Starport: Galactic Empires

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The hit game Starport is now available and still 100% free to play. Be the captain of a space-ship in this fully graphical action game. Carve out a name for yourself in a multi-player world full of intrigue and strategy. Team up with other real people, or blast them out of the sky. Explore distant star systems, establish colonies on alien worlds, hunt for treasures, and try to become the most famous captain in all the galaxy!

Total Rating: 5.80
Reviews: 20

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Review Archive

Post Date: 21:21 30-01-2013
Rating: 5
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: This production is a free massive multiplayer online RPG game based in space. This game have not too good 2D graphics and phisics. We are able to travel not only in space but also in planets atmosphere. Characters can conquer and colonize planets. Game is very nice and give big fun from playing. I think this is a good idea for game and can be recommanded to all online players. My rate of this production have changed to 5/10 :)

Post Date: 13:36 06-09-2012
Rating: 3
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Not too good graphics. Even can be said that it have very bad graphics. For me game like meny others shitty online games made without any convention. 3/10

Post Date: 07:02 15-03-2011
Rating: 7
Author: EcLuD
Comment: Free strategy game, you're the leader .. we command and defeat the enemies, is somewhat interesting despite its poor graphics. 7 / 10

Post Date: 04:58 07-02-2011
Rating: 3
Author: badman11
Comment: I've played the game for about 2 months now. The game play and graphics are very simplistic, as stated before a budget eVe online. The actual program leaves much to be desired with servers constantly going down for maintenance. The biggest complaint that I hear from my friends is that they can't get the game to work on their computer. I have a custom computer with an asus n4l-vm dh motherboard Intel® Core™ Duo processor and 2 gigs of ram and am running windows xp and it crashes every time I set up a colony or sometimes when I pull into port of land on a colony, which is very frustrating. I've seen even veteran player's ships freeze up in combat, or get stuck in walls and such. Game play is smooth. As stated before a very simplistic 2d shooter game that has a feel to it like Galaga almost.
The game is a very open ended story that involves playing taxi to different passengers for fare, forming corporations, and engaging in building colonies,and trade, and skirmishes between different corps. Alliances are constantly formed and broken between different players and corporations, and the newbie never really knows where they stand.
One good and bad thing about the game is that anyone can take down anyone. Rep and title are not a thing, so it is not a number's game. Of course that is bad too because there are a lot of mooks and trolls that love to load up a corpie flag ship with nukes and troll other players and that can get quite frustrating at times. The penalties in rep, money, and warp fuel (which you have to pay for with real money) are quite high.
The game has a small community that is constantly changing save for a few "veteran" players that are very standoffish and rude. I got cursed out after invading a colony once by a vet and didn't much care for that. I don't do the whole beefing-over-a-video-game thing, but this game is definitely polarizing, and some people just take it too personal.
If anything, the two things that I hate about the game are the warp fuel system, which requires you to spend actual money to purchase in order to move your ship around, and the way the game mechanics are nerfed in favor of the pirates and nukes which once again you can buy with real money from star bases throughout the game. It seems that the strategy that works the best in combat is to close in and hose your opponent with nukes. Also nukes give you an unfair advantage in taking colonies.
There are two different styles that you can essentially take when playing the game, you can play as a pirate and raid colonies and kill other players or play as a commissioned officer and build colonies and kill pirates. If you are wise you are a pirate/invader cause building sucks.Colonies take a long time to pay off. Building is a whole lot of grind, and colonies can be taken rather easily. Also having no time limit to the game, colonies can be overrun when you are away. I found to my chagrin that my colonies were almost all being sneaked at 2 in the morning while I was asleep. Also you are ranked rather unfairly based on the number of actions that you preform , and pirates having it the easiest in their actions almost always have the highest rank.So in the end the game isn't about who controls the most colonies, but who controls the colonies the most.I was in a corp that was in the top 50 then got wiped in one night by a single pirate using nukes.Take from that what you will.
All in all I would say that if you like to grind and don't care about graphics or occasionally dropping $10 bucks then this is the game for you. But if you are seriously into that sort of thing why not just open a WoW account, or better still play eVe online, it's a much better game?

Post Date: 01:52 21-06-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Shadowshot..
Comment: Starport: Its a game where you try to make it as a ship captain the overall impression of the game comes off as great i have personally played for 5 years and the personel staff are amazing and listen to your problems the other players are helpful and try and teach you the game so come try it out at Conqour the galaxy

Post Date: 05:25 07-06-2010
Rating: 8
Author: trixe
Comment: starport is a massive multiplayer online game full of fun and adventure. Be a space pirate and steal and pillage your way to the top or be a bounty hunter and bring justice to the can create your own colony and customize your ship the way you want it. it is a free game but you can also purchase tokens to get an edge on the competition. join a corporation to gang up on your rivals, it is an awesome game and has hundreds of users.

Post Date: 00:27 07-06-2010
Rating: 8
Author: Flips
Comment: I found Starport to be a really fun game, with lots of different things to do and people to blow up. You get to pilot a spaceship in the future, exploring multitudes of worlds, alien and familiar alike. With many different ships and weapons, there are plenty of ways to battle other players. You can even create a corporation with your friends and work together to dominate the galaxy. Head to to sign up!

Post Date: 06:21 06-06-2010
Rating: 5
Author: DrunkenDoughnut
Comment: Starport has is an awesome game that I give a 5/5 this game is great for people that like sci fi space combat games and with its new modual system and extra ship custimization this game is off the charts

Post Date: 02:26 05-06-2010
Rating: 10
Author: kenoneill
Comment: starport has been recently updated and a lot of the old galaxies have been removed. new galaxies are ripe for new players to start out on, also there is a year long game running where the top 25 ppl get tokens at the end, tokens can be used to buy a cool ship or fuel.

