Star Wars Galaxies

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MMORPG based on the popular movie franchise that has failed to live up to initial expectations and has been known to change drastically. Although SWG was only loosely based on the movie franchise when first launched, the game now follows the movies much more closely.

Total Rating: 3.94
Reviews: 49

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Post Date: 20:42 24-06-2009
Rating: 0
Author: mojodajojo
Comment: The NGE. 'Nough said.

Post Date: 17:08 09-03-2009
Rating: 0
Author: XedoeSR
Comment: The game was good until the CU hit, then it started going downhill quickly. When the NGE hit I took my accounts and canceled them all and moved on. No sense paying to play a game that has lost all touch with its core community, and instead appealing to those either too lazy to grind or those that want things "balaned". Being Jedi used to be rare and powerful, but then CU hit and they started to become balanced to that of the rest of the combat classes. Then the NGE hit and a Jedi could not do anything solo, and neither could anyone for that matter. Also all the rare and powerful equipment gained throughout the years stats wise became trash stats with that of a lootable item off a very low end NPC mob. Very dissapointing how SOE handled this game and others I went to. I will never again support any SOE game, because all they do is start off good and ruin it like they have with SWG and the rest. Just look at all of their other games such as Matrix Online, Vanguard, and Pirates of The Burning Sea to name a few.

Post Date: 01:26 01-12-2008
Rating: 10
Author: tankmaster
Comment: this game is ONLY AS GOOD AS YOU MAKE IT, this is probally in my opinion one of the best games... ever...

the thing is people dont like this game because its redicously hard to reach 90 and when you finally do you realize that pve stops(unless your a nerfherder that farms for credits 24/7)

however... for me a big fan of pvp this game is really epic. the whole world is your battlegroud. me being a veteran of this game playing since pre cu ive ntoiced that this game did degrade heavily but the pvp never fact ive been in a brawl between rebels and imperials that was over 500 players large which occured in restuss, the end result was neutral bounty hunters killed all the rebels in bounty missions and the imperials won lol. if your not much for ground pvp you can also go into a unique style of space pvp (for the fps players around) which in itself could be a whole new game in itself (the graphics for their space is amazing)

if your not into pvp(most ppl arent) you can also be a entertainer or trader(most people make these their 2nd character)

you can also make your own house/town/clan which the decorating in itself is frustrating since sony didnt make much furniture... however you can also stack the furniture into each other or on each other to make a unique furniture(such as making curtains with skirts lol) most of the houses ive seen are poorly decorated however i have seen some that you would gaze at in wonder

this game is crap.... for people that dont understand it, and just want a game like wow where all you do is pve, but i rated this game 10 because i really think it deserves a 10 ;)

Post Date: 14:15 10-10-2008
Rating: 0
Author: pfgwildfire
Comment: This game sucks. Soe has screwed this game up so bad that there is no way for it to come back. The last few updates and patches where by far totally stupid and useless. I would not recomend this game to any one until soe lose all rights to game and new company can revert it back to the orginal style.
Just example of few worthless patchs:
Collection: LOL what a waste endless grinding on junk. there is no benifits to completeing any of the 100's of collections they added.
New expertise system: (FOTM FTW) bottom line.
New Instances: wow how could the totally screw this one up and they did.
The new TCG: epic failure. I can't believe they tried stealing this idea from other games and implament into SWG. seriously SOE should be sued for incompetance.
grinding, and buff wars seem to be the new trate that soe has driven this game towards.
there is no time line in this game.
many many more screw ups but why watse time. I say its time to retire SWG and move on with out SOE.

Post Date: 16:48 24-09-2008
Rating: 10
Author: satyrion
Comment: The game was great until the developers raped it in 2003 or somethng

Post Date: 15:23 14-08-2008
Rating: 5
Author: William1193
Comment: pretty good game but im not playing with the cu and nge so im enjoying it 2 it full potential which i suggest u do 2 it is realy good it feels diffrent from other games like when i played WoW i got bored of it this feels individulised and away from other mmos but other thn that it gets kinda dull and boring

Post Date: 18:32 09-08-2008
Rating: 2
Author: Karahandras
Comment: played this solidly for a year and had great fun

unfortunately the developers lost their minds and turned this into a forced grouping forced grinding mmo and removed most of the variety in character customization

all the high level quests pretty much require u to have a full group of 8 and different professions can take more than 3 hours to get this together and then the quest bugs and u fail:( or just get junk as loot

they introduced of titles(copied from lotro)but u need to grind in the thousands to get them and even them half require u to be in a group

Even the biggest plus of the ability to customise your character is being removed in favour of lotro style ability lines

worst thing is its a star wars game without any real star wars content

oh and a lightsabre does less damage than looted swords???????

