutely nothing bad about it.

Post Date: 23:28 15-12-2006
Rating: 5
Author: christwarrior
Comment: ok when i run the game and log on the character creation is extremely laggy and sometimes it even crashes due to the lag. after like 10 tries my character is created and then i select my character (includes an extrreme amount of lag) the game says its connecting to the server...30 minutes later its still loading the server so i do the ctrl+alt+delete thing and it says shadowbane is not responding so i say end task and its sooooooooo laggy it took like 15 minutes to do that!!!!!!!!!! this game looks good but im not officially rating it until i actually play it help is wanted greatly but 4 now it will be a default 5

Post Date: 18:40 11-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: sbsb
Comment: this game is good if u lookin to try it then do!!
if it is laggy for you then u can go on config and change the graphic thingy

Post Date: 21:43 05-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: new1
Comment: This game is a beauty!!! you have to try!!!

trust this is a good 1 ive played alot of mmorpgs but this 1 is the best for me! no lag at all! 10/10 !!!

Post Date: 15:24 03-12-2006
Rating: 8
Author: Game_God
Comment: I give it an 8. Good interface. Easy to learn how to use. And you can change everything to better your game play. It has little lag like most other MMO that are in beta and what not. It's very easy to get lost and not know what to do when you first start out. I wish it would somehow show the level of the player/NPC by clicking on it or something. Over all not bad. Still has a lot of work that NEEDS not SHOULD be done.

Post Date: 11:28 25-11-2006
Rating: 10
Author: shake
Comment: One of the best PvP based mmorpg's out there.
I have played WoW, UO, EQ2 etc. But they all lack something what SB has, which is the "attraction" and something what makes you totally addicted to the game.
But overview is the following:
Graphics: 5/10 (Alot of graphic errors, but its fine for such an old engine)
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay 9/10 (Excellent for PvP, city building, huge wars, mine takeovers etc. Not so fun for ppl who are more into "peaceful" gamestyle)

Anyway, if you haven't tried Shadowbane, you know that you aren't complete.

Shadowbane offers ALOT of different activites for any time of day and ALOT of PvP, full customization of your character/GUI and so on.
Build your own city, rule a realm, destroy your enemies, become a conqueror or emperor!
This game has unlimited possibilites.
Check it out.

Written by
Baron ShakeFTW, ruler of Aedroch, nation leader of Blood Red Throne. (on WRATH server)

Post Date: 23:47 24-11-2006
Rating: 7
Comment: Camera is screwy and sometimes there are long runs with nothing in the scenery

Post Date: 14:45 07-11-2006
Rating: 8
Author: hmmmwhatsthis
Comment: ... this game has a story or baseline of PvP gamers to attract them i was drawn to this game cause it was fun and thought it should be updated well i found out it was still in beta (kinda) i can see this game taking over WoW and other p2p games cause with the graphics and community growing it will be better then most p2p games a decent 8.5 or so

Post Date: 02:37 16-10-2006
Rating: 4
Author: ILoveGunzxP
Comment: ERRrrr...Nah...i dont like this game.

Post Date: 17:11 11-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: nevarine
Comment: after i posted my last comment i found out and the games awsome!

Post Date: 18:30 03-10-2006
Rating: 9
Author: pimpofall
Comment: who cares about the click to move still a good game i dont like the part that its always dark in most areas but fun overall

Post Date: 14:45 03-08-2006
Rating: 4
Author: massiveowner21
Comment: graphics aernt bad:4/5
sound is ok 3/5
movement: 0/5 click to move not good.
story line: this out of all mmorpgs hurts the most its really not that good for this one either 0/5 over all performance: 4/10

Post Date: 11:02 28-05-2006
Rating: 3
Author: Cams69
Comment: Graphically its not bad, though nothing special. The UI is exceptional and I found to be one of the best overall. Controls, combat, spell casting are great I found once you remap some keys. Skill system, races, character development are exceptional. The lack of zoning and heavy system resource useage is a big plus.

The world is a bit empty feeling with not alot of detail. Point 'n Click movement coupled with a retarded camera AI make the game totally unplayable for me reguardless of its other good or at least acceptable qualities. Its really a shame that they felt point 'n click was the way to go as that is what sealed the deal for "Flop" status.

Rating a 6 for the wonderful skill system race originality. Minus 3 for point 'n click movement and attrocious camera AI.

Post Date: 09:58 22-05-2006
Rating: 5
Author: AskMe
Comment: Looks like it is still kicking :). Great for Pvp but horrible for anything else despite being free.

Post Date: 11:35 01-04-2006
Rating: 6
Author: jubei
Comment: Played SB some since it went free but I hate the way you move. Point and Click? Give me a break! Also, the other players are about as immature as you can get. THat is when you see other players lol. If it closes, I wont miss it.

Post Date: 12:38 23-03-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Mr. Peel
Comment: One of the best PvP MMORPGs I have played yet. The siege wars are awesome!

Post Date: 11:45 21-03-2006
Rating: 8
Author: pellnell
Comment: Although not on the level of other MMOs, I do like its PvP and that its free now.

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