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A real-time network strategy game. This is the world where you can create your own empire, develop science, improve your planets, design and construct spaceships. However, be aware, for you are not alone in Virtual Reality. Can you deal with the attacks from your wealth-hungry Emperor-neighbors? Perhaps diplomacy, aggression, or extra protection will help you become the best in the universe...

Total Rating: 7.33
Reviews: 3

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Post Date: 16:00 16-06-2007
Rating: 2
Author: Juggernott
Comment: It was alright nothing special to me atleast. I built like 2 building and got borred.

Post Date: 16:02 13-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: Dilbert
Comment: Be Careful! This game has the "One more turn" addictive quality of the civ games!

Post Date: 04:25 11-12-2006
Rating: 10
Author: noxxy
Comment: I could see nothing at first! my star was just a faint green speck in a sea of blackness. as my society grew, I began to see the other Stars around me and I became intrigued, and developed some more. As my ability to search neighboring stars grew so did my awareness that I was not alone. Unknown and obviously more advanced civilizations were out there. Which way should
I go with my society Peaceful or Warlike. Thus began my first month of Stars Empire!
Stars Empire is an online Multiplayer game unlike any other out there. Your Initial entry into the Universe is truly as a Child. Your development grows along predictable paths towards a mature society which can and does reach out to the stars.
With players from around the world you interact in trade and alliances to defeat Game based enemies, or declare war on other players and alliances, thus all styles of players can participate. The Game is addictive but not for some who prefer their society develop in hours, rather then the days that are required in Stars Empire. Although playing Stars Empire is free the process can be accelerated by purchasing in game credits and buying from other players the materials necessary. The credits are very inexpensive with a good exchange rate of 1000 imperial credits for $1.00,
starting at $10.00 purchases. Also available are live forums for meeting and exchanging ideas with the developers.
Stars Empire also features a unique aspect to gaming and that is a Russian and English server. Although separate universes, there are paths to interaction with the opposite side.

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