Post Date: 10:55 25-07-2008
Rating: 8
Author: dsb101
Comment: I've been playing on and off for a while now, but only post-nge. I like the game alot, alough I have to admit ground combat between proffesions gets really unbalanced. Being a combat prof I think gets boring at times, and stuff Like World of Warcraft beats it easy.

But, SWG does have a trump card. I personally love 2 features about this game:

1. The Ability to Play as an Entertainer or Trader. I think this is cool as most other games, the only things to really do are kill stuff and pvp. As an entertainer you can dance, play music or just hang around cantinas. As a trader you spend your time crafting items for fellow players.

2. Space. To be honest I havent got much to say here, apart from its bloody awesome. It can be used as a source of income, a source of exp, or just damn fun. I think that the Aerial part of this game alone boosts its rating by at least 3.

Conclusion: Unbalanced at time, but still damn fun to play (so long as you dont have a low end computer, man it lags then, if you do, my advice is to buy some cheap RAM and intsall it yourself, worked for me =])

Post Date: 09:59 14-07-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Talonclaw
Comment: After reading all of the above, I'm pretty saddened by the corporate attitude Lucas has and is applying to all his products.
He makes Bill Gates look like a party animal.

The best way to preserve Star Wars, of representing how its `institution` feel's about it's fanbase, is through Star Wars Galaxies.

I think we've received the message loud and clear.

It's a pity Firefly was cancelled.

Post Date: 21:39 09-07-2008
Rating: 7
Author: terror923
Comment: ive been playing this game for a long time most people say its crap now because the original company sold the game rights to sony which then completely ruined it by removing all the features that made it unique (which was really stupid of them >=( ) however now sony seems to slowly bring back all theyve removes

now onto the reviews
end game content(3/10): theres not much endgame content anymore since when sony took it over they completely nerfed places like the death watch bunker making a place that could kill 100s of players into something as weak as a soloable place.... basically the only endgame content nowadays is farming for jet pack pieces to starting a city(guild even)to becoming a hardcore pvper like me and fight in reustess all day until some big clan from the other side comes and ruins the pvp fun with their overwhelming numbers =(
houses 10/10: i really hate this feature because the furniture is so limited

however due to the limited furniture it forces players to become imaginitive by making furniture out of furniture

i really like this feautre because whenever i cant pvp i can make my house look better even when i made it look really good i can always customize it to look even better by organizing the furniture in a way so it resembles something else(example using skirts as curtains or stacking futtons to make a desk to place my merchant behind)
economy 5/10: if you werent here during pre cu(a phase of this game when it was still outstandingly good)you probally will be poor for a long time and i really mean a long time most of the stuff worth buying (endgame material or stuff that makes you look cool) costs millions of credits however some guilds do share stuff to its members
guilds 10/10: i love guilds because you can make your very own city!!! as well as customizing your very own guild hall!!! basically a guild can be either on one faction or the other or both... they have their own city and a barrier so other players cannot build houses within your city without permission thats basically all though =(
pvp 3/10: basically this is a major imbalance most of the players go rebel because their new or found a really good rebel guild and have been with it for awhile however most of the veterans go imperial since they have cooler armor and better starships... without saying much for the most part most servers are all the same imperials dominate the air and rebels dominate the planets which make it that much harder for imperials to earn reustess commedations... as far as pvp ranks only about 10% is earned by actually pvp the other 90% is earned by blowing up either combatant or duty bases (combatant is player vs npc duty is player vs player if any help the base)
which basically ruins the fun because most people get general rankings in a month
laginess 10/10: if you have a bad computer you should avoid this game even at the lowest graphic settings i would rank it even laggier than most games
travel features 10/10: unlike other games you never have to wait for a train or such to come even at lvl 1 you can buy a speeder (you even get a car free when you start by doing the mission han solo gives you) and they are for the most part under 10k gold(which isnt much =) )
aside from that you can get free traveling to other planets by using your starship (you get a free starship too!!! )
leveling 1/10 to 7/10: if your one of the people that just buy the game and not the expansions youll be having a lot of trouble getting to the max level as their arent much quests that give decent rewards in the base game however in the expansion it is really easy to level
space 10/10: i dont care what others say space hasnt been touched by sony ever! making it the only thing worth seeing its like 2 games in 1 =) a mmorpg(land battles) and a fps game (space) space requires a lot of skill too!! it also has a steep curve however the pvp gets boring at times since the only strategy is to turn around and hope you have a better engine then your opponent however that aside i really enjoy space a lot
graphics 7/10: in high settings this game can be enjoyable but most people cant run it on the highest setting

