Shattered Galaxy

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Engage opponents in frenzied tactical struggles. Unite with allies to contest enemy nations' territorial claims. Customize your units with equipment best suited for your objectives. Achieve promotions for yourself and new upgrades for your war machines. Research new technologies to devastate the opposition. Enter the world of Shattered Galaxy, where battles last minutes and wars span months.

Total Rating: 8.00
Reviews: 16

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Review Archive

Post Date: 07:47 25-07-2014
Rating: 6
Author: ivekvv256
Comment: Not really a type of game that I like to play, but it was quite fun for an hour or two. After that it's not a game that I want to play anymore. Also the graphics aren't so good, so I rate it 6/10

Post Date: 05:02 25-07-2014
Rating: 7
Author: Aki013
Comment: Not bad game,but graphic is low a bit...So my rate is 7/10

Post Date: 20:12 09-12-2012
Rating: 7
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: This game is a massive startegy game for me :) Its very nice and very addictive ;) It have something familiar with Star Craft. From first view we can see that creators of this game was working for Blizzard ;D Game have poor graphics and sounds but fun from play is amazing :D I dont recommande it becouse like I said it can be vary addictive. But owerall i rate it 7/10.

Post Date: 22:42 29-09-2012
Rating: 7
Author: Dmt_2000
Comment: This game is pretty cool sorta like star craft the graphics are pretty stale bad crappy whatever you want to call it there bad the game play is ok could be much better i dont recommend playing this game at all

Post Date: 12:09 29-09-2012
Rating: 3
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: This game can be addictive, but fortunately it wasn't for me. It didn't quite like it enough. The graphics are outdated. They are really bad. They might have been good a couple of years ago, but now they are pretty bad. I do not recommend playing this game since it's pretty old. There are many other and better games to be found than this one.

Post Date: 05:48 18-09-2010
Rating: 0
Author: benjamin44
Comment: I hate this game!

Post Date: 05:42 12-11-2009
Rating: 9
Author: ssmith88
Comment: Can be very addictive game play but primitive graphics. Highly recommended.

Post Date: 05:56 17-12-2008
Rating: 9
Author: clickmehere
Comment: Game is really good! Perfect for most RTS experience but it dosnt top starcraft nor warcraft 2

Post Date: 15:08 14-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: William1193
Comment: Brilliant game i have to say agreeeing with all the above if u love playing games that has continuos repitition then u will love this game, As sending in squads of mechanised units makes this game brilliant to play but if u are hoping for updates and new stuff do not bother playing, as the game is dead in software wise because the company tht bought it has dumped SG for another game but the community is very strong and many ppl still play it graphics may not appease but gameplay is amazing for RTS gamers i have not encountered anything better than this current game: Noob information do not join troy pompeii is best and Helike is a kind faction . I prefer lower planet untill lv 22 because gives me time to level up and upgrade but its entierely ure choice.

Post Date: 11:57 21-04-2008
Rating: 10
Author: DivineSaint
Comment: This is my personal 2nd favourite ( after Metin 2 of course ). The only disappointing feature is the attribute system, i don't know why but i feel it isn't all it could be. But despite that i have still rated 10/10 for the fact that i have been playing ever since this game was released to the public and the sheer thrill of annihalating entire squads of enemy units with a well planned strike.

There are four classes of units. Infantry, being the ground units utilising artificial limbs and harnessing the power of biodrives as a source of internal power. Mobile, a common choice among starters for the space, weight and diversity of these units utilising either wheels, tracks or a hover system. Aviation , the swift strike from above that deals deadly damage then disappearing from sight but sometimes this isn't the case with aviation units, for example an "Eagle" can house armor piercing weaponry and a rather thick armored coating which enables it to hover over areas relentlessly firing on enemy units without taking much damage it is by far the most diverse class being able to utilise missles, armor piercing missles, ballistic weaponry, lasers, flamethrowers and in one case a devastating funsion storm generator that tears through groups of tightly packed enemy Aviation units. Last but not least organic , biological units or aliens that follow your command and evolve into more destructive biological weapons as they level up, a few of these units have items which make them selfdestruct on death damaging all enemy units around them which can be helpful in crowded areas also most biological units can utilise a phase generator and be teleported far across the battle field behind enemy lines where they are needed the most.

It was one of the worlds first MMORTS ( massively multiplayer real time strategy game) as a trailblazer it is still regarded by many as the best and only true MMORTS.

Post Date: 03:01 08-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Uent
Comment: I agree 100% with Dark I did play Shattered and still do some times only I am now on MP On relic UL was and always will be Number 1

Post Date: 02:53 08-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: Darkvctry
Comment: This is considered to a small group of players to be the greatest game of all time. The game is very good, it allows 2 types of gamers to play. Gamers that love to play the grinding aspect on MP. And gamers that want to play more of a fair playing ground RTS base on relic.

