Space Civilizations

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Space Civilizations is a free turn-based massive multiplayer space strategy game, that is played with a very slim downloadable client. You share a galaxy with hundreds of players, some of them might turn out to be your enemies, others could be your allies. You need to explore the world around you, expand your empire, become more technologically advanced so that you can build faster and stronger ships that will give you the edge in epic battles.

Total Rating: 5.33
Reviews: 3

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Post Date: 09:55 19-07-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Oropher
Comment: I have been playing this game for a few weeks already, and I give it a 8 (because I don't easily give a 10 to a game). The screenshots shown here is a bit old, the client interface has been upgraded. It has a good wikipedia section that explains the basics. But you need to play one round to play efficiently. Many will like it. I would give it a 8 only for one reason. You need to download the client, therefore you can not check your status from any computers. At the same time, if there would be no client, we would not have this 3d map which really helps a lot organizing strategy and tactic. I am current playing the galaxy 100, which has 99 players, other galaxies or open but with less players. it is not a MMOG just a real time MP game. Really, give it a try, you wil not regret it.

Post Date: 03:51 03-04-2008
Rating: 6
Author: Falar
Comment: Blazzer really overexaggerated, but it does get to be very big. I ended up controlling about 20 planetsspread across the map; it took ages to get ships from one planet to another. Being able to build relatively custom ships(you're given the parts and and a max weight depending on ship clas, but get to decide how much of what you put on). Definitely not a game to play if you only have 5 mins a day. I'd recommend starting on a slwoer server, then going to a speed one(slow servers can take weeks to finsih...ich). No fighting graphics, no ship graphics, but a 3d map. All in all, a 6/10.

Post Date: 17:13 02-12-2007
Rating: 2
Author: blazzer101
Comment: sweet first review, anyway, i played this game and the begging of the game is fun cuz its just a practice game and ur not facing anyone. seems pretty easy at first. but as soon as u start in a real match, u have like 200 individual planets to take care of!!! i had no idea were to start!!! so i was like "screw this!!"
game is allright, u have a 3D perpesctive of the entire galaxy. so if u do start, dont be fooled by the fun in the begging. its a living breathing hell in a real match.

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