additional comments and features:
bounty hunters: one of the coolest features you can be a bounty hunter (you have to be that profession though) and hunt on a random based target (you can fight players and npcs) the best thing of all you can do it commando style and attack them on sight... oooor you can be a person to look out for by stalking them and talking them down before someone else does as they are on the brink of death

professions: unlike any other game you CAN switch professions once you pre select them at the creation screen however it gets costly after awhile so use it wisely

non combat professions: sadly the trading skills are only for traders and you can also be a entertainer however the traders are not recommended for new players

there are other features as well that i cant think of

conclusion statement:
most people hate this game i can understand why... however they usually only play for about a month... in which is not enough to truly like this game this game does take some time into liking for the most part the community is helpful but they do not lend out items ;) its also a tad repetitive for some players but most players think all there is to do is fight which gets boring i agree however there is much more to do than just plain fighting =P

Post Date: 18:42 20-06-2008
Rating: 8
Author: heintzer
Comment: Ok, so some people have come up with ab AWESOME idea. Right now it is in Alpha, maybe Beta testing. IT is Launchpadenhanced it is how the game originally at launch. You remember launch right? Well its great SWG Emu.

But The Noobs Get Everything (NGE) is comlete bull, I think since it started out amazing it

Post Date: 02:37 18-06-2008
Rating: 8
Author: c4wilson
Comment: its not great, but if you really like star wars, you might enjoy it. i really enjoyed it back when it first came out then quit after they nuked it. and tried it again recently. Worth the free 14 day trial.

Post Date: 05:20 24-05-2008
Rating: 9
Author: XRyanX
Comment: Its fun to play but some idiot did something to the game and made it bad as Runescape

Post Date: 13:03 17-05-2008
Rating: 0
Author: zzX MMORPG Xzz
Comment: I think its pathetic. Star Wars isnt fun anymore

Post Date: 19:57 03-11-2007
Rating: 0
Author: blackhwk
Comment: This Game has become as usefull and fun as a Poopie flavored Loly pop. In Pre-CU it was fun but no lvls so it was based on skill and abilities to beat mobs and Other players it was very fun and the graphics were so Friggin Sweet. In pre-nge (Combat upgrade)It got just a Teensie weensie worse than pre-CU but it was still a great game like pre-CU u could have MANY proffesions and the grinding was so awesome and fun. The grinding presisted of joining a group to kill lairs for xp, not much money was given but ALOT of xp and fun was ur reward for joining a hunting group. The game was Fun up until the day they released NGE on live server. Holy Shizzle was I mad at what they had done to this once glorious and fun to play game. You didn't have to work for Jedi u could become one right off the bat and that really pissed me off considering i was close to being a jedi. when i started seeing lvl 34's and such with LSs (Lightsabers) I was so mad..... my whole server got together to start almost like a protest we all yelled about how much the Upgrade sucked. Thats right i wasn't the only one who hated this new upgrade on Valcyn (my server). The population all together in SWG went from about 1-2 Billion or more people to about 1-2 million people. In other words SOE screwed themselves over more then they did us because they just lost $15 per month from each player. Now im not a mathematician but i know thats around $30 Billion or more per month. The Proffesions went from being able to have like 50 and also being more than one at a time to only 9 proffesions and u could only be 1. Also in NGE they Nerfed Jedi, Everybody can beat jedi now. I am a 4 year veteran and i've had this game from a Month after it came out. I started seeing people with Jedi knight Titles and Jedi robes, n' Lightsabers around maybe 2 months after i bought the game. And b4 NGE if i saw a jedi i would be terrified and i'de leave him alone but Now in NGE if i saw a jedi i'de say to myself, "alright lets take off my armor and i might break a sweat this time." Boy o' Boy do i miss the game b4 they nerfed the Shiz out of everything. Also hunting in groups now is just stupid u LOSE the amount of xp pts u get the more people in ur group now. SO there is absolutely NO point in SWG anymore. I re-subscribe my account every so often to test SWG out and see what SOE has progressed on. It has been getting better but unless they actually change the game back to the great Game they had b4 NGE came out it will NEVER EVER be the fun filled great graphics game it was b4. For the New people i hope u enjoy SWG as much I did b4 NGE but u will never know what Star Wars galaxies was like b4 NGE unless u download SWGEMU. Which is still being worked on to this day i think. I hope u all agree with me on what i have said above because i am pissed that they supossedly "FIXED" SWG. Thank u (Kasamoto, Valcyn)

Post Date: 19:34 24-10-2007
Rating: 3
Author: wardog
Comment: yawn is a good game but you have to pay to play

Post Date: 05:54 14-10-2007
Rating: 5
Author: matwtt
Comment: NGE destroyed this game.