Key points to remember
1 The player population is still strong but not as great as it should be.
2 Even though relic is more skill based, alot of regiments are a bunch of dumbass people who fear competition.
3 MP is a grind fest, but it has more RegiVSRegi than relic.
4 The community is small and everybody generally knows everybody. It is almost like one big happy family, im honored to be apart of it.
5 I believe every gamer should experience this game, this is truly one of the hauntingly best games ever. Whether you go MP or stay Relic, you will have a ton of fun.

Post Date: 20:44 15-01-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Panik
Comment: You guys seem to be judging Shattered Galaxy based purely on your experienced on Relic (the beginner planet, which people are supposed to leave after a week). It strikes me as odd that you can make so many assumptions about the game based on such a limited understanding.

SG is a community-based MMORTS which caters to a purely PVP highly competitive environment. It doesn't have the best graphics (although they're far from being bad) but it does have tonnes of gameplay and is easily the most addictive and more-ish game i've ever played.

MP (Morgana Prime) is where all the fun is at. It's the other planet besides Relic (the beginner planet) and it's where the experienced players and regiments compete 24/7 to win tough battles. Unlike many PvP game communities SG's upper-end regiments actually enforce their own rules regarding fair play, creating a system of rules completely independent from the game moderators/company.

SG has a strong community element which helps new players to learn the game and gives them good regiments to play in. If you want to know more then visit and meet the players.

Basically Kanbei/Phantasma i just wanted to post a comment to point out that you're full of shit and have no idea what you're talking about. Until you've actually bothered playing past the tutorial perhaps you should reserve your opinion on the game.


Post Date: 14:06 04-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: memyselfandi
Comment: VERY fun game and like Kanbei said don"t join Troy if you are new!

Post Date: 04:42 26-10-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Kanbei
Comment: I like this too, but i think what phantasma said may be a bit outdated..."wulu" is gone-i havent seen it once and ive been playing for months, and the nice community that he/she lived in is gone too. No more call outs for mistakes, but no more people helping you much either. The graphics are better than in the pic, but people never really work together in the game now; people will NUKE their own teammates just for fun...If you are new do NOT EVER join the faction Troy. The people there are rude and obnoxious, and wont even answer the most basic questions. Helike is better at that, but Pompeii is best; the most teamwork and the most wins. I've done every faction now, and Pompeii easily owns them all, so join up! Also He/she(phantasma) went into some depth, and I'll explain a bit. There are 4 types of units:

Infantry-Ground well, uh...infantry
Mobile- all mobile units: tanks, AA launchers, bunkers, repair triages....
Aviation-Any non-organic thing that flys. Everything from bombers to things that use fire.(he already talked about).
Organic-Anything that lives(basically the Aliens). Most can evolve and get stronger, but it is also linked to your mech ap(mechanical aptitude) and your education.

No type is better than another; they all just differ on our style of play. Units within the same type however, can be much better choices than others. For example: Hawks(fast moving Aviation ships) would be much more preferable to fight Owls(like hawks, but slower and stronger) than Phonexies(unbelievably slow, very short range for flame attack).

Post Date: 00:41 22-03-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Phantasma
Comment: Shattered galaxy 2006 is very differnet, for example the name "wulu" is now a widespread word used in place of calling somone a newb, (wulu is a character so moronic that his name is now shuned) anyways the new world of sg is all tatical and nobody ever just sees it as a game they are always screaming at eachother and calling eachoter wulus for there mistakes. Anyways the gameplay is VERY adictive and i cant stop playing but i wish pelicans still had lasers... anyways they made a prety good decision on the music its something you can listen to for hours on end and not get annoyed with it (i think) and i dont like to point out the mistakes but it seems that whenever you want youre units to go to a specific spot they end up spread out all over the place. I also really enjoy using the "arbs" "balistas" and the "trebs" and the "vultures"acting like a mortar the arbs launch rounds of explosives into the enemy from afar, the one downside is there speed, all the balistic things are slow (except balistas or [balls] funny nickname for a unit eh? anyways they are the only balistic thing that can be "phased" by the majority of people using them because its the only balistic unit with enugh room to equip phasic armor) ANYWAYS the balistas shoot air with flak the arbs shoot the ground with bombardement the vultures are basicly flying arbs and the trebs are cloaking arbs/balistas but much weaker (all balistic units do splash damage hurting all of the units at once not just 1) but enugh about balistics i may be the only one to notice or care but all the units are named after animals, or mythilogical creatures ... and in that case the animals or creatures pretain to the unit, there are 4 types of units theres infantry, mobile, aviation, and organics for example the aviation units are hawks, pelicans, ROC, albatros,condor,vulture,Owl, falcon, pheonix, eagle, and ... i think thats it but all avaiation are named for birds, aliens are... not named for animals there just aliens the mobile are animal names and the infantry the same. as for the gameplay there is plenty of bullet rounds, lasers, carpetbombs, nukes, ETC flying in every direction and somehow the landscape remains untouched... i just wish they would change that because its weird seing a nuclear explosion destroy all these units but the grass and trees somehow remain spotless. i geuss thats asking to much (not being sarcastic) because it really is a great game (besides all the negative players fighting over the stupidest things)

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