Post Date: 04:12 17-12-2009
Rating: 5
Author: Vermatrix
Comment: I guess this games good for a 5. For a low end game it's a decent game but a bit over crowded. If you want your own colony on one of the perminate servers forget it, they are all taken already which cuts down your things to do list by about 80%. It needs more and bigger perminate servers to account for the large population and more content.

Post Date: 23:57 11-11-2008
Rating: 1
Author: chronas
Comment: Interesting game. I play it myself and use to really enjoy it. With all the patches and changes to the game I would give it a lower rating. This a low end game and really need a lot of changes to make it worth playing. Seems like the creators are more interested in making a buck. I agree they should but so far i dont see anything worth paying for by buying their tokens. Most of the old timers and invaders are not happy at this point with the warp fuel cap.I think the creators need to learn their programming skills and put out a much better game. But thats what happens when you have programmers that dont know their stuff.

Post Date: 23:42 11-11-2008
Rating: 0
Author: Programer.Reviewer1
Comment: Most of the good features are gone, the paying features have diminished quality now and most of the players are leaving.
Lag is horrible, count on getting killed and you get 5k fuel, not enough to maintain colonies. Plus Toonces does whatever he wants (owner of the game).
No longer a hit, just a waste of time and not enough features to make it fun.

Post Date: 11:54 19-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: dimitriz
Comment: this game was really good. but it was only good cuz i just stay up for 3 days. then i thought about it the whole point. the whole was based on work. apparently this stuff is just work that you would do as always. also i just left the computer for a day then my planets got invaded. it was really annoying.

Post Date: 09:45 01-08-2007
Rating: 0
Author: cyberpsygen7
Comment: this game WAS a very fun game about conquering, buying out, outlasting, or evading other players and corporations in a kill, be killed, or talk your way out of it environment.

since then however recent changes have reduced the lethality of the only lethal weapon in the game and placed nearly 3 dozen new limiting features on "colonies" which make them nearly worthless to build or invade.

these changes make it totally impossible for any player or team of players to conquer an entire galaxy, which is the advertised goal of the game on many sites. essentially, everything rewarding you could do in the game is now less rewarding and requires triple the time and effort.

in his review, madace there is obviously trying to down play the seriousness of these changes and the effect they have had on the game and the community. let me just point out a few quick things here to illustrate the amount of downplay im accusing him of.

the helpful players he speaks of have nearly all quit the game or been banned for speaking out against the patches. newer permanent servers used to have 40 or so people online no matter what time zone you checked. this has been reduced to around 4, if that.

the official forums for the game are being routinely spammed with hacks for the game now, so nearly every player left cheats. the players that refuse to lower themselves to cheating, and the ones that still support the developers despite the changes, are attacked nearly nonstop by this army of noobs with cheats.

the designer of the game has even received threatening phone calls and letters to his personal address. so obviously, the changes im talking about are pretty serious if all this chaos has resulted from it.

Post Date: 01:20 10-06-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Kabanzai
Comment: Great comunity, a bit weird on the game setup. Very good stat building. and it runs great on my computer. I plan to play this for a while.

Post Date: 16:58 06-04-2007
Rating: 8
Author: Sieges
Comment: Very fun game. The client can run on very low-end computers. Once you leave the safety of empire space it can get very hard-core PVP. There are lots of things to do in game: PVP, build colonies on planets, run missions and rat hunting.

Post Date: 21:24 16-03-2006
Rating: 10
Author: MadAce
Comment: I (and many players with me) like the very addictive game play, together with the PvP. Yes, it s hardcore player versus player. Ni it s not a fighting game 100%. It involves a lot of strategy and long-term reflection. You have to plan ahead. And in a way that s not true. There are two types of servers. Perma s (never-ending servers, each of them quite unique) and rebangs (servers that can last up to 18 days, and the highest ranking players are rewarded with a medal, a status symbol) both have similar game play and goals but both are equally accessible.
You can team up in corporations, which is VERY much fun. And you can fight over galactic domination. This isn t like in other mmo s where the devs "create" wars, regions and such to get players to fighting. In SGE you can decide that yourself. And thus an average server is filled with politics and intrigue, wars and strives for power.
You might think that this is a mean community, aiming for the demise of their fellow-players.
Big mistake. The community is one of the most open ones around by far. It s possible to encounter the wrong person, but unlikely. Since MANY people are really willing to help you out as new player. And continue to do that, since there s so much to learn.
It seems a simplistic game, but it isn t. You can get to Galactic domination in a lot of ways.
One other thing: There s a really close contact with the devs. They often listen and they tend to tell why they implement certain changes.

There s a steep learning curve. Although the devs did the effort to implement a tutorial. It s not a kiddie game, be warned.
The community is dedicated, but this brings with it that some players get upset if the devs change some things. Remember, it involves work to build up an Empire. And it s never fun to see your massive creation damaged by outer-game changes. So this tends to get out some rivalry between players. Some that supports the devs and others that question their judgement. But this only shows how much there is to care about this game.

In conclusion... You d be a fool not to give it a serious try. Warning: Your social life can die because of this game. Soon wars and power will be more addictive than... Food...

Post Date: 19:50 10-03-2006
Rating: 8
Author: Zain020
Comment: Really enjoyed game. Great for all round PCs fast and slow. Alot of patching.

Post Date: 02:36 20-08-2005
Rating: 10
Author: masterjedi
Comment: Very interesting!

Post Date: 22:30 26-09-2004
Rating: 7
Author: The Dragon
Comment: Pretty fun if you like space games.

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