Post Date: 22:02 02-10-2007
Rating: 1
Author: Esmay
Comment: I have been a subscriber to Star Wars Galaxies (SWG) since approximately 1 month after its original release. I had 5 accounts and I developed every account with different character classes. I gave each profession a fair trial and developed every single one of them to the maximum (master) level. When I grew tired of a profession I would clean out the character and start a new one (back when there was 30+ professions) and continuted this on and throughout the CU (Combat Upgrade) and NGE (New Game Enhancement). I have been a Jedi (the title of Knight is no longer applicable)in all three of the SWG versions. All this said, I suppose I should start the actual review.

Given the time and experience I have amassed in SWG I have seen this game go from "incredibly complex" to the current "completely dumbed down" version. Throughout this time period (approximately 3.5 years to 4 years) the game has done one thing consistantly... and that is get worse and more and more broken. So very little of the game works now. Major areas of concern is Mob spawns are broken on nearly all planets. They used to spawn everywhere .. now .. to find mobs you need to stay near rivers and NPC cities (exceptions to Dant, Kash, and Musta). Combat is broken, when you fight, the mob will suddenly either become rooted or disappear altogether. The game as is now has nothing to offer in the way of mid-level advancement. Once your character has reached level 40-ish you are stuck with a long boring grind of hunting mobs and killing them for xps. Problem is, mob spawn is broken. During the CU (2nd Version) you could have overcome that problem, and many did, by getting together in a group and hunting. This actually was a lot of fun ... however the NGE (current version) actually DISCOURAGES you banding together because xps are =divided= by the number of party members so the more players in a group ... the less you earn, ergo ... no point to party hunts anymore.

Up to this point I have pointed out that combat and mob spawn is broken, that however, is not all! The enitre section of Merchants is broken in a sense. What I mean is, there is absolutely no reason anymore to have them or be one. The NGE placed caps on weapon damage and armor value and none of the merchants (trader) professions can make you anything that will be as good as what you can loot on missions making them completely useless. The one exception to this are those who do anything dealing with the Jump to Lightspeed portion of the game. Ironically, that is the one area SOE hasn't touched since its release. Problem with that area is, its a poor excuse for a flight simulator. Its simple, its arcade-ish, and its totally unconnected to the rest of the universe in SWG. Player run cities are broken and have been since the original release. Almost nothing has been done to repair it. Additionally, when things get broken in the game ... almost nothing is done to fix them anymore. They have also changed the format for in-game help. Now, you do it via email ... and if you are LUCKY they MIGHT get back to you in a few days ... maybe. My experience has been that they NEVER got back with me. For example, I was on Kash and was doing a mission that would net me the jedi starfighter (blueprint). The problem with that quest is in one section you have to fight and defeat three waves of attackers just ouside a bunker near the starport. In the third wave, one of the attackers spawns in the middle of a large boulder and cannot be hit. In the old help you would simply place a ticket and a GM would contact you (usually in less than 30 minutes) and would correct the problem to allow you to fight and complete that portion fairly under your own power(ie move the mob out of the rock only). When that problem presented itself to me under the new help system ... I waited on scene for 2 hours and was never contacted, I left the area and was hoping I would be contacted later either with help or a notification they were shutting it down until the problem was repaired. Well, after 3 weeks ... I still had not recieved any contact. Enough said there.

Now, after all this time, I have seen the trend of what SOE does to its customers in SWG. As they say, time will tell all. What the current tactic seems to be is ... pay the players lip service, shower them with meaningless player gifts, and let time go by until they get tired of screaming.

If you want to play in a completely broken gaming arena, have no support from the people that are all too happy to take your money, enjoy being ignored, and are so simple minded that a free "magic painting" that changes its picture every few seconds makes you forget how badly broken the game is, then this is the home for you.

If that isn't you then run ... fast and far ... dont buy this game, dont waste your hardrive space on it. Absolutely the worst game you could hope to invest in now.

Post Date: 18:26 12-08-2007
Rating: 10
Author: Toastage
Comment: I plyed this around 2 years ago and I thought it was great but I know things have changed alot now but I will rate it on howmuch i loved it when i played it

Post Date: 19:17 26-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Flick
Comment: This game stinks. And grade i gave is grade to SoE

it was so much better game before that NG

Post Date: 19:03 26-05-2007
Rating: 0
Author: Andy Rivera
Comment: The game has become a galaxcy that is too far far away from Star Wars. A level 73 jedi can no longer defeat a level 66 rancor. With only combat experience and no mission experiences to help don't ever expect to get to a level 90 Master without at least a two year subscription. More money for SOE less fun for us.

Post Date: 18:30 07-05-2007
Rating: 6
Author: zach director
Comment: I think this game feels way too much like runescape.........its like runescape...but with a star wars theme. I think that there should actually be armies fighting armies instead of just a couple players in pvp. The worlds though are amazing and makes you fell like you are in an actual star wars galaxy, but the game follows after runescape way too much. I think SOE should make a lot more changes to make the game feel like star wars............NOT RUNESCAPE. To make it feel more like star wars there should be more people to a server and a ton more fighting rebels against empire.

Post Date: 04:31 22-04-2007
Rating: 8
Author: spot72
Comment: This game had gone downhill drastically after the NGE but since then they have improved the game greatly. I think it is more fun now than ever before, the only downside is the lack of people left because they all gave up on the game. If you haven't tried it before I highly recommend it if you are a former player I highly encourage you to give it a new attempt, but look at it as though it was a new game not the old game that you quit playing.

Post Date: 04:19 02-04-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Deathglory
Comment: I've stuck with this game for over 3 years, through its many ups and downs. It has changed significantly over time, and I feel that its current form is as fun or even more fun than ever. For those people who grew disgruntled during the low periods, I would encourage you to come give it a try again.

For those who are new: The game takes place between Episode IV (The Classic StarWars, A New Hope) and Episode V, The Empire Strikes Back. You can chose from 10 classic StarWars races, and there are 9 professions to choose from. It is a game that is good for PvP, PvE, or even those who simply like to roleplay. Also, the piloting aspect of the game is great for those who like piloting games, and space is beautifully rendered. The game does a lot to capture the feel of StarWars - and for those nay-sayers who disagree, there is nothing more StarWarsy out there (including the first euphorically recalled version of the game).

I have only two complaints with the game. First: it really eats up memory - you will want to have at least 2GB of RAM and a solid video card if you don't want to lag like a Jawa pushing a broke-down Sandcrawler. The lag is especially critical in PvP. Second: Race has been made a non-issue, which is a shame. Wookiees should never be allowed to hold rank in the Empire, and no Bothan should be as strong as a Trandoshan!

On the whole, the Galaxy is gorgeous, there is quite a bit of depth, and there is no better way to immerse oneself in StarWars. Just watch out for jaded veterans - they have had the rug yanked out from under them several times, so they bad mouth a lot but never seem to quit. Enjoy the current incarnation - if you give it a fair chance to prove itself, you will not be disappointed.

Post Date: 00:47 11-02-2007
Rating: 3
Author: agentbassil
Comment: It was an awesome game, when i played it. I quit a few months before the expansions came out so i don't know how bad it is now. But from i've read about what they did i've got to give this a 3. Without the combat uprades etc... i would of given it a 9

Post Date: 05:04 22-12-2006
Rating: 4
Author: Gizkaguy-BFB Game Ambassador
Comment: Well.... It, um, is not *that* bad.... I''m a relatively new player, but I have several friends who were some of the first to have it, one of them even had it before they came out with the first patch! And they've all quit except one. I think it's good, but there's alot of room for improvement, and it's laaaaggy.... And I hate this PvP system of factions and the way they fixed that up. I'm constantly getting killed by level 90 people, they should have a guard against that. Basically my biggest problem is it's sooo laggy, I can barely play it....

Post Date: 22:43 24-10-2006
Rating: 6
Author: Kanderes
Comment: This game was realy good till they fixed it then it was BAD. there slowly makeing it better by the PvP like there is now a whole city made for PvP and PvE so say your an Imperial and you go there all the rebels can and will attack you and just now they even add better ranks and rank awards and abilitys awards being armor and guns that cant be found anywhere else and ablitys being bombing runs and cool group buffs they even have a expertise system where you can get the best force lightning (if your a jedi) at like lvl 50 but not have alot else which makes all the jedis, bounty hunter, officers, and smugglers to be there own character btw all the profesions will have it I say it was a 9 then turn to 2 with fix now its a 6 because its comeing back

Post Date: 08:29 07-07-2006
Rating: 0
Author: Skullo
Comment: All I have to say is:

Post Date: 07:44 07-07-2006
Rating: 1
Author: sasune
Comment: The NGE is a disaster in this players opinion..
The forums of SWG are ablaze with anger over the game yet all negative is quickly deleted even if it is within forum guidelines...
SOE/LA have maintained this policy in spite of cancellation.

Post Date: 00:34 01-05-2006
Rating: 6
Author: Ceretress
Comment: This was a fun game before the NGE. They killed it.

Post Date: 04:34 30-04-2006
Rating: 2
Author: xan
Comment: This game is terrible. It was fun before they decided to "fix" it now you have rewards for professions that are no longer in play, bio-engineered pets that can't be trained as there are no CH's any more and everyone gets to be a jedi right off the bat. If you like throwing your money away on broken things then by all means have at it but for anyone that played swg before all the "fixes" we remember that you could play around the lag, CM's ruled (mostly :P), a CH was always around and dancers or musicians were needed and waiting in line for a 3hr buff to grind was common. We'd complain about the holo grind and race off to Dant to hide and lvl there and every one had a small house on them so they could set it up and log without having to go all the way to a starport. It was a good fun game despite the bugs that swg never fixed, they just changed something else to make it look good. Now its just broken and sad.

Post Date: 17:02 27-03-2006
Rating: 5
Author: kaso
Comment: none

Post Date: 00:18 09-03-2006
Rating: 4
Author: tessa46
Comment: Luckily, I quit long before the combat changes. The game has always buggy and the customer service is literally non-existent. I had some fun for awhile (I love Star Wars) and stuck around for about 9 months but truth be told, the graphics were nice but lacked variation. For example, there were many planets but there were creatures that looked almost exactly the same on each planet with different names. I consider this lazy programming and/or lack of imagination. Also, it seems they were uninterested in the wants of their player base because the developer policy was nerf,nerf,nerf to satisy game imbalancing. Ridiculous and anger inducing to say the least. Anyway, I would never go back to this game and it left a sour taste in my mouth.

Post Date: 21:56 14-02-2006
Rating: 5
Author: [email protected][GP]
Comment: It was the best mmorpg ever then...
this should be 1 of those free games, not a subscription game.

Post Date: 17:02 22-01-2006
Rating: 10
Author: crazysnowman
Comment: none

Post Date: 01:01 07-01-2006
Rating: 1
Author: skranken
Comment: Why did I even spend money on this game? I heard It was great before some major changes took part. Probably just to chase the gamers away so that they can concentrate on other games.. Typical SOE!!

Post Date: 23:35 06-01-2006
Rating: 4
Author: dac280
Comment: The old game rocked. The new game,sucks like crap. This was my favorite MMORPG,until they took away all the xp you had with all your skills and made you only be able to have one proffesion. It sucks now because of some guy who I think his name is,Julio Tores. It is pronounced,Hulio Tores by the way,so don t get it mixed up with anyone. I m giving this game one,last,chance.

This game diserves 1 out of 10,but I ll give ita 4 out of 10 instead.

Post Date: 21:01 17-12-2005
Rating: 3
Author: UNC heels70
Comment: 10/10 for graphics, but recent changes made the game stink to veteran players. heres a brief "what-you-can-do" in the game.

it takes a while to get good, and combat is pretty hard. if you want to make money and live a peaceful, virtual life, choose either the trader or entertainer profession. If you want to be the best fighter (Don t choose jedi) in the game though, dont count on it if you have a slow computer, there is a LOT of lag, which makes combat close to impossible to win.

I d give this game a pretty low rating because it s so inaccurate. the old version was good because there might have been 10 jedi in the galaxy, like the movies. but now, you see 20 jedi in every major city.

My character: before the combat upgrade, i was a teras kasi master, which is basically an unarmed warrior. and a master doctor which could make a lot of money buffing people (making them stronger for a short period of time). now buffs suck and there is no more teras kasi, so if you want to fight brawler style, you have to be a jedi. the only cool thing about the new upgrade are the veteran titles that say "no im not a noob" everything else stinks now though. In my opinion, Sony really screwed up a good game. thats why i quit. it may be fun to new people who dont know what it was like, but im probly never gonna get another subscription.

my rating: 3

Post Date: 00:52 09-12-2005
Rating: 0
Author: soaro77
Comment: This game was the most fun ever right after it was first released. Over time it has gotten worse and worse. This latest change had some promise until I logged on to try it out and was reminded once again just how bad the customer service is. They could have easily helped me and it would not have changed anything in the game world or hurt anyone else but it would have kept me happy and kept me willing to try the new changes (a game bug caused me to get the wrong item so I asked them to exchange it for the item I should have gotten and they refused and both items had the exact same stats just a different look). But they refused to help me. Therefore I have closed both my accounts and will never go back. If you are looking for a fun Star Wars game to play I would look elsewhere because the customer service with this one is so bad it isn t worth any possible fun you might have. It will just frustrate you and make you hate the game.

Post Date: 09:37 01-12-2005
Rating: 1
Author: Banger
Comment: I buy Jump to Lightspeed and now they give it away? How about a refund? Sony should have included it with the first SWG instead of wasting more of our money!

Post Date: 21:19 26-11-2005
Rating: 3
Author: jubei
Comment: I love the movies but I will not waste my time on a game where the developers can t make up their own minds!

Post Date: 20:08 26-11-2005
Rating: 0
Author: Extreme Elementalist
Comment: What is this? A MMORPG based on Star Wars. it could be good, but unfortunately not.

Post Date: 09:11 26-11-2005
Rating: 0
Author: gameogre
Comment: Sent via email:

To the Developers,

While I cannot claim that I speak on behalf of the entire community, I do believe
that my comments here will reflect much of what most of the veterans of this game
feel at the release of the "game enchancements".

To start off, for those who don t know me, I am a veteran SWG player. I tracked the
game prior to release, and pre-ordered the Collector s Edition on the first day. I
have played this game since day one. I own three accounts, all of which I have
leveled myself. One is a Jedi, the others are non-Jedi characters. Two of those
accounts are currently active (for the time being). I alpha tested Jump-to-Lightspeed,
and beta tested Rage of the Wookies and the Trials of Obi-Wan. I do believe that all of
these experiences lend significant emphasis and credability to the opinions I want to express here.

I have reviewed the FAQ, as well as Julio s letter to the community. While it took a
while to understand the magnitude of what is happening here, I have come to grips
with it.

These game changes, in my opinion, represent a serious breach of trust with the
community and fail to take into account the efforts that the veterans of this
community have made in the game.

It is a slap in the face to announce these changes - changes which may take effect
within three weeks or less to the game - ONE DAY after a new expansion that many of
us have purchased copies of, some multiple copies of, was released. The dust has not
even settled on The Trials of Obi-Wan, and now we are being presented with changes
that will completely change the way the game looks, feels and is played. In my mind,
this is little better than a virtual bait-and-switch perpetrated on the entire

I am well aware of the development process, thanks to my work as a Correspondent. I
know that these changes must have been in the pipeline for months, particularly if
all of the coding will be completed in less than one months time. The Combat
Balance/Upgrade/Revamp that I assisted with and helped to shape in Austin at the
Summit and throughout the process took over a year and half to develop, code and
complete. Yet this entire process was done in secret, including all of the PR
preparations made by Tiggs and the SOE Community Relations staff, and sprung on the
community without an inkling two days after the expansion was released.

In real life, I m a lobbyist, and I ve been working in Washington for 10 years. So
I ve seen a lot of conspiracy theories come and go. And If I were a cynic, I would
say that this was a carefully timed announcement, designed to hit the community
right after the expansion was released, so that SOE and LEC could have gotten the
money for the expansion from as many veterans as possible, hoping that that capital
would keep the game going through the massive wave of cancellations from those same
veterans when changes of this magnitude were announced. And once all the veterans
are gone, marketing could focus on bringing new players to the game, who had no
knowledge of the previous two years and wouldn t have a problem with what you ve
done here. I hope to God that that s just the anger talking here, because if any
part of what I ve said is just true, it would represent the biggest rip-off of an
entire gaming community in the history of the gaming industry.

I feel cheated and ripped off. And I think I speak for a large portion of the
community when I say that.

And this is how I feel strictly based on the timing of the announcement. The actual
changes you are proposing are worse.

Changes of this magnitude, less than 6 months after changes of a similiar magnitude,
make it hard for me to accept that this game will still be Star Wars Galaxies. If
anything, these game enchancements seem to be attempting to turn SWG into some kind
of amalgamation of World of Warcraft, Planetside and Knights of the Old Republic.
This isn t why I play SWG, and isn t why I ve stuck with this game for two years.

And while I recognize that we veterans will receive "elder" buffs and status in the
game, that s not enough. How do you begin to repay someone for the hundreds and
thousands of hours they ve spent playing this game, building up credits, skills,
guilds, equipment, etc. and then wiping away everything they ve accomplished in less
than a month? I can t tell you the number of days I ve taken off work to play SWG,
or ignored a deadline or got an extension on a project just to stay out a bit later
in a great XP group. All of that is for naught - you are invalidating most of what
I ve accomplished in the game in two years and in return, I get a special buff.
That s not enough.

Rangers were promised a complete revamp less than a month ago, with outlines and
changes that got many of them excited about the game again. Now, Rangers have been
removed. The profession that I advocated on behalf of for nearly two years, Scout,
is gone. The hours and hours I spent writing and rewriting guides for the community
on the profession are now worthless.

And worse than the fact that the changes can t begin to compensate for what I m
losing, you re destroying what has kept most people in this game as long as we ve
been here - the community.

And its already happening. I recently cancelled my World of Warcraft account (even
after the news of their new expansion) to come back to SWG full time, and one of the
main reasons I cited was the community. My guild on Bloodfin, which is comprised of
approximately 60 players with probably close 150 accounts all-together has almost
fallen apart IN THE SPAN OF FIVE HOURS. Just looking through my ventrilo, I see
people with comments of "5 accounts cancelled", "3 accounts cancelled", "Anybody
want to buy 100 mill credits", "3 Jedi for sale cheap, will take food for trade".
These are all veteran gamers, guild leaders, beta testers, the kinds of players that
MMO designers listen to and make games specifically for - and they re all unhappy.
Not a single person I ve spoken to is happy right now.

This entire process is fatally flawed. It s flawed because there have been
consistent promises made to this community by the Community Relations staff that
major changes to the game would be discussed in the community and that we would have
some kind of say over them. There s a reason why there are "In Dev", "In Testing"
and "In Concept" forums on these boards. But they weren t used here.

Do you even understand the magnitude of what you re doing? If you don t right now,
you will when you get the metrics back on how many accounts were cancelled today.

Stop this process now. Get community feedback. Ignore the focus groups and the exit
polls and LISTEN to your community. Focus groups and polling is all well and good -
I use it myself. But nothing beats getting out in and amongst the actual people who
play this game and hearing what they think about this. Make these changes gradual.
Do them a little at a time, so that people can get used to them and integrate them
into their playstyle. The game was made in a day, it doesn t need to be remade in a

Better yet, don t go forward with the changes at all - save them for Star Wars
Galaxies II - The Search for More Money. (I hope you all get the reference).

For the sake of all of us who have put so much into this game, and even for those
players who simply log in once in a while, kill a few stormtroopers but pay their
$15 a month for it, reconsider these changes and allow the community a chance to
respond and contribute to the process.

This is our game. It is our money and it is our free time. Respect us. Give us the
opportunity to affect this process in a meaningful, cooperative way. It is the very
least that we have earned through our dedication and loyalty to this game.

Post Date: 04:18 26-11-2005
Rating: 0
Author: Annalee
Comment: I have been a member of SWG for over a year and have seen drastic changes. The latest being the (NGE) which quickly followed ToOW (by days) ToOW quests and loot are now pointless they do not apply to the NGE. SOE has awful customer service, and has recently stated that the freedom of speech does not apply to their forums ( I m sorry but if I am in a grocery store and BUY something that is bad, I am going to complain) Unfortunatly SOE treats the adults that play this game like 9 year olds, and frankly seems to prefer younger players who don t know that it is their right to complain. I seriously doubt that I will renew any of my 3 accounts as they are unloyal to vetran players.

Post Date: 13:59 25-11-2005
Rating: 0
Author: Killum
Comment: I have played this game on and off from the beginning. Always expecting (hoping) it would get better. Alas this is not what has happened:( With the latest changes, introduced just days after the release of ToOW all the things that made the game worth playing have been taken away. I will NOT be renewing my subscription for this game. I have better things and games to spend my money and time on.

Post Date: 19:24 20-05-2005
Rating: 1
Author: bayler
Comment: none

Post Date: 02:23 05-03-2005
Rating: 9
Author: galimbas123456
Comment: none

Post Date: 01:31 27-11-2004
Rating: 10
Author: a4pr3nt1c3
Comment: none

Post Date: 21:07 11-09-2004
Rating: 7
Author: visitor
Comment: Really wanted this game before it first came out but it really disappointed me when it did. However, the expansion coming out for it should make it into more of the game that I was expecting.

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